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English, Technology, 1 seasons, 60 episodes, 1 day 3 hours 45 minutes
Binance Podcast invites leaders, entrepreneurs, scholars and influencers from different industries as guests to talk about how blockchain technology affects their respective industries and how it’s gonna change the world. Wanna join us? Apply here: [email protected]
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Stories from the Lab featuring Kenzi Wang, Co-Founder of Cere Network

Stories from the Lab, a Binance podcast featuring top crypto founders and investors around the world and where you can discover how Binance Labs is building the future of Web 3!Joining me today on our show is Kenzi Wang, who is a co-founder of Cere Network, which provides decentralized cloud data storage and other infrastructure services across blockchain networks. Kenzi is an alum of Binance Labs incubation and also an active investor across many segments in crypto.
23/03/202243 minutes 12 seconds
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Stories from the Lab featuring Lorien Gabel, Founder & CEO of Figment

Stories from the Lab, a Binance podcast featuring top crypto founders and investors around the world and where you can discover how Binance Labs is building the future of Web 3!Today we have a very exciting guest on our show - Lorien Gabel who is the CEO of Figment. Figment is a Proof of Stake infrastructure company that provides staking services for institutional clients like VCs, Exchanges, Custodians and other investors. Figment also has a newer and growing developer tooling business that supports Web3 engineers from learning through to deployment.
02/03/202229 minutes 54 seconds
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Stories from the Lab featuring John Linden, CEO & Founder of Mythical Games

Stories from the Lab is a Binance podcast featuring top crypto founders and investors around the world and where you can discover how Binance Labs is building the future of Web 3! Meet today John Linden, Founder and CEO of Mythical Games. Learn more about Web2 to Web3 gaming, NFT trends, Play2Earn ecosystem and more in this 30-min episode!
28/12/202129 minutes 30 seconds
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Binance Podcast with Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) about NFTs, the Internet, and more

Tune in for a dose of inspiration and valuable insights from a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, wine critic - Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee). Gary shared with Binance his journey into crypto and NFTs, personal facts, and life-changing advice for our listeners.
28/07/202118 minutes 56 seconds
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How crypto & DeFi are shaping the world ft. Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital

What can one of the most influential crypto pioneers teach us about the future of crypto and DeFi? Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, shares what got him into Bitcoin, his thoughts on DeFi, and the most important things he learned from managing hedge funds. Find out what Mike’s favorite cryptocurrency is and how he turned his love of wrestling into a force for good.
25/05/202134 minutes 31 seconds
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Clubhouse Q&A with CZ on Stock Tokens and More!

Democratizing financial participation across traditional and cryptocurrency markets with stock tokens. Press PLAY to know more about the zero-commission digital tokens with CZ!
27/04/20211 hour 2 minutes 5 seconds
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Clubhouse Talks #2: A Conversation on NFTs with Mickey Maher from Dapper Labs x NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot gives sports fans the opportunity to own top basketball highlights. Listen to our Clubhouse session on crypto collectibles and the future of NFTs, with Mickey Maher, SVP of Partnerships at Dapper Labs.
13/04/202151 minutes 13 seconds
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Clubhouse Talks #1: Exclusive AMA with CZ, CEO of Binance

During the live ask-me-anything Clubhouse session CEO of Binance, CZ (Changpeng Zhao) is answering pertinent to the crypto community questions related to Binance Smart Chain capacity & affordability, rise of the NFT market, Binance compliance procedures, new launchpad projects and much more!
22/03/20211 hour 6 minutes 18 seconds
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CZ & Anthony Scaramucci (SkyBridge Founder) Fireside Chat | Bitcoin, Crypto, Books & More!

