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Boujee Best Friend with Kornelija Slunjski

English, Social, 1 seasons, 101 episodes, 2 days 20 hours 24 minutes
Kornelija Slunjski (Koko) is known for helping women to raise their standards in all relationships, including the most important one; the one with yourself (while loving all things boujee). Luxurious in lifestyle, yet humble in character. What can you expect as a listener? A direct and honest approach when it comes to lifestyle, dating and all things female. No sugarcoating and straight to the point. The conversations people have in private, we have in public on the “Boujee Best Friend” podcast. Tune in every MONDAY for new episodes + every 15th of the month for a bonus episode in Croatian!
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Dominating The Social Scene - How To Become Unforgettable

EP81: Welcome back my soon-to-be social butterflies! I'm so excited about this episode where I am sharing my pro tips to help you stand out in any social scene. When I say "social scene," I mean any environment you find yourself in—whether it's at work, out with friends, networking events, or any other social situation where you want to shine.   One of my strong suits in life is my ability to connect with people. I thrive in any setting because I understand how to build connections, leave a positive impression, and make genuine relationships. I was not always this great at connecting with people. However, after using these tips, I built the confidence I needed to dominate any social scene.   Whether you're aiming to snag an invite, expand your professional network, or simply become everyone's favorite person, this episode is made for you. Let’s go :)  Episode Highlights: Networking
09/02/202419 minutes 4 seconds
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Getting Closure After A Painful Relationship ft Danny Morel [BOUJEE BITS]

'Boujee Bits' are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 39: Danny Morel is a successful real estate agent who after some traumatic life experiences embarked on a spiritual journey that healed him, and he is now helping others do the same. In this clip, Danny talks about how to truly gain closure after a painful relationship. You can watch the full episode with Danny here: CONNECT WITH DANNY: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠⁠www.Dannymorel
28/12/20236 minutes 53 seconds
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How To Open Your Own Med Spa ft. Amy Peterson [BOUJEE BITS]

'Boujee Bits' are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 71: Amy is one of Miami’s best medical aestheticians. In this clip, she share's valuable advice for anyone who wants to open their own med spa practice, or any business of their own. You can watch the full episode with Amy here: CONNECT WITH AMY: ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  ⁠ht
21/12/20239 minutes 47 seconds
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What To Do When He's Not Willing To Commit ft. Anna Kai [BOUJEE BITS]

'Boujee Bits' are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 45: Anna is a content creator and relationship expert who has helped MANY people navigate the complex world of dating and relationships. In this clip, she talks about being in relationships where the guy is unwilling to commit and what you should do in that situation. You can watch the full episode with Anna here: CONNECT WITH ANNA ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  CONNECT WITH KOKO: ⁠
14/12/20234 minutes
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Are Hair Extensions Damaging Your Hair? ft. Shab Caspara [BOUJEE BITS]

&#39;Boujee Bits&#39; are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 59: Having worked for years in the hair industry, Shab Caspara understood that women, herself included, face unresolved hair challenges. In this clip, Shab explains how hair extensions can cause hair loss and how to use them in a more healthy way. You can watch the full episode with Shab here: ⁠ CONNECT WITH SHAB ⁠⁠⁠⁠  ⁠⁠⁠⁠ <a href
07/12/20234 minutes 2 seconds
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Finding A Good Wedding Planner ft. Kellee Khalil [BOUJEE BITS]

&#39;Boujee Bits&#39; are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 70: In this clip, Kellee Khalil, the DIY goddess, wedding guru, and founder of Loverly, shares key questions to ask when you hire a wedding planner for your special day. You can watch the full episode with Kellee here: CONNECT WITH KELLEE:  CONNECT WITH KOKO:
30/11/20235 minutes 6 seconds
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Early Signs of a Toxic Relationship ft. Gabrielle Stone [BOUJEE BITS]

&#39;Boujee Bits&#39; are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 60: In this clip, Gabrielle Stone, author of Eat, Pray, FML, shares early signs of a toxic relationship that she learned from her past relationships. You can watch the full episode with Gabrielle here. CONNECT WITH GABRIELLE ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠   CONNECT WITH KOKO: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠
23/11/20239 minutes 18 seconds
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How To Pitch Yourself To A Publicist ft. Emilie Sobel [BOUJEE BITS]

