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English, Philosophy, 1 season, 11 episodes, 11 hours, 28 minutes
The Black Jew Podcast takes a deep look into the fundamental questions that plague the human condition. Questions such as would you rather pee out your bum or poop out your peepee. Each week Jacob and Che look into what it is that drives us as people. This podcast is a lot like the Joe Rogan Experience. That is because we are both actually Joe Rogan. So do some DMT and buttchug some alpha brain because this podcast is gonna be a good time (insert Monkey Noises here) Theme song by LxrL (Soundcloud) @Mr.LxrL (Instagram) Logo Art by Andrew Sax @somesaxyart (Instagram)
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Top 10 Pizza Toppings

The boys have another pizza episode. Listen to them eat as they debate pizza toppings and discuss a local man reeking havoc on foot lockers in Brampton.
2/2/202251 minutes, 16 seconds
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Top 10 Viral Gross Videos and Fair Foods

This week expert Che walks Jacob though the mysterious magical world internet gore videos and fair foods.
1/20/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 57 seconds
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Top 10 Atrocity Muffins

Jacob and Che go head to head in one of the most heated Top 10 lists so far. Putting together their own dream team stacked with muffins and horrible ways mass amounts of people have died.Produced by Nick Bueno @buenonobueno (Instagram)Theme song by LxrL (Soundcloud)@Mr.LxrL (Instagram)Logo Art by Andrew Sax@somesaxyart (Instagram)
1/13/20221 hour, 13 minutes, 22 seconds
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Top 10 Dogs

Che and Jacob debate the top 10 dogs. Che likes big guys and Jacob prefers little guys. But they make rules that make them pick from all ends of the pooch spectrum. At the end of the day though both men agree that if you get onioned then ur a sack of garbage who should be disowned by their family and never experience respect again until your dying breaths.By Che Durena (@chedurena) & Jacob Balshin (@jacobbalshin)Produced by Nick Bueno@buenonobueno (Instagram)Theme song by LxrL (Soundcloud)@Mr.LxrL (Instagram)Logo Art by Andrew Sax@somesaxyart (Instagram)
1/6/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 14 seconds
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Top 10 Chocolate Bars

Miss us? Your two favorite little holes are back in a brand new studio begging to be filled with your listenership and support. With new episodes coming every Thursday. We finally hired a producer and that is why this is all possible! So thank our new producer Nick by tossing him a follow on Instagram to show your appreciation.Produced by Nick Bueno @buenonobueno (Instagram)Theme song by LxrL (Soundcloud)@Mr.LxrL (Instagram)Logo Art by Andrew Sax@somesaxyart (Instagram)
12/30/202159 minutes, 49 seconds
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Che and Jacob debate the top ten soups

On this weeks episode, Che and Jacob debate the Top 10 Soups of all time, we call professional soup experts to get their opinions, and also draft soups of our own to soup teams. More is talked about but I'm high and lazy and I don't actually know if y'all read these. Send your top 10 lists to us on Instagram and any top 10's you want to hear in the future. We love you! Thank you for supporting us. It's the best :)
10/28/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 21 seconds
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Che respawns in Jacobs mouth again

We are back! And harder than ever! This week we grade a sexual powerpoint sent to Che by a fan, discuss our need for a producer, and talk Wilt the Stilt. If you want to produce our podcast let us know and we will cage you up. We would love to get these out to y'all more often. We truly appreciate your support. And hope to keep growing with all of you.
10/18/20211 hour, 16 minutes, 30 seconds
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Che buys dominoes & Jacob makes dip

Wow, we have been gone for so long stuck in a human centipede. We recorded this episode as we were stitched a** to mouth because we love our fans. This week we talk about the JNT Comedy Tour, Che gets blue balls, and Jacob makes jew noises into the mic.
9/23/20211 hour, 7 minutes, 48 seconds
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Che milks Jacob but nothing comes out

We are on tour in Ottawa talking to three-legged ladies about being submissive and breedable. This episode was really hard to record because Che kept touching my leg under the table and getting me all aroused. He's honestly so damn hot and its just an honor to be a sloppy boy with him. Special shout out to the girl who came to our show at Absolute Comedy in Toronto and asked me where the next episode is. This ones for you baby!For tour info check out chedurena or dinkcat on instagram
8/13/202157 minutes, 41 seconds
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Jacob lets Che tickle his taint

The second ever episode! Wow!!!!! We want to thank everyone who made this possible. On this episode our guest Wayne Gretzsky talks about the moon. Enjoy!
7/30/202144 minutes, 57 seconds
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Che licks out Jacob for 40 minutes

The first episode ever! Wow. You are so stupid for listening to this. God will one day smite you for not helping out poor people and instead spending your time listening to these two morons discuss shoving things in their butts. Anyway, enjoy you stupid idiot. And remember god is watching (god being ur dad...and he's watching us bang ur mom).We recorded this episode 4 months ago and took a long time to release it because we were both busy getting slopped off by ladies on the mean streets of Toronto.
7/30/202159 minutes, 28 seconds