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Black Girls Blade is a Podcast dedicated to Black Women in the Permanent Makeup Microblading Industry who’s ready to level up their business, unlock the keys to success and grow their empire.. Hosted by Kechia Taylor- Beauty Business Strategist, Founder and CEO of Brows & Co. She will share her experiences as a permanent makeup artist and bring in other artists who are established and up in coming as well. Every other week she will bring new episodes featuring interviews and proven business strategies to level up your career and business in the growing field of PMU.
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BGB #018 Introducing Black Micropigmentation Association (BMA)

The wait is over. Black Micropigmentation Association is finally here! On this episode Kechia Taylor, Sheron Devlin, Dior Davenport and Shalon Burruss speak about what it means to have an association for Black PMU/Micropigmentation artists. The Black Micropigmentation Association is a global non-profit organization that is committed to supporting Black artists in the PMU industry and providing education, training, and community for all.If you are a PMU artist who is striving for excellence, The Black Micropigmentation Association is for you.  Go follow below and have a seat at our table.OFFICIAL LAUNCH DATE 11/13/21 1PM EST/10AM PST ON IG LIVE!Instagram:"We are changing the face of the PMU Industry"
11/11/202118 minutes 36 seconds
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BGB #017 Skin Imperfections and Paramedical Tattooing w/ Feleshia Sams

In today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, we speak with Feleshia Sams, the owner of the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics. She has been in the permanent makeup industry for 16 years before it wasn’t as popular as it is today. She found a passion for paramedical tattooing and after years of doing it, she got into training people.Find Feleshia Sams:Website: Instagram: For More About the Podcast: Follow Us on Instagram:
08/06/202143 minutes 57 seconds
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BGB #016 Scalp Micropigmentation 101 w/Benaiah Poindexter

Have you been wanting to join the Permanent Makeup industry? Or maybe you want to specialize in a more niched service within the industry? How does Scalp Micropigmentation sound? On today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, we speak with Benaiah Poindexter, Scalp Micropigmentation Specialist and Educator. She owns Scalp Prodigy located in Las Vegas, Maryland, and California. She has been in theindustry for 5 years. She describes the SMP industry as very lucrative and with more men as clients than women. What you need to have in place to be successful in SMP:Set your time right to figure the number of clients you can handle.Set the price range you want to be in so that it can bear the market based on the city you live in.Ensure you have enough ambition to pursue your marketing because the SMP keyword is expensive. Pro Tip: Make sure your work is differe
26/04/202146 minutes 11 seconds
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BGB #015. Start, Market, And Grow Your PMU Business w/ Nneka Garel-Portes

How do you start and grow a permanent makeup business? How do you market your skills as a new artist with or without a budget? On today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, we talk to Nneka Garel-Portes, the owner of the Color Lab NYC, a licensed esthetician, permanent makeup artist, and educator. She has been in the beauty industry for 8 years. Nneka fell in love with the idea of microblading inspired by her own brow scar and now helps others like her look and feel good. She loves permanent makeup due to its ability to boost people’s confidence. Find Nneka on:Website: Instagram: For More About the Podcast: Please check our website: https://blackgirlsblade.buzzsprout.comOr Follow Us on Instagram:
04/04/202155 minutes 26 seconds
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BGB #014. Tattooing on Melanin Rich Skin w/Osei Kambui

In today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, we speak with Osei Kambui also known as The Freehand King. He is a trained tattoo artist who specializes in black skin. He’s known for his unique technique of using freehand without using stencils at all. He started tattooing at a very young age and has done it for 14 years now. He considers himself an expert with black skin even though he has experience with all skin types.Important Tip: Be patient if you’re not used to working on black skin because it is very spongy and swells when traumatized. Use witch hazel to reduce inflammation during the tattooing process so you can see what the ink took and didn’t take. Osei describes his art style as versatile. He also explains why he avoids using the term dark skin and instead prefers melanin or melanin rich. Osei’s Instagram:
28/02/202151 minutes 25 seconds
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BGB #013. Build an E-Commerce Brand w/Kyhry Taylor

