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English, Old Time Radio, 2 seasons, 27 episodes, 11 hours, 24 minutes
When a relic from his past is rediscovered, folklore professor Jeremy Bradshaw puts his life on hold to solve the mystery. Along the way, he’s helped by people who challenge everything he believes in, and ultimately tries to answer the question: can the past be rewritten? Starring Misha Collins, Melissa Ponzio, and Nathan Fillion. Created by Aaron Mahnke and written by Lauren Shippen.
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Introducing: Consumed from Grim & Mild

Hi, Bridgewater fans! iHeartPodcasts and Grim & Mild are excited to tell you about Consumed - a brand new fiction thriller that we think will... consume you! Don't believe us? Check out this trailer to see for yourself. When you're done, head on over to Consumed starting 1/31 for weekly episodes. Show Info: When struggling journalist Sarah Simmons finds herself stranded in an idyllic New Hampshire town, her unexpected visit turns into a nightmare. Steeped in history and filled with legends, the residents of Danville soon learn that the past is not always meant to be forgotten. Their lives will be forever changed, while the hope of a future without terror rests on the shoulders of a stranger who may hold the keys to the past. This is Consumed, a brand new story set in the same universe as the award-winning hit fiction podcast, Bridgewater. Listen to Consumed on the iHeartRadio app, or wherever you get your podcasts!See for privacy information.
1/31/20242 minutes, 48 seconds
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Introducing: Season 4 of 13 Days of Halloween

Hi, Grim & Mild superfans! We're excited for the season 4 return of 13 Days of Halloween. Subtitled "Penance," this brand-new story unfolds over the span of 13 days and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. "Penance" stars Natalie Morales (Parks and Recreation, Dead to Me), and we think you'll want to join in on the spooky fun. Check out this trailer to get excited and start listening on 10/19 until the story concludes on Halloween day. Season Description: Season Four: Penance. Without warning, Sayuri has been locked up in the Pendleton Rehabilitation Center, and no one is willing or able to tell her why. Actually, getting any information from her fellow inmates or the labyrinthine bureaucracy that runs the facility seems impossible. But is the Pendleton really a prison, or something else? Starring Natalie Morales. New episodes air daily from October 19th through Halloween. Listen to 13 Days of Halloween on the iHeartRadio app, or wherever you get your podcasts!See for privacy information.
10/19/20231 minute, 40 seconds
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Introducing: Haunted Road - Season 4

Listen up, Bridgewater fans! Season 4 of Haunted Road is out now, and we think you'll want to tune in. TV's Amy Bruni returns for a new selection of episodes exploring the world's most fascinating paranormal experiences and haunted destinations. Check out the trailer and decide if Haunted Road is your next Grim & Mild obsession! About Haunted Road: Amy Bruni, star of the hit TV shows Kindred Spirits and Ghost Hunters, takes listeners on a guided tour of America's most haunted locations, with the help of expert paranormal investigators who have actually been there. Listen to Haunted Road on the iHeartRadio app, or wherever you get your podcasts!See for privacy information.
4/12/20231 minute, 25 seconds
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Bridgewater: Season 2 - Official Trailer

The smash hit supernatural audio thriller from Aaron Mahnke and Lauren Shippen returns for a blistering second season. Old wounds have been opened, and the future now hangs in the balance. Starting Misha Collins, Melissa Ponzio, Alan Tudyk, Karan Soni, and Tricia HelferSee for privacy information.
1/6/20231 minute, 48 seconds