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Learn to think biblically about everything! Teaching theology, apologetics, and verse-by-verse Bible studies. Mike Winger teaches with clarity, doesn't shy away from controversial topics, and always seeks to teach the Bible accurately. This podcast will equip you to know and defend the Christian faith and understand the Bible in a deeper way.
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Benny Hinn is doing it AGAIN (Charisma Media Interview)

Here's the backstory... I did this four hour video showing the evils of Benny Hinn's ministry: Click Here Those who know me know that I am slow to say stuff like this. I've NEVER made such a scathing critique of someone. Benny Hinn has been doing damage control and did a fake apology video with Charisma Magazine's Steven Strang here... • Benny Hinn Speaks Out Part 1- EXCLUSIVE and here... • Benny Hinn Speaks Out Part 2- EXCLUSIVE Charisma also wrote an article that seems to defend Hinn and portray me as making a career out of criticizing Hinn, as well as just using old footage of Hinn's past (both of which are not true). That's HERE. I have a lot of respect for my interviewer, John Matarazzo, for doing this interview when I imagine it could cause some waves for him. Disclaimer: I know I will be accused of being obsessed with Benny Hinn or of just having a vendetta. Someone who isn't paying attention could believe that pretty easily. They just make a few assumptions and ignore the details. In reality, this isn't about Benny Hinn. It's about his victims. Every day someone is hurt by Hinn or the myriad of pastors who are copying his manipulative ways. It harms the church and excuses the unbelief of skeptics. We should have collectively called him out decades ago. If my coverage of this bothers you then I understand. For the sake of the victims, this is worth addressing. Paul the Apostle would have kicked Hinn out a long time ago. My website:
5/18/202448 minutes, 41 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 14)

Welcome to the new weekly stream! 10 questions every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. ***HERE is the clip search feature. Find any topic I've talked about by searching freely here.  Today's Time Stamps: 1. 0:01 {Jesus Supporting Violence?} Why does Jesus tell the disciples to buy swords? Is this Jesus supporting violence in self-defense?2. 22:23 {Overcome by Strong Delusion?} In 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12, when the antichrist is revealed, God will send a strong delusion to those who refused to be saved. Will everyone who has heard the Gospel but not repented be overcome by it?3. 27:50 {What is “Coarse Joking”?} How do we know what coarse joking is (Ephesians 4:29, 5:20)? My teen's Christian friends often joke about being LGBTQ and getting high or drunk. Is this a freedom issue, or is this sinful? How should a teen respond?4. 34:48 {Led by the Spirit vs. our Own Feelings} My mom changed her name recently. She felt God was giving her a new name. She often feels led by the Spirit where I don't agree. Any advice for those times, and should I introduce her by new name?5. 42:53 {The Unrighteous Entering the Millennium?} In the Premillennial view, who are the unrighteous (not saved) that enter into the Millennium? During the sheep/goats judgment, it seems like all the goats get sent to their eternity in Hell.6. 45:46 {God Taking someone to Avoid Apostasy?} Is there any precedent for God taking home a believer before he might fall away? I Kings 14:13 says some good was found in Jeroboam’s son.7. 50:31 {Will We Remember “The Bad” in Eternity?} Can you go into detail as to what Isaiah 65:17 means by “not remembered” and the “nor come to mind” part? I was told it meant literal memory loss and that scares me. I want to remember even the bad.8. 55:01 {The Most Pressing Issue for Deconstructionists} What do you believe is the most pressing issue for deconstructionists?9. 1:02:51 {Advice for When We’re Exhausted} Do you have any advice for someone who is spiritually and physically exhausted (like Elijah in 1 Kings 19)?10. 1:11:40 {Standing Firm for Christ at Work} My work environment is very vulgar and toxic. It's "easier" for me to blend in and not honor Christ with my language and attitude. How can I have more confidence and not give in?BONUS Q! 1:14:55 {Is All Pain Bad?} My 8 year old, Ben wants to know: If there is no pain in Heaven, will there be hot sauce? Sounds funny, but makes you think. Click Here for the Sean McDowell teaching on hearing from God. I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think biblically about everything. My website:
5/18/20241 hour, 18 minutes, 25 seconds
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Benny Hinn is in full on damage control mode. Don’t believe him.

Quick update. So much is going on. Click Here for the recent "repentance" video. I think this is going to backfire badly for Hinn. People can see through this fairly easily.  
5/11/202417 minutes, 10 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 13)

Is going to the cemetery and talking to loved ones necromancy or otherwise off limits for a Christian? Welcome to the new weekly stream! 10 questions every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Today's Time Stamps: 1. 0:07 {Deceased Loved Ones & Necromancy?} Is going to the cemetery and talking to loved ones necromancy?2. 27:59 {Our Choices & God’s Sovereign Will} Do we have any true control over life entering the world, or is it only based on God's sovereignty? I think if it’s God's plan for me to have a child, I'll get pregnant even if on birth control. But my husband thinks we control conception through birth control. If Jeremiah 1:5 applies to all people, wouldn't that mean God's plan overrides our plan for procreation?3. 31:45 {Jesus’ Death: Physical but Not Spiritual?} If Jesus' humanity and divinity are inseparable, then how could He experience bodily death on the cross without His deity dying, as well?4. 36:33 {Do Christians Continue to Need Forgiveness?} 1 John 1:9 perplexes me. I am a Christian. In what sense does my daily confession apply "forgiveness" to me? What happens if I die with “unforgiven” sin?5. 41:19 {Why Doesn’t God Just Satisfy Skeptics’ Doubts?} How would you answer someone who says, “If there is a God, He knows what evidence I would need to believe and has not given it to me” and seems to genuinely mean it, not mocking/scoffing?6. 51:33 {Metaphorical, Spiritual, or Physical Resurrection?} Is Romans 8:11 referring to a metaphorical, spiritual, or physical resurrection later to come? I thought it was spiritual, but the term "mortal bodies" has me thinking differently.7. 57:43 {Too Much Theology & Doctrine?} My pastor says that theology is “just someone’s opinion” and that “we shouldn’t get hooked on theology and doctrine.” How would you respond?8. 1:03:05 {Did Peter & Other Disciples Quit?} Did Peter and the others "quit the ministry" when they went fishing in John 21:3? It seems that Peter had already seen the risen Christ 2 or 3 times before this event.9. 1:08:33 {Stewarding Friendships with Unbelievers} How do you navigate having worldly friends? At times I enjoy their company and the conversation is good, but at other times they are unbearable to be around, making crude jokes.10. 1:14:19 {God Conceals a Matter?} In Proverbs 25:2, in what sense is the author saying that God conceals a matter? It's clearly not an absolute (i.e., He does reveal things). Here's the clip I mentioned about how to handle grief over a loved one who is not saved: Click Here My series of videos going verse-by-verse through Romans: Click Here ***HERE is the clip search feature. Find any topic I've talked about by searching freely here. I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think biblically about everything. My website:
5/3/20241 hour, 21 minutes, 14 seconds
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It's HARD to think of my loved ones in hell.

This is hard for me, too. I don't offer my answer with a calloused heart or without considering how difficult it really is. But, I hope that in my own limited attempt to offer help, you will find some wisdom and hopefulness. My answer will probably fall short, but I am really just saying "wait" because the full revelation of the glory and goodness of God will answer this for you in due time. My website:
4/30/20244 minutes, 52 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 12)

This is the supposed Bible contradiction that I couldn't explain. Welcome to the new weekly stream! 10 questions every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Today's Time Stamps:1. 0:07 {A Difficult Bible Contradiction} Can you please explain 1 Corinthians 14:22-24? Verse 22 states that tongues are a sign for unbelievers, and prophecy is for believers. But vv. 23 and 24 then go on to seemingly describe the exact opposite.2. 27:09 {John Rejects but Jesus Affirms?} How should we understand John's rejection of being Elijah and a prophet (John 1:21), while Jesus affirmed it (Matthew 11:14)?3. 34:42 {Debates on the Canon} What do we do with some of the earliest listed Bible canons and church fathers that exclude Esther and include Sirach and Wisdom of Solomon?4. 39:47 {Are Easier Translations Unwise?} I struggle reading word for word translations of the Bible like the ESV. I love the NLT for its simple vocabulary and how easy it is to understand. Is it unwise to use the NLT to memorize and study from?5. 41:56 {Proper Interpretation of a Common Passage} What are your thoughts on 1 Corinthians 6:19? I hear people use this Scripture to call anything they don’t like sin (tattoos, drugs, junk food, etc.). But it seems it’s mostly about sexual immorality.6. 52:36 {Are We Still Made in God’s Image?} Can you explain Genesis 5:1-3? Why is it different with the birth of Seth? Are we still God’s image bearers?7. 56:10 {Is “Déjà Vu” a Biblical Concept?} What are your thoughts on Deja Vu and are there any examples of it in the Bible? I've definitely had times where I had the feeling of being somewhere before when it was the first time being there.8. 1:01:02 {Are Eating Challenges Sinful?} Could you talk a little on what is and is not gluttony? Is it just eating more than you need to, or is there more involved (i.e., eating challenges)?9. 1:07:38 {When Competition turns Sinful} How do I know when my competitiveness is sinful? I coach baseball and want to ensure I'm providing the right model of competition for the players, while also still being as competitive as possible.10. 1:10:29 {“Apostasy” = “Departed”?} I've heard that the word translated "apostasy" in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 can also be translated as "departed," as in "the end will not come until the departing (rapture) comes first." Do you think this is true? 6 Different Christian Views of the End Times explained: Click Here How we got the Old Testament books: Click Here My full video on "Thinking Biblically About Tattoos": Click Here ***HERE is the Clip Search feature. Find any topic I've talked about by searching freely here. I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think biblically about everything. My website:
4/26/20241 hour, 18 minutes, 30 seconds
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Most Quoted Verse for Anti Semitism and Why it Doesn't Work.

Racism and Christianity do not mix. I genuinely hope that those who try to support their antisemitism through quoting the Bible or claiming that it is Christian, will actually listen to this video and RESPOND to the specific Scripture verses that I brought up. If you ignore these verses then please don't pretend your views are Christian. The Gospel is for all people. My website:
4/24/20249 minutes, 26 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 11)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:1. 1:32 {Discerning the Spirit’s Voice} Is the confirmation of the Holy Spirit distinguishable from an evil demon or psychological self-deception?2. 29:50 {Do We Give Off “Energy”?} Is “energy” in the esoteric form of the word biblical? I was recently told in a Christian forum that I was “giving off [blank] energy.” Is this biblical?3. 36:36 {Who will Sit on the Thrones?} In Matthew 19:28, Jesus states the 12 disciples will sit on 12/24 thrones in the regeneration. In Revelation 4:4, 24 elders are sitting on the thrones. Who are the other 12?4. 39:08 {Proof of Transubstantiation?} If Jesus identifies Himself as “the Word” and Ezekiel literally ate the Word of God (Ezekiel 3:1-3), is this a good case for Ezekiel being an analogy to the Catholic transubstantiation of the Eucharist being true?5. 47:28 {Tongues/Prophecy for Believers or Unbelievers?} Can you please explain 1 Corinthians 14:22-24? Verse 22 states that tongues are a sign for unbelievers, and prophecy is for believers. But vv. 23 and 24 then go on to, seemingly, describe the exact opposite. 6. 50:57 {God’s Name in Vain} What does it mean to not mention God's name in vain?7. 56:13 {The Spirit With, In & Upon Us} When David is anointed in 1 Samuel 16, the Bible says that “the Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David from that day forward.” How would this be similar or different from us receiving the Spirit now?8. 1:00:32 {Can a Pastor’s Wife be an Unbeliever?} Do the qualifications for pastors/elders in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 disqualify a man who has an unbelieving wife?9. 1:09:56 {About OT Quotes in the NT} How should we understand inerrancy for New Testament passages that appear to quote the Old Testament, but no clear reference can be found? (e.g., James 4:5, Matthew 2:23).10. 1:14:49 {Grieving our Loved Ones when Not Sure of Salvation} My mom just passed away and I am unsure of her salvation. I know she prayed with the hospital's chaplains. My kids ask if they will see her in Heaven. How do I talk to them about this? ***HERE is the clip search feature. Find any topic I've talked about by searching freely here. Why I don't think infant baptism is biblical: Click Here My video on Bethel and Bill Johnson's Bridge to the New Age (the book Physics of Heaven): Click Here Welcome to the new weekly stream! 10 questions every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think biblically about everything. My website:
4/19/20241 hour, 30 minutes, 14 seconds
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Benny Hinn is trying to silence me. I won't back down.

Please help spread awareness. My original video with ALL the evidence (watch it while you can): Click Here. My website:
4/18/202419 minutes, 19 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 10)

Welcome to the new weekly stream! 10 questions every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think biblically about everything. My big Benny Hinn video: Click Here 6 different Christian views of the end times: Click Here How to Find Jesus in the Old Testament playlist of videos: Click Here My website:
4/12/20241 hour, 19 minutes, 31 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 9)

Taking YOUR questions from the live chat. Welcome to the new weekly stream! 10 questions every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Intro1. 0:21 {Benny Hinn Update} What’s your update on the Benny Hinn situation? 2. 16:37 {Don’t Add or Take Away!} People often use Revelation 22:18-19 referring to the whole Bible. When I read it, I see it only referring to Revelation, since the New Testament wasn't formed yet. Could you provide some clarity?3. 21:18 {Different Methodologies for Missions} There's a lot of debate in missions right now about methodologies (i.e., church planting movements vs. more slow-paced approaches). How should we think through both sides biblically?4. 29:56 {Does Satan Have Power?} Is it a biblical idea that it's blasphemy to say that Satan has any power?5. 33:12 {Freedom from Addictions} How does one get set free from nicotine addiction when current medications do not work?6. 37:54 {Determinism vs. Luck} If we don’t believe that God determines/causes everything, do we believe in some form of luck? For example, when you hit all green lights on your way to work: “Man that was good luck!” Or when you stub your toe: “That was bad luck.” 7. 45:37 {Homosexuality vs. Other Sins} Why should we not ordain homosexuals in church although it’s a sin, when other people with less visible sins (hate, anger, etc.) are serving? What is the biblical view on this?8. 49:54 {Why was David’s Family Punished?} In 2 Samuel 12:10, why was the sword to never depart from David’s house if our sins aren’t supposed to carry over? Why was his family punished for his sin, and not just his son with Bathsheba but Ammon, etc.?9. 57:35 {The Father & Spirit in Heaven & Ezekiel’s Vision} Will we see both the Father and the Holy Spirit in Heaven? Also, can you explain Ezekiel’s vision of God and how it relates to Jesus and the Father?10. 1:03:12 {Does God still Speak through Dreams?} Does God still communicate through dreams? Is there any New Testament examples of God doing so, apart from Mary and Joseph?Bonus Prayer: 1:06:40 Could you pray for my youth leader? He collapsed one day and has been in the hospital ever since. He was supposed to be leading a youth camp I was going to. Asking for prayer for his healing. Thanks. I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think biblically about everything. My website: My video on the victims of Benny Hinn: Click Here Here's a video where Benny Hinn predicts the second coming of Jesus in 2048 and that the rapture will happen sometime before that: Click Here Why it is unbiblical to say that all sins are the same: Click Here
4/5/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 10 seconds
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I made an ERROR in today’s video on Benny Hinn.

I’m making this short because I can’t edit the original video and don’t know when or if I will be able to in the future.
4/1/202457 seconds
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The Victims of Benny Hinn: 30 Years of Spiritual Deception.

This video is dedicated to the victims of Benny Hinn. Benny Hinn is a very bad man. It's past time everyone knew it. Timestamps:0:00:00 Intro1. 0:07:31 Benny's Old Lies2. 0:46:28 Benny's Many False Prophecies3. 1:32:22 Benny's Fake Healings4. 2:31:46 Benny and Chris the "Man of God"5. 2:36:47 Benny Raising the Dead6. 2:48:27 How He "Slays in the Spirit"7. 3:05:47 Benny's Recent Repentance8. 3:21:31 Proof Benny Is Still Grifting9. 3:56:03 Benny's Resurgence and Current Influence10. 4:11:35 How Do We Stop Him? My notes HERE have tons of links which you may find useful. I can't promise that Benny Hinn won't delete many of the videos I used once this goes public. Todd White and his fake miracles (leg lengthening trick): Click Here Bill Johnson and Bethel Church's bridge to the New Age: Click Here I'm grateful for the people who have worked hard to expose Benny Hinn, especially Justin Peters @JustinPetersMin , Costi Hinn @forthegospelmin and Steven Kozar @StevenKozarMessedUpChurch My website: [Edit: I made an ERROR in this video. At 00:50:20 Hinn said “created in” and I thought he said “greater than.” Please note this mistake on my part. Hinn is still teaching heresy in that section, on other grounds. I would edit out that section of the video but I can’t because Jesus Image Church has filed a false copyright claim on my video and YouTube doesn’t allow editing of videos with copyright claims pending. I’m fighting the claim and hope it (or any future claims from Hinn) won’t result in issues for the viewers. Currently they just want to get money from ads on this video but it could quickly turn into them requesting the video be taken down.]
4/1/20244 hours, 19 minutes, 39 seconds
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Will This Make You Believe in Jesus? The Isaiah 53 Prophecy.

This was literally written hundreds of years before Jesus was crucified. CLICK HERE for my long video on this, where I not only explain in more detail but I answer a bunch of objections and challenges to the idea that Jesus really did fulfill this prophecy. I highly recommend you check it out and consider this evidence for the truth of Jesus. My website:
3/30/202411 minutes, 57 seconds
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Pro-gay theology: "Leviticus doesn't count."

If God judged nations for these things when those nations never had the Law of Moses, then we really can't set it aside because the account of it is found in the Old Testament. My website:
3/25/20244 minutes, 11 seconds
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What if this is Satanism in its final form?

Why make this video? Because I believe that this sort of teaching is going on in a lot more churches than many of us realize. Having the video out there may reach someone and deliver them from this movement. In addition, it helps to examine extreme examples of the most progressive teaching out there so that viewers can develop the ability to start recognizing that sort of teaching when it appears in more subtle forms. I don't make this video primarily for Jermell or his church, even though I hope it helps them. I have a much wider audience and impact in mind. Please do not harass Common Good Church or Jernell. If you must reach out to them (I am not trying to instigate a ton of people doing so), you need to have the wisdom, fortitude, and grace to do so as an ambassador of truth. LINKS: You can see the full, original video HERE (though I would not be surprised if they take it down) This is the video defending the doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement against slogans like what we hear from Jermell: Click Here Thank you to Woke Preacher Clips for exposing this kind of false teaching.  I'm Mike Winger and my goal is to help people learn to think biblically about everything. My website:
3/18/20241 hour, 1 minute, 34 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 8)

Welcome to the new weekly stream! 10 questions every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Today I'll be discussing Andrew Tate and his wild claims about the Bible. The other 9 questions will come from the chat. Here's a link to a video with 9 minutes of footage showing Tate's issues.WARNING, this video has language and some inapropriate images. It's not for pop-consumption; It's evidence that some people need in order to avoid Tate's scams. Click Here to view. What is the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? Click Here  Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:1. 0:08 {Andrew Tate vs. Scripture} Who is Andrew Tate, and do his views line up with the Bible?2. 35:07 {About Saul’s Motives} Was Saul's hostility toward the Jewish Christians based on his biblical beliefs, or was he really on a mission to achieve status considering his age prior to conversion and extreme actions?3. 41:25 {Can a Christian become Reprobate?} Is it possible for a Christian to become a reprobate? If so, can it still be undone? I don't know why, but God seems out of reach.4. 47:42 {Blaspheming the Spirit vs. the Son/Father} Why is the unforgivable sin described as blaspheming the Holy Spirit, as opposed to blaspheming the Son or the Father?5. 51:45 {Fulfilled or Unfilled Prophecy?} Has Zechariah 9:1-8 already been fulfilled? If not, is it possible that it is in the process of being fulfilled today?6. 56:08 {Is Jesus Presently “King”?} Is it right to call Jesus "king" since He has not yet set up His Millennial Kingdom on Earth (Revelation 20:4-6)?7. 1:01:48 {Reaching a Pagan Friend} I've got a Pagan friend. He believes that all the different gods exist, including the Abrahamic God, and that the Norse Pantheon is most worthy of worship. Any advice on reaching him?8. 1:07:58 {Marital Relations during Menstruation?} Is it a sin to have marital relations during the menstrual cycle? In Leviticus 18:19, 24-25, it indicates that this is an abomination. But Leviticus 15:24 puts it in the category of ritual uncleanness.9. 1:18:25 {Human Sacrifice in the OT?} I'm curious about how to handle 2 Samuel 21. This sounds very close to a form of human sacrifice to honor God.10. 1:27:45 {Do All Incorrect Secondary Views Warrant Repentance?} You said egalitarians need to repent (I agree). But do we apply that same response to other secondary issues such as Calvinism? That's higher on the list of secondary issues compared to egalitarianism vs. complementarianism. I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think biblically about everything.My website:
3/15/20241 hour, 37 minutes, 25 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 7)

Welcome to the new weekly stream! 10 questions every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 1. 0:27 {About the Queen James Bible} What are your thoughts about the Queen James Bible, also known as the “Gay Bible”? Is this a blasphemous translation to be avoided, or did the QJV publishers have any linguistically valid reason to remove negative references to homosexuality from the Bible? Also, can the Holy Spirit still speak through heretical Bible translations?2. 26:36 {Should Christians Leave Ungodly Areas?} Does the Bible say Christians should relocate their family (especially with young kids), or stop having kids altogether if evil/injustice continues to grow in their community?3. 34:35 {Should We Only Help Others, Never Ourselves?} Is it a sin to help myself instead of others? I only know Scripture that tells me to give to others (Philippians). I'm often frustrated when I'm forced to help others when I need time myself.4. 38:10 {Why is Only a Single Creator Obvious?} What about creation makes a singular Creator obvious, as Paul suggests? What keeps us from concluding that multiple deities created the different aspects of the universe?5. 43:15 {What to Do if Your Pastor is Female} I've watched your Women in Ministry series and come to basically the same conclusions you have. However, I'm part of a church with a female lead pastor. How do I handle this?6. 47:25 {Paul’s Hands vs. Jesus’ Hands} “These hands” provided for Paul in Acts 20:34 NKJV & ESV. But “…of mine” (i.e., “these hands of mine”) is in some translations such as NIV & NET. Is Paul referring to Jesus’ hands or his OWN hands?7. 54:55 {Are Angels Purely Spiritual, Not Physical?} How can we know that angels are spiritual beings and not potentially physical beings? Some people say they're spiritual and do not have reproductive organs (since Jesus said they're not given in marriage).8. 58:12 {When Parents are Difficult} How does one biblically deal with an oppressive (but not abusive) parent? Lately they have been really stressed, anxious, and far from God. I’m not sure if they are truly a Christian.9. 1:00:53 {Navigating a Difficult Marital Situation} Am I dishonoring God if I initiate separation? I’ve been married for over 12 years, always rocky. I've begged for counseling, but my husband (professing believer) said he'd pick divorce first. He says he no longer loves me.10. 1:05:20 {Was Josiah Being Prideful?} In 2 Chronicles 35:20-27, should Josiah have realized that it was God speaking (some suggest he was prideful)? LINKS: THE FINAL VIDEO in the Women in Ministry series is right here. This serves as both a summary of all the Bible teaches on the topic as well as answering all the questions about application that people have been asking for. Here's a playlist with other content I have related to the topic of LGBT ideology and Bible interpretation. This is the video where I talk about the Nephilim and "Sons of God." Everything the Bible says about Divorce and Remarriage: Click Here. I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think biblically about everything.My website:
3/8/20241 hour, 11 minutes, 40 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 6)

Welcome to the new weekly stream! 10 questions every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Intro1. 4:41 {Has Anyone Seen God?} John 1:18 tells us, “No man has seen God at any time…” but in Genesis 32:30, Jacob says, “I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved.” Which is it? 2. 19:19 {Are we Equal with God in Heaven?} My wife had a question I did not know how to answer: If we are perfected at the end of time and perfect in God's presence, how are we not then equal with God? We realize that we will not be greater than God, but I am not sure how to explain this subject.3. 22:35 {Godly Womanhood/Biblical Femininity} How does godly womanhood differ from godly manhood outside of marriage? How do we define biblical femininity, especially for the unmarried woman? Does discipleship look different for women?4. 30:13 {The LXX More Reliable for Typology?} Is the Septuagint more reliable for finding Jesus in the Old Testament? S. Douglas Woodward & others say that messianic passages & timelines in the Masoretic Text were altered in 2nd century to keep Jews from converting to Christianity.5. 35:52 {Effectively Caring for the Homeless} How are we expected to help homeless people in our modern culture? Are we still expected to invite strangers into our very homes as they did in Bible times?6. 42:35 {Must We Have an Eschatological View?} Do you think it is important to have a view on eschatology? Can we just all agree that one day, if we believe in Jesus and what He did on the cross and abide in Him, that we will go to Heaven?7. 47:34 {When was the Old Covenant in Effect?} Hebrews 8:13 says that the Old Covenant is becoming obsolete and about to disappear. Does this mean the Old Covenant was still in effect at the time this book was written?8. 54:03 {Should Unequally Yoked Believers Bear Children?} I'm married to an unbeliever. I regret it and I worry that I’ve jeopardized my son's salvation! Would it be better not to have any more children in my “ungodly” marriage even though we'd like to have more?9. 1:01:02 {Jesus Leaves & Advocate Comes – Modalism?} Why is the Advocate unable to come unless Jesus leaves (John 16:7)? Why does this not imply Modalism?10. 1:05:41 {Believing in God but Not the Bible} How do I bring the Gospel to someone who believes there is a God, but rejects the Bible? My mom doesn’t believe God gave us the Bible and thinks that Christianity is man-made. 1:13:26 BONUS Q! What's your favorite video game? LINKS: Who is the Angel of the LORD in the Old Testament? Click Here THE FINAL VIDEO in the Women in Ministry series is right here. This serves as both a summary of all the Bible teaches on the topic as well as answering all the questions about application that people have been asking for.  What the book of Acts teaches about Gentiles and Jews observing the Law: Click Here Evidence for the Bible (playlist): Click Here How Psalm 22 is prophecy of Jesus (with objections answered): Click Here Natasha Crain’s excellent content helping parents raise Christian kids: Click Here I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think biblically about everything. My website:
3/1/20241 hour, 17 minutes, 10 seconds
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Everything Women Can and Can't Do According to the Bible: Women in Ministry part 13

