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Longtime beauty editors Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins are here to tell you what’s good, uncovering the breakthrough people, products and moments in beauty – every single Wednesday! Tune in to hear inspiring stories behind the most iconic, best-selling beauty products and how they came to be, straight from the founders themselves like Glossier’s Emily Weiss and Tata Harper. Plus, get insights and tips from the brilliant minds shaping today’s trends and ideas, from Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Makeup By Mario, to skincare guru Dr. Pimple Popper and hair pro Jen Atkin. With #damngood beauty product reviews – skincare, haircare and makeup and more – you won’t want to buy a thing before tuning in. Co-Creators: Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn Join the Breaking Beauty Podcast conversation: Visit our blog: Follow us on Follow us on Join our Private Facebook Group Simply search “Breaking Beauty Podcast Chat Room” Call us anytime: 1-844-227-0302 Theme Music used with permission, courtesy of Saya. Produced by Dear Media.
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How a K-Beauty Esthetician Gets Her Skin So Glassy with Peach & Lily Founder Alicia Yoon

Today, we’re sitting down with Peach &amp; Lily founder Alicia Yoon! Along with its budget-friendly sister brand, Peach Slices, the Korean beauty phenom is celebrating five years in skincare, and according to WWD, a collective $100 million in sales. Tune in as Alicia shares her early struggles as a diver on the Korean national platform team – until an injury that landed her in a wheelchair would set her on a new path.&nbsp;&nbsp;Then, from “toddler” facials at the age of three to bonafide #glassskin guru, the K-Beauty esthetician shares her journey overcoming lifelong eczema, as she drops every step of her <stron
06/12/202349 minutes 28 seconds
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Why Ilia’s Viral Skin Tint Is So #DamnGood With Ilia Beauty Founder Sasha Plavsic

If there’s one product that epitomizes the year’s “clean girl aesthetic” in a bottle, it’s Ilia’s now iconic Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40, a unit of which sells every 30 seconds. But Ilia wasn’t always a buzzy, $100 million dollar company. Today, brand founder Sasha Plavsic shares the surprising story behind the indie darling’s late-blooming turnaround, years after its 2011 debut with just six simple lip tints.&nbsp;&nbsp;And pssssst!&nbsp; We do have a promo code: visit and use BREAKINGBEAUTY at checkout for 15% off your first purchase.&nbsp;In this episode you’ll hear about:The moment the Ilia founder nearly threw in the towel, and what set the brand back on courseThe surprising, problem-solving innovation that shot to #1 at Sephora within
29/11/202349 minutes 44 seconds
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From $12 to $49 Bucks, It’s Our #DamnGood, Bougie-on-a-Budget Gift Guide. Plus! A Sneak Peek at The Best Black Friday Shopping Steals

Welcome to our bougie-on-a-budget gift guide! We’ve scoured the beauty aisles for the coolest holiday prezzies that won’t break the bank – and trust us, we’d want these makeup and skincare finds ourselves. Plus, Jill and Carlene share their fave non-beauty holiday picks that are under $49 – from a strapless bra alternative that won’t let you down to a sweater-saving defuzzing gadget, and a duvet-like robe dupe that’s already gone viral.In this episode you’ll hear about:A new-fangled Sephora “Advent” calendar that *actually* makes senseVersed’s skincare gift set that boasts the viral GWP headband you’ve seen all over TikTok&nbsp;For the makeup junkie on your list, a fan-fave mascara quad for under $18, and a game-changing, lavender lash curler that’s sure to impressA slicked-back bun essential from the most coveted
22/11/202347 minutes 53 seconds
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Is the “Plastic Surgery Lite” Trend As Breezy As it Seems? “Mini” Facelifts, “Liquid” Nose Jobs & More With Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban

Buckle up. As host of Plastic Surgery: Uncensored podcast, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban is bringing his no-BS style of education to the pod. The Beverly Hills expert gets downright unfiltered about unregulated procedures, shammy practitioners and plastic surgery taboos, while offering up the sort of advice you’d want to know before going under the knife.&nbsp;This week, we go deep on the headlines surrounding “plastic surgery lite” –&nbsp; “mini facelifts,” non-surgical necklifts and “liquid” nose jobs that sound incredibly appealing –&nbsp;and maybe, just a little too good to be true.In this episode you’ll learn:The best way to find a reputable s
15/11/202351 minutes 36 seconds
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The Ultimate #DamnGood Healthy Hair Guide: Buh-Bye Blow Dry Brushes, An $8 Smoothing Spray That Lasts For 3-Days (?!) Plus! A Girl Math-Approved, Designer Barrette

