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Blacker Than Usual

English, News, 2 seasons, 14 episodes, 6 hours, 11 minutes
An open space to politic the happenings of social engagement, urban empowerment, entrepreneurship and music entertainment with the movers and shakers in Urban Nashville, Tennessee anything can go down on 28th & Jefferson
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GROWTHtalks - F Them Kids

If "F Them Kids" was a motto, make sure it is not yours. Growing the future requires First discovering proper growth within. #Lovethemkids
10/16/20217 minutes, 58 seconds
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Defining Purpose with @Justjess_Nomess

Queen Jess is back in the building defying Purpose for the class. Heads up, pencils down
10/16/202124 minutes, 7 seconds
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GROWTHtalks w: Purpose

Welcome to GROWTHtalks where a simple conversation can lead to cultural understanding and inner growth. Creating a safe and non judgmental space for Black Men and Women to process. Todays episode is focusing on finding, learning and loving your "Purpose."
10/7/202118 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 2020 Ain't Sh*t

Blessings in the pandemic. Attorney General Daniel Cameron. Nashville Interim Police Chief John Drake. Election 2020 Matters. Black Business Blast: Holistic Ethnic Skincare@estheticsbybrown
9/26/202037 minutes, 19 seconds
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Jamel Campbell-Gooch

The crew is LIVE we Jamel Campbell-Gooch!
9/5/202057 minutes, 13 seconds
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BTU Blackout Tuesday 2020

6/3/202032 minutes, 29 seconds