&#39;Boujee Bits&#39; are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 57: Emilie Sobel is an influencer marketing professional and lifestyle content creator. In this clip, she gives an amazing way to pitch yourself to any publisher. You can watch the full episode with Emilie here. CONNECT WITH EMILIE: ⁠⁠/ ⁠⁠ CONNECT WITH KOKO: ⁠⁠⁠⁠  ⁠⁠https://www
15/11/20234 minutes 41 seconds
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What To Do If You Hate Your Boss, But Love The Job? ft. Elana Drell-Szyfer [BOUJEE BITS]

'Boujee Bits' are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 59: Elana Drell-Szyfer, the esteemed CEO of RéVive Skincare, as our special guest. In this clip, Elana gives valuable advice about what to do if you love your job, but hate your boss. You can watch the full episode with Elana here. CONNECT WITH ELANA: ​​⁠ ⁠  ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  ​​⁠⁠  CONNECT WITH KOKO: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠
09/11/20233 minutes 42 seconds
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Preventing Hair Loss and Breakage ft. Shab Caspara [BOUJEE BITS]

&#39;Boujee Bits&#39; are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 59: Having worked for years in the hair industry, Shab Caspara understood that women, herself included, face unresolved hair challenges. In this clip, Shab gives helpful tips on preventing hair loss and breakage that you can start implementing today. You can watch the full episode with Gabrielle here. CONNECT WITH SHAB ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠https://
02/11/20239 minutes 57 seconds
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How to Actually Heal from a Breakup & Start Loving Yourself ft. Gabrielle Stone [BOUJEE BITS]

'Boujee Bits' are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 60: Breakups can be tough, and we often struggle with how to heal and move on from them. In this clip, Gabrielle Stone, author of Eat, Pray, FML, tells her story of how she healed from a traumatic breakup and learned how to love herself again. You can watch the full episode with Gabrielle here. CONNECT WITH GABRIELLE ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠   CONNECT WITH KOKO: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠
26/10/20237 minutes 57 seconds
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When Relationships Get Boring ft. Jeff Guenther [BOUJEE BITS]

&#39;Boujee Bits&#39; are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 52: Have you ever wondered why secure relationships can get boring? In this clip, licensed therapist Jeff Guenther breaks down why we sometimes find healthy relationships boring and what to do about it. Full Episode Here: CONNECT WITH JEFF: ⁠;_r=1⁠  ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  CONNECT WITH KOKO: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠
19/10/20236 minutes 42 seconds
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Therapist Explains: Why Do People Cheat? ft. Jeff Guenther [BOUJEE BITS]

'Boujee Bits' are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 52: Have you ever wondered why people cheat in relationships? In this clip, licensed therapist Jeff Guenther breaks down the motivations and common reasons for why people cheat on their partners. Full Episode Here: CONNECT WITH JEFF: ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  CONNECT WITH KOKO: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠
12/10/20236 minutes 20 seconds
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Men That Are Strip Club Regulars? ft. Vera Smirnova [BOUJEE BITS]

'Boujee Bits' are short clips from the Boujee Best Friend Podcast, and this one is from episode 68: Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be a stripper, what goes down inside the clubs, and what types of men frequent them? In this episode, I sit down with Vera Smirnova, a fashion stylist, ex-stripper, OF model, and certified baddie. Vera is here to spill the tea on the strip club industry, covering everything from the dating scene to the role of drugs and alcohol, illegal activity, the allure of the money, and the types of men you encounter. Full Episode Here CONNECT WITH VERA: ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠  CONNECT WITH KOKO: ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠  ⁠⁠
05/10/20234 minutes 25 seconds
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67. Becoming the Main Character of Your Life - Confidence and Self-Approval ft. Samantha Chung @simplifying.sam

67. Prepare yourself to break free from societal norms, boost your confidence, and manifest your way to a fulfilling future in this episode of Boujee Best Friend. Join me as I sit down with the one and only Samantha Chung, or &quot;Simplifying Sam,&quot; who is a specialist in mindset and manifestation and podcast host of Spirling Higher. Sam is a guru of all things manifestation, mental clarity, and body positivity.  This episode will uncover the secrets to clearing your mind of harsh, conditioned beliefs that have been holding you back from living your best life. That’s right. You deserve to be the #MAINCHARACTER. And that is why we are listening to Sam’s empowering message.  Sam shows us the science behind changing your reality and explores the outcomes of negative and positive feedback loops. Sam offers tangible exercises that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to chase the life you&#39;ve always wanted. It is time for YOU t
11/09/202359 minutes 8 seconds
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65. The Hard Truth about Men's Sexual Wellness - Erectile Dysfunction, Blue Balls, Viagra, Infertility ft. Dr. Justin Dubin