Timestamps0:00:00 Intro0:02:16 Why I refused to talk about this for years0:06:38 What are Egalitarian, Complementarian, and Patriarchal?0:15:00 I have over 40 hours of teaching on this debate0:16:57 What you can expect today0:18:46 What surprised me the most about this research project0:22:33 The growing tide of egalitarianism0:26:05 Egalitarians are right but still wrong0:26:55 Comps and Pats are wrong but still right0:28:07 This is a secondary/family issue but it’s worth arguing over0:30:03 We bypass the Bible0:33:49 Three things you need to believe when you study this issue0:34:49 THE THREE PILLARS: Solid truths that should not be debated0:35:26 Pillar #1: Male headship and female submission in marriage0:47:26 Pillar #2: Elders positions and functions are for men only1:01:03 Pillar #3: Women’s status as image bearers and sons of God is inviolable1:26:00 The 3 pillars summarized1:27:24 The big question: How far should we draw out the application beyond marriage and eldership?1:35:49 My interpretive methodology of “rules and examples” explained1:40:12 An example of a good wife rebelling against her husband.1:44:15 Quick summary of the impact of letting biblical examples help us apply gender rules.1:47:12 Women in government: Deborah breaks the strongest patriarchal view.1:52:37 Are women in government some lofty ideal?1:53:32 Women bosses/employers.1:56:56 Queens had some authority that men were told to yield to.1:58:39 Should men have a resistant attitude toward women in positions of authority?1:59:20 Should women vote?2:01:28 The Bible is not limiting all women from all authority over all men2:01:59 Women being “homemakers”2:11:08 Am I saying there is no application outside marriage and church?2:12:09 Scripture refutes modern gender values.2:15:23 We should embrace these gender stereotypes.2:19:17 Negative stereotypes to reject.2:21:20 What do we do in our society that kicks against God’s design?2:23:18 What would I say to a young woman who is looking at family and career options?2:23:53 SUMMARY of how to apply biblical principles in society, outside of ministry and marriage2:29:09 What detailed guidelines do we have for women in ministry?2:29:44 what is an elder/pastor?2:37:50 What’s wrong with using “pastor” for people who aren’t biblical elders?2:43:32 What is a deacon? 2:53:22 The two simple principles guiding us regarding women in ministry.2:55:01 Can women be church ushers?2:56:23 What about serving in tech and media ministry?2:56:47 What about being a children’s ministry teacher?2:57:13 What about food ministry?2:57:22 What about unofficial teaching moments?2:59:15 What about women evangelizing men?3:00:28 What about “stage evangelism” like Greg Laurie?3:01:46 What about women theologians?3:06:08 What about being in seminary classes?3:07:53 A woman theologian who writes a book on theology that men read?3:12:19 Running a podcast or YouTube channel?3:17:00 Women’s ministries and weak women3:18:07 Women prophesying in mixed gathering?3:22:17 Doing church announcements?3:22:47 Leading in prayer congregationally?3:23:48 Any ministry that isn’t to adult men?3:24:43 When does a boy become a man?3:30:03 Being a leader and teacher in youth ministry?3:32:16 Women teaching men and women outside of the church setting?3:37:09 Teaching in church apart from the Sunday pulpit?3:41:00 Teaching in church from the Sunday morning pulpit?3:48:01 Women worship leaders?3:51:41 Leading ministries to children with men under their authority?3:53
3/1/20244 hours, 21 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ricky Gervais Strikes Again

What Ricky Gervais is saying here is simultaneously impressive and rather empty. One must recognize that Christianity doesn't claim to be discoverable through repeated experiments. Nor are the truth claims of Christianity dependent on their discoverability through the same means that gravity is discovered. Saying we wouldn't rediscover Christianity through natural sciences is about as impressive as saying we wouldn't discover that chocolate tastes good through geological research. So what? God can be discovered through creation but the details about the Gospel and the death and resurrection of Christ are only made public through direct revelation. Interestingly, we happen to live in a world where exactly that has happened. My website:
2/27/20246 minutes, 52 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 5)

Welcome to the new weekly stream! 10 questions every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:1. 1:32 {Did Jesus Leave the 99 in Danger?} Regarding Matthew 18:12, does Jesus know the 99 are safe when He leaves to find the 1? I’m trying to understand how this is responsible. Should we not do things for the greater good, but for the 1?2. 14:53 {Are We Living in Satan’s Deception?} Have you heard of the theory that we're already living in Satan's short season of deception from Revelation 20:3-8? Some of the ideas are intriguing, but most also claim extra conspiracy baggage, e.g., the "mud flood" and much more.3. 24:45 {Markan Sandwich in James?} Could James 1:13-18, 1:19-27 & 2:1-13 be similar to a Markan sandwich? If so, would it be correct that the focused interpretation of the 2 breads should be “Do not accuse God” of: 1. Tempting us to sin, 2. Not creating people equally? Can you explain the meat relative to the bread?4. 35:53 {Does Satan Know his End?} Does Satan know he is going to lose? People say, “Satan just wants to take as many people down with him as he can.” Does he/can he know Scripture?5. 43:29 {Strategic Evangelism to Strangers} How do you initiate sharing the Gospel with a stranger? Is it best to be direct (e.g., “Can I share the Gospel with you?”), or would you recommend a more gradual approach?6. 47:30 {Different Views on Communion} Have you considered differing views on communion? I’ve just recently learned there are more than just the typical Baptist, Lutheran, and Catholic views. Some believe in Real Presence in spirit, not corporeal.7. 50:30 {Does Acts 13 Prove Calvinism?} I'd like to hear your thoughts about Acts 13:48. It seems to contradict the idea that God wants everyone to be saved and that everyone has the same opportunity/free will to believe in Him.8. 58:15 Many Scriptures sound as if the Father and Jesus have different authority. Does the Father have a higher authority than Jesus (John 14:28, 1 Corinthians 11:3, Matthew 28:18, Mathew 10:40, Matthew 20:23)?9. 1:05:25 {Living Productively & Overcoming Bad Habits} My apartment is a mess, I wake up late, I eat junk food, I'm too lazy to read the Bible and I feel like I know a lot about God, but I don't feel like His daughter. How can I turn my life around?10. 1:11:55 {Mark vs. Matthew – Contradiction?} Can you explain what some say is contradictory between Mark 9:38-41 (not against us = for us) & Matthew 12:30 (not with me = against me) & how that applies to NAR/false teachers who profess Jesus? Links and resources: Flat Earth video  5 Different Christian Views of the End Times The Mark series for Gospel tracts My 6 hour video on the head covering passage in 1 Cor. 11 I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think biblically about everything. My website:
2/23/20241 hour, 21 minutes, 15 seconds
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Why does God let Satan cause so much harm?

Do you think there are other biblical ideas to consider about this? Please share them in the comments so you can help others think biblically. My website:
2/20/20244 minutes, 15 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 4)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 1. 0:38 {Is God Abusive?} Does a Christian’s relationship with God mirror what an abusive relationship would look like in other scenarios?2. 18:34 {Are Healings being Hindered Today?} What does James 5:13-15 look like today? Are we missing something today that is hindering more healings from the Holy Spirit?3. 25:28 {Is Charity Meaningless Apart from the Church?} A pastor I listen to says that any community service/charity work that is not done through the Church or a Christian organization is meaningless to God. What are your thoughts on this?4. 32:02 {Does Sin Separate Believers from God?} I often hear that sin "breaks fellowship" or causes "relational unforgiveness" (to quote, but is there Scripture to show that sin can, in any way, separate a Christian from God (Hebrews 10:19)?5. 37:48 {Are We Called to Love AND “Like” Others?} Do I have to like a brother in Christ? I know I should love my neighbor and not hate anyone, but there are some personalities I don't like. Is that sinful?6. 42:00 {Who Will be Told by Jesus to “Depart”?} How is it that some people can cast out demons in Jesus’ name but then be told, “Depart from me for I never knew you”? How do I avoid that fate?7. 44:29 {Removing Shoes on Holy Ground?} What is the significance of people taking their shoes off in the presence of God in the Old Testament?8. 46:43 {Overcoming the Pressure of Comparison} How do I stop comparing myself to others? As a college student, I’m surrounded by a highly competitive environment and I find myself comparing my grades and career to others. How do I overcome this?9. 51:27 {Jews vs. Christians – Same God?} Do current Jews and Christians worship the same God? They claim to worship the God of Moses and the saints, but reject part of God.10. 55:50 {Solomon: Salvation & “The Book of His Acts”?} My question is, was Solomon saved? Did he repent after what he did? what is the Book of the Acts of Solomon (1 Kings 11:41)?11. 1:02:47 (Just for fun!) BONUS Q: In LOTR Return of the King, it is mentioned that 3 days are needed to gather more forces. Before Aragorn leaves. However, only 1 day seems to pass. How do you reconcile this? THIS is the video I mentioned which goes into detail on promises about getting what we pray for in faith.  Quick announcement: I've got bad news and good news. The bad news is that I'll only be doing 10 questions each Q&A instead of 20. The good news is that I'll be doing the Q&As every Friday instead of every other Friday. While I have the first question ready to go, I take the other 9 from the live chat. Just show up in time for the stream to begin and, once you see me live on camera, post your question in the chat. I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think Biblically about everything. My website:
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Jesus' Parable of the Wineskins

What are your thoughts on this parable?Do you think I've understood it correctly? My website:
2/13/20245 minutes, 40 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 3)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 1. 0:03 {What if God Has No Free Will?} Does God lack free will Himself, since He cannot act outside of or contrary to His nature? If so, doesn’t that make His actions questionable?2. 20:31 {How Did John have Materials to Write?} Were papyrus and writing supplies expensive? How did John, banished to the Island of Patmos, have all the necessary items to write down his Revelation?3. 23:22 {Should we Infer Doctrine from Scripture?} Is it wrong to base doctrine on inference? Is it ever legitimate? E.g., the context of Hebrews 12:1 says nothing about saints watching us from Heaven, but some say it’s implied by the word “witnesses.”4. 31:43 {Where is the 2nd Coming in Scripture?} Where does it say in the Bible that the Messiah will have a second coming? Does Jesus tell His disciples that He won’t be fulfilling all of the Old Testament prophecies just yet?5. 36:29 {Did Jesus Always Have Power to Heal?} Regarding when Luke 5:17 says, “The power of the Lord was with Jesus to heal,” did Jesus not always have this power, or does Luke emphasize it here because of what happens next? What’s your take on this?6. 42:01 {Do Our Prayers Affect Others’ Salvation?} Do our prayers for the unsaved actually increase their chances of being saved, vs. if they didn’t have anyone praying for them?7. 48:52 {Our Sinful Flesh vs. Spiritual Warfare} How can I discern the difference between demonic influence and my flesh when it comes to sinful struggles?8. 52:52 {Which Scripture is God-Breathed?} In 2 Timothy 3:16, when it says “All Scripture is God-breathed…” what would the author have meant by “Scripture”? Because as far as I know, books like Jude and Revelation hadn’t been written yet.9. 55:00 {About Asexuality} Is asexuality real? I know believers who say they’re asexual (not sexually attracted to anyone). I think this may be true of me, but could it just be God guarding my heart from lust over the years?10. 1:01:25 {Physical Appearances of Jesus Today?} Does Mark 13:21-23 refute present-day claims of Jesus physically appearing to people, or is this a misapplication of the text? Why you should stop saying "I’m spiritual but not religious" - Click Here Quick announcement: I've got bad news and good news. The bad news is that I'll only be doing 10 questions each Q&A. The good news is that I'll be doing the Q&As every Friday instead of every other Friday. I’m Mike Winger and my goal is to help people think Biblically about everything.My website:
2/9/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 30 seconds
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What Prosperity Preachers Hide From You

We do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day. For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal. My website:
2/7/202413 minutes, 8 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 115)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:1. 0:05 {Does Exodus Condone Abortion?} Does exodus 21:22 really condone abortion? I've seen multiple commentaries and translations, and it does really seem like abortion is accepted as the baby's life appears to be less valuable.2. 10:58 {How Long to Date Before Marriage} Is being in a long-term dating relationship wise? And how long should you wait for someone to make the decision to marry you or not?3. 14:32 {Why Did God Create Drugs?} Why would God create psychedelics, since they lead so many astray?4. 20:39 {“Too Much Bible”?!} How would you respond to the phrase “Too little Spirit, too much Bible”? I’d love to know how to respond.5. 25:03 {Can I Marry a Divorced Person?} My fiancée came to the Lord after our relationship started and I recently found out that she has been divorced twice. Has she been forgiven, or should we call off the marriage?6. 30:17 {Why Did God Give the Law First?} Why did God, knowing everything, give the Law first and not go straight to grace with Jesus?7. 35:50 {Can Christians File Restraining Orders?} Does 1 Corinthians 6 apply to restraining orders? A boy in a Christian household was harassing my sister, and my parents were told it was wrong of them for filing a restraining order.8. 42:34 {Eternal Forgiveness vs. Accountability?} Why does the Bible say we will give an account for every idle word if we will be forgiven?9. 48:45 {The Father’s Spirit or Spirit of Christ?} In Matthew 10:20 the Spirit is the Father's Spirit, but elsewhere it says the Spirit is that of Christ. How does this work with the Oneness vs. Trinitarian views?10. 52:22 {Personal Relationship = Biblical?} Does the Bible actually talk about having a personal relationship with Jesus? Links: Jesus in the Old Testament series Jesus in the 5 sacrifices of Leviticus How Passover pictures Christ Divorce and Remarriage according to the Bible The biblical call of a husband  The biblical call of a wife Some of my abortion related videos in a playlist My video responding to Catholic claims about purgatory My website:
2/2/202459 minutes, 21 seconds
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2nd Most Powerful Argument Against God

The idea is that God, as the Christian describes Him, cannot exist, since a loving God would reveal Himself to the non-resistant non-believer and He does not. Therefore, such a loving God must not exist. I think this is a truly challenging argument, not only because it tackles what feels like a very real world issue (I admit) but because arguing against it can quickly put you into the position where you are no longer arguing so much about philosophy or logic but where you are pigeon-holed into a situation where people will think you are personally attacking individuals. In other words, when I say that humans are accountable to know that God exists, this argument can quickly turn things into the social foul of saying that people have bad motives or are otherwise insincere. What starts as a philosophical view of the apparentness of God's existence turns into a bullying situation where the Christian is painted as personally attacking others. I reject that framing but I realize that many will continue to see things in that perspective, sadly. This is a short video and it doesn't get into all the issues related to "Divine Hiddenness." It only covers a couple aspects of it. Other arguments should be made about how apparent God's existence is and to address other issues. I hoped to simply do some work that would build a bit of a bridge past the sense of personal offense many feel on this issue and open them up to another way of seeing things. Are you wondering what I would consider the STRONGEST argument against God? Well, in terms of persuasiveness, it would be the Problem of Evil.I have a video on that right here. My website:
1/31/20245 minutes, 48 seconds
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10 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 114)

"Satan's Guide to the Bible" is a popular video pretending to represent scholarship in general while only promoting selective skeptical talking points. I'll tackle that as the first question today. The rest come from you, in the comments section during the live stream. Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 1. 0:18 {Satan&rsquo;s Guide to The Bible?} There is a dangerous video gaining popularity, called "Satan's Guide to The Bible," that illustrates a pretend children's Sunday school class learning from Satan as their substitute teacher. He claims that pastors keep secrets from their congregants, but that he will reveal those secrets and tell them the truth. Can you please analyze this video and refute its false claims about the Bible?2. 38:34 {Was Evolution Used by God?} Genesis 1:24 sounds like God created animals through evolution (at God&rsquo;s command) &ndash; &ldquo;The Earth brings forth&hellip;&rdquo; V. 11 also uses the same language. Interestingly, it&rsquo;s not used with water, birds, animals &amp; man. Thoughts on why this may be?3. 42:56 {Israel &ndash; Male &amp; Female?} What is the explanation for God referring to Israel as male (Hosea 14:5-6) and as female (Jeremiah 3:6)? Is it context related, or is there another explanation?4. 45:42 {Bethlehem &amp; The Messiah} Did people not know that Jesus was born in Bethlehem (John 7:41-43 NIV)? I feel like that would have cleared up some of their issues with Him being the Messiah!5. 47:38 {Does Deuteronomy Prohibit Witnessing to Cults?} Does Deuteronomy 12:30 prohibit current Christians from learning about other worldviews/religions/cults in order to evangelize them and utilize appropriate apologetics techniques?6. 50:14 {Why Did God Appoint Unfaithful Leaders?} Why did God choose bad kings if He knows every heart? Saul, Solomon, Jeroboam, Hazael, and Jehu all turned away, but were directly chosen by Him. Why not choose kings He knew would stay faithful?7. 55:00 {The Divine Council Theory} I heard you once say you didn't agree with Michael Heiser's views on the Divine Council. What part of it do you not agree with?8. 59:25 {Speaking in Tongues} When did &ldquo;speaking in tongues&rdquo; change from being real human languages that the speaker didn&rsquo;t naturally know to being a non-human/Spirit language?9. 1:05:24 {Biblically, how is &ldquo;Neighbor&rdquo; Defined?} Is there a biblical definition for the term &ldquo;neighbor&rdquo;? I've always thought it was a term used to describe a non-believer who shows love to a Christian (or means them no harm).10. 1:08:28 {Interpreting the Book of Acts} How do we interpret the book of Acts? Is it a reasonable interpretation that it&rsquo;s merely a transitional period and that we have to be careful how much doctrine we take from it? Resources:Two different Christian takes on the Exodus:1. Early dating - Titus Kennedy2. Late dating - Inspiring Philosophy On the dating of the book of Daniel: CLICK HERE Did Jesus say the end would happen soon? CLICK HERE Evidence for the empty tomb: CLICK HERE Tom Holland&rsquo;s book &ldquo;Dominion&rdquo; about Christian values undergirding modern values: <a href=";redir_token=QUFFLUhqazhMOHQ1a1Nyb3FkS2pZenVycFRlRFhmUnRZQXxBQ3Jtc0tsZEdUT1VjdU5Qa1EwRzZjT0d0MW9wRU1OaFFpV1ktSVdUNDV4aUVlMnB6cE9kRk5TbnBuc3AzZmZSemE2MWJod0hwZEpKYWc5dVZTNzYyeUR1MFZzbFMweU1veHN1OHlVRG1IQUtXWmtVMXh0Nkctdw&amp;
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Is Coffee Sinful? Maybe

This question was such a good reminder for me. I appreciate it. I'm Mike Winger and my goal is to help people learn to think biblically about everything. My website:
1/21/20245 minutes, 2 seconds
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My pushback against the Christian Poverty Movement.

I really hope that those who have freely chosen to be part of communal living or to sell all they have will pay close attention to the actual verses of Scripture I use here and how consistently the Bible makes it clear that this command is not for all believers. I've made several different points which each seem quite powerful in proving that this movement has misapplied some verses and missed the meaning of others. You can freely do so, but to tell everyone that they are obligated to do so is not only demonstrably unbiblical, it comes with a lot of heartache and can cause whole communities of Christians to become a burden on their neighbors. My website:
1/15/202410 minutes, 55 seconds
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Joel Osteen WRONG About Speaking Things Into Existence

Joel Osteen uses the Bible wrong over 90% of the time in this teaching...Click Here My website:&nbsp;
1/9/20246 minutes, 38 seconds
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My prediction about the rapture.

Brace yourselves... We'll soon have a whole new round of end times panic on our hands. CLICK HERE for a sobering examination of 6 different views of the end times and strengths and weaknesses of them. My website:
1/1/20243 minutes, 56 seconds
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20 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 113)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 1. 0:04 {Which Denomination is True?} Why are there over 30,000 Christian denominations all claiming to be the &ldquo;true Christians&rdquo;? Which one should I follow, and why?2. 25:17 {Was Jesus Only Condemning the Religious?} I often hear people saying that Jesus was speaking to and condemning the religious only, not speaking to the world. How would you respond to this sentiment?3. 28:41 {Punished for Adam&rsquo;s Sin?} Are we guilty of the sin of Adam and Eve? If so, isn&rsquo;t it unjust for God hold us accountable for something we had no part of (Ezekiel 18, Romans 5:12)?4. 31:46 {Worship Only Services?} When it comes to a church service, would it be appropriate on occasion to just have worship instead of both worship and the Word preached? Should it always be both?5. 34:16 {Three Dippings during Baptism?} What are your thoughts on &ldquo;Trine Immersion&rdquo; during baptism, specifically three dippings? Is it justified in Matthew 28:19?6. 37:02 {Repentant but Still Rejected} I was rejected by my church because of my behavior, PTSD &amp; my mouth. They didn&rsquo;t excommunicate me but stopped talking to me/started ignoring me. I&rsquo;ve repented, apologized, and begged but they still ignore me. It has left me feeling flawed &amp; unloved. What would Scripture tell me about my situation?7. 40:22 {Is God Deterministic?} If Jesus in the Old Testament was intentional by God, does that mean that God is sometimes deterministic? For example, did God orchestrate Joseph&rsquo;s life?8. 42:22 {How to &ldquo;Build Up&rdquo; One Another} What does &ldquo;building others up&rdquo; with your words really mean? Does it mean that you should compliment people and just say nice things to them? Does it mean more, or something entirely different?9. 44:16 {Why Ask for Forgiveness?} If we are saved by faith alone, why are there so many prayers asking that our sins be forgiven, when by faith we know that they have been? Thank You10. 45:09 {Should We Limit our Fun?} I read my Bible every day and pray, but I feel guilty when I engage in a hobby or have &ldquo;fun.&rdquo; Is there a limit to the amount of fun one can have in a day?11. 45:42 {Jesus Just an Ordinary Prophet?} Why did Jesus refer to Himself as a prophet in Luke 13:33 and not the Son of God? Wouldn't that be putting Himself on the same level as regular prophets when He was in fact elevated?12. 48:51 {Life on Other Planets = Abiogenesis?} If basic organisms are discovered on other planets, would that prove abiogenesis and prove evolution?13. 54:17 {Should we &ldquo;Sin Boldly&rdquo;?} Martin Luther has a quote that says &ldquo;sin boldly.&rdquo; I&rsquo;ve heard he meant don&rsquo;t be afraid of sinning and do so boldly knowing it has been paid for, but I feel that this is dangerous. Your thoughts?14. 56:42 {Mortal &amp; Venial Sins?} 1 John 5:16-17 seems to support the Roman Catholic understanding of mortal and venial sins. Is that the proper interpretation of this verse, and if not, how should we understand sin and the death it causes?15. 1:00:39 {Why Follow Any of the OT?} What would you say to the objection that &ldquo;if we don't follow the old covenant anymore, why should we care about Leviticus 18&rdquo;?16. 1:05:32 {How to Rejoice and Weep With Others} Since both good and bad things happen in the body of Christ daily, how can we accurately practice Romans 12:15?17. 1:08:22 {Has the HS Been Left Out?} Why is the Holy Spirit not mentioned in the greetings of Paul, and why He is left out in such statements like 1 Corinthians 8:6?18. 1:12:13 {The Granville Sharp&rsquo;s Rule} How reliable is the Granville Sharp's rule? Is it implemented outside of New Testament writings?19. 1:13:37 {The &ldquo;Secret Sauce&rdquo; to Fasting} Please help me with how to fast. I am praying for a friend&rsquo;s salvation and protection from
12/30/20231 hour, 27 minutes, 4 seconds
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Famous people being wrong about Christmas being Pagan

Someone should do a research paper about how gullible people are when it comes to believing that things are Pagan in origin. Hey, I used to think so too. I swallowed this stuff quite easily and didn't realize until years later that I had pointlessly criticized things I didn't understand. My website:
12/21/20233 minutes, 46 seconds
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"We Three Kings": the BAD and the GREAT

We three kings of orient areBearing gifts we traverse afarField and fountainMoor and mountainFollowing yonder star O star of wonder, star of nightStar with royal beauty brightWestward leading, still proceedingGuide us to thy perfect light Born a King on Bethlehem's plainGold I bring to crown Him againKing for ever, ceasing neverOver us all to reign Frankincense to offer have IIncense owns a Deity nighPrayer and praisingAll men raisingWorship Him, God most high Myrrh is mine It's bitter perfumebreathes a life of gathering gloomSorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dyingSealed in the stone cold tomb Glorious now behold Him ariseKing and God and SacrificeAl-le-lu-ia, al-le-lu-iaHeaven to earth replies My website:
12/21/202311 minutes, 27 seconds
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20 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 112)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 1. 1:08 {Did God Command Sin?} In Genesis 22:2, God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering. How can God ask men to do something that is sinful, and how could Abraham obey God&rsquo;s direction to sin?2. 19:11 {Proof of Virginity Required?} In Deuteronomy 22:13-21, why were the women to be stoned to death if they didn&rsquo;t present proof of virginity? Was it the same for the men?3. 25:30 {Keep All but 1 Commandment?} Why do Christians try to keep all 10 commandments except the 4th one? I hope this doesn't sound rude.4. 37:36 {Does God Have Blood?} Does God have blood? If not, isn&rsquo;t that Nestorian?5. 39:22 {How to Put Faith in Christ} As an atheist who would like to believe in God, goes to church, and has read the Gospel, what steps do I take to believe?6. 45:16 {Is it Logical to Believe the Bible?} How can Christians believe in a literal Adam and Eve account or a literal worldwide flood?7. 51:32 {Did Jesus Doubt?} Is it true to say that Jesus doubted? How would you respond to someone that claims that He did (in Gethsemane), implying it's OK to doubt?8. 55:12 {Why Doesn&rsquo;t God Immediately Help/Heal?} Why would I "surrender" myself to someone who could help me (be well, not be in pain, heal me) and is with me at all times, but doesn't help me?9. 58:43 {Why is Belief Necessary for Forgiveness?} Why does God require belief for forgiveness? Why can&rsquo;t God simply forgive our sins since Jesus died for all and not attach belief to that?10. 1:03:23 {Why does God Heal Some Cancer but Not All?} I have a neighbor who can't get past this question: &ldquo;My dad had cancer and died. You [me] had it and lived. Why does God think that's fair?&rdquo;11. 1:08:18 {Rejecting the Message due to Credentials} Any advice for lay people doing public ministry that get attacked by non-believers on the basis of their credentials? I feel I am capable of interpretation and ministry despite never having been to seminary.12. 1:12:03 {Does the Devil Know Our Thoughts?} Can the Devil interpret what a non-believer may be thinking or what's on their mind? Can he understand what a person is thinking?13. 1:14:57 {Prophecies Written Afterwards?} How can you prove that parts of the Bible weren't written after the events took place, like prophecies or historical accounts of God's providence?14. 1:17:35 {Proof of God&rsquo;s Existence} What proof apart from science is there that there&rsquo;s a God?15. 1:22:01 {Couldn&rsquo;t the Bible be More Clear?} Do you honestly think the Bible couldn't have been more clear about important moral issues where the church has been very wrong (treatment of gays, etc.)? What does that say about authorship?16. 1:27:39 {How to Know Christianity is the Truth} I am so afraid. There is so many views about God. How can I be sure I am following the correct ways? I claim to be a Christian but there are too many different views.17. 1:33:01 {The Problem of Evil} Why is there so much suffering if God is good? If He is almighty, why doesn&rsquo;t He stop all the bad things?18. 1:38:38 {Faith/Trust Defined} Define faith/trust. If someone intellectually knows that God exists but doesn't know how to trust in Him, how would you counsel them?19. 1:41:28 {Didn&rsquo;t the Israelites Have Meat to Eat?} If the Israelites had flocks and herds, why did they complain that they had no meat? They didn't have the Law of Moses yet on what not to eat.20. 1:42:36 {Would God Pass the Test?} Ricky Gervais says that if all scientific knowledge and religion were erased, science would be eventually re-discovered, but not God. Thoughts?Videos I mentioned: Evidence for the Bible series <a href="
12/15/20231 hour, 51 minutes
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Does "Mary Did You Know?" Glorify Mary?

