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The Rise of Black Talent in the Pole Industry with Yung Pole Master

In this episode, we have our first guy on the show. Miles Woods has been the first male in many categories of pole dance and beyond. We discuss their early start at the age of 18 and getting started in the club and developing into teaching for the club. Starting in Witchita, KS. and moving to California to help other black pole dancers and building the future of this industry. From dreaming of the Pole Olympics to aging as a pole dancer Miles will keep you entertained throughout this episode with all the gems dropped.Today's episode is sponsored by X-Pole, The leading pole and aerial based equipment company (and more) in this industry. Find our favorite poles and accessories right here at&nbsp;! @yungpolemasterCreated by <a href="https://www.instag
16/03/20231 hour 15 minutes 5 seconds
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Unleashing Confidence Through Intention Setting with Jackie Smith

Today we talk with Jackie Smith founder and Chief Confidence Maker of Spice Pole &amp; Aerial Fitness. We talk about Studio ownership and building the business through confidence and intention.This discussion starts with Jackie opening the studio to "just try it out" with intention of being the low-price option. Utilizing Confidence, intention setting and Leadership, Spice has created a "Soft Space" for women to overcome their fears, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt. She encourages women to find their confidence through the art of movement.Today's episode is sponsored by X-Pole, The leading pole and aerial based equipment company (and more) in this industry. Find our favorite poles and accessories right here at&nbsp;!Spice Pole &amp; Aerial Fitness | <a href="https://
09/02/202357 minutes 19 seconds
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Setting Boundaries for Yourself: Rest, Don't Quit

After the exhausting year of 2022, it's time to rest! No wonder everyone around me is in an exhausted state. This gave me a chance to think, "What does it actually look like to quit?" Is this quitting a job or a relationship? And then I thought about, "What is causing me to quit?" Instead of quitting, do I just need a rest? Do we give up on things too easily due to frustration, or what? Or what does rest look like for you? Well, I'm here to tell you – REST! Give yourself a break, you deserve it after all the work you have been putting in. Give yourself the opportunity to "Rest, don't quit". Today's episode is sponsored by X-Pole, The leading pole and aerial based equipment company (and more) in this industry. Find our favorite poles and accessories right here at&nbsp;!Created by <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" ta
03/02/202322 minutes 28 seconds
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Build a relationship with your body and heal on purpose with Yulinda Renee

In this episode, we talk with Yulinda Renee of Mind Your Mental. We discuss being a sex therapist and feeling sexy with pole dance. We will be switching things up and the questions will go both ways in this episode. Dalijah and Yulinda go back and forth asking questions about sexuality, business, motherhood, and pole dance.Get em Goal: Begin having a conversation with your inner child; What delights me?Mind Your Mental | IG: @_mindyourmental | FB: Mind Your Mental with Yulinda ReneeCreated by @blackgirlspole | Hosted by <a href="
28/07/202250 minutes 14 seconds
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Allow Others to Show Up for You with Dalijah Franklin

In a world where we are constantly being pulled in a million different directions, it's important to remember to allow others to show up for us. We can't do everything alone, and that's okay. Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. When we allow others to support us, we create space for them to feel needed and valued. In turn, they are often more likely to reciprocate when we need them. So the next time you're feeling overwhelmed, remember to reach out to your network of loved ones and ask for their help. You'll be surprised how good it feels to let others show up for you.Join Dalijah as she discusses how to open up to our network of friends and family to support us from our struggles to our dreams.Propel Water sponsors today's episode, The only zero calorie, zero sugar fitness water with enough electrolytes to replace what is lost in sweat.Get em Goal: Allow someo
14/07/202229 minutes 26 seconds
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How to Take Your Injury Prevention with Dalijah Franklin

Injury prevention is a vital part of keeping your body healthy and functioning properly. From slips and falls to not knowing when to sit the hell down, there are many ways we can get hurt. But with some cross-training, rest and wellness we can significantly reduce our risk of injury.So if you're looking for practical tips on how to stay safe and avoid injuries, be sure to join Dalijah in this episode. it just might save you from a world of hurt.Propel Water sponsors today's episode, The only zero calorie, zero sugar fitness water with enough electrolytes to replace what is lost in sweat.Get em Goal: Create a restful sleeping space; get a sound machine, diffuser, Black-out curtains and use melatonin.Created by @blackgirlspole | Hosted by <a href="https://www.instagra
06/07/202233 minutes 15 seconds
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Throwback to Nicole The Pole Discussing Becoming a Life Coach

In this episode, we throw back to episode 25 with Nicole The Pole. In this snip, Nicole The Pole Williams talks about transitioning to becoming a life coach through manifesting the steps to create the life of your dreams. If you think this snip is good, go check out the full-length episode #25 where they go into details about developing a life coaching business.Today's Guest:@nicolethepole | | @nicolethesoulcoach@sadaharlemCreated by @blackgirlspole | Hosted by <
16/06/202210 minutes 48 seconds
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Recognizing your Power with Dalijah Franklin