Join Binance CEO CZ and SkyBridge Founder Anthony Scaramucci for a fireside chat, moderated by Christophe, Director of Institutional Business EU at Binance.
11/02/20211 hour 2 minutes 29 seconds
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CZ & Michael Saylor (MicroStrategy CEO) Fireside Chat

Join Binance CEO CZ and MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor for a fireside chat, moderated by Josh Goodbody, Regional Director at Binance.
10/12/20201 hour 44 seconds
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Amaury Séchet, Lead Developer at Bitcoin ABC on Difference Between BTC and BCH

In this episode of the Binance Podcast, Wei talks to the lead developer of Bitcoin ABC, the backbone software of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Amaury shares how he got into cryptocurrencies, his journey from bitcoin enthusiast to Bitcoin ABC developer, and his views of the current state of Bitcoin. What were the Hash Wars, and what's the difference between BTC and BCH? Listen to #Binance Podcast Episode 46 to find out!
27/08/202021 minutes 25 seconds
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Explore The Unique Matic Network With Sandeep Nailwal

In this episode of the Binance Podcast, Wei talks to co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Matic Network, Sandeep Nailwal. Sandeep shares his unique understanding of Bitcoin and his views on the future of cryptocurrencies, and his journey from small startups to the success of Matic. Are you interested to learn how Matic aims to resolve scalability issues, explore the unique proposal behind this revolutionary network, or what awaits us in the future? Listen to this episode and learn all of this and much more.
14/07/202029 minutes 5 seconds
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Veronica’s Journey from Tencent to SafePal and Building the Best Wallet

In this episode of the Binance Podcast, Wei talks to Veronica Wong, the founder and CEO of SafePal. SafePal is a Binance invested portfolio company that is building a cheaper, safer and versatile hardware wallet. Veronica shares how her brother introduced her to cryptocurrencies, her journey from Tencent to SafePal, and her fascination with Bitcoin. Listen to episode #44 and find out!
01/07/202022 minutes 15 seconds
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Toko Crypto exchange Co-Founders Pang Xue Kai and Advisor Shaun Djie on Shaping the Future of Cryptocurrency in Indonesia

In this episode of the Binance Podcast, Wei talks to co-founders of Toko Crypto, the first cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia. The CEO Pang Xue Kai and Board Advisor Shaun Djie share with us how did they get into the cryptocurrency market, how is it like to operate a crypto exchange in Indonesia, and what are the challenges they’re facing every day. You’ll learn how it’s like to work with the Binance Cloud team, and how our Cloud helped shape Toko Crypto 2.0. Find out how to buy crypto in Indonesia with only a few clicks.
22/06/202025 minutes 42 seconds
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Travala CEO Juan Otero and Travelbybit CEO Caleb Yeoh on How Crypto Can Take on the Travel Industry

This episode of the Binance Podcast is very unique. For the first time, Wei is joined by two guests to talk about the merger of Travala and TravelByBit. Wei invited Juan Otero, CEO of Travala, and Caleb Yeah, CEO of TravelByBit, to discuss this new venture. In this episode, you’ll learn how this merger aims to revolutionize the travel industry with crypto and the challenges caused by COVID19. Booking and paying for your flights and hotels with crypto will never be easier.
27/05/202027 minutes 44 seconds
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Amun President and Co-Founder Ophelia Snyder on Why Tokenization Is The Future of Finance

In this episode of the Binance Podcast, Wei talks to Ophelia Snyder. The president and Co-founder of Amun, a leading crypto technology company that aims to make purchasing digital asset tokens accessible, safe, and efficient. In this episode, you'll learn about Ophelia's unusual start of her crypto career, tokenization of the traditional finance, and how Amun builds the financial services of the future.
14/05/202020 minutes 1 second
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Brave Software CEO Brendan Eich on Why Brave Built a Privacy Browser

In this episode of the Binance Podcast, Wei talks to Brendan Eich. The CEO and founder of the Brave, the company behind the privacy-focused Brave browser, shares his views about the tracking-driven browser industry. With more than 20 years of experience, Brendan and his team identified the need for a browser that respects the privacy of its users and rewards them for their activity. We discuss how the large tech corporations tend to abuse your privacy and profiting from your browsing data, how Brave stands up against this practice, and what's the future of internet browsing.
30/04/202028 minutes 7 seconds
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The COVID-19 Coronavirus and Role of Media During the Pandemic

The outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus has created a global health crisis that has had a deep impact on our everyday lives. In this episode, Carol Yin, the host of Analyse Asia, joins Binance CFO, Wei Zhou, to discuss the situation within Wuhan itself, the rest of China and what role the media play during times of a pandemic. Find out more in today's episode.
22/04/202032 minutes 47 seconds
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Tapscott Podcast

Tapscott Podcast
15/04/202047 minutes
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askItaly Podcast

#askItaly Podcast
15/04/202019 minutes 10 seconds
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How to Safeguard Decentralized Identity

Joseph Weinberg is the Co-Founder of Shyft Network, which offers the first end-to-end decentralized solution to the FATF Travel Rule. In this conversation, Joseph and Wei discuss the Shyft Network, the impact of FATF Travel Rule is having on the industry, and also the regulatory responses to the COVID-19 coronavirus.
09/04/202031 minutes 4 seconds
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Binance Podcast: #askWuhan - Coronavirus Truth // COVID-19

Binance Charity presents, #askWuhan. In this episode, Jarred Winn, SVP of Charity at Binance interviews Iris Du, a member of the Binance team, who has been impacted since day 1 of Wuhan quarantines. We asked Twitter users what they wanted to know about life in quarantine, and in this episode, we give the answers.
28/03/202021 minutes 9 seconds
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WazirX CEO on the Future of Crypto in India

Nischal Shetty is the founder & CEO of WazirX, the largest Indian cryptocurrency exchange that was acquired by Binance. In this episode, Nischal and Wei discuss the early stage of Nischal's entrepreneurial journey, the current state of crypto in India, and the story behind the acquisition and the successful launch of the WRX token on Binance. The Episode is also updated with the historical ruling by the Indian Supreme Court, overturning the RBI's ban on banks offering services to cryptocurrency companies.
05/03/202036 minutes 38 seconds
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My Journey From a Fund Manager to Running a Crypto Exchange

Wei Zhou sat down with Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of Alameda Research and Sam’s trading skill originated from Jane Street—a proprietary trading firm renown for being one of the world’s largest ETF liquidity providers. In this episode, Wei and Sam chatted about Alameda’s operations as one of the largest quant trading firms in the industry, the reason why he built an exchange— on top of a successful quant fund, and about the growth of FTX, one of the fastest-growing derivatives exchanges.
25/02/202023 minutes 16 seconds
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Will Crypto Mining Become Popular Again in 2020?

Farbood Nivi is a serial entrepreneur and currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Coinmine. The Coinmine One is the first all-in-one crypto device that is made for use by everyone. No expertise required. It can mine cryptocurrencies which are then immediately stored in in-app digital wallet. Coinmine was founded in 2018, and is growing rapidly. In this episode, Farb sits with Wei Zhou, the CFO of Binance, to discuss crypto mining, the future of crypto and supporting protocols like grin and handshake. Will Binance be interested in listing protocols like handshake? Find out more in today’s episode.
17/02/202024 minutes 9 seconds
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Atsu Davoh: Follow the demand, and not the supply

Atsu dropped out of college in the USA to come back to Africa and help build the local financial system. His app Bitsika is for the first time allowing instant money transfer between African countries via mobile phones; powered by Bitcoin in the background. He is also releasing Africa's first 'useful' stablecoin. He hosted Jack Dorsey for a small private meet-up in Ghana. What is the story behind the rapid growth of BitSika? Find out in today's episode.
12/02/202040 minutes 28 seconds
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Minipod: January Market Research

Etienne from Binance Research walks you through the latest January crypto markets overview and explores developments in the altcoin space, the expansion of Binance Futures and more. Read full report at:
12/02/20207 minutes 28 seconds
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Minipod: December Global Markets Overview

