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Hi! Welcome to the BTS Bombshells Podcast. Here you'll hear 3 Adult ARMY's discuss all things BTS! We will talk about it all music, members, concerts BTS news...anything and everything BTS. Connect with us! Instagram: @btsbombshells Twitter: @btsbombshells Email: [email protected]
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AY AY Agust-D ❤️‍🔥 D-Day Album review

ARMYYYYY!!! Bombshells just came back from visiting South Korea, and of course we loved being in the country where it all started 💜! Min Yoongi blessed us with his final chapter of the Agust D trilogy and we couldn’t be more excited to review his new album with all of you. We even got to watch his Haegeum music video drop while we were in Seoul South Korea. We are so proud of Suga, the new album is real, raw, catchy, and overall just a pure work of art. We are also VERY excited to hold another BTS event in San Diego; our "10 Years with BTS" event at The Music Box on June 10th! Tickets on sale now. Check our socials for ticket prices and links to purchase tickets. This event will be bigger than any you've seen from us before, there will be swag bags, raffles and a few more surprises up our sleeves. Hope to see you all there!
5/1/202351 minutes, 51 seconds
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52. Important Bussinessah- Bon Voyage Season 1

Hi Army!!! On this week's episode we are taking it all the way back to the first season of BTS's travel show Bon Voyage. On the first season of BV, they head to Northern Europe, but to the boys surprise their staff does not help them with getting to their flights or hotels, BTS has to keep track of their of their own things and they have to stick to a budget. You can imagine the chaos that ensues from this point! BV1 is the birthplace of Hobi's famous line "Important Bussinessah" and where BTS first starts to tease Jimin about his choreo in Save Me. There are sooooo many great moments on BV1, if you haven't seen it watch it immediately if you have please enjoy this walk down memory lane with us! Borahae ARMY!!!!!! 
4/8/202244 minutes, 24 seconds
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47. Top Title Tracks

In today's episode we start with a very important question for Jess, specifically in the spirit of Jung Hoseok's birthday! (We did record this a while ago on his birthday, but decided to release later since the LV concert news dropped.) Hoppin into our topic for this week is our top 3 title tracks. Some of our picks might surprise you. Tune in to find out how each of us ranked these songs and we would love to hear how you would rank them as well!
3/4/202237 minutes, 26 seconds
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20. Would you rather?

In this episode we are answering some difficult "Would you rather...?" questions. Honestly we're not sure how we got through this quiz because its always hard to choose between our Bangtan Boys. BE WARNED the end of the episode is explicit, so be sure that you're +18 when tuning into the end of the episode. ARMY, tell us what you think, would you choose the same as us? Let us know! 
7/29/202147 minutes, 30 seconds
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18. Ranking our (current) Top 10 songs - 10 thru 6

ARMIIIIII! We ranked our favorite songs from 10 to 1... An impossible task you say?... YES... But we did the best we could & the results are IN! Tune into this new episode to find out how we stacked up some of our favorite songs from our favorite 7 men. We really struggled to only pick our top ten because they're so many great songs but let us know what you think, did some of your favorites get mentioned?  Also, stay tuned for the second part of this episode where we go over our TOP 5!
7/11/202142 minutes, 33 seconds