65. This week’s episode is an exciting one! We are talking about…Penises! Yes, you heard me right. Welcome, special guest Dr. Justin Dubin. Justin is a urologist and, dare I say, a penis expert. Justin specializes in Men’s health, specifically in male infertility and sexual medicine.  In this episode, Justin is busting (no pun intended) myths about male sexual health. Are blueballs real? Can whisky dick happen? Do pornstars use Viagra? Are micro penises real? Is sex less pleasurable after a circumcision? Do most women orgasm during penetrative sex? We are bringing this episode to BUST THESE MYTHS, EDUCATE, and provide a SAFE SPACE to talk about sex. Don’t worry. We are all experiencing these hard (pun intended) issues together.  Episode highlights - About Justin - Sexual Health  - Sexual health resources  - Misinformation online - Erectile dysfunction  - Diseases that can compromise your
28/08/20231 hour 2 minutes 54 seconds
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64. Leveling Up Together: Building Dreams & Businesses with Your Bestie ft. Jessica Martin & Olivia Pascale

64. In this inspiring episode of the Boujee Best Friend podcast, we are joined by Olivia and Jessica, two kick a** entrepreneuristas! Olivia and Jessica went from best friends to successful business partners. Starting out as models, they quickly grew close and always had each other’s backs. In turn, this friendship, shared values, and passions led to the start of their partnership in business.  Tune in as they discuss the challenges and joys of working together, emphasizing the importance of open communication and setting aside egos. Our Boujee Besties gain valuable insights into their experiences as women entrepreneurs and how their influencer background ignited a game-changing business idea. Their unwavering support for each other, dedication, and resilience in building their business is motivating (to say the least.) Olivia and Jessica, leave us the important message to start following your dreams and cherishing meaningful friendships. <stron
21/08/202349 minutes 49 seconds
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61. The Dating Game: Do's and Don'ts, Mental Health & Reality TV, ft. Richard Chang, Star of Bling Empire on Netflix

61. Bling Empire: NYC’s Richard Chang joins us on this episode of Boujee Best Friend. Aside from his stardom on Netflix, Richard is the Chief Growth Officer at Hudson Medical and a former Director of Merchandise Planning at Calvin Klein. Richard’s professional accolades are impressive, but his dating advice is top-notch.  In this episode, Richard shares what it is like to navigate dating in NYC. He shares how to use dating apps, dos and don’ts when dating, why men won’t commit, why you should strive to be your authentic self, and why going to therapy is good for you. Additionally, we discuss how he got into reality tv and what it is like being part of the cast of Bling Empire. He gives us a glimpse into his relationships on the show and his romantic relationship with his Bling Empire cast member, Vika Abbyaeva. Tune in to this episode for dating advice, a sneak peek into the reality tv world, and insight into how to be the best version of yourself.  </p
24/07/202349 minutes 46 seconds
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48. Turning Your Passion Into Profit: Art As Business - On Perseverance, Momentum & Creativity ft. Laura Chirino, Miami's Artist Of The Year

#48 In this episode, I have the pleasure of hosting my good friend, ⁠Laura Chirino⁠, a talented artist originally from Cuba, currently residing in Miami. Laura&#39;s inspiring journey in the art world is the topic of discussion as she shares how she hustled to sell her work to achieve success. She talks about the powerful concept of &quot;fake it till you make it&quot; and how it aided her in the early days of her career. Additionally, Laura stresses the importance of maintaining momentum in the pursuit of one&#39;s art and how rejection has served as a motivating force in her creative process. The episode delves into Laura&#39;s journey of self-discovery as an artist and how she found her worth in the industry. She takes us through her artistic process and how she successfully transformed her hobby into a career. A key theme throughout the conversation is the significance of believing in oneself and one&#39;s abilities, a
24/04/202345 minutes 39 seconds
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46. Sorority Status: Mean Girls Only? - On College Hookup Culture, Bullies & Body Image ft. Gigi Robinson

