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English, TV & Video, 1 seasons, 115 episodes, 6 days 7 hours 56 minutes
Steel and Shooter are just your everyday guys that begrudgingly fell into the Bravo world only to be entranced by the allure that is Bravo TV. On this show you’ll hear their takes on the hot topics from all things Bravo. A podcast by dudes for everyone!
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Larsassistic w/ Matt Rogers (RHOBH Full Recap, RHOSLC Full Recap, RHOM Full Recap)

What's up bros?! We are joined today by comedian, singer, actor and all around BravBro himself, Matt Rogers! We discuss this weeks episodes of RHOM, RHOBH and RHOSLC and we cover alllll of it. From Kyle and Sutton's feud at the weed dinner, to Larsa being the worst person on the planet. In Salt Lake the girls are in Bermuda, Meredith is in bed and Monica is getting phantom dm's about Angie being in the Greek Mafia. We had an absolute blast on this one so buckle up for a mega-episode! This episode is brought to you by Bubly. All the flavor without the guilt. Bubly is sugar free, calorie free and no artificial sweeteners. That's what makes it our favorite carbonated beverage. To purchase go to or to find a store near you! Time Stamps: RHOSLC (10:48) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/12/20231 hour 58 minutes 45 seconds
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Jamaican Me Crazy! (RHOP Full Recap, Southern Charm Full Recap)

Whats up Bros?? On todays episode, we discuss a very not good episode of RHOP and a very good episode of Southern Charm, what a (dare I say...) juxtaposition! Up first, things are continuing to flare up between Wendy and Nneka. Now we have phone logs to prove Nneka's side (or do we)? Meanwhile G and Mia go to therapy and their relationship is reeling from the financial strain. Karen is cutting into Robyn's pie and freezing it or thawing it. Or throwing it away. We're not entirely sure. All in all, rough episode for the RHOP crew. Then we're in Jamaica with the Southern Charmers. Olivia and Austen continue to hit it off in person despite many asking Austen if it's a good idea to be friends. Taylor continues her spiral with a very forward text to Shep asking for a booty call. Then, using Austen in an attempt to make Shep Jealous... Madison gives Austen some shockingly sweet and sound advice at the end of the episode where Austen seemingly confesses his love of Olivia... all that and more
06/12/20231 hour 14 minutes 9 seconds
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Kyle's In Her Morgan Wade Era (RHOBH Full Recap, RHOM Full Recap)

What's up Bro's? With our third episode of the week, its time we talk RHOBH and RHOM! Up First we touch on P.K. vs Sutton in social media this week, then were off to Beverly Hills. First and foremost, we finally get to meet Morgan Wade. Then... Kyle is throwing a THC dinner party and her and Sutton aren't in the best of places. Garcelle and Jax have a discussion about Jax's comments on the beach. Tensions boil over at the dinner party as Sutton and Kyle finally blow up at one another. Then were in Miami where they're getting ready for the Fu$k Cancer event at Adrianas. Julie is still working on her opera and Larsa continues to sink lower and lower each week. Even when you think she can possibly go lower. She does. And this time its by questioning whether or not Guerdy is lying about her cancer. Adriana takes Ketamine (supervised at a health clinic) and the Fu$k cancer event looks like it may have some drama as Guerdy is pressing Larsa for being a snitch. Don't forget to buy tickets t
01/12/20231 hour 14 minutes 47 seconds
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It's Lisa Barlow's World We're Just Living In It (RHOP Full Recap, RHOSLC Full Recap)

Whats up bros? On today's episode we get into some RHOP and RHOSLC. Up first in Potomac, things are escalating between Nneka and Wendy. The tension between their families is apparently a much bigger issue than expected. At a pickle ball event tensions flair when Wendy and Nneka sit down and try to discuss it. Meanwhile we find out Happy Eddie unfollowed Nneka's husband Iyke. Oh yeah, and Juan shows up to the event to. Then its off to Salt Lake where we watch as Whitney gets news of her good friend passing. It's a very emotional episode but we still see her make an effort to support Merediths launch party for Plated. Monica and Lisa seem to make up and Whitney has a huge issue with Lisa as Lisa didn't even acknowledge her at Merediths party despite having just lost her friend. All that and a MAJOR MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE BROS!!! This episode is brought to you by Bubly. The delicious carbonated beverage that you don't have to feel guilty drinking. No sugar, no calories, all flavor.
30/11/20231 hour 17 minutes 8 seconds
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Craig Conover Full Interview

What's up Bro's?? Today we have a special episode with the one and only Craig Conover of Southern Charm (and Summer House, and Winter House and probably more Bravo shows). We had a blast catching up with him about the current season of Southern Charm. From Austen and Olivia to Taylor and Shep, we touched on just about everything. He tells us all about where him and Paige are in their relationship and even joined the Bro's in a tin-foil hat convo where we discussed his favorite conspiracy theories. We hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did! This episode is brought to you by Bubly. For the best tasting, zero sugar, zero calorie carbonated beverage, look no further. With tons of flavors to choose from, Bubly is your guilt free option without sacrificing taste. Go to to purchase or to find a store near you! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/11/20231 hour 10 minutes 36 seconds
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All of the Sutton, Kyle just ain't the Same (RHOM Full Recap, RHOSL Full Recap, RHOBH Full Recap)

What's up Bro's?! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday Season overall. We are back with another Mega episode... Three shows in one. Up first we are in Miami for a Charity basketball game and Adriana creates beef with the ladies in the group... again. Over farts. Actually. Tensions arise when they get to the arena as Adriana is at odds with Alexia and Marysol all over again. Then we're in RHOSLC and Heather and Monica are planning a trip to Bermuda for the women. However before that can happen, Monica and Lisa need to smooth things over. At a mormon themed party, Lisa and Monica end up getting into it because Lisa said she's going to throw Monica off her wagon. Whitney and Justin go on Meredith's podcast and it seems that both her marriage and Angie's marriage are not in the best spot this episode. Finally we are in RHOBH and Sutton and Kyle have some unresolved drama. Garcelle has a screening for her new movie 'Black Girl Missing', and we get to meet EJ's mom. All that and more on this
25/11/20231 hour 41 minutes 23 seconds
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Wine 'em and Dine 'em, Don't 'em Curse and Shrine 'em (Southern Charm Full Recap, RHOP Full Recap)

Whats up Bro's! We just got back from LA and we had ourselves a weekend and an amazing live show. But we are back to recap Southern Charm first. It's the annual gentleman's dinner at Patricia's. Tensions are still running high between Shep and Austen but he refuses to acknowledge it. Taylor shares who initiated it between her and Austen. Things get tense at the Dude's dinner (which is Royal Family themed) and this group seems to be a powder keg waiting for that spark. Then we're in Potomac. Ashley comes clean about being the one to initiate the Osu conversation, not Nneka, but Wendy doesn't seem thrilled about it. Robyn continues to defend her and Juan's relationship. Karen and Robyn agree to attempt to move forward. Candiace and Ashley agree to be cordial, but will it last? Nneka makes some strong statements about Wendy and her mom... and we have potential curses being put on people in Potomac. This episode is brought to you by Bubly. Enjoy a carbonated beverage without the guilt. No
22/11/20231 hour 14 minutes 5 seconds
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Name 'em (RHOBH Full Recap, RHOM Full Recap, RHOSLC Full Recap)

What's up Bro's? We are TWO DAYS AWAY from the live show out in LA and if you don't have your tickets yet, head to to grab em! We'll also be streaming the show live so for those of you that can't make it, stream along with us! But back to Bravo. On today's episode, we got our mega ep with 3 shows in 1. Up first were in RHOSLC and Monica and her mom continue to have issues with one another, although at least Linda returned the car. Lisa and Angie haven't spoken since Whitney's event and things are awkward between them. Heather goes to Mary's house for a chat and this is when we get Mary's inbred quote... Whitney and Lisa have a sit down and the more we see Lisa interact with the other ladies, the more apparent it is that she lives in her own world with no regard for those around her. Then were in Miami for another emotional episode as Guerdy breaks the news to everyone about her cancer diagnosis. But Larsa has the worst reaction of all time and not only asks "how do you
17/11/20231 hour 39 minutes 26 seconds
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Taylor Came in Like a Wrecking Ball... (Southern Charm Full Recap, RHOP Full Recap)

Whats up Bro's? On today's episode, we are back with Southern Charm. The crew is still at the lake and Taylor and Olivia sit down to have a chat about their friendship and if they can move forward. Rod announces that he's ready for he and Olivia to be in an exclusive relationship. Tensions boil over with Taylor and Shep after a ping pong game and Shep and Olivia end up sleeping in the same bed... Then we're in Potomac and we get to meet a new housewife, Nneka. Meanwhile, Ashley is having a housewarming party (and also stirring the pot) with Wendy and Nneka. Mia and Karen are working on repairing their friendship. Juan and Robyn are a mess. Juan could care less about the situation and honestly we just feel bad for Robyn at this point... This episode is brought to you by Bubly. Enjoy a sugar free, zero calorie, naturally sweetened carbonated beverage today. With a bunch of flavors to choose from (my favorite is Cherry) Bubly is the best way to enjoy a sparkling drink without the guilt.
15/11/20231 hour 26 minutes 43 seconds
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Sound Baths and Strip Clubs (RHOSLC Full Recap, RHOM Full Recap, RHOBH Full Recap)

What's up Bro's?! Welcome to ANOTHER mega episode as we still have RHOSLC, RHOM and RHOBH all in the same episode! Its an action packed evening but we start out in RHOSLC with Monica at odds with Lisa Barlow. Heather is having issues with Jack Barlow's mission still and feels excluded from the group. Tensions boil over at Whitney's Prism launch event as Monica and Lisa stick Angie in the middle as they fight amongst one another in Shooters favorite sound bowl scene yet. Then were in Miami with some somber news as we find out Geurdy has breast cancer. Alexia and Todd have some things they need to work through after he no-showed her party and Larsa and Guerdy are still at odds because Larsa thinks she's stuck on the fake comment. Finally were in RHOBH to see Sutton not very happy with the Magic Mike set up... Her and Kyle get into it and the calm one is surprisingly Erika Jayne. Garcelle voices her frustration and lack of trust she has with the group regarding her kids. All that and more
10/11/20231 hour 47 minutes 48 seconds
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A Juan-tervention (Southern Charm Full Recap, RHOP Premier Full Recap)

What's up Bro's? We are post BravoCon so its time to get back to our regularly scheduled programming! Up first we're in Charleston for a boys trip to the mountains. Rod has some issues with Austen and Olivia hanging out and we have a BraGate situation unfolding... JT wants Austen to be held accountable and Taylor invites Olivia to Taylors parents house in hopes that they can heal their relationship. Then we have the RHOP premiere and it looks like Juan and Robyn take center stage immediately. We have lots of questions about the ins and outs of their relationship and so do the rest of the ladies. Gizelle stages an intervention, a Juan-Tervention if you will... All that and more on todays episode! Time Stamps: Southern Charm (10:49) RHOP (44:42) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
08/11/20231 hour 33 minutes 8 seconds
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3 in 1 Mega Episode (RHOM Full Recap, RHOBH Full Recap, RHOSLC Full Recap)

Whats up Bro's?! The title says it all, we are recapping THREE housewives shows on today's episode. We get into Alexia's newfound healing journey with the rest of the cast. What's really going on between Mauricio and Kyle? Does P.K.'s grand gesture fall short? In RHOSLC, its more of the Monica vs Linda story, and to all of you out there that took Linda's side... how we feeling now? Linda shows her true colors. All that and more on todays episode! Time Stamps: RHOM (15:03) RHOBH (49:50) RHOSLC (1:10:35) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/11/20231 hour 53 minutes 37 seconds
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Tragedy Strikes Southern Charm (RHONY Reunion pt. 2, Southern Charm Full Recap)