In part 2 of our #DamnGood hair special, Carlene drops her 7-step hair restore routine, including the secret weapons that rescued and revived her over processed hair over the past several months. From an investment blow dryer to serious styling steals and actions you can take –&nbsp;for free –&nbsp;to help get splintered strands smooth again, you’ll hear all about her “good hair day” odyssey that’s taken her from salon chair to drugstore aisles, and back again.ICYMI, tune in here to hear Jill reviews of the latest, greatest –&nbsp;and most gimmicky –&nbsp;hair tools in last week’s episode
08/11/202347 minutes 39 seconds
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#DamnGood Hair Tools Special! Shark Vs. Dyson, “Air” Straightening and Thermal Brushes - We Put Them All to The Test. Plus! The Under $20 Styling Must You Need to Know

Why do some of the buzziest hair tools cost $700, while others are gaining hype for a fraction of the price? Jill stacks up the Shark FlexStyle against the OG Dyson Airwrap Multi-styler, before taking the leading 2-in-1 straightening hair dryers out for a spin. Next, your daring host pops a hot brush in her brunette mane to find out whether TikTok’s latest obsession with “thermal brushes” for soft, feathered waves à la Matilda Djerf, is as dreamy and low-cost as it seems.Finally, Carlene reveals the hot tool that she blames for her year of bad hair days. Next week, tune in to hear the 7-step hair routine she created to get her hair soft and shining again, with splurge-and-save buys that will work for every budget.You’ll discover:The highly respected celebrity hairstylist bringing big cred to Shark hair tools&nbsp;Dyson AirStrait vs GHD Duet Styl
01/11/202346 minutes 48 seconds
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Bonus! 7 Ways to Future-Proof Your Skin (and Reverse Past Damage) According to Celebrity Esthetician Crystal Koro. Plus! We Tried The Latest K-Beauty- Inspired Pro Treatment That People Are Calling “Liquid Microneedling”

In partnership with our friends at Beyond Miracles, welcome to a bonus, uninterrupted episode with Celebrity Medical Esthetician, Crystal Koro. Owner of LA-based, Crystal Clear Skin &amp; Beauty, Crystal has been dubbed “master aesthetician to the stars” by Popsugar, with a celebrity clientele that includes Eva Longoria, Olivia Culpo, Kylie Jenner –&nbsp;and even Drake!In today’s episode, we find out the most important skin habits to follow to help prevent premature aging in 20-something skin. Plus, we find out how to reverse past damage, whether you’re dealing with post-acne scarring, sun spots or deep-set wrinkles.&nbsp;Finally, we discover everything there i
30/10/202339 minutes 9 seconds
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Mikayla Makeup Returns! 6 Products She’s Buying For The Upcoming Sephora Sale, The One Blush She Talks About “Obsessively” and The Real Reason She Never Gets Facials

With nearly 15 million TikTok fans and counting, Streamy Awards Beauty Creator of the Year winner Mikayla Nogueira (aka Mikayla Makeup) returns with updates on the beauty tricks, products and passions she’s taken up since we first welcomed her on the podcast.&nbsp;We hear all about the genius tips she’s learned –&nbsp;and now adopted –&nbsp;from fellow makeup artists, then we discover the exact items she plans to fill her cart with at the upcoming Sephora sale. Plus, Mikayla shares all the details on her upcoming KVD Beauty #KVDFTheRules contest collab.Plot twist! Stay tuned until the end to find out what’s next in the TikTok star’s rocketing career –&nbsp;a surprising move we did not see coming.In thi
25/10/202334 minutes 4 seconds
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Tatcha Founder Vicky Tsai on Creating Sephora’s #1 Selling Moisturizer, Her Friendship with Meghan Markle and Why She Will Never Own a Diamond Ring

This week we sit down with Vicky Tsai, founder of Tatcha, the skincare brand inspired by the ancient Japanese rituals of healthy skin. In a rare interview, Vicky gets candid about overcoming invisibility in her life, what most people get wrong about the Taiwanese-American founder’s reverence for Geisha culture and her friendship with Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.But first, you’ll hear about the backstory behind the $500 million dollar beauty company, including what makes Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream Sephora’s #1-Selling moisturizer (a jar sells every 60 seconds!)&nbsp; A makeup artist favourite, fans of the signature purple pot include Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore and us.<
18/10/202345 minutes 59 seconds
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What’s #DamnGood for Fall 2023 - Part 2! Glossier’s First Foundation, The Single Serve Perfume Capsules You Didn’t See Coming & Are *Liquid* Pimple Patches The Next Big Thing?