Do you have goals to grow your business to the next level? In this solo episode, Dalijah talks about the power we have within and how to project our goals and make them happen.Create audacious goals and speak them to the world. Our voice has much more power than we think. We are powerful and we can do anything we put our minds to. "Recognize your power."Propel Water sponsors today's episode, The only zero calorie, zero sugar fitness water with enough electrolytes to replace what is lost in sweat.Get em Goal: Stop worrying and just do the work.PoleCon BGP Showcase 2022 | @sadaharlemSADA Showcase Presented by Black Girls Pole: <a href="
09/06/202229 minutes 44 seconds
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Women's Nutrition and Whole Body Health with Dietitian Valerie Agyeman

Are you interested in women's nutrition and whole body health! Valerie Agyeman, Registered Dietitian and creator of The Flourish Heights, is on a mission to help women feel their best selves through simple and practical nutrition tips. In this episode, Valerie shares her knowledge and tips on how eating healthy gives you the nutrition necessary for each stage in life and which vitamins are best for women's health. If you're looking to improve your diet or simply want to learn more about nutrition then join us in this episode of The Black Girl Fit Files.Get em Goal: Eat enough to support and nourish your body &amp; Don't overcomplicate nutrition.Learn more about our guests:Flourish Heights | IG: @flourishheights. Podcast: Spotify: <a href="
02/06/202248 minutes 48 seconds
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Utilizing Holistic Medicine and Fitness To Better Your life with Coach Cass

Coach Cass's philosophy is that holistic wellness comes from a combination of physical, mental, and dietary wellness. By taking this approach to health and fitness, she helps her clients achieve their goals and live their best lives. In this episode, Coach Cass discusses how this approach can be used to improve your life. She explains how physical activity can help to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing, and how making small changes in your lifestyle can lead to big results. Whether you're looking to lose weight, get in shape, or just feel better about yourself, Coach Cass is a great resource for anyone interested in improving their overall wellbeing.Propel Water sponsors today's episode, The only zero calorie, zero sugar fitness water with enough electrolytes to replace what is lost in sweat.Get em Goal: Don't wait to be motivated and just be committed.Lea
26/05/202241 minutes 24 seconds
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Opening a Vintage Handcrafted Furniture Space with Lasheca and Alicia, Owners of Apartment 4 Lifestyle

In this episode of the Black Girl Fit Files, we sat down with Lasheca and Alicia, owners of Apartment 4 Lifestyle, a vintage handcrafted furniture space in New Orleans. We talked about how they turned their love for furniture into a business, the challenges they faced along the way, and how they're creating a unique shopping experience for their customers. Learn more about our guests:Apartment 4 Lifestyle Website | @apartment4lifestyleCreated by @blackgirlspole | Hosted by @dalijahamelia<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target=
19/05/202248 minutes
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Recognizing Burn Out and taking a Social Media Break

Are you feeling burnt out or in a funk? In this solo episode, Dalijah talks about getting burnt out over social media. Thinking about the perfect life portrayed on these screens. All for likes? Thinking of this, she looks into practicing self-care and preservation to pull back to this life.Today's episode is sponsored by X-Pole, The leading pole and aerial based equipment company (and more) in this industry. Find our favorite poles right here and save 10% by using code FITFILES10&nbsp;At&nbsp;!Created by @blackgirlspole | Hosted by
12/05/202224 minutes 46 seconds
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The Art of Teaching Pole Dance with Dalijah Franklin

Starting out as a work-study at Body and Pole Dalijah Franklin has been teaching pole dance for 14 years and taught in 15 different countries. Her experience ranges from teaching ages 6 to 70 and dealing with a variety of different personalities. In this episode Dalijah shares with you the top six things she has learned along the way:1. Know your shit and have the certifications.2. you are not going to know everything and it will be ok.3. Lead by example.4. Get to know your students and spend a little time with them.5. Keep it spicy.6. Be yourself.This episode is sponsored by Mad HippieMad Hippie is our favorite skincare, suncare, and cosmetics company that makes products that are good for you AND the environment. Mad Hippie products are made with natural ingredients and they don't use any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. We absolutely LOVE&nbsp;using their products!As a follower of the Black Girls Fit Files Pod
05/05/202228 minutes 48 seconds
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Period Class With Berri - The Snip You Need to Hear from Guest Berrion Berry