Mary, did you know that your baby boyWould one day walk on water?Mary, did you know that your baby boyWould save our sons and daughters?Did you know that your baby boyHas come to make you new?This child that you delivered, will soon deliver you Mary, did you know that your baby boyWill give sight to a blind man?Mary, did you know that your baby boyWill calm the storm with his hand?Did you know that your baby boyHas walked where angels trod?When you kiss your little babyYou kiss the face of God The blind will see, the deaf will hearThe dead will live againThe lame will leap, the dumb will speakThe praises of the Lamb Mary, did you know that your baby boyIs Lord of all creation?Mary, did you know that your baby boyWould one day rule the nations?Did you know that your baby boyIs heaven's perfect Lamb?That sleeping child you're holding is the great, I Am I make content to help people learn to think biblically about everything.My free website: This video and the others in this set of Christmas Song Explanations were recorded and uploaded as one single video a couple years back. I am just cutting them into individual videos now since it will make them much easier to find and use.
12/14/20236 minutes, 15 seconds
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How O Holy Night is anti-slavery. Do you know how good this song is?

O Holy night! The stars are brightly shiningIt is the night of our dear Savior's birthLong lay the world in sin and error pining'Til He appears and the soul felt its worthA thrill of hope the weary world rejoicesFor yonder breaks a new and glorious mornFall on your knees; O hear the Angel voices!O night divine, O night when Christ was bornO night, O Holy night, O night divine! Led by the light of Faith serenely beamingWith glowing hearts by His cradle we standSo led by light of a star sweetly gleamingHere come the Wise Men from Orient landThe King of kings lay thus in lowly mangerIn all our trials born to be our friendHe knows our need, to our weakness is no strangerBehold your King; before Him lowly bendBehold your King; before Him lowly bend Truly He taught us to love one another;His law is love and His Gospel is PeaceChains shall He break, for the slave is our brotherAnd in His name, all oppression shall ceaseSweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise weLet all within us Praise His Holy nameChrist is the Lord; O praise His name forever!His power and glory evermore proclaimHis power and glory evermore proclaim I'm Mike Winger and my goal is to help people learn to think biblically about everything. My website:
12/12/20239 minutes, 11 seconds
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Prophecy Update on The War in Israel

I'm not saying we can't look at current events through the lens of biblical prophecy. We absolutely can. I am saying that we need to curb our excitement by making sure that our interpretations of Scripture are accurate and our application of those interpretations to current events is both clearly indicated from Scripture and not malleable to fit any time period we happen to be living in. It would also go a long way for prophecy people to admit when their views are conjecture. My website:
12/8/20236 minutes, 23 seconds
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My complex thoughts on "tricking" kids about Santa

Complaints can be sent to me at Perhaps you have heard that Christmas is Pagan... yeah, that's not factual. While many Pagans delight themselves in the idea that Christians have coopted Christmas from them, it simply isn't the case. CLICK HERE for a video on that and the more genuine concern that Christmas is in danger of secularization and materialism.&nbsp; Also, Christmas trees aren't Pagan either. And that is not what Jeremiah 10 is about. HERE'S A VIDEO showing that people who say Christmas trees are expressly forbidden in the Bible have misunderstood Jeremiah 10.&nbsp;
12/7/20238 minutes, 32 seconds
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20 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 111)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:1. 0:36 {A Misogynistic Bible Verse?} In Ecclesiastes 7:27-29, my fianc&eacute;e who is new to Bible reading and study wondered why this verse sounded misogynistic. Do you have any ideas?2. 22:42 {Reaching Atheist Children} I'm a new Christian from Islam. My son &amp; daughter are like Richard Dawkins (atheist). What do you think would be the best way to give them the Gospel, short but clear?3. 26:34 {Was Jesus&rsquo; Death Truly Sacrificial?} What is the biblical nature of sacrifice? An atheist asked me how Christ's death &amp; resurrection is truly a sacrifice if God is infinite. How do I best explain Jesus' sacrifice?4. 34:52 {Faith in Christ = Guaranteed Protection?} Matthew 6:25-34 seems to promise earthly protection. How do we contrast this with the "nakedness and starvation" that Paul and other Christians went through (especially under persecution)?5. 40:23 {Is &ldquo;Allah&rdquo; an Idol?} How do I explain to a "Palestinian Christian" that Allah is an idol and isn't God? My coworker claims to follow Jesus and doesn&rsquo;t follow Mohammed but insists it is OK to call God &ldquo;Allah&rdquo; in her language.6. 43:34 {Are Pseudonyms Sinful?} Do you think it is sinful to use pseudonyms online to protect your personal identity? Could this be considered intentional deception? As Christians, to what extent do we have a right to privacy?7. 45:59 {Uphold the Constitution vs. Obey Government?} In general, Christians should not rebel against the government without biblical reason, but as one in the military, should I keep my oath to defend the Constitution if the government violates it?8. 48:30 {Is it OK to Tour Other Religions&rsquo; Places?} Where do you see the Bible speak to touring temples of other faiths for the goal of building long-term relationships and sharing the Gospel while also guarding against demonic influence or causing people to stumble?9. 54:39 {Scapegoat = Satan?} How can we be certain that the &ldquo;scapegoat&rdquo; isn't Satan in Leviticus 16 and Revelation 20?10. 1:00:03 {Are You Casting Pearls Before Swine?} When should we apply Matthew 7:6? I ask because for Christmas, I want to give a spiritually themed gift to my unbelieving sister, who has crudely rejected the Bible and God multiple times. Should I even bother?11. 1:04:39 {How to Honor your Parents} How can I honor my parents while not agreeing with their lifestyle or theology? What does it mean to honor your parents biblically as a young adult, and when/where do you draw the line?12. 1:07:56 {Responding to &ldquo;Oneness&rdquo; Teachings} How would you respond to a Oneness believer who denies the distinct Personhood of the Father, Son, and Spirit, even after showing them clear verses that distinguish the Father from the Son, etc.?13. 1:09:57 {Why is Jesus Called the &ldquo;Son&rdquo;?} Why is the title of Jesus &ldquo;Son&rdquo;? Why isn't the Holy Spirit called the Son of God?14. 1:11:30 {Honoring God &amp; Each Other in Marital Intimacy} Does a wife have to do everything her husband wishes in the bedroom? I feel so uncomfortable doing oral acts, but he says it&rsquo;s the only thing that satisfies him. I feel guilty. We both are believers.15. 1:14:47 {Did Jesus Tell a Lie?} Did Jesus actually lie in John 7:6-11?16. 1:18:49 {Is God a Biased Hypocrite?} Aren't we saved when we do our best to live Godly lives? Otherwise, God is a biased hypocrite who plays favoritism. We're to be perfect as He is! Other logic is a fallacy, thus false teaching.17. 1:22:11 {Christian Science} Would you ever be interested in doing a video on Christian Science and the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy? 18. 1:23:12 {Which Proverbs are Commands?} How can we know which proverbs (if any) are direct, unilateral commands of God (example: Proverbs 23:13-14)?19. 1:29:44 {They&rsquo;re Not Worried about Eternity!} What adv
12/1/20231 hour, 43 minutes
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ALL The Debates Over 1 Tim 2:11-15: Women in Ministry part 12 (it took me a year to make this)

Time Stamp Map: 12:59 What this passage appears to be saying.23:32 How egalitarians see the passage.33:00 Was this just Paul's personal opinion?1:02:50 The word "permit" shows this doesn't apply to us.1:21:25 Paul has no jurisdiction over us.1:32:07 This is about wives not women.1:46:30 What does "quietly" mean?2:05:30 Does the cult of Artemis change everything?3:36:44 Is "have authority" a wrong translation?8:03:15 The "Bunch of Female False Teachers" view.9:14:32 Why does Paul appeal to Adam and Eve?9:20:44 Are women more easily deceived than men?9:44:00 What does "saved through childbearing" mean?10:56:30 The "Elders Don't Have Authority Anyways" view.11:04:18 Final conclusions. 1 Timothy 2: 11-15 is THE most hotly debated passage in the Bible today, at least in regard to Women in Ministry and possibly in regards to scholarship in general. It APPEARS to clearly limit women's roles in church ministry but... Some say this passage shows that women can't be elders.Others claim it means they can't even be college teachers or politicians.Others say it's just combating ancient hyper-feminism.Others say it's been mistranslated, perhaps by misogynists. Others claim it is really just fighting against the ancient cult of Artemis.Some say it's just about wives and has no application into church ministry.Others say Paul's ruling here has no jurisdiction over us today.Others say it's just Paul's personal opinion and not an apostolic ruling at all.Still others claim a number of other things about this passage, most often seeking to find a newer way to understand it so that it won't limit the roles of women in ministry. Today I'm going to go through ALL the debates and demonstrate the sad failure of egalitarian scholarship to reinterpret this passage, as well as provide some proper corrections for many in the patriarchalist camp. Helpful links... CLICK HERE for the entire Women in Ministry playlist CLICK HERE for my FREE notes for this video, which include countless links and references to sources I quote throughout this teaching CLICK HERE for our brand NEW (and free) scholarly paper from Gary Manning on the use of Authentew in papyrus BGU 1208 CLICK HERE for my year long study through the book of Romans, verse-by-verse CLICK HERE for my full study on divorce and remarriage according to the Bible My website:
11/22/202311 hours, 24 minutes, 46 seconds
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20 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 110)

I'm Mike Winger and I think we've underestimated how amazing the Bible is. Every other Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific Time we do these live Q&amp;As. Check back a bit after the stream for time stamps. To ask a question in a future session, just wait until after the stream has actually begun, type your question in the chat, and start it with a "Q" to help us identify it as a question.&nbsp; I may have already answered your question. You can check the "Clip Search" feature HERE on my website to see if I have. Click HERE for my verse-by-verse study through the entire Gospel of Mark. Click HERE for my verse-by-verse study through the whole book of Romans. THIS is the book I recommended related to LGBT issues.
11/18/20231 hour, 36 minutes, 55 seconds
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Praying to Mary

Mary is blessed among women! Yet, I do not think she would appreciate all the exaltation people have tried to give her. This humble, faithful, blessed woman would likely redirect people to the Lord Jesus. My website:
11/15/20236 minutes, 53 seconds
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Dealing with TROLLS who manipulate you with the Bible

Jesus did not always answer people on their own terms. It's understandable that we won't always do that either. It's not an issue of being unprepared or unwilling to share truth, but an issue of wisdom. My website:
11/10/20235 minutes, 29 seconds
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20 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 109)

A rare Tuesday stream! I'm Mike Winger and I think we've underestimated how amazing the Bible is. Every other Friday at 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time we do these live Q&amp;As. To ask a question during a future stream, just wait until after the stream has actually begun, type your question into the chat (on YouTube), and start it with a "Q" to help us identify it as a question. I may have already answered your question. You can check the "Clip Search" feature HERE on my website to see if I have.&nbsp; Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:1. 1:12 {Different Wills among the Godhead?} In the Trinity, do the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit all have three separate wills?2. 22:15 {Conflict in Israel &ndash; Eschatological Significance?} Is the war going on in Israel right now part of a biblical prophecy? 3. 30:28 {One Governor or 12?} In 1 Kings 4:7-19, there are twelve governors for Israel listed. I&rsquo;m confused by verse 19b: &ldquo;There was one governor...&rdquo; What&rsquo;s your take on this? 12 or 1?4. 36:22 {Do Some Sins Indicate a Lack of Salvation?} Verses like Matthew 6:14 make me feel like there are sins so bad that if you commit them (like unforgiveness), you&rsquo;re 100% not a Christian. I feel like I have to maintain my own salvation.5. 41:04 {Would the Spirit Ever Leave Us?} Can you please explain what it meant in 1 Samuel when the Spirit left Saul?6. 44:16 {The Vatican &amp; Revelation} Does Revelation 7:9 apply to Vatican City despite its size and hosting unbiblical stuff?7. 48:42 {Is Marital Intimacy Only for Procreation?} Can a biblical case be made for the purpose of sex within marriage being for procreation AND intimacy/pleasure and not just for procreation? Is sex without the possibility of procreation evil?8. 55:11 {Christians Made Whole &ldquo;Again&rdquo;?} How do you feel about songs that state, &ldquo;You make me whole again&rdquo;? It&rsquo;s my understating that before faith in Christ we aren&rsquo;t whole, saved, or forgiven. Thoughts?9. 58:38 {Teaching Convictions as Truth} How should we deal with a pastor who is unwilling to receive correction on anything against his own convictions? It wouldn&rsquo;t be as big of an issue, but he preaches his ideas as truth (i.e., no alcohol).10. 1:03:57 {Counting our Trials as Joy} How are we to &ldquo;count it all joy&rdquo; when we face trials and temptations, as James chapter 1 says?11. 1:09:58 {Wisdom = &ldquo;She&rdquo;?} Can you help me understand why in Proverbs 2 the Bible refers to wisdom as &ldquo;she&rdquo;? How do we argue this with those who try to speak about multiple gods, or LGBTQ+ people saying He is neither gender?12. 1:13:45 {Refuting Modalism} What is the best way to dismantle Modalism in a loving way to someone?13. 1:17:05 {The Commander of the Lord&rsquo;s Army} In Joshua 5:13, who is the commander of the Lord&rsquo;s army? Is this another Christophany? And why do we read so little about him if he helped Joshua in his ventures?14. 1:20:53 {Are the Mentally Disabled Saved?} What happens to autistic people or mentally disabled people? Do they go to Heaven?15. 1:22:54 {Am I Saved if I Have An Addiction?} How do I know If I actually have a saving faith, especially considering that I&rsquo;m addicted to pornography, and am having a hard time asking for someone to help me stop. Thanks.16. 1:29:46 {Congregational Votes &ndash; Sometimes Sinful?} Is it against the Bible to have your congregation vote on whether or not to have women as elders?17. 1:31:48 {Indwelling, Infilling &amp; Assurance} Do you have the Holy Spirit if you haven't been baptized with Him? I don't feel/believe like I do. I can't hear His voice. 18. 1:34:51 {The Day of The Lord &amp; His Second Coming} How do the ideas of "The Day of The Lord" in the Old Testament
10/17/20231 hour, 48 minutes, 50 seconds
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Youth pastor told her that her dad would NOT remember her in heaven.

While I don't know of any Scripture that clearly says we will not forget our lives before Heaven (and "not be brought to remembrance" doesn't mean "literally can't remember"), I do find that a number of verses as well as the logic of heavenly worship seem to imply we will remember.
10/4/20235 minutes, 40 seconds
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20 Questions with Mike Winger (Episode 108)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:15 {When Should I NOT Take Communion?} When should a believer NOT take communion? Is finding myself repenting of the same sin over and over and having an ongoing struggle with the same sin a reason not to? 18:56 {Can A False Prophet Glorify God?} My parents sit under a pastor who claims to have a prophecy from God almost weekly. He preaches in Jesus&rsquo; name and glorifies God, but his prophecies are always totally wrong or incredibly vague. Can a man who glorifies God also prophesy falsely? 24:09 {Christ &amp; H.S. In Us = Modalism?} At the end of Colossians, it talks about Christ in us, and in Galatians, it talks about the Spirit of His son in our hearts crying out &ldquo;Abba, Father.&rdquo; That sounds like the Holy Spirit, but is it Modalism to call Christ in you the Holy Spirit? 27:57 {Animal Sacrifices in Millen. Kingdom?} Why will there be animal sacrifices in the Millennial Kingdom? 35:25 {Should Slaves have Run Away from Masters?} In light of Ephesians 6:5-8 and Colossians 3:22-23, was it wrong for African slaves to run away from their masters? 42:48 {Do Our Prayers Need to be Specific?} People have been saying with increasing frequency, "Make your prayers specific.&rdquo; I&rsquo;m wondering why I keep hearing this lately. Is this biblical? 46:40 {Did Jesus Have a Sin Nature?} Was Jesus the biological son of Mary? If so, how did He not inherit a sin nature? 50:49 {Does Heaven Last for Eternity?} Do we live in Heaven for eternity, or will it be a finite time period (Isaiah 65:20)? 54:50 {Share Our Burdens?} Galatians 6:2 says to carry each other&rsquo;s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ, but verse 5 says that each person should carry their own load. Should we share our burdens or carry our own? 59:13 {Reject the Church = Reject Christianity?} If I reject the Church as an institution, do I automatically reject the Christian faith? 1:02:00 {Committed Relationships as Good as Marriage?} How would you answer claims that &ldquo;committed sexual relationships&rdquo; have everything good that a marriage has? What&rsquo;s the essence of marriage that withstands infertility/impotence/distance, etc.? 1:06:09 {Recovering from Works Based Thinking} I left the Hebrew Israelite movement 3 years ago, and since then, I&rsquo;ve been struggling with my walk. I know we have God&rsquo;s grace, but I was so used to doing works that I feel lost now. Any suggestions? 1:11:05 {Laws, Islam &amp; Executing Apostates} Looking at Deuteronomy 13:6-10, is the apostasy law similar to Muslims? And is it inherently immoral for an apostate to be put to death because of their beliefs, according to the Old Testament? 1:16:48 {Was Jesus&rsquo; Body Broken For Us?} What are your thoughts on when people say &ldquo;This is the body of Christ, broken for you.&rdquo; To me, this is not accurate, as Jesus was not &ldquo;broken&rdquo; for us (no bones broken like the Passover lamb). 1:18:54 {Are Non-Believers Always Wrong? { Some Christians act like non-believers are inherently untrustworthy or dishonest, like they shouldn't be taken seriously. This feels really wrong. Can you please help me find biblical teaching on this? 1:23:01 {Our Bodies during the Millennial Reign} What kind of body will each "group" of people have during the Millennial Reign? I know the previously dead will receive knew bodies, and those that die in God during the Tribulation will get new bodies. 1:24:17 {The &ldquo;Prize&rdquo; in Philippians} What is the prize of the upward call" in Philippians 3:14? 1:27:56 {Raising Children w/Unbelieving Family} Is it wrong that I don&rsquo;t want to raise my son around my unbelieving family members? They can even be hostile to the faith. I even have a transgender niece
9/29/20231 hour, 40 minutes, 15 seconds
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About those objections to Hell…

Some of the confusion and problems that people have with the idea of Hell can be helped with these 8 facts. My website:
9/28/202315 minutes, 58 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 107)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:1. 0:55 {Greater Works than Jesus?} In John 14:12, Jesus said we would do even greater things than Him. That&rsquo;s a tough pill to swallow since He died for our sins and created everything. How do I process Jesus&rsquo; statement?2. 23:42 {Did God Endorse Polygamy in the OT?} In 2 Samuel 12:8, God says that He gave David his wives (multiple), and if he had asked for more, God would&rsquo;ve given him more. This sounds to be directly saying that God would be endorsing polygamy. How should we as Christians feel about one man having multiple wives according to the Bible, specifically this passage?3. 30:21 {Is Only OT Scripture &ldquo;God-Breathed?&rdquo;} In 2 Timothy 3:16, was Paul speaking of ONLY OT Scriptures, since that&rsquo;s all they had at the time? What about the inspiration of the NT?4. 37:13 {Relearning Proper Theology} One of your videos gave my fianc&eacute; a change of heart. He is a former Jehovah&rsquo;s Witness and feels like he has to start over and unlearn then relearn everything. Where do you suggest we start studying?5. 43:57 {Is the Hypostatic Union Illogical?} How can Christ truly be God and man at the same time, infringing upon the laws of logic? If it&rsquo;s true, I know I can't understand it fully, but I do expect to be able to demonstrate how it isn't illogical.6. 48:54 {Is it Wrong to Teach Kids About Santa?} What do you tell your kids about Santa? Is there a chance that kids who find out Santa isn't real might think the same about Jesus? Would you spoil Santa for children that aren't yours?7. 57:18 {Should We Avoid Semi-Pelagianism?} I'm a Calvinist, and recently I have been noticing Semi-Pelagian theology in Arminian churches. Can you distinguish between the two and explain why we should avoid Semi-Pelagianism?8. 1:06:19 {Can We Give God Too Much Credit?} Is it OK to give credit to God for something He might not have done (like a salary raise, new job, or other material or worldly things)?9. 1:09:52 {New Command or Old Command?} Why does 1 John 2:7 say that he is not writing a new command, but in the next verse (1 John 2:8) he says that he is writing a new command? What's going on here?10. 1:14:10 {Hasn&rsquo;t Jesus Always Been Lord?} Peter said in Acts 2:36 that God has "made Jesus both Lord and Christ." He was already Lord and Christ, so what does this mean? Same with Jesus being &ldquo;given all authority&rdquo; in Matthew 28:18.11. 1:24:33 {Were Christ&rsquo;s Sufferings Lacking Something?} In Colossians 1:24, what is lacking in Christ&rsquo;s sufferings, and how is Paul contributing to them?12. 1:30:12 {Is God Constantly Speaking to Us?} My friend doesn't want to have too small of a view of God, so he sees every small event in his life as God speaking to him, even trivial things. Am I being too stingy, or is he "over-spiritualizing"?13. 1:36:08 {Examples of Serving God Daily} I&rsquo;m wondering what discipling others, sharing the Gospel, and service to God looks like in your life day-to-day? Anything you&rsquo;ve learned over the years?14. 1:39:38 {How Do We Find Joy in Our Trials?} In James 1, how do we count our trials as joy?15. 1:45:24 {Does the Devil Persecute Believers?} Is God giving the Devil permission to persecute the lives of certain Christians today, like in the book of Job?16. 1:47:02 {Does Praising Jesus Exclude the Father &amp; Spirit?} I've been struggling with phrases or lyrics such as "All glory be to Christ" and "All Heaven sings to Christ alone.&rdquo; Do these incorrectly exclude the Father and Holy Spirit?17. 1:49:28 {Exploring the Different Words for God&rsquo;s Law} Every verse in Psalm 119 refers to God's Law, and ten different words are used, including: commandments, precepts, law, testimonies, ways, etc. Why? Does each word have a different meaning?18. 1:51:58 {How to Prepare Large Study Projects} How do yo
9/15/20232 hours, 12 minutes, 15 seconds
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How many wives can I have in heaven?