Welcome to part 2 of our best of fall 2023 roundup, featuring Jill’s new season edit. Tune in to hear your host’s honest review of the blockbuster Glossier book, written by Marisa Meltzer, along with her take on the brand’s new Stretch Foundation. Plus, stay tuned until the end to hear our new,&nbsp;celeb-watch segment where we unpack the latest beauty trend, and tell you how we’re working the look into our own routines. (Today’s topic: Balletcore!) If you like this segment, help us name it. Drop us a line in our Facebook Chatroom or leave us a comment on our Instagram.In this episode you’ll also hear about:&nbsp;Invisible bandage tech: What is it, how it’s different from pimple patches,
11/10/202342 minutes 39 seconds
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Bonus! TikTok-Viral Purple “Toothpaste,” The One Electric Toothbrush Worth Buying and Teeth Whitening Hacks That *Actually* Work, According to Dr. Laurence Walsh, Oral Care Expert and Hismile Resident Scientific Advisor

Happy World Smile Day! In partnership with our friends at Hismile – the leading global smilecare brand and viral TikTok sensation – we are comin’ in hot on a Friday with an uninterrupted bonus chat in celebration of Breaking Beauty’s 300th episode. Joining us all the way from Australia is Dr. Laurence Walsh, oral care expert and Hismile Resident Scientific Advisor.&nbsp;As an Emeritus Professor of Dental Science who’s globally-recognized for his research in teeth whitening, Dr. Walsh has been at the forefront of some of the greatest innovations in modern dentistry, including the TikTok-viral, <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_
06/10/202338 minutes 23 seconds
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Everyday Elegant Makeup, The One Skincare Product Every 40-Something Needs Plus, Stealth Wealth Style Staples According to Lipstick on the Rim Hosts Molly Sims & Emese Gormley

Today we’re welcoming back the wonderful hosts of Lipstick on The Rim podcast, Molly Sims and her bestie Emese Gormley! Molly Sims is a model, actress, NYT bestselling author, producer and philanthropist and now: beauty brand founder with the launch of her Gen X-focused skincare range, YSE Beauty.&nbsp;&nbsp;Emese, meanwhile, is a former fashion publicist, proud mama and style influencer in her own right, thanks to her enviable Chanel ballet flat wardrobe, among other quiet luxury staples that look right at home for a Hamptons sojourn.&nbsp;We’re breaking down the duo’s everyday-elegant beauty routine and enviable style secrets, need
04/10/202348 minutes 8 seconds
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#DamnGood Finds for Fall 2023: An X-Treme Lip Plumper, The Difference With Makeup Artist-Developed Palettes and Is This The Best Concealer Carlene’s Ever Tried?

Happy fall y’all! This sweater season, there’s so much pumpkin spiced latté goodness to test, we’re making this Best of Fall 2023 round up a 2-Part #DamnGoods Special! First up, Carlene presents a slew of new makeup musts, from makeup artist-developed matte palettes to extreme lip plumpers that rival injections (temporarily, of course.) Look out for our next #DamnGoods in two weeks time, when Jill shares her selection of brilliant fragrance innovations, hotly-anticipated complexion launches and a skincare drop so new, she was one of the first faces in North America to try it out.In this episode you’ll hear about:&nbsp;A skin tech concealer so #DamnGood that it seamlessly blends under eyes *and* blurs hyperpigmentation spotsThe can’t-keep-in-stock brow gel that *actually* locks in a lifted, laminated look for hours&nbsp;A pressed finishing p
27/09/202348 minutes 27 seconds
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“Chaotic Skin,” Grading Your Skin Age & Are Single-Ingredient Serums Over? With Olay Principal Scientist Dr. Rolanda Wilkerson

In partnership with our friends at Olay, this week we’re asking all of the questions you ever wanted to know from a cosmetic chemist, with Olay Principal Scientist, Dr. Rolanda Johnson Wilkerson. In this uninterrupted chat, the STEM powerhouse enlightens us on the meaning of “chaotic skin,” the most underrated (and most overrated!) ingredients in skincare and what happens to your skin while you sleep.&nbsp;Plus, stay tuned until the end to find out how old Carlene’s skin really is compared to her actual age, according to a professional imaging device you can now find in derm’s offices and facialist spots.You’ll hear all about:Are the latest all-in-one serums as effective as single-ingredient formulations?&nbsp;Should you really avoid using vitamin C and niacinamide at the same time?&nbsp;The one ingredient that Dr. Wilkerson has been study
20/09/202342 minutes 42 seconds
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Katie Jane Hughes on Her KJH Brand Reveal (!!), 2023 Foundation Faves, Glowy Skin Secrets and Why We Need to Normalize Skin Texture