This episode takes a look back at Berrion Berry, an excerpt from the full-length episode #52 "The truth about female hormones and optimizing your menstrual cycle with Berrion Berry". A conversation about going back to 7th-grade health class and discussing the four phases of your cycle.Today's Guest:TikTok. @berrionlberry | Insta. @berrionlberry | @optimizeyourflo | Podcast. Flow with Berrion BerryCreated by <a href="
28/04/202215 minutes 29 seconds
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Building a 7 Figure Business through Pole with Fit2Flaunt Founder Shelly Murdock

Starting at a young age Shelly Murdock never had limitations on what they could do never letting anything stand in their way - giving that entrepreneur spirit at a young age. This entrepreneurial spirit led them to start working in clubs saving money and making DVDs to build their three studios, and a successful app. Shelly knows about growing through these hard times and working endless hours to build Fit2Flaunt into the brand you know today. Listen to this episode to find out how Shelly built her brand.Get 'em Goal - Stop, right now, make a vision board for this year, and keep it out so you see it regularly.Today's Guest: @fitbyshelly | @fit2flaunt | | Created by <a hr
21/04/202242 minutes 30 seconds
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Spring Cleaning and Releasing the past with Home Organizer Rebekah

Ever had that box in the back of your closet that you have been carrying around from place to place just to put it right back into the closet? During this episode, we talk with guest Rebekah who is a Professional Organizer. We also chat about the psychology of how people see their space. Rebekah has a true gift for being able to see a vision and take you on the journey to bring it to life. "Organize for Love" will transform your space from the inside out.Get 'em Goal - Find one thing in your space that you typically place anywhere. Give It a home, then commit to putting it there when you are done with it.Today's Guest: Insta: @organizeforlove | Pin: @organizeforlove | TikTok: <a href="" rel="noopener noreferr
14/04/202244 minutes 14 seconds
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From Refugee to Preforming in the Opera - The Snip You Need to Hear from Guest Shirin Eskandani

This episode takes a look back at Shirin Eskandani, an excerpt from the full-length episode #50 "Healing through mindset work with Shirin Eskandani". A conversation about her journey from immigrating to Canada to getting the dream call to sing in the Metropolitan Opera.Today's Guest:@wholeheartedcoaching | wholehearted-coaching.comWholehearted Coaching: The PodcastCreated by @blackgirlspole | Hosted by @dalijahamelia<a href="https://www.blackgirlspole.
07/04/20228 minutes 54 seconds
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The truth about female hormones and optimizing your menstrual cycle with Berrion Berry

For most women, periods are a monthly nuisance. But for Berrion Berry, they're an opportunity. Berri is on a mission to make periods more manageable and less taboo. During this episode, we talk about biohacking your menstrual cycle and transforming periods with food and nutrition. Berri shares her personal journey with managing her period and offers tips on how to make periods work for you. Whether you're looking to avoid period brain fog or simply want to feel more in control of your body, this episode is for you!Get em' Goal: Learn how to advocate for yourself.Today's Guest:TikTok. @berrionlberry | Insta. @berrionlberry | @optimizeyourflo <a href="https://www.opti
31/03/20221 hour 3 minutes 3 seconds
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Building a New Community Space for Movement & Recovery with Sammy Picone

During this episode, we spill the tea on all things SADA! Sammy and Dalijah talk about creating this new community space for movement and recovery from the ground up. Everything from selecting a name to hiring a lawyer for all the legalities of opening this type of space. We're learning the in's and out's, planning and waiting. The best part is we're sharing it with all of you - every step of the way! Join us once a month as we grow and cultivate a community where people can dance and feel safe but also have in house access to self-care and wellness practices. Listen now to learn more about this exciting new pole and wellness space!SADA:@sadaharlem | indiegogo.comCreated by <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_
24/03/202239 minutes 57 seconds
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Healing through mindset work and compassion for self with Shirin Eskandani

Immigrating to Canada at the age of four from Iran and having a supportive family, Shirin Eskandani was living the dream life. After performing in the Metropolitan Opera and learning that nothing outside of ourselves is ever going to heal us, she dove into Mindfulness, Mindset Work and started her own coaching business, Wholehearted Coaching. Today Shirin and Dalijah discuss how mindset work can help us heal, the importance of compassion for self in order to create lasting change, and tips for getting started with mindset work. If you're looking to improve your relationship with yourself, then this episode is for you!Get em' Goal: Say no to something you really don't want to do &amp; say yes to something you want to do.Today's Guest:wholeheartedcoaching | wh
17/03/202245 minutes 11 seconds
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Holistic Healing through dance and movement with Psychotherapist Jennifer Sterling

