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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 seasons, 219 episodes, 16 hours 2 minutes
My goal is to help you be the best you through breaking down the latest science, and providing actionable tips that are both affordable and accessible to everyone. We're making health easy one episode at a time! Exploring holistic nutrition, natural health, biohacking, longevity, fitness and lifestyle medicine with some of the most experienced and educated people in the world. Tune in for a new episode every week to hear open, real and unfiltered discussions that provide valuable information to help you live a long, healthy and happy life.
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My Top Strategies to Stick to Your Health Goals This Month: Binaural Beats, Mushrooms, Humidifiers, Adaptogens and More

In this episode, I unveil a treasure trove of wellness strategies tailored for the festive season. I explore the calming effects of music, dive into the world of binaural beats, and unlock the potential of essential oils to elevate our sense of well-being.  I also shed light on the crucial role of caffeine management, underscore the need for mental health prioritization, and advocate the benefits of taking a break from digital devices.    I talk about: 03:30 - TikTok vs. Instagram: the challenges 13:00 - Opening up my practice for one-on-one consultations! 18:30 - Relaxing holiday music and binaural beats for stress reduction 21:50 - Using a humidifier to combat dry winter air and asthma relief 28:00 - Experiment with healthy holiday recipes and including biohacker ingredients 31:00
08/12/202345 minutes 38 seconds
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My Top 16 Game-Changing Gifts for Biohackers, Wellness Lovers, and Optimal Health Enthusiasts This Holiday Season

Welcome to a special episode where I unveil my exclusive holiday gift guide, tailored for biohackers, wellness fanatics, and health enthusiasts.  In this holiday gift guide, I'll be breaking down each product, revealing who it's perfect for, and sharing compelling reasons why they're a must-have for you or as thoughtful gifts for your health-conscious loved ones.    We talk about: 03:50 - Juunaday: Code BRITTANY 07:50 - Silverbiotics: Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY 13:05 - Filter Optix: Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY 22:20 - OneSkin: Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY <li dir="
05/12/20231 hour 21 minutes 35 seconds
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Recap: Berberine vs. Ozempic, Alcohol's Impact, The Healing Web, and Functional Foods for Women's Health

In this standout episode, I revisit this year's most listened-to podcast episode on Spotify. I delve into the fascinating juxtaposition of Berberine and Ozempic, and their health management impacts on your health. I tackle the pressing issue of unrealistic body standards and a recent woman's horrific experience with Ozempic.  Additionally, I highlight Berberine's benefits for blood sugar control and explore the Healing Web, an invaluable guide linking holistic medicine and biohacking, and discuss functional foods and how they benefit women's health.   We talk about: 05:00 - Effects and risks of Ozempic vs. Berberine 0:12:00 - Berberine's potential in managing blood sugar levels 34:00 - Berberine for fertility 42:00 - Alcohol and your health 56:25 - The Healing Web poster 01
01/12/20231 hour 15 minutes 45 seconds
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The Truth about Bioidentical Hormones, Xenoestrogens, Perimenopause and Belly Fat with Karen Martel

In this episode, we venture into the intricate realm of female hormones with Karen Martel.  Karen, a Certified Hormone Specialist, transformational nutrition coach, and the host of "The Hormone Solution Podcast," guides us through the complexities of hormonal imbalances and xenoestrogens, shedding light on their significant impact on overall health. From the challenges of weight loss to the nuances of menopause, we delve into effective healing strategies encompassing diet, exercise, and stress management, offering a comprehensive approach to hormonal health.   We talk about: 10:20 - Hormonal dysfunction in women: age and symptoms 15:00 - Taking a holistic approach to hormonal dysfunction 23:00 - Alcohol’s effects on your body 31:40 - Eliminating xenoestrogens for hormonal balance 35:00 - Impo
28/11/20231 hour 6 minutes 45 seconds
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What You Need to Know About Peptides, Psilocybin, and Bioregulators for Optimal Health with Nathalie Niddam

I'm thrilled to be accompanied by Nathalie Niddam, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, an Epigenetic Coach, and a member of the first graduating class of the Human Potential Training Institute. Our conversation today takes a deep dive into the realm of peptides and bioregulators, the critical significance of solid health foundations, sourcing premium organ meats and bioregulators, and discussing the edge synthetic bioregulators have as nutritional supplements. We also explore the profound influence of bioregulators and peptides on both longevity and mental health, alongside the promising outcomes of talk therapy and psilocybin therapy.    We talk about: 09:30 - Back to basics: biohacking focuses on health 22:00 - Peptides as a support for women's health issues 28:20 - Bioregulator peptides: what they are and their benefits <l
24/11/20231 hour 6 minutes 26 seconds
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How to Triumph Over Cancer: Exploring Unique and Holistic Healing Paths with Dr. Lori Bouchard

Join me for a compelling conversation with Dr. Lori Bouchard, renowned author of "Cancer Doesn't Own You," founder of Inside Health Clinic, and the pioneering force behind the Breakthrough Medicine Conference.  We explore the critical journey to the heart of cancer's root causes, the transformative role of fasting and dietary modifications, and the truth behind common cancer myths.  Our dialogue highlights the indispensability of tailored care, the power of self-belief, and the significance of informed, data-driven decision-making over the shadow of fear.    We talk about: 03:30 - How Dr. Lori got started in cancer care 09:30 - Believing that your body can heal itself 20:00 - Taking a multifaceted and holistic approach to healing cancer 23:00 - Healthy habits for cancer prevention and healing <li dir="ltr"
21/11/202354 minutes 41 seconds
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Empowering Female Professionals: Mastering Health, Work-Life Harmony, and Biohacking with Dr. Laura DeCesaris

I’m joined by Dr. Laura DeCesaris, a functional medicine-trained health strategist, who specializes in empowering female entrepreneurs and motivated professionals.  Together, we delve into the intricacies of women's health, dissecting how to achieve peak performance without sacrificing work-life harmony. We also expose common myths, explore syncing with your hormonal cycle, and dive into the transformative world of biohacking.  Plus, we tackle the unique challenges women face in the workplace and the power of a supportive community!   We talk about: 10:00 - Checkout my new Amazon storefront 16:30 - Choosing the right school and training for functional medicine 22:00 - Practical experience and lea
17/11/20231 hour 16 minutes 31 seconds
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Decoding Gene Therapy: Redefining Health, Longevity and Regenerative Medicine

Welcome to a riveting episode where we venture into the future of medicine with Elizabeth Parrish, the CEO of BioViva, a vanguard in the gene therapy revolution.  Today, we'll unveil the mysteries of gene therapy, explore its profound implications for enhancing health and longevity, and hear firsthand from Elizabeth about her own gene therapy journey.  With BioViva's innovative approach, we're peering into a world where reversing the clock on cellular aging isn't just a possibility—it's the beginning of a new era in combating age-related diseases.    We talk about: 07:10 - Transitioning to gene therapy and starting BioViva 12:30 - The impact of increasing health span on the planet and using restorative medicine 19:00 - When is someone sick and when is someone in good health 28:00 - Elizabeth’s personal experien
14/11/202359 minutes 28 seconds
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Detoxifying for Life: Navigating Toxins, Epigenetics, Stem Cells, and Ancient Wisdom for Reproductive Wellness

I'm delighted to introduce Susana Puelles, L.Ac., a distinguished physician of Asian medicine, functional medicine practitioner, and expert in acupuncture and herbal therapies. Susana is dedicated to transforming the lives of busy, stressed women, guiding them towards a state of vibrant health, and helping them embrace their journey into motherhood with confidence. We delve into the captivating realm of epigenetics, examining the profound influence of chemicals on fertility and the vital process of detoxification. Moreover, we underscore the importance of a holistic approach to healing, shining a light on environmental factors impacting fertility and advocating for proactive preconception health.   We talk about: 13:30 - Journey into holistic medicine and fertility specialization 21:00 - Alarming statistics and the need for preconception changes 25:00 - Sweating
10/11/20231 hour 18 minutes 37 seconds
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Debunking Stigmas, Data-Driven Wellness, and Holistic Living: My Interview on The Not So Average Podcast

In this episode, I'm interviewed by Courtney Croucher, host of The Not So Average podcast. We discuss the stigma around pregnancy and miscarriage, The Healing Web concept, data-driven health decisions, and the benefits of raw milk, supplements, and holistic wellness approaches.   We talk about: 18:20 - Different creators make information digestible for average consumers 27:21 - Importance of optimizing sperm health for a healthy pregnancy 31:42 - Empowering men to take ownership of preconception health 46:54 - The fear of pregnancy and societal labels 50:13 - Exploring alternatives to hormonal birth control for fertility awareness 53:32 - Pregnancy announcements and the need to break the stigma 57:00 - The healing web and what you can learn from it 01:0
07/11/20231 hour 31 minutes 49 seconds
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Harmonizing Hormones and Candida: The Misunderstood Gut Health Connection

I’m joined by Dr. Grace Liu, an esteemed expert in the field of gut health and regenerative medicine. Together, we delve into the intricate relationship between stress, hormones, and their profound influence on gut health. We also explore the paramount importance of adopting a holistic approach when it comes to addressing and averting candida overgrowth. Furthermore, we shed light on the pivotal role that toxins play in shaping the delicate balance of the microbiome. We talk about the gut-brain connection, the promising realm of regenerative medicine, and discover the secrets to recalibrating your microbiome for optimal well-being.   We talk about: 11:50 - Synthetic hormones and pharmaceutical impact on gut health 19:18 - Microbiome as a wealth portfolio for longevity 22:30 - The Importance of rhythms and hormone balance 25:30
03/11/20231 hour 4 minutes 56 seconds
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Q&A: Exploring Your Questions on Morning Routines, Relationships, Functional Medicine and the Upcoming Holiday Season

In this episode, I explore a collection of listener questions sourced from multiple channels, including my email list and social media.    I delve into an array of engaging topics, ranging from my morning exercise regimen to the transformative influence of a life-altering book, and strategies for making mindful choices during the holiday season.   We talk about: 07:00 - My new website update and opening my consulting practice 11:00 - Aha moment: morning walk for energy and productivity 18:00 - A biohacking practice that seemed weird but turned out to be beneficial 25:10 - How the book “Wheat Belly” changed my life 27:30 - How biohacking has influenced my relationships 32:00 - Dealing with judgment and guilt during the holidays 37:00 - When biohacki
31/10/202342 minutes 31 seconds
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Balancing Blood Sugar: Practical Tips for PCOS, Insulin Irregularities and Women’s Health

In this episode, I have a special guest, Danielle Hamilton, a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a renowned blood sugar expert. Dani's journey from struggling with her own health issues, including PCOS, to becoming an expert in blood sugar balance and nutrition is truly inspiring.    Join us as we explore how blood sugar impacts overall health and well-being, and we'll uncover key insights, especially relevant to women's health.   We talk about:  10:20 - Ignoring blood sugar: the root of all issues 19:30 - The struggle with undiagnosed hypoglycemia 26:40 - Different types of PCOS and the importance of insulin levels 30:10 - Tracking hormones and insulin levels for PCOS management 38:20 - Importance of balancing blood sugar  47:10 - Therapeutic ketogenic diet 
27/10/20231 hour 17 minutes 14 seconds
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Real Strategies for Vibrant Health: Navigating Stress and Success

In this episode, I have the pleasure of hosting Megan Lyons, a distinguished authority in the realm of health and wellness, and the founder of The Lyons' Share Wellness.   Our conversation dives into the art of stress management, the science of goal setting, and the essential practice of safeguarding your well-being without succumbing to burnout.   Tune in to discover a wealth of invaluable insights, tips, and strategies to empower you in the pursuit of lasting well-being and sustainable achievement. We talk about: 08:50 - From an economics expert to a health and wellness professional 13:00 - Monitoring devices provide valuable health data but need caution 20:30 - Tools Megan uses to track her health 25:30 - Balancing success and mental health
24/10/202359 minutes 2 seconds
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Vaginal Steaming for Menstrual Health, Postpartum Recovery, Menopause and Fertility: Why You Need To Try This Ancient Practice Now

In this captivating episode, I'm delighted to be joined by Jessica Pratt, the co-founder of Leiamoon. Together, we embark on an insightful journey into the world of vaginal steaming and its myriad benefits. We delve into its transformative effects on fertility optimization, menopause, postpartum recovery, and menstrual health.   Leiamoon is passionately committed to ensuring that every woman can readily access the benefits of vaginal steaming from the comfort and safety of her own home, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality.   We talk about: 10:20 - Jessica’s health before she started vaginal steaming 16:00 - Tap into your feminine energy but not be burnt out 23:00 - Vaginal steaming: an ancient pra
20/10/20231 hour 5 minutes 1 second
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Beyond the Tooth: Understanding the Role of Oral Health and Root Canals in Overall Well-being

Today, I have Dr. Sonia Chopra, a passionate Endodontist and online entrepreneur with a mission to revolutionize root canals and decrease global healthcare costs.   We talk about the importance of oral health, the misconceptions surrounding root canals, and the need for better education in dentistry to provide high-quality care.   Get ready for an eye-opening discussion on microorganisms, root canals, and more.    We talk about: 10:15 - Dr. Sonia’s story on why she became an endodontist 15:30 - The role of diet in dental health 20:00 - What is a root canal and why it is needed 22:15 - The neglected importance of flossing and its benefits for dental health 25:00 - The value and functions of teeth beyond aesthetics 31:00 - Under
17/10/202359 minutes 56 seconds
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Mastering Burnout and Mental Health: A Deep Dive with Empowering Advice for Women

I'm pleased to introduce Raewyn Guerrero, the Gutsy Executive Coach, in an insightful conversation that centers on mental health, burnout, and the unique challenges faced by female entrepreneurs. We discuss strategies for preventing and recovering from burnout, emphasizing the mind-body connection, particularly relevant to type-A women.    I talk about: 18:10 - Burnout and mental health discussion 25:40 - Tips for better sleep and blood sugar regulation 34:30 - The Importance of balancing multiple roles for female entrepreneurs 51:40 - Superficial approaches to burnout vs functional medicine solutions 01:00:25 - The complexity of burnout and individual experiences 01:04:30 - Exercise and its role in burnout management and recovery 01:07:40 - Practical strategies for slowi
13/10/20231 hour 27 minutes 39 seconds
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Ultimate Sleep Positions, Posture, and Alignment for Optimal Health

I'm thrilled to have Dr. Peter Martone on the show, a professional dedicated to unlocking your fullest potential through optimal rest and alignment.   During our conversation, we delve into a variety of topics, including the profound connection between sleep and posture, the advantages of adopting a supine sleeping position, the importance of balance enhancement, and even how to achieve restful sleep during pregnancy.   I talk about: 19:00 - Overcoming barriers to transforming sleep habits 27:50 - Spinal health issues from birth and throughout life 37:30 - Standing posture and its impact on brain health 42:20 - Ergonomics and posture for computer use 48:35 - Sleep recommendations for pregnant women 52:00 - Correcting biomechanics for postpartum women <li
03/10/20231 hour 10 minutes 57 seconds
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Daily Cellular Health: Nicotinamide (NMN), Spermidine and Other Biomimetic Molecules Explored

I’m joined by Dr. Chris Rhodes from Mimio, where we embark on a fascinating exploration into the intricacies of fasting. Discover how Mimio Health has ingeniously crafted a supplement that awakens fasting pathways, all without the necessity of adhering to strict dietary constraints.   Our discussion spans a multitude of topics, including the myriad advantages of fasting, how Mimio facilitates the attainment of these fasting benefits, the unique ingredients that comprise Mimio's formula, the sustainability aspect of supplements, and an array of other captivating insights. I talk about:  06:10 - Importance of cellular health and its impact on future disease 12:50 - Mimio and the holistic approach to longevity 19:30 - Longevity research and the role of fasting 22:30 - Challenges and con
30/09/20231 hour 8 minutes 26 seconds
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Q&A: Exploring Birth Control, Acupuncture, Biohacking, and Psychedelics

Today, I have an exciting Q & A episode lined up, featuring questions I've gathered from various sources, including emails and DMs.   In this episode, I dive into thought-provoking topics such as the long-term effects of birth control, exploring alternative therapies like acupuncture and yoni steaming for women's health, delving into the intriguing intersection of biohacking with emotional and spiritual well-being, and exploring practices such as microdosing psychedelics and mindfulness.   Stay tuned for a stimulating and informative session!   I talk about: 09:10 - The repercussions of long-term birth control use 14:20 - Unconventional biohacks and surprising practices 26:30 - Traditional healing practices: acupuncture and yoni steaming 35:
26/09/20231 hour 12 minutes 32 seconds
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Age on Your Own Terms With a Brand New Essential Fatty Acid

In this episode, I'm joined by the dynamic duo of Stephanie and Eric Venn-Watson as we delve into new knowledge surrounding the remarkable advantages of Fatty 15, an innovative essential fatty acid supplement that elevates cellular vitality.   From nurturing heart health and boosting emotional well-being to enhancing sleep and alleviating discomfort, Fatty 15 presents a spectrum of benefits aimed at optimizing your overall state of wellness. You’re going to learn a lot in this episode!    We talk about: 15:30 - Finding a new fatty acid thanks to dolphins! 25:50 - NIH summary says omega-3 supplements lack benefits 30:02 - Long-term benefits of the C15:0 fatty acid 32:40 - Short-term benefits of the C15:0 fatty acid 47:10 - The overwhelming market of supplements 50:00
22/09/20231 hour 10 minutes 8 seconds
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In the Hot Seat: My Interview With Katie Moore From the Women’s Biohacking Conference

In this episode, I am thrilled to share my interview with Katie Moore from the Women's Biohacking Conference.   We emphasize why starting early in your preconception journey and adopting a holistic approach is important. We also highlight the significance of lifestyle changes, reducing toxin exposure, managing stress, and improving sleep.  The conversation with Katie Moore from the Women's Biohacking Conference was truly enlightening, and will provide valuable insights for anyone interested in women's health and biohacking.   We talk about: 12:32 - The importance of preconception health 18:08 - Detoxing and cleansing for fertility preparation 22:01 - The importa
19/09/20231 hour 13 minutes 41 seconds
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Biohacking in the News: Navigating the Blueprint of Innovation and Wellness

In this exciting episode, we embark on a captivating journey into the realm of biohacking as it unfolds in today's news landscape. Our focus centers on a groundbreaking feature in Rolling Stone that delves into the audacious biohacking venture of tech magnate Bryan Johnson, known as "Blueprint."   Throughout our exploration, we navigate through a constellation of articles shedding light on the cellular advantages harnessed through biohacking, while also celebrating its newfound accessibility facilitated by cutting-edge technology and vibrant online communities.   We extend our discourse to biohacking centers and emphasize the imperative to amplify the presence of women's health within this evolving sphere of innovation.   We talk about: 04:50 - Millionaire biohacker says algorithm runs his life 09:30 - Criti
15/09/202346 minutes 3 seconds
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14 Hot and Cutting-Edge Biohacking Trends Likely to Gain Traction in 2024 and Beyond

In this episode, join me as we dive into the captivating world of biohacking trends that are set to shape the remainder of 2023 and extend into 2024. We'll explore the remarkable advantages of hot-cold contrast therapy, uncovering its profound impact on both our mental and physical well-being. Additionally, we'll delve into the burgeoning fascination with ancestral medicine within the biohacking community, emphasizing the significance of integrating self-care and recovery practices into our daily lives to enhance our overall wellness.  Tune in to this podcast and unlock the boundless potential of biohacking for achieving peak health and performance!   We talk about: 10:34 - A cookbook and website for paleo recipes 29:54 - Hacking learning and skill development 33:03 - Minimum effective exercise and fitness biohacking tools <
12/09/20231 hour 17 minutes 5 seconds
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Biohacking Your Sleep and Eye Health: A Deep Dive into Blue Light with Filter Optix

I'm delighted to introduce Robin Andersen from Filter Optix on this episode. We explore topics like sleep, blue light, red light, different types of blue-light blocking glasses, Filter Optix's lens options and their benefits, and more. Filter Optix is dedicated to improving lives and well-being by creating innovative eyewear. Their focus is on helping people reduce exposure to artificial blue light, which clinical trials have shown to have negative effects on sleep and overall health. And today is the last day of my Biohacking Birthday Giveaway! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)!                We talk about: 11:09 - Crafting the perfect lenses for optimal eye health 14:01 - The importance of eco-friendly materials in biohacki
08/09/202344 minutes 27 seconds
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Mastering Brain Health, Senolytics, and the Gut-Brain Connection with Neurohacker Collective

