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English, Health / Medicine, 1 seasons, 92 episodes, 3 days 7 hours 9 minutes
Welcome to the Biocurious podcast where you are encouraged to be curious about your biology! Hosted by health scientist and seasoned biohacker, Kayla Osterhoff. Each week Kayla and guest experts will take you on a journey to explore your human potential. Discover secrets of your biology, explore evidence-based biohacks, and learn tangible holistic health practices that will elevate and optimize your life!
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91. Biohacking Beauty with Gregory Landsman

In this episode, you will learn about beauty, why looking good and feeling good cannot be separated, and how to best support your skin to look and feel your best. Gregory Landsman is a renowned beauty and wellness expert, tv host, and best-selling author. This episode is packed full of information on beauty tips and tricks, including small changes you can make to your diet to best support your skin and health. Gregory and Kayla dive deep into what beauty is, and what it looks like in the world around us. The end of this episode features a live audience Q&A with helpful answers on how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes, the benefits of bone broth, and scar management and prevention. After listening to this episode, you’ll be inspired to change up your skincare routine and learn more about Gregory’s methods! ABOUT GREGORY: Often referred to as ‘The Beauty Advisor’, Gregory’s books and global TV program Face Lifting Food show vie
20/04/20211 hour 7 minutes 16 seconds
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90. The ENERGY Formula with Shawn Wells

In this episode, you will learn all about Shawn Wells’s new book, The ENERGY Formula. The ENERGY Formula is a guide meant to bring you towards a more passionate, energized, and vibrant life with author Shawn Wells, a biochemist, dietitian, sports nutritionist, and formulation scientist. Shawn and Kayla go over the 6 pillars of this formula and the ways in which Shawn has been applying them in his life. This is just a glimpse into all the book has to offer, but it’s a good place to become inspired to live a more vibrant life. The end of this episode features a live audience Q&A filmed on the clubhouse app with questions you never knew you had! If you’re looking for trustworthy information and a place to start on your journey to living a more energized life, this episode and book are a great place to start! ABOUT THE GUEST: Shawn Wells, MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN is a product formulator and expert in the fields of performance nutrition,
07/04/20211 hour 5 minutes 54 seconds
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89. The Power of Peptides with Dr. Neil Paulvin

In this episode, you will learn all about peptides and how you can use them to improve your health and sleep, and where to start in terms of the different lifestyles, therapies, and supplements that exist. Dr. Neil Paulvin is an innovative physician in the study of Functional Medicine, Integrative Sports Medicine, Regenerative medicine, Osteopathic Manipulation, and Craniosacral Therapy. This episode explores several of the best peptides out there and why you should consider incorporating them into your lifestyle. Kayla and Neil talk about brain and mitochondrial health and explore the science behind telomeres and NAD therapy. The end of this episode features a live audience Q&A with useful peptide suggestions and treatments for chronic COVID patients and those suffering from autoimmune disorders. If you’re looking to learn about the power of peptides, this episode is a great place to start! ABOUT THE GUEST: Dr. Paulvin works with pat
30/03/202154 minutes
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88. Posture Perfection with Annette Verpillot

In this episode, you will learn about the science behind posture, how you can fix your posture, the importance of practicing eye exercises, and what movement looks like in early childhood. Annette Verpillot is the founder of Posturepro, a health company specialized in restoring the brain-body connection through some of the world’s most advanced rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques. This episode is packed full of information about posture and the brain chemistry and movement patterns behind it. Annette and Kayla talk about the importance of correcting your posture and simple practices you can incorporate into your daily lives. Since this was recorded live on Clubhouse, there is a live Q&A at the end of the episode! If you’ve been wanting to fix your posture, this is the episode to listen to! ABOUT THE GUEST: Anette created the Posturepro Method which has gained global recognition for eliminating chronic pain, inc
23/03/202152 minutes 15 seconds
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87. Women's Biohacking with The Warrior Woman Kristin Weitzel

In this episode, you will learn about why women’s biohacking is different, the female hormone cycle, how you might be working against yourself, dealing with stress, & how your diet is affecting you. Kristin is the host of the Wellpower Podcast and founder of Warrior Woman Mode where she offers coaching for women in fitness, nutrition, and biohacking. This episode is packed full of information & resources to help you optimize your health. They go over how women are underrepresented in research and offer advice on how to take control of your health and know your body better. After listening to this episode, you’ll be inspired to make changes to your lifestyle to better manage your hormones, diet, & exercise habits! ABOUT KRISTIN: Kristin is a health & high-performance maven, certified fitness instructor, primal and performance nutritionist with a focus on coaching women to optimal health. While Kristin built agility in global marketing an
16/03/20211 hour 2 minutes 17 seconds
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86. Inclusive Biohacking and the Transgender Perspective with Jaden Jaymes

In this episode, you will learn about supporting your body through movement practice, movement and biohacks with transitioning, and why you should be more inclusive with your language. Jaden Jaymes is a self-made Health & Wellness Enthusiast and full-time Movement Coach. He is an NASM CPT (certified personal trainer) and MovNat® L1 CT (certified trainer). Jaden has 10+ years of experience studying, practicing, and implementing a variety of movement modalities and nutritional concepts. This episode dives deep into movement practice and the importance of supporting your body. Jaden and Kayla talk about why you should be curious and mindful to others. If you want to learn more about how you can be inclusive to others, this episode is worth the listen. ABOUT THE GUEST: Jaden specializes in training those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, specifically those who identify as transmasc*/non-binary but ultimately works with all types of identities, bodies and physical capabilities. He ident
09/03/202156 minutes 6 seconds
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85. Optimizing Your Mind & Brain with Dr. Austin Perlmutter

In this episode, you will learn about the difference between the mind vs the brain and how to detox them, how you can train your brain to make better decisions, how our brains and bodies are programmed. Austin Perlmutter, M.D. is an internal medicine physician & NYT best-selling author who works to help people realize better physical and mental health. This episode explores what the brain and the mind are, and how we can use them to make better decisions. Austin and Kayla talk about changing your decisions for the better, and the importance of taking control of your health. They go over why you need to take a proactive approach to your health, and the situations surrounding decision-making. The end of this episode features a live audience Q&A with ways to optimize your mind and brain. If you’re looking to train your brain to make better decisions, this episode is a great place to start! ABOUT THE GUEST: Austin Perlmutter, M.D., is a board-certified internal medicine physician and New Y
03/03/20211 hour 7 minutes 52 seconds
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84. Biotech for Health Optimization with Biostrap Labs

In this episode, you will learn about Biostrap Labs, the importance of data integrity, how you can use data to optimize your health, and what to look out for in the field of biotech. Sameer Sontakey is the CEO and Co-Founder of Biostrap Labs and has over 10 years of experience in software engineering. Kevin Longoria is a clinical exercise physiologist and the Chief Science Officer at Biostrap Labs and is an advocate for an integrative approach to health and fitness. This episode dives deep into the data behind Biostrap Labs and why it stands out from its competitors. You will learn how you can apply biometric data to your own life to optimize your health, and why it’s important to look into the research before you invest in new products. Kevin and Sameer talk about what to look forward to in biotech and how biotech can help us take a proactive approach to our health. If you want to learn more about biotech from two experts in the field, this is the episode for you! ABOUT THE GUESTS: Sa
24/02/202138 minutes 36 seconds
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83. His & Hers Biohacks with Sean McCormick

In this episode, our guest Sean McCormick talks about his new project and the products and tools he uses to optimize his life. As the host of the Optimal Performance Podcast, he is well-versed in all things biohacking and has talked with hundreds of guest experts about the best ways to improve physical and mental health. In a snapshot, Sean is interested in results, consciousness, and getting the most out of the least effort.&nbsp; You will learn about the "virtual biohacking assistant," Sean’s favorite products (he has a lot), and how to manage stress. Sean and Kayla also go over the differences in biohacking for men and women, and the importance of paying attention to your hormones. After listening, you might even start a conversation about it at the dinner table (reference to 17:20 of this episode). &nbsp; If you’re looking for new products and want to learn more about his &amp; hers biohacks, this episode is definitely worth the listen.&nbsp; <st
16/02/202140 minutes 4 seconds
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82. Sex and Skin with Anti-Aging Expert Dr. Amy Killen

In this episode, you will learn about increasing longevity, taking care of your skin, and optimizing sexual function. Amy Killen MD is an anti-aging and regenerative physician specializing in sexual optimization, aesthetics, and longevity medicine. Board-certified in emergency medicine with ten years of ER experience, Dr. Killen saw the impact of unchecked chronic disease and disability from the front lines before transitioning to anti-aging and regenerative medicine. This episode features a lot of laughs and most importantly, helpful tips and tricks on how to get clear skin and optimize your sexual function. Dr. Amy and Kayla talk about increasing longevity and thinking about aging as a disease with natural ways to live longer. The end of this episode features a live Q&amp;A where you get answers to questions you didn’t even know you had. Season 3 is starting off strong and this episode is packed with information you’ll love and use, so go ahead and give it a listen!<
09/02/202149 minutes 54 seconds
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2020 Reflections & 2021 Outlook With Kayla

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30/12/202016 minutes 56 seconds
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81. Nervous System Transformation With Irene Lyon

This episode we talk about how we develop and interact with our nervous system along with insight on the polyvagal theory. Our guest today is Irene Lyon who helps people around the world to transform trauma to heal their body and mind. On this episode we discuss: 4:00 Nervous system training methods 7:00 Common trauma causing plateaus 7:30 Somatic experiencing 8:20 How to restore the nervous system 14:50 Polyvagal branches 26:00 How to modulate the nervous system 29:00 Treating deregulation in our nervous systems 30:00 How our polyvagal develops in our adolescence 33:20 Perpetual trauma due to lack of awareness 37:00 Tips on improving mental regulation 40:00 Listen to your impulses 43:00 why “don’t shove it away” 45:00 Being connected to the environment Connect with Irene: Connect with Kayla: Instagram: Web: Sponsors: Somavedic: use c
16/12/202056 minutes 47 seconds
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80. X3 Your Health With Dr. John Jaquish