What's up Bros?! On today's episode, we start out by wrapping up the RHONY reunion. Not a whole lot happened in either of these reunion episodes, but this was a solid first season for a new show. It seems as though Sai and Erin both got the memo that they didn't have the best season because they both seem to be doing damage control. Sai does get deeper into her story with her mother and why growing up that way has made her a little closed off emotionally. It was nice to hear her be vulnerable finally. Utah was a wild card this reunion and Jessel comes out the winner this season after her rise to fame in the Bravo world. The ladies all appear to still be getting along after this reunion and it appeared as though nobody wanted to be the bad guy. It was a lot of apologizing and a lot smoothing things over and left some things to be desired but all in all... Solid first season, and we're hoping they bring this cast back to give these ladies a shot at a second season to build off of a decen
02/11/20231 hour 16 minutes 46 seconds
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Sutton Stracke Full Interview

What's up Bro's?! Long time friend of the show, Sutton Stracke, joins us today to catch up about this new season of RHOBH. We talk all about Santos her new horse as well as an update on her store, Sutton. As seen in episode one, Jennifer Tilly is going to be around a little more this season. Sutton believes that this allows for us to get to know her more as we see her interact with some non-housewives and give us the viewer a deeper look into her personal life. Then we talk some Rinna, and how the show has been without her (spoiler alert, the vibes are WAY better). Erika Jayne claims to be wanting to learn some empathy and Sutton fills us in on how that's going. We get a Kyle and Mauricio update and then we discuss a little rumor that Sutton brought up on screen about PK and another woman in the car with him when he got his DUI... We chat about Sutton's financial freedom post divorce and the importance of her telling her story of starting her business and standing on her own two feet b
31/10/20231 hour 2 minutes 26 seconds
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The Adventures of Eaglewoman and Blue Raven! (RHOBH Premier Full Recap, Winter House Recap)

What's up Bros?? RHOBH is back and we couldn't be more excited to get into it. But first, we discuss a little Winter House. While its not always our favorite show, there is an interesting cast of characters this season. On the dudes side of things, Alex is trying way too hard to hit on the ladies of the house and Bryan seems to be following his lead. Cory is claiming that he and Sam are not labeled and its more of a "situationship" leaving his options potentially open for the next. couple weeks? But isn't Sam coming to visit at some point? Seems a little messy... Jordan from Summer House: MV joins the mix as well as a few of the Below Deck crew. The show has a chance to be more captivating than we've seen in the past simply because of Tom Schwartz arrival. This season was filmed less than two weeks removed from the news breaking about Scandoval. Will this offer some more insight into what happened? Could Schwartz spill more tea on the matter? Well find out... But then its back to our f
27/10/20231 hour 14 minutes 19 seconds
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A RHONY Reunion and A RHOBH Premier Feat. The Brooke Ashley (RHOSLC, RHOBH, RHONY Reunion)

Whats up Bros?! Today we have a very special guest, The Brooke Ashley, here to help us break down the RHONY reunion. We also talk some RHOSLC as well before doing a preview of RHOBH which premieres TONIGHT! Was this first season of RHONY a solid building block for the franchise? And who do we think is not coming back to the show? We all agree, RHOSLC is back on solid ground as they continue to have a solid season after last years upset. But is Monica doing too much or is she the perfect addition to the cast? Finally, RHOBH is coming back tonight and we are all so excited. However some questions remain... Can the show be great without Lisa Rinna? In our opinion Rinna was holding the show back so were excited to see what these ladies can do without her being part of the equation. Brooke Ashley also shares with us HER power rankings of RHOSLC and all in all we had an absolute blast with her recapping this week! If you don't already, head to her YouTube Page @ The Brooke Ashley and give he
25/10/20231 hour 16 minutes 2 seconds
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Greek Easter Gone Wrong (RHOSLC Full Review)

Whats up Bro's? We got a RHOSLC review for you today coming from a sick Steel and a sad Shooter since the Phillies just got spanked by the Diamondbacks... but that's neither here nor there! In this weeks episode, we dive into our rose and thorn before we recap Salt Lake. Its Greek Easter in Utah and we're seeing a lot of fractures amongst the group. Angie is throwing a party for everyone and invites Monica despite her repeating the rumor about her husband. Meanwhile Meredith gets snubbed from the invite list. Mary finds out that her son (who lives with her) has been married for over a year in a very bizarre conversation. At Greek Easter, Angie K pulls Monica aside to talk about the rumor. While Monica took it too far by telling not only Angie about the rumor but also Lisa and other members of the group, Angie seems to place all of the blame on Monica for the rumor and all Monica did was relay it. Its a classic Meredith move as well, reference a rumor, don't say what it is, and let some
20/10/20231 hour 1 minute 49 seconds
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Bro-Code? More like No-Code (Southern Charm Full Recap, RHONY Finale Full Recap)

What's up Bro's?! Sh*t hit the fan in Charleston as the group finds out that Austin and Taylor made out. She is weirdly accepting of Austin's apology but Craig is wary of the whole situation. Austin lied to not only his close friends but the entire group for the past 6 months. Meanwhile, instead of allowing Taylor to tell Olivia about the make-out, Austin swore her to secrecy and he ended up spilling the beans to Shep and completely throws Taylor under the bus. They have the most awkward dinner of the year and we're serving pheasant! Shep invites everyone in the group despite the fact that multiple parties are not getting along right now. She rips Austin a new one and rightfully so... Can Olivia make amends with Austin or Taylor? Should she? We sure hope not. Then, RHONY has come to an end and we really enjoyed this first season! Was it perfect? No. Was it entertaining? Yes! And it has a lot of room to grow so we hope that it will continue to get better over the years. In this episode,
19/10/20231 hour 26 minutes 53 seconds
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"F Off Andy!" (RHOC Reunion, RHOSLC Full Recap)

What's up Bros?! THE PHILLIES ARE GOING TO THE NLCS AND RED OCTOBER CONTINUES! But back to the Bravo. This week we wrap up RHOC (finally) with part 2 of the reunion. This was actually a pleasant surprise and had more of the season been like this then maybe we wouldn't have hated it so much. Shannon takes center stage as she tries to explain away her behavior. She still seems to point all fingers at Heather even the whole group chimes in that they also discussed her relationship. Shannon eventually admits that she is embarrassed about the whole situation but its two steps forward and three steps back. Andy puts Tamra on the hot seat and multiple women bring up evidence of Tamra saying mean things and stirring the pot. Andy himself calls her out and she tells him to "F off" and "be quiet... Hopefully that's the last we see of Tamra on this show. Overall, the ladies actually air out a lot of their grievances amongst each other and it makes for a pretty solid finale to a really bad season.
13/10/20231 hour 17 minutes 29 seconds
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Mini Golf, Banh Mi and Bullies (RHONY Full Recap, Southern Charm Full Recap)

Whats up Bros?! It is still Red October in Philly and the Bro's are working overtime. Between Phillies baseball, Eagles football and Bravo, our schedules are packed and we wouldn't have it any other way. This episode, we cover RHONY and Sai's getting real old real quick. Her and Erin team up against Jessel and we simply cannot seem to move past the fact that Pavit is flying to Vietnam. The group goes mini golfing together at Swingers (interesting name considering Abe and Erins potential future) and once again Sai and Erin force the issue of Vietnam and Jessel's sex life in front of the whole group. Sai has had a tough season and her and Erin's treatment of Jessel is simply bullying at this point and its really not a good look nor is it fun to watch. Thank god for Jenna Lyons and her compassion for Jessel because she's able to understand that Jessel means well, she's just a little clunky in her delivery. But all in all Sai and Erin need to get a hobby and maybe instead of worrying about
11/10/20231 hour 12 minutes 18 seconds
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There's a Rumor Going 'Round... (RHOC Reunion, RHOSLC Full Recap)

Whats up Bro's?! It's reunion time in RHOC as the season is coming to an end. It starts with Tamra as Andy questions her about how things are with Jenn. As we've watched all season, Tamra made it her goal to go after Jenn and her relationship with Ryan. Andy calls into question whether or not she brought Jenn on just to provide herself a storyline, and Tamra claims her and Jenn weren't friends at the time when Jenn was asked on the show. Which is another lie... The group as a whole has way too much interest in the Ryan and Jenn situation, and while there are damning text messages, dick pics, red flags left and right, at the end of the day that is Jenn's choice to stay with Ryan and at some point everyone else needs to let Jenn live. Jenn finally stands up for herself to Tamra, and Tamra gets rattled quickly. The evidence against Tamra and her lies piles up as we get clips from the season of her talking smack about different women in the group, and Tamra does what she does best... She t
06/10/20231 hour 29 minutes 4 seconds
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Leave Jessel Alone! (Southern Charm Full Recap, RHONY Full Recap)

Whats up Bro's?! The Phillies just won game 1 of the Wild Card as I'm writing this, and the Bro's are AMPED UP! But I digress... On today's episode we're back in South Carolina with our Southern Charm crew. Tensions are high as Shep and Olivia start to question Austin and Taylor's relationship. New info comes to light when we find out that both Taylor and Austin discusses potentially dating just after the reunion filmed... Craig's store has taken a huge step forward as they signed a deal with Kroeger to sell his merchandise. The only negative is that he no longer will have the freedom to go back and forth to NYC when he wants. Will he and Paige finally decide on a home base? Rod sits down with Austin to let him know that he and Olivia have been hanging out and Austin clearly doesn't love it. But with the potential drama with Taylor, that won't be taking center stage. Then we're back with RHONY and Jessel and Pavit have finally set a date for a staycation to end their sex drought. Meanw
04/10/20231 hour 18 minutes 38 seconds
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Tamra is a Loser but RHOSLC IS SO BACK! (Sandoval's Podcast, RHOC Full Recap, RHOSLC Full Recap)

What's up Bro's?? We are a little late with our episode, you can blame Steel's brother-in-law for getting married (jk Congrats Chris and Laura). But we are back with a full episode and boy is it a good one. We start out with a little Tom Sandoval talk because everyones least favorite villain announced he is releasing his own podcast... Then we finally get to the finale of OC and it ends as lackluster as we expected. Once again, the ladies pile on Heather in the beginning. Gina and Emily are both stuck on the fact that Heather called them losers (according to Tamra). However, at a lunch with Gina, Heather proves her innocence via a clip from Two T's where Teddi outs Tamra for calling the entire OC cast losers. Jenn and Ryan have a sit down to discuss Tamras comments in Mexico about potentially more cheating losers, and Ryan takes the approach of blaming Jenn for not trusting him and that he's tired of hearing about it. The episode ends with Gina's freak show party, where Heather goes fr
02/10/20231 hour 24 minutes 54 seconds
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Now We Got Bad Blood (Swift-Kelce Update, Southern Charm Full Recap, RHONY Full Recap)

What's up Bros? What a time to be a Philadelphian, Birds are 3-0 and the Phil's just clinched a spot in the playoffs AGAIN. Up first on the docket, we have to address a Taylor Swift- Travis Kelce update. While Steel points out that the alleged Eagles fan has changed her colors quickly, overall the boys are on board for this relationship. Do you think its for the cameras or is love in the air?? Then were back with the crew in Charleston and we get introduced to JT who is not our cup of tea. Rod however seems like a solid dude and we see romance in the air for Olivia. Taylor is now working for a mixed drink company and attempting to sell Day Chaser to Leva after quitting her job to follow Shep around... The main focus of this episode is Austen's relationship with Taylor. Clearly JT is in love with Taylor and uses every opportunity with Shep present to bring up how weird Austen and Taylors relationship is. He highlights that Taylor slept at Austen's house and it becomes quite clear that J
27/09/20231 hour 29 minutes 15 seconds
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You Can Leave! (RHOSLC Full Recap, RHOC Full Recap)

