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Billie and Jean

English, Comedy, 1 seasons, 50 episodes, 2 days 3 hours 53 minutes
Two of the smartest people on this planet come together to figure what the hell is going on. Have you ever wondered why people don't get along? There are few common denominators, but we hope to part the sea and lead all our viewers to new enlightenments and valued opinions. Save yourself the trouble of trying to figure life out on your own and just listen to these two geniuses instead. Many sources state they are really smart. For advertising opportunities email [email protected]
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The Life and Death of Josiah and Lucas

What the hell?? New year NEW US! Keep up with the facts to hear more about the Internet. This episode  Josiah and Lucas ponder about what the end of their life would be like and what they would like their New Year to be like. Goodbye. Forever.
26/12/20221 hour 3 minutes 16 seconds