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English, Cars and Motoring, 1 season, 21 episodes, 19 hours, 35 minutes
Welcome to the Bonafide Moto Show, brought to you by Bonafide Moto Co - The Experience Generators. Normally, we're out on our motorcycles, or in our 4X4's travelling across Sub-Saharan Africa - sharing our beautiful part of the world with friends, and future friends...but this is where you can listen in online, to hear about those stories, get to know our fellow adventurers and have a good laugh with some friends around a virtual fireplace. #herestothenextadventure #adventurewith
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Ian Thomson (Too Much Wifi)

TooMuchWifi delivers affordable premium internet to homes and businesses in underserved urban communities. We like this strategy, and support Internet for Everyone.... also, Motorcycles for Everyone.'s why Joe Fleming sits down with Ian Thomson, the founder of Too Much Wifi, on this Episode of The Bonafide Moto Show as he shares his passion to develop his business and provide affordable internet to all underserved regions. To do so, he's currently exploring South Africa by Motorcycle, meeting with communities, and fellow entrepreneurs along the way. xt
7/9/202057 minutes, 4 seconds
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Thomas Ferreira (Just Like Papa)

‘Just Like Papa’ is a concept born out of a love for adventure and a deeply routed passion for self-reliance. Therefore, it'd be fitting to have them on Episode 28 of the Bonafide Moto Show - let's just say, we're pretty aligned. Founded by Thomas Ferreira, who has an insatiable desire to adventure, shoot incredible landscapes, and do so so self-reliably. Fleming gets to take an in-depth look at Thomas' EDC (Every Day Carry) and chat all things adventure, their incredible retail store and the brands that they both love. Oh, and did we mention his G-Wagon?
7/3/202056 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ernie "EDUB" Vigil

"Ernie Vigil - ripper of all two wheels." No truer words could be said about Ernie, he's ridden every kind of motorcycle you can imagine, with great skill and style as a professional freestyle and stunt rider. Ernie is a Team Triumph Motorcycles Rider, alongside his good mate Nick Apex Boracha the two have created some insane videos riding Modern Classic's like it's no-bodies business. More often than not, he's the man behind the helmet in all of Triumph's promotional videos. Ernie raced an almost stock 1200 Scrambler in the Baja 1000 last year, and came 5th in class alongside way more suitable motorcycles. Joe Fleming gets to chat to Ernie about his favourite Triumph, some films he's worked on and how he had to learn to perform for crowds, in addition to being a great stunt rider. All right here, on this weeks episode of The Bonafide Moto Show
6/24/202055 minutes, 23 seconds
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Matias Corea (Two Wheels South)

Two Wheel South - A motorcycle Journey from Brooklyn to Patagonia, written by Matias Corea, who was previously more commonly known as the Founder of Behance. Matias Corea & Joel Estopà embarked on one hell of a journey, in search of a new way of looking at things. Fleming sits down with Matias, to discover what he likes about the ol' boxer BMW's, some scary times in Peru, sneaky photography tips and ultimately why he travels.
6/18/202057 minutes, 15 seconds
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Michael Woolaway (Woolie's Workshop)

Previously commanding Woolie’s Workshop at Deus Ex Machina in Venice Beach, Michael "Woolie" Woolaway is a natural born gear head! Hawaiian born, California raised - this builder has been taking things apart and putting them back together ever since he can remember. During his time in Venice Beach, he built motorcycles for Orlando Bloom, Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Reynolds and many many more. Woolie is now head of Industrial Design at Saddlemen the 25th Episode of The Bonafide Moto Show; Joe Fleming gets to chat to Woolie about his history in Film Making, Motorcycle Building, Pike's Peak Racing, and finally in his happiest moment - working with like-minded moto-heads at his new position at Saddlemen.
6/11/202049 minutes, 59 seconds
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Hanna C Johansson