Brian from Binance Trading presents you the December global crypto market overview. See the full market report at:
07/01/20205 minutes 26 seconds
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Minipod: Binance Research November Markets Review

Etienne from Binance Research and Brian from Binance Trading walks you through the latest crypto market review for November 2019. Read the full report at:
10/12/20197 minutes 34 seconds
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Minipod - Institutional Market Insights

Kenji and Etienne from Binance Research walks you through the market insights from institutional and VIP clients survey conducted by Binance Research and Binance Trading team. For full research report, please visit:
02/12/20197 minutes 42 seconds
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Blitzscaling at Binance: An outsider’s view from Multicoin and an insider’s view from the CFO

Kyle Samani, Managing Director at Multicoin Capital joins Binance CFO Wei Zhou to discuss Multicoin Capital’s research on Binance as one of the fastest scaling startups in tech. Wei shares his Binance stories as well as insights on the Indian crypto market and Binance’s recent acquisition there.
27/11/201934 minutes 6 seconds
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Minipod - Binance October Global Markets Report

This minipod episode presents an overview of global cryptocurrency markets in October 2019 from Kenji of Binance Research, followed by trade activities insights from Brian of Binance Trading. Subscribe for Binance Podcast channel for latest market updates and insights!
19/11/20198 minutes 8 seconds
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Minipod - Staking on the Rise Ahead of Ethereum’s Switch to PoS

Brian from Binance Trading walks you through the industry's first staking research report by Binance Research. Staking currently accounts for $8 billion in crypto activity, and is expected to take a most substantial portion in the crypto market when Ethereum introduces staking. The report analyzes the diverse spectrum of crypto staking assets, as well as comprehensive information on what goes on in the process of staking. Subscribe Binance Podcast channel if you enjoy this episode, and read the full report at:
05/11/20199 minutes 14 seconds
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NBA Star Spencer Dinwiddie Shares his Thoughts on Tokenization

Binance Podcast welcomes a special appearance from NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie, who plays for the Brookly Nets and is also a long-time Bitcoiner. Spencer is leading the effort to tokenize his NBA contract and has elevated discussions on the possibilities of tokenization in the sports and entertainment industry. In this episode, Spencer shares his crypto journey with Binance CFO Wei Zhou and further discusses how blockchain will transform the sports industry.
31/10/201917 minutes 52 seconds
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Fighting Financial Crime in the Digital Era - Former FATF Executive Secretary Rick McDonell

Binance Podcast has the privilege to interview Rick McDonell, Former Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Executive Secretary and Executive Director at Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS). Rick shares his perspectives on how fighting financial crime has evolved over the last 30 years around the world and how blockchain technology can help to fight financial crimes in the crypto space. Rick is a lawyer by training and has had extensive experience as a federal prosecutor and in conducting complex investigations including being in charge of many multidisciplinary investigation Task Forces into organised crime cases both nationally and internationally. Mr. McDonell was the Executive Secretary of the FATF from 2007 to 2015. Prior to that he worked for the United Nations Office On Drugs and Crime (UNODC), where he was Chief of the UN Global Programme on Money Laundering. Previously Rick established the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering and became its
22/10/201933 minutes 39 seconds
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Minipod - Crypto-Correlation Review Q3 2019

Brian from Binance Trading gives you an overview of the correlations between multiple cryptoassets in the third quarter in 2019, bringing insights on the price movement. Read the full Crypto-Correlations Review produced by Binance Research at: Subscribe Binance Podcast for more market insights!
17/10/20198 minutes 40 seconds
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Building Crypto Futures at Binance — Aaron Gong’s BUILDer journey

Binance Futures raced out of the gate and grabbed the number four spot globally after just one month. In this episode, Aaron Gong, Director of Binance Futures, shares his story of joining Binance and developing the futures platform. Joining Binance from CME, Aaron also shares his thoughts on crypto derivatives, Bakkt, and competition in the market. Subscribe Binance Podcast and leave your comments if you like the episode!
14/10/201926 minutes 12 seconds
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Minipod - September Crypto Market Review

Brian from Binance Trading walks you through the cryptocurrency market review in September 2019. Read the full report at
08/10/20197 minutes 39 seconds
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Blockchain Gaming - the Next Killer Application for Crypto?