What's up Bro's? We start the episode off with Shooter's new segment of current events and were talking Kelce+Swift. Then its off to RHOC where the ladies are finishing up their trip to Mexico. Jenn and Ryan are still a hot button issue as the ladies can't seem to think of anything else interesting to talk about. Meanwhile, Heather has become the punching bag of the group. While Heather does have her flaws, we see the group pick her apart for every little thing and its getting old in a hurry. All it looks like to us is that everyone is jealous of Heather and her wealth. The group visits a Shaman where intentions seem to be peace, love and understanding but when we get to dinner that all goes out the window. Heather is in the crosshairs again when Tamra forces drama on her with stupid allegations of things Heather has said and Tamra continues to be unwatchable. Heather leaves the table and hints at potentially being done with the show altogether due to the other women's treatment of her
22/09/20231 hour 32 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

It's Me, Hi, I'm the Problem It's Me (Shannon Beador DUI, Southern Charm Full Recap, RHONY Full Recap)

Whats up Bros?! We are back with Southern Charm this week, but first we discuss the recent news out of the OC. Shannon Beador got a DUI and we have some thoughts. Shooter and Steel have slightly differing opinions on the matter but at the end of the day, the important thing is thank god nobody got hurt. Then we're back in Charleston with our charming crew. Craig and Paige are in the same exact spot in their relationship as Craig seems ready to take all the next steps and Paige seems to not be on the same page... (no pun intended). Shep gets home from a trip around the world as he is working on getting over his relationship with Taylor. Meanwhile, Taylor and Olivia have gotten very close over their break-ups. Madison shows off her new beautiful family, and we here at the BravBro's couldn't be happier for her and Hudson as it seems like Brett is genuinely a good dude. Things heat up at the wedding after-party when Taylor lets emotions get the best of her and she goes after Craig for his
20/09/20231 hour 27 minutes 28 seconds
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A Motel is a Hotel Without Dom Perignon (RHOC Full Recap, RHOSLC Full Recap)

What's up Bro's?! First things first. Go Birds. Eagles are 2-0. (I'm typing this after we recorded) But back to business, up first we are back with the Orange County Crew and the ladies are still on their girls trip. Vicki makes a surprise appearance and we see the Tres Amigas back together again. Tamra and Jenn end up getting into it again over the Ryan situation. It appears Tamra has been digging around a little for some dirt on Ryan. Or according to her, the dirt was given to her without asking... Emily and Heather are still not getting along as Emily points out some hypocritical moments. Meanwhile, Heather thinks that she's held to a higher standard than the rest of the group leading to a bit of a distance between the two. Shannon finally opens up ever so slightly about John and it doesn't sound great. And Tamra and Jenn have it out with one another at lunch as Jenn has finally reached her breaking point with Tamras nonsense. Then we're out in Salt Lake City where they are all head
15/09/20231 hour 13 minutes 4 seconds
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Ralph + Courtney: Cousins, Cohorts or Couple?

What's up Bros?! It is victory Wednesday as the Birds start the season 1-0 and the Bro's are amped up. On this episode, we talk a little about the man who tried to run in a hamster wheel across the Atlantic before diving into what we're all here for. We get back to RHONY where the ladies are in Anguilla (no we still don't know the proper pronunciation). The group gets into it at dinner when Jessel brings up the Brynn and Abe flirting situation. Erin and Brynn have it out after Brynn apologizes for calling the party boring but doesn't address her behavior towards Abe. While Erin doesn't think it was malicious, she also feels she is owed an apology. Then the tables are turned towards Jenna and the coach vs business class debacle. The root of the groups frustration comes to light when its made clear that the problem is not with her leaving early on business class, the issue is that she never opens up about what's really going on. We finally see Jenna tap into her emotions as she shares ab
13/09/20231 hour 13 minutes 18 seconds
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A Fresh Start for Salt Lake? (RHOSLC Full Recap, RHOC Full Recap)

What's up Bro's?! Football season is upon us so the boys are getting geared up for the Eagles opener. But that doesn't mean we didn't have time to get our Bravo on. We start out this week with RHOC where Heather is launching the HD Network. While she tried to explain the technology, it sounds a whole lot like YouTube, or Instagram, or any social media video platform. But Emily has an issue with Heather because of a little interaction she had. Heather tells Emily that Shannon was talking smack about Emily, but when Emily asks what was said, Heather says she can't tell her because its in the Vault... News gets out about the sale of Heather and Terry's home and the group is upset because they feel as though Heather should have told them about it. The tensions are high and it appears that Emily isn't the only one that has an issue with Heather. Then we are back to RHOSLC for what was an extremely refreshing season premier and a good reminder of why this show was once great. Lisa Barlow is
08/09/20231 hour 17 minutes 43 seconds
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From Anguilla to Atlanta (RHONY Full Recap, RHOA Reunion Full Recap)

What's up Bros? It was Steel's birthday yesterday (happy birthday me) so this episode is a little later than usual, but we are headed to Anguilla with the ladies of RHONY. Up first though, we talk some news. Erika Jayne's show is selling tickets for $7.00 a seat, RHOSLC is back and Courtney (Ralph's "cousin") used to live in Tampa... Jenna is headed down on her first girls trip a couple days earlier than the crew to build up a base tan. As she's shared with us she is a insecure about her genetic disorder and how her skin looks as a result. Although she let's it slip to Erin that she also feels some type of way about flying coach... The general consensus amongst the group (and us bros)is that she just needs to be honest about her reasoning. The little lies don't make a whole lot of sense. We get a check in with Brynn and her brother Daris, and we continue to get a peek into Brynn's psyche. She explains that due to her difficult upbringing it keeps her from being able to take the final s
07/09/20231 hour 8 minutes 54 seconds
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Good Riddance Ralph (Carl+Lindsey Split, RHOA Finale Full Recap, RHOC Full Recap)

Whats up Bros?! We have a jam packed episode for you today as we wrap up this season (and possibly the last season with this cast) of RHOA! Before we get there, we have to discuss the news of Lindsey and Carl calling off the engagement. Rumor has it that Carl is the one that called things off. Then its off to Atlanta. Ralph and Drew have reached a breaking point as we finally get into the details of what's not working in their relationship. Ralph has moved out of the bedroom and when he finally returns to marriage counseling he claims he made the move to "better himself" and to "make Drew more comfortable". This entire episode was all evidence that Ralph is a manipulative, gaslighting and extraordinarily selfish and at times it is genuinely painful to watch. Kandi is throwing a wrap party for The Pass and we see Allison confront Courtney over the "bitch" issue. Which is really confusing because as seen in the video, Courtney says "this bitch" and points at Sanya. Regardless of who was
01/09/20231 hour 32 minutes 39 seconds
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RHONY Recap with Kate Casey of Reality Life with Kate Casey! (RHONY Full Recap, RHOC Overview)

What's up Bro's?! This week we are joined by our fellow Philadelphian Kate Casey of Reality Life with Kate Casey to discuss all things Real Housewives. She fills us in on some great Sports Doc recommendations in the beginning before we dive into the state of Orange County. We discuss whether or not the friendships seem genuine and can this show continue with how it's currently going? Then we're on to RHONY and Kate is fresh off of an interview with Jessel (which airs Thursday, make sure you tune in) and we finally get to get deeper into Jessel's story. She opens up to her mom about IVF and her difficult journey with conceiving the twins. It's nice to hear her finally soften up and be vulnerable and her strength is admirable in sharing this difficult journey with fertility. Meanwhile, Erin has had it with Sai and Brynn in the aftermath of her party. However when confronted, Sai doesn't care and everyone in the group writes off Brynn's flirting as "that's just Brynn". One, Sai needs to e
30/08/20231 hour 19 minutes 44 seconds
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Let's Taco 'Bout Shannon (RHOC17x11 Full Recap, RHOA15.15 Full Recap)

What's up Bro's? Steel's down Wildwood for the weekend and Shooter's gearing up for vacay so the boys are in good spirits. Up first we get back to Atlanta and filming for The Pass is in full swing. Sheree is throwing a sip and see for Mecca and as her own reveal party as a Glamma. Drew and Kandi continue to have issues with Courtney and questions whether she called Drew a bitch. Ralph continues to suck as the tension between Drew and him seem to be at an all time high. Oh, and Sheree finds out that her ex husband Bob has an adult daughter that she never knew about. Then we're back to OC where for the second episode in a row, we enjoyed it. Don't call it a comeback... but we continue to see issues stemming from Shannon and her relationship with John. While she claims to not want to talk about it and puts the blame on everyone else... every woman in the group references drunk phone calls they received from Shannon in regards to her relationship. It boils over to the point that Heather, E
25/08/20231 hour 12 minutes 37 seconds
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New Vows in New York (RHONY Full Recap, Crappie Lake Finale Full Recap)

What's up Bro's?! We bid farewell to what was a delightful first season of Crappie Lake. Sonja and Luann are putting on the town talent show, Benton Follies, and it's a beautiful send off for the ladies. The show was heartwarming even though Steel is a tough critic. The overall sentiment of this episode is that not only did Sonja and Luann have a huge impact on the town, the town left its mark on them as well. The people of Benton are sad to see our RHONY OG's leave and we the viewers were sad to see the show come to an end. It was a perfect ending to a great season. Then we're back in NYC and Erin is getting ready to "renew" her vows, but it's actually the first time her and Abe are saying vows. Unfortunately Ubah has covid so she isn't going to make it to the party, but we find out that Jenna has broken up with her girlfriend of a year and a half. Although according to her it may have been an on and off scenario. Jessel and Pavit are discussing whether or not to send the twins to pri
23/08/20231 hour 6 minutes 55 seconds
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Bethany x Raquel Interview pt. 3 with Zack peter from #NoFilter w/ Zack Peter!

What's up Bro's? We joined forces with our favorite platinum blonde, Zack Peter, to break down the third part of Bethenny's interview. We talk about the alleged abuse from James Kennedy, the dog situation of this whole thing and whether or not Bethenny had Raquel's best interest at heart (she didn't). Raquel continues to lean on the fact that she her whole cast made so much money off of this while her name and her brand were dragged through the mud. While this is true, she seems to forget why her name and brand were dragged through the mud. On the other side of this, Bethenny is not only ill prepared, she does not do Rachel any favors. Instead of diving into therapy and hearing about how Rachel has improved herself and what kind of work she's been doing to become a better person, Bethenny steers her into a victim narrative and an attempt to paint the Bravo network as a horrible toxic place that is at the root of this whole scandal. Bethenny used her platform and Rachel as her sacrifici
21/08/20231 hour 14 minutes 54 seconds
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Hi, My Name is Steel and I am an Alcoholic. This is My Story.