This episode is all about better physical health with Dr. John Jaquish, the inventor of the X3 bar. Dr. Jaquish is a research professor at Rushmore University, speaks at scientific conferences all over the world, has been featured on many of the top health podcasts, is an editor of multiple medical journals, and is a nominee of the National Medal of Science. On this episode we discuss: 5:20 Combating osteoporosis w/strength training 7:40 How the wrong workouts can cause injuries 14:00 Debunking health and wellness influencers 24:00 X3 bar techniques with cross training 26:00 Cardiovascular training for different body types 30:00 How nutrition is different for individual bone density 33:45 Women in osteoporosis clinical studies 37:00 How to build bone density 38:00 Dr.Jaquish’s muscle building diet 39:00 Fermented protein over whey 43:00 Different fasting approaches 44:00 Research facts over forums 53:00 Food industry secrets Connect with John:
02/12/20201 hour 2 minutes 51 seconds
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79. The Psychology Of Eating With Dr. Glenn Livingston

In this episode, Kayla and special guest Dr. Glenn Livingston discuss the psychology behind binge eating and dive into healthy ways to combat addiction and build healthy habits. Dr. Glenn Livingston, is the former CEO of multimillionaire consulting firm for the food industry and psychologist whose work has been highlighted in media outlets such as Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Times, and many more. After decades of research on the nature of binge eating and overeating habits he has developed a simple, effective method to overcome binge eating and any other bad habit! Episode Highlights: • the psychology of addition • 3 things that trigger self love • how the food industry makes unhealthy food addictive • over stimulation with sugar • the psychology of eating • the link between stress and eating • subconscious patterns that lead to overeating • how to effectively change any bad habit Episode sponsor: Link: Coupon Code: BIOCURIOUS
11/11/202053 minutes 1 second
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78. Microdosing Magic With Boris Peysakhov

This episode we dive into the wonderful world of microdosing with our favorite microdosing expert Boris Peysakhov. On this episode we discuss: 3:00 how microdosing helped Boris recover from depression 4:00 overview of plant medicines 5:13 micro dosing 101 9:10 where to start with plant medicines 9:40 benefits of microdosing 13:33 different microdosing plans14:00 best resources for mircrodosing information 17:00 microdosing and neurotransmitters 18:20 protocol options 20:30 types of microdoses 28:00 why fungi are fantastic 33:55 why intentions are key 42:00 subconscious beliefs and plant medicine work 46:20 safety precautions Connect with Kayla: Instagram: [Web] Sponsors: PaleoFX: --- Send in a voice message:
28/10/202051 minutes 44 seconds
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77. Self-Care & Self-Healing With Kate Horseman

In this episode, Kayla's intern Ryan Bernard, digital marking student introduces us to special guest, Kate Horsman. Kayla and Kate give insight in to eating habits, self-care practices and introduction to adaptogens.&nbsp; Kate Horsman is a holistic heath expert and professional counselor who specializes in eating disorders. She helps with physical and mental health by encouraging a lifestyle suited for the individual.&nbsp; Episode highlights:&nbsp; • all about Kate and her field of work (2:49)&nbsp; • wounded healer (8:56) • detoxify your life trough food (11:39) • core components of a healthy lifestyle (17:20)&nbsp; • work with not so open clients (24:00)&nbsp; • Kate's self-care practices (29:15)&nbsp; • herbs and adaptogens 101 (31:48)&nbsp; • Kate's recipes (35:39)&nbsp; • adaptogens in a bath (38:48)&nbsp; • skin care routine (41:35)&nbsp; • Kate's morning routine (44:24)&nbsp; • advice
14/10/202049 minutes 58 seconds
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76. Intimacy, Inclusion, & Introspection With Tah & Kole Whitty

In this episode, the host Kayla Osterhof and special guests Tah and Cole Whitty, discuss leadership and survival in the midst of crisis such as COVID19, how trauma impacts your body and mind, how to navigate cultural shifts, like the BLM movement, and how to be a truly inclusive leader. They also touch on how to build healthy relationships with others and with yourself. Tah and Kole, husband and wife team, are entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the field of health and wellness. Tah has over 25 years of experience as a registered nurse in emergency medicine and Kole has 17 years in education and addiction specifically. Together they have diverse experience in shamanic traditions, personal training and body alignment. Episode highlights: • new perspectives on the human experience (5:28) • how Tah and Kole become a healers (6:55) • insights on change and transformation (16:43) • where transformation begins (25:46) • achievements and goals as a drug (31:30) • curiosity - the
30/09/20201 hour 32 minutes 22 seconds
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75. Inside Out Health With Wade Lightheart

THE BIOCURIOUS PODCAST – WADE LIGHTHEART In this episode, Kayla and special guest Wade Lightheart discuss how to build a healthy body from the inside out, focusing on healthy digestion, the gut and brain connection and optimizing metabolism. Wade Lightheart, a three-time Canadian national champion of the All Natural Bodybuilding Championships, who has also competed in the Mister Universe competition, is the podcast host for “The Awesome Health Podcast” and he is the president and cofounder of BiOptimizers. Biocurious Listeners can use code BIOCURIOUS to Episode Highlights: • how to optimize all health systems (7:33) • building a strong, healthy physique from the inside (12:56) • digestive system dysfunction (20:05) • metabolic interventions (22:12) • the ideal version of a life span (26:24) • the connection between gut and brain (28:54) • importance of enzymes and how to choose the right enzyme supplement (35:28) • probiotics and other gut health supplements (40:24) • th
16/09/20201 hour 42 seconds
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74. Unlocking Your Mental Superpowers With Ani Manian From You Are Limitless

In this doubleheader episode with “You Are Limitless” podcast, the hosts Kayla Osterhoff and Ani Manian, discuss interworking's of the mind, aspects that limit us from reaching full potential, how they overcame limitations and practical tools to become limitless. Ani Manian, “The Ultimate mirror”, known as a trusted adviser to the most influential entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers to become limitless, helps to transform the conscience and create exceptional results in business and life. Episode highlights: • contrast between brain and mind (2:20) • the optic nerve and how impulses work (6:33) • the observer effect (10:03) • what is neuroplasticity (16:36) • the “symphony” of the brain (20:52) • band-aid to the nerves system (26:13) • Kayla's bad relationship experience (30:22) • ways to restore body harmony and what isn't harmony (35:30) • practices Ani does to harmonize his body (45:05) • Kayla shares how she helps her clients (49:48) • alone time and connection with yourself (
25/08/20201 hour 37 minutes 12 seconds
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73. Biohacking Mars And Venus With Dr. John Gray - Part 2

Welcome to an epic two-part episode with the incredible Dr. John Gray! You probably know John from his best selling book "Men are from Mars Women from Venus'' which is also the most well-known book on relationships. Since then he has written more than 20 books on relational wellness and health promotion and has been featured on Oprah, Dr. Oz, the today show, Times magazine, Forbes and more! &nbsp;And now he is here to share his knowledge and magic with the BioCurious Community! Part 2 Highlights: • the secret to having exceptional relationships (3:30) • men’s vs women’s hormone health as it relates to communication (8:44) • how to communicate effectively in relationship (14:11) • John’s epic morning routine (19:02) • what John learned from the monks (25:40) • understanding energy, chakras and vibrational frequencies (29:44) • an energy-balancing meditation from John (42:29) Connect with Dr. Gray:<
12/08/202046 minutes 53 seconds
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72. Biohacking Mars And Venus With Dr. John Gray - Part 1

Welcome to an epic two-part episode with the incredible Dr. John Gray! You probably know John from his best-selling book "Men are from Mars Women from Venus'' which is also the most well-known book on relationships. Since then he has written more than 20 books on relational wellness and health promotion and has been featured on Oprah, Dr. Oz, the today show, Times magazine, Forbes and more! &nbsp;And now he is here to share his knowledge and magic with the BioCurious Community! On this two-part episode, John and I discuss the dos and don'ts of relationships, healthy communication, the key differences between men and women's hormonal health, what makes men and women feel loved, mindfulness exercises to boost energy and vitality, and we even do a deep dive on John's favorite supplements for high performance and optimal health! Part 1 Highlights: • finding happiness for yourself and in relationship (3:50) • John's new book Beyond Mars and Venus (
12/08/20201 hour 17 minutes 33 seconds
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71. Expanding Consciousness And Doing Deep Inner Work With Shawn Wells

In this episode, the host Kayla is joined by Shawn Wells, also known as the ingredientologist. Shawn is not only a brilliant biochemist, dietitian and formulator of supplements, but also one of Kayla’s dearest friends. On this episode they have a very raw discussion about a shared plant medicine experience and the insides gained through this. Episode highlights: • Shawn's background with mental and physical health and true love for yourself and others (5:45) • personal growth and progress with psychedelic plants to process personal trauma (9:15) • new perspectives on career goals and moving the focus to self love (16:00) • plant medicine research (20:30) • victim mentality, aggressors, and fear (23:02) • self-work and authenticity (27:27) • bringing back the innocence and inner child (32:15) • resetting and letting go of limitation and judgment (34:00) • connection with universe (40:35) • appreciation of body and individuality (44:00) • how to set boundaries and communicate more eff
05/08/20201 hour 24 minutes 20 seconds
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70. The Carnivore Code With Dr. Paul Saladino

