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Big Conversations with Haley Hoffman Smith

English, Education, 7 seasons, 203 episodes, 5 days 5 hours 55 minutes
If you’re ready to step into the BIGGER version of yourself and your destiny, then you’ve found the right podcast, because we’re about to have some BIG conversations about just that. Hosted by entrepreneur, author, manifestation coach and Forbes most influential speaker Haley Hoffman Smith, the Big Conversations Podcast helps people of all ages and backgrounds amp up their motivation, manifesting abilities, and subconscious breakthroughs. With content aimed at obliterating limitations, connecting with the Universe, and sparking profound inner contemplation, each episode will help you level UP into the biggest version of you and your life - right to your pipe dreams.
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Understanding Your Birth Chart & Faith from Astrology ft. Swan (Sara Crook)

In this ep., I'm joined by my amazing friend Sara Crook "Swan." Swan is a VERY talented astrologer and tarot reader, and a true leader in our Dreamaway Community! In this episode, Swan explains everything you need to know about how to start to understand your birth chart - from how to look it up (, to what each planet signifies, and what each house signifies. (Pro tip: you can always just Google, "What does Mercury in Pisces in the 4th House mean?" once you find your placements). We also talk about... finding your soul's destiny in this lifetime through the north node/south node how to use moon phases to plan your month how astrology has helped us BOTH in our faith in the Universe (some wild stories there!!) what it means when an astrologer/tarot reader tells you something negative (side tangent, grr!) and so much more Connect with Swan and book a reading with her: @citrine.and.stars on Instagram :) 
06/12/202243 minutes 53 seconds
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How I Started a Speaking Tour and Became a Motivational Speaker

We're hitting the ground running with the first ever episode answering the question I'm always asked: "How did you start a speaking tour?"  I launched a speaking tour that encompassed dozens of universities including Harvard, the University of Michigan, Columbia, and more to publicize my book, and in this episode, I break down how I did it and share tips so that YOU can do the same thing.
12/01/202024 minutes 54 seconds