Gaming app currently accounts for 50% of the most popular Dapps. Will on-chain gaming be the next killer app for crypto? Binance Labs Director Christy Choi and Vincent Niu, Dapp.Review Founder take a deep dive in games built on blockchain, discussing the opportunities and challenges and development. Subscribe our channels for more insightful conversation on blockchain! Inquiries: [email protected]
19/09/201924 minutes 39 seconds
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China's Role in Global Crypto Market

Dovey Wan, Founder and Managing Director of Primitive Ventures, joins Wei to discuss how the cryptocurrency business in China differs from the rest of the world and to explain the investment mentality of the crypto-crowd in China. A highly respected thought leader in the blockchain industry, Dovey has made numerous investments in both the US and China and actively tracks the pulse of both markets.
03/09/201925 minutes 7 seconds
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Supporting Greater Environmental Accountability with Blockchain Technology

How can blockchain technology contribute to carbon emission reduction? With over a decade of experience in environmental service, Dorjee Sun proposed a solution after he entered blockchain industry. In this episode, Jill Ni from Binance Charity Foundation and Dorjee Sun, Perlin CEO, discussed the Global Ledger Initiative co-headed by Perlin and BCF that aims to greater environmental transparency and accountability through the Wavelet distributed ledger.
27/08/201926 minutes 32 seconds
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A Talk with Ed Tolson on High Frequency Cryptoasset Trading

Computer Scientist Ed Tolson founded Kbit in 2017 and now trades over 400 cryptocurrencies and monthly volume of over $1 billion today. In this episode, Ed Tolson unveils the life of a high frequency crypto trader and the challenges on algorithmic cryptoasset trading.
20/08/201921 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Binance Minipod: July Markets Overview

Leslie from Binance Trading walks you through the Binance July Markets Overview, the first report of the new monthly Binance Global Markets report series jointly launched by Binance Research and Binance Trading. Full report:
15/08/20197 minutes 27 seconds
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Blockchain Continent is Happening in Africa

Born in Nigeria and educated in the UK, Binance Labs Director Yele Bademosi moved back to Africa to start his entrepreneurship journey. In this episode, Yele shares his unique experiences and perspectives — the African startup and investment landscape, and more importantly, blockchain adoption in the developing continent.
13/08/201938 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Securing Your Crypto Assets with Binance Academy

Mr. Binance Academy gives a comprehensive introduction on various security measures to keep your crypto assets safe from scams. For more security educational content at Binance Academy please visit: Get a free Yubikey by taking a security test here:
06/08/201924 minutes 23 seconds
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Binance Minipod: Portfolio Management Series #1 Diversification Benefits with Bitcoin

Leslie from Binance Trading walks you through the first report of Binance Research’s new portfolio management series. The report concludes that portfolios that include Bitcoin tend to exhibit overall better risk-return profiles than traditional multi-asset class portfolios. Full report:
01/08/201911 minutes 54 seconds
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Long Bitcoin, Short Bankers - Pomp shares his adventures in the Crypto world!