In this episode, host Kayla Osterhoff and special guest Dr. Paul Saladino discuss the benefits of the carnivore diet, plus the pros and cons of other popular diets. Dr. Saladino is the leading authority on carnivore and has used this diet to reverse autoimmunity, mental health disorders and chronic illness in hundreds of his patients. He not only has his own podcast “The fundamental health podcast”, but was featured in others like “The model health show”, “Bulletproof radio” etc. He also just released a new book called “The Carnivore Code”. Episode highlights: • carnivore diet 101 • thoughts on CoVid19 and mainstream media coverage • Paul’s battle with eczema and how he healed from it • psychological and physical benefits of eating meat • pros and cons of paleo, keto, and plant-based diets • the problem with restrictive diets • how to eat intentionally • myths about meat and the fear of carbohydrates • the ethics of farming and the meat industry • benefits fo eating “nose to tail
28/07/20201 hour 10 minutes 38 seconds
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69. Ayahuasca Awakening With Carlos Tanner Of The Ayahuasca Foundation

This episode is a crash course in all things ayahuasca with the director of the Ayahuasca Foundation, Carlos Tanner, who is also an Amazonian plant medicine expert and educator. In this episode we dive deep into the cultural and clinical background of ayahuasca and different plant medicine healing modalities. Episode Highlights: • Plant medicines 101 • The difference between ayahuasca and other plant medicines • The history of Amazonian healing traditions • The westernization of ayahuasca • How ayahuasca can be used for healing and human evolution • How Carlos healed from addiction and helps others to do the same • Difference between various ayahuasca experiences and retreat centers • What to look for and how to choose a safe ayahuasca center in Peru • The difference between Shipibo healers vs other shamans • What shaman training consists of • What to expect in
22/07/20201 hour 5 minutes 26 seconds
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68. Mastering Glucose Metabolism With Robby Barbaro

Today's episode is all about optimizing glucose metabolism to achieve peak performance and boost longevity! Our guest Robby Barbaro is the author of the NY Times Best Seller, "Mastering Diabetes - The Revolutionary Method to Reverse Insulin Resistance Permanently" &nbsp;Robby has been living with type 1 Diabetes for over 15 years and has been successfully controlling it using plant-based nutrition. On this episode Robby discusses how a plant-based lifestyle has fundamentally changed the quality of his life and he debunks myths regarding nutrition, exercise, fad diets, and insulin resistance. &nbsp; Episode highlights: • Glucose metabolism hacks • Mastering both type 1 and type 2 Diabetes • How Robby's book "Mastering Diabetes" became a NY Times Best Seller • Why everyone should be eating more carbs • How fruits and veggies detox the body • The banana diet • What causes insulin resistance and how to reverse it • The pros and cons of Keto,
08/07/20201 hour 40 seconds
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67. Bioacoustic Biology with Sharry Edwards

On today's episode we are joined by the pioneer of Bioacoustic Biology herself,  Sharry Edwards, to teach us about the link between sound frequency and health. Sharry provides the leading-edge research to show voice as a holographic representation of the body and how it can be used to change the face of medicine. Sharry's work shows that we can achieve health and emotional balance through the use of frequency based biomarkers.  Using the unique techniques of Vocal Profiling and evaluation, emotional as well as physiological issues can be revealed and addressed. Sharry's work with the human voice reveals that people who share similar traumas, stresses, diseases, toxicities…share similar, if not identical, vocal anomalies. She brings together ancient knowledge with modern ideas of harmonics and frequency relationship theories to show that math can be used as a form of predictive, diagnostic and curative foundation for wellness. Episode highlights: • Kayla's voice profile • Hearing otoac
30/06/202055 minutes 52 seconds
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66. Your Red Pill Guide To Health With Troy Casey

On today’s episode we are chatting with leading longevity authority and C.H.E.K. Practitioner, Troy Casey, who has inspired millions of people to live with vitality and authenticity. His unique holistic approach uses nature based simplicity that anyone can follow. As a Versace model, Troy ignited his passion for health and beauty - studying nutrition, herbs, and internal purification - as a way of looking and feeling amazing in front of the camera. For more than 30 years, Troy has continued his studies, and by working with indigenous cultures, exploring ancient and esoteric healing practices, he has led his body, mind, and spirit to become the powerful force he is today. Show Notes • How our society had been brainwashed • How to find truth and see past the matrix • How to be “ripped” at 50 • The current obesity epidemic • A world beyond money • Freeing your mind • The importance of the gut microbiome • Current mental, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges • Simple steps t
24/06/20201 hour 7 minutes 59 seconds
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65. Biohacking Spinal Cord Injury With Joci Scott And Dr. Tara Scott

This episode is about an amazing and inspirational young woman who, in the face of spinal cord injury, is persevering with bravery and optimism. Joci Scott is the daughter of Dr. Tara Scott, whom you’ve heard on the podcast before. With her mom by her side, Joci has made incredible strides in her healing journey, which she shares more about in this episode. Joci Scott is a 4th year undergraduate student at THE Ohio State University studying psychology with a minor in musical theatre. At OSU, she has served on the executive boards of her dorm’s hall council and the student-run theatre group Off the Lake Productions, and she has performed in many musical productions at school and in the community. Joci also serves as Miss Wheelchair Northern USA 2020, following a plane accident resulting in a spinal cord injury. While making strides to walk again, she advocates for public accessibility and equal representation in film, television, and theatre. Show Notes • Surviving a plane crash • Sp
17/06/202035 minutes 8 seconds
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64. Vitamin D To The Rescue With Dr. Brandan Lee

This episode is all about the most magical micronutrient - Vitamin D! . Dr. Brandan Lee, the Founder of Vitamin D to the Rescue, is here today to tell us all about why he has dedicated his career to teaching about and advocating for vitamin D. He has paired this effort with another of his passions, which is fighting human trafficking, and merged the two by starting Vitamin D to the Rescue. In this episode we discuss the physical and cognitive benefits of Vitamin D, some of which might surprise you! Discussion highlights: ▪ How vitamin D to the Rescue is helping to fight human trafficking ▪ Why vitamin D so essential ▪ The immune function of vitamin D ▪ Vitamin D for prevention and treatment of Coronavirus ▪ The different between vitamin D from the sun and various supplement forms ▪ The difference between vitamins K1 and K2 ▪ How vitamin D prevents sunburn ▪ Physical and cognitive benefits of Vitamin D ▪ How vitamin D improves nerve conduction and function ▪ Why magnesium is just as im
27/05/202038 minutes 13 seconds
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63. Nutritional Alchemy With Ingrid De La O From TUSOL Wellness

In this episode of The BioCurious Podcast we’re joined by wellness aficionado, Ingrid De La O, one of the co-founders of TUSOL Wellness which has been featured in Vogue, Rolling stone, and Malibu magazine. Ingrid is a biochemistry nerd, like me, and uses a science-backed approach to develop the TUSOL  recipes for specific healing purposes.  On this episode we discuss the power of food to heal, and how Ingrid healed herself Postpartum Depression and Crohn’s Disease using superfoods. Discussion highlights: • Biohacking sleep • Overcoming Crohn’s Disease • The truth about Postpartum Depression • Women's health challenges • Healing from the inside out • The problem with industrial farmed food • The Dirty Dozen - how to decide organic vs. non-organic ( • Superfoods that fight inflammation • The crossover between Ayurveda, Chinese, and Aztec Medicine • The Quantum Doctor (Book recommendation -
20/05/20201 hour 9 minutes 47 seconds
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62. Red Light Therapy With Dr. Mike Belkowski

On today's episode we are talking about a critical aspect of circadian biology, which is light. We have Dr. Mike Belkowski, the founder of BioLight, here to teach us all about red light therapy. This is one of my favorite biohacking subjects, so I really enjoyed "nerding-out" with Dr. Belkowski. I really hope that you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it. Dr. Mike Belkowski, CEO of BioLight, specializes in dry needling, cupping, blood flow restriction training, Mulligan joint mobilizations and, yes, red light therapy to help his patients achieve pain reduction and recovery as effectively and efficiently as possible. Dr. Belkowski is a voracious reader and is constantly questioning the status quo, especially in the health and wellness sector. He loves to synthesize all of the information from the vast amount of books and research articles he reads and put it to practical use. If you feel inspired to grab a BioLight for your red light therapy at home after t
12/05/202058 minutes 46 seconds
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61. Oxygen Upgrade With Dr. Jason Sonners

This week's episode features best-selling author and functional medicine doctor, Dr. Jason Sonners, who shares his insights on why oxygen is the key to peak performance, longevity, and total health. You might want to grab a pen and notebook for this one, because it is jam packed with actionable information and tips that will help you to live a long and healthy life. As the owner and clinic director at Core Therapies, Dr. Jason Sonners primarily practices functional medicine and is passionate about using detailed laboratory analysis and other tools to help his clients take their health to the next level. He also takes on complex cases including autoimmune conditions, chronic inflammation and neurologic dysfunction and uses a variety of methods to help improve function and tap into the body’s innate ability to heal. He uses nutrition, detoxification, hyperbaric oxygen and herbal therapies to improve the health and quality of life for his patients. On this episode we discuss: Dr. Sonner
06/05/202055 minutes 10 seconds
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60. Feminine Sexuality With Chelsey Jo

This episode is all about sexuality with Feminine Embodiment expert Chelsey Jo, the founder of Rhythm, Soul, and Body. We discuss how trauma and societal programming can hinder sexuality and how sexuality plays a role in mental and physical health and well-being. Chelsea also provides us with some practical tips for optimizing our sexual health, and healthy sexual expression. You may want to listen to this one with headphones because this episode contains explicit subject matter that is probably not suitable for the kiddos. Chelsey helps women bring sacred sensuality back into every part of their lives, especially their bodies, bedroom, business, and bank account. She guides women into reclaiming their wild and cyclical nature through raw expression⁣. Her work is for women who are ready to step into sovereignty and heal themselves. When women are standing fully in their power and purpose they are unstoppable. On this episode we discuss: Chelsea's background and how she got into the
29/04/202057 minutes 12 seconds
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59. Brain Mapping With New Mind Technologies