What's up Bro's? In honor of Steel's (my) 5 year sobriety date, we're changing things up a little bit. In this special episode I share my story with you. Where I came from, how I got there, and how I ended up where I am today. My story is difficult to tell. It brings up a lot of memories that I've dealt with over the past few years and stirs up a lot of emotions for me. But it's important for me to share these things. I had a very hard time being open and vulnerable when I was younger. I saw myself as the go to person for other people. I would help them deal with their issues while disregarding or not even acknowledging my own. Problems don't just go away and gradually over time they built up behind me without me being aware of it. Eventually my world came crashing down. I went from a professional baseball player, to a professional coach, to having cirrhosis of the liver at 27 years old and potentially not making it out of the hospital alive. This episode is not to garner sympathy, it
18/08/202328 minutes 48 seconds
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Bethanny x Raquel Interview Part 1+2 Full Recap - #Franquel Tells All

What's up Bro's? We take a break from our regularly scheduled recap to bring you our full breakdown of Bethenny's interview with Raquel aka Rachel. It seems as though these two are trying to one up Howie and Sandoval with worst interview of the year. A wildly unprepared Bethenny attempts to interview Raquel with zero background on the show or the characters. Along the way, Raquel (Rachel) begins to lean into playing the victim in this thing and its absolutely bizarre. Bethenny is doing her best the entire time to intentionally steer the conversation in that direction and it's clear that she came into this with an agenda. On top of that, while we hear Bethenny "leading the charge" on compensation for reality stars, we find out that Raquel did not get paid for this appearance on the podcast. Go figure. Raquel dives into her time in therapy and how she feels about this group now. She tells us that her friendship with Ariana was exaggerated and the two were only acquaintances and then ques
18/08/20231 hour 6 minutes 56 seconds
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Tribeca's Really Up and Coming- (RHONY reboot Full recap, RHOSLC's return, Crappie Lake full recap)

What's up Bro's?! We kick off tonights episode with a little RHOSLC talk as we get closer to the return of the ladies of Salt Lake. Will Mary Cosby save the franchise? Or is the absence of Jen Shah the nail in the coffin for the show? Then we're off to Crappie Lake where Sonja and Luann are planning Christmas in July. We get a great cameo from Paula Abdul herself as they plan the Talent Show for the big finale. Then we're in New York where this new cast is really showing promise. Brynn continues to dive into her past as she shares some tragic details about her upbringing only making her story that more inspiring. Jessel and Erin have beef as neither one can see eye to eye (or apologize... Jessel) but the group comes together for an event as Jessel's except for Jenna. AKA Jenna LIE-ons according to Brynn. The drama is starting to brew and meanwhile the ladies are still able to hang out in a group and have fun while avoiding some of the annoying tropes that we've gotten used to (i.e. mas
16/08/20231 hour 6 minutes 39 seconds
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Trouble Below Deck (BelowDeckDownUnder, RHOA full recap, RHOC full recap)

What's up Bro's Before we start, this is a trigger warning as this episode features a discussion about sexual assault featured on the Below Deck Down Under episode. If you do not wish to hear that and would like to skip ahead, the conversation begins at 2:48 and ends at 9:45. For those that saw on this past weeks episode, Luke sexually assaulted Margot in what was one of the more difficult and emotional scenes we've ever witnessed. Aesha was amazing and acted quickly avoiding potentially a much worse situation. Captain Jason made very swift and justified decisions in removing Luke from the boat and then firing both him and Laura for her outrageous remarks in an attempt to justify Luke in some way. This was a difficult scene to watch but we felt it is an important one to discuss. After that we are back in Atlanta and Kandi is throwing a party in honor of Bedroom Kandi. But before we get there, Sanya and Shari are still in a weird place as Sanya is learning to respect her sisters boundar
11/08/20231 hour 10 minutes 51 seconds
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Brynn for the Win (RHONYs14ep04, Crappie Lakes01ep5,6)

What's up Bro's?! To get things started on todays episode, we return to Crappie Lake to see how Sonja and Lu are doing. Between the talent show, the playground, the dog shelter and the hot tub at the hotel, these women are putting their money (and time) where their mouth is and getting things done around town. The shows still delightful to watch as this week we see them prep the town for the Variety Show. Sonja is enjoying the process while Luann is using her "expertise" to be a little bit pushy... Overall this show is the best. We will watch every single episode. Then its on to RHONY for what we agreed was the best episode yet. We are getting into the back story's of our cast members week by week and this week Brynn took center stage in what is both a fascinating and uplifting story of where she came from to where she is now. Growing up in Indiana, Brynn let's us know that she is biracial. Having been adopted by her mom's mom who was white, and navigating being biracial in a predomina
09/08/20231 hour 6 minutes
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Karma's a Bitch (RHOAs15ep12 full recap, RHONYs14ep03 full recap)

Welcome back Bro's! This week we dive into RHOA as the season is nearing the end. But first we have some news to cover, RHONY Legacy is all systems go as Bravo announces they have pushed it up due to the issues surrounding Brandi Glanville... Lenny Hochstein is one of the worst humans on TV with a stupid proposal while wearing the corniest shoes on the market. In Atlanta, the ladies are on the last day of their Portugal trip and it has been less than healing. Drew is still attempting to defend herself against the alleged make out between her and Latoya. Marlo and Monyetta are part of the film crew now as they filmed Drew on the side talking smack about Latoya. Things between Kenya and Courtney are continuing to heat up but Courtney seems justified in her actions. Oh, and by a miracle apparently, Kenya is still able to walk after that terrible, terrible fall... All is saved by a sound bath except that only keeps the peace for all of an hour before things escalate again. Then we're back
04/08/20231 hour 18 minutes 26 seconds
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Pringles and Caviar- (RHONY full recap, RHOA full recap)

What's up bro's?! We are still buzzing from our live show last night but both of us feel like we got hit by a train. Like a really happy fun train. The show was INCREDIBLE, the audience was AMAZING and our guests were ELECTRIC. We can't wait until the next one... (hint hint). But on this weeks episode we dive into RHONY episode 2 and we find our ladies in the Hamptons for a girls trip. The recurring theme of the season is issues with the hosts food... Erin has a caviar catering company and it looks divine but all things considered, maybe offer a couple of other options... Jessel opens up about her sex life or lack thereof and everyone in the group turns into a sex therapist on the spot. Jenna brings the ladies some lingerie and we see some tensions start to rise between her and Jessel when Jessel doesn't particularly care for the lingerie. Then its off to Atlanta (or Portugal) and Drew is in tears over a seemingly small argument with Sheree. Come to find out the root of the issue is Ra
28/07/20231 hour 16 minutes 6 seconds
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Tamra Gonna Tamra (RHOCs17ep07, Crappie Lakes01ep03)

What's up Bro's?! We got back to back episodes for yous this week. In todays episode, we get back to RHOC for one of our least favorite episodes in a long time. The ladies are headed to Nobu for dinner and there is a lot of tension throughout the group. Shannon is going through it as she faces three children headed off to school shortly. John wants her to be able to relax and enjoy their time together but she has a lot of irons in the fire and is having a tough time juggling everything. We do get to see a softer side of Shannon as she opens up about what she's going through. Taylor and Heather have the chance to sit down and "hash things out" but Heather doesn't actually apologize and continues to place all the blame on Taylor. Emily is calling out both Heather and Tamra for their continued red flags as both of them refuse to change or look in the mirror. But the real "star" of this episode is Tamra, who continues to do way too much and force the drama with Jenn, her friend... She cont
21/07/202357 minutes 46 seconds
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RHONY 2.0 (RHONY Full Recap, RHOA Full Recap)

What's up Bro's?!? It's been a long time coming... But RHONY 2.0 is finally here and it did not disappoint. First, we stop back in Atlanta where the girls are headed to Portugal fro Sheree's healing trip. Tensions flair between Drew and Sheree when Sheree brings up a lawsuit that Drew is involved in. Meanwhile, it looks like Marlo and Kenya are crossing path's via Row (Kenya's new "friend") as we find out that Marlo had previously went on a date with him. Things escalate in Portugal when Drew attempts to smooth things over with Sheree but is met with a lot of resistance. Oh, and Ralph is auditioning to be a stripper because, Ralph. Then its time to meet the New Ladies of New York and they are amazing. From the captivating Jenna Lyons, to the bubbly Brynn, this cast brought it for their first episode. We are immediately confronted with Cheesegate as apparently Sai had an issue with Erin and her cheeses at a previous party. We get to meet all the women and their families as they gear up
20/07/20231 hour 23 minutes 34 seconds
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Happy In Crappie (RHOA Full Recap, Crappie Lake Full Recap)

What's up Bro's?!? This week we are back with Atlanta after the mid season break. But first we check in with Luann and Sonja at Crappie Lake and lemme tell ya'... This show is a breath of fresh air. The two OG's that we know and live dive head first into the Crappie lifestyle. With some noodling, dive bars and other shenanigans, this show could not have come at a better time. If you haven't watched yet do yourself a favor. Still listen to the episode but then go back and watch it for yourself! Then it's off to Atlanta and Sanya is putting on a fundraiser for MommiNation. With her auctioneer out with covid, Kenya steps in to help. Meanwhile, Drew and her sister Allison reconnect and are working through some of the trauma that Allison has been through over the past few years. Back with Sanya, tensions between her and her sister are elevated as Sanya asks a lot of them, but forgets to keep everyone in the loop. Also forgetting that her sister has her own life and family as well. Kenya arr
14/07/20231 hour 27 minutes 50 seconds
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Get to Know Your Bro's + A RHOC Recap! (Q&A, Kyle+Mauricio Separation, RHOC full recap)

What's up Bro's? We are in the dog days of summer and things are a bit slow in the Bravo world. So, we thought we'd mix things up this week and get a lil personal... Up first we discuss the rumors swirling around Kyle Richards and Mauricio and their official separation. Morgan Wade and Kyle have been getting seemingly very close according to Instagram and people are wondering what the whole story is... Then we try something a little different and we answer YOUR questions about US! We get personal from how our friendship started, swapping some high school war stories involving a trip to Florida, Heineken mini-keg and Golden Corral and we give youse a chance to get to know your BravBro's! Finally, we finish up with RHOC where Heather still feels a bit scorned by Taylor regarding the IMDB fiasco (even though Tamra was the one talking smack). Gina and Jen are slowly getting closer but Jen's past and her affair are still an issue for Gina as she attempts to navigate her way around it. Shann
07/07/20231 hour 20 minutes 41 seconds
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Little Housewives on the Prairie (SH:MV, RHOA, RHOC)

What's up Bro's?! It's been raining for two weeks, Steel's basement keeps flooding, Shooter's car keeps flooding, its been a hell of a week for the boys but we persevere... This week we finish up with Summer House: Martha's Vineyard which was an enjoyable first season. Silas only digs his hole deeper as we see tensions get worse between him and Jasmine. Alex surprises Nick by inviting his girlfriend to the party and Bria attempts to insert herself and stir up some drama about Alex and the DM's... Things come to a head when Simon and Bria get into it and in turn Summer catches some heat by trying to help... In RHOC the girls are headed out to Montana. Unclear about her intentions, we see Tamra going above and beyond to clear the air with Shannon. Jenn continues to be "open" about her affair but the more info we get the more skeptical we're becoming... Finally in Atlanta, Drew is shooting her video and her sister/ manager Allison makes the trip to come see her. Her sister has been in a m
30/06/20231 hour 16 minutes 57 seconds
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Gucci, Gucci, Marlo, Marlo, Kandi, Kandi, Prada- (Fuda Interview Recap, SHMV, RHOC, RHOA)

What's up Bro's! Hopefully you got the song reference in the title... On today's episode we address the Fuda interview and the overwhelming response we received... Then it's on to the surprise of the summer, Summer House: Martha's Vineyard. This show has been a breath of fresh air. In this episode, Silas and Jasmine continue to have struggles in this first year of marriage. Jordan feels as though both Alex and Amir have objectified her over the past two weeks. After hearing the "thicc" comment from Alex amongst a few other odd remarks, she is justified in her frustrations. Shanice is wrapping up her summer but not before the Google incident is brought up at the dinner table... In RHOC, Tamra attempts to apologize to Shannon for the boat trip. Meanwhile, she is closing up Cut Fitness for good and planning a party as a send off. Jenn makes an ill-timed post celebrating the success of her own yoga studio and is questioned by Emily when it seems as though her affair is being taken a little
23/06/20231 hour 32 minutes 20 seconds
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John Fuda Full Interview

What's up Bro's? Today we have a special episode for you! With RHONJ coming to an end and some extra fireworks surrounding the Fuda's, we thought we'd invite John on to explain his side. If you follow any Bravo social media, you may have heard of the Fuda name change, an alleged felony charge and some other speculations. John clears up all of the rumors and more in this interview. We get hints at what was in the giant envelope and we discuss what the first year on the show was like. Will the drama between him and Louie ever be squashed? Find out that and more on todays episode! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/06/202346 minutes 9 seconds
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Teresa and Joe's Last Dance- (RHONJ Reunion pt. 3 Full Recap, RHOC Full Recap)

