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Build Your Business On Instagram

English, Finance, 1 season, 44 episodes, 5 hours, 50 minutes
Build Your Business On Instagram is a weekly podcast that dives into the in’s & out’s of creating a personal brand which turns followers into paying clients. Join me as I shares my personal experience with building my own brand & how I sold out my 1:1 coaching program with less than 500 followers.
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Doing better in my biz with less time?!

In this episode I walk through why I feel more balanced in my business with less time on my hands
11/1/20229 minutes, 5 seconds
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The PERFECT way to fail your business

In this episode let’s dive deep on why your business is not moving yet every post you post is PERFECT
10/20/20227 minutes, 14 seconds
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Your content isn’t reaching clients?? Now what?!

In this episode I break down what to do if your content is falling flat and not reaching ideal clients
9/20/20228 minutes, 15 seconds
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This is the hard truth but you have to hear it

In this episode I’ll be sharing a very unpopular opinion but you just gotta hear me out
8/19/20227 minutes, 28 seconds
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How to kickstart your business

You got all your ducks in a row but what’s next how do you call in this dream clients? Tune into this episode to learn what I would do if I were to start my business all over again
8/5/20227 minutes, 50 seconds
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Why are you not getting the results you know you deserve?!

In this episode I highlight the roadblocks I see all the time that keep people from seeing long term results in their biz
8/5/20229 minutes, 1 second
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Here’s how to make your biz simple and fun

Yeah n this episode I share how I coach my clients when they are stuck or feeling resentment in their biz
5/9/20225 minutes, 32 seconds
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Listen to this if you’re falling behind…

In this episode I talk all things getting back on track no matter why you’ve fallen off your flow!
5/4/20225 minutes, 41 seconds
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In this episode I share how I’m finding my flow again after being sick for 2 weeks!
1/24/20226 minutes, 41 seconds
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Catch up with me! Giving birth, holding onto my biz etc.

In this episode I share where the heck I’ve been for 3 months and all the deets on the changes in my life + my biz!
1/20/202211 minutes, 42 seconds