This episode is all about the brain! I visited New Mind Technologies, who have developed devices for brain mapping and neurofeedback. During my visit, I had a brain map done and discussed the results for a really up close and personal view of what's going on in my brain. I received some fantastic recommendations on ways to improve cognition, anxiety, focus, and mood, in addition to lifestyle and behavioral changes that will improve brain performance. On this episode we discuss: Why brain maps need to be done with the eyes closed AND open The types of things that you can discover from a brain map report Recommendations for achieving a peak-performing brain What an EEG can tell you about your mood Why a brain map may look different based on the time of day How daylight savings time changes can affect the brain Why each brain wave frequency can provide us with different information about our brain Alpha and Beta brain wave asymmetry being indicators of depression and anxiety Brain traini
22/04/20201 hour 22 minutes 21 seconds
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58. Ketamine Therapy With Dr. Katelyn Kalstein

For this week's episode, we are finally taking a break from all this Covid-19 stuff to talk about a topic that I am personally fascinated in, which is the therapeutic use of psychedelics, or psychoactive drugs. Today we are talking with Dr. Katelyn Kalstein who is a naturopathic doctor that specializes in ketamine therapy. Dr. Kalstein may be familiar to ya'll because she was previously the medical director of Dave Asprey's "40 Years of Zen". On this episode, we discuss the therapeutic applications of psychedelics and how Dr. Kalstein uses ketamine to help her clients overcome mental health challenges. Dr. Katelyn Kalstein is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, with a master's in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is a certified ketamine therapist. She specializes in integrative treatments for mental illness and chronic health conditions. She started her medical career teaching meditation to executives as the medical director at 40 Years of Zen, Dave Asprey's intensive neurofeedback progra
14/04/20201 hour 26 minutes 47 seconds
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CoVid19 Myth Busters With Dr. Mary Schmidt

In this episode we take a closer look at the Covid-19 situation to uncover the truths and myths about the virus, examine the data, and discuss the outlook on the pandemic. Our guest is Dr. Mary Schmidt, a top infectous disease and internal medicine physician who holds a master's degree in Public Health from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and is the associate professor of Clinical Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Schmidt is here to share her knowledge about the virus and the emergency response efforts. We are so lucky to have her on the podcast as she is a renowned expert in emergency response and has been interviewed on several national and local media outlets about Covid-19. On this episode we discuss: Are face-masks beneficial for everyone to wear, or only specific people? What's the best material for a face-mask? Do cold temperatures kill the coronavirus? Will warm weather increase the s
08/04/202042 minutes 18 seconds
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CoVid19 Treatments And Pathology With Infectious Disease Dr. Sary Beidas

This week we are lucky enough to have a brilliant infection disease doctor on the podcast, Dr. Sary Beidas, to discuss the pathology and treatment options for Covid-19. So far I've really only shared information on the epidemiology and public health science aspects of the outbreak, but I haven't gone into detail on current and potential treatments (as it's not my area of expertise). I have been receiving a lot of questions about the current and potential Covid-19 treatments, so I thought it was best to have an expert inform us on these topics. Dr. Saudi Beidas, who is one of the leading infectious doctos in the U.S. was gracious enough to offer his time to provide us with the medical perspective on Covid-19. I'm very grateful for the insight he shared, as I learned a lot from this conversation and I think you will as well! Dr. Sary Beidas, MD is an infectious disease specialist in Orange Park, FL and has been practicing for 30 years. He graduated from Fac Med U Jordan, Amman in 1983 an
01/04/202045 minutes 56 seconds
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CoVid19 What You Need To Know

I've decided to share my full insights in the current CoVid19 pandemic to help offset the massive spread of misinformation and hopefully reduce some of your fears and anxieties around the outbreak. I am trained & have worked hands-on, in viral Pandemic situations exactly like this, so I have special insight into the current outbreak. It almost feels like my career was building to this moment, which is why I have to share my thoughts. My goal is to help cut through all the BS, Fake News from a source that has experience for an objective, true opinion using facts. My training, qualifications & experience: - A health Scientist with formal training in epidemiology - Vast experience in both domestic and global public health emergency response - 6 years of boots-on-the-ground experience working at CDC in emergency response and global infectious disease prevention - served multiple deployments to the Emergency Operations Center for outbreak responses including: -- the 2015 Ebola outbreak
18/03/202033 minutes 54 seconds
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54. Sleep Hacking With Dr. Jay Khorsandi

Dr. Jay Khorsandi has been in the healthcare industry for almost 20 years. Along his journey he developed a fascination with sleep which has led him down the path of treating patients for snoring and sleep apnea using the most modern and innovative technologies. After struggling for years with numerous health issues he discovered biohacking which revolutionized his own health and he now shares that knowledge in his podcast called “Best Night Ever!” His show is dedicated to helping people get their best sleep by focusing on the latest research, science, innovators and technology available for human optimization. This is a 2-for-1 episode with a fellow podcaster! We talk about all the best ways to biohack your sleep, and discuss the good, bad, and ugly behind sleep research, technologies, and performance. It's ultimate sleep-hacker's guide, and if you struggle with sleep at all this episode is for you. On this episode we discuss: How the best night's sleep starts the moment you wake u
11/03/20201 hour 13 minutes 27 seconds
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53. Quantum Biomechanics With Dr. Scott Levine

Dr. Scott Levine uses ancient wisdom, science and biohacking technology to help patients heal. A chiropractor for 24 years he combines sound, color, smell, energy and many other modalities to help shift his patients from survival to thrive. He does what he calls a blank page intake, where he knows nothing about you and by tapping into the quantum field begins to unravel stressors since childhood. His purpose to heal humanity has inspired him to create other healing modalities including and In this episode, Dr. Levine teaches us how he combines quantum biology, energetics, kinesiology, and body mechanics to supercharge healing. A gifted doctor and healer, he is trained in both conventional medicine and a host of other esoteric healing methods, which he combines to provide a unique, holistic healing experience. On this episode we discuss: Dr. Levine's early history and initial experience with applied kinesiology How the power of muscle testing is in
04/03/20201 hour 15 minutes 41 seconds
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52. Ozone For Longevity And Healing With Dr. Frank Shallenberger

Dr. Shallenberger has been practicing medicine for 45 years, and has been using ozone in his medical practice since 1983. He has authored several indexed papers on ozone therapy and has also written “The Principles and Application of Ozone Therapy – A Practical Guideline For Physicians” and "The Ozone Miracle", both of which are available on Amazon. Perhaps his most significant contribution to medicine is his patented discovery of assessing mitochondrial function using VO2 analysis. He believes the evidence is clear that the secret to a long, healthy, and functional life is measuring and optimizing mitochondrial function. This episode is bursting with information related to ozone therapy and it's benefits. Dr. Shallenberger shares an interesting story behind his transition from working in a standard, western medical practice, to one focused on health optimization. The mechanisms behind how ozone works in the body, valuable tests to determine mitochondrial health, and strategies to kee
26/02/20201 hour 1 minute 22 seconds
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51. Biohacking Hormones With Dr. Tara Scott

Tara Scott, MD, FACOG, FAAFM, ABOIM, CNMP is a renowned hormone expert and certified regenerative and functional medicine practitioner. She first became involved with hormone and integrative medicine while practicing as an OB/GYN. Her empathy for patients experiencing hormone-related issues led her to become trained as an advanced fellow and certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. The evidence-based practices she employed helped many patients conquer chronic wellness issues. She then started Revitalize Medical Group, where she serves as the Chief Medical Officer. In 2016 she obtained an additional board certification in Integrative Medicine. In this episode, Dr. Scott and I dive deep into a discussion around hormonal health (men and women), the natural lifestyle shifts that can impact hormonal balance as we age, and why "testing not guessing" is critical to achieving optimal performance. Dr. Scott was traditionally trained as an MD, and graduated medical school at th
19/02/20201 hour 15 minutes 56 seconds
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50. The Quantum Mind With Dr. Ted Achacoso (Part 2)

I hope you all enjoyed the discussion with Dr. Ted Achacoso last week! If you’re just tuning in right now to this episode and did not listen to Part 1, please do head back to last week’s episode. Give it a listen first because it’s such an informative conversation about how to optimize health. This week’s episode will be the 2nd part of my conversation with Dr. Ted, but you’ll notice that this part is a total shift from Part 1. We dive deep into the more esoteric aspects of health and wellness…really talking about the concepts that paint the human experience. Emotions, personal perceptions, the ego-dance, mindfulness practices, enlightenment, the conscious vs. subconscious mind, and all kinds of far-out topics are discussed that I’m sure will build some new neural pathways in your own brain. I hope you guys enjoy this episode! On this episode we discuss: How a positive mindset contributes to success <
12/02/20201 hour 7 minutes 33 seconds
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49. Biohacking The Metabolome With Dr Ted Achacoso (Part 1)

Dr. Ted Achacoso is the founding pioneer of "Health Optimization Medicine and Practice" which is the clinical framework of the detection and correction of imbalances at the level of the metabolome. Dr. Ted is board certified in both anti-aging medicine and nutritional medicine in Paris. He is also trained in medical informatics, medical statistics, and artificial intelligence. He was trained in pharmacology, toxicology, neurology, and he maintains a tricontinental practice in health optimization medicine. He also formulated Blue Cannatine, of the Troscriptions brand, which is one of the most sought after nootropics in the biohacking world. I am so grateful that he took the time to have this conversation and share his knowledge with all of us! As this extremely informative conversation lasted 3 hours, I have split it into two episodes so you guys can fully absorb the information that Dr. Ted shares with us. In part 1 of this episode we go into health optimization medicine and what tha
05/02/20201 hour 8 minutes 8 seconds
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48. Season Finale - BioCurious Origins And Overcoming Addiction