I embark on a fascinating journey into the realm of brain health, the wonders of senolytic supplements, and the intricate link between gut health and brain well-being. I’m joined by Dr. Nick Bitz, a distinguished member of the Neurohacker Collective team. The inception of Neurohacker Collective dates back to 2015, driven by an unwavering mission to craft unrivaled well-being solutions. Their approach to research and development is nothing short of groundbreaking, firmly rooted in the principles of complex systems science. And today is day 11 of my Biohacking Birthday Giveaway! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)! Only two days left to enter!                We talk about: 12:40 - Supporting the body's self-regulation 21:10 - Fact
07/09/202344 minutes 52 seconds
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Silver Wonders Unveiled: Exploring the Health Benefits and Myths Surrounding Silver Usage with Silverbiotics

Today, I’m exploring the health benefits of silver with Kelly Gray from SilverBiotics.  We discuss the differences between colloidal and ionic silver for safety, silver's uses in agriculture and tick prevention, dispel the myth of silver causing blue skin, and highlight its numerous benefits.  SilverBiotics' SilverSol technology is a powerful solution for protecting your body from damage and aging, making it an excellent choice for those seeking improved health and wellbeing. And today is day 10 of my Biohacking Birthday Giveaway! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)! Only two days left to enter!                We talk about: 09:10 - Personal success story of using silver gel for eczema 12:00 - Silver as an alter
06/09/202337 minutes 38 seconds
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Elevating Gut Health: Exploring Cutting-Edge Testing and Personalized Nutrition with Viome

Join me as I chat with Hilary Kaiser and Grant Antoine from Viome about their cutting-edge testing process and its benefits, people's initial reactions to it, the addition of personalized oral health products to Viome's offerings, and the potential of their test to boost gut health.  Experience the power of Viome's advanced science and technology in transforming your well-being. And today is day 9 of my Biohacking Birthday Giveaway! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)!   We talk about: 09:00 - Discovering Viome’s personalized nutrition and wellness 18:00 - Baseline microbiome stability and long-term dietary influence 21:00 - Recommended timeframe for retesting microbiome 27:00 - The importa
05/09/202351 minutes 23 seconds
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Unlocking Cellular Renewal: Spermidine's Science and Strategies for Healthy Aging with SpermidineLife

Welcome to day 8 of my Biohacking Birthday Giveaway! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)! I'm joined by Don Moxley from SpermidineLife, where we delve into the realm of spermidine's scientific aspects and its advantageous effects on cellular rejuvenation. Additionally, we underscore the significance of lifestyle choices and personal drive, while emphasizing the importance of establishing achievable objectives and employing visual aids for motivation. The utilization of spermidine supplementation has demonstrated its capacity to foster graceful aging by kickstarting cellular renewal via autophagy. This process aids in countering the buildup of cellular debris and ultimately boosts cellular functionality as we progress through the aging process.   We talk about:
04/09/202337 minutes 3 seconds
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Senescence Cells and Skin: Nurturing Skin from Within with OneSkin

Welcome to day 7 of my Biohacking Birthday Giveaway! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)! I'm joined by Alessandra Zonari, one of the brilliant minds behind OneSkin, for an insightful conversation centered on the fascinating world of skin health. During our discussion, we delve deep into various aspects, including the intricacies of skincare, the tactics employed by skincare companies to capitalize on consumers, the science of skin aging and longevity, and a detailed exploration of how our skin operates at a cellular level. Moreover, we uncover the groundbreaking innovation behind OneSkin Topical Supplements, which feature OS-01, the inaugural ingredient that has undergone scientific validation for its remarkable ability to actually reverse the biological aging of skin molecules.   <st
04/09/202351 minutes 19 seconds
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The Fasting Revolution of Prolon for Weight Loss and Wellness Enhancement

Welcome to day 6 of my Biohacking Birthday Giveaway! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)! I’m joined by Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, esteemed scientific adviser at ProLon. Our conversation delves into the myriad advantages of fasting and elucidates how ProLon can be your indispensable companion in facilitating this transformative practice. ProLon is a shining example of scientific thoroughness, backed by extensive testing. It's well-known for playing a crucial role in helping people on their weight loss journey.   We talk about: 11:30 - What Prolon is 12:40 - Benefits of 5-Day Fasting 14:30 - Day 1 - Ketosis 15:30 - Day 2 - Autophagy 16:30 - Day 4 - Rejuvenation <li dir="ltr
02/09/202343 minutes 4 seconds
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Harmonizing Stress: Exploring the Impact of Sound and Vibration on Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Nervous System Health with Sensate

Welcome to day 5 of my Biohacking Birthday Giveaway! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)! I’m excited to have Michelle Laven from Sensate as my guest today. We cover a wide range of topics from how Sensate helps you manage stress, how vibration and sound elements work on your nervous system, sleep, emotional intelligence, and a lot more. Sensate uses the natural power of sonic resonance to calm your body’s nervous system, providing immediate relief and long-term benefits from regular use.   We talk about: 12:50 - How Sensate helps manage your stress 16:10 - How vibration and sound elements work on your nervous system 17:20 - Vagus nerve and our stress response 21:00 - Sleep
01/09/202341 minutes 4 seconds
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Decoding Optimal Health, Parenthood, Work-Life Balance and Longevity with Wade Lightheart from BiOptimizers

Welcome to day 4 of my Biohacking Birthday Giveaway! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)! I'm delighted to introduce Wade Lightheart from BiOptimizers as my guest today. During our conversation, we delve into a range of fascinating topics, including Wade's perspective on navigating one's 50s, the pursuit of parenthood after dedicating years to a career, the intricacies of detoxification, fostering healthy digestion, and strategies for enhancing longevity, among other insightful subjects. BiOptimizers stands out by meticulously incorporating the ideal and efficacious amounts of extensively studied ingredients. This supplement brand is easily one of my favorite on the market, especially their magnesium and digestive enzymes!   We talk about: 12:00
31/08/202350 minutes 15 seconds
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The Power of Light Therapy for Gut Health, Reproductive Well-being, Anti-Aging, and Pain Relief with Kineon

Welcome to the exciting day 3 of my Biohacking Birthday Giveaway! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)! Today, I'm joined by Forrest Smith, the CEO of Kineon, for an illuminating discussion about the groundbreaking Move+ Pro. Discover how this remarkable red light therapy device sets itself apart, learn about its unique benefits, including using red light therapy for ovarian health, and much more.  Kineon, a pioneer in technology, is dedicated to bringing clinical-level treatments right to your home through innovative light therapy devices.   We talk about: 08:00 - What the Move+ Pro is 09:30 - How Move+ Pro is different from other red light therapy devices 12:30 - The kind of lasers Kineon uses for Move+ Pro <li dir="ltr"
30/08/202337 minutes 9 seconds
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Mastering Your Biological Age: Expert Insights and Actionable Tips for Longevity with GlycanAge

Join me and Zorrie Dimitrova as we explore the essence of GlycanAge's significance in the longevity and health space. Discover how this at-home test gauges your biological age through chronic inflammation, intricately linked to your lifestyle choices. We unveil the secrets to gracefully lower your GlycanAge while embracing expert advice for holistic wellness. And welcome to day 2 of my Biohacking Birthday celebration! You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)!   We talk about: 08:50 - What GlycanAge is and how it works 10:20 - How your glycan profile changes over time 13:30 - Zorrie’s personal experience with GlycanAge 19:00 - Why your GlycanAge may be higher than your actual age <li dir="lt
29/08/202340 minutes 42 seconds
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Unlocking Cellular Energy: Exploring the Secrets of Mitochondrial Health with Timeline Nutrition

We're diving into the world of Timeline Nutrition and their game-changing gem, Mitopure. Get ready to explore how this nutrient can seriously boost your mitochondria – those tiny powerhouses that keep you going strong.   And welcome to my Biohacking Birthday Giveaway! I’m kicking things off with a bang by having the incredible Emily Werner from Timeline Nutrition join us for the first of twelve days of giveaways.   You can enter my Birthday Giveaway here (prizes worth over $4,000)!   We talk about: 07:10 - What Mitopure is 11:00 - How to support your mitochondria as you get older 15:10 - Who is Mitopure for 18:00 - CoQ10 and the mitochondria 24:00 - Benef
28/08/202342 minutes 28 seconds
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Baby Steps: My 90 Day Program for Optimizing Preconception

In this episode, I reveal my pre-conception strategy - my Baby Steps program!  My focus delves deep into the crucial subject of detoxing and cleansing, tailored for both men and women. Within this episode, I elaborate on the significance of proper hydration, enhancing detoxification routes, and embracing a holistic, unprocessed dietary regimen. All of these elements boost reproductive vitality and foster a state of comprehensive wellness. Also, my BIG birthday giveaway is launching on Monday and will be live until September 8th! Want to enter right now and not wait? You can do so here.  I talk about: 08:00 - What pre-conception is and when you should start your pre-conception cleanse 16:00 - Pre-conception cleansing for men 19:30 - Have a nutrient-dense, whole-food diet, and what I eat in a day 25:00 -
25/08/20231 hour 14 minutes 28 seconds
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Nurturing Your Family's Wellbeing: Leading by Example with Dr. Ron Hunninghake

Today, we're delving into optimal health from a fresh perspective, joined by Dr. Ron Hunninghake, a distinguished medical doctor. Our journey includes exploring the significance of vitamin D for infants, differentiating between Vitamin D2 and D3, addressing the challenge of instilling healthy habits in childhood, and tackling the prevalent health issues in children today. Dr. Ron is the Chief Medical Officer at the Riordan Clinic, a trailblazing academic medical center renowned for its work in integrative oncology and complex chronic illness care since 1975. We talk about: 23:50 - How Dr. Ron became passionate about optimal health and integrative medicine 26:00 - Checking nutrient levels 28:40 - Vitamin D2 vs D3 31:30 - Young babies taking Vitamin D 36:40 - Being a healthy role model for your kids 39:15 - The number one thing you should work on with your kids 43:00 - Lead
18/08/20231 hour 17 minutes 54 seconds
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Empowering Women Against EMF with Juunaday's Cutting-Edge and Stylish Activewear

Join me as I chat with my friend Marjorie Tong about her innovative company, Juunaday. We'll explore the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on our health and how Juunaday's activewear is designed to protect women from these potential risks. Marjorie's deep EMF expertise, combined with her background in fine arts and design, has led to creative solutions that mitigate EMF exposure. Don't miss this insightful conversation on staying safe in our wireless world. We talk about: 09:30 - Why Marjorie started Juunaday 16:30 - Optimizing your health via reducing EMF during pregnancy or when trying to conceive 21:00 - The EMF tester you can use at home 24:00 - Moving to the countryside so you are less exposed to EMFs 32:00 - Why optimizing your health is important 36:00 - The bucket theory 37:30 - Symptoms of EMF sensitivity 42:30 - How Juunaday works in shielding the b
11/08/20231 hour 11 minutes 37 seconds
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Empowering Women Against EMF with Juunaday's Cutting-Edge and Stylish Activewear

Join me as I chat with my friend Marjorie Tong about her innovative company, Juunaday. We'll explore the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on our health and how Juunaday's activewear is designed to protect women from these potential risks. Marjorie's deep EMF expertise, combined with her background in fine arts and design, has led to creative solutions that mitigate EMF exposure. Don't miss this insightful conversation on staying safe in our wireless world. We talk about: 09:30 - Why Marjorie started Juunaday 16:30 - Optimizing your health via reducing EMF during pregnancy or when trying to conceive 21:00 - The EMF tester you can use at home 24:00 - Moving to the countryside so you are less exposed to EMFs 32:00 - Why optimizing your health is important 36:00 - The bucket theory 37:30 - Symptoms of EMF sensitivity 42:30 - How Juunaday works in shielding the b
08/08/20231 hour 8 minutes 31 seconds
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Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Wellness: Unveiling Traditional Chinese Medicine with Jillian Capodice and NOOCI

Dive into the realm of holistic well-being alongside Jillian Capodice, a distinguished Scientific Advisor at NOOCI and an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Explore the intricate tapestry of TCM as we compare it to Western medicine, demystify acupuncture and acupressure, and uncover the profound significance of Qi in our lives. Jillian's expertise in acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and mindfulness practices comes to the forefront as we delve into the timeless wisdom of TCM. Discover NOOCI, a pioneering wellness brand seamlessly blending ancient herbal traditions with the demands of contemporary lifestyles. Join us for an enriching conversation that bridges the gap between ancient practices and modern wellness.   We talk about: 20:10 - What Traditional Chinese Medicine is 21:20 - How Traditional Chinese Medicine differs from Western medicine 23:30 - Explaining Traditio
04/08/20231 hour 5 minutes 45 seconds
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Decoding Women’s Sleep Patterns and Metrics With Morgan Adams

Today, I have a friend and a special guest on the podcast, Morgan Adams.  We talk about sleep, why you need to get more of it, how to get quality sleep, how to manage lack of sleep, and common problems women encounter with sleep. Morgan Adams is a sleep expert. She is known as the “sleep soulmate”, and is a double certified holistic sleep coach. She is on a mission to help women reclaim their rest and achieve better sleep. We talk about: 14:20 - How Morgan got into the realm of sleep health and her awful bout with insomnia 18:20 - Sleep problems for men and women 20:00 - Why women are light sleepers 22:20 - The usual benefits Morgan’s clients get when they work with her 24:00 - Managing lack of sleep as a new mom 32:00 - Challenging the mindset that sleep deprivation is a badge of honor 39:00 - Having a morning routine for stress so you can sleep better
01/08/20231 hour 8 minutes 53 seconds
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Overcoming Burnout, Cleansing and Detoxing for High Achievers With Vanessa Grutman

Join me as my friend, Vanessa Grutman, shares her journey of overcoming burnout and discovering her true purpose. We'll explore the challenges faced by high-achieving women and how she guides them towards balance and fulfillment.   Vanessa, a certified health coach, integrative health practitioner, and successful entrepreneur, also delves into the transformative power of detox and cleanses in achieving holistic wellness. Don't miss this inspiring episode on cleansing your way to success with Vanessa Grutman.     We talk about: 11:50 - Vanessa’s entrepreneurship journey 16:00 - Navigating maternity leave if you have a business 18:00 - Having boundaries and being anchored in feminine energy 21:30 - Common challenges encountered by high-achieving women 24:30 - Informing women of
28/07/20231 hour 11 minutes 52 seconds
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Biohacking or Bioharmonizing? Upgrading the Male-Dominated Industry With Renee Belz and Lauren Sambataro

The Biohacker Babes, Renee Belz and Lauren Sambataro, join me in a thought-provoking discussion on biohacking as a male-dominated space, taking responsibility for your health, why we should stop normalizing obesity, the biohacking conference, and so much more. Renee and Lauren are the hosts of The Biohacker Babes podcast, which aims to create insight into the body's natural healing abilities, strengthen your intuition, and empower you with techniques and modalities to optimize your health and wellness.   We talk about: 06:30 - How Renee and Lauren first got into biohacking 07:30 - The tech that Renee and Lauren had when they were young 09:30 - When Renee and Lauren first used the word “biohacking” 12:20 - How Renee and Lauren define biohacking to people who don’t know it 13:30 - The criticism on the word “biohacking” 17:30 - How it feels to be in a very male-dominant space l
25/07/20231 hour 20 minutes 9 seconds
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My PCOS and Fertility Journey With Youtube’s “The Fertility Expert” Dr. Marc Sklar

Dr. Marc Sklar joins me to discuss the importance of lifestyle factors like nutrition, exercise, stress management, and self-care for optimal fertility. He is known as the fertility expert and he helps couples turn their dreams of having a baby into a reality. With 19 years of experience helping countless couples overcome infertility, he's a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, certified in Mind/Body Medicine by Harvard Medical School.  I talk about: 16:20 - How Dr. Marc became “The Fertility Expert” 19:00 - Tests Dr. Marc recommends for pre-conception 23:30 - Dr. Marc analyzes my lab results live! 29:00 - Having PCOS and its origins 33:00 - PCOS and gut health issues 38:00 - Infrared saunas and detoxing before getting pregnant 40:00 - How Dr. Marc tests people for Candida 41:30 - Egg quality and making new eggs in the later years of your life <
21/07/20231 hour 19 minutes 36 seconds
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Candida, Leaky Gut, Infertility and Functional Labs: Unraveling the Path to Optimal Well-being with Dr. Michael Biamonte

Dr. Michael Biamonte joins me to discuss the often-misunderstood complexities of thyroid function, the prevalence of Candida overgrowth, and the importance of functional tests in achieving optimal well-being.  Dr. Michael is the founder of the Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition. He is a co-creator of BioCybernetics, "Blood Detective", an unprecedented computer software program that can study blood work, mineral tests, and many other lab tests to determine where your body is imbalanced. As a 30-year practitioner, he is dedicated to improving the lives of his patients and helping them get back to living. I talk about: 13:00 - Dr. Michael’s specialty in naturopathic medicine 17:30 - Candida and why Dr. Michael decided to create a protocol on how to treat it 20:30 - Candida and probiotics 22:30 - Vitamins and minerals that feed Candida 24:50 - Common Candida symptoms 27:30 - Candid
18/07/20231 hour 3 minutes 56 seconds
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Preconception Detox: Reducing Toxins for Optimal Health With Dr. Mary Shackleton

Dr. Mary Shackleton, a naturopathic doctor specializing in women's health and environmental medicine, joins me. We dive into the topic of toxic exposure and its impact on our health, discussing how factors like breathing air, drinking water, and eating food can contribute to toxicity, and why you need to start detoxification long before you plan on getting pregnant. Dr. Mary Shackelton, MPH, ND is an experienced naturopathic doctor specializing in women's health, focusing on environmental medicine and the impacts of toxic exposures on conditions such as auto-immunity, infertility, and cognitive decline.  She is also the author of "The Preconception Cleanse," aiming to educate women on detoxification principles for optimal health, and has been involved in various initiatives, including co-founding Insulite Laboratories and PridePads Africa, dedicated to empowering girls in Cameroon through providing sanitary pads for their education.  
14/07/202357 minutes 41 seconds
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The Healing Web: The Truth Behind Big Pharma, Western Medicine and Holistic Health With Founder Dylan Monroe

In today's episode, I am joined by Dylan Monroe, the creator of The Healing Web. We discuss alternative healing technologies, conspiracy theories, holistic approaches to wellness, and how you can use The Healing Web for your health. Dylan Louis Monroe is a visionary artist renowned for The Healing Web graphic, an intricate masterpiece that inspires healing and transformation. Through his art, Dylan invites individuals to explore the depths of their consciousness, fostering collective awakening and positive change in the world.   I talk about: 07:30 - How Dylan got started in holistic healing 14:00 - Dylan’s thoughts when he was making The Healing Web illustration 20:00 - Big pharma VS holistic remedies 23:00 - Future remedies 28:00 - How to understand the systemic issues at play 32:00 - Diet sodas and the obesity problem 37:00 - Eating raw food and raw eggs <li
11/07/20231 hour 5 minutes 39 seconds
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Kambo: How to Use Nature’s Venomous Wisdom for Mind, Body, and Soul With Caitlin Thompson

In today’s episode, I have Caitlin Thompson joining me, who was born chronically ill and found unexpected relief through the use of psychedelics and then Kambo.  We talk about what Kambo is and how it can help with chronic health issues, the mind-body-spirit connection, the significance of rituals, and the importance of finding qualified practitioners for Kambo. Caitlin Thompson is a neurobiology expert and kambo practitioner. She provides nurturing and gentle kambo sessions, drawing from her own healing journey and extensive training with indigenous tribes, while also conducting human kambo research and assisting individuals in conquering chronic health struggles through diet and other modalities.   I talk about:  10:00 - Caitlin’s health journey and how she discovered Kambo 14:00 - What Kambo is and its benefits 17:30 - The history of Kambo 20:00 - Common health problems Caitl
07/07/202359 minutes 6 seconds
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Biohacking Conference Honest Review: Pros, Cons and the Unexpected

