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Slovenian, Social, 3 seasons, 8 episodes, 6 hours, 17 minutes
A place where we talk to creative and inspiring individuals that show us their perspective on life, work and all the fun things in between. Using this platform as a way of giving back to the community that shaped us by featuring the brightest talents of our generation dispersed through various fields of creativity, intertwined with personal and spiritual growth. We’re here to open the window, adjust our mics and have a look at what’s new on the horizon.
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Jure Požun (Brand Strategist and Creative Director) / Brands of the brave new world

HORIZON LIVE /in Slovenian language Live interactive talk with Jure Požun, a world-renowned Brand Strategist and Creative Director who helps businesses thrive in this ever-changing landscape. Host Matej Marinko leads the conversation about the new era of brand building, communication, promptotyping and managing decentralized talent. CAN WE ADAPT AS FAST AS THE WORLD IS CHANGING?
4/8/202456 minutes, 8 seconds
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Robert Henigman (Business Owner) / A decade of lessons learned

If you’re from Ljubljana and haven’t been to Tozd, you’re probably living under a rock. A coffee place but more than that a community of people that just want to surround themselves with good energy and music, is run by Robert Henigman. A man so approachable, he will spend hours just saying hello to everyone at the bar. But there’s more to Robert than meets the eye. We celebrated 11 years of Tozd and looked back on how he knew he found his passion and purpose within the industry and what it takes to survive within it for so long. Join us on the Horizon! (Podcast is in Slovenian language)
4/3/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 42 seconds
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Hana Stupica (Illustrator) /Shaping children's world with a stroke of a brush

Hana Stupica is a designer but, first and foremost, an illustrator. Her work has graced the covers of many children’s books just as her mother’s and grandmother’s illustrations did. We talked to Hana about what it was like growing up in a home full of artists, her creative process, and how she sees her role in shaping the world of children’s books for future generations. Podcast is in Slovenian language.
2/23/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 9 seconds
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Sunny On Set (Production designer duo) / The excitement of the unknown

Wael and Rabih are a versatile production designer duo known as Sunny on Set. Originally from Beirut and now based in Slovenia, they are the epitome of sunshine. Their personalities reflect not only in their work, which includes major brands like Fly Dubai and KFC but also in their interactions with everyday people and close friends. We talked about their move from Beirut to Slovenia, their creative process, and if they feel they’ve found their calling. Podcast is in English.
1/3/202337 minutes, 21 seconds
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Brajak Vitberg (Art and Design Studio) / How experimenting can bring new dimensions to life

Petra Brajak and Robert V. Bijelić are the force behind their namesake multidisciplinary studio, Brajak Vitberg. Both architects and best friends established the art design studio in 2019 and quickly gained recognition with their hand-crafted and timeless pieces that add new dimensions to everyday spaces. From being represented by galleries worldwide to working closely with interior designers, their approach is about manifesting their vision and experimenting with materials. We talked about their creative process and what inspires them on their way to bringing their work to life. Join us on the Horizon! (Episode is in Slovenian language.)
10/28/202226 minutes, 30 seconds
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Anja Korenč (Art Director & Designer) / Things have to shatter sometimes so you can build new ones

Anja Korenč is undoubtedly an expert in designing packaging and above all a big fan of good and quality design and brands. Her love for labels, creative copywriting and thoughtful use of typography led her to co-found and found two of her own brands: award winning I Like Tofu and Bitchy Club - a bubbly rosé in a can, which has won the hearts of women who believe in their power and want to show it to the world by supporting women's brands. Currently, Anja is the art director of the marketing agency Futura DDB.   You rarely have a chance to meet a person who is so full of enthusiasm, knowledge, and focus. And that’s exactly what Anja and Dijana, the host of our Horizon podcast, talked about in this episode. Focus. Curiosity. Clarity. Join us on the Horizon! (Episode is in Slovenian language.)
6/28/202240 minutes, 54 seconds