Hanna Johansson, A girl from Sweden who quit her job as a full time marketer to ride motorcycles and enjoy life. 71 countries traveled, 25 bikes ridden, endless experiences gained.... and I'm far from done yet. Fleming chats to Hanna on the 24th Episode of The Bonafide Moto Show about her favourite Triumph, most loved destination yet, and what she's been planning during lockdown. It also seems that Hanna will now be joining us at the Sabie Bubble Run from December 12-16th 2020!
6/4/202056 minutes, 21 seconds
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Gary O’Keeffe (The Baikal Project)

In February 2020, 6 Motorcyclists from Ireland, Lithuania, the UK, Germany and Argentina and 1 UAZ van embarked on the toughest challenge of driving the length of a frozen Lake Baikal – the largest body of fresh water on earth - an 830km journey on ice in the middle of the Siberian winter that breaks 2 Guinness World Records! Fleming chats to Gary, who is a very well travelled & adventurous Irishman, and gets to hear all about The Baikal Project right here on The Bonafide Moto Show:
5/29/202055 minutes, 39 seconds
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Michnus (Pikipiki Overland Blog)

Let us introduce ourselves, we are Michnus and Elsebie, our passions are motorcycle overland travel, amateurish photography, drinking beer and making friendships with quirky people. To fill you in, our home is in East London, South Africa but our hearts are in discovering the joys and mysteries of the world. With a combined age of 90 we decided now was the time to travel, on top of that we decided to leave immediately in order to make it to the other-side without too many aches and pains. Fleming sits down with Michnus to hear some interesting stories, about being stuck in Bolivia for 10 weeks and counting, good and bad beer, and the kindness of strangers. Take a listen to this episode of the Bonafide Moto Show!
5/23/202056 minutes, 58 seconds
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Alan Shenton (Bonafide Moto Co)

This episode, was a conversation between the two founders of Bonafide Moto Co; Joe Fleming and Alan Shenton. Joe chats to Al about his music, motorcycles, community and what's in store for Bonafide Moto Co/Show post lockdown.
5/16/202056 minutes, 23 seconds
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Liam Cormier from Cancer Bats

Liam Cormier is the lead singer for Canadian hardcore punk band Cancer Bats. Liam also has a penchant for motorcycles, and rode a 250cc Mutt Motorcycle from Birmingham to Marrakesh to partake in Scram Africa with our friends Fuel Motorcycles.Joe Fleming sits down with Liam to discuss his experience at Scram, riding a largely underpowered motorcycle, making music with his band, and his moto-inspired clothing line Treadwell Clothing.
5/14/202055 minutes, 40 seconds
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Dutch from The Bike Shed

Anthony “Dutch” van Someren, is a bearded, tattooed biker dude. He’s also the founder of The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club. Founded in November 2011 as a blog about Dutch’s evolution from a sportsbike rider, to a ‘new wave’ custom motorcycle kind of guy. Fleming catches up with Dutch on Instagram Live to hear about the organic beginnings of The Bike Shed, the soon to be opening of their 2nd store in Los Angeles, and finally to catch up with how The Bike Shed has been using the Motorcycle Community in the U.K to deliver PPE and other important emergency supplies during Covid-19.
5/11/202055 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Great Escape with Charlotte Rochenard

Joe Fleming sits down with Charlotte Rochenard on episode 18 of the Bonafide Moto Show. Before embarking on a solo motorcycle trip from England to Cape Town, Charlotte was a Lead Advanced Surfacing Designer, for Bentley Motors in the UK. was born and grew up in Brittany, France and started riding motorcycles from a young age on a green little Honda 125 SL. Her studies brought her then to different places in France and India years later where she bought her first motorcycle.
5/9/202056 minutes, 37 seconds
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Rich Mulholland

Richard kicked off his career as a rock n roll roadie, operating lights for bands such as Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. From there he started SA's largest presentation firm, Missing Link and co-founded 21Tanks, SA's first perspective lab. He also has a tattoo of your Mum on his left bum cheek...! recurring dreams of Rich, Joe Fleming sits down with him on this episode of the Bonafide Moto Show to find out what he's learnt during 6 weeks of 'lockdown' about himself and his business. Rich also reminisces some amazing stories from his rock n roll roadie days, and leaves our listeners with a nugget or two about their business.
5/7/202055 minutes, 36 seconds
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Dave Cilliers