I attended the 9th Annual Biohacking Conference in Orlando, Florida last week and wanted to share some key takeaways!  From captivating presentations and cutting-edge technology to the lack of diversity and unprofessional behavior, I offer my honest reflections and invite listeners to join in the discussion on the Biohacking Conference.   I talk about: 10:00 - Access to cutting-edge technology 12:30 - Interesting discussions and presentations 14:00 - Meeting fellow content creators and influencers 20:00 - The lack of diversity throughout the industry 24:00 - The cost of attending the conference 34:00 - Be aware of pseudo-science in biohacking 36:00 - How to make The Biohacking Conference more inclusive and accessible 40:30 - Should you or should not go to the Biohacking Conference 42:30 - Lack of discussions on women’s health 45:00 - Other
30/06/202347 minutes 54 seconds
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Q&A: Holistic vs. Western Medicine, My Self Care Routine, Strange Health Experiments, Female Work Challenges, Books I Love and More

Welcome to a question and answer episode! If you have a question or topic for an episode, send me a message on Instagram and let’s chat.  In this episode, I talk about The Biohacking Conference and Biohacking Congress, the challenges and obstacles I face as a young woman in the field of biohacking, western medicine and holistic medicine, my self-care rituals, and much more!   I talk about: 01:00 - The Biohacking Conference and Biohacking Congress 05:00 - Challenges and obstacles as a young woman in the field of biohacking and how I overcome them 08:00 - Imposter syndrome 14:00 - Striking a balance between western medicine and holistic medicine 19:00 - Blindly following medical advice without doing research 21:00 - Chronic and acute sickness 23:00 - My self-care rituals to maintain my physical and mental wellbeing 25:00 - My self-care routine 28:00
20/06/202342 minutes 1 second
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Holistic Healing: Unraveling the Spiritual Significance of North America's Top 10 Health Issues

This was a request from several people after I previously discussed the spiritual meaning of cysts, fibroids, and other health issues on another episode.  I talk about the top 10 health problems in North America and their spiritual significance, the chakras associated with them, and their various spiritual healing approaches! If you have a question or topic for an episode, send me a message on Instagram and let’s chat.    I talk about: 07:00 - The top 10 health issues in Western society 10:00 - Heart disease 13:00 - Cancer 16:30 - Obesity 19:00 - Diabetes 22:00 - Chronic respiratory diseases 23:00 - Mental health disorders 26:00 - Substance abuse 30:00 - Alzheimer’s disease and dementia 36:30 - Stroke 37:30 - Influenza and pneumonia     Resources: The book - <
16/06/202344 minutes 25 seconds
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Unlocking the Secrets to Holistic Weight Loss and Wellness with Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer

Dr. Jessie Hehmeyer is the founder of Well Empowered, which provides data-driven, Functional Medicine approach to help people achieve health and vitality outcomes. She offers courses and one-on-one work to provide guidance, inspired structure, and care to produce and sustain must-have health outcomes. In this episode, Jessie shares her experience with IFM, discusses the difference between functional medicine and traditional medicine, and offers insights on weight loss struggles and misconceptions, and more! This episode is a must-listen if you or a loved one is struggling with weight loss!   I talk about: 08:20 - Jessie’s experience with IFM 11:00 - How Jessie's journey with functional medicine and holistic wellness started 15:00 - Functional medicine vs. traditional medicine 18:30 - Getting to the root cause of diseases 21:00 - Morality and our weight, what we eat, and
13/06/20231 hour 9 minutes 19 seconds
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The Lack of Research on Women's Health and Biohacking: Addressing the Gender Gap

In today's episode, I explore historical limitations and biases in women's health research, shedding light on the underrepresentation of women in medical studies and clinical trials.  I also speak about the impact of hormonal variability and individual variations on women's health and medication safety and efficacy.  Tune in as I also discuss options for biohacking interventions and tools tailored specifically for women's unique needs.   I talk about: 01:00 - I will be in Orlando Florida for the Biohacking Conference! 06:30 - Listen to the previous episode to the end 13:30 - The lack of women in the biohacking space 15:00 - The limited amount of research on women’s health 17:00 - Women’s hormonal fluctuations 18:00 - Unequal research funding for women’s health 20:00 - Limited access to healthcare for women 28:00 - The Natural Cycles app and El
09/06/202342 minutes 56 seconds
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Q&A: Berberine vs. Ozempic, Alcohol's Impact, The Healing Web, and Functional Foods for Women's Health

On this episode, I talk about berberine and its benefits, how it’s different from Ozempic and Metformin, alcohol and it’s effect on your health, functional foods for women, and a lot more. If you have questions send me a message on Instagram @biohackingbrittany and I’ll try to answer them on my next episodes.   I talk about: 05:00 - Attending the Biohacking Conference in Florida with Katie Type A 09:00 - My InsideTracker results 11:30 - Berberine as a replacement for Ozempic 18:00 - Berberine for fertility 20:00 - Alcohol and your health 28:00 - Different types of alcohol and their potential benefits 32:30 - The Healing Web and how it works 41:30 - Functional foods and how they help in women’s health - soy, flax seeds, turmeric 46:00 - Functional chocolate for women   Resources: My <a href=
06/06/202354 minutes 6 seconds
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How Old Are Your Cells? Exploring Your Biological Age With GlycanAge

Nikolina Lauc, the co-founder and CEO of GlycanAge, joins me today as we discuss biological age, glycans and how we can be optimally healthy at a cellular level. GlycanAge allows you to measure & influence your longevity by looking at an entirely new part of biology. Glycan biomarkers uniquely encapsulate genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors driving longevity for every human. We talk about what GlycanAge is and why you should get tested, factors that increase your biological age, how to decrease your biological age, and many more.   I talk about: 00:30 - My results when I took the GLycanAge test a few years ago 09:00 - What GlycanAge is and why they’re important 11:20 - Testing glycans and what they indicate 12:50 - Glycans and CRP biomarker testing 14:20 - Your GlycanAge test results and inflammation 18:50 - Things you are doing day to day that are ma
02/06/202351 minutes 28 seconds
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Red Light Therapy for Women’s Health, Fertility and Longevity With Lindsay Kirby of Sculpt Tri-Cities

Lindsay Kirby, the CEO of Sculpt Tri-Cities, and I talk about red light therapy and its benefits for females, investing in red light therapy equipment, how often and how long you should use red light therapy, and more.   Sculpt Tri-Cities is a biohacking wellness center that provides access to a variety of tools and experts that assists individuals in achieving their wellness goals. The center employs non-invasive technology and encouraging staff to facilitate a smart, effective approach to wellness.   I talk about: 01:30 - About Sculpt Tri-Cities 03:00 - Treatments in Sculpt Tri-Cities 04:00 - The wellness journey 07:30 - Feeling overwhelmed with starting your wellness journey 09:00 - How red light therapy helped Lindsay 15:00 - Common concerns for people who want red light therapy 18:00 - Red light therapy treatment - how often and how long 21:30 - Lindsa
26/05/202350 minutes 48 seconds
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Should You Eat Your Placenta? Everything You Need to Know About Placentophagy

Today I talk about a question I received on Instagram about the pros and cons of eating your placenta, otherwise known as “placentophagy”. I talk about the benefits and risks of eating your placenta, ethical considerations, placenta vs other organ meat nutrients, encapsulating your placenta post-birth and much more. I also explain the history of placentophagy and how it’s been noted in several cultures across the world.  Message me on Instagram @BIOHACKINGBRITTANY if you also have questions about biohacking, women’s health or nutrition!    I talk about: 03:00 - Eating your placenta 06:40 - Placentophagy in different cultures and traditions across the world 10:00 - The many benefits of placentophagy 14:00 - Hormonal balance and the spiritual connection 18:15 - The Cons and risks of placentophagy 22:00 - Ethical considerations of placentophagy 25:30 - To
23/05/202347 minutes 52 seconds
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From Damage to Glow: The Skin Sobering Revolution and Benefits With Dr. Erin Yuet Tjam

Today I have Dr. Erin Yuet Tjam the author of Skin Sobering: 99% of Products Age and Harm Your Skin. For over 35 years, Erin read, researched, and experimented about anything she could find on skin. Publishing a “skin-deep” book beats writing scientific articles that are lucky to get 50 readers. Erin would be happy if she could get all her kids and future grandkids to do skin sobering. We talk about what is skin sobering (or skin fasting) and how you can get started, fixing your skin problems, and many more ways to take care of your skin without chemicals.   We talk about: 02:00 - My reasoning for skin sobering or skin fasting 11:20 - What Skin Sobering means 12:30 - We don’t need chemicals for our skin 14:00 - What our skin is 17:00 - How to get started with the skin sobering method 19:00 - What pure soap is 21:00 - Skincare products are essentially m
19/05/202351 minutes 17 seconds
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Q&A: Optimizing Energy, Cognitive Health, Stress Management, Pregnancy, Preconception and Hormone Balancing

This week I am answering a bunch of biohacking questions that I have received recently from Instagram. I talk about improving your cognitive performance, stress management strategies, increasing your energy naturally, optimizing hormonal health and increasing chances of conception, and so much more!   I talk about: 02:50 - Biohacks to improve your cognitive performance 07:00 - Optimizing sleep 09:00 - Using an Oura ring if you have sleep problems 10:00 - Nutrition and exercise for brain health 14:00 - Chronic stress and cognitive performance 15:20 - Effective stress management strategies to balance your hormones and optimize your wellbeing 19:00 - Breathing properly 21:00 - Taking adaptogens and physical activity for stress management 23:00 - Social support - see your friends 30:30 - Dietary recommendations and supplements to optimize ener
16/05/20231 hour 13 minutes 38 seconds
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Beyond the Basics: Navigating Hormonal Balance in Our Modern World

Hormonal balance is a continuous effort, and it is vital for a healthier life. In this episode, I’m talking about different ways to balance hormones in women to regulate menstrual cycles, prepare for pregnancy, and support the body during menopause and postpartum phases. This episode offers valuable insights into supplements, acupuncture, probiotics, biohacks and seed cycling for optimizing your hormones, reproduction, and menstrual cycle.    I talk about: 09:00 - Acupuncture is underrated 15:00 - Probiotics and hormones 18:30 - Benefits of cold showers 24:20 - Chasteberry extract 26:20 - Massage therapy 30:00 - Benefits of sunlight 35:20 - Seed cycling - what seeds to eat and when   Resources: Get Bioptimizers probiotics her
12/05/202342 minutes 36 seconds
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Common Mental Health Struggles, Reproductive Health Issues and Chronic Diseases Women Face Today and How to Prevent Them

Today I talk about three common health issues that women face. Listen to uncover more about women’s mental health issues, reproductive issues, and chronic diseases, and also the resources, treatments and biohacks I recommend for each of them. I dive into anxiety, depression, eating disorders, menstural problems, infertility, sexually transmitted infections, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.  If you have questions, send me a DM on Instagram at @biohackingbrittany.    I talk about: 02:50 - Three health issues that women face today 05:00 - Women’s mental health struggles 07:00 - Common causes and symptoms 10:00 - Recommendations to improve mental health 12:00 - Biohacks to improve mental health 17:00 - Mental health resources - apps and supplements 22:00 - Women’s reproductive health struggles 25:00 - Prevention, treatment, and biohacks <l
09/05/202351 minutes 46 seconds
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Spiritual Beliefs About Fibroids, Cysts, Miscarriages, Breast Lumps and Gallstones and What You Can Do About Them

In this episode, I share information on the spiritual and energetic significance of ovarian cysts, gallstones, fibroids, breast lumps and miscarriages. I also talk about womb healing, woman’s health topics that are still considered taboo, and the concept of “soul babies.”  This episode has a lot of insight into different ways of healing, including physical, spiritual, mental and emotional modalities.    I talk about: 07:00 - Healing from an ovarian cyst on my right ovary 07:50 - Beliefs that people have around ovarian cysts as to what causes them 10:00 - Acupuncture benefits for women 11:50 - Ovarian cysts and energy 13:30 - Gallstones and what causes them spiritually and energetically 18:50 - Fibroids and what causes them spiritually and energetically 24:00 - Take care of your emotional and spiritual health 27:00 - Womb healing and healing the divine femin
05/05/202355 minutes 29 seconds
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Interested in Women’s Holistic Health and Biohacking? Start Here for Your Most Common Questions Answered

In today’s episode, I answer common questions people have about holistic health and biohacking. I talk about holistic health vs traditional medicine, biohacking your overall health and well-being, biohacking and its benefits in fixing hormonal imbalances, fertility and menopause symptoms, and more.  Message me on Instagram at @biohackingbrittany if you have any personal health questions.   We talk about: 00:30 - Dealing with a hemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary 04:00 - The ovarian tonic I have researched 11:20 - What holistic health is and how it differs from traditional medicine 14:00 - Things you can do for holistic wellness 16:30 - How biohacking can improve your overall health and wellbeing 20:00 - Optimizing your health in all of the areas of your life 21:00 - Intermittent fasting and its effect on women’s health 24:00 - Biohacking and its benef
02/05/202334 minutes 7 seconds
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When Good Cells Go Bad: Understanding Cellular Senescence and Its Impact on Aging and Disease with Lauren Alexander from Neurohacker

Lauren Alexander, the Vice President of Marketing for Neurohacker Collective, a company focused on making groundbreaking products for wellness and overall human biology, joins me on the podcast today. We talk about mom brain, the 12 hallmarks of aging, longevity, enhancing your brain performance, cellular senescence and its importance, and much more! This is an exciting episode so make sure you tune in.   We talk about: 02:20 - Hallmarks of aging for female health 06:00 - How Lauren's biohacking journey started 08:50 - How Lauren noticed mom brain and what her experience with it is 10:40 - Solutions for mom brain 13:10 - Enhancing brain performance without supplementation 17:50 - Lauren's sleep while pregnant with her kids 23:00 - Cellular senescence and why it's important 27:30 - Fixing cellular senescence 32:00 - Effects of senolyti
28/04/202352 minutes 53 seconds
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How Women Can Better Sustain Healthy Habits With Ellie Kempton

Are you having problems sticking to your wellness habits? Are you feeling guilty that you can’t follow your wellness routine even if you know that it’s good for you? I’m joined by Ellie Kempton today and we talk about how to sustain your wellness habits, what to do when you are not motivated to do your wellness habits, starting small with your goals, and many more! Ellie Kempton is the founder of Simply Nourished - a community of women dedicated to unlocking their deep magic, and a Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian. She has spent a decade designing, tweaking, and refining her knowledge, strategies, and protocols to help others interpret their bodies, track down their toxic offenders, and come alive.   We talk about: 01:30 - My hemorragic cyst on my ovaries 13:00 - The new cycle syncing guide I created 21:50 - How Ellie started her health journey 27:00 - Ellie’s private pr
21/04/20231 hour 4 minutes
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Living in Flow: A Sneak Peek Into My New Menstrual Cycle Guide to a Vibrant Life and Optimal Health Through Every Phase of Your Cycle

In this episode, I'm going to be talking about where I am in my own health journey, as well as giving you a preview and a sneak peek of the Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide that I have created. I open up about my menstrual cycle, PCOS, cysts on my ovary and how I am working on regulating my cycle.  We talk about: 04:45 - A quick update on my health 07:00 - How your temperature varies during your cycle 09:00 - My cycle was great and then it became worse when we went to Costa Rica 14:00 - Scheduling an ultrasound for the pain in my right ovary 17:30 - My pre-conception program 19:00 - My two workouts a day 21:00 - A biohack for my ovaries everyday - acupuncture, red light therapy, castor oil packs, vaginal steaming 22:30 - Working on my oral health 27:00 - Why I thought of creating my Ebb and Flow Cycle Guide 29:30 - The cycle chart 31:30 - Food t
18/04/202349 minutes 57 seconds
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Wedding Wellness and Beauty Treatments: What to Do and What to Skip (Solo Episode)

Are you looking for a wedding checklist so you can look and feel your best on your wedding day? Or is a friend or a loved one having their wedding soon? Then this episode was made for you! Today I am diving into all things wedding wellness and beauty treatments. I’m going to outline everything that I did in order to get ready for my wedding from my healthy weight management routine, to IV drips, laser hair removal, aqua gold facials, microblading your eyebrows, clean sunscreen and more. If you have any questions about the things I talk about message me on Instagram.  We talk about: 05:00 - My wedding wellness checklist 08:00 - My exercise and healthy weight management routine 13:30 - Doing an IV drip with glutathione, magenisum, B vitamins and more 15:30 - Brazilian laser hair removal 19:00 - Clean, toxin-free self-tanner from Beauty By Earth 25:00 - Solar nails last
11/04/202356 minutes 33 seconds
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Q&A: Cycle Syncing, Pregnancy Biohacks, Castor Oil Packs, Period Tips, Healthy Fruit Choices and My Proactive Preconception Program

Are you experiencing difficult periods or interested in pregnancy biohacking? I am now back from Costa Rica! In this Q&A podcast, I talk about going through your period without pain and discomfort, optimizing your sleep, pregnancy biohacking, healthy fruit choices that don’t cause inflammation or sugar spikes, how to use a castor oil pack, syncing your lifestyle and nutrition to your menstrual cycle and more.  I also share about my new online program coming that focuses on being proactive about your preconception health for both men and women. This program walks you through how to optimize your nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, exercise, and more to create the healthiest baby possible, have the most uncomplicated pregnancy, and reduce risks associated with birth and your baby. If you would like to join the waitlist for this program, send me a message on Instagram, and I’ll send you the private link to join the list! We talk ab
07/04/202350 minutes 31 seconds
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Rewriting Your Genetic Destiny: The Fascinating World of Epigenetics with Bronte, The Gene Hacker

What do your genes tell about you? What is epigenetics and can you reverse it? I have Brontë with me this week to talk about epigenetics and why it’s important for your health. Brontë is the visionary behind The Gene Hacker brand. She is a Functional Registered Dietitian certified in nutrigenomics with a specialization in performance coaching and leadership development. After battling fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety from a high demanding career… Brontë was introduced to the world of Epigenetics which helped connect the dots on how to achieve sustainable top level performance from the inside out. We talk about: 02:30 - My wedding wellness checklist 08:00 - What genes and epigenetics are 12:00 - Using genomic testing for individuals who have mystery illnesses 13:00 - Inheriting epigenetic changes across generations 17:00 - Promoting healthy epigenetic patterns 20:30 - Ea
31/03/202353 minutes 22 seconds
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Thriving with Functional Nutrition: Nourishing Your Body to Overcome Chronic Illness with Allison Samon

Are you or a loved one dealing with a chronic illness? Or do you feel that something’s wrong with your health but can’t find what it is even after seeing so many doctors and specialists? Find out the root causes of chronic illness, how to be healthier by using holistic methods, the biggest roadblock to following healing protocols and how to overcome it, and more in this podcast. My podcast guest today, Allison Samon, is a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), The Functional Nutrition Alliance and the founder of Health Allie Lifestyle and Wellness, a health coaching practice specializing in one-on-one and group programs.  Allison is also a content producer, published author, and public speaker. Prior to establishing Health Allie, Allison won an Emmy Award with the directing team of General Hospital (ABC).   We talk a
24/03/202344 minutes 52 seconds
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Rest Assured: Unlocking the Secrets to Healthy Sleep With Matt Gallant From BiOptimizers

Do you feel that you are not getting enough sleep? Or do you still feel tired after waking up from sleep? I have Matt Gallant with me today to talk about his sleep journey, improving the quality of your sleep, sleep hacks, and other things that can help you sleep better and feel energized when you wake up. Matt Gallant is the CEO and Co-Founder of BiOptimizers and has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. He’s been a strength and conditioning coach for multiple pro athletes, a self-defense instructor, and has over 15 years of experience formulating supplements. He's also a serial entrepreneur that's built over 13 profitable companies. We talk about: 00:30 - Shifting to two episodes per week this April 02:30 - My Biohack Your Cycle Guide 11:20 - Matt’s personal sleep journey 13:00 - Your mattress choice and the way you sleep 16:00 - Sleeping on your back vs. sleeping on your side
17/03/202357 minutes 57 seconds
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The Healing Power of Chinese Tonic Herbs: Exploring the Benefits of Traditional Medicine with Brandon Gilbert