The season finale of the BioCurious podcast featured yours truly, BioCurious Kayla, and my mama for an episode about the BioCurious podcast origins and my mom’s journey to heal from trauma and addiction. Episode highlights: - My cultural background and upbringing - My educational background and career path that lead to the podcast - How I became a biohacker - Family traumas passed through generations - Living with depression and anxiety - Healing from trauma - How trauma leads to addiction - What rock bottom feels like - Rising from the darkness - The road to recovery and beyond - Support systems for addiction and mental wellbeing - Biohacking brain injury - Life after addiction --- Send in a voice message:
01/01/20201 hour 27 seconds
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47. Health Optimization Medicine With Dr. Scott Sherr

Health optimization is an emerging field of medicine that focuses on reaching peak performance by optimizing your biology. Today we are lucky enough to have Dr. Scott Sherr on the podcast to teach us about optimizing our personal health and performance. Dr. Scott is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician and Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) practitioner with a specialization in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. He’s also the cofounder of HOMe-SF, the first HOMe clinic in the United States and is also is the COO of HOMe–USA, a nonprofit company that is creating an online HOMe education for doctors and healthcare practitioners. In addition, he is one of the few Hyperbaric oxygen providers in the country that creates personalized treatment plans for patients that include HOMe as its foundation. On this episode we discuss: - what health optimization medicine is and how it differs from conventional and functional medicine - what hyperbaric oxygen therapy is and how it works - the healt
20/12/20191 hour 9 minutes 9 seconds
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46. Health Hacking At Paleo F(x) With Keith Norris

Today we’re taking a look behind the scenes of the largest paleo platform and event in the world, Paleo f(x), with the cofounder Keith Norris who is also a former athlete, military veteran, and elite strength and conditioning specialist.  He’s also the CEO of Phoenix Equipment Group, LLC, and a founding member of ID Life, a company whose mission is health and lifestyle optimization. Keith also authors one of the top fitness and personal development blogs in the health and wellness sphere, Theory To Practice, and is the author of The Five T’s, the art of goal setting and continual improvement. On this episode we discuss: - how Paleo f(x) came to be - the paleo lifestyle - how the paleo diet compares to other diets - the problem with any diet - the most important aspects of health - tips for success in entrepreneurship - why willpower alone will not lead you to success - how to maximize and leverage limited willpower - balancing technology and wellness - the best health tech devices
12/12/201956 minutes 43 seconds
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45. Keto Medicine With Eric Alber

When you hear the term keto you probably think of weight loss, but there are also many therapeutic and cognitive benefits of ketones. Today we have an amazing leader in the keto community, Eric Alber, who is a registered nurse and integrative holistic health expert. He is also a special needs parent and advocate for families with special needs children. One of Eric’s 5 daughters was born with a rare syndrome called Smith Magenis (SMS), which shifted his life and career path to finding solutions for his daughter and other families facing SMS. On this episode we discuss: - What Smith Magenis Syndrome is - How to find balance as a parent of a special needs child - Natural therapies for SMS - Biohacking cognitive disorders - Applying lifestyle medicine for epilepsy - Strategies for behavioral problems - Biohacking sleep - Exogenous ketones vs the keto diet - Therapeutic applications for ketones - Self-care for care takers - Innovative solutions for families with special needs child
06/12/201954 minutes 40 seconds
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44. Mind Your Mouth With Biological Dentist Dr. Dome

Today we are talking about holistic dentistry with Dr. Dominik Nischwitz who is a specialist in Biological Dentistry and Ceramic Implants. He is the President of the International Society of Metal-free Implantology and teaches worldwide to establish consistent biological dentistry as the next level of dentistry. His passion for optimal health, high performance, and nutrition, led him to develop the FOOD DESIGN CONCEPT, and the BONE HEALING PROTOCOL which he uses with his patients to boost the healing process. He also recently published his first book on biological dentistry that will be available in the US in early 2020. On this episode we discuss: - What biological dentistry is - The pitfalls of conventional dentistry - Everything you need to know about implants, root canals, and fillings - Why amalgam fillings are harmful to your health - Why it’s important to have a specially trained dentist remove amalgam fillings - The safe way to remove amalgam fillings - Why you should neve
22/11/201952 minutes 13 seconds
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43. Brain-hacking With Dr. Andrew Hill

Today’s episode is all about brain-hacking! Dr. Andrew Hill, the founder of Peak Brain Institute, teaches us how we can boost our cognitive function with neurofeedback and brain mapping! He’s a neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and biohacking advocate with a PhD. in Cognitive Neuroscience from UCLA and is best known for his mission to bring brain-hacking technology into mainstream practice. The Peak Brain Institute is community-oriented company that teaches brain-training from a fitness perspective, using EEG Neurofeedback and QEEG Brain Mapping to help people achieve their brain performance goals. On this episode we discuss: - exciting innovations in neuroscience - optimizing brain mechanics - developing the ability to deeply relax - how to easily access creativity - what brain maps can tell us - the brain and addiction - how nerurofeedback can help with recovery - healing brain injury - attaining peak brain performance - re-regulating the brain - balancing GABA and glutamate neurot
15/11/20191 hour 1 minute 51 seconds
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42. Naturopathic Health Optimization With Dr. Mary Pardee

Dr. Mary Pardee is on the podcast today to talk about health optimization using naturopathic and functional medicine. Dr. Mary is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and a Certified Functional Medicine Doctor who specializes in integrative gastroenterology and hormone balancing. She’s the founder of Modrn Med, a telemedicine and virtual wellness company that provides concierge medical and health services to clients across the country from the comfort of their homes. She also just put out a sleep course with Dr. Mark Hyman that you should check out if your looking to optimize your sleep! On this episode we discuss: - the difference between naturopathic, functional and conventional medicine - how to achieve optimal health - the body’s self-healing capacity - herbal remedies - the best herbal supplements - how to avoid junk supplements - anti inflammatory herbs - anti-aging health practices - how to optimize sleep - how to optimize the gut microbiome - what fecal transplant is - how the
08/11/201947 minutes 11 seconds
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41. Functional Food And Fitness With Nic Zahasky

I’m excited to have my friend and personal athletic coach, Nic Zahasky on the podcast today to talk about functional fitness and using food as medicine. Nic is a former executive chef who cooked for elite figures such as Dave Asprey, Madeline Albright, Wailin' Jennys, and even the King and Queen of Norway. In 2011, he retired his executive chef hat to pursue a journey in emotional and physical self improvement, leading to what he calls BEING|HUMAN|OPTIMIZATION|COACHING, which is the study of self improvement through control of the environment, nutrition, and functional fitness. With new-found energy, strength and passion, Nic quickly climbed the ranks to become a top Spartan athlete! Now he focuses on bringing more awareness and accessibility to ancestral nutrition, providing in home culinary and retreat experiences centered on local farm to fork, foraged and seasonal eating aligned with genetics. On this episode we discuss: - how Nic healed from multiple brain injuries - lifestyle
01/11/201942 minutes 59 seconds
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40. All Or Nothing With NOA AON

Today we have NOA AON on the podcast to talk about living a lifestyle of positivity, love and pure joy! He is known around the world as the biohacking DJ who provides experiences that shake you to your core, which I can personally attest to since experiencing his total system reset in Iceland. After a successful career as an entrepreneur and professional athlete, NOA AON left it all behind to pursue his passion for helping people full time. His mission can be explained by his name - NOA means “freedom” in Hawaiian, to “love” in Japanese and “movement” in Hebrew. And AON is a palindrome for “all or nothing” which is his philosophy for life! On this episode we discuss: - The duality that we all live in - Pranic healing principals - How NOA AON arose out of complete darkness and silence - How NOA AON is changing the party culture - How to be generally awesome - The trinity: me, we, be - How to BE more - How to harness the power of breath - Frequency matching - How to activate theta b
24/10/201957 minutes 56 seconds
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39. Subconscious Healing With Cassondra Jackson

Today’s episode is all about healing through the subconscious mind, which is, as you know, one of my favorite topics! I’m so excited to have one of my good friends, Cassondra Jackson on the podcast today who is the co-founder of Blue Lotus Wellness Center in Atlanta and has been practicing as a licensed counselor for over 10 years. In addition she’s formally trained in shamanism and hypnosis, which she applies in her integrated mind-body practice. Like me, she’s working toward her Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine, specializing in Integrative Mental Health, and regularly advocates for the mental, physical, and spiritual growth of all humans. On this episode we discuss: - Different forms of energy medicine and healing techniques - Why looking for the beauty in everything will support your health - What shamanism is and different cultural practices of shamanism - What a shamanic journey is - Cassondra’s first shamanic journey - The science of hypnosis and how it works - How hypnosis is
18/10/201936 minutes 29 seconds
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38. Tackling Toxins With Dr. Anthony Jay

Today’s episode is all about epigenetics with Dr. Anthony Jay, a Mayo Clinic Scientist who researches stem cells, epigenetics, and infrared light. He’s also the bestselling author of Estrogeneration and he’s here today to teach us all about toxins - how they impact our health, why we can’t avoid them, and what to do about it. On this episode we discuss: - How DNA, the environment, and health are linked - How to use DNA to make healthier choices - Common genetic mutations and how they affect your health - Why you should analyze your children’s DNA - The multi-generational effects of toxins - Hidden toxins in your home - How toxins cause infertility - Scary ingredients in your personal care products - Why you should eliminate all artificial fragrance - Why “BPA-free” and “organic” don’t mean safe - How to create a toxin free home - Where to buy toxin free foods and products - The best way to detox - How to repurpose your 23 & me data to improve your health To connect with An
11/10/20191 hour 43 seconds
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37. Icelandic Transformation Part 2