46. This week we are joined by the amazing Gigi Robinson, who is a Chronic Illness Advocate &amp; Creator Economy Speaker, Author, Sports Illustrated Model, and a recent college graduate from USC. In this episode, Gigi shares her experiences and insights on a range of topics that every college student can relate to. From discussing the pros and cons of joining sororities and fraternities to navigating the struggles of dating and hookup culture, Gigi offers her unique perspective on these challenging issues.  Gigi opens up about her struggles with health and the pressures of society, shedding light on the importance of self-care and resilience. Additionally, Gigi shares some valuable career and networking tips, drawing from her own success as an entrepreneur. Tune in for an inspiring and informative conversation with one of today&#39;s most exciting young voices!  Episode highlights: Sororities and Fraternities  Dating and
10/04/202359 minutes 24 seconds
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44. Crash Course on Your Vag w/ Dr. Stacy Henigsman, OBGYN at Allara Health

#44 Welcome, Dr. Stacy Henigsman! Dr. Stacy Henigsman is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and is the Medical Lead at Allara Health. In this episode, Stacy provides listeners with valuable information on various women&#39;s reproductive health topics. The conversation covers birth control, its effectiveness, and the importance of regular gynecological check ups and STD testing. Stacy answers important questions about pregnancy symptoms, infertility, miscarriages, abortions, and so much more.  Stacy delves into two common conditions that affect many women: endometriosis and PCOS. She explains the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for both conditions, as well as the impact they can have on fertility. Throughout the episode, Stacy emphasizes the importance of communication between women and their healthcare providers and encourages listeners to prioritize their reproductive health. If you have not seen your GYNO in a while, consider this your reminder to have a
27/03/20231 hour 8 minutes 54 seconds
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42. You Inner Critic Is Lying To You - On The Fear of Rejection, Limiting Beliefs & Imposter Syndrome w/ Annalie Howling

#42 Annalie Howling is an exceptional performance coach, trauma specialist, and speaker who has been transforming the lives of people around the world for over two decades. Annalie has become a leading figure in the fields of personal development and human potential. Whether working with high-performing athletes, executives, or individuals looking to make a positive change in their lives, Annalie's commitment to excellence and unwavering belief in us humans make her a sought-after coach and speaker. In this episode, we will explore the power of communication and self-advocacy. This discussion is all about public speaking, the fear of rejection, setting boundaries in relationships, and asking for what you want as a woman. We'll dive deep into these important topics and share strategies and insights for overcoming common challenges and obstacles. Tune in to learn how you can find your voice. Episode highlights… About Annalie Howling Public speakin
13/03/20231 hour 8 minutes 12 seconds
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41. Vaginal Health Shouldn't Be Taboo - Changing The Narrative of Women's Health w/ Daniella Levy Graubard, CEO & Co-Founder Happy V

#41 This episode is about all things vaginal health. This is one of MANY episodes I will do to destigmatise vaginal health. It is important to discuss what most women are going through these days. This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Daniella Levy Graubard, founder of Happy V, a vaginal health company. Daniella started this company after battling Bacterial Vaginosis for 6 years. She was going from one gynecologist to the next, prescribing her medicine that did not work. That is when she decided to create her company, Happy V. Happy V makes effective, safe, and natural products for women who, like Daniella, experience BV and are not getting the support or answers they need. We discuss many important topics, such as symptoms of BV, what can cause it, tips on how you can improve your vaginal health, starting a business, intimacy with BV, and how YOU can live a happier and more comfortable life. Tune in to this honest and important conversation about our vaginas! <
06/03/202352 minutes 31 seconds
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38. Why You Should Never Settle w/ Lindsey Metselaar, host We Met At Acme

