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BlackBeltBeauty Radio is a weekly podcast that empowers listeners to reach for their highest potential in life with content that optimizes Life Performance holistically through Self-Development, Mindfulness + Health. Hosted by Roxanne Saffaie, a rising thought leader, speaker + writer in Self-Mastery + Personal Empowerment who embodies her belief that “when we elevate our minds, we elevate our lives.” That is the guiding mission that has designed BlackBeltBeauty Radio to be a supportive vessel for its community to continuously reach + RISE in their lives Roxanne's growth mindset + passion for what she calls “WINNING THE GAME BEHIND THE GAME OF LIFE,” leads her into inspiring, entertaining, and highly motivating conversations with some of the world's most curious, high-performing, barrier-breaking talents of all walks of life + career paths. The podcast encourages listeners to Seek The Fight” in their lives by moving towards the challenges that develop their most resilient and capable selves—fortifying the mind, body + heart to create a life fueled by passion, purpose + vision.
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106. Gina Brooke: Positioning yourself for success under hardship through resilience, ingenuity + perseverance.

Gina Brooke is an American beauty expert/makeup artist who is recognized as one of the leading talents in the world of beauty. She is known as the creative force behind some of the most memorable beauty trends and the development of numerous award-winning beauty products. Her vision and beauty philosophy is evident in the groundbreaking products she has developed as Artistic Director and Global Beauty Consultant for leading cosmetic companies.  Brooke’s dynamic approach to beauty and emphasis on “individuality” quickly attracted the attention of pop icon Madonna in 2003 – lead to over a decade of creative collaboration from countless editorials, album covers, red carpets, to video/film, media events, and five world tours. In 2004, L’Oreal commissioned Brooke as the Artist Director to the renowned makeup and skincare brand, Shu Uemura where she hand created lashes that revitalized the false eyelash indust
13/05/20202 hours 7 minutes 42 seconds
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Episiode 3 of BlackBeltBeauty Radio is up- another bite size  Solosode is for all you women who have been told or live with the belief that lifting weights will make you "bulky" and give your body a less feminine look. I call Bullshit. And I admit that I used to be a FIRM believer that weights would make me "bulky" adding to the muscles I already am designed with from having a MESOMORPH body type.  I am almost embarrassed that I fell for that shit because it could not be further from the truth.  That being said, I felt really passionate about sharing my experience with resistance training on Instagram and dig a little deeper into it within this Solosode. <
13/01/201816 minutes 18 seconds