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English, Finance, 1 season, 35 episodes, 14 hours, 45 minutes
The BSCAI podcast series, Contracting Conversations, will present new ideas, solutions, and tips for contract cleaning and facility services. Each episode will interview a different business owner, entrepreneur, industry leader, or subject-matter expert on relevant topics and current events. Topics in this series will cover the industry’s pandemic response, as well as industry dynamics impacting contractors, customer insights, company culture, business growth, leadership, professional development, and many more. We look forward to sharing these thoughts and insights with you!
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Let’s Talk Good Disruption: A Conversation With Mike Maddock, EMC Speaker

What does good business disruption look like? What does it take to be a leader who embraces disruption? We sat down with Mike Maddock, entrepreneur, writer and speaker at the BSCAI Executive Management Conference, to get answers to these question and more. In his session, Mike will focus on the questions leaders must ask themselves to grow and build a team that thrives even in the most difficult circumstances. Tune in for a preview and get tips for how to shake up the status quo within your own organization. BSCAI’s Executive Management Conference takes place April 25-27 in Championsgate, Florida. Learn more about Mike’s session at the event online. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Connect With BSCAI Online
4/12/202412 minutes, 57 seconds
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Contracting Success Recap: Word on the Street

BSCAI enjoyed record turnout at the Contracting Success Conference in Las Vegas this past November. Tune in to hear feedback from attendees who took a break from the show floor to share perspective on the value the event offers, the benefits of BSCAI membership and more.
1/10/202411 minutes, 53 seconds
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The State of Robotics in the Cleaning Industry

On this episode of Contracting Conversations, Terry Watson, Vice President of Sales with Tennant Co, and Cameron Waite, Founder and CEO of Real Life Robotics, discuss how robotics play a role in the cleaning industry, what innovations lay on the horizon, and how BSCs can learn to embrace emerging technologies in their day to day operations.
6/8/202323 minutes, 58 seconds
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Aspiring to Greatness: Discussing the Makings of an Effective CEO

On this episode of Contracting Conversations, Brett Gilliland, CEO and Founder of Elite Entrepreneurs, discusses what inspired him to start his own company, as well as the tenets of what differentiates a good CEO from a great CEO.
5/30/202327 minutes, 22 seconds
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Hustle and Grit: The Foundation of Building a Business

On the inaugural episode of season 5, BSCAI speaks with Justin Forsett, CEO and Founder of Hustle Clean and 2023 Executive Management Conference speaker about how perseverance serves as the cornerstone of entrepreneurship and why taking failure in stride contributes to a business's longevity.
2/16/202311 minutes, 43 seconds
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Improving the Customer Experience

On this episode of Contracting Conversations, BSCAI chats with Dan Gingiss, Customer Experience Coach and 2022 Contracting Success Keynote Speaker, about how focusing on customer experience can better overall business operations. In this episode, you will hear: -How Dan discovered his passion for marketing -Common customer experience challenges -Why focusing on customer experience is important -A sneak preview of Dan's 2022 Contracting Success Keynote Session
8/24/202227 minutes, 16 seconds
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BSCAI CLEAN Awards Inspire Greatness

Hear from Kathleen Bands, CEO of My Cleaning Service, Inc., Jamie Henry, CEO of Beeline Support, and Paul Taylor, CEO of ESS Clean, Inc., as they discuss the positive impact of BSCAI's CLEAN Awards on BSC business owners and their employees.
7/20/202217 minutes, 27 seconds
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Executive Insights: Jim Harris, President of Janitronics Facility Services

On this exclusive Executive Insights episode of Contracting Conversations, Jim Harris, President of Janitronics Facility Services, discusses the future of the cleaning services industry, what makes a good leader, and more.
5/19/202221 minutes, 26 seconds
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A Legacy of Excellence

BSCAI sits down with Tim Murch, President and CEO of 4M Building Solutions to dive into his rich history of working in the building services industry, what it takes to build a cohesive team, and more.
4/14/202224 minutes, 23 seconds
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It Starts with Company Culture