38. It’s the month of love, so we welcome OG relationship podcast host Lindsey Metselaar! Lindsey is the host of the podcast; We Met at Acme. This podcast is a STAPLE in the dating world. I love her take on relationships. We don’t always see eye to eye on relationship topics, which makes this episode so much more interesting. Lindsey is from NYC and started her podcast when she was single, but is now happily married. She has talked to many different people and listened to many different perspectives. She is full of dating wisdom. In this episode, we discuss not settling, what red flags to look out for, finding a relationship that makes you feel secure, opinions on cheating, opinions on your man liking IG model’s pics, sobriety, and pretty much EVERY other dating topic you could need. No matter what stage you’re at in dating, this episode is a must for you! Episode highlights… Welcoming Lindsey Not settling for less than what you want</l
13/02/202346 minutes 5 seconds
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37. Healing Is Not Linear - On Overcoming Addiction, Eating Disorders & Bad Relationships with Kelly Uchima

37. In 2013 Kelly Uchima began her social media journey for the purpose of finding friendship and community. Ten years and 100k+ followers later, Kelly uses her platform to spread awareness about eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. She has built a solid community of her own. Kelly is an intelligent, funny, and empathetic woman whose goal is to help others by telling her story. This episode goes deep. We discuss narcissistic parenting, eating disorders, unhealthy coping methods, toxic relationships, seeking therapy, and recovering from trauma. If you can relate to any of the episode highlights, I recommend you listen. Aside from discussing these topics, we provide you with thoughtful and helpful advice. It is time to start spreading more awareness and work toward helping others speak their truth! You are not alone. Episode highlights: Eating disorders The connection of eating disorders and family life Narcissist
05/02/20231 hour 1 minute 47 seconds
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36. Ways To Maintain The Spark In Your Relationship - On Intimacy, Boundaries & Uncomfortable Conversations w/ Cristina Cataman

36. On this episode of Boujee Best Friend, we welcome Cristina Cataman. You might recognize Cristina from her viral satire videos about dating, cultural differences (Northern America vs Eastern Europe) and much more.&nbsp; Additionally, Cristina is the founder and host of the podcast, Catamania, where she helps her audience navigate all things wellness, beauty, style, leadership, and everything in between. Cristina’s podcast guests are professionals from different industries who educate her viewers on how certain aspects of the world work. This time, we bring Cristina on Boujee Best Friend, to be the professional. Cristina and I talk about ALL THINGS relationship advice. We cover long-term relationships (she's been with her now husband for 8 years), long-distance relationships, healthy communication, setting expectations, the feeling of love at first sight, and prioritizing intimacy. We talk about how to keep that relationship sparked and how to approach every
30/01/202349 minutes 14 seconds
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34. Stand Up For Yourself - On Maintaining Your Identity & Doing What's Best For Your Relationship w/ Jake Maddock

#34 This week on Boujee Best Friend, we welcome Jake Maddock (again) - a relationship coach who helps couples achieve a 10/10 relationship. He does this by helping single people find their ideal partner and by guiding couples through their troubles.&nbsp; When Jake was first on Boujee Best Friend, we talked about finding a high-value relationship and keeping a high-value relationship, mainly from a female perspective. This time, we are discussing what MEN want (among many other things.) We cover all your unanswered questions like; What do men usually complain about when it comes to dating? Is there any scenario where you should get back together with your ex? How do you maintain your identity when you do everything with your partner? How can you live your life with intention? These topics are just scratching the surface of what you can expect in this episode. Tune in for some excellent dating advice and the answers to all your questions. In this episode…<
16/01/202345 minutes 2 seconds
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31. Lucky Girl Syndrome- On The Power Of Your Mind, Accountability & Cutting Ties with Toxic Friends with Laura Galebe

#31 Laura Galebe is a TikTok star, makeup guru, and glow up expert. She is a recent graduate of Syracuse University, where she studied Communications. Laura was born and raised in Brazil and immigrated to the US during her freshman year of high school. She started her Tik Tok stardom by making videos to help her followers gain confidence and show them how to live their best lives. In this episode, Laura and I both talk about immigrating to the US (yes, we both have tattoos of our hometown coordinates). We talk about the power of manifestation and shifting your mindset, tips on how to glow up, cutting ties with toxic friendships, and more. We discuss how negative energy is brought on by insecurities and how you can combat this. We also provide you with SO MANY tips and tricks to help you become the best version of yourself in 2023. Tune in and GLOW UP for the New Year. Episode highlights: Immigrating to the US Manifestation The power of
26/12/202250 minutes 58 seconds
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30. Catching Up With Your Boujee Bestie

