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English, News media, 1 season, 99 episodes, 3 days, 20 hours, 3 minutes
Blind Guys chat is a biweekly podcast, produced by three blind guys in Ireland and the Netherlands. The show takes an easy and breezy approach to life, disability, technology, and just about anything else that the blind guys think of! We'd love to hear from you so get in touch by email to [email protected] and follow BlindGuysChat on Twitter.
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#097: Love or lambaste?

Hello our favourite little musical notes, and welcome to this episode of BGC. This week we are straight into it! Yes, back by popular demand and also because he's a cheap guest, we are chatting again with Kevin Sherwin; or as we like to call him "Mr Eurovision"! So, settle in and listen to us rant, rave, applaud and appraise, and generally share our thoughts on this year’s Eurovision song contest, which was held in Sweden last weekend.   It'll be a rip roaring, barn burning, parrot singing, dog crying, rabbit sunbathing show you won't want to miss.   Blind guys chat: 8 out of 10 non qualifying acts prefer it to watching the actual show.   Email us at: [email protected] – oh and speaking of email – Clodagh has a new jingle at long last! Let us know what you think, ok?! Support Blind Guys Chat by contributing to their tip jar:
5/16/202441 minutes, 25 seconds