My hope for any LDS person watching this video is that you would discover the unadulterated truth of Jesus Christ without the distortions of Joseph Smith. I do anticipate some Mormons claiming that they do not believe that people can become gods, in spite of much evidence to the contrary. Consider looking at the following scholarly paper which not only shows that they do teach such a thing but exposes some PR attempts to hide the fact: CLICK HERE My website:&nbsp;
9/5/20235 minutes, 8 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 106)

Today's Timestamps: 0:12 {ARRGH! The Pirate Bible!} Have you heard of The Pirate Bible? Apparently, it has been translated from the KJV into "pirate vernacular" using AI. It seems like a joke to me, but what are your thoughts? 14:28 {Does Video Auto-Play Lead to Sin?} Is it a sin to use a social media service that often displays ungodly messages and music? Short-form video services such as TikTok display videos directly on your feed rather than suggesting them to you. I will still often see ungodly videos even though I don't want to. 19:01 {Is Jesus Presently King?} Is Jesus presently on the throne or at the right hand of the throne? Is He King today? In what sense is He King? Proof text? How does the answer impact premillennial eschatology? 23:23 {Uncontacted Tribes &amp; Judgment} I was wondering, what will happen to the uncontacted tribes during the time of Jacob&rsquo;s trouble, and without the ability to hear the Gospel, what does judgment look like for them? 29:31 {Are Violent Video Games Permissible?} What are your thoughts on Christians playing violent video games like Call of Duty or Doom? At what point does it become a question of conscience vs. it just being wrong? 38:39 {Have a Pure Mind &ndash; Battling Lust} I came to Christ around 9 months ago, but I&rsquo;ve been really struggling with getting closer God. I&rsquo;m 15 and I have problems with lust. How can I stop always falling back into sin through lusting? 45:19 {Does Catholicism Save?} If at the end of days, the Protestant belief is proven true, would Catholics be saved? Conversely, if Catholicism turns out to be the truth, would Protestants be saved? 53:53 {Is Long Life a Blessing?} Proverbs 16:31 says that long life is the reward of the righteous. But in Philippians 1:23, Paul says he longs to go and be with Christ, which would be far better. So how is long life a blessing? 59:00 {About the 2nd Temple&rsquo;s Construction} Given that Ezekiel's temple prophecy with its strict measurements was written before the second temple was built, why didn't the second temple get built to those specifications? 1:01:38 {Do Christians Still Sin?} How should I understand 1 John 3 when it talks about those who abide in Christ no longer sinning, even as someone who continues to sin? 1:10:31 {Leviticus &ndash; Burnt Offerings} In Leviticus 1:9, why were only the legs and entrails washed before burning? Cultural? 1:15:24 {Are Crop-Tops Appropriate?} Most of the older girls and young women at our church are wearing crop tops to church. I find this obviously inappropriate for church and in general, but I don't want to be legalistic. Thoughts? 1:21:10 {Are All Medications Tied to Witchcraft?} Galatians 5:20 uses &ldquo;witchcraft.&rdquo; The word is only used 2 times in the Bible, with the origin word being where we get pharmacy/medicine. Can you clarify? I grew up learning this was literal and still applies. 1:26:20 {Honoring God through Singleness} How can I enjoy my singleness? I'm a young adult woman and I want to be in a relationship one day, but I want to be content where I am now. How can I grow closer to God during this time? 1:30:14 {Forgiving Others} Jesus said forgive others so that God will forgive us, but Paul says we forgive BECAUSE God has forgiven us. How do you reconcile those statements? 1:34:45 {Deliverance &amp; the &ldquo;Spirit of Jezebel&rdquo;} How do we lovingly correct someone who believes the deliverance ministry doctrine (people saying they have a &ldquo;spirit of Jezebel&rdquo; that needs to be prayed away)? 1:36:50 {About the Filioque} Can you flesh out the Filioque and its implications for the Western church? 1:38:56 {Attending Catholic Ceremonies?} Can Christians go to Catholic weddings, funerals, and baptisms? 1:44:36
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Why I say Mormon isn't Christian, though I wish it was.

I wish I could say that Mormonism was a genuine branch of Christianity. Sadly, it is not. And to affirm that it is would be cruel to people and disrespectful to God. Here's the playlist of videos I have that go over Latter-Day Saint (Mormon) content in a lot of detail, including addressing the false claims of Joseph Smith: &bull; Pastor Mike Winger - Mormonism Playlist My website:
8/23/20238 minutes, 49 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 105)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Intro1. 0:43 {Faith = Just a Family Tradition?} My husband believes that faith comes about by family tradition, and that someone's faith is just an expression of what their family has taught them rather than actual faith in God. What does the bible say about this?2. 20:34 {Wealth &amp; Poverty in Heaven} If we all get different wealth in Heaven based on our deeds on Earth, won&rsquo;t that create a situation where some people are poor and some are rich? And what happens once we spend it all?3. 25:28 {Was Paul Married? Widowed?} Acts 26:9-10: "...cast my vote" has implications that Paul was in the Sanhedrin (also residing over Stephen's trial in 8:1), which would have required him to be married (even though that requirement wasn't recorded until later; I'm guessing it was still implemented). Could Paul have been married? Perhaps widowed?4. 30:04 {Did Saul Know who David Was?} Why at the end of 1 Samuel 16 did the author emphasize David's service to and recognition by Saul, but in 1 Samuel 17, Saul didn't seem to even know who David was (no one seemed to know him for that matter)?5. 35:40 {Is Doubting OK?} I love Mark 9:24 - &ldquo;I believe, help my unbelief.&rdquo; But how do we understand that along with James 1:6-8 which says to ask in faith with no doubting, as the one who doubts will not receive anything from the Lord? 6. 41:10 {Should We Pray to Mary?} How can I respond with Scripture to a Catholic friend who says, &ldquo;Mary is the mother of Jesus, so why wouldn&rsquo;t you seek help from her? Jesus wouldn&rsquo;t like you disrespecting His mom in any way&rdquo;? 7. 48:25 {Are Our Souls Truly Immortal?} I was raised in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and they say that the belief in an immortal/immaterial soul is Pagan in origin and has no basis in the Bible. Is this true?8. 52:30 {The Fruit of False Prophets} In Matthew 7:15-20, what are the fruits of the false prophets? The teaching? The followers? The acts? Or something else?9. 57:36 {Leading with Proper Wisdom} In light of 1 Corinthians 3:18, how can I lead others spiritually with wisdom without considering myself to be wise?10. 1:01:35 {Will God Give Up on Repetitive Sinners?} I suffer from same-sex attraction. I fight it, but sometimes I give in. Will God give up on me at some point if I give in?11. 1:07:35 {Premarital Cohabitation Without Sex?} Is it OK for me and my long-distance girlfriend to stay in an Air BnB for a couple of months if we do not fall into sexual sin, but are not married?12. 1:10:31 {Must Christians Attend Church?} Do you have to attend church to be a Christian?13. 1:14:18 {When Other Faiths Pray for Us} When people of other religions pray for us and we see these prayers answered, how do we reconcile that with Christianity? Does that mean all faiths are good?14. 1:18:32 {Why did Jesus Die if Humans Still Die?} If the payment for sin is death, and both believers and non-believers will die anyways, then why did Jesus have to die for us? Was it for a chance at us entering Heaven?15. 1:21:53 {Did Augustine Consider the Apocrypha Canon?} How would you respond to those who point out that Augustine considered the Apocrypha as canon? 16. 1:24:40 {Satan&rsquo;s Fall in Luke 10} Could you shed some light on what Jesus meant in Luke 10:18? Is Jesus talking about Satan's initial fall here, and what purpose does it serve in the passage?17. 1:28:58 {OCD-Like Prayers} Any thoughts on struggles with OCD-like prayers? Ex: feeling the need to pray for protection over family members every day in fear that something bad will happen to them if I don&rsquo;t.18. 1:33:55 {God Didn&rsquo;t Reveal Himself?} What do you tell an atheist who says he looked for God and God didn't reveal Himself to him? And in general, what do you make of the argument of nonresistant non-believers?19. 1:40:16 {How to Hea
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 104)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:38 {Avoiding the Appearance of Evil?} You recently said, "Scripture says: avoid the appearance of evil." I was wondering, if 1 Thessalonians 5:22 is the verse you were thinking of, isn't that Scripture referring to staying away from partaking in evil, not abstaining from things that look like you're partaking in evil to others? 17:49 {About Jesus&rsquo; DNA} What was Jesus' DNA? Was Jesus' DNA 100% from God, or did He have Mary's human DNA? Perhaps it's the same DNA as Adam, since Jesus is the 2nd Adam? 23:25 {Angels Ascending &amp; Descending?} What did Jesus mean in John 1:51? Was it a specific word for Nathanael, or does it apply to everyone? Would really love some clarity. 30:58 {Brotherly Support vs. Enabling Legalism} How do we balance being careful not to stumble a fellow believer, while also not catering to someone's legalism? 37:24 {Polygamy in Scripture?} Polygamy? Exodus 21:10&ndash;11 says if he takes to himself another woman, he may not reduce her food, her clothing, or her conjugal rights. Clearly, God is speaking of multiple wives. Your thoughts? 44:11 {Negative Words = Neg. Consequences?} In WOF (Word of Faith) circles, 2 Kings 4:8-37 is an example of why you shouldn&rsquo;t speak or pray negatively about your situation. What is the actual idea of this passage? 53:41 {Envy vs. Jealousy?} Is there a difference between envy and jealousy? Can you describe what the difference is biblically? 56:09 {Did Joseph Fail to &ldquo;Test the Spirits&rdquo;?} 1 John 4 says to &ldquo;test the spirits.&rdquo; But Mary's husband, Joseph, didn't appear to do this when he had the dream to flee to Egypt. How should we understand or interpret this? 1:00:20 {Must we &ldquo;Wait for God&rdquo; before Salvation?} Can you get saved whenever? My church teaches that God must first &ldquo;knock on your heart&rdquo; before you can respond and accept salvation. This leads to some people wanting to be saved, but waiting. 1:05:51 {Clarifying a Difficult Passage} A local UMC pastor preached on Matthew 18:21-35. She said scholars say that Matthew added verses 34-35 and that the master does not represent God. I've never heard this take and it sounds concerning. Any insight? 1:09:12 {Why Didn&rsquo;t Jesus Baptize?} Why didn&rsquo;t Jesus water baptize anyone Himself (John 4:2)? 1:13:20 {Do Not Evangelize to Some People?} Are there situations or groups of people for whom we shouldn't share the Gospel? Acts 16:6-7 seems to say so, but I'd love to hear your insight on the topic and your interpretation of this passage. 1:17:21 {Godly Headship Carried Out} What does a husband being the head of the wife actually mean he does? I don't find any actionable steps or clear examples in the Bible. Does he boss her around or just be a good man? 1:22:20 {Do We Each Have a &ldquo;Calling&rdquo;?} How do we know how we (individually) are meant to serve the Lord? 1:25:32 {Thoughts on Genesis 1/Creation} I've recently seen Inspiring Philosophy's video on Genesis 1. He says that it's most likely mirroring the near East tradition of assigning purpose rather than actual creation. Thoughts? 1:34:09 {Song of Solomon = Christ &amp; Church?} I am currently studying Song of Solomon, and I was wondering, do you believe that it represents Christ and the Church? I have an issue with that, as the book describes a sexual relationship. 1:37:30 {Can Same-Sex Attractions Change?} I'm a Christian, converted this year. I've felt the Holy Spirit inspire me to live a better life in many ways. But I still struggle with one thing. I'm gay and I struggle to see how my attraction could change. 1:40:35 {DND, Harry Potter, etc.} The Bible is clear about its stance on sorcery and witchcraft. My husband and I play DND and some people were having an issue with this a
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When your pastor uses The Passion Translation.

If you want to know more about The Passion Translation, you can find it in these links: CLICK HERE for an overview of issues for those who want the "big picture." CLICK HERE for my full playlist of interviews with top scholars that I hired to do reviews of The Passion Translation. These guys are all experienced in working on major Bible translations. They reviewed TPT and helped us take a look "under the hood." I'm Mike Winger and it's my goal to help people learn to think biblically about everything. My website:
7/20/20234 minutes, 4 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 103)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:53 {The Sin of Sodom} What Was the Sin of Sodom &amp; Gomorrah? 30:37 {Proper Posture for Prayer} Does God really care about our physical position while we pray or praise and worship? Does He care whether we are standing, sitting, bowing, etc.? 33:31 {Why isn&rsquo;t Dan Listed?} In Revelation 7, 12 x 1200 are listed from 11 of the 12 tribes. Dan isn't listed. What's up with that? 39:11 {How to View Mythical &ldquo;gods&rdquo;} How should we view mythical gods? Were they real? They had to come from somewhere to get the idea, right? 41:44 {Casting Out = Abolishing?} How do you reconcile Galatians 4:28-31 with Jesus saying He didn&rsquo;t come to abolish the Law? Casting them out kind of seems like abolishing. 45:11 {How to Explain Perceived Miracles} How can I respond with Scripture to my Catholic friend who says, &ldquo;I&rsquo;ve seen Mary &amp; saints do miracles when my dad was in the ICU. That&rsquo;s why it&rsquo;s hard to leave the catholic religion: I&rsquo;ve seen It&rdquo;? 47:22 {Created More Obedient?} If God knew humans would rebel in the garden, and that humanity is so prone to rebellion, why didn't He create us more suitable to be obedient to Him? Was His plan to always to perfect us in Christ? 53:23 {Is a Lack of Structure &amp; Liturgy Problematic?} What do you think about tradition and church liturgy? Is it not a problem that contemporary churches lack beauty and tradition in their doctrine? 58:32 {Will the Gospel Reach All Nations Soon?} It seems that Jesus, in Matthew 24:14, indicates that His return will come once the Gospel is preached to all nations. Can we assume this will happen sooner rather than much later? 1:02:29 {Jesus = Michael the Archangel?} Is Michael the Archangel Jesus? I once heard a pastor give praises and prayers to Michael on the pulpit, and when I asked him about it, he referenced a few Scriptures but I&rsquo;m just not fully convinced. 1:06:41 {About Behemoth &amp; Leviathan} Can you shed some clarity on what exactly is behemoth and leviathan in the Old Testament? 1:08:24 {Jesus Indwelt by the Spirit?} Was Jesus indwelt by the Holy Spirit, or was it His own divine nature that sustained Him while on Earth in His human form? 1:11:45 {Healing: By Faith or By God?} In Luke 8:43-48, Jesus says, &ldquo;Your faith has made you well.&rdquo; He didn&rsquo;t say God did it, but her faith. How is this different than the Law of Attraction as told by New Agers? 1:17:25 {Hellfire &amp; Brimstone Preaching} What are your thoughts on the "Hellfire and Brimstone" style of preaching? Is there any truth in it? 1:22:19 {Is Debt Inherently Sinful?} I have a question on debt. Do you see debt as sinful, or is it something that can become sinful if abused, like alcohol consumption? Any clear biblical lines on the issue? 1:25:39 {When Believers Disagree} Can you give me any advice on living in unity with other brothers and sisters in Christ? I always try to keep secondary issues secondary, but I&rsquo;ve heard &ldquo;Well, your secondary issues are someone else&rsquo;s primary issues.&rdquo; 1:29:53 {Using &ldquo;Preferred Pronouns&rdquo;?} I am a manager for a large retailer, and I have recently had two employees request that I address them by their non-binary pronouns. Do you have any thoughts on how I should proceed? 1:34:36 {The Doctrine of Inspiration} What evidence and encouragement can you offer a believer who is struggling to trust the doctrine of inspiration? I know that it&rsquo;s true, but I struggle with doubt. 1:38:03 {Teaching PSA to Our Youth} My ex is Muslim. He taught our kids that God&rsquo;s forgiveness is enough and there is no need for God to die for our sins. Do you have any ideas on how to discuss Penal Substitution with a 9 yr. old? 1:41:14 {A
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Is This a Biblical Tactic for Outreach?

As I am uploading this video, I realize there's a confusion that could easily arise. I'll try to clear it up here: The NT does not teach all believers to actually attend literal synagogues. Nor do we have any examples I know of where Gentile converts to Christianity ever attended, or were told to attend synagogues literally. I am speaking here of the common practice of evangelism where we seek out public opportunities and locations to tell people about Jesus and the Gospel. This is an area where Christians in general could use a lot more boldness and intentionality. Go for it! My website:
6/27/20236 minutes, 20 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 102)

Today's first question is about 4 passages in the Bible that supposedly show God lying. Time Stamps: 0:01 {God Lied 4 Times??} I&rsquo;ve recently had someone use Jeremiah 20:7, Matthew 16:28, the lack of immediate death in Genesis 3, and Cain&rsquo;s exile in Genesis 4 as &ldquo;evidence&rdquo; that God is a liar. How would you respond? 38:46 {Animal Death Before the Fall?} If animal death occurred prior to the fall, wouldn&rsquo;t that mean God called animal death/suffering &ldquo;very good?&rdquo; If we later see a wolf dwelling with a lamb, wouldn&rsquo;t that indicate that prior to the fall, that was what we had enjoyed? 45:12 {Avoid the Appearance of Evil?} You recently said, "Scripture says: avoid the appearance of evil." I was wondering, if 1 Thessalonians 5:22 is the verse you were thinking of, isn't that verse referring to staying away from partaking in evil, not abstaining from things that look like you're partaking in evil to others? 48:19 {Human Souls vs. Animal Souls} Does Ecclesiastes 3:18-21 teach that there is no difference between the spirits of humans and those of animals? I&rsquo;ve heard this claim from those who reject an immortal soul. 55:07 {Has Jesus Always Had a Physical Body?} What form did Jesus exist in before He was conceived in Mary&rsquo;s womb? Did He have a physical body before that? 57:27 {Evangelism Required for Salvation?} Is our salvation based not only on being saved and accepting Jesus into our life and believing in Him, but also on a need to be spreading the Word of God (the Bible)? 1:01:37 {Is Repentance a Change of Mind?} If repentance (metanoia) literally means &ldquo;change of mind,&rdquo; then why do we say repentance means changing our mind/attitude about sin? Why isn't it changing our minds from unbelief to belief? 1:04:16 {Theocracy &amp; Theonomy} Could Christ's commission to disciple the nations in Matthew 28:19 mean the Christianization of countries and nation-states, or does it apply only to individual people? 1:11:18 {Will We Judge Angels?} 1 Corinthians 6:3 states that we will judge angels. What do you think Paul means by this, and is there any other reference about us judging angels? 1:14:18 {Cursing &amp; Blessing in the OT} When prophets such as Elisha cursed or blessed people, was it God who put it in their minds to do that, or did they have a Spirit-given ability to do such things without having to consult Him? 1:18:00 {Does the HS Help Us or Take Over?} Does the Holy Spirit enhance who we are, as in assisting us in Godly behavior? Or does He, at times, take over completely so that we behave, see, and feel things opposite of our ungodly flesh? 1:24:20 {The Purpose of Scripture in Eternity} Matthew 5:18 seems to say some Scripture will pass away at the end times, but Matthew 24:35 appears to contradict this. What use might we have for Scripture in the next life where there is no temptation to sin? 1:27:55 {Are We to Administer Revenge Ourselves?} Someone said it was okay to exact revenge on pedophiles, and they used Matthew 18:6 to justify it. Is that what this Scripture really means or allows for? 1:32:14 {Death on the New Earth?} Why is there a reference to death and a lifespan (albeit a long one) in Isaiah 65:20 when speaking of the New Earth? 1:34:37 {Will We Remember our Lives in Heaven?} Do you think we will remember our earthly lives in Heaven, given that there is nothing negative in Heaven and this world is so full of negative things and memories? 1:40:24 {The Serious Sin of Blasphemy} Why do so many Christians take the Lord&rsquo;s name in vain? I know several Christians (even two pastors) who do this often. Should we tell them they&rsquo;re in sin? 1:43:25 {What did Jesus Mean?} What do you think Jesus meant when He said "The first shall be last and the last shall be f
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Stealing Jesus for LGBT ideology.

This is not a video primarily about LGBT stuff. It's about Jesus. It's about not letting interest groups tell a fake story about a fake Jesus and thereby highjack the Lord of all creation to teach some ideology that He would never have supported. Historically, theologically, and logically, it's just not right to say such things. My website:
6/22/20235 minutes, 24 seconds
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Just winging it (8-year anniversary stream)

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A Q&amp;A I don't imagine this video will be of wide interest, but for those who want to watch, this is in celebration of the 8 year anniversary of when I started making regular content online. I have a number of random issues I'll be discussing, and I'll also be interacting with the chat. Again, this is not a Q&amp;A. Even though I may glance at the chat here and there and interact in real time (which I don't do during teaching videos), I won't be gathering 20 questions and answering them like I do in the Q&amp;A videos. The next Q&amp;A is Friday, June 23 at 1 p.m. PT.
6/17/20231 hour, 31 minutes, 35 seconds
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Surprising things I learned reading the Quran.

I've shared specific verses from the Quran so that people can double check for themselves. For more on this topic, I recommend you check out the book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by former Muslim, Nabeel Qureshi.CLICK HERE for some of his content in video form. It's very powerful. My website:
6/11/20236 minutes, 14 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 101)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Intro 0:08 {Is the Canon Closed?} Why can no new books of the Bible be written? Why is the canon closed? 26:49 {Must we Share our Faith in Every Circumstance?} Looking at 1 Peter 3:15-17, what would you say to anyone who would ask you about "the hope you have in you"? And are there times or certain people who you wouldn't bother providing that answer to (e.g., someone you know isn't really interested in the answer and just seeks to make fun of you)? 33:27 {How did the Thief on the Cross Know?} The thief on the cross believed Jesus would come into His kingdom, despite knowing that Jesus was going to die. How might that be, since even the disciples didn&rsquo;t grasp this until the resurrection? 36:58 {How to Reach a Wiccan} What can or should I say to a Wiccan relative who wants to have seances to reach her dead son? She&rsquo;s not a believer, so should I just hold my tongue? 39:53 {The Man in Mark 14} Who was the man in Mark 14:51-52? Could it be that this was somehow Jesus Himself escaping? As an unbeliever, how should I approach my readings? Any questions I should keep in mind? 45:42 {Understanding Parallel Prophecies} Is there a process you go through to understand parallel prophecies? For example, 2 Samuel 7:14 seems to be about Jesus, but clearly not completely because he doesn&rsquo;t commit iniquity. 53:11 {Different Personalities in the Trinity?} Do the different Persons of the Trinity have different personalities? Would God the Father, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit act in a different way than the others in a given situation? 55:54 {Do Heavenly Rewards Support LDS Doctrine?} Every time you answer a question about rewards in Heaven, I can't help but think of the LDS levels of Heaven. How do I debate with them when they use rewards as the basis for their belief about there being different levels of Heaven? 1:03:13 {Can a Christian Struggle to Obey God?} Can a Christian still struggle with submitting completely to God? Or is that a symptom that you're not truly saved? 1:05:20 {About the &ldquo;Two Witnesses&rdquo; in Rev.} Who are the two witnesses in the book of Revelation, and is it possible for them to be people that are walking the Earth today that are not in the Bible? 1:11:01 {Are Casual Conversations Sinful?} Someone argued with me that because of Matthew 12:36 (every idle word&hellip;), all jokes and fun conversations are sinful, and that Jesus never spoke in a casual, non-serious way. Is this true? 1:16:54 {Should We Still Forgive when Not Asked?} Do we still need to forgive others if they don&rsquo;t ask for forgiveness? My grandma believes that as Christians, we don&rsquo;t forgive unless the other person repents and asks for forgiveness. 1:20:17 {Christian Creators: Make This Content!} As a YouTube pastor, do you have any suggestions for content you would like to see Christians make? I'm in seminary and I&rsquo;m thinking about making videos, but I wonder what I should create (if I did). 1:22:56 {Being Open about Sexual Sin} Do you have any advice on how to come out (for lack of a better word) to my Christian parents about being same-sex attracted and addicted to pornography? I know Christianity is true. 1:27:23 {Does Titus 3:5 Teach Calvinism?} What is a non-Calvinist way of understanding regeneration in Titus 3:5? 1:31:34 {Is God&rsquo;s Love Actually Conditional?} If the Bible says God loves those who love Him, thereby making a condition we have to fulfill for His love (Proverbs 8:17, John 14:21, 23), can we still say that God's love is unconditional (John 3:16, etc.)? 1:35:43 {Lessons from a Peculiar Bible Story} What is the lesson for us from 1 Kings 13:11-24 where the man of God is deceived by the old prophet, eats with him, and is killed by the lion? 1:46:28 {About Cath
6/9/20232 hours
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You probably don’t know this.

