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English, Christianity, 1 season, 11 episodes, 8 hours, 19 minutes
BOP! It's about taking a look at the intersections of pop culture, society, and faith from a free and fresh perspective. Host, Kennadi Hurst, dissects both popular and avoided topics with a unique approach in an attempt to reveal truth, unbridled by the opinion of the masses.
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Welcome to the Bras Off Podcast #TheBOP! Host, Kennadi Hurst, wants to share a new perspective on all things faith, relationships, and culture. This podcast will take the often unheard or misunderstood thoughts of young, black. and believing women to an unprecedented level of transparency. All holy, all hood. All righteous, all ratchet. Stay tuned for this real and hilarious adventure! 
5/9/20206 minutes, 24 seconds