Welcome to part two of this special edition of the BioCurious podcast that chronicles the iceland experience through conversations on the road. Of you missed part one, stop here and check that episode out first! ✨ Part two begins with a comprehensive discussion about mitochondria. This is your complete guide to mitochondrial health from global experts! You’ll hear the perspectives of 5 biohackers from 4 countries on how to optimize your mitochondria. Shawn Wells and Kirsten Flanagan that you heard on last week’s episode, plus Dr. Elana Gross from Switzerland and Dr. Evguenia Alechine from Argentina join me in talking all things mitochondria! And at the end of this episode you’ll hear a super raw personal reflection that I recorded on my last day in Iceland. Highlights from this episode: - Why mitochondria matter - Lifestyle factors for mitochondrial health - Using food and exercise to optimize mitochondria - Top supplements to support mitochondrial health - How to activate mito
04/10/201944 minutes 30 seconds
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36. Icelandic Transformation Part 1

Today’s episode is part one of a special two part series from my transformative trip to iceland! Earlier this year, I partnered with an awesome company called Live Beyond Global to plan a special biohacking experience in Iceland! I knew that iceland would be beautiful and that it would be so fun teaching biohacking workshops in such a beautiful setting, but I didn’t expect to be the one walking away with a complete transformation! This two part special edition of the BioCurious podcast chronicles the iceland experience through conversations on the road in Iceland. Part One begins with a recording of an exercise lead by Felipe the co-founder of Live Beyond Global to reflect on our time together in iceland and the rest of the episode takes place on a road trip across iceland after the first week with the Live Beyond group. Shawn Wells - the world’s greatest formulation scientist, and Kirsten Flanagan - a brilliant South African biohacker, join me in recapping the iceland experience and
27/09/201954 minutes 55 seconds
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35. Activate Your Inner Pharmacy With Niraj Naik

Today we’re talking about the power of breath with Niraj Naik who is pharmacist turned holistic health and breathwork expert. Having cured himself from Ulcerative Colitis, Niraj now helps others restore their health and improve quality of life through holistic practices and lifestyle changes. He’s also a professional musician and has produced music that is used in wellness centers internationally. Niraj is the founder of SOMA Breath, which is an innovative global breathwork movement taking the world by storm. He’s a Mindvalley and Hay House author, creator of the world’s most viral infographic, a serial entrepreneur, and one of the world’s most sought after spiritual ceremony facilitators. On this episode we discuss: - foundations of pranayama breath work - how to activate your inner pharmacy using only the breath - aligning inner biology with the outer world - changing your physiology for healing - which breath practices work for specific diseases and health issues - how to con
12/09/201953 minutes 27 seconds
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34. Holistic Healing With Dr. Sarah Druckman

Today we are talking about holistic healing with Dr. Sarah Druckman who is chiropractor and the owner of a holistic wellness center called The Alpharetta Wellness Collective. Her center employs an all-systems approach to healing, incorporating nutrition and lifestyle medicine, soft tissue work, taping, cupping, cold laser, essential oils and more to allow the body to thrive on multiple levels. Dr. Druckman also practices equine chiropractic on animals, which provides surprising insights into the challenges of human healing. On this episode we discuss: - integrative and complementary healing modalities - the metaphysical aspects of health - how to optimize the nervous system - the chemical, physical and emotional aspects of wellness - how the mind effects physical health - the mind-body connection - whole person health care - proper body mechanics - how to tap into the innate wisdom of your body - how to become a more efficient runner - how taping works to create new neural pa
06/09/201957 minutes 31 seconds
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33. Psychophysiology With Dr. Jay Wiles

Today I’m talking with Dr. Jay Wiles who is a clinical health psychologist with specialized training in nutritional psychology, biofeedback, health behavior coaching, health assessment, and complementary and integrative health. He also works as a health consultant for individuals and companies in teaching skills for optimizing mental and cognitive well-being. Dr. Wiles is also the co-host of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast and has a strong interest in the interconnection between ancestral approaches to health and better living through science.  On this episode we discuss: - innovations in applied psychophysiology - the link between food and psychological well-being - the epigenetic side of nutrition - how to use food as medicine - why diets don’t work - the importance of mind flexibility - natural pain relief methods - exciting new integrative health modalities - how to use biofeedback to optimize your health - how to put your health data into action - DIY biofeedback methods
29/08/201956 minutes 9 seconds
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32. Beauty Science With Dr. Elsa Jungman

Today we’re talking about beauty science with my favorite skin health expert, Dr. Elsa Jungman, who got her Ph.D. in Skin Pharmacology. Elsa began her career in skin care working in R&D for L’Oréal in Paris and now she owns a clean skin care brand called Elsi. She is my go-to expert on the skin microbiome and she has helped me to overcome my own skin sensitivities. On this episode we discuss: - the link between skin and mental health - environmental factors for skin health - the link between hormones and beauty - why over 50% of the US population has a skin disorder - what a healthy skin microbiome looks like - how to stop overgrowth of bad skin bacteria and promote good bacteria - why you might want to stop using soap - why less is better when it comes to skin products - behind the scenes of beauty tech - new findings in skin research - the best basic skin care routine - the most common misconceptions about skin care and skin products - what to look out for in your products -
22/08/201937 minutes 34 seconds
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31. Mindfulness Matters With Neil Seligman

Today’s episode is about one of my favorite biohacking topics - mindfulness! Leading international mindfulness expert, Neil Seligman is here today to teach us about mindfulness meditation, resilience, and corporate wellbeing. Neil is the Founder of The Conscious Professional and the Author of Conscious Leadership and 100 Mindfulness Meditations. As a world-class speaker, he also tours the UK, Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America speaking at conferences and events. The Conscious Professional’s client list includes global blue-chip firms such as Netflix, Accenture, DLA Piper, Warner Brothers, and RBS. Neil’s work is driven by his passion to witness the unfolding of human potential, and the pursuit of excellence. On this episode we discuss: - what mindfulness really means - the sci-fi aspects of meditation - how to become a conscious professional - why human systems require mindfulness to thrive - how to begin a mindfulness practice - using mindfulness triggers - the benefits of
16/08/201947 minutes 5 seconds
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30. Emotional Intelligence With Dr. Anna Kress

Today’s episode is about emotional intelligence and Dr Anna Kress is here to teach us about biohacking our emotional health! Dr. Kress is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over fifteen years of experience in psychotherapy. She completed her training as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University and is now in private practice in Princeton, NJ providing therapy for young adults who struggle with anxiety and depression. She also teaches on emotional wellness and manifesting goals. Her work has been quoted and featured in a variety of media, including Cosmopolitan, SUCCESS, Girlboss, Teen Vogue, Yoga Journal, Shape, Parents, and Women’s Health.   On this episode we discuss: - the difference between the emotional mind and the rational mind - what the wise mind is and how to achieve it - why you should label your emotions - being emotionally hijacked and how to bounce back from it - what urge surfing is - the difference between being smart and being emotional intelligent - how mir
09/08/201953 minutes 48 seconds
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29. Health Optimization With Tim Gray

Today’s episode is all about health optimization and I’m speaking with a world renowned leader in this space, Tim Gray, who is a dedicated health optimizing Biohacker, a psychology specialist, is the founder of the Biohacker London Meetup group and London’s first private Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic, and he is the Founder CEO of the Health Optimisation Summit happening in London this year! Tim is known as the “UK’s leading biohacker” due to his vast knowledge and network in the global health space. Tim is also well known for his detailed tracking of more than 35+ biomarkers per day and advises many well-known influencers, doctors & specialists in the health and wellness space about health hacking. On this episode we discuss: - what health optimization means - hyperbaric oxygen therapy - how to supercharge the healing process - using technology to mimic nature - affordable alternatives for expensive biohacks - the five fundamentals of health - how optimizing cellular health will make die
02/08/201945 minutes 56 seconds
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28. Primal Hacking With Thaddeus Owen

Today we are taking waaaay back - all the way back to our ancestral roots - to talk about Primal Hacking with Thaddeus Owen who is also well known in the biohacking world as “the Primal Hacker”. Since childhood Thaddeus has been an outdoor enthusiast - loving to fish and camp. As an adult, he spent a decade spent developing pharmaceutical products, but hated the idea of putting toxic chemicals into medicines. So he pivoted and engineered a successful work from home assignment applying Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Workweek to incorporate more movement, nature and sunshine into his work environment. With a master's degree in Holistic Nutrition ya and a deep understanding of the healing power of nature, Thaddeus was able to heal his anxiety, lower his blood pressure and fix his sleeplessness using biohacking, PrimalHacking, and Qigong. He is also a certified high performance Coach from the first-ever class of what used to be called Bulletproof Coaching. On this episode we discuss: - how to live
25/07/201955 minutes 24 seconds
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27. Hybrid Athleticism With Kris Gethin

Today’s episode is all about biohacking athletic performance! I’m super excited for this episode because I got to pick the brain of a world renowned body builder AND endurance athlete, Kris Gethin who is the founder of Dramatic Transformation Principal training method, the Director and Co-founder of Gethin Gyms, the main male Spokesmodel of, and the CEO of the supplement brand Kaged Muscle. Not only has Kris broken records and inspired millions with his body building achievements, but he has also defied the odds (and physics) to become a top Iron Man athlete as well! On this episode we discuss: - Hybrid athleticism - The benefits of daily cardio for all athletes - The importance of strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility - The best shoes for proper body mechanics - How to “turn on” your feet - The ridiculous amount of food that a body building iron man has to eat - The best supplements to build muscle and endurance - How to maintain muscle mass while train
19/07/20191 hour 7 minutes 29 seconds
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26. Personalized Vitamins With Tye Jensen

On today’s episode of the BioCurious podcast we are discussing personalized approaches for health optimization with Tye Jensen who is a well known leader in the field of health and wellness, and a successful entrepreneur in the health sector. Tye is originally trained in the biological sciences, but decided to forgo traditional medical school to found multiple startups in the health and nutrition sectors. Currently, he operates ‪‬ which is a bulk almond butter company, and is the Head of Business Development at Rootine Vitamins, a consumer biotech company specializing in nutrigenetics and personalized vitamins. On this episode we discuss: - The most important foundational pillars of health - If the “magic pill” really exists - Foundational biohacks to try before investing money in advanced biotech - Personalizing vitamins based on DNA, lifestyle, and blood nutrient levels - Most common genetic mutations that cause micronutrient imbalances - How to repurpose your 23
12/07/201951 minutes 3 seconds
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25. Biohacking Climate Change With Dr. Evguenia Alechine