Some people think of &ldquo;sinners and tax collectors&rdquo; as categories of people who Jesus treats as if they are oppressed and misunderstood. The reality is that Jesus treats all people as if even the best of us are &ldquo;sinners and tax collectors&rdquo; when it comes to our need for repentance and God&rsquo;s grace. When you see yourself as you are, it will become so encouraging that Jesus called this lousy tax collector to follow Him. It means that Jesus calls you, as well, even though you (and me) aren&rsquo;t worthy.
6/1/20231 minute, 15 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 100)

0:00 - Intro 0:09 {AI &ndash; Image of the Beast?} What are your thoughts on Chat GPT (and AI in general)? As Christians, should we be concerned about this type of technology? Is it OK to experiment with, or should we "steer clear"? 27:13 {Worshiping at Work: Divided Attention?} Is it bad to listen to worship music when you're working? I prefer it over secular music, but I also feel guilty for not giving it my full attention. Is this treating it as entertainment? 31:34 {Speaking Over Our Lives} Is &ldquo;speaking something over your life&rdquo; a biblical concept? A Christian said something like, &ldquo;If you were going to die in one week, how would you live? I'm not speaking that over your life though!&rdquo; 38:36 {God Sent an Evil Spirit?} 1 Samuel 16:14 and 1 Samuel 19:9 speak of an &ldquo;evil spirit from the Lord&rdquo; tormenting Saul. How could a holy/righteous and loving God give him a tormenting spirit? 46:07 {Disqualified from our Rewards?} Since sanctification is a work of the Holy Spirit, and we will never be fully sinless in this life, how do we not become disqualified from/lose rewards in Heaven (1 Corinthians 9:27)? 52:56 {The Biblical Way to Get Married} Why do we have to have an ordained pastor to get married? Is there Scripture to back this up? If two people make a commitment to each other and God, is that enough? 58:53 {What Does Evil Music Sound Like?} If we took away the lyrics from music, would there still be such a thing as &ldquo;bad music&rdquo; or &ldquo;evil music&rdquo;? If so, what does evil music sound like? 1:01:04 {Do We Still Have a Sin Nature?} Does flesh = sin nature? Adam &amp; Eve sinned, even without a sin nature. After salvation, we still have the flesh (Romans 7:18), but we&rsquo;re dead to sin/not slaves to sin (Rom 6:2-7). Does this mean we no longer have a sin nature? 1:06:34 {Can We Go Outside of Scripture for Context?} I've heard 1 Corinthians 4:6 used to say not to go "outside" of scripture (e.g., learning history to help interpret biblical context). Your thoughts? 1:14:34 {The Origin of Sunday Worship} When is the earliest, in church history, that we see Christians worshiping on Sunday instead of the Sabbath? Did it begin with the Catholic Church, or was it before? 1:19:23 {What Makes &ldquo;Drag&rdquo; Wrong?} Drag queen culture is championed by the LGBTQ movement, and therefore feels immoral by association, but I find it hard to put a finger on why drag by itself is biblically wrong. Any thoughts? 1:24:09 {Eating Meat After the Flood} In Genesis 9:3, why did God allow us to start eating meat after the flood? 1:27:28 {Using Cannabis Before Quiet Time?} I take mild cannabis edibles for my ADHD. On them I have wonderful quiet times in prayer and Bible study. Would it be rightly dividing Scripture to say this is how I personally am being &ldquo;sober-minded&rdquo;? 1:32:42 {John 15 &ndash; Will I be &ldquo;Taken Away&rdquo;?} What are your thoughts on John 15:2 and the Greek word for "takes away"? I've heard that it would be more accurately translated as "raise up." This word seems to change the meaning of the verse. 1:39:07 {Do God &amp; Satan Talk?} Is the devil talking to God in today&rsquo;s generation like in the book of Job? If angels are warring with demons, can we assume there is communication? 1:43:20 {Which Faith is True?} How can I know I have the right faith? I've been watching many apologetics videos since I first found your videos over four years ago, and many Catholics, reformed believers, and evangelicals all have convincing arguments. 1:49:02 {About the Shroud of Turin} What are your thoughts on the Shroud of Turin? 1:52:13 {Leading Others to Biblical Teachings} My family member LOVES Joel Osteen. What are some thoughtful questions I could ask that would naturally lead them to a m
5/26/20232 hours, 8 minutes, 40 seconds
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The Bible "Translation" That "Needs a Surgeon General's Warning"

You can have free access to all interviews and scholarly papers on this topic right here. Watch the interviews on YouTube HERE. Get the papers and/or interviews free on my website (no signup required) HERE. For the sake of the body of Christ we need to be aware of the problematic "translation" that is strangely and undeservedly popular, due to the reckless endorsement of pastors who should know better. I did NOT search for scholars who would oppose TPT. I did NOT check to see what denomination they were from. Nor did I ask them to slam the work or provide a particularly negative review. I simply hired scholars who were well-qualified and asked them each to review a different book from The Passion Translation of the Bible. They unanimously agree that it isn't what it pretends to be. Their full reviews and papers are available to you at the links above. My website:
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A powerful argument against Christianity.

This is a delicate issue because the terms of the discussion push an evaluation of the person who is failing to find God. I hope that listeners can hear that I am not trying to offer any personal attacks on individuals, but am trying to offer an analysis of how a claim like "I'm trying to find God and I am not finding Him" can actually involve a situation more complicated than a simple, sincere, two-dimensional search. Without labeling people with specific explanations for their particular situation, I can acknowledge several layers to this issue which undercut this argument's power as evidence that God does not exist. My honest hope and prayer for those who feel they are seeking God and failing to find Him is that they would continue seeking as sincerely as they can and wait on God to open their eyes to Him. Perhaps you find my answer unsatisfactory. In that case you might be interested in a more detailed answer from a philosopher who is better versed in such things. CLICK HERE. My website:
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Call out sin or keep my mouth shut?

Jesus called out sin in others, except when He didn't. This question takes more wisdom than a simple, hard and fast rule will allow. Here are a few thoughts and a relevant passage of Scripture for you to consider. Hopefully it helps you figure out if you should call out sin or keep your mouth shut. My website:
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 99)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:01 {Infinite Punishment for Finite Crimes?} Why does God give infinite punishment for finite crimes? Even from a biblical point of view, not every crime is prescribed the same punishment. So why, then, can a person never serve the entirety of their punishment in Hell? 28:35 {Why Did God Allow Sin?} If God knew that humans would fall into sin, why did He allow us to live in this fallen world and not take us straight to Heaven? 34:36 {Has Christianity Changed Over Time?} How do you know the Christianity you believe is the same they were practicing in the early Church if history says Constantine and the Greeks changed things? 39:06 {Why Won&rsquo;t Christians Marry Non-Christians?} A woman stopped dating me because of worldview differences. I believe in a higher power and wouldn&rsquo;t have pulled her away from her faith. It hurt badly. Why do some Christians do that? She seems indoctrinated (&ldquo;can&rsquo;t marry a non-Christian&rdquo;). 43:49 {Is Christianity Itself a Cult?} How is Christianity like (or not like) a cult in either definition and/or practice? 47:46 {Is Every Good Thing an Answered Prayer?} Why are some people so quick to celebrate when God answers &ldquo;small&rdquo; prayers, but they overlook the fact that He didn&rsquo;t answer &ldquo;bigger&rdquo; prayers like healing someone of cancer? 53:12 {Why Aren&rsquo;t Mormons Christians?} Ex-Mormon here. Surely all Christians believe things about God that are incorrect, but they're still saved. What makes the LDS different? How are my misconceptions acceptable when theirs aren't? 1:02:12 {Are Miracles Unreliable?} If Satan and his workers can perform miracles to mislead people, why should I believe Christians when they tell me to look at miracles, or when Jesus says to look at His miracles? 1:07:05{Why Does God Allow Painful Grieving?} Why did God allow My cat to be attacked by a dog if He could have stopped it? We are heartbroken. 1:10:07 {Did Jesus Know He&rsquo;d be Resurrected?} Did Jesus know He was only going to die for 3 days and it wouldn&rsquo;t actually be for eternity? And why did the father require a sacrifice if it wasn&rsquo;t for eternity? 1:14:18 {Did Jesus Exist &amp; Is Scripture Really Inspired?} What proof is there that Jesus really existed, and if the Gospels were written by man, how do you prove they were inspired by God and not by man? 1:20:55 {Why does God Require Prayer?} Why would God require prayer for what He knows He SHOULD heal? 1:25:07 {Can Non-Believers Come to Church to Observe?} Are there any good rules of thumb for atheists attending a church service for the purposes of learning? Assuming they have no intention of conversion, is this considered rude or invasive? 1:27:23 {Is God Egotistical?} Isn&rsquo;t it egotistical for God to ask us to worship Him? 1:31:14 {Why does God Expect Perfection} The Bible says, &ldquo;Be perfect as your father in Heaven is perfect.&rdquo; Why would God, knowing that we will always be sinful when we are in flesh, expect perfection? 1:34:46 {Is the Bible Just a Storybook?} How can you believe in a storybook (referring to the Bible)? This was actually a question I faced several times when I stayed in Germany for a while. 1:37:21 {Does God Know Every Choice We&rsquo;ll Make?} Does God already know what choices we will make? Does He just know the outcome of every single option, or are there maybe two or a couple possible options for everyone&rsquo;s choices? If the first, what's the point? 1:40:48 {Was YHWH a &ldquo;Storm god&rdquo;?} I have been hearing atheists &amp; Muslims saying our God YHWH was originally a storm god. Has this been proven archeologically? Any implications on our faith? Any thoughts on that? 1:42:01 {Stumbled by Theological Doctrines?} The differen
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 98)

0:00 - Intro 0:56 {&ldquo;Work Out&rdquo; My Salvation??} What does it mean to "work out your salvation with fear and trembling"? Is that a literal statement? 20:14 {Did Jesus Bodily Rise if He Appeared in the Flesh?} Jehovah's Witnesses claim that Jesus was resurrected as a spirit only (not a bodily resurrection) since He appeared in a locked room, and if He was in the flesh He couldn't have done that. What are your thoughts in response to this? 25:06 {Honoring Parents through Marital Friction} How can I honor and love my parents biblically when they take offense at and criticize my wife and I for every little thing we do? It's making my wife anxious, and we're going to have a baby. We want a relationship with them, but they seem committed to bitterness. 30:44 {Can Non-Believers bear the Fruit of the Spirit?} Can someone who is not a Christian show the fruit of the Spirit? 34:28 {Will Sharing Tough Truth Ruin our Witness?} I'm afraid to talk about issues like abortion, LGBT, etc. for fear that I'll turn people off so much that they won't listen AT ALL when I try to share the Gospel. How can I resolve this? 43:54 {How Do We &ldquo;Abstain from Blood&rdquo; Today?} How, as 21st century Christians, should we understand the decree for gentile believers to abstain from blood (Acts 15:20, 28, 29)? 53:28 {Are there Really Any &ldquo;Righteous&rdquo; People?} Do the Righteous live by faith, or is no one Righteous? How do we reconcile these ideas without compromising their original meaning? 58:38 {Does Sincerity = Salvation?} I have a Muslim friend that I speak with regularly about God. I am a firm Christian, but I question how other God-fearing people who have been indoctrinated into a specific religion are not saved. 1:04:17 {Could the HS be Feminine?} Could the Holy Spirit be feminine? A biblically sound, wiser, older Christian in my life is unsure about this. He brings up decent arguments affirming this view, but then there's John 15:26. Thoughts? 1:09:01 {Has God Hidden What We Need to Know?} What are your thoughts on Mathew 11:25? I was raised in the Branham cult where there is a great deal of anti-intellectualism. They also claim that God has blinded most Christians from Branham. 1:14:41 {Will We Receive Anything We Ask of God?} The Bible says, &ldquo;Ask and you shall receive.&rdquo; I asked Jesus to save my mother, but He didn&rsquo;t. Then why did He say, &ldquo;Ask and you shall receive&rdquo;? 1:21:03 {Resolving Translational Differences} Why does 1 Corinthians 11:16 seem to have opposite meanings depending on the translation? How should we understand it? 1:24:30 {Missing Verses? Is My Bible Reliable?} I've just learned that some Bibles are missing passages. How should we approach the Bible knowing some verses have been left out? 1:32:27 {Why Is There Still Evil on Earth?} My 10-year-old wants to know, if Satan was defeated, then why is there still evil on the planet? I couldn&rsquo;t think of a good way to answer her. Help? 1:36:43 {What is &ldquo;Hyper-Charismatic&rdquo;?} Please explain what "hyper-charismatic&rdquo; means. Thank you. 1:39:27 {Why was Achan&rsquo;s Household Punished?} Ezekiel 18:20 says that the son shall not suffer for the iniquity of the father. How do you explain the story of Achan in Joshua 7:25 where he and his household were stoned and burned because of his sin? 1:47:17 {Did YHWH Lose to the &ldquo;god&rdquo; of Moab?} Did Yahweh lose to the god of Moab in 2 Kings 3:27? 1:58:54 {Is There a Temple in Heaven?} Is there a literal temple in Heaven, or is that meant to be understood figuratively? I have always understood that the temple/tabernacle on Earth were to represent truths about Heaven. 1:59:54 {Using Time Wisely in Marriage} My husband likes to spend hours on meaningless videos or gaming. How can I t
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When to be scared you're NOT a genuine Christian.

I'm hoping and praying that God would use this to comfort those who need comfort and to shine a light on those who are living dangerously, so they can make a true faith commitment to Jesus. Trust in Jesus, follow Jesus, be real about it. My website:
4/28/20235 minutes, 1 second
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 97)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Intro 0:56 {Self-Loathing vs. Self-Love?} As Christians, how do we deal with self-loathing without indulging in and practicing too much self-love? 26:19 {Evolved from Monkeys?} From a biblical standpoint, is there any reason that Christians believe we evolved from monkeys? I'm confused why some Christians believe that, and I&rsquo;m curious if it&rsquo;s purely a worldview standpoint? 37:50 {Who Are God&rsquo;s Chosen People?} I had a debate with a friend about Israel still being God's chosen people. Doesn't Romans 9:6-8 and Galatians 3:28-29 communicate that God's chosen people are anyone who places their faith in Jesus? 48:20 {Do Animals Sin?} Are animals able to sin? They kill for food and sometimes it appears this may be likened to murder, but what does the Bible say about this? 51:28 {Should our Main Focus be Evangelism?} John Wesley says, &ldquo;You have one business on this earth: to save souls.&rdquo; Is Christlikeness or spiritual maturity chiefly a means to an end &ndash; of bringing people to Christ (Romans 8:29, 2 Corinthians 3:18, 2 Peter 3:18)? 55:00 {Setting Biblical Boundaries as Parents} I had a domestic violence upbringing, and I now have a son of my own. I have fears of family telling me how to parent my son. How do I set healthy biblical boundaries that protect my son and honor Christ? 59:19 {Bored in the OT!} How do I read the Old Testament without getting bored and distracted 2 minutes in? 1:02:13 {How to be a Worthwhile Servant} What makes a servant worthwhile to Christ? It seems like in Matthew 25, the servant was cast into outer darkness because he did not DO enough. 1:09:29 {Understanding a Difficult Passage} I'm struggling to interpret Judges 19:2, 25 on why the concubine suffered abuse. Some have said God was punishing her for adultery. How do I understand this without reading into the text? 1:23:18 {Who Sinned First?} I have been asked, "Was Adam's sin the first sin?" Something along the lines of: &ldquo;Wasn't Satan the first one that sinned?&rdquo; Thoughts? 1:25:00 {How to &ldquo;Work Out Our Salvation&hellip;&rdquo;} What does it mean to "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling"? Is that a literal statement? 1:28:07 {Is Nepotism Sinful?} Is nepotism a sin? My church was founded by my grandpa, my dad is the senior pastor, and my brother is a youth leader. I do believe they legitimately earned these roles, but others at my church don&rsquo;t. 1:35:16 {Repentance After Death?} Can someone repent after death? Hebrews 9:27 seems to say &ldquo;no,&rdquo; BUT Revelation 2:21-27 seems to suggest &ldquo;yes&rdquo; for it is the &ldquo;unwillingness&rdquo; to repent that condemns. I really hope the latter is true. 1:41:23 {Did Adam Know Right from Wrong?} I was talking to an atheist and they asked, &ldquo;If Adam had not yet eaten of the tree of knowledge, therefore not knowing disobedience, how can God hold him accountable and judge him for it?&rdquo; 1:46:09 {The Waters &ldquo;Above the Expanse&rdquo;} What do you think the waters &ldquo;above the expanse&rdquo; are in Genesis 1:6-8? 1:49:01 {How to Biblically Process Grief} How do we deal with grief in the right &amp; biblical way? I lost my dad months ago by sudden death. I feel worried, I&rsquo;m angry, and I cry. I&rsquo;m so tired of the rollercoaster feelings. 1:53:07 {About Foul Language} What makes language foul? Is it the words themselves, or the context? Like if I use a word in a friendly way, is it still considered foul language? 1:57:37 {Can Evolution be Plausible?} Do you think evolution is plausible theologically? I have never heard a good response to how there would have been death before the fall. 2:01:39 {How Could Satan Stand in God&rsquo;s Presence?} If sin cannot enter God's pres
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Who will Jesus reject? It might not be what you think.

Learn to think biblically about everything. Countless hours of free content available here or at my website,
4/18/20233 minutes, 55 seconds
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Why I no longer say "I'm spiritual but not religious."

If you don't know what's wrong with the phrase, please take a moment to think it through with me. My website:
4/13/202322 minutes, 41 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 96)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:14 {Feminism&rsquo;s Impact on the Church} What&rsquo;s your opinion on how feminism is impacting the modern Church? 16:30 {Is Ordination Necessary?} What are your thoughts on the necessity to be ordained into ministry? Can I turn my home Bible study into a church? 19:33 {Heaven or Earth During 2nd Coming?} Will we be taken to Heaven during the second coming, or will God&rsquo;s Kingdom come to Earth to reign? Seems odd to create Earth for Him to just destroy it and bring us to His domain. 24:59 {Relationship Dynamics Before Divorce} I was wondering, if a couple is married and one of them is seeking an unbiblical divorce, does that give them the right to start dating other people before the divorce is finalized? 27:34 {Witnessing to Muslims} I'm 15, and my best friend at school is a Muslim. Do you have any advice for trying to evangelize Muslims who are intelligent and rational but very set in their ways? 35:43 {Should Men Move Out Before Dating?} Looking at Ephesians 5:31, Should a Christian man move out of his parents&rsquo; house before trying to date, to prove they can provide an income and a house? 40:07 {If God Seems Silent, Does He Still Care?} My sister walked away from God because she begged for direction in her life and she says she heard nothing from God. This led her to believe God doesn&rsquo;t care about her. How do I respond to this? 45:48 {Slave to Sin?} In Romans 7:14, is Paul describing his experience before or after he became a Christian? He&rsquo;s just shifted to the present tense, but says he is sold as a slave to sin. Does this differ from Romans 8? 52:45 {How Should We View Extrabiblical Books?} With extrabiblical books such as Enoch or 1 &amp; 2 Maccabees, how do you discern within these books if they're true accounts, if they don't contradict our canon? 55:59 {Earthly Rulers vs. Spiritual Rulers?} In 1 Corinthians 2:8, is Paul referring to earthly rulers (i.e. Pharisees or Romans) or spiritual rulers as he does in Ephesians 6:12? 1:01:08 {Forgiveness while Guarding Against Abuse} In 1 Corinthians 13:1, we are told that love "keeps no record of wrongs.&rdquo; But how do we reconcile this with setting boundaries to protect us from abusive behaviors? 1:03:11 {Should we Pray for Specific Gifts?} What do you think about praying expectantly for a very specific gift of the Holy Spirit? I see people blessed with certain gifts teaching classes. For example, I've seen classes on how to prophesy.13.1:10:02 {Thoughts on the Anglican Church} Any thoughts on the Anglican Church? I found a church I like, but I have never been a part of a proper denomination before, so I&rsquo;m worried about bureaucracy. 1:12:05 {Was Jesus Really Buried for 3 Days &amp; Nights?} If Jesus died on a Friday and rose on a Sunday, then He was not in the grave for three days and three nights. Why is it that this seems never to be addressed? 1:18:33 {About Theistic Evolution} Can you explain your understanding of Theistic Evolution? I saw a video by InspiringPhilosophy and have a hard time accepting this viewpoint. 1:25:37 {Was Abel a Prophet?} Does Luke 11:50-51 mean that Abel was a prophet? 1:30:04 {Who Can Baptize People?} Can anyone baptize? Or must one be a pastor? 1:32:40 {Communicating with God} How can we have a relationship with God when He doesn&rsquo;t talk back? 1:34:54 {Was Saul Justified in Ending his Life?} Could we say that Saul killing himself in 1 Samuel 31:3-5 was justifiable for the same reason 9/11 jumpers were justified? 1:41:51 {Holy Week Reflections} With Easter coming up, what is something that we might overlook but shouldn&rsquo;t, considering that celebrating Easter might just become a yearly habit or tradition to people? <a href="https://www.
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Calling out false teachings.

Videos referenced in this episode: Todd White "miracles" examined Bill Johnson's theology examined(I was genuinely too soft on Bill in this video, so please also consider watching the recent follow-up video HERE) Brian Zahnd's teaching examined A project with several credentialed scholars examining Brian Simmons' problematic new translation of the Bible: CLICK HERE My website:
3/24/20238 minutes, 50 seconds
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Happy, Smiley, Heresy.

According to his website, Salvatore Sapienza is an ordained minister serving as pastor of the UCC church in Saugatuck/Douglas, Michigan, where he lives with his husband, Gregg. Listen carefully and see if you can spot how this one Progressive Christian pastor twists John 3:16 to reject the Gospel. Note the rhetorical move of pretending that those who don't agree with him are mean-hearted and delight in condemning people. Note how he isolates one part of one verse from its full context so that he can more easily pretend it teaches something very different than it really does. Note, most of all, how a thoughtful reading of Scripture in context will protect you from nice-sounding, false doctrines. Do you want to see the whole video this is from? It's a full analysis of this pastor's sermon on John 3:16. Deeply troubling. CLICK HERE to view. My website:
3/22/20235 minutes, 18 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 95)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:23 {Overcoming Covetousness} Why is it so hard to be content? I've been blessed with more than most people, but I'm always wanting MORE. I drain so much money buying more "stuff" and once I see something I like, I'm bummed/stressed until I get to buy it. I don't want to be this way. Please help! 25:10 {Eschatological Timings} What effect does Psalm 110:1 and Luke 20:42-43 have on the timing or placement of the rapture of the Church in reference to the tribulation? 29:59 {How to Pray for Unbelievers} I don&rsquo;t believe Calvinism is biblical, but I find that my prayers for unbelievers often sound Calvinistic: &ldquo;Change their hearts, bring them to You,&rdquo; etc. How should we pray for unbelievers' salvation? 32:10 {Can We Be as Close as the Disciples?} Do you think that we can have as personal and intimate of a relationship with Jesus as His twelve disciples did? I've heard 1 John 1:1-3 used to support this. 36:17 {Did God Direct Moses to Deceive Pharaoh?} Why did God tell Moses to ask Pharaoh to go "three days' journey into the wilderness, that we may sacrifice to the Lord our God" (Exodus 3:18) if it wasn't God's intention for them to return to Egypt? 42:58 {Do our Prophecies Create Reality?} Kris Vallotton cites Ezekiel 37:1-6 to claim that our prophecies create reality, rather than just foretelling the future. Is there merit to this? 52:24 {Does Jesus&rsquo; Compassion Change?} When Jesus interacts with people, He is often compassionate. However, with the 12, he most often sounds harsh. Does His relationship toward us change once we are &ldquo;on the team"? 1:00:17 {Moving Forward after Church Hurt} What are your thoughts on how to best get back involved with the Church after you have had past hurts both done to you, and you toward others? Also, should a person go back to the same church, or seek a new one? 1:05:48 {Trinitarian Clarity} How is the Holy Spirit not the Son or Father (Matthew 10:20, Philippians 1:19)? These verses confuse me when I&rsquo;m trying to answer this question. 1:10:38 {Warnings about False Teachings} Do warnings to Churches and believers in verses such as Jude 1:3-4 or other Epistles regarding false/heretical doctrines apply to Mormons who want a relationship with God/Jesus but are just deceived? 1:15:29 {Knowing When to Yield} My pastor wants me to obey my husband even when it hurts my mental health, triggers my eating disorder, or my sleep disorder. Is he right or wrong? He says I should &ldquo;Die like Christ.&rdquo; 1:19:03 {Encouragement Amid Physical Limitations} What counsel would you give a discouraged believer with a debilitating chronic illness who carries a lot of guilt for not being able to serve in the ways they want to be able to? 1:24:10 {Jesus AND the Bible = &ldquo;The Word&rdquo;?} What is the distinction that is to be made between Jesus and the Bible, as far as the title "Word of God" goes, which is applied to both of them? 1:28:15 {When Translations Vary} What do we do when we find significant difference between translations (such as 1 John 5:7 in the KJV vs. modern translations)? 1:33:08 {Why Did God Choose the Tribe of Levi?} Do we know why God chose the tribe of Levi to be the priesthood? 1:34:26 {Tips for Preparing Your First Sermon} I give my first sermon this Sunday. Any tips/pointers for those going through seminary/preparing for their first sermon(s)? 1:39:29 {Advice for Raising Kids in the Faith} I want to raise my two kids aged 7 and 9 in the faith. I don&rsquo;t want to push too hard. Any advice? My ex-wife has left the faith, so I feel like it&rsquo;s up to me (and God). 1:41:23 {Was Paul Married?} I heard a theory that the Apostle Paul was married and a widower. Do you think that&rsquo;s relevant, and does it have any biblical standi
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 94)

A worthwhile ministry to support right now&hellip;."Restoring Faith" is a ministry that helps bring aid to people in crisis. They are sending funds to Syria to assist victims of the recent earthquake. 100% of the money donated goes to aid for the victims: Today's Time Stamps: 0:29 What does it mean to worship God &ldquo;in Spirit and in truth&rdquo;? 14:14 Is Hebrews 1:1 a reasonable proof text for cessationism in relation to prophecy? It says God spoke to our ancestors through prophets, but "in these last days," He has spoken to us through Christ. Are we in the "last days" Paul refers to? 21:23 At my age and health, it&rsquo;s hard to manage my long hair. May I cut it chin length as long as I keep it looking feminine and still relatively longer than a man&rsquo;s? Is simply maintaining that gender distinction the important part? 23:16 Coming from a &ldquo;2 works movement&rdquo; (CHM), I&rsquo;ve always heard 1 Thessalonians 5:23 taught as calling people to a second work of Grace, or an experience of entire sanctification. What is Paul actually saying there? 29:42 How much do my efforts influence situations when God is sovereign and in control? For example, my hard work vs. God blessing my business, improving my health to "extend" my life vs. God setting the number of my days, etc. 33:25 What does the harvest refer to in Luke 10? I've always heard it talked about relating to evangelism, but a harvest implies that the work has already been done and you're able to get the fruit of your labor. 37:01 Can Satan stop God's plan? I had to cancel a mission trip at the last minute due to something I couldn't control, but doors had opened and things had fallen into place for us to go, so it seemed like it was God's will. 41:47 1 Timothy 3:4-5 and Titus 1:6 seem to indicate if someone desires to be an elder they are disqualified by unbelieving children. Does this include adult children? The wife? What do these verses mean? 48:19 How are we to relate to fallen brothers in terms of fellowship, and to cult members with hospitality according to 1 Corinthians 5:11 and 2 John 1:10? 55:56 If I have a friend who is not saved and I have tried to evangelize them and have only been met with resistance, do I need to stop hanging out with them? 58:41 Why does God allow success for celebrities that don&rsquo;t follow Him? 1:02:17 1 Corinthians 14:27-28 says that someone should not speak in tongues unless there is an interpreter, but how are they supposed to know if there is an interpreter present? 1:04:19 What is a correct approach to reach someone you care about who is dealing with suicidal thoughts? 1:06:18 In the KJV, 2 Kings 8:26 and 2 Chronicles 22:2 give two completely different ages for Ahaziah when he took the throne. How can we account for this? 1:14:43 I am a new Christian and my brother is an atheist. He has brought up the question of &ldquo;What if God is lying about everything and this all a big cosmic joke?&rdquo; How do I combat this thinking? 1:19:55 Ephesians 5:5 says that the sexually immoral will have no place in the Kingdom of God, yet later, Ephesians says we&rsquo;re saved by grace through faith. Is this contradictory? 1:25:20 If all meats were made clean, then how do Christians interpret Isaiah 66:15-18, as that passage, I believe, refers to Christ&rsquo;s second coming, and in it He &ldquo;destroys&rdquo; those who eat unclean meats? 1:28:48 When is the right age to evangelize? I'm 15 and I used to evangelize and many believed, but I also got into trouble with the police and at my school. My pastor told me to wait until I&rsquo;m more mature and I&rsquo;ve learned more of God&rsquo;s Word. 1:31:09 How do I help my dad (an unbeliever)
3/4/20231 hour, 42 minutes, 30 seconds
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Did Pharaoh Have Free Will When "God Hardened His Heart"?