Imagine yourself experiencing depression through your parent, and then experiencing it on your own. This episode of The Black Girl Fit Files features a conversation with Jennifer Sterling about having depression and learning how movements and feelings can help you become more comfortable with your mind and body. And ultimately, building a relationship that allows you to show up on any day authentically as who you truly are.Get em' Goal: Notice when you're comfortable and what that feels like. Then notice when you're uncomfortable and what adjustments you can make to your posture, positioning or location to feel more comfortable.Today's Guest:@jennmsterling | | <a href="" rel="noopener
10/03/202238 minutes 55 seconds
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Finding Your Peace in the Midst of a Ph.D. Program, Pregnancy and Postpartum

Can you imagine working towards your Ph.D. in Psychology and getting pregnant during the process? For today's guest, this was exactly her situation - Being a new mom and finishing up her doctorate degree at the same time. During today's episode, we discuss navigating grad school, being a new mom and overcoming postpartum, incorporating pole, and the importance of taking time out for yourself.Get em' Goal: Make Self Pleasure Sunday a priority - however that looks for you. Today's Guest:@thepolecologistphd | Created by @blackgirlspole | Hosted by <a href="" rel=
24/02/202237 minutes
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Are you listening to your body? with Rebecca Nunez

Ever wonder why your lower back aches? Or if you're actually listening to your body? During this episode, we're chatting with Rebecca Nunez about how to tune in to what your body is telling you. After having a vast background in medicine and anatomy, Rebecca pivoted from aiming to be a surgeon to getting certified in FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy). Now, she is able to break down the language for people to understand how the brain, lymphatic, and fascia all work together and how one affects the other.Get Um Goal: Set an alarm to remind you to take a sip of water three times an hour. | | | @dalijahamelia
17/02/202256 minutes 57 seconds
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Solo Travel is the Self Care that you deserve! with Sojourner White

Have you ever wanted to get away from your daily 9-5? Imagine this, Your name literally means traveler and you have been groomed as a child and traveling abroad in college. Today, Sojourner is a World Travel Blogger, Writer, and Creator. In this episode, we talk about solo travel around the world. Tips for the first-time traveler to must-have apps and what to do about your hair in remote locations. Give yourself an opportunity for self-care and listen to this episode with Sojourner White.Get Um Goal: Lookup someplace new and then consider if you could travel there and see if that spurs any new ideas or places you want to | @thesojourniesYouTube: Sojournies | Twitter: Sojournies | Facebook: Sojourner | | @dalijahamelia
10/02/202254 minutes 3 seconds
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What if You Took Your Goals Seriously?

During today's episode, host Dalijah poses the question, 'what if we took our goals seriously?' Then she gives us all life by sharing the steps to take in order to achieve said goals, no matter the size. From daydreaming to brain dumping, find out all of the ways we can take our goals more seriously and actually make | | | @dalijahamelia
03/02/202221 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Is Your job Harming Your Mental Health? With Zen Oasis

Have you ever felt like it was time to move on? Your body is saying one thing and your mind is saying another. Zen Oasis has and during this episode, she's sharing her journey to self care. From working a full-time job to becoming a full-time business owner in the Pole industry, she shares the struggles of leaving what's comfortable and growing a new business during a | | | | @dalijahamelia
27/01/202255 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

The 5 Things To Incorporate In 2022

Hey Fam! We are officially back and can't wait to share all the exciting things coming to Black Girls Pole in 2022. During this episode, Dalijah Franklin shares the 5 things you NEED to incorporate in your life in 2022! Plus catch up on everything we've been working on over the last year. 2022 is the year we celebrate ourselves. Find out how during our first episode back! | | @dalijahamelia
20/01/202221 minutes 12 seconds
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Ep.42 Influencer Tips Pt 1: Give your IG page a makeover!

Hey Fam! Today I share part one of a 4 part series all about becoming an influencer! Now more than ever Brands are investing time and money into influencers with different niches and audiences! Part 1 I share 4 ways to give your IG page a makeover so you can start growing your following and getting higher engagement! @dalijahamelia
18/09/202017 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 41 Practice Progression, Not Perfection

Ever notice when you get ready to launch something or take the steps to fulfill a dream, perfection rears its ugly head. Fam Ignore the perfection monster and take progression steps to your greatness! Check out this episode! @dalijahamelia
11/09/202011 minutes 12 seconds
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Ep. 40 It's Okay to say NO

The Fit Files are back for season 3! New baby boy and navigating mom life I am pumped to get back to chatting with you all! In this episode I talk about the power of saying NO and why it is such a vital key for sustaining a healthy relationship with yourself and those around you!
03/09/202010 minutes 33 seconds
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Postpartum Pole Life with Tehera Nesfield

Postpartum Pole Life with Tehera Nesfield by Black Girl Fit Files
26/06/202036 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Guys...I have a surprise!