What's up Bro's? It is our first dive into RHOC. The girls are getting ready for Gina's Flamingo Party. The main topic of conversation is Tamra and Shannon. Once close friends, the two have since had a falling out. From our vantage point, both sides have some owning up to do but we see them have multiple non constructive conversations. Emily and some of the other ladies believe its time for the two of them to simply move on. Meanwhile, we get a look into Jenn's life as she opens up about fostering and adoption. Then, We tie a bow on Jersey this week with a reunion that consisted of a whole lotta nothing. Teresa and Louie seem to have finally split forever from Joe and Melissa. But the star of this episode was John Fuda. When its his turn to talk he calls out Louie for his shady behaviors with a whole lot of proof to back it up. Louie continues to backtrack on stories and present some half truths. Is this finally the end of Joe and Teresa? Time Stamps: RHOC (15:39) RHONJ (41:47) Learn
16/06/20231 hour 24 minutes 53 seconds
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Bombs in Atlanta, Nudes in the Vineyard (RHOA, SHMV)

What's up Bro's?! We took your advice and we jumped into Summer House: Martha's Vineyard and it DID NOT disappoint! In this week we watch as Silas constantly mansplains to every person in the house, worst of all to his own wife. Shanice returns and things seem to be great between her and Bria until Shanice gets naked in the hot tub with Simon... Jordan continues to not want a man this summer but Alex has thrown his hat in the ring after outing Amir for calling "dibs" on Jordan this summer. Overall this is a fun, and entertaining show that you should all get into! Then were onto Atlanta where Marlo is trying to drum up more support against Kandi. Quentin's shooting comes up again and Marlo is claiming that the lack of empathy and condolences from Kandi is a real issue. Meanwhile, Santa's family is feeling a certain way about the possibility of having to move out of the house. Things escalate at the "diffuse the bomb" party (oh the irony) and this bomb does not get diffused as things exp
14/06/20231 hour 12 minutes 57 seconds
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The Grand Scandoval Finale (VPR Reunion Finale, RHONJ Reunion)

It's time, Bro's. The episode we've all been waiting for. The Vanderpump Reunion Finale is upon us and we have a SUPER SIZED episode breaking down every moment. Before we get to VPR, it was reunion night in Jersey as well. It's still Teresa vs. Melissa for the most part, but we find out that Jen had already had a discussion with Melissa regarding the cheating rumors... Did Tre and Jen set Danielle up? Marge brings up some unsettling rumors about a phone call made by Louis to her son at work. Fuda claims he reached out to her son's birth mother as well. Things are heating up as we prep for the husbands to enter the reunion next week. Scandoval has rocked us all to our core. This episode we see Ariana finally able to say her peace to Raquel. Sandoval remains defensive and says one of the worst things we've ever heard on TV. Raquel has the chance to share her side of things and attempts to apologize to Ariana and is met the wrath of a 9 month affair. At the end of the episode we get the "
09/06/20231 hour 59 minutes 3 seconds
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Bummer House (Summer House Reunion Part 2, RHOA)

What's up Bro's? This week we put a bow on Summer House and finally wrap up a lackluster season. Before that, we head back to Atlanta where the girls trip to Birmingham comes to a head, and Kenya has to miss her performance due to the flu. Marlo is continuing to push Kandi to speak out about the shooting at her restaurant, and Courtney keeps stirring the pot with multiple cast members. In Summer House, we see a repeat of the same stuff we've watched all season. Carl takes the opportunity to lay out what upset him about the season, and where he hopes the cast can move forward as a group. Lindsay and Danielle come to a loose agreement but there is still a lot of tension on Lindsay's side. Andy has it out for Lindsay this entire reunion and at the end of it we're left with a grim outlook of what next season could potentially look like. Team Danielle? Team Lindsay? Maybe Team Nobody. Sponsors: Download the Dave app from the App store right now or go to Sign up for an Ext
07/06/20231 hour 24 minutes 37 seconds
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Sandoval's a Liar (VPR Reunion pt 2, RHONJ Reunion pt 1.)

What's up Bro's? We have a jam-packed reunion episode today and it is supersized. We start out with RHONJ and part one of the reunion. We see Teresa and Melissa face off potentially for the last time... Teresa is continuing to throw whatever she can at Melissa as we watch what's left of their "relationship" dwindling away. Danielle and Fuda come to some kind of a truce and Marge is pressed by the right side of the room and remains fairly calm amid the jabs... Should we be worried about Teresa's relationship with Louie moving forward? In VPR, we have a very emotional episode as we dive deeper into the affair. Scheana Shay is in shambles as she speaks out about how she was affected by everything. Sandoval stands by his claims that the affair "wasn't malicious". Lala opens up and lets us in on her vulnerable side as we watch the weight of Scandoval really setting in amongst the cast members. Meanwhile, Raquel remains emotionless in her trailer as she gears up to enter the stage... Time S
02/06/20231 hour 55 minutes 24 seconds
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Turn the Paige (Summer House Reunion Pt. 1, RHOA)

What's up Bro's? On todays episode we start out with the Bravo news, a photo of Sandoval making an alleged phone call to Raquel, Erika Jayne has a potential "new" man, and the return of RHOC. Then we do a deep dive into this weeks RHOA episode. The girls take a trip to Birmingham with Kenya for The Magic City Classic. Courtney continues to add fuel to the fire of Marlo vs. Kandi as Marlo is voicing her concerns that Kandi won't address her nephews death. Later we get the ladies in Birmingham as tensions between Marlo and Kenya start to heat up. In Birmingham the ladies attend a "gala" and get booted for causing a distraction and tempers flare as Marlo tries to confront Kenya in her hotel room. In Summer House it's part 1 of the reunion. We see a very clear divide in the group as Paige has her petty sights set on Lindsay. It seems as though this entire reunion is going to be the rest of the house versus Lindsay and Carl. Are you team Lindsay? Team Paige? Team Danielle? Regardless of whe
31/05/20231 hour 21 minutes 5 seconds
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A Poo Poo Head Reunion (Vandepump Reunion Part One)

It's the reunion we've all been waiting for. On this weeks episode we dive deep into Part One of the Vanderpump Reunion. We touch ever so briefly on Teresa's wedding before going all in on the reunion. Lala and James come in very hot as we all expected. But did their enthusiasm take away from questioning Sandoval? Schwartz is put on the hot seat for his involvement in Scandoval, and are we seeing the kids of Sur outgrow LVP? Lala questions the queen of VPR and more in one of the most heated reunions we've ever seen. -This episode is brought to you by Factor Meals. Skip the meal prep this summer and have delicious, healthy, fresh never frozen meals delivered directly to your door. Go to and use code bravbros50 to get 50% off your first box. Seriously, 50% off. Go get your Factor Meals today! Time Stamps: Teresa's Wedding (16:58) VPR Reunion (23:28) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
26/05/20231 hour 21 minutes 26 seconds
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The Last Straw in Jersey- (RHONJ Finale, RHOAs15e03, Summer House Finale)

What's up Bros?! It's our first official Two Episode week! From here on out expect TWO EPISODES every week! Today, we get into the RHONJ Finale and where we stand after the blowout at Dolores' and Paul's Prohibition party. Danielle takes it upon herself to tell Melissa about the rumor which ignites a fuse that blows everything up. Louie has never been redder and he goes after everyone. When the dust settles, was this the last straw for Joe and Melissa? Then we FINALLY get to Atlanta, and we were not disappointed. Drew is trying to get her music career back on track and gets an opportunity to go sing with Candiace. Kandi is trying to juggle her work/ home balance as she tries to be supportive of Todd's dreams. Meanwhile, Cousin Courtney keeps trying to insert herself into Kandi's business and Marlo wants Kandi to start talking about her business on TV. We wrap up Summer House with a banger of a finale. It had parties, fights, fun and drama, all the reasons we watched to begin with. Crai
24/05/20231 hour 33 minutes 58 seconds
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Scandoval: Act 3 "The Scandoval" (VPR Finale)

It's finally here. The most anticipated episode in Bravo history. The Scandoval took over media outlets all across the U.S. and at long last we get the conclusion. We decided to only recap Vanderpump this week to allow our full undivided attention. The good news is we are FINALLY switching to a 2 episode format beginning next week. So this weeks recap of RHOA, Summer House and RHONJ will be featured in that, and you can expect 2 new episodes every week! Buckle up as we break the episode down scene by scene (literally) and give you our best analysis on the Scandal that shook the Country.  Time Stamps: VPR Recap Begins (16:32) Tom and Ariana @home (22:03) Schwartz and Sandoval @ Schwartz's (30:58) Lala. James. Ally, Katie @ James' (40:00) Tom and Raquel @ Raquel's (45:32) Ariana and LVP @ Villa Rosa (51:52) Schwartz and Katie @ Katie's (55:30) Doute and Ariana @ Ariana's ( 58:50) Tom and LVP @ Villa Rosa (1:03:00) Schwartz and Ariana talk (1:05:30) Tom and Scheana @ Scheana's
19/05/20231 hour 30 minutes 44 seconds
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Scandoval: Act 2 "Those Bro's Ain't Loyal"

What's up Bro's?? We had a wild week of Bravo shows and we are diving right in. Up first we have Act 2 of Scandoval. Things seem to be progressing as we climb closer and closer to the finale. Tom and Tom attempt to paint a picture of a slighted Sandoval that's just trying to make his relationship work... clearly trying to set the stage. Meanwhile, Raquel has a very uncomfortable conversation with Ariana. Things get heated at Sur after Raquel goes on a warpath and not only calls out Katie, but goes after Katie's mom as well. In Summer House, Danielle continues to struggle with what being a friend means. After Carl and Lindsay announce their engagement, Danielle makes the entire evening and event about her and how she feels slighted. Then we get a check in from Robert (why) as he tries to relay to Carl about what Danielles upset about. Finally in Jersey, we have a sweet family dinner with Frank, Paul, Dolores, Brittany and the kids. Louie seems to be getting more and more unhinged as the
12/05/20231 hour 14 minutes 49 seconds
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Crossover Episode w/ Kristen Doute and the Sex, Love and What Else Matters Podcast

What's up Bro's?! We have a very special midweek episode for you with Kristen Doute and Luke from the Sex, Love and What Else Matters podcast. We break down everything from Kristen's time on Vanderpump (including The Green Dress, what makes Sandoval attractive and much much more) what her plan's for the future are and where she currently stand with VPR. We do a deep dive into Scandoval and we get Kristen's take on ALL the hot topics. This was an absolute blast and we had so much fun chatting with both Luke and Kristen! We hope you all enjoy this special episode as much as we enjoyed recording it! This episode is brought to you by Dave. If you're in a pinch and need cash now, Go to to sign up for an ExtraCash account and get up to $500 instantly. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/05/20231 hour 16 minutes 47 seconds
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Scandoval: Act One "There's a Rumor Going Round" (VPR, Summer House, RHONJ)

What's up Bro's?! We've had an awesome week between the live show and some great interviews coming up, and we're ready to dive into this weeks episodes. Up first, rumors are starting to build up against Sandoval and Raquel after Raquel spends the night at his house. Lala starts putting some pieces together and we see the beginning of Scandoval taking place... In Summer House, Danielle has an extremely negative reaction to Carl and Lindsay's engagement. Instead of being happy for her friends she begins to explain why she feels wronged. In Jersey, the Fuda and Danielle feud continues. We also see a "surprise" bridal shower for Teresa, but not before we get a very interesting scene when the cameras catch a conversation that Teresa never meant to be on air... Time Stamps: VPR(23:00) Summer House (41:58) RHONJ(51:40) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
05/05/20231 hour 23 minutes 54 seconds
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Raquel and Sandy are Downtown at Abby (VPR, Summer House, RHONJ)