In today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, we&apos;re talking to Kyhry Taylor, the CEO of Adonis Underwear- an underwear brand that caters exclusively to men. He is a product designer trained in everything from graphics, web, finance, e-commerce, etc. has built a 6-figure e-commerce brand just from storytelling.  Kyhry&apos;s Business Tips:When starting an e-commerce business:Make sure you have an in-demand product before starting e-commerce.Steps on how to validate for your product in the market; purchase it at a wholesale price, promoting it on Instagram, and invest in paid advertising. Consider your individual opportunity cost when deciding whether to keep your day job or not when building an e-commerce business.Check out ADONIS UNDERWEAR at : Black Girls Blade on Instagram at: <a href='ht
14/02/202126 minutes 33 seconds
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BGB #012. Business Taxes w/Kristian Latta

Ever wondered the difference between a Bookkeeper and CPA? and why they are both good for your business? Check out this episode with Kristian Latta, Licensed CPA in the State of California. In this episode she breaks down some basic terminology and steps to help you get started with getting your business financials in order to help better prepare you for taxes.Website: More About the Podcast:Follow Us on Instagram:
08/12/202022 minutes 43 seconds
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BGB #011. Talk to the Pharmacist w/ Dr. Brielle McKenzie

Ever wonder why you shouldn&apos;t microblade on clients that are currently taking Rentin-A or Accutane or why some medications can affect the outcome of permanent makeup on the skin. On this episode we talk to Dr. Brielle Mckenzie, a Licensed Pharmacist practicing in the North Carolina Area. In addition to being a licensed Pharmacist, she is a Permanent Makeup Artist and Phi Academy Graduate specializing in Microblading &amp; Ombré Powder Brows and soon Paramedical Tattooing.Website: More About the Podcast:Follow Us on Instagram:
19/11/202033 minutes 39 seconds
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BGB #010. SEO 101 - with Charlene McCraney

Are you utilizing SEO on your website to increase traffic and ultimately grow your business? The best way to grow your website traffic organically is through SEO done strategically.In today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, we talk to Charlene McCraney- the SEO Queen. Charlene teaches women how to grow their audience, traffic, and improve their business through blogging and SEO. The top three ways to get traffic to your website:Blogging. Content works fast and effectively if done right.Keyword research. For blogging to work, you have to do keyword research to know what keyword to target to increase traffic. Also, understand search intent- what people are Googling. Social media. This helps your traffic especially Pinterest and Charlene swear by its effectiveness.Be on the platform that works best for your website and helps grow your business!Website: <a hr
03/11/202046 minutes 39 seconds
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BGB #009. Let's Talk Brand Strategy - with Toni Brown

Your brand should speak to you, it should tell your clients who you are and what you stand for.  First, let&apos;s clear up the biggest misconception about brand strategy: Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name.On today&apos;s episode of Black Girls blade, we speak to Toni Brown from Skye Media Group. Toni is a Brand Strategist developing authentic brands for service-based women entrepreneurs to grow their audience, business, and impact. Website: More About the Podcast:Follow Us on Instagram:
19/10/202026 minutes 49 seconds
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BGB #008. My Top Five Tips to Opening a Microblading Studio/Suite

Are you a new microblading student seeking to secure a studio in the perfect location? Taking on the responsibility of opening up your own studio or suite is an act of courage in itself, right? It is empowering to want to take that route which you will need to understand before starting.On today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, Kechia takes you through five tips that she believes are essential when setting up your beauty business. For More About the Podcast: Please check our website: Follow Us on Instagram:
14/09/202010 minutes 9 seconds
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BGB #007. Embracing Spontaneity and Struggle in Your Beauty Business - with Kejuana Ford

Have you ever taken a chance at a business opportunity without anticipating the future? Sometimes, the only way to succeed in business is by taking chances and being spontaneous. On today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, we talk to Kejuana Ford from Brows by KeKe. She is a licensed esthetician and microshading artist in Ohio and North Carolina area and the owner of the SheBrow Cosmetics product line. Kejuana has taken more than one chance when it comes to her brow business; from self-teaching herself microshading to moving the business to greener pastures. Website: Instagram: For More About the Podcast:Follow Us on Instagram:
24/08/202039 minutes 50 seconds
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BGB #006. Corporate Job To PMU Business Owner - with Amber Harrison, CEO of Brow Envy Ohio

