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English, Finance, 4 seasons, 56 episodes, 1 day 9 hours 39 minutes
Bitcoin out of the Box is the cryptocurrency podcast that reveals what's really happening inside the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. Covering Bitcoin, Ethereum Top cryptocurrencies, we bridge the knowledge gap between privileged institutional investors and the average retail investor. In season 3 we're broadening our scope of understanding the space, from different investment mindsets, ideologies and project scopes.
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Why Is Bitcoin Crashing? What Will Happen Next???

Bitcoin and Ethereum prices have appeared to be in a free fall. The falling cryptocurrency prices have dampened the celebration mood of retail crypto investors. Cryptocurrency prices fell along with stock markets after the Federal Reserve released the minutes of its December meeting in which officials discussed the possibility of earlier and faster interest rate hikes and shrinking the Fed's $8.3 trillion balance sheet. In this video, I will talk about all the possible factors that contributed to this dip we are having right now.
10/01/202217 minutes 47 seconds
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Boba Network ($BOBA): The One To Watch

Boba Network (BOBA) ensures compatibility with Ethereum and aims to improve the transaction throughput and reduce the gas fees by aggregating transactions in volume. There are many other scalability solutions in the market. What makes Boba different from its competitors is its extensible smart contract and ease of transfer of cryptocurrencies from Boba to Ethereum. In this video, we speak with Leslie of GBV to discuss what's in store for Boba and its ecosystem.
24/12/202117 minutes 7 seconds
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Game Changing DeFi: Earn Yield On Your Own Terms (Spool)

Spool is permissionless middleware that allows users and builders to access DeFi in a fully composable manner. It lays the foundation for a customizable, scalable, and efficient financial services ecosystem that bridges the gap between end users and DeFi primitives. Spool unlocks currently dormant capital and allows anyone to earn yield on their own terms while fueling DeFi primitives with more reliable and predictable liquidity.
02/12/202113 minutes 59 seconds
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The Uniswap For Security Tokens Is Here!!! DO NOT MISS THIS

Today I sat down with the Co-Founder of IX Swap, Julian Kwan to discuss about the potential of the project and the security token sector. IX Swap is the “Uniswap” for security tokens (STO) and tokenized stocks (TSO). IX Swap is creating the world’s first liquidity pools and automated market makers (AMM) for security tokens and tokenized stocks.
30/11/202116 minutes 5 seconds
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China to REVERSE stance on Bitcoin?

Chinese media established that people have the freedom to trade Bitcoin - is this a reversal in the trend to ban BTC? Nate (Cryptonauts) and I also speak to Erik (Covalent) on the latest happenings and upcoming trends in the cryptocurrency space. Learn more about Covalent: Covalent Twitter: <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqa1JjYlVRWU5NYTNNeG0yU1JXQ0U2bGlUTWI2Z3xBQ3Jtc0trYnJpVjd3aXFTaWxDZHRHMV84M1RBbk11OXNuZWV0dlVoMHNGRk1FQ2dYMlEtajVMX3gzdWlYYVhuY1RvMXlyWFBkZGxOX3pHWTZBMkI3UmgxaXFzTktmYkl0NUg1cTQ1WnlQUVNMTXFjTF9wcXRXVQ&amp;q=h
07/06/20211 hour 1 minute 2 seconds
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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency chat with Jeff Kirdeikis (TrustSwap)

Jeff Kirdeikis is the Founder of TrustSwap ($SWAP), Cryptocurrency/ Bitcoin advocate and Bali buddy. We sit down for a discussion on the cryptocurrency market trends, what we can expect from TrustSwap in the near future, and is the NFT craze just a bubble?
29/03/20211 hour 11 minutes 45 seconds