When Katie Jane Hughes isn’t working with the likes of Hailey Bieber, Ashley Graham and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, the British-born, Brooklyn-based makeup artist can be found sharing her editorial-to-everyday makeup tutorials on social media, where she’s amassed a cult community of beauty enthusiasts.&nbsp;Having collaborated with brands like Revlon, Elemis and Glossier, this month, Katie is set to debut KJH Brand, a highly-anticipated, eponymous range that aims to put the power in your hands, with deconstructed formulas that awards you dewy, gorgeous skin –&nbsp;customized by you. Tune in as we get the advanced scoop, while mining for Katie’s beauty knowledge gold.In this episode Katie shares:Her best tips for blending foundation th
13/09/202352 minutes 49 seconds
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Dr. Shereene Idriss aka Pillow Talk Derm Returns! The Hero Product From Her Line So Far, How-To Get Rid of a Zit Fast + More Most Googled Skincare Questions, Decoded

Attention “Skincare Nerds!” Board-certified Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Shereene Idriss, also known as #PillowtalkDerm, makes her sophomore appearance to answer the people’s most Googled skincare questions for 2023. The newly-minted Threads star shares her pro advice on preventative Botox (and how its competitor Daxxify is stacking up), details on the best-selling product from her own eponymous skincare line so far – and, is Jill stalking our favorite derm?!You’ll also discover:The one thing you should consider before starting a skincare routine –&nbsp;and no, it’s not your skin typeThe PillowTalkDerm’s personal skincare faves, from the b
06/09/202349 minutes 8 seconds
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Skincare Guru May Lindstrom on her Cult-Favorite “Blue Cocoon" Balm, Saying No To Retail and The Power of Small Batch Beauty

In the spirit of slowing down –&nbsp;and soaking up every last bit of summer – this week we welcome May Lindstrom, organic skincare guru and founder of her eponymous luxury skincare line, May Lindstrom Skincare. May started crafting her addicting, aromatherapeutic concoctions from her kitchen back in 2008 – long before “clean” beauty was a buzzword. Today, beauty insiders covet her number one-selling “Blue Cocoon” balm, a magical blue tansy cure-all beloved by Tracee Ellis Ross and Sadie Sink, among others.&nbsp;In this week’s episode you’ll hear:How May’s self-described “Little House on the Prairie” upbringing inspired her connection to plants and nature, the bedrock of her brand todayHow the artisanal formulator went from living in her car in LA to training line chefs at one of Emeril Lagasse’s New Orleans’ hotspot restaurants to modeling –&nbsp;and ultimately, to respected skincare
30/08/202356 minutes 41 seconds
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The Next Niacinamide, Skincare Filters For Your Tap and A New Way to Save on Your Fave Products – Are These The #DamnGood Beauty Products and Trends We’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2024 and Beyond?!

This week we’re looking ahead with some predictions of what everyone will be deeming top-shelf worthy in the near future! Carlene went behind-the-scenes at one of the biggest trade shows in the biz, Cosmoprof in Las Vegas –&nbsp;and visited a leading cosmetics manufacturer’s “innovation box” –&nbsp;to hunt down the trends that aren’t even trends yet. Come along as we discover the next big things, like lymphatic-drainage spa leggings that you wear while you putter, skincare filters that attach to your sink and more. Which ones are wait-list worthy in your books?Find out about the next gen trends:Oz is Revealed: Once a top secret in the beauty biz, why this contract manufacturer is being pulled out from behind the curtain, at lastThe next niacinamide? Innovation experts from Cosmetica, Alessandro Mendes and Maria Osorio, reveal the ingredients most likely to hit your topshelf
23/08/202348 minutes 58 seconds
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Supplements You’ll Actually Want To Take (For Real!), Turning Childhood Trauma Into Resilience + How-To Build a Culture Where People *Like* Coming to Work ft. Cymbiotika Co-Founder Durana Elmi