#30 On today's solo episode, I just imagined we got on a quick phone call and I'm sharing what's on my mind recently. From moving back to Miami, finally finding myself, mental health, achievements and more.&nbsp; I am excited for all of us taking a few days off which will hopefully recharge, inspire and set us up for the end of 2022. Love,&nbsp; Koko
19/12/202213 minutes 3 seconds
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28. The Business of Wellness - On Building A Brand With Your Spouse, Motivation & Improving Your Digestive & Mental Health w/ Siff Haider, CEO & Co-Founder Arrae

#28 On this episode of Boujee Best Friend Podcast, we welcome Siffat (Siff) Haider, CEO, and Co-Founder of Arrae. Arrae is an all-natural supplement brand designed to solve the health problems that women deal with daily. Siff developed the idea for Arrae after battling health issues for years and not being able to find a medicine that worked for her. Eventually, Siff solved her problems by turning to natural remedies. Siff and her husband Nish, decided to formulate their own supplement with the help of wellness experts, thus creating Arrae. Not only did they create quick-acting and effective supplements, but they did it in a way that would also educate the consumer on wellness. Arrae has quickly become a favorite among women who experience issues like anxiety and bloating. Notable Arrae fans are Molly Sims, Melissa Wood, and Hailey Bieber. Siff is an intelligent entrepreneur who strives to help women combat common health struggles. In this episode, Siff and I touch on
05/12/202244 minutes 1 second
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23. How To Step Into Your Power After A Breakup - On Healing, Moving On & Loving Yourself w/ Lyss Boss

#23. In this episode I had the pleasure of talking to Lyss Boss, content creator and host of "Date Yourself Instead" podcast. We both got very open ,raw about our own personal traumas, how we coped and shared a bunch of tangible tips how you can feel better today. I loved this episode and I think everyone can learn something from this conversation, wether you're going through a breakup, need a little pep talk or you just wanna hear two girls chat about their love stories. Topics: Dating if you know there’s a dead end The one who changed it all Breakup steps Use your pain Past memorabilia? How to heal? Love is like a drug Finding validation within yourself Why are we ignoring our intuition? How to love yourself a little more CONNECT WITH LYSS BOSS
31/10/202253 minutes 32 seconds
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BONUS [Croatian] Kako se predstaviti u najboljem svjetlu i sprijeciti PR katastrofu - sa PR strucnjakinjom Sandrom Attias

Danasnja bonus epizoda je intervju sa Sandrom Attias, PR strucnjakinja i bivsom glasnogovornicom Dinama. Sandra je trenutno head of PR za brend Lunilou. Radila je dugo godina u PRiredbi, a nakon toga kao glasnogovornica GNK Dinama da bi onda otisla na Bliski Istok i pokrenula suradnju s Izabel Kovacic. Ova epizoda biti ce objavljenja u dva dijela, prvi dio se fokusira na PR i marketing, a slijedeca epizoda ce biti o zivotu na Bliskom Istoku te povratku u Zagrebm, te ponovnom pocetku. Sta je tocno PR? Iz Novinarstva u PR Prvi “THE” posao? Koliko su bitni kontakti? Situacija u Hrvatskoj Najbitniji mediji kod nas Kako sprijeciti PR katastrofu? A sta je onda marketing? Rad s Influencerima? Kako je bilo raditi za Dinamo? A sta kada mediji lazu?
28/10/202232 minutes 7 seconds
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16. Healing is Your Responsibility - On Attachment Styles, Childhood Trauma & Leaving Your Abuser w/ Keresse Thompson, LCSW [VIDEO]

#16. In this episode I’m joined by Keresse Thompson, a licensed clinical social worker, an intuitive empath, marine corps wet and a single mom of a teenage girl. &nbsp;This episode felt like an actual therapy session and is for everyone who is interested in learning more about human behavior in relationships, healing your traumas &amp; dealing with toxic relationships. Topics: Getting out of an abusive marriage Dating post divorce &amp; being a single mom Taking responsibilities for your own healing Who is actually a Narcissist? Gaslighting explained When it gets toxic How does childhood trauma define us? Attachment styles Fighting vs Verbal Abuse How to leave an abuser? CONNECT WITH KERESSE THOMPSON, LCSW https://ww
06/09/20221 hour 9 minutes 26 seconds
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Boujee Best Friend - Trailer

28/05/20221 minute 8 seconds