On the second episode of season 4, BSCAI sits down with Brent Gleeson, former Navy SEAL and founder and CEO of Taking Point Leadership. Throughout the episode, Brent addresses his transition from being a Navy SEAL to starting his own business, the importance of building a strong company culture, and how BSC business owners can nurture leadership qualities within their teams. Brent will also be speaking at the Executive Management Conference in Louisville, Kentucky this April.
3/24/202226 minutes, 9 seconds
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Professional Wellbeing in a Humanized Workplace

On this episode of Contracting Conversations, Rachel Druckenmiller, keynote speaker and founder of Unmuted, discusses wellbeing in our professional lives, how business owners can improve employee engagement, and what it means to truly humanize a workplace.
3/10/202225 minutes, 52 seconds
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Lift as You Climb: Advocating for Diversity in the Custodial and Facilities Maintenance Industry

On the Contracting Conversations season 3 finale, Rachel Sanchez, CEO and Managing Partner, Prestige Maintenance USA, speaks to how she helped grow Prestige into one of the largest woman and family owned custodial and facilities maintenance companies in the nation, as well as how she advocates for women and diverse communities within the industry. On this episode you will hear: -How Rachel and her family built Prestige Maintenance USA from the ground up -In what ways she is involved in the diverse supplier community -How she advocates for women in the industry -What she is most looking forward to as we head into 2022 and beyond
12/6/202114 minutes, 52 seconds
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Curating an Environment for Success

Hear from Jerry Flug, Executive Vice President and Owner of Davis Professional Services, as he discusses his methodology for promoting talent from within his organization and the benefits of paying it forward. On this episode you will hear: -How Jerry got his start in the cleaning services industry -His methodology behind promoting from within -How he pays it forward as an industry leader -Why mentorship within the industry is important
10/27/202118 minutes, 20 seconds
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Contracting Success Keynote Preview: Sara Ross

Hear from Sara Ross, Chief Vitality Officer of BrainAMPED, as she discusses the core tenets of leadership, the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace, and her upcoming keynote address at this year's Contracting Success Conference. On this episode you will hear: -How to approach various aspects of leadership -What differentiates good from great leaders -Why emotional intelligence is vital in the workplace -What Sara plans to cover in her keynote address
10/15/202154 minutes, 36 seconds
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Contracting Success Keynote Preview: Jason Dorsey

Jason Dorsey, President for the Center of Generational Kinetics, speaks about his passion for helping his generation, what makes a good leader, and previews his keynote address for this year's Contracting Success event in Las Vegas. On this episode you will hear: -How Jason founded his own companies to aid his generation -What he's learned about nurturing an entrepreneurial pursuit -Why he's passionate about generational kinetics -Why he's looking forward to speaking at Contracting Success
9/17/202124 minutes, 34 seconds
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Beeline CEO Builds Company from the Ground Up

Jamie Henry, CEO of Beeline, has spent her entire professional career in the building services industry. A titan in her own right, Jamie has helped Beeline become a true industry leader and continues to drive forward with innovation at the core of Beeline's business operations. In this episode, you will hear: -How Jamie built Beeline into a leading building services company -The ways in which she continues to innovate as CEO -How Beeline came to win the Ernst & Young award -What Jamie is looking forward to as the next few years unfold
8/30/202112 minutes, 52 seconds
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Protecting BSC Businesses with Cyber Insurance

With cyberattacks on the rise, it's becoming paramount for business owners to take their cybersecurity measures to the next level. Andrew Laubmeier, Senior Vice President and Midwest Cyber Practice Leader with Lockton Companies, speaks to the benefits of cyber insurance and how BSC business owners can better protect their companies and employees from looming threats. In this episode, you will hear: -Fundamental must-knows about cyberattacks -How cyberattacks impact business operations -Benefits of cyber insurance -Common security threats facing BSCs -How BSC business owners can protect their data and employees
8/4/202120 minutes, 57 seconds
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Striving for Sustainable Business Operations

