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Bouncing Forward with Amy Purdy

English, Education, 3 seasons, 60 episodes, 23 hours 20 minutes
After losing both my legs at the age of 19 I bounced forward to become a 3-time Paralympic medalist, one of Oprah’s top 100 thought leaders, a New York Times best-selling author, a Dancing with the Stars runner up, and a world-renown motivational speaker.I’m here to challenge you with one thing: How can you use your current situation to get ahead? How can you not just survive the challenges you are facing but actually thrive because of them.After all, it's not about bouncing back to who we once were, it's about bouncing forward to all that we can be.
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22: A Quick & Inspirational Story on Resilience [3-MIN BONUS EPISODE]

Welcome to Thursday's bonus episode of Bouncing Forward. In this episode, I share my favorite key takeaway from Monday's episode. So if you're short on time, but are committed to bouncing forward, this episode is for you! This bonus episode comes from Episode 21: Hassan Khan: 5 Characteristics of a Resilient Person. In the episode, Hassan answers the questions of what does resilience actually mean, what characteristics does a resilient person hold, and what do we need to do to become more resilient? The clip shared here is a brilliant story on resilience, that I hope helps you understand what it takes to bounce forward with resiliency!  Listen to the full episode here: Find more from Hassan: Instagram: @hasskhan Twitter: @hassankhan9
15/04/20213 minutes 34 seconds