Holy moly friends I finally share the secret I have been keeping for 33 weeks! I share how my body has been adjusting, doing pole while preggers and how I came close several times to passing out while teaching! Be sure to check out my latest Blog Post! IG: @dalijahamelia
14/05/202020 minutes 5 seconds
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Staying in Business during Covid19 with Tammeca Rochester of Harlem Cycle

Small Businesses are making it work during this pandemic! Tammeca Rochester, founder of Harlem Cycle shares her story of becoming the first cycle studio in Harlem, how she opened her doors in just 6 months and got her clients in the door and how she and her instructors have gotten creative keeping people engaged in online classes! IG: @harlemcycle
07/05/202032 minutes 35 seconds
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'Slay Sallie Mae' and stay financially afloat during crisis with Kara The Frugal Feminista

Join Dalijah and she chats with Kara Stevens The Frugal Feminista as she shares her knowledge of Saving money and tackling your student loan debt in a healthy and productive way even during a world wide crisis. Sign up for her 60 Days to 'Slay Sallie Mae', a course designed with Black women in mind!
16/04/202041 minutes 39 seconds
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Grow Your Social Media Following with Actor, Influencer and Fitness Instructor Jadi Collado

Trying to grow your Instagram following but not having any luck? Need help on how to step into becoming an influencer or content creator? Join Dalijah and Actor, Influencer, and Fitness Instructor Jadi Collado as she shares insightful tips of creating great content, when to say yes or no to brands and how she grew her following from 3k to 12k in just a few short months! IG: @jadicollado IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcast
26/03/202042 minutes 24 seconds
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Making your studio a Six Figure Studio with Leslie Lyons, Founder of Six Figure Pole Studio

Calling all Studio owners! Finding the strategy to make you studio profitable is not easy! Join Dalijah and Leslie Lyons, founder of Six Figure Pole Studio as she shares marketing tips as well as plans to set into place to see your business thrive and grow!
19/03/202056 minutes 24 seconds
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Tid Bit Tuesday| 5 Tips To Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected!

You are how you start your day! Waking up and tuning into the world before you tune into yourself is a guaranteed way to feel anxious and discouraged! Check out Dalijah's quick 5 tips to make the most of your day and stay calm, cool, and collected during times of crisis! IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcast IG @dalijahamelia
17/03/202011 minutes
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It's Okay To Be HAPPY!

Stop waiting around for something bad to happen and know that you deserve to be happy! Dalijah share's her steps on manifesting happiness and being unapologetic while doing so! Tune in and start walking in your happiness today! IG: @Dalijahamelia IG: @Blackgirlfitfilespodcast
27/02/202012 minutes 30 seconds
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31. Inner Peace in Hollywood with Actor, Philanthropist and Dancer Michelle Mitchenor

Join Dalijah as she chats with Michelle Mitchenor, Actor, Yogi, Dancer and Philanthropist. She shares the importance of keeping her inner peace, balancing life at home and making a global impact by finding ways to give back to communities all over the world through her non-profit The Mitchenor Foundation! IG: @michellemitchenor IG: @themitchenorfdn
31/01/202054 minutes 47 seconds
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30. Tour life and celebrating the little wins with Pole Star Annakia Jackson

Happy Birthday Fit Files! We are One Year Old today! Fresh off of tour with singer Summer Walker, Annakia Jackson opens up with Dalijah about tour life, quitting her job to pole dance full time and celebrating your micro wins in life when no one else is in your corner! IG: @anna_kia_poles
16/01/202056 minutes 28 seconds
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29. Performance and Competition Tips for Aerial Dancers

You asked, We Listened! Season 2 Of the Fit Files kicks off with Dalijah sharing tips and tricks for competitions and performances for Aerial Dancers! Nutrition, costumes, investing in coaching, music selections and more! If competing is a goal of yours, pull up a seat because this episode is for you!
09/01/202027 minutes 11 seconds
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Ep. 28 Black Girl Vegan with Artist and Activist Jessi Jamz

Dalijah sits with Jessi Jamz, dancer, poler, and community activist as she shares her journey to becoming a vegan! Jessi debunks the myths of who "can be vegan" and share tips of transitioning to veganism. She talks about community engagement and how you can be involved and give back to your community! Sponsor: Nightshade Designs Code: BGFF IG: Jessijamzzz IG: nightshade.designs
12/12/201954 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 27 Step up and be the Bauce you were created to be with Founder of Bauce Mag Liane Membis

Not growing up the ladder in your job can be frustrating. Join Dalijah as she talks with Liane Membis, creator and founder of Bauce Magazine, the online magazine for self made woman of color. She shares her journey of taking a chance on starting her own business, leaving the everyday rat race, and becoming her own BAUCE! Sponsor: Studio 92 Hair Affiliation code: BGFF 20 IG:millianeire IG: baucemag
14/11/201950 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 26 Protect Your Melanin with Shontay Lundy Founder Of Black Girl Sunscreen

