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Burnout with Connor Franta

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 seasons, 15 episodes, 10 hours 20 minutes
Burnout: You’ve read about it. You’ve heard about it. Heck, you’re probably living it. And you’ve probably tried everything to fix it. Levels of burnout are reaching new all-time highs, every single day. And the pandemic has only made things worse. This new series, hosted by Connor Franta, looks into how society reached a burning point and what we can do - really, actually do - to break the cycle. With his signature wit and charm, Connor explores the story of burnout, discovers how it affects your body and mind, and looks at why the easy solutions simply won’t work to solve a systemic problem. From Lemonada and Mindful.
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Listen Now: Blind Plea

We’re dropping in your feed today to let you know about a gripping new series from Lemonada Media, BLIND PLEA. In 2017, Deven Grey, a young mother, shot and killed her abusive partner in a remote trailer in rural Shelby County, Alabama. She claimed self-defense and filed a Stand Your Ground claim. Instead of freedom, she was handed a “blind plea” – an option to take an unknown sentence in exchange for pleading guilty. As a Black woman who shot and killed a white man in Alabama, she did the only thing she could: She took the plea. Hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Liz Flock, BLIND PLEA asks: Who do we believe, and why? And in America, who has the right to self defense and a fair trial? In this episode, you’ll be introduced to Deven’s story. When John Henry Vance brought his girlfriend, Deven Grey, to his family property in Calera, Alabama, Deven became the latest in a decades-long line of women to be beaten and broken down on that same land. In December 2017, after a vi
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