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English, Cultural, 7 seasons, 103 episodes, 3 days 17 hours 47 minutes
BOLD Black Girls Podcast, is a Podcast by and for Black women, and those that support the equity, inclusion, and advancement of Black women. We will share our personal stories, "telling it like it is", all while (B)uilding a community of support, (O)rganizing safe spaces for courageous conversations, and promoting the (L)earning, and (D)evelopment of Black women. *Although this podcast is FOR Black women, ALL are encouraged to listen and learn.
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EP. 133 - Recharged & Ready...To Love?

Welcome back to Bold Black Girls! In this eagerly anticipated this comeback episode! On this episode, we share our personal and professional journeys from the past few months... Tune in to hear what we've been up to because life has been lifin'. As the new season unfolds, we plan to have empowering discussions on career advancement, personal growth, mental health, and wellness, featuring inspiring guests who are making waves in various fields. Bold Black Girls continues to be a strong community of resilience and sisterhood, ready to uplift and celebrate the achievements of Black women worldwide. Tune in to embark on this empowering journey of strength, beauty, and authenticity. Follow us at: | IG: @boldblackgrils
19/07/202324 minutes 4 seconds
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EP. 108 - Redeveloping Our Communities w/Terrence Maiden

In this special episode of the BBG podcast, we host our first guest of season 4 and chat with Terrence Maiden!  He is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner for Russell Glen, a commericial real estate development and investment company based in Dallas. We want to highlight Black men who are making a difference in Black communities.   Connect and learn more about Terrence's impact ... Website:
27/10/202137 minutes 7 seconds
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EP. 81 - Making BOLD Moves

03/03/202151 minutes 17 seconds