Black People Need Sunscreen. Periodt! Join Dalijah as she chats with Shontay Lundy founder and creator of Black Girl Sunscreen. A screen screen for us. By Us. She shares her journey going to China and meeting the manufactures of her products, how being an entrepreneur isn't for the faint heart and WHY it is so important for us to protect our melanin from UV rays! IG: @blackgirlsunscreen IG: @shontay_lundy Sponsor of the Day: Black Girl Sunscreen Affiliation Code: BGFF
07/11/20191 hour 2 minutes 34 seconds
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Ep. 25 Breaking into the Pole Industry and manifesting your dreams with Nicole The Pole

Guest Nicole 'The Pole' Williams gets real and shares her climb to pole fame, breaking into the industry, dancing with big artist, battling depression and finding a new love of life coaching! Sponsor: Mezam Apparel Code BGFF30 IG: @nicolethepole
24/10/201955 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 24 Turning Dreams to Reality with Pole Studio Owner Regina Marie

The Fit Files are back! Join Dalijah as she chats with her Pole sister Regina Marie about her journey of turning her dreams of opening her own pole studio in New York City into reality! Sponsor: Mezam Apparel Code BGFF30
10/10/201933 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tid Bit Tuesday 4| Make the Most of The Rest of 2019!

Welcome Back to the Fit Files! Join Dalijah for her Tid Bit Tuesday as she shares her need for taking a break and 3 ways to end the last 90 days of 2019 with a BANG! Don't wait to start new habits in the New Year! There is no time like the present to close out Q4 hitting your goals and starting new healthy habits!
08/10/201919 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep.23 Get Your Finances Right with Kara Stevens, Founder of The Frugal Feminista

Financial Freedom is on the way! Join Dalijah and Kara Stevens, founder of The Frugal Feminist as she shares her story of starting her own business and helping women of color end their financial bondage! She discusses everything from budgeting to savings and how we can shift our relationship with money to make it a more positive one. IG: @frugalfeminista
08/08/201942 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 22 Kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb and manifest the Life you want to live!

The time is now! Stop letting Imposter Syndrome creep in and tell you you do not deserve a seat at the table.  Imposter Syndrome is a feeling of self doubt or feeling under qualified for a space you are in despite your accomplishments and education. Imposter Syndrome is very common for millions of people, mostly women, and today Dalijah shares tips on kicking it to the curb and simple ways to start manifesting and creating the life you to live!
11/07/201934 minutes 33 seconds
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Ep. 21 Training, Traveling & Keeping the Balance with International Pole Star Phoenix Kazree!

Dalijah chats with Pole Legend, International Pole Champion and Instructor and one of the first Internationally known Black Pole Dancers Phoenix Kazree. She shares her journey from Broadway to Pole, tips on traveling as a Poler, and her Gettem Goals for everyone to follow!
27/06/201949 minutes 31 seconds
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Ep. 20 Wrist Pain and Pole Dancing: Tips for Polers to nip wrist discomfort!

Join Dalijah in a solo episode as she shares some of her favorite teacher tips and exercises of how to minimize your wrist pain while poling! IG: @dalijahamelia IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcast
20/06/201918 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ep. 19 The Juggle: Pole Studio Owner, Family & Full Time Job with Aerial Therapy's Marilyn Allers

The Fit Files are Back! Fresh from the Black Girls Pole Bermuda Retreats, Dalijah sits with Mari Allers, Wife, Mother, Software Developer and owner of Aerial Therapy, the #1 pole studio in Bermuda. Mari opens up about how pole helped her through postpartum and getting back to herself. She also shares how she juggles owning a pole studio, family time, and her Self Care secrets to her peace of mind and success! IG: @marimoves IG: @aerial_therapy IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcast IG: @dalijahamelia
13/06/201939 minutes 25 seconds
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Ep. 18 Do I need a therapist? Tackling Mental Health with Dr. Lena Green

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Dalijah sits with psychotherapist, clinical social worker, fatherhood practitioner and NYU Professor Dr. Green to discuss mental health. She shares why it is important to open the dialogue around the stigma's of African Americans and therapy and how to choose a therapist that is right for you! IG: @drlenagreen IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcast
16/05/201929 minutes 6 seconds
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Ep. 17 Daily Gratitude and Dreams to Fruition with Entrepreneur Briana Owens, Founder of Spiked Spin

Happy Thursday Fam! Dream Big and Step out on Faith that your Dreams will come to fruition! Join Dalijah and Briana Owens, Founder of Spiked Spin as she shares her story of becoming an entrepreneur, creating spiked spin with women of color in mind, and turning this boutique cycling pop up class into her own upcoming Flagship Location! Sponsor: K-Deer Affiliation Code: BGFF15 IG: @spikedspin IG: @bri.monee IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcase IG @dalijahamelia
09/05/201944 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tid Bit Tuesday 3| Nip Procrastination in the Bud!