Are you interested in Chinese medicine? How are Chinese herbs different from Western medicine? Are Chinese tonics for you?  Today I am joined by Brandon Gilbert, the founder of Hyperion Herbs. Brandon is a passionate biohacker and Chinese tonic enthusiast who has dedicated his life to helping people unlock their full potential through the use of natural herbs and tonics.  He has been researching and experimenting with Chinese tonics for over 10 years and has developed a unique approach to biohacking that has helped many people achieve their goals.  I am excited to have him here today to discuss his journey and share his insights on biohacking using Chinese tonics.   We talk about: 02:00 - Studying functional medicine 13:00 - What Chinese tonic herbs are 14:50 - How long Brandon has been taking Chinese tonics 17:00 - Chinese tonics and foods 20:20 - How Bra
10/03/20231 hour 11 minutes 14 seconds
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Yoni Massaging, Ecstatic Birth, Pregnancy Sex, Increasing Your Sexspan and More With Susan Bratton

Does sex feel like a chore to you? What is sexspan and why should you pay it more attention? I talk about this and more this week with Susan Bratton. Intimacy expert to millions, Susan Bratton is a champion and advocate for all those who desire intimacy and passion their whole life long.  She is co-founder and CEO of Personal Life Media, a publisher of heart-connected lovemaking techniques and bedroom communication skills, and The20, a manufacturer of organic and botanical supplements that enhance sexual vitality.   We talk about:  06:10 - Expanding your sexspan with biohacking 09:35 - Common misconceptions women have about sex and intimacy 15:10 - Helping women get to their sexual potential 18:40 - What to do if having sex feels like a chore 22:50 - Yoni massage during pregnancy 26:10 - Women can be sexual and pregnant at the same time 28:10 - Sex dur
02/03/202349 minutes 29 seconds
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How to Be in the Zone and on Demand When You Need to Be With Dr. Mike Van Thielen

Dr. Mike Vanthielen, an expert biohacker, Medical Director and physician joins me on this episode! We talk about how biohacking changed Dr. Mike’s life, measuring your biological age, productivity and scripting your life, improving your health through improving your lifestyle, and much more! In 2008 Dr. Mike Vanthielen founded a company that certified healthcare professionals in health and wellness programs, sensible weight loss, and natural non-invasive cosmetic procedures, and trained over 1,000 professionals in just a few years. Dr. Mike sold the business in 2014 and has now dedicated himself to bio-regenerative medicine applications and stem cell-based therapies. We talk about: 01:00 - The Healing Web: A chart that talks about the most common issues seen in society, what causes them, and how to heal them from a holistic standpoint 09:45 - How Dr. Mike Vanthielen defines biohacki
23/02/202343 minutes 38 seconds
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Optimizing Fertility: Six Easy Biohacks That Worked for My Preconception Health

In this episode, I give an update on how I have been healing my hormones and fertility, including very long menstrual cycles and daily pain in my ovaries. I talk about the benefits of castor oil packs and red light therapy for reproductive health, the importance of following a nutrient-dense Paleo diet, acupuncture, myo-inositol, and spermidine supplements for female reproductive health.  Tune in to learn more and don’t forget to take notes! Please message me on Instagram @biohackingbrittany if you have any questions.   We talk about: 03:20 - Dealing with very long menstrual cycles 05:15 - The improvement in my cycle 10:00 - How to make the healthiest baby possible 12:30 - Castor oil packs and their benefits 14:00 - How to do castor oil packs 17:00 - Red light therapy for your
16/02/202354 minutes 14 seconds
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How to Make Healthy Eating Sustainable and Why Most Women Struggle with Nutrition Health Coach Sophie Teixeira

On this episode, I chat with a fellow Nutrition Health Coach, Sophie Teixeira, about looking at food differently, seasonal eating, having balance and variety in your food, and why you shouldn’t eat salads. Sophie Teixeira de Abreu is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, based in Miami, Florida. She created ROOT Mindful Nutrition, a coaching practice where she dedicates her time to helping women transform their health through lifestyle and nutrition changes.    I talk about:  00:30 - My Saturn return (!) 05:00 - Being a full-time content creator 18:10 - Sophie’s approach to nutrition 20:00 - Looking at food differently 23:30 - Making small changes to make healthy sustainable 26:00 - Some foods have different effects on different people 28:30 - Get your biome results and know what your superfoods are 32:00 - Having balance and variety in your food<
10/02/20231 hour 3 minutes 36 seconds
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142. Affirmations That Actually Work, Lucky Girl Syndrome, My Vision Board, Manifestating and More

Have you heard of the “lucky girl syndrome”? It’s all over social media, and for good reason. I dive into what it is and how you can try this as well to level up your mindset and mental health.   I talk about creating positive affirmations that actually work, how to make a vision board personal to you, why manifesting is important and how to achieve the visions, goals and affirmations you set for yourself this year.      I talk about:  05:00 - “The lucky girl syndrome” 06:00 - Getting started with affirmations 08:00 - Thoughts are a lot more powerful than we think 11:00 - Your mindset is going to carry you through difficult times and the science behind the “lucky girl syndrome”</sp
03/02/202332 minutes 54 seconds
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141. Bio-Identical Hormones and the Truth Behind Adrenal Fatigue With Dr. Michael Platt

Do you experience fatigue, neck pain, restless sleep, road rage, or frequent headaches? You might have too much adrenaline. I have Dr. Michael Platt today and we talk about adrenaline dominance, how progesterone creams can work with adrenal dominance, oral progesterone vs progesterone cream, and so much more. Dr. Platt is considered an important pioneer in observational, functional, alternative, and allopathic medicine focused on bio-identical hormones and adrenaline overload.       I talk about:  04:00 - Thinking about moving to Costa Rica or Central America 15:20 - How Dr. Platt started specializing in bio-identical hormones 19:10 - What adrenaline dominance is <span style
27/01/202351 minutes 22 seconds
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140. Q&A: My Morning Routine, Oura and Natural Cycles Mediocre Partnership, Ideal Meal Times, Weighing Food and More

Welcome to another question and answer episode, where i answer your questions that you submit to me over Instagram!  I talk in-depth about my morning routine, the tech and supplements I’m using, my thoughts (and likely unpopular opinion) on the collaboration between Oura ring and Natural Cycles, when to time your meals, if you should weigh your food or not, and a lot more.  Message me on Instagram @biohackingbrittany if you have more questions!     I talk about:  01:30 - The 7 for 70 challenge and my experience doing it this winter 08:20 - What’s in my morning routine <span style="f
20/01/20231 hour 2 minutes 4 seconds
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139. Every Supplement I Take Daily and Why: Detoxing, Skin Health, Hormone Balancing, Stress Support and More

Choosing the right supplements for you can be confusing and time-consuming.  In this podcast, I talk about all the supplements I use daily, what I look for in a supplement, what red flags you should look out for, how much I take, and so much more! Message me on Instagram @biohackingbrittany if you have any questions about the supplements that I take.     I talk about:  05:00 - The different supplements I take in my water throughout the day 09:00 - DNA testing and finding out that I require more protein than average 09:55 - Myo-Inositol powder supplement for my ovaries 12:20 - What I take with my food - Timeline Nutirion’s Mitopure powder 17:15 - Vitamin D3, K and A for those who don’t get much sun exposure 21:00 - Vitamin B12 and getting your DNA tested for this 23:15 - SpermidineLife for autophagy 27:20 - N-Acetyl-Cysteine and reducing the ef
13/01/202352 minutes 22 seconds
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138. 7 Healthy Habits for 70 Days: How You Can Start This Health Challenge Too

Welcome to the first episode of 2023! The start of the new year is the best time to plan your goals for the year and start living healthy. I talk about the 7 healthy habits for 70 days challenge, planning my 2023 goals, how I support my mental health, and so much more. Message me on Instagram if you embark on this 7 for 70 health challenge!     I talk about:  01:10 - Planning my year and revisiting my goals for 2023 04:20 - The WHY behind 7 for 70 and its difference with 75 hard 11:50 - My goals for 7 for 70 20:00 - Why balance is NOT key 22:30 - Creating your first 4 habits as a foundation<
06/01/20231 hour 8 minutes 6 seconds
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137. Cell Care Is the New Self Care: From Depleted to Revitalized with Dr. Monisha Bhanote

This is our last episode for 2022!  I have Dr. Monisha Bhanote joining me, who is known as the Wellbeing Doctor. We talk about the importance of having a personalized approach in your healing journey, the basics of cellular health, cell care, extreme biohacking and how to avoid it, and much more. Dr. Monisha, the founder Wellkulå, is a quintuple board-certified physician and published author with expertise in Integrative Lifestyle Medicine, Functional Culinary Medicine, and Cytopathology. She is a sought-after health and wellness expert providing both speaking and written commentary to multiple news media outlets and publications.  Always fascinated by the human body, she has spent the last two decades looking at how all the systems in our body affect each other, how disease manifests, and what we can do to enhance
22/12/202254 minutes 32 seconds
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Day 12: What Skinspan Is and Why It Matters With OneSkin

Welcome to our last day of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I interview a different health and wellness brand, host a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and share valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world.  On this episode, I chat with Carolina Oliveira, the Founder and CEO of One Skin. We talk about the story behind OneSkin and its products, the difference between skin longevity and skin care, skinspan, and much more. OneSkin addresses skin health at the molecular level, targeting the root causes of aging so skin functions, feels, and looks younger. Join the giveaway by going to my Instagram account - @biohackingbrittany.<
12/12/202222 minutes 54 seconds
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Day 11: Everything You Need to Know About Spermidine With SpermidineLIFE

Welcome to day 11 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I interview a different health and wellness brand, host a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and share valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world.  I chat with Don Moxley from spermidineLIFE. We talk about what autophagy is, how spermidine helps with autophagy, the four pillars of health to achieve longevity, and many more. With age, the level of spermidine in your body decreases, causing cells to become sluggish. With SpermidineLIFE you can counteract this decrease in spermidine levels! Spermidine activates cell renewal and ensures the maintenance of your cell health. Join the giveaway by going to my Instagram account - <span style= "font-weight:
11/12/202222 minutes 15 seconds
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Day 10: Why Testing Your Blood Can Optimize Your Health With InsideTracker

Welcome to day 10 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I interview a different health and wellness brand, host a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and share valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world.  I interview Michelle Darian from InsideTracker. We talk about what InsideTracker is, why they test for specific biomarkers and not others, and why you should get your blood tested regularly.  InsideTracker uses the power of Big Data to make user data more meaningful and actionable. Their engine generates a vast array of potential nutrition, supplement, fitness and lifestyle interventions customized to each individual user of the InsideTracker platform. Join the giveaway by going to my Instagram account - <a href= "
10/12/202222 minutes 10 seconds
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Day 9: Self-Regulation and Easy Stress Management During the Holidays With Sensate

Welcome to day 9 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I interview a different health and wellness brand, host a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and share valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world.  I chat with Anna Gudmundson, the CEO of Sensate. We talk about self-regulation, using Sensate and its benefits, Sensate for beginners, and a lot more. Sensate's novel patented technology was designed to send infrasonic waves through the chest to reach the vagus nerve that sits deep in the core of our nervous system. By speaking to our body's command center, we can control how we respond to all the positive and negative things that we experience each day. Sensate is perfect for you if you need relief from stress, especially during the holiday season. <s
09/12/202222 minutes 7 seconds
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Day 8: Why You Should Try Microdosing With Plant Medicine Featuring Microcybin

Welcome to day 8 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world.  Day 8 is all about the hot topic of microdosing! I chat with Michael Toru from Microcybin and we chat about their products - Genesis, Heal, and Flow. We talk about psilocybin, LSD, the benefits of microdosing, how to start microdosing, and many more. Microcybin is a company comprised of mycologists, biotechnologists, psychedelic industry leaders, performance athletes and professionals. They are dedicated to creating the highest quality products, providing educational information and best practices according to the latest psilocybin and LSD research.
08/12/202230 minutes 56 seconds
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Day 7: How Stress Is Impacting Your Skin and What You Can Do with Forest Spa Finland

Welcome to day 7 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world.  Daniel Collins is the founder and brand Director of Forest Spa Finland, an all-natural, sustainable, holistic skin-wellness brand powered by Nordic forest plant extracts to both counteract and protect against the effects of stress on the skin. We talk about all things skin, the Nordic approach to wellness to help combat the impact of stress on your skin, how to boost your well-being and more. If you or if you know someone who is pretty stressed out and experiencing skin issues then this is for you.  Join the giveaway by going to my Instagram account - @biohackingbri
07/12/202227 minutes 7 seconds
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Day 6: How to Improve Your Gut and Oral Microbiome with Viome

Welcome to day 6 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world. I interview Morri Choiwalki from Viome, and we talk about DNA vs RNA testing and why the difference between them is important, the results you can get from testing with Viome, food and its effects on your body, and more. Viome aims to demystify health, make science accessible, and honor the biochemical individuality of every human. Join the giveaway and get Viome’s products by going to my Instagram account - @biohackingbrittany    We talk about:  03:05 - What Viome is and what they test 05:20 - Viome’s technology - DNA vs.
06/12/202224 minutes 8 seconds
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Day 5: The Astonishing Ways Silver Can Support Our Health

Welcome to day 5 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world. I interviewed Kelli Gray from Silver Biotics, and we talked about the benefits of silver for the body, ionic vs. colloid silver and what’s better, keeping beneficial bacteria safe when using silver, and many more. By combining the healing properties of nature and the power of science, Silver Biotics® develops products in an affordable way so that everyone has the ability to live life to it’s fullest. Their goal is to help people achieve optimal wellness through their Silver Biotics® line of products. Join the giveaway and get Silver Biotics’ products
05/12/202220 minutes 4 seconds
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Day 4: Microdosing with THCV, NMN for Longevity and More with Valhalla Vitality

Welcome to day 4 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world. I am joined by Philip D'Agostino, the founder of Valhalla Vitality. We talk about supporting mitochondrial health, Vitamin B12, THCV, how they can support your longevity, and much more. Philip’s top priority is making wellness care ubiquitous in America, and he is striving to provide easy access to tools that help people improve their lives.  Valhalla Vitality strives to create and provide easy access to the tools you need to achieve peak wellness.  These tools come in the form of education, dietary supplements, topicals and devices that give you powe
04/12/202225 minutes 4 seconds
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Day 3: How to Support Your Mitochondria and Feel the Difference with Timeline Nutrition

Welcome back to day 3 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world. Day 3 is all about cellular nutrition. I have Ian Davison of Timeline Nutrition with me and we are featuring their Mitopure product. We talk about the factors that affect mitochondrial health, how mitophagy and autophagy work, how Urolithin A helps the process, and many more. Mitopure is the first nutrient clinically proven to trigger a crucial recycling process within our cells called mitophagy that prevents age-related cellular decline.  You can enter my giveaway now by going to my Instagram account <a href= "
03/12/202221 minutes 45 seconds
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Day 2: How to Filter Your Air Properly with HypoAir

Welcome to day 2 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world.  For Day 2, I interviewed David Milburn from HypoAir, and we are talking about their Air Angel Mobile product. We talk about why you should purify your air, how HypoAir purifiers work, signs of poor air quality, molds inside your house, and so much more.  HypoAir purifies and filters your indoor air using technologies that replicate the same natural processes that take place outside. You can enter my giveaway now by going to my Instagram account @biohackin
02/12/202224 minutes 27 seconds
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Day 1: Why You Need to Be Taking Magnesium With Bioptimizers

Welcome to day 1 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world.  Day 1 is all about magnesium! I chat with Wade Lightheart from BiOptimizers about their full-spectrum magnesium supplement, Magnesium Breakthrough. We talk about why everyone should be taking a magnesium supplement, the benefits, and more. BiOptimizers has helped over 162,000 clients in 90 countries optimize their health and digestion since 2004. You can enter my giveaway now by going to my Instagram account @biohackingbrittany<span style= "fon
01/12/202225 minutes 34 seconds
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124. Pregnancy Biohacks, Prenatal Supplements, Healthy Birthing Practices and More With Elizabeth Clark

This week I have my good friend Elizabeth Clark on the show.  We talk about Elizabeth’s conception journey, how she prepared before pregnancy, her pregnancy biohacks, prenatal supplements, her birthing experience, and much more! If you are pregnant or are planning to conceive one day in the future, then this podcast is for you.   We talk about:  00:30 - The biohacker’s meetup in Vancouver 11:40 - Elizabeth’s health journey and her health struggles 17:30 - Effects of restricting your child’s diet 18:40 - Elizabeth’s conception journey 22:00 - Detoxing to get ready for pregnancy <span style="f
25/11/20221 hour 2 minutes 57 seconds
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123. How Women’s Health Issues Change as You Age With Dr. Suzanne Fenske of Tara MD

Dr. Suzanne Fenske of Tara MD and I talk about all things women’s health, which is one of my favorite topics! We talk about women’s health issues, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids and cysts, balancing your hormones, and so much more.  You definitely should listen to this podcast if you want to know more about women’s health issues and how to heal them holistically.  Tara MD takes an integrative and functional approach with every patient, using top evidence-based medical treatments and surgeries alongside lifestyle medicine and alternative care such as supplements and botanicals.    We talk about:  04:00 - Things I am planning on getting during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale 09:00 - My 12 days of biohacking giveaways <span
18/11/202255 minutes 43 seconds
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122. Understand Your Bugs: Why Your Microbiome Matters With Viome

This episode is all about measuring mRNA, epigenetics, the connection between your microbiome and health, and so much more. Hillary and Grant from the team at Viome join me to discuss how to optimize our microbiome from the inside out. Viome aims to demystify health, make science accessible, and honor the biochemical individuality of every human.   We talk about:  01:30 - 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts 08:50 - Viome and measuring mRNA vs. DNA 10:30 - The process of measuring mRNA and the activity of the microbiome and how it influences your health 13:30 - Probiotics and your microbiome 15:00 - Your microbiome and their effect on the foods you eat
11/11/202253 minutes 3 seconds
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121. Microdosing Mushrooms: The Newest Movement in Modern Medicine with Microcybin

I am excited to chat with Matthew John Silver about mushrooms, microdosing, psilocybin, Microcybin and LSD. Microcybin, our go-to microdosing brand available online, is working with some of Canada’s most committed biotechnologists and mycologists to harness the medicinal power of psychedelics and microdosing techniques and make them accessible. We talk about:  00:50 - Disney’s short film “Reflect,” my thoughts, and people’s thoughts on it 05:00 - The book “Generation XL” 15:30 - Stay tuned for my giveaways starting December 1st 18:50 - The story on what led Matt to try microdosing 22:00 - Microdosing, mindfulness, and your emotions <span style
04/11/202252 minutes 10 seconds
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120. Why Your Water Needs an Upgrade With Mario Brainovic, CEO of Analemma

Mario Brainovic is the CEO of Analemma: a revolutionary new device that transforms regular tap and bottled water from its depleted, chaotic and lesser state into its supreme, coherent, and naturally structured state. We talk about all things coherent water, structured water, EZ water, their benefits, and why you should upgrade your water today.   We talk about:  11:50 - What structured and coherent water is and the difference 18:30 - The best water you should drink for your health 24:00 - Testing your water with your plants at home 20:30 - Benefits of Analemma water and their latest research 36:00 - Analemma’s plan on connecting it to the water pipes
28/10/202253 minutes 9 seconds
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119. How I’m Healing My Ovaries: PCOS, Cysts, Fertility, Hormones and More

This episode is dedicated to my reproductive health, including how I’m healing and biohacking my ovaries to be healthier. I go through all the things I’m doing now to reduce my symptoms, balance my hormones, and prepare for pre-conception in the future. I have a lot of recommendations in this episode so be sure to take notes!   I talk about:  04:30 - Being on birth control for seven years 07:00 - Getting tested for PCOS and using the Natural Cycles app 10:00 - Tracking my menstrual cycle and ovulation 14:00 - Pain in my right ovary <span style="font-weight:
20/10/20221 hour 10 minutes 16 seconds
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118. Easy Ways to Lower Your Biological Age with Chris Mirabile from Novos

Chirs Mirabile is the founder and CEO of NOVOS: the first human longevity company to address the 10 mechanisms of aging through their innovative, patent pending formulations. We talk about chronological age verses biological age, and how you can improve your biological age through your easy, daily lifestyle choices, nutrition, supplements and more!   We talk about:  01:00 - My long cycles and ovary pain 09:00 - Creating healthy habits to promote motherhood 15:00 - Natural Cycles app and Oura ring collaboration 20:00 - Tracking your temperature vaginally 33:30 - The benefits of taking Novos 37:00 - Scienti
14/10/20221 hour 29 minutes 32 seconds
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117. Doing the Uncomfortable, Forming a Growth Mindset, Unschooling Your Kids and Supporting Hurricane Ian With Philip D’Agostino From Valhalla Vitality

Philip D'Agostino is back on the podcast! We catch up on all things entrepreneurship, giving back as part of your business structure, doing uncomfortable things to develop a growth mindset, what unschooling your kids can look like, and Hurricane Ian in Florida.  We also talk about Valhalla Vitality’s new product for better sleep, their Hypavar product (which contains THCV), and what’s next for the company.    We talk about:  01:00 - Doing the 75 Hard Challenge and my new glass gallon water bottle 05:00 - Companies giving back in substantial ways 10:50 - Why Philip developed Valhalla Vitality 12:20 - Hypavar (THCV) components and its benefits 15:20 -
07/10/20221 hour 11 minutes 1 second
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116. Q&A: The Only Smoothie I’ll Drink, Wedding Plans, Yoni Steaming, Salt and Soda Baths, How Microdosing Feels and More

This week is a Q&A episode where I answer questions submitted by my audience. We talk about my go-to green smoothie recipe, microdosing with psilocybin and LSD, how yoni steaming works, and much more. Message me your questions on Instagram or send me an email ([email protected]) so I can  answer them in my next Q&A episode!    We talk about:  06:30 - Details on my upcoming wedding  15:30 - My green smoothie recipe and why I drink it  21:00 - How I feel when I microdose at work and when not working 30:10 - Yoni steams: how they work and why I do them</p
30/09/202245 minutes 16 seconds
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115. The Shroom Boom: How Microdosing Is Improving Lives with Adam Pike and Microcybin

Adam Pike was a Big Brother contestant and is a personal trainer and content creator. We talk a lot about microdosing and how it helped him achieve his goals, why you should try microdosing, too, the stigma on microdosing, and so much more! We both use Microcybin - our go-to microdosing brand available online. You can use my discount BIOHACKINGBRITTANY15 at checkout! We talk about:  00:25 - My 75 Hard Challenge update and the benefits so far 11:40 - Adam’s health and fitness journey 13:00 - Big Brother and how Adam got in it 18:00 - How Ad
23/09/20221 hour 10 minutes 36 seconds
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114. Generational Trauma, Body Image, Holistic Weight Loss and Balancing Hormones with Hannah Mullen, Certified Nutritionist and Women’s Health Specialist

Hannah Mullen, a Certified Nutritionist and Women’s Health Specialist, joins me as we discuss dieting, generational trauma, eating disorders, hormone health, and nutrition for weight loss.  We talk about restrictive dieting and how it affects you and your health, trauma in health and dieting, CGMs, and much more.    We talk about:  03:00 - Doing the 75 Hard challenge 13:00 - Getting on an elimination diet 19:30 - Hannah Mullen’s struggle with dieting growing up  23:00 - Looking at health on a cellular level and having a health first mindset 25:50 - Generational trauma and our health and dieting 30:30 - Ho
17/09/20221 hour 9 minutes 45 seconds
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113. Q&A: Aloe Vera Juice, Oil Pulling, Microdosing Protocols, Tongue Scraping and More!