CLICK HERE for the full study on this topic from my verse-by-verse teaching through Romans. This is my best understanding of this topic and I think that it fits really well with a wide variety of Scripture that speaks to the issue. For a fuller defense of my own view, please see the video I have linked above. My website:&nbsp;
2/28/20236 minutes, 2 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 93)

0:15 {Do We Pray For or Against our Enemies?} How do you reconcile the New Testament's clear teachings to love and pray for our enemies with Psalms like Psalm 69:22-28? Is there ever a time when we should pray against our enemies? 23:44 {Gospel Patterns?} Is Genesis 1:1-6 a foreshadowing of the beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ? John 1:1, Luke 1:1, Mark 1:1, Matthew 4:17, and 1 John 1:1 all speak of beginning, then water, light, and darkness. 29:25 {Unhealthy Associations w/Gratitude} Growing up, I had people expect me to show gratitude as a way to ignore abuse. Now, I want to be thankful for blessings in my life, but I associate gratitude with abuse. How do I separate that? 33:24 {Prophecy Fulfillment, or Just Staged?} People quote prophecy as evidence of Jesus&rsquo; deity. Couldn&rsquo;t He have deliberately fulfilled some prophecies, such as bribing men to divide His clothes, or purposefully riding a donkey into Jerusalem? 37:38 {Why Physical vs. Spiritual Blessings?} What is the significance of God promising physical blessings to nations (thinking particularly of the promise to Ishmael), when, in light of eternity, physical blessings are nearly insignificant? 39:38 {About the Septuagint &amp; Masoretic Text} Is the Greek LXX (Septuagint) considered a flawed copy? The genealogy of Shem adds hundreds of years which is quite significant. Is the Masoretic Text inerrant, or am I misunderstanding inerrancy? 44:38 {Thoughts on the Asbury Revival} What are your thoughts about what is happening at Asbury? 48:04 {Is there a Proper Format for Church Services?} Is the current way we do church services prescribed in the Bible? Where did this current style of worship come from? 51:34 {Was Aaron Punished for the Golden Calf?} Why didn't Aaron get punished for making the golden calf in Exodus 32? 1:00:38 {Butterfly Effect/Multiple Universes?} What are your thoughts on the butterfly effect and the possibility of multiple universes? 1:06:31 {Galatians 5 &ndash; Heaven or Rewards?} In Galatians 5:19-21, is the &ldquo;kingdom of God&rdquo; a reference to Heaven itself, or a reference to rewards? A local pastor says it is about rewards, but I am skeptical. 1:14:17 {Did God Permit Child Sacrifice?} Why did God allow child sacrifice in Judges when the man said he will sacrifice anything that walks through the door, and then his daughter walks out? Aren't the other nations judged for this action? 1:19:22 {Can Killing a Leader be Justified At Times?} We know that self-defense is biblical, but what about assassinations like Project Valkyrie (Hitler) or times when killing a leader might save other lives? Are we still bound to their authority? 1:23:50 {Bible Reading Schedule &ndash; Required?} Do you think it's wrong if I don't read the Bible regularly? I do read and study it, but I don't have a consistent schedule. 1:26:36 {Parable of the Minas} I was just wondering what your interpretation of the parable in Luke 19: 11-27 is. Specifically, what do you think the slaves and the minas represent? 1:34:07 {Must We Always be &ldquo;Nice&rdquo;?} Is it biblical to be nice? My boyfriend is extremely honest and it rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Does he have a biblical obligation to be nice with his words? 1:35:57 {The Holiness of God&rsquo;s Justice} Any tips for how to become less opposed to God&rsquo;s judgment, and to see it as holy? It can cause me to feel like God is an unloving God sometimes. 1:42:01 {Dancing as a Form of Worship?} Is dancing allowed in church? Can it be considered worship? 1:44:15 {Works-Based Salvation?} Does Matthew 7:21 tell us that works are necessary to get saved? 1:46:25 {Are Men&rsquo;s Beards Prideful?} What do you think about beards? I heard a pastor say that it is a prideful thing to wear a beard, and ther
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What I got wrong about Heaven.

I probably shouldn't have gotten my theology from cartoons. Here are specific, common, false beliefs about Heaven and a number of things we can know about Heaven based on the Bible. My website:
2/14/202321 minutes, 6 seconds
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Explaining EACH piece of "The Armor of God"

Christians, you are in a spiritual battle every day. You need the armor of God, lest you fall victim to the schemes of Satan. This reality should stir us up and make us very serious about our spiritual well-being and preparation for the daily battle we face. Put on the armor of God, not just a short video about it. Seek practical application of these principles in your life today. My website: What each piece means.We are in a war.
2/7/20237 minutes, 33 seconds
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Bethel and Bill Johnson’s Bridge to the New Age and Spiritual Fakery.

I have been wanting to make this video for quite a while. It's based on the teaching in the book The Physics of Heaven, which is very much a "Bethel book." It is sold in their bookstore, it's endorsed by their leaders, it's written by people from Bethel, including their two lead pastors, Bill Johnson and Beni Johnson. The book is a very open appeal to Christians to embrace New Age beliefs and practices. I truly wish I was exaggerating. In today's video, I'm going to share quotes from the book to demonstrate the problems with its teachings and show its dangers. I'll address the way they misuse Scripture to support these teachings. I'll also be sharing content from a physicist who has weighed in to demonstrate how fake the "science" of the book is. Finally, I'll share some shocking details about the deceptions in the book related to the supposed credentials of the "quantum physicist" who they lean on as an expert. Spoiler: he's not. Bethel Church in Redding, California has presented itself to the worldwide body of Christ as a guide for deeper and more miraculous spiritual experiences. Since they have such a wide impact and reach, and their teachings on these issues are, I am sad to say, not only reckless but dangerous and unbiblical, I feel this video is worth making. A physicist reviews the wacky science claims in The Physics of Heaven. Special thanks to Dr. Martin Krause for providing this analysis for free. Do you want my notes from today's video? Here they are, with all book references. CLICK HERE for my video showing that James Goll (used a source in the book) pretended to prophesy while just reporting commonly held political speculation. CLICK HERE for my original video on Bill Johnson and Bethel Church's theology and practice. I would be harsher today, though I will leave this video up because I believe it has a good analysis of problems.
1/31/20231 hour, 56 minutes, 25 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 92)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:19 {Can a Christian Have a Demon?} Can a true Christian be &ldquo;possessed&rdquo; or have demons? 12:33 {About Plagiarism in Preaching} Plagiarism in preaching seems to be on the rise. In Philippians 1:15-18, Paul seems to be saying the end justifies the means when preaching. Is this an accurate interpretation, and applicable to plagiarism? 20:09 {Should Pastors Discuss Politics?} Should pastors avoid discussing current political issues with their congregation? 24:19 {How Smart Must We Be to Evangelize?} I often get overwhelmed because it seems that I need to know EVERYTHING about EVERY topic (history, science, linguistics, etc.) to be able to defend the faith. Do you have any advice? 27:35 {Jesus&rsquo; Sacrifice Contradicted?} Does Deuteronomy 24:16 contradict Jesus' sacrifice? 33:26 {When Will Every Tongue Confess?} When do you think Philippians 2:10-11 will be fulfilled? At the end of the millennium, at Armageddon, or throughout the future at different stages? I think Romans 14:10-12 gives us some insight. 36:24 {Sharing Truth with a Defensive Person} My husband doesn't believe in the Trinity and gets so defensive when I try to talk to him about the true God. Should I not bring it up anymore and just live as an example? 40:01 {How Old Will We Be in Heaven?} How old will we be in Heaven? 44:09 {About the &ldquo;Church of Christ&rdquo;} Do you have any insight on Church of Christ doctrine? I have a friend I'm planning to open a dialogue with who is in the Church of Christ. I see works based salvation emphasized, but need help. 46:05 {Are Believers Still &ldquo;Sinners&rdquo;?} I was wondering, when we get saved, are we still &ldquo;sinners&rdquo;? I know that after being saved we sometimes sin. But does that still label us as sinners? I thought we were new creations. 52:27 {Is the Senior Pastor Role Biblical?} Why do so many churches have a &ldquo;head&rdquo; pastor that does mostly all the teaching when God gives teaching gifts and words to many people? 57:27 {Cowardice in the Book of Jonah?} Were the mariners and shipmaster selfish cowards and Pagans in Jonah 1:5-15? Even with drowning in a stormy sea, I sense hesitation to discard Jonah to save their own lives. 1:04:43 {Mercy vs. Sacrifice} What does Jesus mean when He says, &ldquo;I desire mercy and not sacrifice&rdquo; in Matthew 9:12-13? 1:08:17 {Can Coffee be Addictive?} Does proverbs 25:28 apply to coffee? A lot of people are addicted to coffee, and without drinking coffee they get headaches and other problems. Does that mean it is sinful? 1:13:38 {About the Nicolaitans} Isn't Jesus hating the Nicolaitans in Revelation 2:6 out of character? Also, who were they? I hear they were a cult from the Nicholas of Acts 6, one of the 7 deacons. 1:20:32 {The Destruction of Jerusalem} Do you think that Jesus prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70? Or do you think the passages people refer to are only about end times events that have not been fulfilled yet? 1:23:26 {Living Together if a Couple Abstains?} Is living together without being married while abstaining living in sin? I don't know how to deal with so many Christians that think it's OK, in light of 1 Corinthians 5:9-13. 1:27:34 {Parental Guidance &ndash; Sexual Identities} HELP! My wife and I have access to our kids&rsquo; text messages. We discovered our daughter texted a friend that she wants to tell us that she's "coming out as bi-sexual.&rdquo; What do we do? 1:33:37 {Can Christians Serve in the Military?} I was curious what your thoughts are on the modern American military and if Christians can/should serve in it. 1:36:15 {Are there Additional Spiritual Gifts?} Are there more spiritual gifts than those talked about in the Bible?
1/27/20231 hour, 39 minutes, 55 seconds
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Atheism vs Christianity

If I was an atheist, I would be logically compelled to conclude we have no true purpose, no ultimate meaning, and no genuine morality, beauty, or value. I&rsquo;m not alone in this view. Many atheists have made the same devastating conclusion. Interestingly, this seems to push against common human perception and my own incredibly strong intuitions of these things (it most likely goes against yours, as well). This alone is a strong reason to challenge atheism. On the other hand, Christians have a clear purpose, meaning, and concepts of morality, beauty, and value. My website:
1/24/202315 minutes, 48 seconds
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A rising doctrine I currently DON'T agree with: Theonomy

After this rather long chat, I can say that I do have a lot to learn about theonomy to understand it better but that I am currently convinced that the core foundation of the view is not biblical. I consider this an in-house discussion, and one which we could disagree on without demonizing each other. Special thanks to Joel Webbon of Right Response Ministries for inviting me to have this discussion and being willing to hear some pushback. CLICK HERE to visit pastor Joel's YT channel. My website:
1/17/20231 hour, 55 minutes, 26 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 91)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 1:01 {Yoga Pants &amp; Ripped Jeans?} Ladies on the worship team sometimes wear yoga pants and ripped jeans. I think that goes against the Romans 14 principle of not causing a brother to stumble. What do you think? 21:29 {Did Jesus&rsquo; Atonement Require His Divinity?} Why was it necessary for Jesus to be fully divine in regard to our salvation? Wayne Grudem states, &ldquo;Only someone who is the infinite God could bear the full penalty for all the sins of all those who would believe in Him&hellip;" Do you agree, and are there any other reasons stated in Scripture? 25:54 {Daniel: The Iron &amp; Clay Kingdom} What is your interpretation of the 4th kingdom made of iron &amp; clay in Daniel 2? 30:36 {Did God Need to Create Humans?} It may be a simple question, but why did God create humans? I&rsquo;d be happy to get your insight. He didn&rsquo;t need to, or did he? 36:35 {Do Tiny Choices Affect History?} Should Christians ever concern themselves with ideas like the butterfly effect (the idea that tiny choices have big impacts on history)? 38:38 {Ministering to LDS Members} I showed some LDS members your Book of Abraham video, but because they believe they heard from the Holy Spirit, biblical arguments haven&rsquo;t worked. How can I show that they haven&rsquo;t heard the Spirit? 45:18 {When Were the Apostles Saved?} When were the Apostles saved? They didn't have the full knowledge of what Jesus was doing until His appearance after His resurrection. Could they be considered "saved" before Pentecost? 47:40 {Will God Reveal when our Thinking is Unbiblical?} Philippians 3:15 says God will reveal when our thinking is opposed to His calling. How, then, do so many dedicated Christians get all the way through life still utterly confused about essential moral issues? 52:02 {How to Tell When Love Has Become Idolatry} Have I made my crush an idol? I&rsquo;ve found myself crushing on a brother in Christ. I&rsquo;ve also found that sometimes I prefer thinking about him more than God. I don&rsquo;t want to do this. Any advice? 56:48 {Are Drugs OK if they&rsquo;re Grown Naturally?} Is Genesis 1:29 allowing us to smoke weed and to eat magic mushrooms because they&rsquo;re found naturally? Hasn&rsquo;t sin surely had a big impact after the fall, on vegetation? 1:00:45 {The Bible on Transgenderism} What is the best biblical case against transgender behavior? 1:04:31 {Did God Die / Is Mary God&rsquo;s Mother?} Can we say God died since Jesus died? And can we say Mary is the mother of God? 1:08:38 {Can We Add Punctuation to Scripture?} A pastor at a local Bible study wants me to add punctuation to a section of Scripture that is just words to see multiple meanings. I feel uncomfortable with this. What are your thoughts on doing this? 1:10:03 {How to Grow in Self-Control} Because it is a fruit of the Spirit, is self-control a teachable skill like in Titus 2, or a gift of the Spirit? What practical advice do you have to get more emotional and verbal self-control? 1:16:11 {Must our Salvation Produce an Emotional Response?} Most Christians have a moment where they break down and weep as they realize what Jesus did for them on the cross. Is it normal to not have experienced this? I'm grateful, but also weirdly indifferent. 1:18:43 {Is Reading the Bible Better than Listening?} I have difficulty reading the Bible, and I think that listening to the Bible (like an audio Bible) might be helpful, but I feel like I'm missing something by not reading it. Any thoughts? 1:20:50 {Is it OK to Correct our Parents?} Is correcting your parents biblical, and what do you do if they do not respect correction? 1:24:32 {About Love in 1 Cor. 13:7} What does it mean practically that &ldquo;Love bears all things, believes all thin
1/14/20231 hour, 39 minutes, 35 seconds
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No marriage in heaven

It can seem like your relationship with your believing spouse has been downgraded when you think about there not being marriage in heaven. But I think we should consider it an upgrade. The closeness, unity, and love that we will have with each other, not to mention being "married" to Christ, will be so much more than what we have had on Earth. My website:
1/4/20234 minutes, 4 seconds
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Examples of modern idolatry and do I worry people will idolize me?

In light of the biblical teaching that covetousness is idolatry, I am deeply aware of how relevant this issue is for my life. My desires can pull me away from God. My desires, unchecked, can become idolatry. My website:
12/29/20226 minutes, 20 seconds
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I hope you don't believe this myth...

I've tested a lot of myths in my time, but this one is particularly bad. My website where I don't give away any free cookies. But I've got hundreds of hours of free video content helping you learn to think biblically about everything... bring your own cookies.
12/21/20227 minutes, 42 seconds
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Some concerning facts about Santa

It's difficult but worthwhile to test our own traditions against the principles and values of Scripture. More Christmas videos here: CLICK HERE&nbsp;for the full &ldquo;Is Christmas Pagan?&rdquo; video CLICK HERE&nbsp;for my video dispelling other Christmas myths and wrong popular beliefs about Jesus&rsquo; birth CLICK HERE&nbsp;for my video about the theology behind Christmas songs Does Jeremiah 10 ban Christmas trees?&nbsp;CLICK HERE&nbsp;to find out My website:
12/19/20228 minutes, 26 seconds
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People are still making this stuff up about Christmas trees.

&nbsp; For anyone out there thinking, "But doesn't the Bible specifically say not to decorate a tree and put it in your home in Jeremiah 10?" I have a video showing that the Jer. 10 passage is being distorted when we apply it to Christmas trees. CLICK HERE to watch! More Christmas videos here: The full "Is Christmas Pagan?" video: CLICK HERE Dispelling other Christmas myths and wrong popular beliefs about Jesus' birth: CLICK HERE The theology behind Christmas songs: CLICK HERE My website:
12/18/20228 minutes, 7 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 90)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Intro 0:14 {Bookshelf Tour!} When can we get a bookshelf tour? 11:48 {Should Churches Keep Records of Giving?} My church requires all employees to give to the church (in general; any amount is fine). They pulled me aside to ask why I haven&rsquo;t been giving, and when I told them I was, but that I felt better giving anonymously in the offering plate rather than having a record attached to my name, they told me it needed to be tracked. Am I wrong for feeling weird about this, or are they? 17:49 {Is Absolution or Absolving of Sins Biblical?} Does John 20:23 and Matthew 6:14 indicate that absolution (the act of forgiving someone for having done something wrong or sinful) is biblical? 23:52 {New Names in Heaven?} Do you have any insight about Revelation 2:17, specifically about the implication of new names in Heaven? 29:07 {Is Changing our Appearance Sinful?} Would changing our appearance in any way be a sin since God has created us in His image? For example, if we wear makeup, is that covering our natural beauty? And if we shave our body, is that destroying the beauty God has given us? 33:53 {Am I Obedient Enough? Repentant Enough?} I have recently been worrying a lot about whether I am obedient enough, repentant enough, or believing enough to be a real Christian. How can I biblically deal with this struggle? 39:55 {Why Does Jesus Conceal the Meaning of Things?} In Luke 9:44-45, why would Jesus tell His disciples this, only to have the meaning concealed? Why tell them if it wasn&rsquo;t meant for them to understand? 43:52 {Raising Dead &amp; Healing for Today?} Raising the Dead: Should we practice Matthew 10:8 today, or has the command to heal, cast out demons, and raise the dead ceased? 47:53 {Why is Abraham Commended for being with Hagar?} Why is Abraham commended for his faith when he tries to conceive a son through his slave, Hagar? Isn't that an indication that he had a moment where he lacked faith? 50:24 {Can the Deceased Hear/See Us?} Do you think that dead people can hear us and see what&rsquo;s happening in our world? 55:40 {Discerning God&rsquo;s Voice} How can I tell when the Holy Spirit is talking to me? Ever since hearing a sermon about a pastor's conviction to spend more time with God, I think I&rsquo;m hearing God ask for more time when I close my Bible. 59:56 {Encouragement amid Infertility} My husband and I have struggled to have a baby, and I have had Psalm 127:3 on my mind. It makes me feel like there is something I need to do, and a lack of faith. What is the context of the &ldquo;reward&rdquo;? 1:04:18 {Why Can I Be Saved, But Not Judas?} Heartbreakingly, I have betrayed Christ for things worth far less than 30 pieces of silver. What is fundamentally different between Judas and me? Why can I still be saved, but he couldn&rsquo;t? 1:06:36 {Who are the Called According to His Purpose?} Given the way Romans 8:28 is worded, I am wondering: are all people called according to His purpose, or only those of us who love Him? 1:09:27 {Hot? Cold? Lukewarm?} What does Jesus mean in Revelation 3:16 when He says it&rsquo;s better to be hot or cold than lukewarm? 1:13:50 {Could Cain Still Be Alive?} How do you feel about the Bible conspiracy that Cain is still alive somehow and is wandering the Earth to this day? 1:15:20 {Witnessing to Stubborn Family Members} Does &ldquo;shaking the dust off your feet&rdquo; (Matthew 10: 14) ever apply to family? Or are we to always endure in witnessing to family, despite continual rejection? 1:18:15 {Was Jesus&rsquo; Analogy Flawed?} Someone's response to Matthew 5:13 was &ldquo;How can salt lose its saltiness? If it wasn&rsquo;t salty, it wouldn't be salt.&rdquo; I understand what Jesus is saying here, but does this mean Je
12/17/20221 hour, 29 minutes, 12 seconds
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Is it OK to celebrate a holiday that's not in the Bible?

If our Lord could observe a holiday not found in the Old Testament and not instructed in the New Testament, then how can we say that it's automatically wrong to observe a holiday not directly taught in Scripture? We can't. Instead we need to actually consider the quality and meaning of the day along with the method of celebrating it. More Christmas videos here: CLICK HERE for the full "Is Christmas Pagan?" video CLICK HERE for my video dispelling other Christmas myths and wrong popular beliefs about Jesus' birth CLICK HERE for my video about the theology behind Christmas songs Does Jeremiah 10 ban Christmas trees? CLICK HERE to find out My website:
12/15/20221 minute, 55 seconds
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The connection between Christmas and Saturnalia

One thing I didn't mention in the video is the idea that Saturnalia did involve gift giving. At first glance, this might seem to imply that the gift giving of Christmas must be borrowed from the gift giving of Saturnalia. But there are some obstacles to establishing that connection. First, gift giving is a widespread practice across many different celebratory days. It doesn't really mean that much to see the giving of gifts on a holiday of some kind. It's the error of many to presume that similarity = origin, even when they don't have additional evidence to support that it does. Second, gifts were given on the 19th of December in association with Saturnalia, not the 25th. Imagine how clumsy it would be for the early Christians to feel they need to have a festival to replace Saturnalia, only to put it on the wrong date, leaving the people with nothing to replace Saturnalia during its actual events. More Christmas videos here: CLICK HERE for the full "Is Christmas Pagan?" video CLICK HERE for my video dispelling other Christmas myths and wrong popular beliefs about Jesus' birth CLICK HERE for my video about the theology behind Christmas songs Does Jeremiah 10 ban Christmas trees? CLICK HERE to find out My website:
12/14/20223 minutes, 2 seconds
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We don't think gluttony is a sin anymore

Here's the big red flag that I see. The Bible seems to make a way bigger deal out of gluttony than we do. That's all we need to know that something very concerning is going on in our very affluent culture. My website:
12/13/20224 minutes, 25 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 89)

0:00 - Intro 0:40 {Are Soul Ties Biblical?} What are &ldquo;soul ties,&rdquo; and are they biblical? 18:00 {Has Jesus Always Been God?} Our pastor said on Sunday that Jesus wasn&rsquo;t God here on Earth until the baptism of John and descending of the Holy Spirit. It sounded really bad to my ears. Can you comment, please? 22:46 {Honoring God Regardless of Feelings} When I feel "good" I find myself doubting less, being more loving, and sinning less. How do I know if I'm growing in the spirit or if it's just my antidepressants making me nicer? 26:44 {Witnessing to Muslims} How do you convince a Muslim that Jesus is more than just a prophet? 30:31 {Did Jesus Overturn the Tables Twice?} Why is Jesus overturning the money tables in John 2 and not later when He enters Jerusalem (around John 11 or 12)? Did He do this 2 times and not just in His last week (Matthew 21:12; Mark 11:15)? 35:06 {Did God Foretell Something that Didn&rsquo;t Happen?} In 1 Samuel 23:11-13 (ESV), the Lord says David will be handed over to Saul at Keilah, then David leaves town before Saul gets there, so he was not. Why did the Lord foretell a future event that didn't happen? 40:28 {About the Cruciform Hermeneutic} What are your thoughts on the cruciform hermeneutic or cruciform theology? 45:20 {Advice for a Tough Marital Situation} If my wife committed adultery against me and a child resulted from the affair, am I bound to care for the child? Why or why not, and how would I go about handling the situation after finding out? 46:48 {Should Couples Promise &ldquo;Till Death Do Us Part&rdquo;?} In many modern weddings, people promise before God "till death do us part,&rdquo; or something similar. Doesn't that biblically preclude the option of even a biblical divorce? 50:16 {Why was the Cross Necessary if God is All-Powerful?} I have an agnostic friend who can&rsquo;t accept that the cross was necessary. They believe God was not all powerful if He could not find another way of saving humanity without sacrificing Jesus. Thoughts? 52:59 {About Jacob&rsquo;s Wrestle with God} How do you interpret Genesis 32, when Jacob wrestles with God? 58:50 {Having Insurance = Lack of Trust in God?} What are your thoughts on having insurance and medical aid? I've heard it said that these things are rooted in fear and keep us from truly trusting God. Is that a biblical/wise perspective to have? 1:01:25 {What Kind of Jokes Fall Under &ldquo;Jesting&rdquo;?} I'm confused about &ldquo;eutrapelia&rdquo; and I don&rsquo;t know if it is just crude joking or all jokes that word speaks of in Ephesians 5:4. I use the KJV and it just says "jesting." 1:06:47 {Can We Rebuke the Enemy Ourselves?} Can we rebuke the enemy? 1:08:38 {Are Flashy Lights Inappropriate for a Church?} My church recently renovated our hall to be more upbeat and have flashy lights. I'm extremely disheartened by this. Do you have any advice? 1:13:25 {Slavery in the Old Covenant} How do we reconcile the treatment of foreigner slaves (not Israelite servitude) under the old covenant (bought as property, handed down to children, etc. &ndash; Leviticus 25:44-46)? 1:19:36 {Should we Only Have One Teacher?} Please, can you talk about what we should do when a spiritual leader wants you to only take advice from them and no one else, especially when the Bible says to have a &ldquo;multitude of counselors&rdquo;? 1:20:55 {Why did Some Men in the Bible Have Multiple Wives?} Most of the men in Bible had multiple wives. Can&rsquo;t you then say they lived in sin their entire lives? Many people say that continual sin doesn&rsquo;t equate to being a true Christian. 1:24:32 {Respectfully &amp; Effectively Witnessing to a Boss} My boss is a leader in the LDS church. He is a good and friendly boss but calls himself a Christian.
12/9/20221 hour, 39 minutes, 11 seconds
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Pt. 11: 5 Views on “Women Keep Silent" (1 Cor 14:35-36) - Women in Ministry Series

