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English, Technology, 3 seasons, 28 episodes, 11 hours, 17 minutes
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 'Black or African-American' people make up only 3% of the information security analysts in the U.S. The goal of our podcast is to be a resource, and catalyst in the education, advancement, and visibility of African American Cybersecurity professionals world-wide.
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Pausing to Accelerate | Taking a break from Podcast to complete WGU degree

Announcing that I am taking a break from the Blak Cyber podcast to complete my WGU degree.I will return with more content to bring value to the cyber security community. --- Support this podcast:
5/19/20241 minute, 32 seconds
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How I Failed The CISSP And How You Can Learn From It

On this podcast episode I go over my Lessons Learned from my unsuccessful attempt of the CISSP exam. What I did right: 1. Purchased the "Peace of Mind" voucher (Basically two tries for the price ofone, or almost one) #1 is why I took some calculated risk during this prep. 2. During the exam I used the Think Like A Manager method. 3. I used the from an assessment exam to identify my weakest areas. 4. I mapped my CISSP morning. (Wake-up, Get ready, and Leave Home alarms) What I did wrong: 1. I waited too late to take my assessment test that identifies your weak domains. 2. Assessment test should have been 100 questions instead of just 50. 3. Did not get to study one of my weakest domains. 4. Didn't get a lot of practice testing in. 5. Didn't practice test enough to be comfortable with clock management during exam. Game Plan: 1. Focuse on weak areas from actual exam attempt. 2. Take assessment test of at least 100 questions to re-evaluate weak areas. 3. Get plenty of practice testing in. --- Support this podcast:
5/13/202410 minutes, 48 seconds
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The vCISO In The Green Glass Corner Office - The CISSP Mentality

Unlock the secrets to thinking like a manager and ace your CISSP! In this podcast episode, I break down the key concepts and strategies you need to master to tackle managerial scenarios effectively. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your CISSP journey, this episode will provide valuable insights to help you succeed. Don't miss out on this essential resource – hit play now and elevate your managerial mindset! [Videos] Think like a manager Gwen Bettwy Why you will pass the CISSP Kelly Handerhan How to "Think like a Manager" for the CISSP Exam Pete Zerger [Book] How To Think Like A Manager for the CISSP Exam by Luke Ahmed [Key Points] 1. Risk Advisor 2. Human life 3. Cost/Benefit Analysis 4. Support the Business --- Support this podcast:
5/5/202413 minutes, 3 seconds
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Add Vibranium to your Work Routine

Welcome to the Blak Cyber podcast, where we explore strategies and tips to help you thrive in your professional life, and "secure your place in the industry. In today's episode, we're diving into the topic of productivity and discussing five actionable ways you can boost your efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. 5 ways you can increase productivity at work: 1. Exercise & Nutrition 2. Set Clear Goals and Prioritize Tasks 3. Get Enought Sleep 4. Take Regular Breaks 5. Positive Attitude --- Support this podcast:
4/28/20247 minutes, 54 seconds
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You might need a Cyber Sensei!

This episode is about seeking mentors, becoming mentors, and giving back in the cybersecurity community. --- Support this podcast:
4/19/20247 minutes, 22 seconds
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Cyber is no longer the Holy Grail, but it's still a Game Changer!

In the recent years, Tech and more surprising Cyber has started to perform lay-offs in unprecedented numbers. Big tech companies like Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft have made headlines with recent downsizing. In an industry were not too long ago we felt unstoppable and almost dare I say it, "Lay-off Proof". The recent news is hard to stomach as my heart goes out to those that were just trying to make a better life for their family. I have been laid-off twice, and it feels like a gut punch to your ego, and peace of mind. From making the big bucks, and feeling like we were more essential than other employees to being turned on our heads a bit I want to remind us all and to cyber career hopefuls we are getting a dose of reality but remember this, Tech/Cyber is still absolutely worth it, there are not many industries that without a college degree, you can build generational wealth legally creating more opportunities for you and your family. So I will end with this you may take some penalties, and be down some points, but find a way to get back in the game, find a way to get the coach to put you in the game for the first time, when it is all said and done it will be worth it, and we will be here as a community to hold it each other up and give pep talks along the way. --- Support this podcast:
4/14/20243 minutes, 57 seconds
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The Dirty Little Secret about Cybersecurity

In this episode I dive into an under utilized tool in Cybersecurity, and how to leverage it to add rocket fuel to your career trajectory. --- Support this podcast:
4/7/202412 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 21: How to decide between Cyber Skills or Cyber Certifications?

Discussing the debate between Cyber Skills or Cyber Certifications? --- Support this podcast:
3/19/20245 minutes, 30 seconds