This week I’m bringing you another question-and-answer episode, where I cover a wide variety of topics!    We talk about:  01:00 - Keeping up my biohacking routine while traveling 03:00 - The current electrolytes I take 09:00 - Aloe vera juice, why I take it, and where you can buy it 11:00 - Scraping the jelly off an aloe vera plant 12:00 - How much aloe vera juice I take each morning 13:00 - Aloe vera juice benefits 15:00 - Oil pulling and if you should be doing it  17:00 - Tongue scraping and why I dot it 22:00 -
09/09/202244 minutes 40 seconds
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112. Poop Transplants and Nasal Microbiome with Joyce Dales of Buzzagogo

Have you heard of the nasal biome? Find out what it is and why it’s important in this episode. Today we have Joyce Dales and we talk about poop transplants, the nasal biome and why it’s important, Manuka honey, and more. Joyce Dales is the inventor of Cold Bee Gone Nasal Swab Remedy. Cold Bee Gone is an all-natural, homeopathic remedy that you swab inside your nose to help your body fight cold and flu exactly where germs replicate while protecting the Nasal Biome.   We talk about:  08:10 - Poop transplants 16:00 - Lactobacillus reuteri and its benefits 20:00 - Preventative medicine and why its important 23:30 - Getting your DNA tested and it not bein
03/09/202247 minutes 56 seconds
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111. Combining Plant Medicine and Fitness with Sean Pearse and Microcybin

Sean Pearse is a kettlebell coach, movement expert and personal trainer. He has been exploring combining plant medicine in conjunction with his movement and training expertise.  We talk about micro dosing, various plant medicines, using micro dosing for your fitness goals, innate healing that can come from plant medicine and therapy, and more.    We talk about Microcybin - our go-to microdosing brand available online. You can use my discount BIOHACKINGBRITTANY15 at checkout!   We talk about:  07:45 - How Sean got into microdosing 08:15 - Exercise and LSD 11:30 - Defining what flow state is  <span style="fo
25/08/202253 minutes 37 seconds
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110. Feel Better by Understanding How Your Fascia and Acupuncture Work with Douglas Bertram

Douglas Bertram, L.Ac., is the Founder of Structural Elements and has 27 years of clinical experience treating patients with his proprietary combination of Chinese Medicine and Manual Therapy. We talk about acupuncture and its benefits, fascia and why its important for you, and two unbelievably simple biohacks that you should do which will change your life. Structural Elements® helps you bring your body to a level of peak performance representative of your ability, age, and fitness level.   We talk about:  08:45 - How Douglas started his Chinese medicine and manual therapy journey 11:20 - How acupuncture works 14:10 - Benefits of acupuncture 16:00 - Acupuncture and i
12/08/202249 minutes 3 seconds
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109. Going Further Than the Law of Attraction With Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle is best known for his contribution to the film and book “The Secret”, as a law of attraction expert and coach. He has been teaching these principles through programs, live events, podcasts, live streams, coaching, writing, and even virtual reality, since 1998. Recently, Bob’s attention has shifted from the metaphysical aspects of the Law of Attraction or “reality creation” process, to a more grounded and biological look at what controls our experiences, our brain.   We talk about:  08:00 - How Bob Doyle became a part of the Law Of Attraction 10:50 - Where the Law Of Attraction has taken Bob 12:30 - How you can change your brain 14:00 - We are a physical manifestation of the energy that
04/08/202246 minutes 28 seconds
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108. How to Start Using Plant Medicine Today With Microcybin

What is plant medicine and what are the benefits? Should you microdose or macrodose? Today is the first part in a new series of episodes on plant medicine with Jason Silva from Microcybin. We dive into the basics of using plant medicine and how you can get started today.  We talk about:  02:00 - What is and isn’t plant medicine 04:00 - What plant medicine does to your brain 06:00 - Microdose vs macrodose 08:00 -Treating plant medicine as a tool 09:30 - Microdosing with L S D 20:00 - How your subconscious is impacting you 21:00 - Using plant medicine as a tool to improve yourself
29/07/202246 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

107. How I Got Started With Biohacking and How to Start Biohacking Your Brain, Office and Hormones Today

In this episode, I am interviewed on the Green Living With Tee podcast, in which we talk about all things biohacking and how to get started on biohacking today.  We talk about my health journey, which led me to biohacking, and how to start biohacking your brain, diet and workplace.    We talk about:  03:30 - Using plant medicine 10:30 - My health journey 11:50 - How I started biohacking 14:00 - Biohacking your brain 15:50 - Biohacking for females 18:05 - EMF and how it can affect your health 26:10 - Respecting your health and body while r
22/07/202237 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

106. Microdosing With THCV and Advanced Biohacking Supplements NMN and Spermidine with Valhalla Vitality

Today we have Philip D’Agostino with us from Valhalla Vitality and we are digging into a new era of supplements with ingredients that are so hard to find.  Valhalla Vitality strives to create and provide easy access to the tools people need to achieve peak wellness.   We talk about:  02:00 - Holistic weightloss 07:50 - Why Philip started Valhalla Vitality 10:30 - Valhalla Vitality’s best-selling product and why 11:10 - What is THCV and its effects 13:00 - THCV and fasting 14:40 - How Philip found out about THCV 17:00 - THCV vs microdosing
14/07/202242 minutes 57 seconds
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105. Q&A: Holistic Weight Loss, Difference Between Ancestral Eating and Paleo, Morning Routine, Enemas and More

In this question and answer, I answer some of the frequently asked questions I receive from Instagram. Message me your health questions, and I’ll answer them next!   I talk about:  00:30 - Topping all the charts for podcasts in Brazil! 05:00 - What is ancestral nutrition and the difference between ancestral nutrition and paleo 08:20 - The book - Wheat Belly 12:20 - My morning routine 15:00 - The history of tracking your cycle for women 17:00 - To
08/07/202245 minutes 53 seconds
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104. Truly Healthy Living in the 21st Century with Dr. Russell Jaffe

The 21st century has given us many comforts and toxins that are now affecting our health. Today’s podcast with Dr. Russell Jaffe talks about holistic care, raw milk, our dietary choices, and much more. Dr. Jaffe is the author of Thriving In The 21st Century: Your Guide To Adding Years To Life And Life To Years.  In the book, Dr. Jaffe explains what biomarkers to measure, what the measurements mean functionally, and what actions to take to achieve thriving health.   We talk about:  05:00 - Having your blood sugar tested 09:00 - My new free guide on raw milk!! 10:40 - Combining Eastern and Western principles and values 13:00 - From a skeptic to an advo
30/06/20221 hour 57 seconds
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103. Q&A: Fasting, Micro Dosing, Raw Milk, Red Light Therapy and More

This week I pull common questions from my Instagram account and answer them for you. Everything from raw milk to plant medicine to red light therapy.  If you have any questions you’d like answered, message me on social media or email me through my website, and I will be more than happy to answer them.   We talk about:  03:00 - What my routine is with red light therapy 06:00 - My PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) results 11:50 - Where I get my Psilocybin from and the safety of it 17:00 - Microdosing with LSD 23:10 - My results from my red light therapy mask 27:00 - How to do cold immersion a
23/06/202246 minutes 1 second
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102. How Your Human Design Impacts Your Health with Hope Pedraza

Hope Pedraza is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and host of Hopeful and Wholesome Podcast. Hope helps career-driven women to heal their gut, balance their minds, and feel good in their bodies again. Hope also is a mom, serial entrepreneur, and founder of a Pilates-based franchise - inBalance studio.  We dive into Human Design this week and how your type can really impact what nutrition and wellness practices suit you best.    We talk about:  07:20 - Hope’s health journey 12:10 - How Hope got started with Human Design 14:35 - How Human Design connects to wellness 16:25 - The five types of Human Design - Generators <
16/06/202250 minutes 57 seconds
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101. It's Time to Set the Record Straight About Nootropics with Greg Gostincar

Curious about nootropics? This week we are driving into brain health and nootropics with Greg Gostincar. Greg is a certified brain health coach and the creator of Your Inception. His mission is to help people optimize their brain performance to live an extraordinary life.  We talk about:  02:00 - How micro doing with psilocybin helps me be more creative 11:10 - How Greg got started in the nootropic brain health world 12:40 - We’re not using our brain efficiently 14:15 - What are nootropics 15:30 - Why there is so much interest in nootropics 17:30 - How the way we live affects our health and brain function 18:30
10/06/202254 minutes 17 seconds
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100. How Using Silver Can Support Your Health With SilverBiotics

Welcome to our 100th episode! Today we dive into the world of silver for biohacking.  By combining the healing properties of nature and the power of science, SilverBiotics® develops products in an affordable way so that everyone has the ability to live life to its fullest. We have Kelli Gray and Steve Ravely from the SilverBiotics team to talk about silver and how it benefits your body, what to look out for, and why silver is so controversial.   We talk about:  06:00 - Red tape on health products 14:00 - How SilverBiotics started 16:00 - Why silver is supportive and not gold 17:30 - Benefits of silver for your body <span style="font-wei
02/06/202240 minutes 26 seconds
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99. Why Female Self Care Is Unique With Dana Frost

Why is wellness different for women? I am joined by Dana Frost, a wellness expert, functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner, and Heartmath certified trainer.  In Dana’s twelve years as a life coach, she has accrued a rare combination of certifications and specialties that she is proud to hold and serve her clients with. We talk about why women feel the need to focus on self-care more, how to reduce stress, allot time for self-care, and more! We talk about:  00:30 - I went camping, and my surprising HRV results 14:00 - Dana Frost’s health journey and in educating women in reaching optimal health 19:30 - What to do to reduce your stress starting today
26/05/202259 minutes 41 seconds
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98. Why 85% Of People Don’t Feel Healthy with Faraaz Jamal of Mikra

Faraaz Jamal, the CEO of Mikra, joins me as we talk about using cutting-edge supplements to increase healthspan. CELLF, the first product by Mikra, is a novel cellular therapeutic compound that targets consumers who are beginning to notice their biological age is affecting their everyday performance. We talk about preventative medicine, increasing your healthspan versus lifespan, longevity, and much more. We talk about:  11:00 - Faraaz’s journey in developing Mikra 16:00 - Getting toxins out of your body and chemo-brain 18:00 - Preventative medicine 20:30 - Defining healthspan vs. lifespan vs. longevity 25:00 -
19/05/202250 minutes 49 seconds
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97. Molecular Hydrogen Water: What You Should Know with Alex Tarnava from Drink HRW

Alex Tarnava, the founder of Drink HRW, joins me to explain his focus on therapeutic hydrogen water technology.  Drink HRW’s goal is to ensure that everyone can experience the tremendous benefits of daily use of molecular hydrogen safely and effectively. We talk about hydrogen water, what it is, its benefits, and how hydrogen water can help in optimizing your health and hormones. We talk about:  00:40 - Biohacks I did this morning 05:30 - Microdosing 09:50 - Learning so much from the biohacking world 15:50 - How and why Alex got started with developing hydrogen water 21:50 - Doing the right thing with clinical t
12/05/202249 minutes 47 seconds
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96. Master Your Mind by Mastering Your Thoughts with Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

Do you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts? How often do you check to see if your thoughts are helpful or not? How do our thoughts affect our life? Today we talk about our inner dialogue with Dr. Ryan Wohlfert. Dr. Ryan Wohlfert has a simple philosophy for health and life: Be Your Own Guarantee (“BYOG” for short).  He advocates simple and natural lifestyle solutions to avoid pain and disease, break free from drugs, doctors, disease, and surgery and BYOG for your health and life.   We talk about:  02:00 - My PRF facial (vampire facial) 05:20 - Biohacking Brittany has hit over 42,000 downloads! 09:30 - How Ryan got started with his brain health journey <span style="font-weight:
05/05/202256 minutes 33 seconds
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95. My Thoughts on Anti-Biohacking and Anti-Gut Health

I dive into the anti-biohacking and anti-gut health advocates and my thoughts on these ideas. I also share some biohacking basics that you can get started with right away if you are new to biohacking.   I talk about:  02:30 - The article about anti-biohacking 05:00 - Criticisms on biohacking 10:00 - Being realistic in bringing healthy practices into our life 14:00 - Criticism of gut health programs 19:50 - Sun exposure and meditation for your health 21:05 - Intermittent fasting and movement 22:50 - Gratitude and how I practice it with my partner 24:50 - Reducing blue
28/04/202230 minutes 7 seconds
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94. Hearing Your Own Voice Can Heal You With Jane Jourdan of Way

Do you cringe hearing your own voice? Way uses your own voice to create tracks that help balance your emotions and empower you to regulate your nervous system. Jane Jourdan, the co-founder and CEO of way joins the podcast this week.  Your voice is the foundation for self-guided healing and growth. Science reveals that hearing your own voice is powerful because it can quickly impact your emotional state.  Way’s proprietary blend of techniques includes emotion and nervous system regulation, third-person self-talk, mindfulness, decentering, cognitive reappraisal, etc.  We talk about:  02:20 - My struggle with body image and body dysmorphia 12:10 - How Jane got started with the idea of way 16:10 - Cringing
21/04/202243 minutes 16 seconds
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93. Your Lighting in Your House Is Wrong with Talia Ram from Lumiram

We talk about one of the most ignored elements in our life - lighting. Whether it's sunlight, the lights in your house, or at work, lights are everywhere around us, and we often don’t realize how much they can impact our health.  Talia Ram from Lumiram joins me to discuss why lighting is essential for our health and how to use it. Chromalux is a unique light bulb from Lumiram intended for year-round, restriction-free usage. That's to say, Chromalux bulbs are beautiful and healthy upgrades for all your ordinary household light bulbs. We talk about:  00:30 - Follow me on Tiktok account - @biohacking  08:00 - Ovarian PRP <li style="f
14/04/202249 minutes 36 seconds
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92. You’re Exposed to More Toxins Than You Know With Jenna Hua From Million Marker

Do you think about phthalates and BPAs when you do grocery shopping? Maybe you should. Today, we talk about chemicals and toxin exposure through our choices every day with Jenna Hua, the founder of Million Marker. Jenna’s extensive experience as an academic and health advocate led to her founding Million Marker in 2019, shortly after completing a Postdoctoral Fellowship with Stanford University’s School of Medicine. Throughout her career in academia, Jenna has researched and published numerous studies that primarily focused on citizen science, general health, and the impact of food consumption on a person’s well-being. We talk about:  00:30 - I am officially one week without caffeine 03:00 - The benefits of not drinking alcohol 06:00 - The healthy
07/04/202248 minutes 5 seconds
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91. Brands Are Misusing Adaptogens and What to Look For Instead With Ben Levine From Rasa

Today we have Ben LeVine who is the co-founder and chief herbalist at Rasa which makes adaptogen-rich elixirs, powders, and drinks. We talk about the benefits of adaptogens, what are adaptogens and what are not, and using adaptogens as alternatives for coffee. Rasa is here to transform the way we energize with delicious, adaptogen-packed herbal coffee alternatives. We talk about:  02:30 - My sleep has not been great recently and the sleep supplements I have been taking 14:00 - Who is Ben LeVine 16:10 - The first herb Ben used in a medicinal way 19:00 - The booming use of adaptogens and what they are  22:00 - Choosing the right adaptogen <span
31/03/202252 minutes 56 seconds
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90. The Biohacks and Wellness Products I’m Using Right Now

I talk about some of the newest biohacking gear, supplements, tools and practices I’m into right now. I also talk about moving away from hustle culture and moving into effective stress management practices for optimal health and productivity.     I talk about:  04:00 - Bristle - an at-home test that looks at the bacteria in your mouth 07:00 - Apollo - touch therapy for your nervous system 09:00 - Moment Mushrooms - psilocybin microdosing 18:40 - HigherDose - my sauna blanket 21:00 - HigherDose - red-light
24/03/202238 minutes 7 seconds
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89. There Is No Single Root Cause to Your Health Problem With Reed Davis

Reed Davis talks about functional diagnostic nutrition, what it is, how it is different from holistic nutrition, and how it can help you improve your health.   Over 20 years ago, Reed recognized people were caught in a “cycle of trial and error,” and he committed to being the last person they needed to see.   While working with top leaders in alternative medicine, he ran thousands of labs on thousands of people and learned to identify “healing opportunities.”     And through this work, he then developed the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Certification Course and D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success Protocol® to educate and empower as many people as possible about how to get well and stay well naturally, so they, in turn, may empower others to do the same.   We talk about: 04:00 - My new personal affirmations 11:30 - Reading the book “We Should All Be Mi
17/03/20221 hour 12 minutes 25 seconds
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88. Uncover Your Biological Age to Make Informed Health Decisions With Insidetracker

Registered Dietician Michelle Darian explains what InsideTracker does and how it can help us make informed decisions about our health choices.  Founded in 2009 by experts in aging, genetics, and biometric data from Harvard, MIT and Tufts, science is truly the backbone of InsideTracker. They believe the most impactful science and technology products result from constant learning and developed an at-home biomarker test as a result. We talk about: 08:00 - What is InsideTracker, and what does it do 12:00 - What our DNA can tell you 14:00 - Your DNA isn’t your destiny, and what you can find with the InsideTracker DNA t
24/02/202240 minutes 36 seconds
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87. Biohacking Longevity With NAD+, Glutathione and Glucarate with COAST Founders Chris Roselle and Chris Picerni