TBT #3. Tune in to this midweek pick-me-up of BGFF with Dalijah as she shares her tips on how to stop procrastinating and how to start becoming more productive with your day to day living!
07/05/201915 minutes 15 seconds
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Ep. 16 For the love of Running with CEO of Black Girls Run! Jay Ell Alexander

Join Dalijah and Jay Ell Alexander, CEO of Black Girls Run! as she shares her journey of running, becoming owner and CEO of BGR and the importance of having representation for women of color in the running community! Sponsor: K-Deer Affiliation Code: BGFF15 IG: @officialblackgirlsrun IG: @jayellalexander IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcast IG: @dalijahamelia See Dalijah on the Strahan and Sara Show Teaching Keke Palmer Pole Dancing!
02/05/201933 minutes 28 seconds
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Ep. 15 Power to Persevere in the Industry with Founder of Confidence is K.e.e Aurelia Michael

Recognizing your self-work in the artist industry is no joke! It take years to build confidence, manifest dreams and accomplish goals! Guest Aurelia Michael, NYC Native, artist, broadway dancer, life coach author and singer shares her journey to Broadway, writing a book and starting her Coaching company Confidence is K.E.E and the importance of never giving up on your dreams! Email: [email protected] IG: @aureliamichael IG: @_confidenceiskee_ IG: @dalijah IG :blackgirlfitfiles
25/04/201947 minutes 58 seconds
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Ep. 14 Pilates and Representation with Founder of Black Girl Pilates Sonja Herbert

Join Dalijah and guest Sonja Herbert, founder of Black Girl Pilates, NYC Pilates instructor, Power Lifter, Writer and Speaker as they dive into the ins and outs of starting a fitness movement specifically for Black women! Sonja discusses the challenges she faced as well as the international growth of Black Girl Pilates! Email: [email protected] IG: @blackgirlpilates IG: @commandofitnesscollective IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcast IG: @dalijahamelia
19/04/201948 minutes 30 seconds
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Ep. 13 Why Doctors don't believe African Americans and their pain with Dr. Sanchez-Collins

Join Dalijah and guest Dr. Shakira Sanchez-Collins, doctor of internal medicine, as they dive into the disturbing reasons of African American patients being underrated for pain. They discuss the unconscious stereotypes in the medical field, racism centered around Black women and childbirth and the alarming facts of Black women being three times more likely to die during childbirth than any other race. IG: @drshakira IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcast IG: @dalijahamelia
11/04/201930 minutes 51 seconds
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Ep. 12 Training for Pole Competitions and Owning a studio with Ashley Fox

You want to know what goes into preparing for a pole competition? Join Dalijah and Pole Star Ashley Fox as they dive into the ins and outs of training for a competition! Whether its your first comp or 10th you will get Ashley's advice on how to eat right, manage teaching classes and training and when to take out those moves you aren't nailing and save them for the next competition! Ashley shares her pole journey as well as her Gettem Goals for the week! Email: [email protected] IG: @foxyashleyfox IG: @foxyfitnessandpole IG: @dalijahamelia IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcast
04/04/201943 minutes 33 seconds
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Ep. 11 Music, Movement and Meditation with New York City Knicks Resident DJ Tiff McFierce

Join Dalijah and guest Tiff McFierce, first woman resident DJ at Madison Sq Garden for the NYC Knicks and Liberty and founder of 'Look in Vs Lookin' a Wellness and Network Event Company. She shares her journey of how dance, music and meditation helped her heal from depression and diabetes and inspired her to start a her own business to help others on their path to health and happiness! Email: [email protected] IG: @tiffmcfierce IG: @look_invslookin IG: @dalijahamelia IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcast
28/03/201939 minutes 30 seconds
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Ep. 10 Personal Training, Pregnancy & Keeping up your workout routine with Tehera Nesfield

Dalijah and Personal trainer, Pole Dance Star and Mom to be Tehera Nesfield discuss how to stay active during pregnancy and what its like having a "geriatric pregnancy" any pregnancy over 35! At 7 months pregnant and 38 years old, Tehera shares her story of morning sickness for weeks, continuing her work outs and her birthing plan with her midwife and natural birth with NO medications! If you are a fitness lover and/or over 35 and have thought about pregnancy and keeping your routine, this episode is for you! Email: [email protected] Tehera IG: @liftnpole & BGFF IG: @blackgirlfitfilespodcast Dalijah IG: dalijahamelia
21/03/201938 minutes 58 seconds
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Ep. 9 Stress management and meditation with Tia Robinson