Some say we should remove it from the Bible. Intro - 0:009:26 The Take It Out of the Bible View48:58 The Refutation View1:34:51 The Education or Clatter View2:05:56 The Strict View2:24:44 The Judging Prophecy View3:09:54 Conclusions Others say the Bible is rejecting these statements about women, not endorsing them. Others say this is why women shouldn't speak in church in any way, perhaps singing in the congregation is ok though. Others say this is a prohibition on women as teachers during regular all-church services. Others say this passage is about prophecy and who is supposed to participate in the judging of prophetic gifts, discerning whether those messages are from God. It's hard to get around the idea that this passage seems to endorse complementarian or patriarchal views of gender roles. But we will explore various attempts to do so. "As in all the churches of the saints, the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says. If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak." 1 Corinthians 14:33-35 We'll examine all sides and dig deep to get as much clarity as I am able to offer on not only 1 Corinthians 14:33-35 but also how it applies to the topic of Women in Ministry. After years of being a bit confused about the topic of women in ministry I set out to spend months researching the topic in great detail to produce this exhaustive teaching series on the topic. This is part 11. CLICK HERE for the playlist of ALL the videos in this series (more will be added as I make them). CLICK HERE for my teaching notes from today&rsquo;s video. You can find footnotes there, as well. CLICK HERE for my two part series on "How to Understand the Old Testament Law" CLICK HERE for my three videos explaining manuscript differences and how reliable the New Testament is. You can also find more videos freely available on my website:
12/4/20223 hours, 16 minutes, 16 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 88)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:Intro - 0:001. 1:05 {Our Reign With Christ &amp; Purpose of Authority in Eternity} What does it mean that we will reign with Christ in Heaven? What use will there be for any kind of authority in a sinless universe where our righteousness and wisdom are perfect?2. 9:54 {Study Resource Recommendations} Are there any non-Calvinist Systematic Theology books you recommend?3. 11:50 {Biblical Hair Length of Movie Characters?} In Lord of the Rings, would you consider the hair length too long for some characters, such as Aragorn or Legolas? How do I apply 1 Corinthians 11 when designing characters for my own projects?4. 16:35 {How Was the &ldquo;Thief on the Cross&rdquo; Saved?} How was the &ldquo;good thief&rdquo; in Luke 23:42 saved? He died without knowing Jesus' resurrection. Jesus tells him, &ldquo;Today you will be with me in paradise,&rdquo; but Christ doesn&rsquo;t rise for 3 days. Confused!5. 22:35 {Should We Hate Evildoers?} How do you talk to someone who claims the Christian faith but hates people groups because they are &ldquo;haters of God and denied Jesus&rdquo;? My friend won&rsquo;t talk to me because I don&rsquo;t hate evil people enough.6. 26:24 {Meaning of the Leftover Miracle Food} What is the meaning of the 12 and 7 baskets left over from the feeding of the 5,000 and 4,000?7. 28:31 {Should I Leave My Job if I&rsquo;m Kept from Church?} Due to work, I&rsquo;m not able to go to church. should I look for another job so I can maintain fellowship, or should I just continue with the job I have now?8. 31:36 {Why is the NAR Unbiblical?} Please explain why the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is unbiblical.9. 38:32 {Is Heaven a Choice?} Does Revelation 22:17 mean that we have a choice to stay in Heaven (the last sentence specifically)? Would we be able to blink out of existence? Would this offend God?10. 41:05 {How Would Adam &amp; Eve Know Disobedience was Wrong?} If Adam and Eve didn&rsquo;t have knowledge of good and evil, how would they know it is wrong to disobey God and eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?11. 43:54 {Can We &ldquo;Declare&rdquo; things in Prayer?} What are your thoughts on &ldquo;declarative prayer&rdquo; or &ldquo;positive confession&rdquo; (e.g., &ldquo;I declare revival for this city,&rdquo; &ldquo;I declare that this day is blessed,&rdquo; etc.)?12. 46:59 {About Boycotting Businesses} Should Christians boycott businesses paying for abortion travel?13. 51:24 {How Deep in Theology to go while Evangelizing} How much of the doctrine of the Trinity do we need to explain while sharing the Gospel (especially when it comes to the hypostatic union)?14. 52:34 {Was Jesus&rsquo; Second Coming Prophesied?} Is it clear in Old Testament prophecies that Jesus will come not only once, but twice?15. 54:59 {Should We Settle On a Religion that &ldquo;Feels Right&rdquo;?} If a friend says they're looking for a religion that "feels right," how do I approach them if they&rsquo;ve already left Christianity?16. 59:22 {Will We Remember Unbelievers in Eternity?} After a believer dies, will they remember their loved ones who were unbelievers? I understand "perfect peace," but that doesn&rsquo;t answer the question.17. 1:04:29 {Why Do Two Peoples&rsquo; Prayers Yield Different Results?} Why do some people have a gift of healing that works when they pray for people, but I can&rsquo;t do the same? If we are praying to the same God, why do two peoples&rsquo; prayers give different results?18. 1:07:50 {Choosing Biblical Homeschooling Resources} We homeschool, and one of the most popular "Christian" curricula happens to be from a Mormon. I keep going back and forth over if I should use it because it's very solid academically. Advice?19. 1:09:27 {Handling our Emotions Biblically} What's the difference between suppressing our emotions vs. having self-
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Low self-worth and abandonment issues. Any advice?

Learn to think biblically about everything. 100s of free videos: Bible studies, topical issues, apologetics, theology, and more, on my YouTube channel and on my website:
11/16/20224 minutes, 34 seconds
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Pt. 10: All The Head Covering Debates (1 Cor 11) - Women in Ministry Series

Video map below... 0:00 Intro DIFFERENT WAYS OF INTERPRETING 1 Cor 1112:05 The Traditional Interpretation47:36 The Hairstyle View1:02:32 The Refutation View1:05:13 The “It Doesn’t Belong in the Bible” View1:06:25 The “Cloth Covering but not Submission” View1:17:15 How we are going to make sense of all this (14 questions) THE 14 QUESTIONS THAT WILL EXPLAIN THIS PASSAGE1:19:32 #1 Does this passage belong in the Bible?1:27:11 #2 Is Paul refuting, rather than teaching, much of what we read here?1:37:02 #3 What does “head” (kephale) mean in this passage?1:50:41 #4 What were the ongoing cultural customs around head coverings? 3:15:03 #5 What does Paul want men to do?3:17:39 #6 What does Paul want women to do? 3:21:53 #7 What is Paul’s point about the order and purpose in the creation of man and woman in vs. 8-9?3:40:44 #8 What does “nature” mean in vs 14?3:59:50 #9 Is this passage about women and men or husbands and wives?4:06:15 #10 How is woman the glory of man and man the glory of God? And what about the image language in vs 7?4:35:02 #11 Does the woman have a “symbol of authority” on her head or does she “have authority over her own head” in vs 10?5:00:40 #12 What does “because of the angels” man in vs 10?5:24:26 #13 Is this whole thing really based on the ancient medical idea that women’s hair functioned as a testicle?6:10:50 #14 How does it apply today? 6:37:00 Conclusion: What 1 Cor 11 means for the Women in Ministry series. Here are my notes for today's video. I've included many links and references for you to follow up on while doing your own research. This is THE LINK to the playlist of ALL the videos in the Women in Ministry playlist: My website:
11/11/20226 hours, 45 minutes, 50 seconds
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When the wife is more spiritual than the husband.

I suppose it just doesn't matter if the wife is more spiritual than the husband. The real bummer is when the husband isn't spiritual at all. My website:
10/26/20222 minutes, 52 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 87)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Intro1. 2:14 {&ldquo;My Yoke is Easy&rdquo; vs. &ldquo;Take Up Your Cross&rdquo;?} I&rsquo;m confused about why Jesus says &ldquo;Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden&rdquo; but then instructs us to pick up our cross (of suffering?) and follow Him. That sounds like a heavy burden to me, to try to love and obey Jesus perfectly.2. 11:46 {Trusting God&rsquo;s Will for our Loved Ones} We are supposed to trust God with all our hearts. But what does it look like to trust God with the free will decisions of others, like our adult children?3. 16:51 {Pastors Teaching Dream Interpretation?} What is your take on Christian pastors practicing and teaching dream interpretation using dream dictionaries, Google, and their own reasoning to interpret?4. 20:11 {Was Christianity Made Up to Control People?} What do you say to a skeptic that thinks Christianity is just a man-made thing created as a means to control people?5. 24:20 {Is Monarchy Unbiblical?} I&rsquo;ve been thinking about this question a lot since Queen Elizabeth died last month, but I&rsquo;ve had it for a while. Does 1 Samuel 8:6-7 teach that monarchy is unbiblical?6. 29:49 {Does Satan Think He&rsquo;ll Win in the End?} How can Satan, an angel much smarter than us, be so unwise as to oppose an all-powerful God? Does Satan think he stands a chance of winning in the end?7. 35:39 {Should Israel be Referred To as Palestine?} Why do you refer to biblical Israel as Palestine when Palestine wasn&rsquo;t even a country until about 135 B.C.?8. 39:00 {Should I Date a Hyper-Charismatic?} I've been on a few dates with a great girl, but I've realized she's in a church that over emphasizes prophecy, tongues, possibly NAR things. Any advice on how to approach this?9. 42:33 {How Could Jesus have been &ldquo;Perfected&rdquo;?} Hebrews 5:9 says Jesus was "perfected" when He became the author of salvation to those who obey Him. How can an already perfect Jesus be &ldquo;perfected&rdquo;?10. 46:00 {Does God fill the role of Heavenly Father AND Mother?} My 7 year old asked me why we need an earthly father AND mother, but only a Heavenly Father? I started to say God fills both roles, but was hesitant about that in this gender-confused culture.11. 50:11 {Overcoming Difficult &amp; Serious Sins} Do believers eventually overcome big sins like lust? What if we don't before we die? Does that mean we were never saved?12. 54:40 {Knowing God&rsquo;s Plan for our Career} How do you know what job/career God wants you to pursue?13. 57:50 {Are Only Men Called to Sacrificially Love?} Can you explain how Ephesians 5:25 is a particularly masculine command? Many verses including John 15:12-13 call ALL believers to love one another sacrificially.14. 1:00:59 {Did Luke Journey With Paul?} I have studied Acts verse-by-verse and I have noticed that in some parts the writer uses &ldquo;we&rdquo; and &ldquo;us&rdquo; (Chapter 28 for example). Was Luke with Paul on his missionary journeys?15. 1:02:03 {Codex Vaticanus vs. Modern Bibles?} If the Codex Vaticanus is the oldest Bible, how much does it differ from modern Bibles, if at all?16. 1:06:00 {Overcoming a Fear of the Dark} How can I overcome a fear of the dark? Ever since I was young until now (I&rsquo;m 25 years old), it&rsquo;s hard for me to fall asleep every night because I&rsquo;m scared that there might be something evil watching me sleeping.17. 1:09:40 {Does This Verse Justify False Teaching?} How should we understand 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5,14, 3:18-19? Ray Comfort quoted this to say Bible stories are supposed to sound dumb! Can't this be quoted to justify any dumb-sounding false teaching?18. 1:14:50 {Why didn&rsquo;t JTB&rsquo;s Followers just Follow Jesus?} Why did John the Baptist still have disciples after he clearly pointed out Jesus? Shouldn't they have followed Jesus?19. 1:18:18 {We
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Does Christianity make wives "ripe for abuse"?

I disagree. More importantly, I can show why Scripture, which would protect wives from abuse, is often ignored. I would go so far as to say that Christianity would protect wives from such abuse and encourage them to take recourse in self-protection if the Bible is applied to their situation. It may be that the problem we often see is not too much Bible, it's too little Bible.
10/19/20228 minutes, 35 seconds
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Confronting a hyper-jealous person

This is one of those videos where I'm just hoping people will think carefully about what I'm saying. I race through a few things here rather quickly, though I fully mean what I'm saying. I think there's an obvious implication in the bitter water ritual that has application toward the idea of an overly jealous and suspicious spouse. Isolation tends to make them worse, public accountability may help them realize they are experiencing delusional thoughts and treating others wrongly as a result. My website:
10/12/20225 minutes, 20 seconds
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I don't care anymore, I just want out.

What do you say to someone who doesn't care anymore? I truly hope these words offer some help. My website:
10/5/20227 minutes, 12 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 86)

0:00 - Intro1. 0:22 {Can We Resist Sin Without the Spirit?} How were the disciples able to follow Jesus and resist sin without the Spirit indwelling them? Is it possible to be a Christian without the Spirit?2. 8:52 {Help with the Hiddenness of God} The hiddenness (and silence) of God is causing me doubts. Is there any advice or help you can offer (such as that God is silent now because revelation has been completed with the New Testament)?3. 16:35 {A Young Pastor being Disrespected} I am a young pastor of a church with people mostly in their 60s and 70s. My staff often micromanages me, corrects me in public, and treats me like a grandchild instead of their pastor. Any advice?4. 22:00 {Is Christian Nationalism Biblical?} Is Christian nationalism in the sense of theocracy a scriptural concept?5. 25:49 {God&rsquo;s Judgment vs. Justice} How are God's judgment (him being a judge who carries out consequences) and His justice (establishing order) different if He uses His judgment to apply justice? Or can you explain His judgment vs. His justice?6. 28:29 {Are Batchelor Parties Always Sinful?} I am attending a bachelor party and I have a Christian co-worker who said "Christians shouldn't go to bachelor parties." How would you response to this? All at the party profess to be Christians.7. 32:49 {Are Rapture Dreams Truly from God?} What are your thoughts on Christians that have &ldquo;rapture dreams&rdquo; claiming that the rapture will be soon? Do you think these are from God, or just a result of all of the end times talk that has ramped up lately?8. 37:00 {Was Aaron Punished In Place of Moses?} In the book of Numbers, why did God punish Aaron for unbelief when Moses is the one who struck the rock?9. 41:19 {Overcoming Addictions} I struggle with an addiction to nicotine and caffeine. There are no rehab centers for these. What do I do? I know its sinful, but I need help to overcome. I can&rsquo;t be a slave to two masters.10. 45:45 {How Were Jesus&rsquo; Words Translated?} Did the synoptic writers translate Jesus&rsquo; words from Aramaic to Greek? Does that partially explain why they don&rsquo;t match each other exactly, because they translated to best explain His teaching?11. 50:46 {Will the Father Not Forgive Us?} Matthew 6:14-15 says we should forgive others of their trespasses or our Father will not forgive us of ours. But the Bible also says that all of our sins have been atoned for on the cross. Can you explain?12. 55:06 {Is Typology Only About Jesus?} Is typology only ever about Jesus? If so, how do we explain the type/antitype in 1 Peter 3:21? If not, how do we tell true vs. false types when "no new theology" can come from typology?13. 1:01:27 {Christ&rsquo;s Law vs. the Moral Law} What is Christ&rsquo;s law, and how is it different from the 10 commandments which many argue is the moral law we are to keep to this day?14. 1:05:36 {Do Our Spiritual Gifts Ever Change?} As believers, are we given a static set of spiritual gifts, or are our gifts more dynamic in nature so that God adds to and/or subtracts from them according to our season of life or our maturity in Him?15. 1:09:48 {Should We Date Unbelievers for Evangelism?} My cousin is dating someone who is not a Christian in the hopes that they will get saved. Is this okay to do?16. 1:13:58 {If My Own Child Comes Out&hellip;} What is your take on what we should say when unbelievers ask, &ldquo;What would you do if your child came out to be gay?&rdquo; Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.17. 1:16:55 {Avoiding Distraction in Prayer} What is the best way to focus on God? Do you know of any techniques for this? While I'm praying, I try to focus on God, but I always seem to get distracted.18. 1:18:45 {Can We Wear Cross Jewelry?} What are your thoughts about wearing cross jewelry?19. 1:21:05 {Am I Doing Enough in Marriage?} My wife works very hard, long hours. She
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He's obviously being a very horrible jerk.

It can seem like weak advice to people to "look to Jesus" in their situation. But it only seems like weak advice to those who haven't yet grasped what it means to "look to Jesus." Look to Jesus. My website:
9/28/20224 minutes, 47 seconds
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A situation where you should NOT give to your church.

If you want some more info on why I think that 10% is NOT required giving from believers to their local churches, then watch THIS video:;t=0s My website:
9/24/20223 minutes, 49 seconds
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I told you so

Dr. Peter Gurry is a well respected scholar, Greek professor at Phoenix Seminary, and the author or coauthor of numerous articles and books, including the new "Myths and Mistakes in New Testament Textual Criticism," which is careful analysis of rhetoric and facts about how reliable the New Testament is. Here is the playlist where top scholar after top scholar review The Passion Translation and demonstrate that when it offers something new it's frequently something wrong. This is the interview on Alisa Childers' channel where today's clip was found. She was interviewing both Dr. Peter Gurry and Dr. John Meade on "The Amazing Story of How We Got the Bible." It's worth a listen if you find that topic interesting. My website:
9/21/20223 minutes, 30 seconds
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I hate to have to make this video. These are the lies two Christians are spreading about me.

Some related links: Since both Tim Hurd and Doctrinal Watchdog seem to think that I am only now changing my views because of a response to their criticisms, here are a bunch of old clips of me having these views long before their videos ever came out. Click here for the MacArthur clip (what I really think about John MacArthur) This clip is about being "slain in the Spirit," how self-control is a fruit of the Spirit, and how you still should have control over yourself, according to Scripture, while speaking in tongues. Click here for a second clip about being "slain or drunk in the Spirit" and "unknown utterances." Specifically, how "there's no biblical foundation" for being slain in the Spirit. Click here for my shorter video called "Spirit-Filled: What it Does and Doesn't Mean." Why I don't use people's preferred (and untrue) pronouns: Click here. Why I would not attend a same-sex wedding: Click here. This clip against living a homosexual lifestyle (in addition to my 4-part series). The green text at the end of Tim's video also says, "Winger also told Joel Webbon of Right Response Ministries that Christians are [not] obligated to keep the 10 commandments." Here's that clip in context. It should be clear that I am not saying it's ok for you to murder people. Nor is my view so strange. John Piper holds the same view. Since Doctrinal Watchdog has also claimed that I have no problem with female pastors and teachers, I will provide related clips. Though I would nuance my views more than he wants me to, this is definitely a deception. This clip is stating that women are not to be the teaching elder of the fellowship and that "women are not to take the role of lead pastor or teaching elder, and to have that position as a woman would be what 1 Timothy is saying not to do." And that it's "God's ordained structure for men and women." Reiterated here that women are not called to the pastoral role. You can also check out my whole Women in Ministry Series to see my views. This clip giving my position on "By His stripes we are healed" and if that relates to physical healing for us today. Another point where I disagree with Bethel. Doctrinal Watchdog's multiple deceptive videos about me (his channel seems to do this to others, as well):Example 1Example 2Example 3His channel has several others on me. They seem to grow in number daily. Click here for BTWN's (Tim Hurd's) misleading video about me. (He has also added another yesterday.) My website:
9/17/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 53 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 85)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Intro 1:00 {Is Loan Forgiveness Moral or Immoral?} Is it biblical for a Christian to file for student loan forgiveness? I attended college in my 20s and racked up 20k in student loans. The balance is currently at 16k. Biden's student loan forgiveness plan would really help, but would I be "taking the easy way out" when I'm able-bodied to pay off the remainder over time myself? Would it be selfish and irresponsible, or a blessing, to accept the aid? 19:15 {Does God Not Knowing a Soul Mean They Never Loved Him?} Through 1 Corinthians 8:3, we know that whoever loves God is known by Him. Thus, would you agree that Jesus saying &ldquo;I never knew you&rdquo; in Matthew 7 is the equivalent of Him saying &ldquo;You never loved Me&rdquo;? 23:51 {About the Patriarchs&rsquo; Ages in Genesis} Were the biological ages of the Patriarchs from Adam to Noah congruent with their chronological ages? At 900 years old, were they biologically 90? How long do you think they spent in childhood? 27:50 {Was Sacrificing to Molech Similar to Abortion?} Was Molech child sacrifice similar to abortion in that a key purpose was to get rid of unwanted babies born (most often) of sexual sin? Ezekiel 16:20-21(NKJV) clearly links the practice to fornication. 31:54 {How Much Should we Desire Marriage?} How fervently should I pray for the possibility of marriage being included in God&rsquo;s will for my life? It has always felt pointless considering that it's likely God may not ever give it in my life. 36:12 {How Will Jesus Reconcile All Things in Heaven?} In Colossians 1:20, Paul says that Jesus reconciles all things to Himself, both in Heaven and on Earth. What does it mean for Jesus to reconcile all things in Heaven? 39:09 {Am I Called to Global Missions?} Is Matthew 28:18-20 a calling for all Christians to leave their respective countries to share the Gospel, or just some? How can I tell if I am to leave my home country to share the Gospel? 44:05 {Should We Celebrate Friends&rsquo; &ldquo;Out of Wedlock&rdquo; Pregnancies?} I have some Christian friends who have gotten pregnant out of wedlock, and I feel like they expect you to react just the same as if they were married. What&rsquo;s the right response in this situation? 47:35 {Is it Possible to be &ldquo;Good&rdquo;?} &ldquo;Good Man&rdquo;? Jesus said there is none good but God in Luke 18:19, Mathew 19:17, and Mark 10:18. But, in Acts 11:24 it talks about a Good Man. Also in Matthew 12:35, Proverbs 13:22, and Romans 5:7 (NIV). 51:12 {About Moral, Civil &amp; Ceremonial Laws} Why do we differentiate between moral, ceremonial, and civil law? Meaning, who decided the moral law was to be continued but not the other two types? 56:02 {About Abraham&rsquo;s Bosom &amp; King Saul&rsquo;s Salvation} Does 1 Samuel 28:19 disprove the theological idea of &ldquo;Abraham&rsquo;s Bosom,&rdquo; or could we perhaps assume that King Saul was saved? 1:00:34 {Can Only God be Perfect?} As a philosopher, I want to say that only God is (or can possibly be) perfect. How do I reconcile this with Matthew 5:48? 1:03:14 {A Family Attending Different Churches} Is it okay to go to different churches while being under the same household? My family goes to a Pentecostal church, but I prefer a Baptist one. 1:05:07 {Should We Require a Sign from God Before Belief?} How would you respond if someone you love said something like, "I won't believe in any God unless He performs a supernatural miracle right in front of me&rdquo;? 1:08:27 {Is Satan Omnipresent?} I was asked if Satan was omnipresent. I said no, but was met with some push back. What are some good Bible verses to prove why Satan is not omnipresent and why this attribute is exclusive to God? 1:10:59 {Does the Opportunity for Repentan
9/16/20221 hour, 33 minutes, 21 seconds
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My husband is addicted to porn. Should I divorce?

This question is painful and difficult to answer. I really hope that me sharing my own thoughts and including several relevant verses from the Bible brings some help to those who need it. My website:
9/14/20227 minutes, 13 seconds
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What do I do? My husband demands I don't go to church.

This seems to me to be an area where rebellion against his request is required by faithfulness to God. My website:
9/7/20222 minutes, 58 seconds
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Joel Osteen misuses the Bible 14 out of 15 times in one sermon.

