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Black Girl Fly: Embrace Purpose + Build Wealth

English, Finance, 6 seasons, 161 episodes, 2 days 2 hours 21 minutes
The Black Girl Fly podcast features two sisters, Tenisha and Tashaunda, who have made a lot of financial mistakes and uncovered tons of myths and truths about “The American Dream” along the way. They use the podcast as a safe space for women of color to have real conversations about their journey and struggles to building generational wealth.
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Elevating Your Self Worth

Today Ava and Tashaunda discuss elevating your self-worth. Tashaunda grapples with self-worth and desirability going hand in hand, while a large part of Ava’s self-worth stems from knowing when to spend more time with herself. The ladies also break down how social media affects self-worth and the importance of opening yourself up to personal growth.00:21 Introductions 00:35 Elevating Your Self Worth 03:55 Humanizing Others 05:26 Gaining New Prospectives 08:33 Additional Aspects of Self Worth 13:06 A Problem with Society 15:35 The Consequence of Not Growing16:38 OutrosCONNECT WITH USWebsite: www.blackgirlflyofficial.comEmail: [email protected]:  @blackgirlflyofficialBGF Products hereJoin Robinhood with my <a href='ht
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Welcome to Black Girl Fly! - Trailer

Black Girl Fly is forward-thinking network for women and girls looking to change the world. As a community, we are committed to helping Black women and girls embrace their purpose and build wealth through fashion, inspiration, and educational content. Our ultimate goal is to help you realize your full potential and build a legacy that will last for generations to come.Connect with us online:Website: www.blackgirlflyofficial.comInstagram:
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