Today I’m speaking with a brilliant scientist Evguenia Alechine from Argentina who has a PhD in Biochemistry and a knack for sharing knowledge about health optimization and wellbeing. She’s also a biohacker, digital nomad, and holistic yoga and acroyoga teacher. Today we’re talking about her current research focus, which is climate change. She’s part of a global leadership program called Homeward Bound for women in STEM that aims to change our paradigms around climate change.&nbsp; On this episode you’ll learn:&nbsp; How the first gen biohackers used to do it -before it was called biohacking... Behind the scenes of Selfhacked and the science team that writes their content... How a group of women in STEM are working together to move the needle on climate change... How each of us can make sustainable change for our planet... Why current climate paradigms need to change drastically... The small things that everyone should be doing to help protect our planet... Cool innova
28/06/201940 minutes 51 seconds
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24. Beyond The Biohacker’s Handbook With Dr. Olli Sovijärvi

Todays episode is all about holistic health and performance optimization. I’m speaking with one of the authors of the biohacking handbook, Dr Olli Sovijärvi who is one of the pioneers of holistic medicine in Finland. During his career in medicine Dr Sovijärvi worked in primary care, emergency care, and since 2013 at a private clinic that specializes in nutrition and holistic health care. His primary focus now is preventive health and wellbeing. He also teaches on the topics of biohacking, performance optimization, nutrition and gut health. On this episode you will hear: How the Biohacking handbook was created and how the authors determined what to include in it... The difference between anecdotal evidence and quantifiable evidence and why both have value... The importance of esoteric health topics... How you can be your own health advocate by building your personal evidence base... How to determine the credibility of new health innovations that haven’t been heavily researched.
21/06/201946 minutes 12 seconds
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23. Biohacking Diabetes And Obesity With Dr. Aastha Kalra

If you or a loved one have type 2 diabetes and are on insulin, or if you struggle with weight, this episode will be really helpful! And please share it with your friends who might benefit from the information. Today were about biohacking diabetes and obesity with Dr. Aastha Kalra who specializes in obesity medicine and metabolic healthcare. Shes board certified in internal medicine and the physician founder of Weight Zero MD, which focuses on “diabetes reversal.” Dr Kalra implicates sugar as the number one culprit driving the obesity epidemic, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. On this episode you will hear: What lifestyle medicine is and how it can be used to treat chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease... How preventative medicine works... What diabetes reversal is... How to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally without medication... The most effective treatment for diabetes and obesity reversal... Why fasting is key... How glucose metabolism works... What insulin resistance
14/06/201938 minutes 47 seconds
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22. Functional Neurology With Dr. Harcourt - Part 2: Brain Injury

This is part 2 of a two part series on functional neurology with Dr. Adam Harcourt (DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABVR) who is the owner of Imagine X Functional Neurology, located in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Harcourt has developed cutting edge Migraine and Concussion treatment programs and has become the go-to doctor for these conditions attracting patients from around the world! His book called “mastering migraine” details his functional approach to migraine diagnosis and treatment. On part 2 of this two part episode you will learn about functional diagnosis and recovery process for brain injury and why it’s more effective than the typical western medicine approach.... Why post traumatic headache is often misdiagnosed... How to properly diagnose post concussion syndrome and why it’s important to catch it early... Why rest is not the best advice post concussion... What you should do after a concussion... Why you need to be assessed before going back to full intensity activity...
07/06/201931 minutes 26 seconds
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21. Functional Neurology With Dr. Harcourt - Part 1: Migraine

This is part 1 of a two part series on functional neurology with Dr. Adam Harcourt (DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABVR) who is the owner of Imagine X Functional Neurology, located in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Harcourt has developed cutting edge Migraine and Concussion treatment programs and has become the go-to doctor for these conditions attracting patients from around the world! His book called “mastering migraine” details his functional approach to migraine diagnosis and treatment. On part 1 of this two part episode you will learn about the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment options for migraine, as well as: The unique conditions that functional neurology can effectively treat... The neurological link between migraine and MS... Common symptoms of migraine and the problem with medications to treatment... The major misunderstanding of migraine that leads to the mistreatment... Why many migraine sufferers get worse over time... The difference between migraine and other typ
31/05/201944 minutes 42 seconds
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20. Transhumanism - The Intersection Of Man And Machine With Zoltan Istvan

Ever wonder what transhumanism is? If so, you’re in for a treat because the world’s foremost transhumanist leader is here today to talk about this fascinating field of science. Zoltan Istvan is widely recognized for helping spearhead the modern-day transhumanist movement, which advocates for using radical science to improve and evolve the human being. From National Geographic writer, to real estate mogul, to best selling author of “The Transhumanist Wager” and then running for President in 2016, he has had a fascinating career and I’m so grateful to have him here today to share his story with us. On this episode you will hear: How to transhumanism is upgrading the human experience... The science behind life extension... Why death is NOT imminent... How genetic editing, bionic organs, and new medicines are changing human norms... How transhumanist science can stop the biological clock of women... The revolutionary applications of stem cell science... New advancements in bionic organ
24/05/201946 minutes 5 seconds
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19. The Worlds Most Powerful Superfood With Catharine Arnston

Today we are talking about a facinating and incredibly powerful superfood - algea! Founder, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of ENERGYbits, Catharine Arnston, is here today to teach us all about the power of algea - more commonly known as spirulina and chlorella. On this episode you will learn about: The benefits of an alkaline diet... The importance of plant based nutrition... Why algea is the miracle of foods... Why it’s the only supplement backed by the UN and NASA... How algea can heal disease and illness... How algea is farmed and how the farming industry is changing... Why algea is the most sustainable and eco-friendly crop in the world... The implications of water source on crops... The surprising, lesser known uses for algea... The reason why this miracle food is still largely undiscovered... An inside look at the supplement industry and the challenges of entrepreneurship... How algea could be a solution to hunger and malnutrition... Why algea is amazing for
17/05/201954 minutes 59 seconds
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17. Yogi Entrepreneurship With Mary Ochsner

Today we have an amazing yoga expert on the pod, Mary Ochsner who is not only a yoga instructor but a successful entrepreneur who has taken her passion to make yoga accessible to everyone and built it into a very successful online business. She is on the podcast today to share her yogi wisdom and journey in entrepreneurship! On this episode you will learn: The importance of the mind-body connection in optimizing health and wellness; how mindfulness, breath and motion can be a powerful stress busting combination; why it’s so important to move intentionally, even if it’s just a couple of moves per day; how to simplify and maximize your yoga practice; the best way to begin a yoga practice; how to get the full benefits from yoga practice; how to purposefully experience each pose; how dedicated yoga practice can translate into useful skills for every day life; how yoga can improve resilience and boost longevity; the physiological benefits of increased self awareness, self compassion and
03/05/201942 minutes 23 seconds
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16. Evolutionary Lifestyle With Dave Florence

On today's episode we have Dave Florence, also known as the Evolution of Dave on his educational YouTube channel and Instagram. Dave is a digital entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to learning and teaching others how to live a happy, healthy and successful life. Focusing on 3 key elements: mental health, physical health and financial well-being. More specifically, he specializes in the Wim Hof method and other health optimization biohacks. On today's episode you will learn: About the shocking event catapulted Dave into his evolutionary journey; how in one year Dave completely transformed his life from a rock bottom to being at the top of his game physically, mentally, emotionally and financially; how Wim Hof and YouTube contributed to his transformation; what the Wim Hof Method is; the physiological benefits of power breathing and cold thermogenesis; how these practices boost immunity; the energetic benefits of the Wim Hof method; the risks involved in practicing the Wim Hof met
01/05/201933 minutes 3 seconds
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15. Conscious Healing With Dr. Crystal Jones

Today we have Dr. Crystal Jones on the podcast who is a personal mentor of mine and such an inspiration for women everywhere! Dr. Jones spent 15 years working in clinical practice, specializing chiropractic, reiki, energy medicine, yoga, and birth and death doula work. Now she focuses her energy towards evoking conscious conversations, advocacy and boundaries that do not subscribe to the idea that people need to be “fixed”. On today’s episode you will learn about the connection between emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health; how the body can heal Itself; what medical school curriculum is missing; what healing centered care is; about the truth of the lived experience; why everyone is perfect whole and complete as they are; why lived experiences are just as important as other aspects of health; why operating from a state of lack could be blocking your happiness; how brokenness originates in childhood and how it can be passed through generations if left unhealed; how to bec
26/04/201931 minutes 47 seconds
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14. Healing & Performance Tips From Pro BMX Athlete Josh Perry

Today my friend Josh Perry is on the podcast to share his biohacked healing journey and top health tips! Josh is a former professional BMX athlete, motivational speaker, and certified holistic health coach who is fighting 4 brain tumors, which led him on a path to researching brain health, performance, and longevity. On today’s episode you will learn: How josh stopped the growth of his brain tumors using the ketogenic diet; how to combine epigenetics, brain training and other holistic health practices to optimize health and performance; how these practices can be applied to other health issues like seizures and diabetes; why mindset is a critical component of healing; how to erase limiting subconscious programming; why removing the goal may actually lead you to successfully reach the goal; what a morning manifesto is and how to create one; how you can re-wire your brain by doing new things; why you might want to start brushing your teeth with the opposite hand; why brain health shou
19/04/201944 minutes 12 seconds
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13. Energy Healing With Natalie Biniasz