Over the course of the last decade, sustainability has become a necessity in the building services industry. In the inaugural episode of season 3, Ben Walker, Director of Business Development for ManageMen, Inc., sat down with Contracting Conversations to discuss the importance of integrating sustainable practices into BSC business operations. In this episode, you will hear: - What sustainability in the building services industry means - Why sustainability is essential to business operations - How to integrate sustainable business practices - How BSCs can contribute to sustainability efforts day-to-day
7/26/202126 minutes, 19 seconds
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All in the Family: One BSC’s Journey Running a Family Business

For Ryan Hendley, CBSE, IH Services Incorporated is more than just a job. The company was started by his father and mother in 1955. When he graduated high school, Hendley didn’t want to enter the family business. But after ten years of working as a teacher and a coach, Hendley knew it was time. BSCAI talked with Hendley about what it means to run a family business and what it’s like now that his son Chad is by his side. In this episode, you will hear: - How to build a family business from a small operation to a multi-regional outfit - How to be an effective leader - The importance of understanding all aspects of a business - Hendley’s advice for other family business owners
12/3/202030 minutes, 42 seconds
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What Makes an Emerging Leader – A Conversation with Kathleen Bands

When it comes to leadership, Kathleen Bands knows a thing or two. Bands, who is the CEO of My Cleaning Service, was raised in the building service contract industry and watched as her grandfather—and then her parents—built their business from the ground up. Now at the helm, Bands says she’s bringing the company into the future. Bands recently was awarded the BSCAI 2020 Contracting Profits Emerging Leader Award, which recognizes individuals under the age of 40 who have made significant contributions in the industry. Bands said she is honored to receive the award. She sat down with Contracting Conversations to discuss her leadership style, working at a generational family business and how young women in the industry can assert themselves. In this episode, you will learn: - How young people—especially young women—can start showing their leadership skills now - Seizing leadership opportunities in small and large ways - The challenges of running a family business - Why modernizing is essential now more than ever
11/18/202030 minutes, 4 seconds
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Stand Out with Social Media

There’s no better way to advertise your business than through social media. While most of us have some experience using social media for personal reasons, many don’t realize the benefits social media can have for business accounts. 4M Building Solutions Director of Marketing Danielle Vidal-Johnson sat down with Contracting Conversations to discuss the importance of social media, and how anyone—even newbies—can get started. Hear her speak more on this topic at Contracting Success+, BSCAI’s first-ever virtual conference. In this episode, you will hear: - Determining what kind of social media presence you want - How to start developing a social media plan - Easy steps to start a social channel - What mistakes to avoid - Free tools that anyone can use
10/8/202023 minutes, 1 second
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COVID-19 Disinfection and Safety Course Aims to Help Frontline Cleaners Be Prepared

BSCAI recently launched its COVID-19 Disinfection and Safety Course, a comprehensive educational tool for frontline workers. From worker safety to disinfection techniques, this new program is designed to make frontline workers feel secure, safe and prepared to tackle COVID-19. Steve Ashkin, president of the Ashkin Group and one of the designers of the course, sat down with Contracting Conversations to discuss the course and why it is more important than ever. In this episode, you will hear: - Materials covered by the course - Why frontline cleaners need to be empowered now more than ever - How education can help not only your workers, but your customers as well - Why—and how—building service contractors should advocate for cleaning for health vs. cleaning for appearance
9/24/202038 minutes, 2 seconds
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Leading Through Crisis—How Building Service Contractors Can Come Out of COVID-19 on Top

COVID-19 has upended the way we do everything: From the way we work and learn to how we interact with others, the pandemic has pushed many of us to the edge. For building service contractors, the stay-at-home orders have put a dent in business-as-usual. That’s why Troy Hazard—author, speaker and businessowner—wants to inspire you to rise above it. Hazard is a keynote speaker at Contracting Success+. We sat down with him to discuss what it means to lead through crisis. In this episode, you will hear: - Things businessowners can do right now to help weather the COVID-19 storm - Identifying opportunities amid crisis - Using past crises to understand what works and what doesn’t - Adjusting your attitude to lift up your business and your customers
9/10/202021 minutes, 27 seconds
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The Hero Effect – Creating a Culture of Heroes at Every Level