Dave Cilliers considers cars as four wheeled shopping baskets and only worth using as a last resort! For years bikes have been his primary transport. Racing, touring, commuting or just kicking up dust on African tracks, he's owned over 350 motorcycles and ridden millions of kilometres. He is always happiest when sharing his passion for motorcycles with like minded people whilst traversing Africa in search of adventure. Fleming sits down with Dave, one half of ZA Bikers to chat about some of his notorious motorcycle collection, paths less travelled, getting deeply lost in the Makgadikgadi pans, and all things adventure & two wheels.
5/5/202055 minutes, 16 seconds
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Stories of Bike

Stories of Bike make an online series of short films which explore the relationship between custom motorbike and owner, their history and the reasons they ride. Cam Elkins left the commercial marketing world, to pursue a full time moto-film-making career, which has taken him all over the world with his passion and love of the art of film making. Fleming chats to Cam, about how he found his passion, the difficult stories he hears and tells, as well as his rig and some tips they share about shooting video & stills out of moving vehicles.
5/2/202057 minutes, 1 second
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Henry Crew

Henry Crew is the current holder of the "Youngest person to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle" title. During his circumnavigation, he raised money for Movember - a charity that specifically focusses on Men's Mental Health & Suicide Prevention. His journey, well documented on Social Media caught our attention, and we followed closely; Fleming sits down with Henry, to learn about how and why he had a desire to take on this challenge, as well as the many hardships along the way - including the lack lustre response he received from the very industry he loved & supported the most.
4/30/202056 minutes, 11 seconds
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Great World Trek

Matthew Snyman, and his wife Megan, two South African doctors rode around the world on their motorcycles as The Great World Trek. They raised money and awareness for Doctors Without Borders and Kind Cuts for Kids. Fleming gets to know Matt a little better, and chat about some of the hair raising experiences in Peru and around the world. Matt joins us on all Bonafide Moto Adventures, as our travelling doctor and all round great guy with the 2nd loudest laugh in the campsite.
4/28/202053 minutes, 19 seconds
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Andy Lund

Cape Town based Photographer, Musician, and Artist Andy Lund has had a lifelong creative journey, filled with travel, fine clothing, impeccable taste and a rich appreciation for those he finds himself around. Whilst he was the General Manager at The House of Machines, we got the pleasure of getting to know him and his multiple talents. this LIVE episode of the Bonafide Moto Show, despite a number of technical difficulties - Joe Fleming sits around a virtual camp fire to hear about Andy's hat company; Brother Hat Company and Andy gives us a very special live performance .
4/25/20201 hour, 1 minute, 49 seconds
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Helmets for India

India is one of the countries with the most traffic deaths worldwide. Each day 327 motorcyclists die in India. Most motorcycle deaths are a result of head injuries and wearing a motorcycle helmet securely can reduce the risk of death by 40% and the risk of heavy head injury by 70%. Fleming chats to Niels Peter Jensen, a Racer, TV Host, Designer, Adventurer and the Founder of Helmets for India which aims to provide Motorcycle Helmets to those who don't have using the power of art, and the global motorcycle community.
4/23/202056 minutes, 54 seconds
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Travel Designer

The brainchild of Ozzy Yerlikaya, a personality powerhouse with over ten years experience in the industry, at Travel Designer he and his team are dedicated to creating original tailored experiences unlike anything else, that allow an introduction to Cape Town while offering access to the inspiring artists, eateries and local legends who call it home. Fleming sits down with Ozzy to find out how he ended up in South Africa, his love for Travel, Defenders and some of his most epic moments exploring this beautiful continent.
4/20/202054 minutes, 52 seconds
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Kingsley Holgate

Kingsley Holgate is a humanitarian adventurer, author, TV personality, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, speaker at the New York Explorers Club and a legend that Getaway Magazine calls their ‘Explorer in Residence’ - widely considered the most travelled man in Africa. Fleming sits down around a virtual fireplace, on Instagram Live to chat to Kingsley - hear about his favourite Land Rovers, most daunting adventures and ultimately his insatiable desire for adventure.
4/18/202054 minutes, 40 seconds