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English, Finance, 7 seasons, 79 episodes, 2 days, 1 hour, 45 minutes
The Boss Hijabi Preneur Podcast Hosted by Halimah DeOliveira aims to provide tools/resources for current and aspiring Professional Muslim Women and Entrepreneurs. To empower them to not only embrace their religious but their covered identity in the workplace and beyond; Helping them to see that its ok to show up as "Who You Are." The podcast features guests from all across the globe who share their views, experiences and even share tips on how to slay your goals in hijab all while keeping "Faith" at the forefront of your business or career. Follow on IG Support this podcast:
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Ep 76: Thriving in 2024: Seven Habits for Muslim Women in Business w/ Halimah DeOliveira

Welcome back, Boss Hijabi-preneurs! In this empowering episode, Halimah DeOliveira shares the seven transformative habits that will redefine success for Muslim women in business in 2024. From prioritizing daily spiritual practices to cultivating a supportive network, each habit contributes to significant growth. Episode Intro 0:45 Habit 1: Prioritize Daily Spiritual Practices 1:34 Habit 2: Time Blocking for Work-Life Balance 3:22 Habit 3: Setting Clear Goals & Intentions 4:59 Habit 4: Invest in Continuous Learning 6:55 Habit 5: Delegate and Seek Support 8:57 Habit 6: Practice Self Care 14:38 Habit 7: Cultivate a Supportive Network 16:04 Episode Outro: 19:51 Episode Resources: PowHer Book DISC Assessment Empowher Con- Tampa This has been another spectacular episode of Boss Hijabi-Preneur brought to you by Be You In HD and Empowher Con.  For more details on Services and Events tailored for Women of Faith in Business visit It is our hope here on the Boss Hijab Preneur Podcast  that you feel empowered to cultivate a profound connection in your spirituality, nurture meaningful personal relationships, and elevate your business connections.  As women of faith, we recognize our responsibility to embrace and apply our religious principles in our daily lives, and we're committed to making positive contributions within our local and global communities. Tune in and learn to thrive in 2024! #BossHijabiPreneurPodcast #Success2024 #Powher #powerfulwomenneedpowerfulrelationships Loved this episode and want daily inspiration? Head to our instagram page, follow and turn on our notifications so you don't miss our daily content for female founders of faith in business. --- Support this podcast:
12/25/202321 minutes, 56 seconds
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Ep 70: How to Use and Thrive with your Talent w/ Musa Sulaiman aka MosesTheComic

Join me today we will be talking about how we can use our platforms to push the causes we support and care about forward. My guest Musa Sulaiman aka MosesTheComic will be chatting about how he went from being a comedian on stage to teaching a College Course. How to embrace being muslim unapologetically and what he thinks about the influx of muslim female entrepreneurs. This is a don't miss!!! Be sure to check out more on what Musa is up to and how you can support him by visiting: Shop Muslim Apparel: This episode is brought to you by the 15 Week Build Your Boss Biz Incubator for New and Veteran business owners who earn less than $100k a year.  --- Support this podcast:
4/6/202249 minutes, 11 seconds
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Ep 67 How to Bloom Where You’re Planted w/ Jannah Bayyan CEO of PLUM

This episode is for the Boss Hijabi-preneurs who are also Mom’s of younger children who do not necessarily understand the other roles their mom has. Those women who are also juggling full-time jobs, are active in their community and are also wives and whatever else we’ve managed to pile on their plate. How do they make time for their many roles and goals? How do they bloom where they’re planted? Inshallah Jannah will sharing a few tips on how she manages to juggle it all that I pray help you to go for it all!! Be sure to tune in and share this episode!  Episode Resources: Shop Pretty Kits This episode was sponsored by the 15 Week Build Your boss Biz Program! The Build Your Boss Biz Grant Program was created out of the desire to provide the necessary tools and strategies to Women of Faith in Business. So far our program has helped hundreds of women level up in their businesses. In business many woman feel they have to forego the idea of starting a business as it may directly compromise their faith. They also may not pursue their dream with the vigor and intensity they desire because of lack of knowledge and the financial resources to do so. Inshallah. The Build Your Boss Biz Grant Program is working to change that. Halimah will provide over 25+ years of her sales, marketing and finance expertise fused with faith to give the program participants a better roadmap for their businesses.Self Paced Pre-Recorded Sessions available November 24, 2021!!!Here is the 15 week Program breakdown:Week 1: Mindset Shifting and Development from Employee to EntrepreneurWeek 2: Business Idea DevelopmentWeek 3: What type of Business Should I have?Week 4: How to Stay the Course in Your BusinessWeek 5: Choose Your Target AudienceWeek 6: Develop Your Branding StrategyWeek 7: First Pitch: What’s Your Brand Story?Week 8: Where is my Customer? Market ResearchWeek 9: How to Create Content for your BusinessWeek 10: 168 Hours: Do More In Less TimeWeek 11: Match Your Behaviors to Desired ResultsWeek 12: Know Your NumbersWeek 13: Which Platform is Right For Me?Week 14: How to Pitch InvestorsWeek 15: LIVE Pitch ContestQuarterly, program participants will be able to apply for our Pitch Contest!! 5 Applicants will be chosen to Pitch their business in front of a LIVE panel of judges. 1 Participant will be chosen as the Winner of the $1500 Grant to fund their business every quarter.Payment Plan available: Click here Registrants receive an automatic email with ALL 15 Modules they can watch attheir own pace!!! Join Our Facebook Group for Weekly Lives, Resources and Support.  You can purchase the 15 Week program @ or  --- Support this podcast:
3/9/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 26 seconds