What's up Bro's?! This episdoe is dropping a few hours late because we are fresh on the heels of our amazing live show last night in Philly! Thank you again for everyone that showed up and showed out! On this week's episode, we head back to VPR where Sandoval and Raquel were spotted dancing at The Abby alone... DJ James Kennedy gives us an old fashioned drink toss, and we get to hear Lala say "The Don" way more times than we wanted to. In Summer House, the Danielle and Lindsay drama continues to boil over after Lindsay has a rough night with Carl. Kory and Sam are single handedly saving the show and we see their relationship beginning to blossom. Finally in Jersey, we get the end of the Ireland trip and tensions between Danielle and Fuda are really heating up. Teresa and Melissa have a few touching moments but it doesn't seem like enough to bridge the gap between them...  Time Stamps: VPR (10:12) Summer House (32:45) RHONJ (46:46) ------- This episode is brought to you by Factor. Delic
28/04/20231 hour 7 minutes 30 seconds
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Three Dudes One Scandoval w/ Ryan Bailey (VPR, Summer House, RHONJ)

Whats up Bros?! We have a very special guet this week, Ryan Bailey from his podcast So Bad it's Good with Ryan Bailey. Our fellow BravBro joins us to recap Summer House. We dive into the Lindsay and Carl vs. Danielle, and Ryan gives us his take on some of the newbies. Then were on to RHONJ where we talk Louie, the tired fighting between Joe and Teresa and how the new housewives are fitting in. We also play a round of Tagline Freestyle and get into the details of Scandoval... Before that, we touch on this weeks episode of VPR since it aired after we recorded with Ryan. So buckle up for a packed episode of laughs with one of our favorite guests! Time Stamps: VPR: (11:19) Ryan Bailey Interview Begins: (27:51) Scandoval (43:44) Summer House (56:31) RHONJ (1:18:36) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/04/20231 hour 50 minutes 12 seconds
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It's All Happening... Again (VPR, SumHouse, RHONJ)

Happy Scheana Shay Wedding Day! we are back with a VPR packed episode as we watch Brock and Scheana get married and it was b-e-a-you-tiful. Lala wouldn't know because she refuses to do any wedding activities and meanwhile Schwartz is playing tonsil hockey with Raquel (read Rachel) at the white party. In Summer House, its Kyle's 40th an Carl is planning on proposing to Lindsay at the end of the summer. Tensions between her and Danielle are reaching a boiling point and Craig and Paige discuss their future. In Jersey the ladies take a group trip to Ireland. Jen and Bill continue to struggle and Jen drops a massive bomb regarding Melissa Gorga and an infidelity rumor... Time Stamps: VPR(16:38) Summer House (56:34) RHONJ (1:05:38) This episode is brought to you by ZocDoc. Simplify your search for the right doctor by going to to download the app for FREE and find a top rated doctor today. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
14/04/20231 hour 34 minutes 21 seconds
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Can Someone Get Jen an Endorsement Deal?

What's up Bro's?! This week we kick things off with one of the craziest WWHL moments when Schwartz spills all the Scandoval tea. In VPR we're in Mexico for Brock and Scheana's wedding and Lala is leaning towards Team Katie... Lala and Ally chat about the dangers of James Kennedy while Katie and Kristina do their "best" to avoid the wedding party. In RHUGT we check in on the Whitney/ Heather drama when the girls play Reasonabl or Shady. Summer House brings us the return of Kory and a new couple emerges. Finally in Jersey we have a coffee grounds reading. Fuda and Danielle face off against each other and Pizzagate gets more convoluted...  Time Stamps: VPR- 23:52 RHUGT- 43:11 Summer House- 49:15 RHONJ- 55:00 -- This episode is brought to you by ZocDoc. Go to and download the ZocDoc app for free. Then find a top rated doctor today. Many are available within 24 hours. That's Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/04/20231 hour 21 minutes 31 seconds
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Would you like a Pumptini with your Pizza Gate? (VPRs10ep08, RHUGT3, RHOMReu.pt3, SumHouses07ep08, RHONJs13ep08)

Sup Bro's? We had a full week of Bravo and we're ready to jump in. Up first we get into Vanderpump and James' drinking is taking center stage. Raquel and Schwartz get comfortable at an after party, and we head to Mexico for Scheana and Brocks wedding where lots of drama could be (is) on the horizon. Then we quickly touch on Ultimate Girls Trip, we plan on going all in next week with episode 4. We have our last episode of Miami with part 3 of the reunion. Adriana, Marysol and Alexia may have a path back to friendship and Guerdy's journey this season was admirable. In Summer House, Danielle has a projecting problem and we see where her insecurities stem from when Robert visits... Lindsay tries to cut loose but it seems like she can't do anything right in the other girls eyes. Finally we go to Jersey where we're talking all about Pizza Gate and Louie's pajamas. Also, Rachel Fuda and Danielle are at odds when Fuda takes Marge's side... Time Stamps: VPR (17:30) RHUGT(38:01) RHOM(43:29) Sum
31/03/20231 hour 33 minutes 14 seconds
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Carl Radke Full Interview

What's up Bro's? We had the chance to sit down with Carl for an hour and pick his brain all about Summer House. We dive into his relationship with Lindsay and the current state of the show. We also get into the future of the show and all about how he and Kyle are getting along both this season and currently. All that and more in an awesome interview with our new Aaron Rodgers. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/03/202357 minutes 28 seconds
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Luau Drama and Luis' pajamas... (VPRs10ep07, RHOMreunion2, SumHouses07ep06, RHONJs13ep07)

Sup Bros? We are back with a packed episode this week as the Scandoval drama continues to heat up on Vanderpump. A pool party gets awkward when Katie won't give up her room to Scheana and Raquel takes a stand agains Lala. Ariana and Katie are making progress with the sandwich shop while the Tom's still cant open... In Miami, we get part two of the reunion which is a whole lot of screaming and a lot of questionable statements from Larsa... such as telling Dr. Nicole that Larsa has real jobs unlinke her... In Summer House, Carl and Kyle have a deep convo in 70s attire while tensions begin to rise between Danielle and Lindsay. Finally in Jersey we check in with Jen and a checked out Bill. Rachel Fuda talks some smack against fellow newbie Danielle, and Luis is wearing his dead father in-laws pajamas. All that and more! TIME STAMPS: VPR (16:00) RHOM (40:25) Summer House (54:21) RHONJ (1:12.28) This episode is brought to you by Care/of. Head to and take a brief quiz to get
24/03/20231 hour 48 minutes 31 seconds
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Havasu or Bust! (VPRs10ep07, RHONJs13ep06, SumHouses07ep05, RHOM Reunion part 1)

We are still waist deep in The Scandoval and we jump right into a Vanderpump girls trip as Katie and crew head out for a divorce celebration. The crew gangs up on Raquel and turn into mean girls. In Jersey its Softball time as the ladies play ball in Brooklyn. Melissa calls Louie manipulative while Bill and Jen head to couples therapy. Summer house continues to let Shooter down because it appears we're gonna have a full summer of Barry's Bootcamp and a good nights sleep. Finally in Miami, Alexia is in the hot seat and Larsa chimes in on every single conversation for better or worse. And by that we mean worse. Time Stamps VPR (19:00) RHONJ (45:00) Summer House (1:02.43) RHOM (1:12.13) Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. If your looking for a therapist look no further. Fast, easy and entirely online. Head to to receive 10% off your first month! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/03/20231 hour 36 minutes 48 seconds
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Scandoval (VPR, SumHouse,RHOM,RHONJ, RHOP)

Its been a long, difficult week for the Bravoverse. Tom and Rachel rocked us all. In today's episode we dive deep into the Scandoval drama as we sat down with an insider from the show that gave us the scoop... Then in Summer House, Kyle and Carl come to somewhat of a peace agreement. Meanwhile things heat up between Danielle and Amanda... In the Miami finale, Adriana may never make amends with Alexia and Marysol, but maybe she needs to put more energy into her actual friends (i.e. Julia...) In Jersey, we have a Barbie Birthday and Marge and Jen are making it impossible for the group to have a peaceful luncheon. Can they figure out their issues? Finally, we wrap up the Potomac season with a snoozfest of a reunion. We finally get the husbands out there for a very brief segment and ultimately at the end of the season... We got questions. Time Stamps: VPR (23:51) Summer House (43:00) RHOM(53:05) RHONJ (1:02:00) RHOP(1:20:00) This episode is brought to you by Nutrafol. To help prevent thi
10/03/20231 hour 37 minutes 34 seconds
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Semantics, Gizelle... (RHONJs13ep04, RHOMs05ep15, SumHousess07ep03, VRPs10ep03, RHOPReunionpt2)

Welcome back Bros! We're here for part 2 of the RHOP reunion. But FIRST! We jump into Jersey and things between Joe and Teresa are still rocky (as they have been for seasons). Jen feels unsupported by her husband Bill and Jackie is trying to do way too much as a friend of... Back in Miami, Adriana keeps putting herself in terrible situations. Her and Alexia may never recover from one of the worst comments ever made by a housewife... In Summer House, the Carl and Kyle drama is heating up. Danielle finds herself in the middle of it and after FaceTiming Carl and Lindsay she has a sit down with Kyle. In VPR Tom and Tom are still trying to get the bar open with their second soft opening. Raquel has a crush on Schwartz and Katie is attempting to get Schwartz to respect her boundaries. Finally in the RHOP Reunion, Andy goes in on Gizelle and despite her best attempts to avoid the conversation, Andy forces the issue. Time Stamps: RHONJ- (16:25) RHOM- (38:26) SUMMER HOUSE (44:51) VPR- (54:20)
03/03/20231 hour 36 minutes 50 seconds
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Chris Bassett Interview: Post RHOP Reunion

What's up Bro's? This week we are joined by the one and only Chris Bassett. With part 2 of the RHOP reunion coming to a close last night, we wanted to sit down with Chris and hear his side of the story. We catch up with him and how life is after the reunion and season came to a close. Then he goes in depth about how he feels about Gizelle. How the situation and accusations affected him and Candiace's marriage as well as the professional ramifications. Then with the news about Robyn knowing about Juan's infidelity, we get to listen to Chris' take on how it felt to find that out. All in all, we shot the shit for over 3 hours and we had a blast. Listen to just a few BravBro's as we get the full story from Chris once and for all! Full Interview available in video form on YouTube! Go watch it there and subscribe to our page! This episode is brought to you by ZocDoc: Go to and download the ZocDoc app for FREE. Then find and book a top rated doctor today. Many available wit
27/02/20232 hours 9 seconds
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A Reasonably Slim Shady Reunion-(RHONJs13ep03, RHOMs05ep14, SumHs07ep02, RHOPs07Reunionpt1)

It's reunion time in Potomac... The Bros kick this week off with Jersey and things are getting more tense between the Gorga's and Teresa. Paul and Frank have a bit of an awkward interaction. Then the men of Jersey go to a dinner and Louis and Joe get into it... In Miami, Alexia and Adriana are at odds and Adriana may have said the worst thing in the history of housewives. And that's really hard to do. In Summer House, things between Kyle, Carl and Lindsay and Carl questions his future at Lover Boy... Finally, in Potomac Andy asks Garcelle about the rumors. Mia discusses why her businesses were taken from her. and Ashley is in the hot seat when asked about her current relationship with Michael. Time Stamps: RHONJ-(19:25) RHOM-(50:07) SummerHouse-(57:19) RHOP Reunion (1:06.25) Sponsor: for 10% off your first month of therapy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
24/02/20231 hour 30 minutes 19 seconds
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Ain't No Party like a Mozz Party (RHONJs13ep02, RHOMs05ep13, VPRs09ep02, SummerHouses07ep02)