Anthony Pompliano (Pomp), Co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, also a top influencer in the crypto industry joins Wei to discuss how Bitcoin enters the mainstream conversations in the US. What impact would such cryptocurrency discussion have on the financial world? Pomp also shares his thoughts on Facebook's Libra project.
29/07/201926 minutes 19 seconds
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The Amazing Story of Trust Wallet

TrustWallet Founder Viktor Radchenko shares his vision for a decentralized world: his own life story, his purpose behind creating Trust Wallet, joining forces with Binance, and what’s next for the best wallet in crypto.
25/07/201925 minutes 13 seconds
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Mini Pod: 2019 Q2 Crypto-Correlations Review

Leslie from Binance OTC Trading desk walks you through the recently updated report by Binance Research on cryptoasset correlation. Full report:
15/07/20199 minutes 4 seconds
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Happenings from the Asian Blockchain Summit

Joyce Yang @GlobalCoinResearch gives a firsthand account from the Asian Blockchain Summit, including the Rumble in Taipei between Arthur Hayes and Nouriel Roubini. Joyce also poses Twitter questions to Wei about recent developments @Binance.
11/07/201936 minutes 40 seconds
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Mainstage from Money 20/20 Europe

Wei Zhou @Binance joined Simon Taylor @11FS to talk about Binance and development in the current crypto industry. Thank you Team @bchaininsider for sharing the content. Full episode:
08/07/201922 minutes 1 second
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Traveling the World with Crypto through Travelbybit

Travelbybit Founder/CEO Caleb Yeoh joins Wei to talk about: the origin story for TBB; travel and tourism as a huge use case for crypto; Australia leading the world in crypto regulation and innovation; and how Binance is helping TBB to become the blockchain ecosystem's Expedia.
01/07/201926 minutes 3 seconds
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Mini Pod: Institutional Market Insights Q2 2019

Leslie from Binance OTC Trading desk summarizes the results of the latest institutional and VIP client survey done by the Binance Research Team.
27/06/20198 minutes 41 seconds
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Emergency Pod: A Glimpse at Facebook’s Libra Coin

Binance CFO Wei Zhou walks you through the latest report by Binance Research on Facebook's long-anticipated cryptocurrency Libra ( Topics include: what’s Libra, the technology behind it, its future impacts, and regulatory challenges.
24/06/201917 minutes 59 seconds
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Digital Asset Regulation from the Frontline

Loretta Joseph, blockchain consultant to the OECD and numerous governments and a pioneer in the digital asset regulatory space, and Jason Hsu, the crypto congressman from Taiwan, join Wei to talk about crypto regulation. Do they see convergence in regulation? How to balance innovation and risk through progressive regulations? What about the new FATF guidelines?
17/06/201954 minutes 16 seconds
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A Talk with Bitcoin Bull Thomas Lee about FoMo on Wall Street

Thomas Lee, Co-founder of Fundstrat Global, joins Wei to share his thoughts from a fundamental valuation perspective on the current crypto market and on the Wall Street FoMo mentality. Tom has been the leading equity research analyst on Wall Street since the 90’s and is now bringing same fundamental analysis to Bitcoin.
06/06/201935 minutes 35 seconds
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Enhancing Fan Engagement in Sports Through Tokenization

Alexandre Dreyfus, the CEO of & Chiliz, joins Binance CFO Wei Zhou to talk about the tokenization of the sports industry. How Chiliz is using blockchain to bridge the gap between football teams and their fans, activating a global paradigm for fan engagement and monetization.
29/05/201924 minutes 19 seconds
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Advertising Integrated with Blockchain

At the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, Wei Zhou had a quick talk with Fabien Aufrechter, the Head of Havas Blockchain at Havas Group, about the integration of blockchain with advertising, as well as what a leading advertising company like Havas Group can offer large corporates and small startups with crypto ambition.
24/05/201928 minutes 44 seconds
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Blockchain Leading Africa in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Wei Zhou talks with Helen Hai, the Head of Blockchain Charity Foundation and UNIDO Goodwill Ambassador, about her role in driving industrialization in Africa, her move to Binance, and how Blockchain can shape the future of charities.
09/05/201952 minutes 36 seconds
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What are Stablecoins and why are JP Morgan, Facebook and IBM working on it?

Wei Zhou talks about Stablecoins and its impact on finance with Leslie Tam, who is the Head of Binance OTC Trading and previously worked at Sales and Trading at Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs.
01/05/201934 minutes 39 seconds