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Brat Perversions Podcast

English, Personal health, 1 seasons, 21 episodes, 10 hours 24 minutes
MissBratDom Talks with some of her friends' subs, sissy girlfriends, crossdressers, married men about their fetish fantasies and experiences.
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After Dark 7: Mixed Sauna Trip

While on vacation in France, found the mixed sauna concept. Is like a gay bathhouse for men, women, couples, gay, bi, trans, and sissy crossdressers. Dark and Nasty are the best to describe on of the best experience in my slut life.
17/06/20236 minutes 19 seconds
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After Dark 6: Sissy's Training Night (Feminization)

Tonight is Lindsay's Sissy Training Night. Guided by MissBratDom she will serve multiple strangers at a cheap motel (This Story is inspired in Brat Perversions Award Winning Film, Sissy: A Slut Documentary)
07/12/202210 minutes 4 seconds
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After Dark 5: My Italian Stud (Cuckold)

Cheating Girlfriend meets an Italian stud in her latest Girls Only Trip in NYC
07/05/20226 minutes 51 seconds
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After Dark 4: Nasty Neighbors Secrets

MissBratDom Knows your nasty secrets. Listen to how I spied on you and know everything about your double life.
29/06/202111 minutes 30 seconds
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Podcast Ep14: Her Feminization Progress (Update 3)

Super Cool Talk with VanaDeLuna about her Feminization Process. Subscribe and Listen to All my Kinky Episodes  
24/03/20211 hour 12 minutes 12 seconds
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Ep13: Sissy, Chastity and Lust

Kinky Feminization Training Talk with Sabrina, a Slutty Sissy who dreams of being  Miss Brat's Virtual Crossdresser Wife
28/11/202049 minutes 7 seconds
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Ep12: Random Gay Sauna Talk

A German sub plays and tells all the gay bathhouse encounters. We also had a slutty cam play session with his nasty holes and toys.
06/08/202030 minutes 54 seconds
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Ep11: Feminization Progress Update

Kinky feminization conversation with Vana about her sissification Progress and some other naughty topics. This is also the Anniversary of the Brat Perversions Podcast. Thanks for all the support snd multiple faps listening to the kinkiest podcast in the world...and the universe too.
15/06/202045 minutes 48 seconds
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After Dark 3: Nonsense Reality (ASMR)

Abstract ASMR Audio Video Story about dick worship and nonsense commands, at the end you will be turned into a loyal submissive binaural cockwhore. Story, Video Artwork, and Music by MissBratDom (Brat Perversions)
19/04/20206 minutes 8 seconds
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Ep10: Sissy Whore Confessions

Desiree is a super sissy slut, in this episode she tells me all about her slutty behavior with strangers who use her nasty holes. 
19/03/202032 minutes 5 seconds
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Ep9: SPH Talk

Kinky and fun SPH  talk with a small dick loser. We talked about his nasty habits and his pathetic micropenis. Super Humiliating (in a good way) Podcast!  
08/02/202033 minutes 42 seconds
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Ep8: The Shy Sissy

Nicolette is a very shy Sissy CD. Today she opens her heart and tells everything about her life as a beautiful sissy slut
19/12/201937 minutes 46 seconds
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Ep7: Tina the Cheap Sissy Whore

Fun conversation with a Real-Life Sissy Bimbo Slut. Tina Tramp is the Definition of a Cheap Whore, she is a Penis Hungry Bitch who loves to amuse beautiful women.
22/09/201938 minutes 20 seconds
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Ep6: Charlie the Big Dick Worshiper

Kinky Podcast Episode with Charlie a German Freak who loves to worship big fat cocks inspired by my videos.
28/05/201933 minutes 48 seconds
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Ep5: Married Guy, BBC & Gloryholes

Recorded Live: My Sub a Bisexual Married Dude went to the adult Bookstore and showed me how he worships BBC’s
20/03/201926 minutes 13 seconds
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After Dark 2: Gloryhole Instructions

You are about to visit that adult bookstore, but first, you need the proper instructions from a super sexy Mistress in order to behave like the dirty perv you are. 
17/01/20198 minutes 8 seconds
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After Dark 1: Your Boss, My Bull

A cheating hotwife confession about her encounter with her hubby's black boss. (Cuckold Story)
28/12/20185 minutes 48 seconds
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Ep4: Pantyhose and Hackers

I talk about how my sites were hacked, the hackers took my domains and some email accounts. But “Brat Perversions is Fine.” all was recovered, I’m back again with all my “Brat Pack,” Miss Brat’s entourage having fun and talking about our fetishes and pervy adventures. Today we will talk with the married “Pantyhose Creep” about his obsession with my nylon pantyhose.
05/11/201854 minutes 54 seconds
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Ep3: Nikki is a Lesbian Sissy

Nikki's is a lesbian sissy, she is a slut for other females. Enjoy this erotic chat with one of my obedient sluts. 
08/10/201830 minutes 55 seconds
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Ep2: I am a Married Panty Perv

A Long time sub tells his panty fetish and more weird fantasies and sexual practices. BTW he is married and a total secret freak.
28/09/201846 minutes 24 seconds
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Ep1: Her Sissification Journey

Super Cool and Kiky conversation with Sissy Janet DeLuna about her Feminization Journey.
20/09/201837 minutes 28 seconds