The Bro's are post Super Bowl loss but we're finally starting to recover... Up first we are back at the Summer House for a very rough start to the Summer. In an uneventful episode, Lindsay and Carl's relationship has changed the dynamic in the house. Kyle and Carl's relationship is strained and Carl considers his role in Lover Boy. In Miami, the ladies have a peaceful day on vacation minus some potential witchcraft. In Vanderpump, we finally get to see some movement over at Schwartz and Sandy's. Tom and Katie are still trying to navigate their relationship and Raquel is on a journey to find herself. Finally, in Jersey the drama with Teresa and Melissa continues. Marge and Jen have it out and the Mozz Making Party gets a little hectic... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/02/20231 hour 28 minutes 59 seconds
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When You're in Love with a Jersey Girl (RHONJs13ep01, VPRs10ep01, RHOMs05ep12, RHOPs07FINALE)

What's up Bros! RHONJ is BACK and we are pumped! We kick it off with the Jersey Girls and their is a lot of tension in the group. Melissa and Joe are still at odds with Teresa and Luis. Jen and Delores refuse to talk to one another and Marge Jr. gets an apology from Teresa and immediately spills the tea to Melissa... In Vanderpump's premier we see a lot of new dynamics with a lot of newly single crew members. Schwartz and Katie address the divorce. James is already living with a new girlfriend and Rachel and Pete have some... chemistry? We check in with Miami at the Gringo dinner and it seems that after that fight, Nicole and Alexia are able to make nice before they head out on a trip next week. Finally, we say farewell to the ladies of Potomac until the reunion. Wendy sets the record straight with her and Mia's vacation interaction and we see Ashley make one more attempt to come at Chris during Candiace's music video release party... It all culminates with a Robyn and Juan wedding. Fi
10/02/20231 hour 30 minutes 53 seconds
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Meredith Always Roots for the Underdog (RHOSLCs07REUNIONPT2, RHOMs05ep11, RHOPs07ep16)

We got Part 2 of the RHOSLC Reunion and boy are we glad this seasons over. We kick things off with RHOM and Alexia has it out for Nicole. The ladies also consult a lawyer to sort out some of their disagreements... In Potomac, their was some alleged "vagina bumping"(- Gizelle) going on between Mia and Dr. Wendy. However the bigger news out of Potomac this week was the confirmation from Robyn of Juan's infidelity. Thats all we know though since we didn't sign up for Reasonably Shady's patreon... Then it's back to the reunion to finally put an end to this season of Salt Lake. Whitney and Heather are still on the outs and for whatever reason Heather and Meredith continue to stand by Jen Shah... This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.  This episode is sponsored by Care/Of. To receive 50% off your first order of vitamins and other health products go to and enter code bravb
03/02/20231 hour 18 minutes 45 seconds
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Special K on Reunion Day (RHOSLC REUNION, SOHOs01ep08, RHOMs05ep10, RHOPs07ep15)

It's Reunion Day in Salt Lake! Before we get there, we start out with the finale of Southern Hospitality and this season has been a joy to watch. Joe gets in hot water with Mia and Maddi after confessing his love and Trevor has some words for him... In Miami, the drama between Larsa and Nicole is heating up after Nicole uninvites her via a gifted mirror and Alexia can't help herself from chiming in. In Potomac, Karen questions Robyn's upcoming wedding and then accuses Juan of stepping out with a Grande Dame lookalike. Robyn has receipts of her own regarding the fabled Blue Eyed Man. Finally, we have episode 1 of the RHOSLC Reunion and Heather continues to dig herself into a hole supporting Jen. Lisa defends herself to Meredith and the friends of get their turn to chime in... This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try, and use for 10% off your first month of therapy Time Stamps: -SoHo 14:43 -RHOM 35:04 -RHOP 51:03 -RHOSLC Reunion Pt. 1:0
27/01/20231 hour 31 minutes 51 seconds
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Would the Real Queen of Potomac Please Stand Up (RHOMs05ep09, SOHOs01ep07, RHOPs07ep14)

Whats up Bro's? On this weeks episode we had the pleasure of diving back into one of our new fav's, Southern Hospitality. Before we get there, we discuss the ladies in Miami and Larsa is causing a stir with Nicole. Julia makes a romantic dinner for Martina and everyone is checking in on their relationships due to the Lenny debacle. In SoHo, we get back up to speed on everyone. Mikel has had an inspiring journey becoming more open about who he is, and we see a friendship brewing between him and TJ. Maddi continues to lead our boy Joe and Bradley drama is brought back up with the return of Reagan. Last but certainly not least, we head to Potomac where Charisse and Karen take the main stage as we have to decide who the true Queen of Potomac is... Time Stamps: RHOM(18:45) SoHo(33:22) RHOP(52:49) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/01/20231 hour 14 minutes 59 seconds
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The Jentencing- (RHOSLCs03ep014, RHOMs05ep08, RHOPs07ep13)

The Jentencing is upon us. RHOSLC wrapped up its sub-par season with a finale that finally addressed Jen's legal woes. The Bro's sum up the season and where it fell so short of the mark. Then its back to Miami where Adriana is having a music video shoot and Larsa confronts Julia about her potential make-out with a mystery man. Finishing up in Potomac, the ladies are in Mexico and tensions are high. Jaqueline and Mia have a falling out and we finally see Karen and Charisse square off at dinner... Time Stamps: RHOSLC (15:00) RHOM (29:20) RHOP (42:50) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
13/01/20231 hour 15 minutes 54 seconds
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Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?- (RHOP s07ep12, RHOM s05ep07, RHOSLC s03ep13)

What's up fellow BravBros! On this week's episode we had an extremely disappointing showing from Salt Lake, the Bro's dive into why this season is a flop and why they may not continue on with RHOSLC... Either spill the beans on the black eye or move on! In Miami, Guerdy wants to shake up the group dynamic, Lisa and Lenny's mom have a luncheon date and Adriana is getting ready to film her music video... Finally back in Potomac, the Chris debacle finally comes to a head thanks to some back up from production and Candiace is pushed too far at an evening with the Grande Dame. Time Stamps: RHOSLC (21:46) RHOM(31:29) RHOP(58:59) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
06/01/20231 hour 11 minutes 54 seconds
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Bienvenido a Miami- (RHOM s05ep05+06)

Welcome to Miami! After countless requests to cover Miami, we took your advice and dove in head first... And the Bro's are in love. On todays episode we start our first foray into RHOM and give a recap of our first impressions of the franchise (its amazing). Before we get into it, we talk Ashley and Luke calling it quits and someone called the fun police on Andy and Anderson for NYE... Then we discuss the Lenny and Lisa divorce drama that's been all over our feeds for months. Alexia and Julia get into it over a very questionable statement from Alexia about Julia and Russians overall... Join the Bro's as we recap episodes 5 and 6 and start what is looking to be one of our new favorite franchises. Time Stamps: (RHOM 20:24) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/12/202246 minutes 52 seconds
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Heather's Eye is Reasonably Shady... (RHOPs07ep11, RHOSLCs03ep12, Winter House S2 finale, SoHos01ep05)

We are BACK and still buzzin' from the live show. But we had a wild week in the Bravoverse. Jen shah gets raided and its nothing but counterfeits. RHONJ trailer dropped and we cannot wait. Winter House finally wrapped and the Bro's have some thoughts on how it went... Soho (Southern Hospitality)  continues to be a pleasant surprise as Steel sees more glimpses of early VPR. Then we are back to Salt Lake and we have more Meredith SEC talk about Lisa. But the burning question remains... What happened to Heather's eye? Last but certainly not least we go to Potomac where we get to see a live Reasonably Shady. Karen plans for her show and we dive deeper into Mia and Jaqueline's relationship... We are also extremely excited to announce that we have joined Cloud10 Media and iHeartRadio to bring you guys even MORE BravBro's content. Thank you all as always for the support, we wouldn't be anywhere without all of youse! Time Stamps: Winter House (17:42) SoHo (24:40) RHOSLC (33:06) RHOP (50:4
23/12/20221 hour 13 minutes 48 seconds
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Is That a Bluetooth Speaker?- (RHOPs07ep09, RHOSLCs03ep10, SOHOs01ep02)

We had an eventful week on Bravo this week. In Southern Hospitality, we start to learn more about the cast. Mikel shares some very personal information with his church brother Anthony. Grace Lilly aka G. Lilly... has some words with TJ, and Joe seems to be in the friend zone as Trevor joins the crew at the Fun Park. In Salt Lake it was pure chaos. Heather continues to be ride or die for Jen Shah even after Jen tosses Angie K's $1500 shoes off the boat. It ends with a wild dinner where Lisa has some words for Jen and Heather is fed up. Back in Potomac the ladies split up. One crew gets to drive Lambo's while the other gets to pedal a bar cart around the harbor with 7-11 sandwiches. Then we get some music with dinner as Robyn shares an Instagram rant from Candiace...  Time Stamps: (15:00 Southern Hospitality) (30:30 RHOSLC) (47:10 RHOP) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/12/20221 hour 20 minutes 24 seconds
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A Grande Dame Good Birthday- (RHOPS07E08, RHOSLCS03E09, SOHOS01E01, Winter House S02E06)

The Bros are back after a solid Thanksgiving vacation and damn it feels good. Carl and Lindsay finally make their way to the Winter House, but not before Austen drops a huge bomb. Then in Salt Lake, Jen is pouring drinks... on people. Angie K. makes some claims regarding Coach's birthday party. Finally we are back in Potomac with the Miami vacay continued. More drinks are spilled as Mia tosses her drink on Wendy. Then we see a house divided as some side with Mia while others stand with Wendy. Most importantly, Happy Birthday Karen Huger. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/12/20221 hour 7 minutes 38 seconds
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The BravBros Holiday Spectacular LIVE- Worldwide Digital Experience presented by Moment

What's up fellow BravBros! Steel here to announce our live virtual show on December 15th at 8:00 pm EST. We have teamed up with Moment to bring you The BravBros Holiday Spectacular LIVE! This will be a fully interactive, 100% virtual live show. With appearances from Crystal Minkoff, Sutton Stracke and other Bravolebs, join us as we recap the year, play some games and mix up some drinks (and mocktails) with some of your favorite Bravo personalities! With our listeners being in all different countries, we wanted a way that we could celebrate with all of you. So get ready to call in, video chat with us and ask us anything and everything as we celebrate the holidays BravBros style! Head to to get your tickets now! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/11/20222 minutes 44 seconds
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M.I.A. on the Bay- (RHOPS07EP06, RHOSLCS03EP08, WinterHouseS02EP06)

Welcome back fellow BravBros. This week we jump back into Winter House to discuss some potential drama with Austen extending an invite to Olivia. Jess and Kory finally hook up which leads to Kory letting Paige know that Jess feels excluded amongst the girls. In Salt Lake, their is distention in the choir as Whitney and Lisa still have unresolved issues with Heather. A new feud arises when Danna speaks out about not liking how Jen speaks to people. Last but not least we're back in Potomac where the issues between Ashley and Candiace are only getting worse. The ladies take a trip to Miami where we get the build up to what's looking like a huge blowup in the near future... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
18/11/20221 hour 17 minutes 11 seconds
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The Burn Sesh (RHOPS07EP05, Winter HouseS2, RHOSLCS03EP07)

The Bros are settling down post Phillies playoff run but things are heating up between Ashley and Luke... Juan Dixon made the news this week as well with some unsettling allegations. Then we're back in Stowe where Craig's behavior is out of control and the strain is starting to get to Paige. Meanwhile things heat up in the house with a few of the couples. Out west, we check in with our RHOSLC cast and Heather seems to be at odds with everyone. Then we get an unnecessary bath tub seen with Seth and Meredith before we head to the finish with RHOP. Ashley and Candiace looked like they had some hope before things blow up at the end and it ends with HUGE allegations in a scene from next week.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
11/11/20221 hour 23 minutes 14 seconds
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The Finstagator- (WinterHouse, RHOSLCS03EP, RHOPS07EP04)