Are you taking Glutathione supplements? Or maybe NMN as a precursor for NAD+? Find out more about what these supplements are and what they do in this podcast with the two founders of COAST - Chris Roselle and Chris Picerni. We all aspire to achieve optimal health and wellness, unfortunately, what we eat, what we drink, and our environment can easily offset the work we put in the gym or the kitchen. COAST was formulated to help you feel, look and perform at your best without compromising your lifestyle choices.  We talk about: 00:30 - Traveling to Costa Rica 06:00 - The founder's health journey and transitioning into developing Coast <span style=
17/02/202246 minutes 11 seconds
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86. A Rare Diagnosis for Women: Stiff Person Syndrome With Tisha Foster

Tisha Foster opens up about her rare condition, Stiff Person Syndrome. Today we discuss what exactly it is, the symptoms, and how she copes with it on a daily basis. It specifically affects the nervous system and brain and is a one-in-a-million disease.  We talk about: 02:00 - I’m traveling to Costa Rica 08:20 - Tisha’s health story and how she got diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome 11:45 - What is Stiff Person Syndrome 13:00 - Getting diagnosed as a woman with a sickness that’s usually common with men <span styl
10/02/202239 minutes 52 seconds
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85. Stay Calm and Manage Your Stress With Sensate Founder Stefan Chmelik

Today we have Stefan Chmelik on the show to talk about Sensate, a health device designed to reduce stress and support your nervous system. Since birth, Stefan Chmelik was immersed in meditation teaching and natural medicine and started his journey into meditation before the age of 10. As a result, he is one of the most experienced and highly qualified whole-person healthcare practitioners of his generation and the UK’s leading integrated TCM expert. Stefan’s mission is to help people find their way towards optimal health and happiness through technology as an aid to profound relaxation. We talk about: 01:30 - Microdosing medicinal mushrooms 11:00 - The dysr
03/02/202240 minutes 42 seconds
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84. An Overlooked Factor Impacting Your Skin Right Now With Daniel Collins Of Forest Spa Finland

Glowing skin starting from within is a concept I come back to time and time again. Not only does our nutrition, supplements, environment, hydration and lifestyle impact how healthy our skin is, but our mental health, stress and hormones play an essential role as well. In today’s podcast, we talk about improving your skin from the inside out with Daniel Collins.   Daniel Collins is the founder and brand Director of skincare and wellness brand Forest Spa Finland, which provides skin and immunity wellness through the power of Nordic nature. Its mission is to help consumers fight the impact of internal and external stress by utilizing powerful, natural ingredients from Finland and its neighbors.   We talk about: 00:40 - My first experience with acne in 2020 <li style="
27/01/202245 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

83. “Skinspan” and Skin Microbiome With Carolina Reis Oliveira

Today we dive into the skin microbiome and define “skinspan” with Carolina Reis Oliveira of OneSkin. As a founder of OneSkin, Carolina and her team have developed the first anti-senescence topical product designed to promote skin health from within. Carolina is an alumnus of IndieBio, the world's largest seed biotech accelerator. She moved from Latin America to Silicon Valley four years ago to found OneSkin and has been actively engaged in the longevity ecosystem in the Bay Area. We talk about: 01:00 - Win a consultation with me! 06:30 - Visit my new Shop page now 09:30 - How Carolina came up with the idea of OneS
20/01/202244 minutes 20 seconds
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82. Alzheimer’s Disease: Is It Preventable? Christina Acevedo Explains

Today we have Christina Acevedo on the show, the author of Two Little F Words: Feasting and Fasting Your Way To Optimal Health. We talk about Alzheimer's, things you can do to prevent it, and why you should start early in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Christina has become very passionate about teaching people, especially women, that our genes are not our destiny and that 2/3 of people with Alzheimer's are women. How to prevent Alzheimer's disease and how to take control of your own health is Christina's #1 service to her community.  We talk about: 01:00 - Win a consultation with me! 03:50 - My feeling when eating animals and meat 17:00 - Menopause and Alzheimer’s 19:00 - Why Alzheimer’s i
13/01/20221 hour 8 minutes 35 seconds
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81. Thinking About Fitness Differently This Year With Sun Sachs of Rewire Fitness

Today we are talking about holistic health and fitness with the CEO of Rewire Fitness, Sun Sachs.   Sun Sachs brings 25 years of expertise in design, technology, product management and business strategy to create compelling concepts, meticulously build and innovate around the required technologies and inspire teams to actualize the vision. Boldly committed to creating the highest quality user experiences and keen awareness for every detail, Sun has built a reputation for creating flawless, award-winning work. We talk about: 03:00 - Regaining my confidence and self-love this year 06:00 - New Shop Page on my website 10:30 - The Rewire Fitness program 14:00 - How Rewire Fitness connects
06/01/202242 minutes 20 seconds
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80. Everyone’s Drinking Bone Broth and Here’s Why With Melissa Boloña

Today we have Melissa Boloña, the founder of Beauty and the Broth. We talk about entrepreneurship, and bone broth and its benefits. Melissa has worked with the world’s best makeup artists and sampled every top beauty product there is, yet still credits bone broth as her #1 beauty secret. After falling in love with broth and wishing there were more local spots to grab a mug of it, Melissa knew this was the business she had always wanted to create. We talk about: 01:00 - A recap of 2021 12:50 - How Melissa came up with her bone broth product 16:30 - Melissa’s bone broth recipe 18:30 - Bone broth benefits 26:30 - Melissa’s female entrepreneur jou
30/12/202146 minutes 26 seconds
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79. EMF Is Not the Problem, so What Is? Beth Sturdivant Explains.

Are you concerned about EMF radiation and 5G? In this episode, we chat about how to protect ourselves from this radiation and uncover what may be the root cause behind this sensitivity with Beth Sturdivant. Beth is the author of “Backyard Secret Exposed: A Journal Of My Healing Path Back To Life”. She helps others overcome what she also has - environmental sensitivities. Having consulted with many doctors and individuals, she created an online business to offer clean and organic products that helped her live much more peacefully in this environment today. We talk about: 04:00 - Staying healthy in the holidays 16:00 - We are in a health crisis 18:10 - The EMF symptoms Beth felt 27:10 - Getti
23/12/202150 minutes 55 seconds
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78. How Your Oral Health Impacts Your Body: What to Use and Avoid With Trina Felber of Primal Life Organics

Trina Felber, the CEO of Primal Life Organics, joins me as we talk about oral health, the truth about toothpaste, ingredients to avoid, and what you should look for in your dental products. Trina is a speaker and writer and her food-based skincare and oral products have been featured on TV stations all over the country including ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. She is dedicated to helping others realize the dangers in everyday products, and spreading awareness for the importance of using plant-based, natural products instead. We talk about: 08:00 - My biological age got younger 11:00 - My new website is up! 17:00 - How Trina got started with her Primal Life Organics journey 21:00 - The tooth meridia
16/12/20211 hour 6 minutes 46 seconds
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77. Fasting in a Supplement: Spermidine Turns Back the Clock With Don Moxley from spermidineLIFE

Have you heard of Spermidine yet? Today I have Don Moxley of spermidineLIFE on the show to discuss this new "wonder supplement".  Don is Director of Applied Science and Brand Development at Longevity Labs Inc. Dedicated to helping people live vibrant, fulfilling lives at all ages, Don draws upon his career as an athlete, a sports scientist, and an instructor to lead and educate on the science of autophagy and longevity. Focusing his work on the cell renewal benefits of spermidine supplementation, Don is a regarded longevity science leader known for making the complex simple. We talk about: 00:30 - Day Two of wearing my new Oura ring with the daytime heart rate tracker 10:00 - My new website is out! <sp
09/12/202153 minutes 34 seconds
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76. Q&A: Insomnia Hacks, Body Rashes, How to Start Biohacking, Forming Positive Habits and Much More

This week I answered your submitted questions on a variety of health and personal topics. I dive into the root cause behind skin issues, how our environment impacts our sleep patterns, how to increase body awareness, and how to increase our productivity. We talk about: 03:00 - How to heal your sleep problems 19:00 - The first thing you need to do to start biohacking today 25:30 - The reason behind mysterious skin rashes and how to treat them 32:30 - Best advice on forming positive habits 34:30 - Increasing productivity in a healthy manner Let’s Connect: <span style= "font-weight: 40
02/12/202141 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

75. Fringe Russian Longevity Compounds With Nathalie Niddam

Nathalie Niddam joins me to talk about peptides and peptide bioregulators, what they are, where you can find them, and how they can help you. Nathalie is a self-proclaimed science geek with a passion for human health. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Apeiron Academy Epigenetic Coach and a member of the first graduating class of Bulletproof Training Institute. In her teens, she fought with ongoing health and digestive issues. She learned many years later to tap into her body’s own healing and repair mechanisms and now wants to share her knowledge to help others take control of their health. We talk about: 03:30 - I accidentally took my dogs pain killer and became sedated 14:00 - The Bulletproof Human Potential Institute
25/11/20211 hour 6 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

74. What You Should Know About Magnesium With Wade Lightheart

I chatted with Wade Lightheart about all things magnesium! We talk about how magnesium improves your health, when you should take it, and why Wade sought out to create his own magnesium supplement. Wade Lightheart is Co-Founder and President of BiOptimizers, a nutritional supplement company with one mission to help humans shift from a sick, unhealthy condition into a peak biologically optimized state. We talk about: 01:00 - Nose-to-tail eating 03:00 - Drinking bone broth every day 04:30 - I ordered my new Oura Ring! 15:00 - Why Wade’s company decided to come up with a magnesium supplement 27:50 - How you know you need a magnesium supplement</s
18/11/202159 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

73. Is Collagen the Missing Macronutrient? Charlie Bailes Explains.

Today we talk about all things collagen with Charlie Bailes. We talk about the different types of collagen and how they can help you in different ways. Charlie Bailes is the CEO & founder of CB Supplements, a company specializing in helping people thrive with multi-collagen protein products. Charlie talks about how collagen can help people solve various health issues, from joint recovery and productivity to sleeping better at night. We talk about: 00:30 - My new Peloton and my initial impression 03:30 - I bought raw goat milk! 07:00 - The difference between Costco organic eggs and REAL pastured eggs from a local farm 15:20 - How did Charlie Bail
11/11/202155 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

72. Health Freedom and Finding Fulfillment With Jerry Kuykendall

Today we have Jerry Kuykendall, who owns Biohacking Truth and is a holistic health practitioner. We talk about health freedom and what it means to find fulfillment in your life. Jerry Kuykendall is the CEO of Biohacking Truth, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Personal Development Coach & Consultant. He specializes in utilizing the truth-based principles of holistic health to deliver you from the prison of poor health. We talk about: 01:00 - The new Oura Ring is out! Temperature tracking, daytime tracking and more! 14:00 - Jerry’s health journey and what led him toward biohacking. 17:30 - How difficult was it for Jerry to start with biohacking and living in a world that we aren’t to be in 09:00 - What gives you fulfillment, and does it really make you happy? 16:00 - Believing in something bigger than ourselves, who are you, and what is your purpose 22:00 - Your career can’t be your legacy <li
04/11/20211 hour 14 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

71. Everything You Need to Know About Blue Light, Autophagy and Blue Blockers With Roudy Nassif of VivaRays

This episode discusses everything you need to know about how light impacts our health and why not all blue light is bad. We define “light diet” and how the right light at the right time during the day can have a massive impact on our energy, mitochondria, longevity and mental health.  Roudy Nassif is an engineer, health entrepreneur, and speaker who helps business owners sleep better, enhance their cognition, have more energy, and become more productive by offering strategies to maximize healthy light. We also talk about: How to use blue blocking glasses Seasonal light and sleep cycles Symptoms of too much blue light exposure <span style="font-weight: 400;
22/10/202157 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

70. Q&A: Sugar Cravings, C-Section Births, Fasting for Hormonal Health, Candida, Sauna Usage for Female Health, Parasites, Acne and Much More!

This week I answer your submitted questions on a variety of health and personal topics. I dive into maintaining gut health, balancing hormones, sauna usage, C-section births, anti-microbial tinctures and herbs, Candida, Parasites and much more.  I also talk about: Intuitive Eating versus cravings  Acne, skin health and texture problems Malaria and anti-bacterial herbs Let’s Connect: Instagram Facebook Become A Client Join my Emfies pre-order waitlist Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, <a hre
16/10/202159 minutes 24 seconds
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69. Coherent Water and Its Impact on Our Health, Aging and EMF With Christian Bauer of Qi Blanco

This week we dive into frequency technology and how it can increase the coherent water in our bodies. The founder and CEO of Qi Blanco, Christian Bauer, explains the benefits of coherent water and its impact on our health and aging over time. Christian opens up about his difficult health history, which led him to look at his body from his perspective of being an engineer, physicist, and biochemist. We discuss using frequency technology products to detox the body and reduce the amount of EMF we’re exposed to. Christian explains the impact of EMF waves on our body and a simple at-home EMF test you can do at night to assess how EMF impacts your health. We also talk about: The different Qi Blanco products The future of coherent water and frequency technology <
08/10/202148 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

68. A New Way to Support the Immune System and Mental Health for Entrepreneurs With Gian Carlo Torres

In this episode, we talk about supporting the immune system through boosting glutathione levels, a mega antioxidant in the body. We look at the nutrient Immunocal and how it compares to the glutathione precursor N-Acetyl-Cysteine.  Gian Carlo Torres joins me as we explore the immune system and entrepreneurship for the health-conscious. He explains the boom of the wellness industry and how to be successful as an entrepreneur from a mental health point of view. We also talk about: Complementary medicine versus alternative medicine  His family’s experience with cancer Creating energy as an entrepreneur Resources: <
01/10/20211 hour 2 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

67. Intimate Female Wellness: Why Is There So Much Shame? With Dr. Kanwal Bawa

This episode looks at female sexual health, and the stigma and shame society teach women to have around it. We discuss enhancing female sexual health through various techniques and tools like FemiWave shockwave therapy, peptides like PT-141, and adequate sleep.  Dr. Kanwal Bawa joins me; a board-certified physician focused on female sexual health. She explains the rise of low libido for men and women, increasing rates of erectile dysfunction in men, and how to embrace your female sexual health, even at a young age.  We also talk about: Incontinence  Healing after childbirth Resources: Dr. Kanwal’s <span style= "fo
24/09/202140 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

66. Should You Try Intermittent Fasting? What About OMAD? Andri Peetso Explains

Let’s talk about all the different ways to fast and exactly how to get started. In this episode, I explore intermittent fasting, the one meal a day (OMAD) diet, longer fasts and more.  Andri Peetso joins me, biohacker, entrepreneur and the author of the new book “Mastering Fasting: The Hard Way But Made Simple for Everybody”. We discuss who should and shouldn’t fast, the benefits, and the history of fasting. We also talk about: How women should fast differently Andri’s experience with Multiple Sclerosis  Resources: Mastering Fasting</
17/09/202145 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

65. What Are Peptides and How Exactly Do They Work With Dr. Neil Paulvin

In this episode, we dive into the science behind peptides and bioregulators, and how you can start adding these to your biohacking regimen. We chat about the benefits, the different types for specific concerns like weight loss and fitness optimization, and how to take them at home.  Dr. Neil Paulvin focuses on functional medicine, osteopathic manipulation, regenerative medicine and holistic lifestyle modifications. He regularly uses peptides and bioregulators with his patients in his clinic.  We also talk about: BPC 157 as a gateway peptide  Preservatives and additives in peptides Where to buy them Peptides and bioregulators for fertility like MOTS-c
11/09/202142 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

64. From Stress to Fertility: Here’s How Ayurvedic Medicine Works With Victor Briere, Ayurvedic Doctor

Today, we chat about Ayurveda: what it is, who can benefit from it, and how to get started with it. I’m joined by Victor Briere, the co-founder of The International Institute of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Doctor and Kundalini yoga teacher.  We dive into the importance of the vagus nerve and autonomic nervous system, and how this impacts our daily stress levels. We talk about the future of Ayurvedic medicine and our current public health system.  We also talk about: How Ayurvedic medicine can support fertility  How we create our own health every day Resources: The International Institute of Ayurveda <span
03/09/202137 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

63. How Functional Medicine Can Support Your Fertility With Liadh Fitsgerald

I dive into functional medicine and fertility with expert Liadh Fitsgerald, founder of the Fertility Health Clinic and Functional Medicine Practitioner. We explore common misconceptions about fertility, preconception nutrition and wellness and how to support fertility naturally. We dig into health advice for women who’ve had a miscarriage, and the common underlying causes of infertility. We also talk about: The role of vitamin D  Supplements for fertility  How stress impacts our reproduction  Resources: Fertility Health Clinic <span style="font-
27/08/202144 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

62. Glamorizing Entrepreneurship and Work-Life Balance With Stil Founder Marissa Grootes

Today my friend Marissa Grootes and I get into why entrepreneurship is highly glamorized online and especially through social media, and the substantial impacts this can have on our physical and mental health.  Marissa is the founder, CEO and principal designer of Stil - a female-run company that aims to design organizational products that inspire women to feel, work and find their best selves.  We also talk about: Work-life balance and time off  Common misconceptions about entrepreneurship How being a female entrepreneur is different Productivity tips to get more done in less time Resources: <a h
20/08/202129 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

61. Why You’re Emotionally Eating and How to Move Past It With Tricia Nelson

Today I dive into emotional eating, food addiction and overeating with expert Tricia Nelson. We talked about how we all fall on the spectrum of emotional eating and food addiction, and how to change these eating habits for the better. Tricia is an author, speaker and has successfully helped hundreds of people overcome a variety of eating disorders and addictions. We also talk about: How emotional eating leads to weight gain  Childhood eating habits  Why you may be addicted to food Resources: <li style="font-weight: 400;" ari
06/08/202143 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

60. Where to Start if You Want to Start Eating Healthier Today With Holistic Nutritionist Amera Musleh

Today I dive into common nutrition misconceptions, diet culture and how to navigate conflicting health advice with Amera Musleh. Amera is a certified Holistic Nutritionist and runs her consulting practice, Nutrition Blooms, which is dedicated to helping others take control of their lives by implementing nutritional wellness, and holistic lifestyle strategies. We also talk about: Female probiotics  The health tests everyone should do Adaptogen and iron supplements  Intermittent fasting and fasting protoco
30/07/202150 minutes
Episode Artwork

59. What Is Quantum Healing and Why Is It So Powerful? With Philipp Samor From Leela Quantum Tech

Today we discuss the ins and outs of quantum healing: what it is, how it works and why it can be so powerful. Philipp Samor explains his technology, the way it impacts frequencies, and why we can all benefit from this type of healing.  Philipp is the founder and CEO of Leela Quantum Tech, a kundalini yoga teacher, energy healer, and pioneer in modern frequency medicine.  We also talk about: How frequencies impact HRV The "EMF soup" we're all living in The future of frequencies and EMF  Resources: <li style="font-weight: 400;
23/07/202141 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Q&A With Me: 75 Hard, Natural Teeth Whitening, Cycle Syncing, Herbal Medicine, Emfies and More

I answer the latest questions I’ve received about 75 Hard, Emfies, cycle syncing with herbal medicine, career opportunities for a Holistic Nutritionist, natural teeth whitening and more!    Resources: Primal Life Organics natural teeth whitening system    For more Biohacking with Brittany: Instagram Facebook <li style="fon
16/07/202138 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Truth About Sustainable Business, Superfoods and EMF With Darin Olien

This week Darin Olien joins me as we discuss the realities of creating a *truly* sustainable business for our health, the environment and all workers involved. We talk about how he created this for his own business and how others can do the same. We discuss superfoods, especially Barukas nuts, and how to incorporate them into a healthy diet.  Darin Olien is co-host with Zac Efron on the widely popular Netflix docu-series “Down to Earth with Zac Efron” and host of the #1 Health & Wellness podcast The Darin Olien Show. Darin is also a highly recognized exotic superfoods hunter, s
09/07/20211 hour 11 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why Is the Thyroid Underrated? Dr. Tim Jackson Explains

This episode is all about functional medicine, insulin resistance, and the thyroid's role in our health. We dig into how the thyroid impacts all our other organs and hormones and why we must assess its function when dealing with chronic symptoms.  Dr. Tim Jackson, DPT, CNS(c), is a functional medicine practitioner and biohacker. He works with individuals who want to perform better in any aspect of their lives by optimizing their physiology and lifestyle habits.    We also talk about: Structured water  Bio-identical hormones Cellular hypothyroidism Resources: Dr. Tim Jackson Use "brittany10" for a discount when working with Dr. Tim For more Biohacking with Brittany: Instagram <a
01/07/202155 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Connecting You Back to Your Roots With Great Bear Rainforest Essential Oils

