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BTS In India Podcast

English, Pop, 2 seasons, 14 episodes, 3 hours, 3 minutes
BTS in India podcast takes a look at the rise of BTS in India through the lens of the fans. It’s the story of the fans, a.k.a. the BTS ARMY who are making BTS one of the top streaming artists in India.
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BTS ARMY Takes Over!

Your Wish Is Our Command. This is your podcast. New episodes streaming and this time BTS fans will now get to host this podcast. Want to share your story? want to be on the podcast? Follow and write to us @creatorsjournal_podcast on Insta. 
9/22/202125 seconds
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We Are LIT On Spotify+SURPRISE

We made it to Spotify all India charts!! and to celebrate, there are some special episodes coming your way. Hint- Fans takeover. Want to be a part of future episodes, tell your friends and reach out to us on creatorsjournal_podcast. Share an interesting story with us and we will try to get it on our show.  
8/18/20211 minute, 24 seconds
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Promo: One Thing Before You listen

Introducing the 'BTS In India' podcast. In this teaser, you will get to know what this show is all about including audio straight from a BTS concert. Hosted by Shivam Srivastav, founder of Creators Journal, writer and former journalist who doesn't like labels, just like the one we just gave him.
12/25/20201 minute, 59 seconds