You may have seen Cymbiotika’s sleek, easy-to-down supplement pouches on Instagram already, and today, we’re bringing you the brilliant backstory. In partnership with our friends at <a href=";ai=CcZ_k3n25ZOjeMp7ZvdMPmp6i6AfKzPDGcara39jPEezortbGEggAEAEguVRg_aCZgegDoAHyqL_FKMgBAakCOkR0QSp0qT7IA9ggqgRiT9Cqjz0-cnZFLBEc7drdh9vgb2Fai6NHbuybeelYGqwPIVa8lwR44agrESqZT6pU02NlBhxz-WiGpyV3uCI4F2J-V4zT8Jj3gvPwvb-V_nBeAkO77ibj89Rx3NNylz6KPMjABNTiu7uHBIAFkE6IBdmdncpCoAZmgAfy4I-lA4gHAZAHAagHpr4bqAe8rbECqAe5q7ECqAe5mrECqAfz0RuoB-7SG6gH_5yxAqgHytwbqAeSr7ECqAe7pLECqAfYprECqAfbqrECqAfQqrECqAfcsLECoAjkr6UEsAgB0ggdEAIghAMyBIPggA46CMLAgICAgAQCQgEESNHs8yqaCRZodHRwczovL2N5bWJpb3Rpa2EuY2EvsQmtxiQIbNWMILkJ5w1ntCAzktj4CQGYCwGqDAIIAbgMAdoMCAoDILQBEgEC6AwGqg0CQ0GCFA4IAxIKY3ltYmlvdGlrYYgUBMgU_83Uo_Pbo5kq0BUBmBYB-BYBgBcBkhcIEgYIARADGD66FwIgAeAXAg&amp;ae=2&amp;ved=2ahUKEwip7f6G9p2AAxWil4kEHfe9BvkQ0Qx6BAgJEAE&amp;nis=2&amp;dct=1&amp;cid=CAASFORoBmdBRGgh5W
16/08/202341 minutes 35 seconds
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Are You Applying Your Concealer the Right Way? Celeb Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg Shares Her Best Tips For Disguising Puffiness, Covering Acne & Finding Your Magic Potion

Jamie Greenberg - aka Jamie Makeup on Instagram - works with A-Listers like Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler, Christina Applegate, Kaley Cuoco and many more. But that hasn’t changed her relatable, funny and clever attitude one bit. Today, “Everyone’s Personal Makeup Artist” returns to the pod with everything you need to know about applying your concealer the right way, whether you’re disguising under eye conundrums, hiding redness or camouflaging the scabbiest zit.Plus, you’ll learn:How to choose a concealer formula that’s designed for acne vs. your thin-skinned, under eye areaWhen to choose a brighter shade and when you want it to match your foundation to a teeT
09/08/202349 minutes 48 seconds
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What Hero Cosmetics Co-Founder Ju Rhyu Uses on Her Acne-Turned-Ageless Skin, Why The Mighty Patch *Actually* Works and The Surprising Stick-On We’re in For Next

In this uninterrupted episode in partnership with Hero Cosmetics, we chat with brand co-founder Ju Rhyu about the making of The Mighty Patch, the translucent acne sticker that now sells once every 2 seconds. You’ll find out what makes Hero’s medical-grade hydrocolloid patch superior to the many dupes that have cropped up since its 2017 launch (the shade!), along with the best way to work its mighty magic into your makeup routine.You’ll hear about:Why Reddit was a goldmine for understanding acne-sufferers’ needs in the brand’s developmentHow to layer concealer with the acne patch (over or under- we find out once and for all!)&nbsp;Ju’s p
02/08/202337 minutes 3 seconds
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Bonus Episode! Updating our Haul of Fame With New #DamnGood Favourites To Add To Your Cart, ASAP

In today’s bonus episode, we’re announcing the next round of #damngood products we’re adding to Breaking Beauty’s legendary Haul of Fame. Saving up your Sephora Beauty Insider Points? Planning for Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty? Bookmark this shoppable list of our updated finds that we personally reach for – and recommend – time and time again. &nbsp; Plus, off the hop,&nbsp; we catch up on a few big beauty-meets-pop culture moments!&nbsp;You’ll hear about:A fragrance that smells like summer in a bottle from the Vacation brand (btw we still have a promo code with them - use code BEAUTY at checkout to save 20%&nbsp; at;An “airbrush” blush that Sephora cannot keep in stock&nbsp;A sheet mask that we’re likening to
31/07/202343 minutes 59 seconds
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What Too Faced Co-Founder Jerrod Blandino is Banking On Next: Diamond Care, Makeup Without Trolls and That Upcoming Madonna Beauty Collab