Today, I discuss essential oils that are steam-distilled from fresh, sustainably harvested conifer needles gathered in Northern BC, Canada, with Rodney Mulholland, one of Great Bear Rainforest Oils managers. Great Bear Rainforest Essential Oils is a social enterprise supported by the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative - a non-profit society.   We also talk about:  - Creating a sustainable business for Indigenous people and the environment  - How aromatherapy works - How to forest bathe - Toxic skincare ingredients   Resources: - Try Great Bear Rainforest Essential Oils (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY) - Great Bear Rainforest Essential Oils on Instagram   For more Biohacking with Brittany: - <a href= "https://www.
25/06/202135 minutes 41 seconds
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Should You Be Taking CBD Oil and the History of Cannabis With Matt Chandler of AlcHempist

This week I dive into what exactly CBD oil is, why it’s so popular, and who can benefit from it with Matt Chandler of AlcHempist, a full spectrum hemp oil company. We talk about the difference between CBD, CBN, CBC, CBG cannabinoids and which ones we should ideally be taking as a supplement.  Matt is the Founder and CEO of AlcHempist. His mission is to create the highest quality, full-spectrum products using raw organic hemp extracts and fortify them with additional plant cannabinoids, resulting in much more powerful effects inside the body.  We also talk about: - The human endocannabinoid system - The history of cannabis and hemp - Pets using CBD and hemp   Resources: - Try AlcHempist products (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY) - AlcHempist Instagram   For more Biohacking with Brittany:</
18/06/202138 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Future of Skincare Is Personalized With Vanessa Grutman of Project Skin MD

How personalized is your skincare routine? In this episode, we break down the latest biohacking skincare treatments, serums and tools you can use to create healthy, glowing skin that lasts.  Vanessa Grutman joins me from Project Skin MD, a center of excellence for laser and aesthetic dermatology in Vancouver and Richmond, BC – that focuses on empowering patients in aging gracefully. Vanessa is the co-founder and an inspired leader and mom, passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and health optimization. We also talk about: Pandemic skin problems Healing acne PRP and fillers Resources: Connect with Vanessa on her website Follow Vanessa on <a title="vanessa grutman instagram" href="" target="_blank" re
11/06/202155 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Where Are All the Female Biohackers? With Katie Moore of Katie Type A

This episode is with my friend Katie Moore (otherwise known as Katie Type A), where we discuss female biohacking and the lack of leading female biohackers in the space. We touch on Katie's health journey, business, her favorite biohacks, and one's that she doesn't love.    Katie is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, and a self-proclaimed biohacker with a background in journalism. Katie is constantly experimenting with new health and wellness tech on her YouTube channel and helps clients improve their sleep health through one-on-one consultations.   We also talk about: The lack of diversity in biohacking Stem cell therapy Healthy skin, hormone testing and supplements   Resources:   Subscribe to Katie Type A on YouTube<
04/06/20211 hour 2 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

I Did a Live Blood Cell Analysis, Parasites, Epstein-Barr Virus, Lyme Disease, With Shannon Gregory

I had a Live Blood Cell Analysis done, and these are the results with expert Shannon Gregory. We talk about EBV, parasites, Epstein-Barr Virus, Lyme Disease, inflammation and more.
26/05/202151 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Is the 75 Hard Challenge Worth It? My Personal Review and Tips at Mid-Way

I dive into what exactly the 75 Hard Challenge is and open up about what I've found difficult and easy as a Nutritionist and biohacker. I share my recommendations to anyone wanting to try it and outline who should and shouldn't be trying this new health challenge. For more Biohacking with Brittany: Instagram Facebook Become A Client Join my Emfies pre-order waitlist Listen on Spotify, <a href="
20/05/202138 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Is EMF the New Smoking? DefenderShield Founder, Daniel Debaun, Explains.

You know I’ve been researching EMF, mainly because I’m developing my own healthier underwear line for females (called Emfies) that protects against EMF damage. To understand EMF and the impacts on our bodies more, I brought Daniel DeBaun on the show, the co-founder and CEO of DefenderShield, a company specializing in EMF education and protection. Daniel DeBaun is an expert in EMF radiation, shielding, and related health issues, focusing on the effect of exposure from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Daniel’s concern grew from over thirty years of engineering experience in the telecommunications industry, where he held a variety of executive positions at SAIC, Telcordia, AT&T, and Bell Labs. He is also the co-author of Radiation Nation: The Fallout of Modern Technology. <span style=
07/05/202152 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

Naturopathy for Glowing and Healthy Skin with Dr. Alexa Chichak

This week I brought on an old friend of mine and Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Alexa Chichak. We open up about skincare products, treatments, and how naturopathy can play a role in maintaining a healthy glow. Dr. Chichak is Vancouver based Naturopathic Doctor who focuses on mental health, hormones, stress, and nutrition. She was inspired to pursue a career as an ND after experiencing first-hand the impact that natural medicine had on her own health journey. She is currently accepting patients. We also talk about: How diet and digestion impact skin The role of SPF and vitamin D The impacts of stres
30/04/202134 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spiritual Biohacking and Meditation with Todd Denen

This week I dive into spiritual biohacking with Todd Denen, a 4th Level Master with over 30 years of advanced meditation and spiritual development training. He’s the founder of the R5 Formula, which teaches entrepreneurs how to increase business growth by accelerating human development and evolution rapidly. We talk about the common myths and misconceptions about meditation and how someone can know if they are meditating correctly.  We also talk about: Benefits of meditation  Mindfulness versus meditation 
22/04/202136 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Become Healthier From the Inside Out With Nutrient and Biological Age Tests From Insider Tracker

I got my nutrient markers, hormone levels, and biological age tested through Inside Tracker, and the results were not what I expected.  This week I chat with Gil Blander, the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Inside Tracker, a company that provides health solutions via DNA, biomarker, and biological age testing.  We dive into the benefits of quantifying yourself, the impact of this past year on everyone’s health, and why we should all get our biomarkers tested regularly.   We also talk about: What biological age testing is and how it works My results and what they mean  <sp
16/04/202145 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Role of Chiropractic Care In Holistic Healing With Dr. Aaron Tressler

Dr. Tressler is a natural health expert and chiropractor of 30 years, the host of the Making Pittsburgh Healthy podcast, and living proof of the body's innate ability to heal and thrive at any age. In this episode, Dr. Aaron Tressler describes his health journey and the role chiropractic care played in his healing process. He focuses on four core areas of innate healing: mind, posture/nervous system, nutrition, exercise/movement. His healing journey is educational, inspirational, and enlightening. We also talk about: How chiropractic can heal more than pain Believing you can heal What we can
08/04/202146 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Entrepreneurship and Our Health, Weighted Blankets and Work-Life Balance With Elizabeth Grojean, Founder of Baloo Living

The impact of entrepreneurship on our health is one of my favorite topics to explore, especially with other female entrepreneurs.   This week we have Elizabeth Grojean joining us, the founder and CEO of Baloo Living, a sleep and wellness company that supports people in reconnecting their mind and body for a more profound sense of peace through cool and breathable weighted blankets.    We discuss the importance of creating a work-life balance, even as an entrepreneur, and how it impacts business long-term. Elizabeth outlines the self-care habits that help keep her motivated in her business.   We also talk about: Humanizing e-commerce The benefits of weighted blankets Mental health and stress   Resources: Baloo Living weighted blankets   For more Biohacking with Brittany: <l
02/04/202134 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

An Honest Conversation on Biohacking With Shawn Wells

This episode is a long time coming! Shawn Wells, a nutritional biochemist, "biohacktivist," and author of "The Energy Formula," and I dive into the ins and outs of biohacking, looking at what it is *actually* like to work in this industry and be a biohacker.  We discuss the dark side of biohacking and wellness, our personal journeys in this field, and what we recommend to others.  We also talk about: Plant medicine Daily health routines Body dysmorphia Resources: The Energy Formula Book  Shawn Wells on Instagram Shawn Wells website For more Biohacking with Brittany: Instagram <li
25/03/202159 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

My Health Update, Developing My EMF-Protecting Underwear Emfies, and Biohacking Your Cycle

This is a personal episode where I openly talk about my health, including my hormones, skin, gut, and the tests I've done to understand what's going on internally. I also dive into Emfies, my EMF-protecting, anti-bacterial, cute, and comfy underwear made for women by women. I discuss the story behind how and why I am creating them and the pre-launch coming in April.  I also talk about: Infertility impacting 1 in 8 couples My Biohack Your Cycle guide Biological age testing Resources: My Personal Health Story Episode 23 Sign up for the <a ti
19/03/202134 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Proactive Wellness: How to Use Bioactive Supplements to Optimize Your Health With Dr. Dan of Brilliant

In today's episode, we talk about all things supplements, including synthetic versus natural sources, if we need them or if our food is adequate for our nutrient requirements, and what phytonutrients and bioactive compounds are. I chat with Dr. Dan, the Chief Scientific Officer at Brilliant, a supplement company, focused on finding new bioactive compounds to create products that help you discover your innate brilliance.  Dr. Dan has traveled to most continents, discovering and researching bioactive compounds in plants and using them to help others. He hosts the podcast "Discover with Dr. Dan | The Proactive Health Podcast," which was created to cut through the pseudoscientific fluff, dispel health myths and deliver actionable information. We also talk about: Supplements for PMS and immunity  Where you can start with supplements  Common problems with the supplements on the market The future of the supplement industry <p
11/03/202124 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Your Brain Is Like a Muscle: How to Sharpen Your Cognitive Skills, and Improve Mental Health With Joshua Campbell

This week I dive into leveling up your cognitive skills and mental health with Joshua Campbell, a forensic investigator, and cognition coach who understands the metrics in brain behavior and advancements using natural strategies.   We discuss training the brain as a muscle and the specific cognitive skills that people are struggling with, especially during the pandemic, and why. We also talk about the importance of nutrition and supplementation for proper brain functioning.  We also talk about: Quantifying yourself The future of mental health  The health benefits of mushrooms Resources: Email: [email protected]  Instagram @yardiejosh   For more Biohacking with Brittany: <a title="biohacking brittany instagram" href= "h
04/03/202132 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Essential Oils, Aromatherapy and the Business of Giving Back With Braeden Pauls From Fum

Today we're talking all things essential oils, inhalers, and conscious business practices. We dive into the research behind essential oils, common misconceptions and myths, and where to start if you've never tried them.   Braeden is the founder and CEO of Füm, the natural aromatherapy company that helps thousands of customers around the world create positive habits. Füm is based in Canada and sustainably manufactures wooden inhalers to boost energy, performance, relaxation, and even quitting smoking.   We also talk about: Giving back in business and philanthrocapitalism How essential oils work The benefits of aromatherapy Resources: <a title="Fum essential oil inhaler" href= "" ta
24/02/202138 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Transform Your Life Through Consciousness, Awareness and Trauma Healing, and a Short Guided Exercise With Blaise Kennedy

Today's episode is all about raising our consciousness and awareness to transform our day-to-day lives and perspective. We focus on the benefits of becoming more aware and how to incorporate this easily into our daily routines with spiritual teacher and somatic therapist Blaise Kennedy.      Blaise explains to us that by learning to shift our focus to the experience of being, you can release the contracted and stuck parts of yourself so that you can live with more flow, creativity, and empowerment.     We also talk about:  Healing past trauma effectively  The collective traumatized level of consciousness we're experienc
18/02/20211 hour 4 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Are Ayahuasca Retreats Just a Fad? Plant Medicine, Mushrooms, Psychedelic Retreats, and Our Mental Health With Jonathan de Potter of Behold Retreats

In this episode, we dive into psychedelics and plant medicine with Jonathan De Potter, founder of Behold Retreats. He teaches how to elevate yourself using plant medicine during retreats around the world.  We dive into the use of medicinal mushrooms, Ayahuasca, and other plant medicines, which create hallucinations that can be very healing for both the body and mind.    We also talk about:  Typical experiences during plant medicine retreats Why they have become so popular  How to use plant medicine safely  The profound impact it can have on mental health     Resources: Behold Retreats Website: Instagram <a title="behold retreats instagram" href= "" target="_blank" rel= "noope
12/02/202135 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Get More Done in 8 Hours Than Most Do in a Week, Brain Fog and Sleep Hacks for Entrepreneurs With Tanessa Shears

In this episode, we have Tanessa Shears joining us to explain precisely how we can achieve more in eight hours than most people do in a week. She breaks down what causes brain fog, why it's so common, and we can go about managing it.     Tanessa is a health consultant that helps entrepreneurs scale their business by optimizing their health, focus & productivity with science and biohacking. Her passion is working closely with business owners to implement effective sleep, nutrition, workflow, and stress management strategies.   We also talk about:  The importance of sleep and my sleep routine  How new moms can better manage their sleep The magnitude of our mindset and its impacts The role of personalized health     Resources: Web
04/02/202134 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bring Your Body Back to Nature, Eating Raw Dairy and Wim Hof Breathing with Ian Hart

Today, I have Ian hart on the podcast, as we discuss all things biohacking, nutrient-dense foods, and bringing our bodies back to nature.   Ian Hart has worked professionally in the health and fitness industry for more than 14 years and is the best selling author of Healing Hacks. He is the creator of EarthFIT Training Systems, designed to transform people's health and fitness effectively. He is also the creator of Back Pain Relief4Life, an internationally successful back pain relief program. Ian owns a treehouse in Costa Rica, where he hosts transformational Wim Hof Method retreats as a Wim Hof Method Instructor. We dive into breathwork and the benefits of Wim Hof breathing long-term.  We also talk about:  Healing for autistic children Castor oil The war on raw dairy Homemade yogurt Resources: <a title="Healing Hacks book" href= "
28/01/202139 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

How Does AI Impact Our Health? The Role of Wearable Technology to Optimize Our Sleep, Stress, and Nutrition with Dr. Greg Wells

This week on the podcast, I dive into a new topic that is very popular in the biohacking world but something I haven't discussed yet.    We're talking all things artificial intelligence (AI) with Dr. Greg Wells. Not only the impacts today, but in the future as well. Dr. Greg Wells is a scientist and physiologist and created the holistic health app VIIVIO, the world’s most sophisticated human performance app available today. We talk about using our intuition versus quantitative data from AI and how to balance both. We also dive into the role of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on our health and discuss my new side business of developing EMF-blocking underwear for women. We also talk about:  Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and stress Alcohol and cannabis impacting heart health and sleep Helpful lifestyle practices for optimal health Resources: <u
13/01/202140 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Hack Your Stress and Productivity for Busy Professionals With Manoli Lagos of the Living Fuel

This week is all about hacking stress for all you busy professionals to increase productivity, creativity, and support your health long-term.  I chat with Manoli Lagos, the founder of The Living Fuel, an NYC-based wellness consulting company. He focuses on developing custom wellness programs designed to get employees healthy and cut down on healthcare costs. He also works with professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and families to optimize their lives through nutrition, sleep, movement, and sustainable change.    We also talk about:  Biohacks for sleep Optimal nutrition for professionals Balancing career and health   Resources: <a href= "
16/12/202036 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Correct Hormone Imbalances and Sexual Dysfunction With Dr. Tarin Forbes Including Increasing Libido, Sexual Enhancement With Gainswave and Other Biohacks

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Tarin Forbes about all things sexual health including increasing libido for both men and women, creating a healthier sex life through nutrition, lifestyle and fitness, and specific biohacks that can enhance intimacy. Dr. Forbes draws from her personal experience with health challenges, and her confidence from treating each patient uniquely as she explains how to strive for optimal health, a far better approach to health care.   We also talk about:  Biohacks for libido Balancing hormones and the right lab tests to take GainsWave treatment for sexual enhancement    Resources: Dr. Tarin Forbes Instagram: <a title="biohacking with brittany podcast" href="
02/12/202049 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Emotional Instability, Trauma and Entrepreneur Struggles With Clare Williamson

This week I chat with Clare Williamson, a Certified Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mum of 3, and Author. Clare explains how she spent three years in her business broke, frustrated, and stuck until she discovered how to biohack her emotions and leverage her personal story to create the impact and the income of her dreams.   We also talk about:  Emotional biohacking for productivity  Entrepreneur struggles and how to overcome them How to handle limiting beliefs  Levelling up your mindset   Resources: Clare Williamson website Instagram: @cw_full_circle   For m
19/11/202040 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

Is Diet Enough? The Case for Supplements with Wade Lightheart of BiOptimizers

In this episode, Wade Lightheart and I chat about the serious issues surrounding the quality of our food, and how our food is not enough for creating long-lasting optimal health results.  Wade is an author, athlete (3-Time Canadian national All Natural Bodybuilding Champion), nutritionist, and expert on fixing digestion. He is also the Co-Founder and President at BiOptimizers, a digestive and health optimization company. Use code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY for a discount on BioOptimizers digestive enzymes, probiotics, and many other supplements!   We also talk about:  Poor soil quality and what to do about it  Taking responsibility for your health today  Optimal digestion Symptoms of poor gut health   Resources:
04/11/202052 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

I Had My DNA Tested and Here Are the Results, Genes and Nutrition, Epigenetics, and Why You Should Get Tested

Today we dive deep into the world of DNA and how it can impact your health in a profound way. I interview Lois Nahirney, the CEO and the President of dnaPower Inc. a company with the mission to empower people to make smarter diet, fitness, and health decisions based on their unique genetic makeup.   We unpack my DNA test results, looking at everything from diet preferences to my Alzheimer's risk to the genes that impact my hormones and fertility. We even uncover what type of fitness and exercise my genes prefer, and how to maximize this.   Interested in having your genes tested? Use code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY for $50 off totalPower or totalPower Connect.   We also talk about:  Epigenetics and how we can control gene expression  How to optimize your DNA results in a practical way  Why everyone should have their DNA tested
14/10/202046 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fitness, Recovery, Lyme Disease and Healthy Habits with John Woerner

In this episode, I sit down with John Woerner to discuss all things exercise, fitness, and healthy habits. John is a Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach with a strong passion for using and promoting various healing modalities. He is the host of the podcast "Swolistic Living", which is all about healthy living in today's world.     We discuss John's experience with Lyme disease and how this dramatically shaped his life and career, as well as how to take responsibility for your health today in order to create a healthier tomorrow.   We also talk about:  The impacts of alcohol on your health How to speed up recovery Compound exercises and organic movement    Resources: John's podcast 
07/10/202054 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Biohack your Pelvic Health with Kegels, Pelvic Floor Therapy, and Other Easy Biohacks for Optimal Vaginal Health

In today's episode, I chat all things pelvic and vaginal health with Kim Vopni, who is a self-professed pelvic health evangelist, certified fitness professional, published author, speaker, and women’s health educator. She is known as "The Vagina Coach" online and is the founder of Pelvienne Wellness Inc - a company offering pelvic health programs and coaching. We chat about common pelvic floor issues, how to know if your pelvic floor is healthy, and what you can do every day to strengthen it. We discuss the impacts of childbirth on the female body and how to recover more healthily. We also talk about:  How to do kegels Why you should care about your pelvic floor before conceiving Easy biohacks for vaginal health  Resources: <a title="biohacking
23/09/202037 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Monk Fruit: The Best Keto, Vegan and Natural Sweetener

In this episode, one of the founders of SweetMonk is on the show to explain exactly what Monk fruit is and how it's an all-natural healthy alternative to regular cane sugar.  Monk fruit is keto, vegan, diabetic, and paleo-friendly, with zero calories. We discuss the impact of sugar in our diets and how it can negatively impact our health and longevity for years to come.    We also talk about:  Hidden sugars in common foods How much sugar you should be eating What makes Monk fruit unique   Resources: Check out SweetMonk Instagram: @sweetmonk   <p
14/09/202031 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Everything You Need To Know About Hydration, Single-File Alignment Water and Skin Health

In this episode, I chat with Lynda Cormier-Hanser, the CEO of GIA Wellness, a business focused on the fundamentals of wellness, hydration, energy and nourishment. We focus on their i-H2O water system, which transforms ordinary, filtered water into ultra-hydrating, super bio-available water.   We discuss the benefits of single-file alignment (SFA) water, which mimics the body's own natural state of cell water including skin hydration, longevity, aging, detoxification and nourishment.    We also talk about:  Skin health Filtered water verses SFA water Proper hydration for optimal health   Resources: Gia Wellness water systems Instagram: <
08/08/202034 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Adaptogens, Mushrooms and Nutrients For Our Skin with Hannah Roberts from Knowrish Well