Imagine working a corporate job, starting a side hustle and blowing up? Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur is not easy but this happened to Amber Harrison, CEO of Brow Envy Ohio. She started her Microblading business as an escape to do something creative and in a short time was able to leave her 9 to 5 corporate job to a full permanent makeup studio with no beauty background. She has built multiple business locations, a training academy and a PMU coaching business.Some helpful business tips from Amber:Be prepared to evolveListen to your client needsCreate contentUse social media to grow your businessFollow Brow Envy Ohio on Instagram: Brow Envy Ohio on Facebook: https://www.facebook.c
10/08/202046 minutes 39 seconds
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BGB #005. How Your Mindset Can Lead to The Success of Your Beauty Business - with Kayon Wilson

In today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, we speak to Kayon Wilson from Kayon Brow and Beauty, Ontario Canada. She has been a Medical Esthetician for over 13 years specializing in microblading, lash extensions, and henna. She is also known as an educator in the beauty industry offering training in henna, microblading, brow mapping, and everything eyebrows. She is passionate about training her students. The biggest mindset hurdle she overcame was fear of making too much money because deep down she didn’t think she was responsible enough to manage the money. Check out this episode as Kayon dives deep into mindset for your beauty business.Follow Kayon Wilson on Instagram: FB Group: <a href='
20/07/202036 minutes 41 seconds
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BGB #004. Eumelanin Skin - Nano Needle Brows vs. Microblading - with Shador

Eumelanin Skin( Fitzpatrick 4-6) What does Eumelanin mean and which procedure is best suited for Fitzpatrick 4-6 (Nano Needle Brows or Microblading)On today’s episode we speak to Shalon and Dior, the founders of Shador. A full-service Spa and Beauty Training Institute located in Washington. Shador provides PMU services, lash extensions, and body sugaring.They have built their business from a small studio to a full-blown training institute with multiple locations in Washington and North Carolina.Find Shador on:Website: &amp; More About the Podcast: Please check our website: http://www.
06/07/202040 minutes 23 seconds
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BGB #002. Finding the Right Microblading Training Course - with Sheron Devlin, CEO of The Browtique Philly

On today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, we talk to Sheron Devlin, a permanent makeup artist and trainer in the Philadelphia area. She is the founder and CEO of The Browtique Philly. She shares her experience with failed microblading training courses from social media and how she overcame that to become a successful microblading entrepreneur. Find Sheron Devlin on:Website: For More About the Podcast: Please check our website: Follow Us on Instagram: https://www.instagr
23/06/202017 minutes 57 seconds
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BGB #001. A Successful Mentor - Mentee Relationship with Teyana Freeland

What is the importance of having a mentor? Do you have what it takes to be a mentee or to sustain a mentor-mentee relationship with the person you aspire to mentor you? On today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, we talk to Teyana Freeland, a senior permanent makeup artist and trainer specializing in microblading and ombre powder brow. She worked herself up from a casino waitress to a fully booked microblading artist and trainer all from a mentorship.Find Teyana Freeland on:Instagram: For More About the Podcast: Please check our website: Follow Us on Instagram:
23/06/202021 minutes 46 seconds
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BGB #003. Balancing PMU and Lash Artistry - with Tiffany Watson of Level Up Lash

On today’s episode of the Black Girls Blade, we speak to Tiffany Watson from Tiffany Nicole Beauty and Level Up Lash. She is a licensed Esthetician with a main focus on lashing and lash products. She is also a permanent makeup artist who has created her own lash line and is a lash trainer.Balancing between lashing and PMU has been a great challenge to her and she has gotten overwhelmed since she is a one-woman show. Here are some tips for you as as an artist if you’re going to offer both:Master one skill before you start the other.Manage your time effectively to be able to constantly practice.Do not let social media rush you- take your time to learn.Find Tiffany Watson on:Website:
23/06/202032 minutes 50 seconds
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