What does it mean to be a hero? For some, it conjures images of superheroes. For Contracting Success+ Keynote Speaker Kevin Brown, you don’t need to have a cape or super human powers to be a hero. For business owners and leaders, a hero starts with the power of positivity. Leaders should rise to challenges, face them head-on, and work on being the best versions of themselves at home and in the office. In this episode, you will hear: - Understand how to bring out the hero in yourself - Facing problems head-on - Using positivity and optimism to move forward—but not be blind to problems - Acknowledging how a home-work balance impact your ability to lead
9/8/202035 minutes, 58 seconds
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Giving Your Customers the Rock Star Experience

Want to make your customers become devoted fans? Creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience isn’t rocket science, but it is a little rock-n-roll. Contracting Success+ Keynote Speaker Jim Knight sat down with Contracting Conversations to discuss what leaders can do—even amid a pandemic—to ensure their customers feel they’re getting the best service in town. If you’d like to hear more from Knight, be sure to join him at Contracting Success+ October 14, 15, 21 and 22. In this episode you will hear: - Common mistakes leaders make when it comes to customer service - How to refocus your brand and mission on innovation - Why company culture has a direct impact on the customer experience - Understanding what your customer need and how you can differentiate yourself from the rest
8/13/202035 minutes, 59 seconds
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A Generational Building Service Contractor Talks Changes, Growth in the Industry

In this episode of Contracting Conversations, we sit down with Phillippe Mack, Canadian senior vice president of Bee Clean Building Maintenance. As a generational building service contractor, Mack has seen the industry grow and change in unique ways. He’s also located in Canada, and speaks to what businesses are seeing there versus their American counterparts. What you’ll hear in this episode: - How Canada’s unique labor laws impact building service contractors. - How family-owned businesses are strong in the Canadian building service contractor. - Why attracting a younger generation is important, even in a family business environment. - Technology’s role in modernizing family businesses’.
7/23/202028 minutes, 56 seconds
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Your Business and Technology: Why Cybersecurity is Essential

For many small businesses, cybersecurity isn’t always top of mind. But as technology becomes more integral into our day-to-day lives, it should become an important part of a business, too. In this episode of Contracting Conversations, we sit down with William Velez, the Chief Information Officer at Harvard Maintenance. While it may not be top of mind for all building service contractors, Velez said cybersecurity is an essential part of running a business. In this episode, you will hear: • How innovative hackers have become in illegally accessing information • Why cybersecurity is integral in keeping not only your customers information safe, but your information as well • How cybersecurity builds trust • What legal ramifications are for having an inefficient cybersecurity program • How to start scaling a cybersecurity plan to fit your business
7/9/202022 minutes, 42 seconds
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BSCAI Member Advisory Builds Relationships for Life

In this episode of Contracting Conversations, we sit down with Robert Stewart, CBSE, the BSCAI Director of Member Advisory. We discuss BSCAI’s newly invigorated Member Advisory program which aims to bridge the gap between mentor and mentees, and bring together peer groups to discuss issues they’re all facing. In this episode you will hear: • Information about the main programs of the BSCAI Member Advisory; including peer groups and mentor/mentee relationships • Requirements for being involved in the program • History of the BSCAI Member Advisory program • The benefits of joining a peer group • The benefits of mentoring and/or being mentored
6/25/202022 minutes, 31 seconds
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The Benefits of Ongoing Education for Your Staff

In this episode of Contracting Conversations, we sit down with Michael Diamond, CBSE, owner and managing partner of Connecticut-based AffinEco LLC. We discuss his company’s involvement in the Certified Site Supervisor certificate program by BSCAI. The CSS is specifically designed to elevate on-site supervisors and members of the leadership team. Modules for this include in-depth looks at management and training, as well as best cleaning practices. Diamond’s company has put more than 30 people through the training. Especially I light of COVID-19, it’s been a great tool to help employees learn best practices from both a company and an industry perspective. In this episode, you will hear: • Specific components of the CSS educational program • Why Diamond and his company opted to look into the certificate • Why education is an important aspect of leadership • How CSS relates directly to COVID-19
6/11/202018 minutes, 9 seconds
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Human Resources and COVID-19: What BSCs Need to Be Doing Right Now