In this episode, Hannah Roberts, a Naturopath, and researcher from Knowrish Well, joins me as we discuss the growing popularity of specific nutrients like mushrooms and herbal adaptogens. Knowrish Well is a functional food company that delivers nutrient-dense products including various drink mixes. We chat about what adaptogens are, how to use them and the benefits for our overall health.  We also dive into the world of mushrooms and which ones can help make a big impact in our skin and gut health. Hannah speaks to the role nutrition and supplements play in maintaining glowing skin regardless of age, and how the skin is closely linked to our gut health. We also talk about:  Vegan and functional nutrition Potent ingredients Knowrish
13/07/202032 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

My Personal Health Story: Gut Health, Hormonal Imbalances, Amenorrhea, PCOS, Biohacking and Holistic Health Protocols

This is a BIG episode! It has been in the making for several months now. Today I discuss everything about my health in my first solo episode. I dive deep into my health history, discussing my journey of healing my gut and the current issues I face with my hormones. I talk about intestinal permeability (leaky gut), dysbiosis, and digestion, as well as all the healing protocols I tried to support these issues, including nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, and specific gut-related tests. I also discuss my hormones, how I am not getting my period, the hormone tests I’ve done so far, and what exactly I’m doing about it. Thankfully, I actually got my period a few days after recording this episode! This is so exciting and shows my personal 3-month health protocol is working. I also talk about: New healing modalities I’m trying My current offers for clients How my business has grown in the last 6 months How I got i
29/06/202057 minutes 40 seconds
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Carnivore Diet: Should You Try It? How to Start, The Right Supplements, Anti-Nutrients, Plant Based Protein Vs. Animal Based Protein, Clean and Grass-fed Meat, Nightshade Vegetables, Biohacking Chick, Sylwia Tabor

In this episode, I chat with Sylwia Tabor (@biohackingchick), a carnivore, health coach, former vegan, and biohacker. She loves self-experimentation, quantifying everything related to her health and creating inspirational and informative social media posts about the carnivore diet and her health journey. We unpack everything about the carnivore diet including how to start, who it would benefit most, what supplements you can have while on it, what an average meal plan looks like and the history behind it. We unpack why Sylwia got started with the carnivore diet in the first place, as she explains her struggles on her health journey. We also talk about:  Anti-nutri
15/11/201949 minutes 43 seconds
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Biohack Your Subconscious: Intuition Versus Ego, Meditation, Re-Parenting, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Grounding, Timeline Transgression, Inner Child, Entrepreneurial Life, Ashley Perkins

Ashley Perkins is a Self-Mastery Coach, Personal Development Expert, and Human Design Analyst. She helps discouraged entrepreneurs ditch the need for ‘one more strategy’ and reclaim their power, so they can shift their focus inward and cultivate a life they love and the person they were born to be. In this episode, we chat about navigating your intuition versus ego, the key differences and becoming consciously aware of both in order to upgrade your mental and emotional health. Ashley explains how to biohack your subconscious through meditation, re-parenting, timeline transgression, and grounding practices in order to successfully navigate adulthood and optimize your strengths and passions to grow as a human being.   We also talk about:  Self-mastery <span s
01/11/201941 minutes 23 seconds
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Men’s Skincare and Haircare: How All-Natural Products Can Make A Difference, Beard Care, Men’s Wellness, Natural and Green Skincare, Mountaineer Brand, Eric Young

Eric Young is the founder of Mountaineer Brand, an all-natural men's skincare and facial hair company, made to be affordable and naturally healthy for all. He built the products from scratch, experimenting with different oils, vinegars and essential oils for his own beard and skin. The company is now massively successful around the globe and Eric continues to educate people on the benefits of using natural products in skincare and haircare regimens. In this episode, we chat about why it is important to use all-natural ingredients in your skincare routine, the benefits and how to apply them daily. We also dive into the trends currently happening for men’s skincare and haircare, as the market is growing rapidly since wellness and skincare are becoming more male-friendly. We also talk about: Building a business from the bottom up Health and wellness in rural towns in the US Ho
18/10/201926 minutes 19 seconds
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Millennials and Mental Health: Social Media, FOMO, Analysis Paralysis, Anxiety, Depression and How to Navigate the Decade in a Truly Healthy Way, Kirstie Taylor

Kirstie Taylor is a writer from Los Angeles that loves putting words to the intricate feelings we as humans experience. She focuses on relationships, self-improvement, and mental health topics. Kirstie brings her writing together in a weekly newsletter/advice column that anyone is welcome to write in to.   In this episode, we dive into navigating your twenties as a millennial, particularly in relation to mental health, social media, facing societal pressure and creating meaning in a time of much confusion. Kirstie opens up about her own experience thus far, her writing and career, and how to navigate successfully through trying times as a millennial.   We also talk about:  <span style= "font-weight: 400
03/10/201947 minutes 48 seconds
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EMF: Everything You Need to Know Now to Protect Your Health and Fertility, 5G, Grounding, Testosterone, Hormones, Radiation, Biohacking, Faradays, Antonio Matos

Antonio Matos is the Founder & CEO of Faraday's, an EMF (electromagnetic field) protection underwear brand and social enterprise which helps reduce exposures of harmful EMFs and optimize male health. The company is developing solutions to protect females and children and constantly spreading awareness of the health and environmental impacts of EMF. In this episode, we talk about the damaging impact of EMF on the human body, especially male reproductive health. We discuss fertility, why research shows that male reproductive organs are at risk and new technology developing to protect these and other vulnerable places on the human body. Antonio explains easy daily habits to begin blocking EMF, how conductive fabric works and the difference between 5G and 4G. We also talk about: Grounding and grounding shoes Air tubes Cell phone radiation Preventative healthcare Resources:
26/09/201939 minutes 24 seconds
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Sexual Biohacking: How To Level Up Your Sex Life, Nutrition For Increasing Libido, The Role Of Gut Health, Birth Control, Passion As We Age, Susan Bratton

Susan Bratton is an advocate for all who desire a passionate and healthy sex life. Her approach and original ideas have helped millions of people of all ages and across the gender spectrum transforms sex into passion. She believes that shame-free, frequent sexual pleasure is every man and woman’s birthright, that strongly contributes to a healthy lifestyle and longevity.  In today’s episode, we talk about sex trends in younger generations, sexual biohacking for longevity and the significant increase of STI’s across the globe. Susan explains the role of nutrition in libido and how certain foods can impact sexual health both negatively and positively. We chat about how to get better at sex as you age and how to level up your sex life regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not.   We also talk about: Talking to youth about sexual health Birth control impacting libido Gut health changing libi
19/09/201950 minutes 26 seconds
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How To Travel Like A Biohacker: Supplements, Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep Hacks, Grounding, Working Online, Nature Remedies, Daniel and Jeremy Zetouny

Daniel and Jeremy Zetouny are the brains behind Nature Remedies, an online wellness solution that combines high-quality content with innovative technology through a one-stop-shop for clients to have video consultations with leading consultants in the health and wellness field. Daniel and Jeremy are avid travelers and biohackers, with Daniel coming from a natural health background and Jeremy coming from the business field.  In this episode, we dive into travel health, including what to eat, which supplements are best and how to maintain an easy fitness routine while on the road. Daniel and Jeremy explain their tips and tricks, as well as their biggest struggles with creating a healthy lifestyle while traveling the world and working online.  We also discuss their <a href="https://www
13/09/201930 minutes 3 seconds
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What Is Medical Astrology? Esoteric Herbalism, Saturn Return, Epigentics, Subconscious Healing, Horoscopes, Natal Chart Readings, Elizabeth Clark

Elizabeth A Clark is a former biomedical researcher, who holds a Master of Science in nutrition and has been studying astrology for 20 years. After she healed from decades of chronic illness she began teaching her self-healing methods, which are a combination of evidence-based as well as intuitive sciences. She educated people on becoming the expert of their own body and spirit.  In this episode, we talk about combining the spiritual, astrology and medical worlds in order to heal from health issues and obtain optimal health. Elizabeth explains what medical astrology is and dives deep into Saturn returns, and what to expect for those of us reaching that time in our planet alignment. She also explains how she uses esoteric herbalism with her clients and the strong healing powers of herbs.    We also talk about:  <span style="font-we
05/09/201946 minutes 42 seconds
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Optimal Health Begins In Your Gut: Ketosis, Resistant Starch, Carnivore Diet, Fasting, Orthorexia and The Right Nutrition For The Gut, Dr. Marcus Weller, Halcyon Biotechnologies

Dr. Marcus Weller’s is the CEO of Halcyon Biotechnologies, maker of natural nootropic supplements for brain health and performance. He believes biohacking is crucial to unlocking a person’s true potential and dedicates his life to helping others unlock their own. In this episode, we talk extensively about gut health, how it impacts every body system and is correlated to many of the common day symptoms people experience like brain fog, fatigue, mental health decline, mood irregularities and more. Dr. Weller explains the difference between prebiotics and probiotics, the best food sources of each and the crucial role of resistant starch in the diet. We also discuss the impact of animal protein, ketosis, and fasting on gut inflammation.   We also talk about:  The Carnivore diet <li style="fo
29/08/201949 minutes 53 seconds
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Living With Anxiety by Creating the Observer, Implementing Specific Nutrition and Exercises, and Healing Guilt and Shame, Erika Straub

Erika Straub is a life coach for women seeking freedom from anxiety, perfectionism, guilt and body shame. A trained fitness expert, she incorporates body movement and exercises to help women tune into their bodies and boost their mental health. She feels most passionate about helping women transform and find their ground in a hectic world. In this episode, we chat deeply about anxiety, the causes, symptoms and how different it can be for women. Erika explains the parasympathetic versus sympathetic response and how to create space between daily stimuli and responding. We talk about the observer - an idea that you are not your thoughts or actions, but rather an entity observing your human self. She also dives deep into physical practices that can help release anxiety and tension in the body, including where women tend to hold onto negative energy.   We also talk about: <
22/08/201941 minutes 3 seconds
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Nootropics and Why They Are Gaining Popularity: Mushrooms, Smart Drugs, Caffeine, Daily Biohacks, Daniel Stone

Daniel Stone is biohacker, an adrenaline junkie and co-founder of Neuratech, a nootropics and human performance company dedicated to helping others optimize their lives and fulfill their potential. Having plenty of experience in the world of biohacking, nootropics, spirituality, personal development, and business, he continuously shares his lessons and passions through his company to improve the lives of as many people as possible. On this episode, we chat about all things nootropics: when and how to take them, who should and shouldn’t try them and the differences between the ever-growing variations on the market. Daniel also explains the difference between nootropics and smart drugs, and how each impacts the body differently. He goes into detail on his daily biohacks, sleep hacks, morni
15/08/201936 minutes 24 seconds
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Biohacking Fertility: How to Support Your Cycle, Increase Pregnancy Chances, Monthly Cycle Syncing, Seed Cycling, EMF’s and Their Role in Fertility, Kayleen Tinker

Kayleen works in the world of marketing but her true passions relate to healing herself naturally from a decade of hormonal birth control and nutritional deficiencies. She is a biohacking advocate and loves exploring new ways to help her body feel and work better. She shares her healing journey through her Instagram, Grassfed, and Biohacked.  In this episode, we chat all things biohacking fertility and monthly rhythms. We explain cycle syncing and how Kayleen has found success with it. We discuss natural versus conventional birth control and the implications of both. Kayleen dives deep into how to increase your fertility and chances of getting pregnant through various biohacking techniques including blocking EMFs, red light therapy and nutrition.  We also talk about:  Leaving a vegetarian diet for the Bul
08/08/201942 minutes 39 seconds
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Choose To Be Healthy: Why Your Diagnosis Doesn’t Define You, Healing Trauma, Embracing Death, Demolishing Fear, Peter Jansen

Peter Jansen has over two decades of international experience in emotional intelligence and leadership coaching. He focuses on teaching how to understand emotions, human nature, and successful leadership through his coaching, books, radio programs, speeches, and training. We dive deep on this episode, as we discuss the traumatic physical event Peter had years ago that changed his life forever. He explains how you have to choose your own reality and to be healthy every single day to benefit yourself and your health in the long run. We chat about effective techniques for this, how to ensure you are healing from your own trauma or diagnosis and ultimately, how to be the healthiest version of yourself.   We also talk about: Healing with neurogenesis and mindset Reducing stress through neurohacking The pharmaceutical world Embracing death and fear Preventative health Resour
01/08/201935 minutes 43 seconds
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Gut Health: Low-FODMAP Diet, Prebiotics versus Probiotics, Gut-Brain Axis, Leaky Gut, Intermittent Fasting, Healthy Gut Supplements, Floka, Vanessa de Waal

Vanessa De Waal is the founder and CEO of Flöka, an app that focuses on holistic female health, correlating health data to help better understand what is happening in the body and why. Her background is in psychology and it was her personal health journey that sparked her creating data science tools for wellness that is accessible anywhere.  Vanessa explains her health struggles, how the low-FODMAP (fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols) diet has significantly improved her health, what it is and if it may be right for you. We chat about getting the right probiotics and prebiotics for your gut and how to heal gut issues, especially leaky gut, through taking specific gut-focused supplements like l-glutamine, aloe vera juice, and magnesium. We discuss the impact of fat versus zero-calorie fasting on gut health and the gut-brain axis.   We also talk about: 
25/07/201935 minutes 48 seconds
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Intermittent Fasting & Fitness: Getting the Best Results for Your Body, Optimizing Longevity, Training and Recovery, Natural Steroids, Cyclical Keto, Siim Land

Siim Land is an author, speaker and content creator who educates people on optimizing health and performance with nutrition, exercise, and other biohacks. Siim's written several books on ketogenic dieting and intermittent fasting, including his latest book Metabolic Autophagy.   We dive deep into combining intermittent fasting and fitness, discussing what type of workouts can be done while fasting and the different types of fasts to choose from for optimal longevity and the best physical results. Siim explains progressive overload for strength training, the difference between adaptation and recovery and optimizing rest days with hot and cold therapy. He also recommends specific supplements for training that can help produce results faster.   We also talk about: Cyclical keto a
18/07/201948 minutes 36 seconds
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Cold Therapy 101: How, When and Why It Can Transform Your Mental Health and Mood, Wim Hof Breathing, Alternative Hot-Cold Therapy, Kiki Bosch

Kiki Bosch is a freediver, biohacker and certified Wim Hof method instructor who uses various cold therapy and breathing techniques to heal past trauma and obtain optimal health. Through embracing the cold, Kiki has been able to help her body and mind heal, and now teaches others how to do the same through her company, Disrupt the Comfort.   We chat about the ins-and-outs of cold therapy: how to get started, when to do it and why it is important for everyone to incorporate into their daily healthy habits practice in one way or another. We discuss the benefits and how it can help heal past trauma through cultivating a “be present” attitude. We also chat about how to mix cold therapy with heat, like saunas, and the physical benefits this can bring. Kiki describes how to use
11/07/201937 minutes 9 seconds
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Our Hormones Matter: Deep Sleep Boosts Testosterone and Growth Hormone, Anti-Aging Hormones, Cycle Syncing for Females, Individualized Nutrition and the Future of Biohacking, Olli Sovijarvi

Dr. Olli Sovijärvi is a pioneer of holistic medicine in Finland and focuses primarily on the production of scientific content for preventive health care and wellbeing. He runs training sessions and presentations on biohacking, performance optimization, nutritional issues and maintaining the intestinal balance. He is the co-author of Biohacker’s Handbook, an incredible in-depth book that explains the various aspects of biohacking to great detail.  We talk about deep sleep, how it boosts testosterone and growth hormone production, how to increase it and the role it plays with the female menstrual cycle. We dive deep into hormones, including how nutrition and ketosis can impact female hormones and explain what cycle syncing is. </
04/07/201945 minutes 45 seconds
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Healing Traumatic Relationships and Eating Disorders with Intuitive Eating, Fasting, Kundalini Yoga, Gratitude, Cold Therapy and Ayahuasca

Cami Petyn is a full-time Youtuber (Supreme Banana) and author of her first book Silence, a collection of her poetry and photography. She has been making Youtube videos for over 5 years, discussing her life and health journey. She is a mental health advocate, vegan, and lover of all things self-help, psychology, and spirituality.  We jump into talking about healing different traumas through a wide range of modalities, including therapy, fasting, kundalini yoga, meditation, psychedelics, and gratitude. Cami has recovered from an eating disorder in the past and opens up about intuitive versus restrictive eating as a vegan, plus her healthy relationship with food now.    We also talk about:  Cold therapy and cold sh
27/06/201932 minutes 3 seconds
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Woke AF: The Beauty of the “Woo-Woo”, Grounding with Headstands, Spirituality, Esoterism, The Great Awakening We’re All Experiencing and Our Connection To Earth, Chris Storey

Chris Storey is the founder of Primal Alchemy, an organic supplement and biohacking equipment company that specializes in maximizing physical, mental and spiritual capabilities. Chris has been a personal trainer, initiated freemason, renegade philosopher and elite athlete nutritionist. He’s dedicated his life to integrating ancient ancestral wisdom with the latest human performance sciences. He now teaches the secret esoteric and occult mysteries of the human body with modern day biohacking techniques through his brand and podcast, The Red Pill Initiation Hour. We dive deep into spiritual biohacking discussing the benefits of grounding and how to optimize it with headstands. We talk about our current world state, explaining what the precessional cycle of the planet is, what it means for us and where we are heading as a society.    We also talk about: The difference between esoteric and exoteric Natural biohacks Our
20/06/201952 minutes 1 second
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Biohacking Emotion: 85% of Disease Has an Emotional Component to it, Consciousness Hacking, Easy Breathing Techniques, EFT, Janelle Christa

Janelle Christa is an American Actress, model and creator of “Consciousness Hacks”, a new and systematic approach to healing consciousness through connecting the mind, spirit and body. We jump into controlling your level of responsiveness, mind-hacking and becoming fluent in the language of emotions. We discuss the role emotions play with disease, specifically in the gut, and how to optimally heal through them. Janelle provides easy and practical tips for healing internally through techniques and tools like breathing, meditation, journaling, sound therapy, and dancing. We also chat about yawning, which can be used as an ultimate full-body nervous system hack since it releases tension and built-up emotions.   We also talk about: What is Consciousness Hacking? Working through anger The benefits of journaling Breathing deep into your belly Tapping specific body points for stress management
05/06/201937 minutes 37 seconds
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You Miss 100% of the (Olive Oil) Shots You Don’t Take, Herbal Skin Healing, Healthy Restaurant Food, Travel Biohacks, Leon the Alchemist

Leon the Alchemist is an experienced biohacker, certified Master Herbalist and podcaster who prides himself on teaching you how to optimize your health mentally and physically through (mostly) natural means. We dive deep into the world of herbs and plants, discussing how to incorporate them into your meals, which ones have potent antioxidants and polyphenols, and the best ones for youthful, healthy skin. We chat about drinking extra virgin olive oil, the benefits and why “food is merely here to get more olive oil in our mouths”. Leon explains how to increase the benefits of olive oil through combining it with thyme, resulting in a deeper reduction of inflammation in the body.    We also talk about: What is biohacking and where to begin Shilajit for boosting testosterone and skin health The best types of salt Restaurant and fast-food nutritio
05/06/20191 hour 3 minutes 37 seconds
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Fitness Biohacks: In Under 9 Minutes Get the Equivalent of a 45 Minute Run, Active Recovery, New Exercise Machines, Personalized Meditation, Pamela Gold

Pamela Gold is not only a mind/body/spirit strength expert, but a best-selling author and creator of the first biohacking fitness studio in New York City, HACKD Fitness. We get into the nitty-gritty of how to maximize your workout in the least amount of time using new technologies like the ARX machine (for resistance training) and the CAR.O.L (a stationary bike for high intensity interval training). Although incorporating high-tech exercise machines like this can cut your workout time by ~70% AND allow you to get better results, we also discuss how to incorporate these ideas and techniques into your current workout routine using the equipment you have. We discuss the benefits of meditation and how to include meditation in your day-to-day routine, especially for those who are new to it or struggle with sticking to it d
03/06/201938 minutes 25 seconds