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English, Finance, 5 seasons, 68 episodes, 3 days, 1 hour, 38 minutes
Explore the world of Black culture like never before with Blue Dope. Hosted by Blue, our podcast features in-depth conversations with cultural pioneers who have taken creativity to new heights across art, culture, and media. Reimagine the boundaries of what's possible and gain transformative insights from the incredible life lessons shared by our guests. Join us on this electrifying journey to celebrate Black excellence, inspire your passions, and gain exclusive access to the visionaries driving the future of our society.
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Renae Bluitt

Welcome to the latest episode of Blue Dope! In this installment, host Blue sits down with the incredible Renae Bluitt a trailblazer who has been empowering and highlighting Black women in business for years. From her roots in Indiana to her journey to Brooklyn, Renae shares her story of entrepreneurship, resilience, and the power of community. Tune in as she discusses her upbringing in a segregated community, the influence of her family's entrepreneurial spirit, and the lessons she learned along the way. Join Blue and Renee as they dive into topics ranging from the evolution of blogging to the making of Renae's groundbreaking documentary, "She Did That." Discover how Renae's journey has inspired and uplifted countless women worldwide. This episode is a must-listen if you're a fan of stories that inspire, empower, and celebrate Black excellence! Don't miss out on this insightful conversation with one of the most influential voices in business and entrepreneurship.
3/26/20241 hour, 1 minute, 16 seconds
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Shaquita Garcia - Thee Modern Housewife

In this episode of Blue Dope, we dive into the vibrant world of fashion and entrepreneurship with the one and only Shaquita Garcia, also known as Thee Modern Housewife. Hailing from the heart of Cleveland, Ohio, Shaquita takes us on a journey from her childhood in a dynamic neighborhood to her evolution as a mompreneur and fashion icon in New York City. Growing up surrounded by a family deeply rooted in fashion—her grandfather a tailor and her father a designer and stylist—Shaquita inherited a unique sense of style. She shares stories of her father effortlessly blending Ralph Lauren polos with tailored suits, inspiring her to embrace a diverse and classic fashion sense. Overcoming challenges, including a diagnosis of epilepsy at the age of 13, Shaquita's resilience shines through. Her journey takes a pivotal turn when she decides to defy doctor's orders, weaning herself off medication to pursue a healthy pregnancy. The discovery of a folic acid deficiency reveals the root cause of her epilepsy, transforming her health and mindset. Discussing her educational path, Shaquita reflects on her initial dream of attending Parsons School of Design in New York, only to be redirected to Kent State University. While initially enrolled in the strict fashion program, she pivots to costume design, a move that expands her artistic horizons. This choice empowers her to become a well-rounded designer, capable of handling every aspect of her creative ventures. Join us for a captivating exploration of Shaquita's life, where style, resilience, and determination converge to create Thee Modern Housewife persona. Discover the story behind the fashion icon, entrepreneur, and multifaceted artist as she shares her insights and experiences. Tune in now and get ready to be inspired by Shaquita Garcia's unique journey in this episode of Blue Dope! After listening to Shaquita's incredible story, we want to hear from you! What aspect of her journey resonated with you the most, and how has it inspired your own path? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below!
1/16/20241 hour, 1 minute, 59 seconds
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Helena Faustin - That Nurse Can Cook

Dive into the delectable world of Caribbean cuisine with Helena Faustin, the culinary force behind "That Nurse Can Cook" on Blue Dope! In this episode, Helena spills the beans on her Brooklyn upbringing, spicing it up with memories of Labor Day parades and iconic rotis from Gloria's. From pressure-cooking peas as a kid to becoming a culinary sensation, Helena's journey is a rollercoaster of humor, resilience, and a dash of chaos. The episode peeks into her life as a nurse, balancing the ER with diaper changes on the side of a Miami road. Helena's Caribbean roots shine as she dishes out nostalgic tales of growing up on Eastern Parkway, hop-on-bike adventures, and savoring the simplicity of Giuliani-era Brooklyn. The episode wraps with Helena's insights on maintaining authenticity in the social media era. Tune in for a burst of inspiration, laughter, and the irresistible flavors of Caribbean culture with Helena Faustin on Blue Dope! Follow Helena: * Follow Blue
1/11/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 31 seconds
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A Mid-Season Discussion

On this special bonus episode, we discuss everything Blue Dope.Follow us:*Thank you so much for tuning into Blue Dope. As always, If you enjoy the podcast, please don’t forget to rate, comment, and subscribe to the show.*Please visit us:
11/16/202144 minutes, 46 seconds