On this weeks episode the Bros finally get into Winter House. We meet some new faces among the cast and Luke starts this season off to a rocky start. Austen arrives at the house and we watch as the group repents. Then its off to Salt Lake City where Whitney and Justin are dealing with Justin being let go. Chris Harrington outs himself as the owner of the ShahXposed instagram page and we continue to see Heather blindsiding her friends with Angie H. Finally we're with the Housewives of Potomac and Robyn is throwing a Family Fun Day birthday party. Candiace and Gizelle continue to have issues and Karen makes it aware that she does not want to be near Charrisse. Ashley's separation gets leaked to the press and we have some theories on how that may have happened... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
04/11/20221 hour 19 minutes 6 seconds
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A Rocky Richard's Reunion- (RHOBH Reunion Finale, RHOSLCS03EP05, RHOPS07EP03)

We did it... We made it to the end of Rob-Huh... In this weeks episode we start out with our fav's in Potomac. Chris is still in the hot seat for a situation that Gizelle claims made her uncomfortable at the reunion, although their are some questions about what really happened... Mia and Robyn try to clear the air over her Instagram posts. In Salt Lake, we go skiing with Lisa Barlow and Angie H. and things couldn't be rockier between them. Whitney gets her removal from the Mormon Church notarized and attempts to clear the air between her and Heather. Finally. and I mean FINALLY... we are in Beverly Hills for the last episode of the reunion. Andy questions Erika's behavior and the tension between her and Garcelle. We finish this episode with the drama building the entire season. Kathy and Rinna square off to Kyle's dismay as we watch the foundation of the Fox Force Five get a little shaky.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
28/10/20221 hour 28 minutes 1 second
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A Reunion Unglued

Here we are for Round 2 of the Rob Huh Reunion... Before we tackle that, we start out with the ladies of Salt Lake. Its the final day in Scottsdale and Jen is catching the redeye to make it to her mock trial to practice being guilty while the remaining four discuss the issues between Heather and Whitney. Then were back with Potomac for another great episode. An oddly timed DM from Chris causes some stirrings in the group as Ashley feels obligated to tell Candiace. Gizelle decides to chime in and share an uncomfortable story with Candiace from last years reunion. We stop by quickly in Charleston to wrap up the remaining few pieces. Leva had a rough season overall but there's some hope with her new show on the Horizon. Finally... Beverly Hills. Garcelle stands firm against Diana and wants no part of the conversation. Then tensions finally boil over between Crystal and Kyle. Oh, and Rinna "apologizes" to Sutton. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
21/10/20221 hour 15 minutes 24 seconds
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Halloween Ends but Beverly Hills Won't- (RHOBH REUNION, SC REUNION, RHOPS07EP01, RHOSLCS03EP03)

'Tis the season for reunions. Before we get to Southern Charm and the long awaited Rob-Huh reunion, Potomac is finally back on our TV screens and it couldn't have come a minute sooner. Immediately we dive into the drama surrounding Ashley's divorce and the ladies of the Mid-Atlantic have some concerns over Mia's instagram post about a potential cancer diagnosis. Then its back to Scottsdale with RHOSLC and the drama between Meredith and Lisa is coming to a head. Unfortunately Heather got some collateral damage and gets into it with Whitney. After that we get to a very solid Southern Charm reunion and Taylor finally gets to say her peace to Shep. Meanwhile, the "relationship" between Austen and Olivia seems to have faded away but their does seem to be some sparks between Austen and some other cast members... Finally, we with the Beverly Hills crew in part 1 of the reunion. Garcelle and Diana are at odds due to some extremely poor judgement on Diana's part regarding Jax and the awful comm
14/10/20221 hour 22 minutes 34 seconds
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Shook not Stirred- (RHOBH S12FINALE)

We have finally made it to the season finale of Rob-Huh. Beverly Hills was a marathon this year and it ends with some tension amongst the FF5. Before we get to our big finale, we had another finale this week as well. Southern Charm tied a bow on the year with a holiday bash thrown by Craig for Sewing Down South. But Leva has taken it upon herself to talk smack on Craig to his business partners because she couldn't sit at the cool kids table. Then we get back to our favorite ladies in Salt Lake, and Shooter's dream of a Housewives franchise in Scottsdale are coming true because the Salt Lake crew heads to Arizona to heal. Which still won't be enough for Meredith and Lisa to move on. Then we finish off RHOBH with a double party. Erika and Lisa have teamed up and Kyle just wants to move on. The dynamic duo won't let it go and it causes some serious tension in the OG clique.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
07/10/20221 hour 28 minutes 15 seconds
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Does Lisa Pray? (RHOBH S12EP21 + RHOSLC S03EP01)

Welcome back the ladies of Salt Lake! In tonights episode we start off with a quick recap of Southern Charm as we continue to see tension between Naomi and Craig. Whitney has taken it upon himself to give Step dating advice which shows you how chaotic things are getting down South. Then Shooter gets his first taste of Salt Lake City and we see where Meredith and Lisa stand. Jen Shah is still proclaiming her innocence... while currently guilty... and throwing Coach a birthday bash. This season is shaping up to be everything we need it to be and more. Finally, we get into Rob-Huh where Lisa has put Kathy in her sights and she is not letting up.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
30/09/20221 hour 13 minutes 6 seconds
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Never Decline a Conga Line- RHOBH S12E19

The moment we've all been waiting for... will be airing next week. In this weeks episode we discuss Rinna's claims about Kathy. Before we get to RHOBH though, we are back with our girls in Paris featuring a very enjoyable speed dating scene. We are also blessed with both a drink in the face, and the rarely seen French fry dump in the lap. Overall RGIP continues to be a joy to watch. Then were on vacay with the Southern Charm crew and Austin raises concerns to Taylor before the gang heads out for a weekend away. The Craig, Naomi drama continues after Craig over serves himself and lashes out over nothing. Finally we get to the RHOB-HUH of it all and are left wondering what the hell Kathy said, and most importantly, is Rinna telling the truth?  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
23/09/20221 hour 10 minutes 18 seconds
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The Battle for Beverly Hills- RHOBH S12E18

The Fox Force finally has some challengers... In this weeks episode we see Crystal take center stage as she goes toe to toe with the OG's of BH. Before we get there, we have drama between Nicki Minaj and Garcelle, Diana has Covid but still makes it to the aquarium and we check in with the lovely ladies of Paris. Then we get to see the Charming side of Patricia as she declares she too is just a B-List F&*k Boy. Its day 3 of the Aspen trip and there is a lot of tension amongst the FF5. More importantly, we see Crystal take a stand against the outrageous behavior that we've all been witnessing. Could this be the start of the rise of a new faction in Beverly Hills? Will the Fox Force 5 be dethroned? Welcome to the Battle for Beverly Hills... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
16/09/20221 hour 14 minutes 37 seconds
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It's Expensive to be Mean- RHOBH S12E17

We're on day 2 of the Aspen trip and things are not getting better. Before we dive into that we take a LOVELY trip to Paris and dive into an all new franchise. The Girlfriends in Paris offer up a new opportunity for a new generation of Bravo watchers and the Bros are excited to see where it goes. Then we touch on Southern Charm and a little Summer House crossover where Paige confronts Naomi. Finally we get an insight into how Erika handled the earrings situation and it's less than stellar... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
09/09/20221 hour 26 minutes 6 seconds
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Ski You Next Tuesday- (RHOBH S12E16)

Well BravBros we have finally made it to Aspen. Before we hit the slopes we check in on a lot of RHOBH drama in the headlines this week. Erika wins a major case, Diana is sending cease and desists letters to every Bravo account that's ever tagged her and Ring needs her phone taken away. Then we head to Salt Lake briefly to report on Jen Shah's feeble attempts to grab the spotlight while awaiting her sentencing... Then we dive into the much awaited Aspen trip to find a very different trip than we expected. It all ends with Sutton getting dragged in front of everyone in one of the worst housewives scenes to date. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
02/09/20221 hour 15 minutes 21 seconds
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Bronus Episode #2- Below Deck Ep 4+5

Welcome back on the boat with our second Bronus episode! This week we continue our voyage with the crew and welcome Simon aboard. We discuss the "sparks" (or lack thereof) between CJ and Sam. Then we recap Simon and his entourage of walking disasters. Kat gets thrown to the wolves at a dinner where Simon crosses so far beyond the line that it pushes Kat to jeopardize her career via alcohol.. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
29/08/202253 minutes 53 seconds
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An Elevated Episode- (RHOBH update, Southern Charm S08E09+10)

The ladies of RHOBH took a week off but the BravBros certainly didn’t. In this weeks episode we discuss the appalling comments on Jax’s Instagram. Then we check in with the Vanderpump crew to talk about a potential new relationship brewing… Our “piece de resistance” this week (as Whitney would so smugly say) is catching up on the last two episodes of Southern Charm. Naomi shocks the world and we dive into a wide variety of drama amongst the cast members of Charleston. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/08/20221 hour 21 minutes 4 seconds
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Bronus Episode #1- Below Deck S01EP01

You asked, we listened! On our first Bronus episode we start from Episode 1 of Below Deck. As complete rookies to the yachting world we give our first ever takes on Captain Lee and the crew. In this episode we give you our first opinions of the cast members, our initial reaction to finally watching Below Deck and of course Johnny Eyelash. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/08/202255 minutes 10 seconds
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Hopeless Not Toothless- RHOBH S12E15

In this episode of BravBros, the guys talk about a potential affair rumor that arose before attending a dog wedding in Charleston. Then, we head back to Beverly Hills for the culmination of everyone’s favorite Charity. Crystal opens up more about her struggles. We end up at a Rinna Beauty launch where multiple housewives continue to go after Sutton… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
19/08/20221 hour 23 minutes 36 seconds
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Come To My Window and Get the F#@k Outta My House- RHOBH S12E13+14

We have a BravBros MEGA episode! We got two episodes of RHOBH to cover this week but not before we jump into Teresa’s wedding. Kathy makes another questionable remark on Live TV… We touch on the Joe and Melissa feud with Tre and Luis and discuss a new Bravo show coming soon. Capping it all off with major drama with Rinna and the ladies of Beverly Hills. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
12/08/20221 hour 28 minutes 40 seconds
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Chic AF- RHOBH S12E10+11

Buckle up BravBros, we got two RHOBH episodes to cover. Before we get to that we discuss some Southern Charm drama and check in at Bluestone Manor. Speaking of, one of our RHUGT free agents just got back in the league baby… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/07/20221 hour 24 minutes 9 seconds
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Scuba Steve’s Always Watching- RHOBH S12E06

On Episode 6 we touch on the drama between Dorinda and Vicki, and The Charlie Sheen and Denise OnlyFans argument before diving into this week of Dubai and RHOBH. We got peeping scuba divers and more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
17/06/20221 hour 14 minutes 13 seconds
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PJ’s on the PJ- RHOBH S12E05

This week we intro with Katie and Schwartz divorce, new franchise rumors and the Kathy v Rinna drama. Then we dive into Dubai before the main course of some serious Crystal drama on RHOBH! Plus listen in for details about our guest spot on #NOFILTER with Zack Peter! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
10/06/20221 hour 11 minutes 53 seconds
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Welcome to the RHOD Pod- RHOBH S12E04

We got a new franchise! We touch on Dubai before diving into the Crystal drama after she throws around some Sutton allegations… Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
03/06/20221 hour 1 minute 51 seconds
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Don’t Gaslight the Gaslighter- RHOBH S12E3

On todays episode we discuss the prospects of Dubai and a new franchise… We play tag line freestyle to cement our place in the Bravo Universe before diving into RHOBH Episode 3! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
27/05/20221 hour 14 minutes 19 seconds