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Break the Diet Cycle

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 6 seasons, 103 episodes, 2 days 10 hours 10 minutes
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Melissa Landry of @no.more.guilt talks about what it's really like to learn intuitive eating so you can be the first in your family to stop dieting, accept your body, and heal your relationship with food - just like she is.
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how to find the best books for your weight inclusive reading list with Amy Rapone, MS, RD

CALLING ALL BOOK LOVERS! Is your anti-diet, body positive “TO BE READ” pile just eyeing you, collecting dust? In this episode, Amy Rapone MS, RD (@radlovenutrition), fellow Anti-Diet Registered Dietitian, talks about: How to find the best books for your Intuitive Eating and body image journey Fiction vs. non-fiction books - which are better to support your understanding of yourself and the anti-diet, fat positive philosophy? The importance of telling fat stories for individual healing and to push back on biased body standards we see in society How book club discussions can help you understand different lived experiences from your own Tips to “jump in” on your growing anti-diet book list, without it feeling like homework! Amy kindly shares her favorite, curated book list for you to stock your bookshelf. Here’s her Affiliate Link:
03/10/202234 minutes 34 seconds
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how to reframe your lifelong diet mindset with Megan C [Melissa's client]

If you grew up in a family that valued thinness and diets… and then went on to diet yourself for YEARS - your brain is now set up to think of food as series of rules and steps to follow.  Then enters Intuitive Eating with all its messages to: “jUsT LisTeN to YouR BoDy” and “eAt WHaT yoU wAnT”. Especially if you are a black-and-white thinker who *LOVED* the structure of dieting, this new world of Intuitive Eating can feel terrifying.  If you’re sure that you’re done with diets, but still struggle to trust yourself to be “responsible” with the flexibility of Intuitive Eating – we're going to talk about how you can move forward. In this episode, Melissa's client Meg shares her experience as a WW "lifer", her reaction to finding Intuitive Eating for the first time, how she approached things on her own vs. with a coach, how she let go of need for rules by inviting "healthy structure" into her IE journey. This episode will help you think about the best ways
12/09/202244 minutes 32 seconds
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does eating more help you lose weight? [part one]

As the harms - and ineffectiveness - of dieting become more well known, Melissa has noticed an interesting phenomena. A lot of “weight loss experts” are starting to give you messages like “of course you’re not losing weight, you’re not eating enough!” - in stark contract to older messages like “learn to eat less”.  In this episode, Melissa explains why this messaging is just more diet culture keeping you stuck in the “calorie model” and how “eating more calories” isn't the magic bullet to weight loss they say it is. In this 2 part series, Melissa walks you through a recent research paper to give you background so you can feel more confident in your choice to become an Intuitive Eater (and maybe, get better at explaining to other people!). We talk about the two main theories of why some people may be at a higher weight than others, and why rat and genetic studies aren’t really telling us much to prove them. Follow this podcast so you catch part 2! Episode Resource
15/08/202238 minutes 34 seconds
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What is Orthorexia? with Lauren P [Melissa's Former Client]

Do you think about food 24/7? Does it make you feel distracted and guilty? Many people minimize this experience by telling themselves “it’s not bad enough to get help” - which is why we want to share Lauren’s story as a former client of No More Guilt group coaching. Lauren talks about the ways in which her disordered dieting behaviors get normalized - and even praised through her life. We discuss what orthorexia is and how it doesn’t always link to body image concerns. Lauren reveals when she realized her relationship to food was a valid problem in her life, and how she overcame the idea that certain foods are “good” and others are “bad” in order to let go of dieting for good. Through Lauren’s story, you’ll get an honest take about how to overcome the challenging parts of Intuitive Eating  - plus hear what she’s doing now to deepen her recovery over time! This is a do not miss episode if you’ve ever wondered if your own relationship with food was worthy of
21/03/202247 minutes 32 seconds
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[repost] will I gain weight forever and ever and ever?

In this episode we tackle a question we constantly hear from followers on Instagram: "if I eat intuitively, will I gain weight forever and ever?" We review: what causes fear of weight gain weight set point theory, and how to safely explore your thoughts around weight gain so you can find food freedom for good! Follow Dalina @your.latina. nutritionist and Melissa @no.more.guilt on Instagram to get their free guides and join tens of thousands of women, just like you, becoming the first in their families to break the diet cycle. --- Send in a voice message:
22/11/202125 minutes 15 seconds