Today’s episode is all about energy healing and Natalie Biniasz is here to teach us how energy plays a role in everything we do. Natalie is an amazing energy healer who combines her energetic gifts with yoga, meditation, interpersonal psychology, the enneagram, pranic healing, and astrology to help her clients break down barriers and unlock their true potential. On this episode your will learn: what pranic healing is; why clean energy is key for healing; how different breathing techniques produce different types of energy; what shake therapy is; how dogs clear negative energies; why the “joy jig” is the best way to start your day; simple practices you can use to clear negative energy; how to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain with breath; how to use meditation to tap into your yin energy; the incorrect way to meditate; the science of astrology and how you can use collective energy it to make more informed decisions; how to biohack self awareness using astrology; and ho
12/04/201932 minutes 8 seconds
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12. Biohacking Blindness With Victor Mifsud

Can you biohack blindness? On today’s episode you’ll find out the answer to this question and so many others! Victor Mifsud - an optimal health coach, citizen scientist, motivational speaker, and documentary filmmaker - shares his journey to restore his sight through biohacking. In his most recent documentary, called My Neuroplastic Adventure. Victor chronicles his healing experiences. From the cutting edge of neuroscience to the most ancient forms of tribal healing, he’s worked with world renowned physicians and scientists to biohack his vision. On this episode you’ll learn: about Retinitis Pigmentosa and holistic optometry; how going blind, actually taught Victor to really “see” the world; how he harnessed the science of neuroplasticity to change his brain; how he biohacked anxiety, depression, and autoimmunity; the book that changed his life; the power of the subconscious mind; how trauma effects the brain; the exercises that improved his vision; why your eye prescription might be h
05/04/201933 minutes 52 seconds
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11. Metabolism Biohacks With Megan Kober

Do you want to learn how to biohack your metabolism to burn more fat, boost your energy, and feel great? If so, this episode is for you! My good friend and functional nutrition expert, Megan Kober, shares her simple and highly effective nutrition tips and tricks! Her mantra is “eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard”. On this episode we discuss: the harmful effects of yo-yo dieting to your metabolism; how to boost your metabolism without starving yourself; the best ways to stop sugar cravings, sleep better and boost mood; how to eliminate anxiety around food; why you need to heal your mind before you can heal your metabolism; the PHFF approach to eating that will keep your blood sugar stable; why the thermo effect is protein is higher; how to turn off hunger hormones; the science of losing weight; why eating every 2-3 hrs is harmful; why easing into the day is so important for gut health; the healthy way to drink alcohol; the simple morning routine hack that can help you lower cortisol
29/03/201930 minutes 8 seconds
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10. Nutraceutical Science with Jeff Hoyt

Today’s episode is all about nutraceuticals! From functional health to strategic supplementation, Jeff Hoyt - a diagnostic practitioner and the president of Glycolife Sciences - gives us the low down on the applied science of nutraceuticals. On this episode you will learn: what nutraceuticals are; how aloe saved Jeff’s grandmother and gave her two additional years of life; why people with cancer or autoimmunity need more nutrition than the average person; why bioavailability is key to nutraceuticals; what constitutes “high quality” supplements - HINT: no fillers or additives; why polysaccharides are key in adaptogens and mood regulation; how to increase the bioavailability of your nutraceuticals; what mushrooms, aloe, breast milk and plankton have in common: why you might want to stack your mushrooms; and why asking “why” is so powerful! —->> BONUS - Jeff has offered y’all a 10% discount for his nutraceuticals at use “ BIOCURIOUS” --- Send in a voice message: https://p
27/03/201930 minutes 5 seconds
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9. Mirror Medicine With Helen Black

Today we are going to dive into the magical world of facial reflexology! You’ve probably heard of foot reflexology, but I bet you’ve never heard of facial reflexology... and contrary to what you might be thinking, the two are actually not related! — On this episode Helen Black of Mirror Medicine shares a unique and magical healing modality that anyone can use! She explains how we can hack our nervous system using this unique method; how facial reflexology can be used to heal gut issues, food sensitivities, pain, anxiety and more; what facial reflexology and meditation have in common; why human touch is so powerful; and how practitioners and patients actually heal each other. I hope you’re ready for a whimsical ride because this episode is pure magic! --- Send in a voice message:
22/03/201930 minutes 30 seconds
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8. Personalized Approach To Nootropics With Dan Freed

If you’ve been curious about nootropics, this one is for you! In this episode of the BioCurious podcast you’ll get an inside look into nootropic formulation. I interviewed Dan Freed, who is a neuroscientist from Yale and the founder of a nootropic company called Formula. From high school dropout, to world traveling Michelin Star restaurant chef, to rocking the GMAT to get into Yale, Dan has done it all! Through self experimentation, extensive human subjects research, and with top neuroscientists from Yale and MIT, Dan and his team created nootropic formulas designed for specific needs. On this episode you will learn why tracking metrics is key for self optimization; why the throw it all in and see what sticks approach doesn’t work with supplements; How different nootropic ingredients have different benefits; why “one size fits all” won’t work; the difference between an athlete, student, and artist’s brains; what other biohacks can enhance nootropic benefits; and why nootropic‘s aren’t
15/03/201933 minutes 27 seconds
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7. Kundalini Brain Healing With Hanley Bradfield

On today’s episode kundalini yoga and meditation expert, Hanley Bradfield, shares how she healed from traumatic brain injury in record time! Learn now she shocked her doctors by healing her brain through a holistic healing protocol she developed combining her occupational therapy knowledge with kundalini yoga practices, chiropractic care and reiki. Learn how meditation played a huge role in her speedy recovery and why time and patience are number one when dealing with brain injury. And did you know that there’s actually specific kriyas and mantras designed to boost and balance the hemispheres of the brain? Pretty cool, right?! So many brain-loving tips and tricks in this one, so put your thinking caps on, your earbuds in and get ready to hear a fascinating story! --- Send in a voice message:
08/03/201925 minutes 43 seconds
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6. Ketones To The Rescue With Shawn Wells

On this episode I talk with a fellow health scientist, Shawn Wells, who has a unique background in the field of performance nutrition, supplementation, and exercise science. In this episode you’ll hear about why Keto may be the one diet that is worth sticking to; about the benefits of being fat adapted; why the lack of Ketone intolerance is key for endless energy; what the two most important biomarkers that can easily show us our health status; the problem with the modern farming, food industry and high bliss point foods; how our healthcare system is actually making us more sick, the power of touch; and why self-care is the best medicine of all! So, strap in because this is going to be a really fun and action filled episode that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did! --- Send in a voice message:
01/03/201949 minutes 32 seconds
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5. Biohacking Psychotherapy With Caitlin Bailey

In this episode, we take a look at some really exciting emerging, integrative practices in mental health! Psychotherapist and Neurofeedback Specialist, Caitlin Bailey shares her unique and holistic approach to psychotherapy. She explains how combining neuroscience, nutrition and pharmacogenomics for treatment of anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD and many other mental health disorders is incredibly powerful! Learn how nutritional deficiencies impact mental health and how training the brain with neurofeedback can improve mood and cognition in as little as one session! And all you have to do is enjoy a movie with a few electrodes on your head? Now that’s my kind of therapy! --- Send in a voice message:
27/02/201928 minutes 22 seconds
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4. Getting To The Root Cause Of Illness With Dr. Kristin Oja

This episode of the BioCurious podcast is all about functional and holistic medicine for the whole person! Dr. Kristin Oja, owner of STAT Wellness in Atlanta, explains the concepts of root cause and lifestyle medicine, which begin with understanding each person’s story, starting from the birth experience, to childhood environment, to interpersonal relationships, and everything in between - diet, exercise, education, etc. From gut health, to hormone imbalance and autoimmune disease, Kristin has seen it all and she shares her secrets to healing and creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This episode is fast and furious, jam packed with tons of amazing information, so you may have to listen twice to catch it all! --- Send in a voice message:
22/02/201920 minutes 14 seconds
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3. Biohacking Basics - Cutting Through All The Hype With Will Wallace

From occupational health and safety to biomechanics to research to formulation science, my guest Will Wallace is one of the most informed and seasoned biohackers out there! In this episode, Will cuts to the chase of cognitive supplementation and brain performance biohacking. After years of research and experimentation, he honed a simplified biohacking routine with a few highly impactful interventions - including a couple non-negotiable supplements and daily routines. You’ll want to take notes for this one because you’re going to get a ton of tangible information that you can use to craft your own no-nonsense biohacking routine! --- Send in a voice message:
15/02/201939 minutes 1 second
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2. Turn On Your Self Healing Gene With Elizabeth Clark

This episode of the BioCurious podcast is all about self healing! Fellow health scientist and holistic biohacker, Elizabeth Clark shares how she healed herself from autoimmune disease and now teaches others the art of self healing. She reveals the secret to unlocking the power of our own self healing gene! That’s right, there’s a gene for that! You may have heard of it - it’s called PGC 1 Alpha. You’ll have to listen in to learn more, but I promise it will be so worth it! Not only will you learn how to turn on your self healing gene, but you’ll also learn about epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and biogenesis! Heck ya! --- Send in a voice message:
08/02/201927 minutes 24 seconds
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1. Top 5 Brain Performance Hacks With Dr. Titus Chiu

Today’s episode is all about brain hacks! The renowned Functional Neurologist and best selling author of BrainSAVE, Dr. Titus Chiu shares his top 5 brain biohacks to leverage neural plasticity and boost your brain power! We dive into the wonderful world of brain health and discuss how to heal and grow the brain for higher performance! Grab your notebook for this one! There is so much powerful information in this episode, that you won’t want to miss anything! Now, excuse me while I visualize success and change the shape of my brain! (you’ll see what I mean) --- Send in a voice message:
29/01/201934 minutes 48 seconds
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The BioCurious Podcast sneak peek episode - full episodes launch 2019

Find out what the BioCurious podcast is all about from your host Kayla. --- Send in a voice message:
25/12/20182 minutes 9 seconds