In this episode of Contracting Conversations, we sit down with Claudia St. John, the president of Affinity HR—and official partner of BSCAI. An expert on everything human resources, St. John discusses some of the biggest questions weighing on BSCs in light of COVID-19. In this episode, you will hear: • How BSCs are dealing with worker’s comp issues in light of COVID-19 • The importance of proper training and protection • Why it’s critical to record processes and communications with employees • The impact of PPP loans and employment • The future of human resources issues due to the impact of COVID-19
6/4/202048 minutes, 52 seconds
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COVID-19 Reopening: What One BSC is Doing to Get his Clients Back in Business

As more states and communities begin reopening for business, it’s leaving many wondering what they can do to keep everyone healthy. For many, cleanliness is top of mind. Jerry Flug Jr., executive vice president and owner of Davis Professional Services, has taken a unique approach to help his clients prepare their spaces for reopening and helping them establish new processes going forward. In this episode, you will hear: • Tactics to help clients reopen their businesses • How to lean on other community leaders and business owners to package services together as a one-stop-shop • Understanding how to keep your clients and your staff safe • What the coronavirus can tell BSCs about cleaning schedules in the future
5/28/202024 minutes, 36 seconds
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How One BSC Tackled COVID-19 In the Eye of the Storm

In this episode of Contracting Conversations, we sit down with Terell Weg, CBSE. Her company MSWN, Inc., is based in Washington State, and area was the first in the U.S. to experience a widespread outbreak of COVID-19. For Weg, it was an unsettling experience, but she and her team rose to the challenge. In this episode, you will hear: - What it was like in the onset of COVID-19 in, what was at the time, the area hardest hit by COVID-19 - Understanding the struggle of obtaining PPE - Lessons learned when it comes to leading during crisis - The importance of safety in the workplace - How having a wide support system of BSCs was reassuring during uncertain times
5/21/202030 minutes, 10 seconds
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The Science of Cleaning and the Impact of COVID-19

In the latest episode of BSCAI’s podcast Contracting Conversations, we sit down with Dr. Eugene Cole, an expert in the ecology and cleanliness of indoor and work environments. He explains to us how understanding how viruses work and thrive will help BSCs refine their cleaning schedules, and how people overall are now acutely aware of the hygiene of their environment. In this episode, you will hear: - A breakdown of what makes a coronavirus, and how COVID-19 fares among them. - The difference between a pandemic and an outbreak. - The difference between cleaning and disinfecting. - How COVID-19 will change the way we view more common illnesses. -- Specifically, how will our COVID-19 response affect the way we view the flu. - The impact COVID-19 will have on practices and building service contractors in general. -- Understanding types/frequency of cleaning and how they might change. -- The importance of education and training with workers. -- Reevaluating procurement of PPE and types of disinfectant. - Some findings for Dr. Cole’s research in a public school system, and reexamining the cleaning schedule to reduce absenteeism. - Cleaning for specific environments: Health care facilities versus other types of buildings. For additional resources related to COVID-19, please visit
5/15/202041 minutes, 9 seconds
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The COVID-19 Pandemic and BSCs: How Building Service Contractors are Rising to the Challenge

This our inaugural episode of BSCAI’s Contracting Conversations, we talk with BSCAI President Todd Hopkins and President-Elect Eric Luke, CBSE, discuss top-of-mind issues for BSCs. From PPP loans to what the future of cleaning schedules look like, Hopkins and Luke dissect the challenges BSCs are facing and give tips on what they can do to weather through them. In this episode, you will hear: - How BSCs immediately responded to the crisis. - Lessons learned from COVID-19. -- The impact of increased unemployment, both during and after COVID-19. -- What PPP loans will mean for BSCs, and how BSCs are using that money. -- Dealing with customers who suspend services. - The importance of sharing information among peers—even competitors—during this time. - How this pandemic will highlight the importance of janitorial and sanitation companies, and of cleaning for health. - The importance of communication with customers. - How we move forward from here—and how we can be proactive for any future events. For additional resources related to COVID-19, please visit
5/4/202029 minutes, 29 seconds
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Welcome to Contracting Conversations

Welcome to Contracting Conversations by BSCAI
4/18/20201 minute, 3 seconds