Feelings of Stress and anxiety from work, school, relationships and life can bring you all the way down. Dalijah talks with Tia Robinson, stress management coach, founder of The Pause Practice a meditation company and the founder of Vertical Activewear. Tia tells her story of leaving her corporate job and starting her own clothing line and also shares tips of how to slowly but surely become a meditating master!
14/03/201959 minutes 27 seconds
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Tid Bit Tuesday 2| The Power of Visualization

Tid Bit Tuesday #TBT 2. Dalijah shares her "visualization interviews" that help her manifest and bring her dreams to fruition! Need a mid week pick me up check this episode out!
12/03/20199 minutes
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Ep. 8 For the love of Pole, Apparel and Entrepreneurship with Nadia Sharif

Join Dalijah as she chats with international pole star, Black Girls Pole ambassador and owner of Twisted Movement Apparel Nadia Sharif. They discuss the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, international pole and movement retreats, how to stay relevant in the pole community and what its like to take the plunge to open your own creative dance space! Email:[email protected] Sponsor: Twisted Movement Discount Code: BGFF IG: @twistedmovement IG: @thenadia33 IG: @dalijahamelia
07/03/201929 minutes 44 seconds
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Ep. 7 Why do I keep injuring my shoulders?

Dalijah discusses the anatomy of the shoulder, why pole dancers continue to injure their shoulders and suggestions to help heal shoulder injuries both old and new. Email: [email protected] Sponsor: Twisted Movement Discount Code: BGFF IG: @dalijahamelia
28/02/201928 minutes 33 seconds
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Tid Bit Tuesday 1| You aren't a mess.

Oh Snaps Its the first Tid Bit Tuesday #tbt. The first "five minute pick me up" on BGFF to boost your week, keep you motivated, and add some positivity in your life! This weeks TBT Dalijah reminds you to stop claiming the word "Mess" in your life and declare your journey to learning and growth!
26/02/20195 minutes 43 seconds
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Ep. 6 Hip Hop Yoga and Self Forgiveness with Jaimee Ratliff

Join Dalijah as she sits with Jaimee Ratliff, certified Yoga Instructor and Pop Up Hip Hop Yoga instructor from Atlanta as they discuss finding a yoga practice that works for you, overcoming depression through yoga and learning self forgiveness. Email:[email protected] Sponsor: Superfit Hero Discount Code: BGFF IG: @superfithero IG: @jaimeeratliff IG: @dalijahamelia
21/02/201935 minutes 32 seconds
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Ep. 5 Starting Flexibility Training as an adult with Alicia 'Kinky|Sweat' Archer

Join Dalijah as she sit with Alicia Archer to discuss doing flexibility training as an Adult! Alicia breaks down how to get started in your flexibility journey, stay committed and her Gettem Goal for the week! Email: [email protected] Sponsor: Vertical Activewear Discount Code: BGFF19 IG: @superfithero IG: @kinkysweat IG: @dalijahamelia
14/02/201943 minutes 1 second
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Ep. 4 Body Positivity and Ultra Marathons with Latoya Shauntay Snell

Join Dalijah as she sits with Latoya Snell, founder of Running Fat Chef and co-host of 300lbs and Running Podcast as they discuss Body Positivity, Racial Profiling as an athlete and Marathon Running. Email: [email protected] Sponsor: Superfit Hero Discount Code: BGFF IG: @superfithero IG: @iamlshauntay IG: @dalijahamelia
07/02/201951 minutes 34 seconds
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EP 3. Fitness Full Time with Roz The Diva

Join Dalijah as she sit with Roz The Diva to discuss doing fitness full time, advocating for plus size athletes and Pole dancers and making Six Figures doing what you love. Email: [email protected] Sponsor: Vertical Activewear Discount Code: BGFF19 IG: @verticalactivewear IG: @Rozthediva IG: @dalijahamelia
31/01/201953 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep.2 Home Pole Training with Sammy Picone

Join Dalijah as she sits down with Sammy Picone, the world wide known home trained Pole dancer as they discusses everything from how to train Pole dancing at to hair removal of her lady parts! Email: [email protected] Sponsor: Vertical Activewear Discount Code: BGFF19 IG: @verticalactivewear IG: @sammypicone IG: @dalijahamelia
24/01/201932 minutes 3 seconds
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Ep. 1 Yes, I am a Pole Dancer

Join Dalijah Amelia, founder of Black Girls Pole, for the first episode of The Black Girl Fit Files! Here she shares her journey of being a woman of color in the fitness industry, starting her own business geared towards empowering black women to pole dance and how important representation and self love is in the ever evolving fitness industry. [email protected] IG @blackgirlspole IG @dalijahamelia Sponsor: Vertical Activewear Discount Code: BGFF19 IG: @verticalactivewear
17/01/201921 minutes 29 seconds