Jerrod Blandino is the legendary co-founder&nbsp;who turned glitter eyeshadow and “Better Than Sex” mascara into a breakthrough, $1.45 billion dollar idea with Too Faced Cosmetics. Now, along with his partner of 28 years, Jeremy Johnson, Jerrod is back with a brand new venture: Toy Box Brands, a startup incubator rolling out with an opulent, diamo
26/07/202349 minutes 17 seconds
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The Ultimate Lazy-Slash-Busy Girl’s Guide To Great Summer Skin With Master Esthetician and Jet-Set Queen Cynthia Rivas

“Skincare is my makeup.” New York-based esthetician Cynthia Rivas, who tends to famous faces like Karlie Kloss and Lily Aldridge, has taken the stylish set by storm with her pop-up facial ateliers at Paris fashion week – not to mention a signature facial at the glamorous Palm Heights Hotel in Cayman Islands. In today’s jet-setting episode, we find Cynthia's top tips (and product recommendations!) for complexion-saving skincare do’s at 30,000 feet, post-flight and at the beach.Plus! Jill and Carlene share their personal packing musts, including the self-tanner that finally won Carlene’s heart (and legs).You’ll hear about:Why Cynthia would never apply retinoids or acids before getting on a planeHer fave post-flight eye masks (that we’d never heard of before!)What causes the appearance
19/07/202349 minutes 30 seconds
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Introducing Believable: The Coco Berthmann Story

Coco Berthmann became internet-famous by sharing her story of surviving sex trafficking as a young child growing up in Germany. She was sheltered and supported by families in Utah, where her faith and fame intertwined. But in 2022, Coco was arrested for raising money for a fake cancer diagnosis, and people began to doubt everything that she had ever said. Is her life story truly one big elaborate lie? Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sara Ganim and Edward R. Murrow Award-winning showrunner Karen Given investigate in Dear Media’s first true crime podcast.
14/07/202330 seconds
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Jill and Carlene Swap #DamnGood Makeup Bags in Part Two of our Special “Freaky Friday” Edition

Last week, we swapped skincare routines and this week, we’re bringing you the blockbuster spinoff.Tune in as we try each other’s holy grail foundations (one of us is making a switch for good!)&nbsp; Plus, we compare notes on the #1 most-likely-to-be-found makeup brand in our cosmetics bags, the WOW tubing mascara that does.not.smudge and the surprising, completely non-viral brow fix that you did not see coming.You’ll also discover:The budget CC cream that’s replacing Jill’s former faveThe travel-ready contour stick we can’t quit (even if the packaging does it no favours)A makeup artist-designed, monochromatic blush duo&nbsp;The unexpected, lemon-yellow lip plumper that’s a smash hit for summer partiesGet social with us and let us know what you
12/07/202347 minutes 55 seconds
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Our #DamnGood “Freaky Friday” Episode is Here! Find Out What Happens When Jill and Carlene Swap Skincare Routines

Carlene and Jll are here with a very special “Freaky Friday” episode, putting each other’s skincare routines to the test! For Carlene, it’s two weeks of intimidating gadgets, skincare cycling and active ingredients galore.&nbsp;Meanwhile, Jill is tasked with an anti-irritation regimine that’s so minimalist, she has to resist the urge to indulge in an exfoliating cheat day. In this ultimate beauty faceoff, it’s not about who comes out on top, but the lessons that come from the challenge itself.&nbsp;You’ll find out:&nbsp;Which once “scary” active treatment Carlene now plans to bring into her permanent skincare routine&nbsp;The blue-toned face balm discovery that Jill is calling “intoxicating”Why Carlene may make the jump from SPF 30 to SPF 50&nbsp;Which steps Jill says are non-negotiables for her acne-prone skinThe one step Carlene tried–&nbsp;and will
05/07/202346 minutes 36 seconds
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Breaking Beauty Trailer

Check out Breaking Beauty Podcast! New episodes air every Wednesday.
24/04/20201 minute 24 seconds
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Ep. 60 #TheGlowDown- The Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Beauty

With all the news about climate change, what woman doesn’t want to reduce her eco footprint? The most logical place to start might just be in the bathroom, given that 120 billion units of packaging are produced in the global cosmetics industry annually. We’re chatting it all out in this episode, alongside Julianne Robicheau, co-owner of Eco + Amour, a sustainable living boutique specializing in self-care and beauty products. We’ve also got Jill’s good friend Stephanie Hicks
10/04/201944 minutes 15 seconds