Since Joel Osteen removed my first video giving a full analysis of his sermon, I am uploading this highly edited one focused on his use of Scripture specifically. Why are you doing this, Mike? Because you can't think biblically if your teachers are misusing the Bible all the time. And pointing out when and how this happens is one of the best ways to help people learn not to do it themselves. I don't have anything personal against Joel Osteen. I do, however, feel a calling to help people learn to think biblically about everything and I recognize that the pop-level teaching of popular internet/TV preachers has done a lot of harm to our ability to read the Bible and our awareness of how serious Jesus' call to discipleship really is. My website:
9/6/20221 hour, 31 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 84)

Here's the link I told you about, for searching on my site for answers to your questions. HERE&rsquo;S my video on the unforgivable sin. HERE&rsquo;S my video on how atheist scholar, Bart Ehrman, misleads millions. My goal is to help you on the road to thinking biblically about everything. Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Intro 0:39 {Did Jesus Contradict Himself?} Why would Jesus instruct us to let our good works be seen by others (Matthew 5:16) if He also instructed us to do our good works in secret (Matthew 6:1-4)? Am I misunderstanding something? 12:19 {Do Some People Get More Grace?} Romans 5:2 says we stand on grace. In Acts 4:33, it says great grace was upon them all. Does that mean some people have more grace? I&rsquo;ve heard you say we don't get grace little by little. 18:10 {If You&rsquo;ve Forgotten a Promise to God} What do you do when you&rsquo;ve made a promise to God and either forget the specifics of it or forget you&rsquo;ve made it altogether? 20:58 {Should We Fear Future Events?} What is a healthy way to look at the future with all the disasters in Revelation? I have trouble building up my life without fearing everything will change soon, for the worse. 25:51 {Responding to Pro-Choice Thinking} How can we respond to someone who uses, &ldquo;A creator has the right to do whatever they want with their own creation&rdquo; as a pro-choice argument? 30:54 {About &ldquo;Holy Water&rdquo; or &ldquo;Blessed&rdquo; Objects} A local street preacher uses holy water on the ground, which he says keeps demonic activity from disrupting his preaching. I haven't seen Scripture support this. Is it biblical? 36:18 {About the Millennial Kingdom} If God is eternal and He knows everything from the beginning to the end, then why does He set up a 1000 year Millennium Kingdom? What are the reasons for this, biblically? 42:18 {Perichoresis vs. Modalism} Can you explain the difference between the concepts of perichoresis and modalism? They seem to be very similar ideas on the surface. 46:06 {About Bart Ehrman&rsquo;s Teachings &amp; Tactics} You have talked about Dr. Bart Ehrman (ex: your &ldquo;Atheist Scholar Misleads Millions Of People&rdquo; video). Does he also use these "techniques" on his professional peers? 51:27 {Trusting God when He Seems Silent} What practical steps do you do to trust in the Lord? I frequently have difficulty trusting Him during difficult times, especially when He doesn&rsquo;t seem to be answering prayer. 59:20 {Were the Nazis Appointed by God?} Were the Nazis as a government authority "appointed by God" according to Romans 13? 1:03:39 {Why did God Send Jacob to Egypt?} In Genesis 12:10, Abraham goes to Egypt. That decision is considered by many as disobedience to God. If going to Egypt is related to a bad decision, why is it that later, God sent Jacob to Egypt? 1:06:30 {Are We Dead to Sin, or Sold Under It?} Why does Paul say "&hellip;reckon ye yourselves to be dead unto sin, but alive unto God through Christ Jesus our Lord" in Romans 6:11, yet in Romans 7:14, he says, "&hellip;but I am carnal, sold under sin"? 1:10:05 {Traditional Preferences over Biblical Theology?} I&rsquo;m an ex-Catholic, but I&rsquo;m getting pulled back in. I don&rsquo;t know why, but I just like praying in Latin, the Rosary, praying to saints, and using scripted prayers because I don&rsquo;t know how to pray on my own. 1:18:15 {How to Understand the Bible} What is your general advice on understanding Bible verses that we don't understand? 1
9/2/20221 hour, 43 minutes, 24 seconds
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Is your marriage “Christian”?

It's very important that we recognize the incredible value of our marriages, whether they involve two Christians or not. You can honor Christ in your marriage whether your spouse does or not. My website:&nbsp;
8/31/20221 minute, 33 seconds
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"Can I marry a Muslim?"

The most important issue here is that we first decide that we are willing to yield to whatever God says on the topic. Once we&rsquo;ve decided to obey we will be more likely to actually listen to the answer without distorting it to fit our desires. Original Q&amp;A video is HERE. My website:
8/29/20223 minutes, 46 seconds
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When a Christian spouse can be treated as a non-believer (and why abuse is hard to define)

This is a quick overview of several points that I explain in much more detail in my full teaching on everything the Bible says about divorce and remarriage. CLICK HERE for that 3 hour video with timestamps to help you navigate to exactly what you need. My website:
8/24/20227 minutes, 21 seconds
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"I find it difficult to pray for the President even though the Bible tells me to.”

Yes, we want to pray for their salvation! But I think that some people have a hard time praying for those who they see as causing large scale harm or problems for others when they mistakenly think we are supposed to ask God to prosper them in their efforts. Instead, we can pray for God to bring good out of their leadership and for other blessings which don't involve supporting ungodly commitments or commitments that we see as ungodly. Unfortunately, this is pretty much the way I have found myself praying for every president I've known. Original Q&amp;A video is HERE. My website:
8/22/20223 minutes, 15 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 83)

My goal is to help you on the road to thinking biblically about everything. Here&rsquo;s my video analyzing how Roman Catholic apologists abuse typology to teach Mariology. THIS is the entire &ldquo;How to Find Jesus in the Old Testament&rdquo; series. The most personally rewarding and thrilling series I&rsquo;ve ever done. Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:54 {The Purpose of our Lives} As Christians, what is the purpose of our lives? 16:53 {About Kenosis Theology} Is Bethel style Kenosis theology from Philippians 2:5-11 heretical (where Christ is said to have lost His divinity to live instead as a human)? Or is that a secondary issue like sacraments and eschatology? 25:39 {When People Justify Bad Behavior w/Scripture} When strong Christians suddenly start to justify sinful treatment of others (rage, control, insults, blaming) through Scripture twisting, could this be due to a shipwrecked faith or mental illness? 28:09 {Should we Pray in Public Before Meals?} I grew up praying before every meal, even in restaurants. I want to know how often I should do this, since I don&rsquo;t want to be like the Pharisees praying publicly to be seen by others. 32:45 {Can Satan Heal People?} In view of the magicians in Exodus potentially getting their power from Satan, can Satan and demons heal, and are these potentially healings that don't last? 37:58 {How to Reach Catholic Family Members} I&rsquo;m a new believer, and my wife is a Catholic. Married 5 years. We have 2 very young baby daughters. How do I win my wife to Christ if she grew up rigidly Catholic? I can't break past her typological beliefs. 43:35 {Empathizing with Victims of Tragic Events} How should I view the pain I feel for victims of the Holocaust, Nanking Massacre, etc. when these groups were mostly un-elect vessels of wrath who will receive no comfort? 49:06 {Is Psychology Satanic?} I&rsquo;ve heard some people say that psychology belongs to Satan and that Christians should stray from studying it. What is your opinion on that, and is there any biblical basis for avoiding it? 57:58 {How Might Fathers Exasperate their Children?} What does &ldquo;Fathers, do not exasperate your children&rdquo; in Colossians 3:21 mean? Is this meant to be a general guidance to raising children, or discipling them? 1:03:06 {How to Distinguish Core Doctrines} How do I know what things are a &ldquo;salvation issue&rdquo; that I have to be right about, and what things are more open to interpretation that if I am wrong about my salvation will not be affected? 1:06:27 {Why is the Resurrection so Important?} Why are Jesus' claims and resurrection the one true root of our faith? Asking to help explain it to unbelievers who believe all religions lead to God. 1:11:22 {Must We Look Forward to our Glorified Bodies?} As a disabled person, some claim I&rsquo;m missing out because I&rsquo;m not looking forward to a new body. I&rsquo;m content. Thoughts? 1:13:22 {Why was Tamar a &ldquo;Disgraced Woman&rdquo;?} Why was Tamar in 2 Samuel considered &ldquo;a disgraced woman&rdquo; after being raped by her half-brother, Amnon? 1:22:04 {Should we Insert Names into Scripture?} A friend likes to substitute names in place of "you" in Scripture. Is that biblical? Romans 15:13 for example. 1:25:15 {Why does Jesus need to Pray in Heaven?} Why does Jesus pray for us in Heaven when He could just directly ask God, since He is seated at the right hand of God? 1:29:50 {How to get Others Excited about Apologetics} What is the best way to get a fellow believer to realize the importance of apologetics? I meet way too many Christians who are just like, "I j
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I endorse husband-leaders, but there is a danger in it.

It seems to me that a balanced, biblical view will affirm both the role of the husband as having higher authority in the household and his responsibility to utilize that authority for self-sacrificial service. Any teaching that doesn't emphasize both of these aspects seems to be unbiblical. CLICK HERE for my video on "How to Be a Husband" My website:
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Pt. 9: Have We Misunderstood "Wives Submit"? - Women in Ministry Series

Many (not all) egalitarians say that the fundamental way that marriage works, in relationship to authority, has been widely misunderstood by Christians throughout history. They say that wives are not called to submit in any greater fashion than their husbands are. They say that the real biblical teaching is for "mutual submission." Today we will cover the main passages that seem to teach an authority imbalance in the marriage relationship, examine the context of each from a traditional, complementarian perspective, and then we'll spend the majority of our time going over egalitarian claims that would offer linguistic, contextual and historical reasons for why that's not what it means. They will generally say that a passage simply does not say that there is an authority imbalance in marriage, or that it does say that but it was only for a particular culture and a particular time. After years of being a bit confused about the topic of women in ministry, I set out to spend months researching the topic in great detail to produce this exhaustive teaching series on the topic. This is part 9. CLICK HERE for the playlist of ALL the videos in this series (more will be added as I make them). You can also find more videos freely available here on my website. I have other references and data in my notes from this series, which you can freely access through this website. Time Stamps: 10:36 Mike&rsquo;s teaching through 1 Peter 3:1-7 30:19 Mike&rsquo;s teaching through Col. 3: 18-19 35:04 Mike&rsquo;s teaching through Titus 2:5 35:52 Mike&rsquo;s teaching through Eph. 5: 21-33 49:23 Mike&rsquo;s teaching on 1 Cor. 7:3-5 55:14 Egalitarian view of 1 Pet. 3:1-7 1:21:55 Egalitarian view of Col. 3: 18-19 1:30:45 Egalitarian view of Eph. 5: 21-36 2:40:47 The slavery objection 3:05:07 Conclusion
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 82)

My goal is to help you on the road to thinking biblically about everything. LINKS I MENTIONED: Help for Jehovah's Witnesses playlist Penal Substitution Series What the Bible teaches about Alcohol Here's the link for my next video in the Women in Ministry series. This is part 9 and we will be covering the claim that many egalitarians make that there is no authority imbalance in marriage and the idea of "wives submit" has been misunderstood throughout time; it should really be understood, they say, as "mutual submission." This issue is massively important since it impacts every Christian marriage! 0:00 - Intro 0:30 {Are Retirement Savings Sinful?} Based off of the Parable of the Rich Fool (Luke 12:16-21) and the story in Matthew 19:21, do you think it is sinful to save up for retirement? 14:59 {Communion Elements/Did Jesus Drink Wine?} My family and I attend a church that is in fellowship with an organization that uses water during communion instead of wine or grape juice. They attempt to use John 19:34 to justify this, and they also believe Jesus never consumed wine. Is this biblical? 21:10 {Does Jesus Live in Us?} Would it be accurate after reading 1 Corinthians 6:19 &amp; 2 Corinthians 13:5 to state that both the Holy Spirit and Jesus live in the believer? 26:40 {Are &ldquo;God-Given Rights&rdquo; Biblical?} Does the Bible say anything about "God Given Rights,&rdquo; at least the way many Americans use the phrase? 33:20 {When &amp; How to Evangelize} I want everyone to be saved &amp; I feel guilty if I don't share the Gospel with every person I see. How do I know when I should share the Gospel &amp; how do I start the conversation? 38:08 {Is the Curse of the Ground Still Active?} In what way did Noah bring relief from the curse of the ground (Genesis 5:28-29)? Am I mistaken in thinking the curse still seems active today (Genesis 3:17-19; 8:21)? 43:47 {What is a False Teacher?} What do you think is the biblical definition of a false teacher? People's interpretations of this vary widely. I&rsquo;d just like to have a fresh pair of eyes on it. 47:58 {About Fantasy Entertainment} What is your stance on fantasy entertainment which utilizes pagan/made up religions such as GoT, Lotr, Zelda, Hercules, or Valheim? Isn&rsquo;t it promoting Idolatry? 52:05 {Safeguarding Ourselves While Witnessing} I have felt God call me to minister to the JWs, and He has opened doors for me to do so. What should I do to make sure my faith is not endangered when I am doing ministry? I meet with them tonight. 56:21 {How does Our Will Intertwine with God&rsquo;s?} In Genesis 20:4-6, Abimelech seems to think he didn&rsquo;t touch Sarah out of his own will, but God says HE didn&rsquo;t allow it. Any insight on the intersection between our will and God&rsquo;s hand making stuff happen? 1:01:29 {How did Jesus Pay in Advance for our Sin?} I'm not sure about penal substitution. How can it be that my sins, which were not yet committed at the time of the crucifixion, could have been imputed to Christ on the cross? 1:06:43 {Discerning God&rsquo;s Calling from Our Feelings?} How can I tell the difference between when God is truly calling me to something or if I am just searching for signs? 1:11:44 {Is Being Baptized in a Special Location More &ldquo;Spiritual&rdquo;?} Is it wrong to think being baptized in the Jordan Rive
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"Abuser" at Home - "Respected Christian Man" at Church.

&nbsp; I don't pretend my advice here is going to "fix" things for everyone suffering from an abusive spouse. I'm just trying to give the best answers I can, which I believe are biblical, to offer some measure of help. Please seek godly counsel from multiple people if you're in an abusive situation. It's ok for you to get help. My website:
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I Found These Atheist Memes Online. Here’s What’s Wrong with Them.

I hope that this video doesn't just trigger people (though I'm sure that's unavoidable) but that it stirs serious thought and consideration. Timestamps!0:00 - IntroMeme 1: 0:43Meme 2: 4:51Meme 3: 11:28Meme 4: 21:39Meme 5: 31:37Meme 6: 35:57Meme 7: 39:49
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 81)

My goal is to help you on the road to thinking biblically about everything. Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Intro 0:13 {Overcoming Negativity &amp; Responding to &ldquo;Church People&rdquo; Behaving Badly} How can I overcome bitterness &amp; negativity? I have been disappointed in friends, family, and "church people" a lot and I found out it has a big impact in my life. 15:36 {Could Satan Repent?} Would God forgive Satan if he repented? 19:33 {One Death or Two in Scripture?} How do we reconcile Hebrews 9:27 with there also being a &ldquo;second death&rdquo; (as in: Revelation 2:11, Revelation 20:6,14, &amp; Revelation 21:8)? Is there one death or two? 22:56 {Is it Wrong to Honor a DNR?} What do you think about DNR (do not resuscitate) orders? If I can&rsquo;t perform CPR on a patient when it could save their life because the order forbids it, am I committing murder by honoring it? 27:10 {Does Breath Determine Life?} I've heard people quote Genesis 2:7 (usually from the KJV) to show that a soul can't live or exist without both body and breath. Is this an accurate understanding, and if not, why? 34:27 {Why Did God Call a &ldquo;Chosen People&rdquo;?} Why did God decide to have a &ldquo;chosen people&rdquo;? Was this due to His will to have a &ldquo;people&rdquo; that His Son would come from? 38:09 {Are We All Lying on the Internet?} Is it a sin to tick a box that says "I have read and accepted the terms and conditions&hellip;" without having read them first (e.g. when installing software)? Key word being "read.&rdquo; That would be lying, yes? 41:37 {Are Pictures of God in Movies or School Biblical?} Is Christian entertainment like The Chosen a violation of the 2nd Commandment? Are things like Sunday school lessons hurting our theology by using pictures of things or people? 46:45 {About the Doctrine of Election} How do you interpret 2 Thessalonians 2:13 in light of the debate on the doctrine of election? 49:51 {Is Jesus in Human Form in Heaven?} My question is about the incarnation of Christ. Since He was bodily raised from the dead, does that mean He is still the incarnation in Heaven? 54:17 {Who did God Purchase Us From?} 1Corinthians 6:19 says "You are not your own, you were bought with a price.&rdquo; Are the buyer and the seller the same person (e.g., Is God buying the people from Himself)? 57:19 {Are Altar Calls Biblical?} Are altar calls biblical? Hard to find much of this in the New Testament. Hard to think this through without preconceived notions. 1:05:01 {Overcoming Nervousness in Evangelism} I&rsquo;m starting high school soon, and I feel very nervous to share the Gospel in person. Is it wrong for me to just stick to sharing it online where I don&rsquo;t feel nervous at all? 1:07:07 {Can we Trust Paul&rsquo;s Writings?} I was wondering how you combat the claims against the Apostle Paul if you have heard of the claims against him, such as preaching a different Gospel than Jesus and the 12. 1:10:24 {About Egypt&rsquo;s Sacrifices in Isaiah} Isaiah 19:21 speaks of Egypt repenting and offering Jewish sacrifices. How can this be, since we no longer have those sacrifices? 1:12:41 {Solidifying our Identities} How do I know if I am solidified in my own identity? And do you think it is biblically important for people who walk with you in the faith to understand your identity and who you are as a person? 1:16:31 {Should we be Baptized while Having Doubts?} People encourage me to get baptized ASAP (Acts 22:16), but I struggle with serious psychological doubts. Should I disregard my doubts and get baptized? Can I take more time? 1:20:04 {Why did Jesus call the Father His God?} I've been wrestling with this passage for a couple of months, and I haven't found a solid answer yet. It
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Contradicting your husband in public.

Sometimes you should and sometimes you shouldn't. It seems to me that, if we are honest with ourselves about our motives and paying careful attention to the situation, we will be able to tell easily if it's worth correcting our spouse in public. Generally, it's probably best to err on the side of not saying anything or waiting for a private moment to share.
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 80)

&nbsp; CLICK HERE for my video about 6 different views of the end times. What Romans 14 says about convictions and conscience: CLICK HERE CLICK HERE for 3 videos that explain translations and manuscript issues related to the Bible. CLICK HERE for my 4 hour debate on whether baptism is required for salvation. What happens to those who never hear the Gospel? CLICK HERE CLICK HERE for my 4 part teaching on homosexuality and the Bible. What we got wrong about end times: CLICK HERE What is the abomination of desolation? CLICK HERE <p id="block-cfdf3e7c-cb6f-452f-9916-4e2bfea92244" class="block-editor-rich-text__editable block-editor-block-list__block wp-block rich-text" tabindex="0" role="group" aria-multiline="true" aria-label="Paragraph block" data-block="cfdf3e7c-cb6f-452f-9916-4e2bfea92244" data-type="core/paragraph" data-title="Paragr
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Can the guy stay home while the woman works, according to the Bible?

I surveyed the Scripture looking for an answer to this question, and it seems to me that even though there are more typical situations in biblical times, it's not the hard and fast rule that many think it is. In fact, there's quite of lot of support for a flexible attitude toward who "brings home the bacon." My website:
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Did God Speak to Him or Was it the Newspaper?

Consider carefully the timeline of this prophecy and the articles I share with you in this video. I think it reveals not only insight into James Goll, but into the low standards by which these large media-focused charismatic programs will lift up "prophets" for us all. May God bring true prophecy for us all to learn, grow, and be instructed from! But we all probably need to get better at spotting the fake. Personally, I'd rather have one word of prophecy every thirty years than thirty fake ones every day. CLICK HERE for the original, 8 hour video analyzing 2020 prophecies on The Remnant Radio. My website, with hundreds and hundreds of free videos helping you learn to think biblically about everything:
7/26/202220 minutes, 20 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 79)

Restoring Faith ministry to refugees - CLICK HERE for the correct link! CLICK HERE for my video on what Bible version to read and where to read in the Bible depending on your situation. CLICK HERE for my playlist defending the very important doctrine of Penal Substitutionary Atonement. This is the secret location where I store my searchable database of hundreds of videos. You can also find me on podcast, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the dreadful TikTok. Just search my name. Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Intro 0:34 {Are All Pastors Pro-Life?} What is your view on the many progressive "pastors" coming out against the overturning of Roe v. Wade? 19:09 {About God&rsquo;s Description} God's description in Scripture is often called anthropomorphic. Is it not true though that we are theomorphic instead? Why, therefore, must the imagery of God standing, etc. be metaphorical and not real? 24:51 {How do the Dead in Christ Rise if they&rsquo;re in Heaven?} If believers are taken directly to Heaven when they die, then why does 1 Thessalonians 4:16 say the dead in Christ rise at His return? Doesn't that suggest they are in their graves? 29:32 {About Near-Death Experiences} What do you think about near-death experiences? 35:50 {Does our Evangelism Determine Salvation?} Could our failure to share the Gospel actually determine someone&rsquo;s salvation? Or will God provide the same opportunity somewhere else? I can&rsquo;t imagine we have control over each other&rsquo;s salvation? 40:18 {Why did Some Disciples Doubt?} Why does Matthew record that some disciples doubted the resurrection? Is there some sort of significance to this? How could they doubt if Jesus was right in front of them? 44:56 {Should Incarcerated Parents be Involved?} My 2-year-old adopted son&rsquo;s birth mom is in prison for 15 years for using/selling meth. Biblically, should we let her be involved in his life? My wife thinks they should have an active relationship. 47:59 {Is &ldquo;Spiritual Attack&rdquo; Legitimate?} Is "spiritual attack" really a thing? Is that biblical? (i.e., during some notable season as a Christian, if we have intensified doubt, hopelessness, illness, etc. why's that not just, y'know, life?) 55:46 {About OT Prophet Credibility} Why were many of the prophets who wrote books included in the Old Testament if they didn't perform miracles and their prophecies didn't come true until the New Testament? What made them stand out from false prophets? 58:40 {Why is Abraham our Spiritual Father?} Why is Abraham our spiritual father (Romans 4:16-25) if people before him also had faith in God: Abel, Enoch, Noah, etc.? Were they not "counted righteous" through faith the same way Abraham was? 1:04:15 {What is a &ldquo;Clear Conscience&rdquo; Before God?} I'm getting baptized soon, and one of the questions my church asks is basically, &ldquo;Do you promise to follow God with a clear conscience?&rdquo; I deal with a condemning conscience. Would this break the promise? 1:06:34 {When did the Holy Spirit Come?} My question is about the Spirit. Jesus spoke of the Spirit coming after Him in John 14, but He is there in Luke 1 before Jesus&rsquo; birth. When did the Spirit actually come? 1:13:44 {Does God Need Death to Atone for Sins?} In Isaiah 6, sin is taken away by hot coals. Does God need death to forgive something or atone for sin (i.e. Jesus on the cross)? If so, how was Isaiah forgiven? If not,
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Do girls just have to vent sometimes?

I would honestly LOVE to hear some thoughtful feedback from you all on this topic. I have tried to give what I think are biblical principles and to apply them carefully. But I also recognize that drawing the line between proper sharing and improper gossip can be challenging. My website:
7/20/20227 minutes, 43 seconds
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Pt. 8: Male Headship: Is it REALLY Biblical? - Women in Ministry Series

It's undeniable that the Bible explicitly teaches that a husband is the "head" of his wife. While church history has pretty much always believed this means the husband is the primary leader in the marriage and household, there has been serious pushback against this view from egalitarian scholars in more recent years. Time Stamps!! 0:00 - Intro 1. 10:33 - Part 1: Medical Claims That "Head" Means "Source" 2. 31:47 - Part 2: Bible Context Claims That "Head" Doesn't Imply "Authority" 3. 54:20 - Part 3: Church History Argument 4. 1:01:10 - Part 4: The Battle of Lexicons; does kephale mean authority? 5. 1:33:33 - Conclusions Their basic contention is that "head" doesn't mean what you probably think it means when you read it in Scripture as the description of the relationship between husbands and wives. They tend to offer 4 main arguments to support their case:1) In the Greek speaking world of New Testament times, general medical opinion was that the heart or liver controlled the body while the head was merely the "source" of nutrition. The egalitarians say that we need to factor in this popular medical understanding of "head" or we will mistakenly think the husband is the leader of his wife.2) Egalitarian scholars say that when you look carefully at Paul's use of the metaphor "head" and the specific context of the passages when it is used, you come to see that Paul is NOT meaning to imply anything about authority, but is speaking of nourishment or source. For instance, they will say that man is the source of woman in the sense that Eve was formed from Adam. Adam was her source.3) Surprisingly, some Egalitarians will actually share a quote from Chrysostom to show that one of the church fathers understood perfectly well that this term "head" didn't mean to imply authority. Catherine Kroeger, founder of CBE promotes this view, and many echo her.4) Finally, we get to the biggest one. They will claim that the Greek word translated "head" really means "source" and not "authority." I've found that egalitarians will repeatedly make very similar claims that ancient lexicons do not support the meaning of "authority" and that one very respected lexicon in particular (the LSJ) defends their case. I'm going to analyze each of these claims to see what the Bible really says about husbands being the head of their wives. This is super important, because it doesn't just impact who is in church leadership, it impacts every single marriage in the body of Christ! I can't overstate the practical impact of getting this topic wrong, so I have spent a ton of time gathering and, more importantly, researching to properly vet and test egalitarian claims about male headship. I'll give you the spoiler here in the description. On every single point they are very wrong, and even putting out blatant misinformation. I'll provide both analysis and evidence to support all this in today's video.‬ After years of being a bit confused about the topic of women in ministry, I set out to spend months researching the topic in great detail to produce this exhaustive teaching series on the topic. This is just part 8. <a href=";list=PLZ3iRMLYFlHuBtpJlwi7F5J
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 78)

CLICK HERE for the video on Christophanies (appearances of Jesus) in the Old Testament. CLICK HERE for the FULL series on How to Find Jesus in the Old Testament. CLICK HERE for Natasha Crain's content that helps parents to disciple their kids. CLICK HERE for Foundation Worldview which has actual video lessons to help teach your kids a Christian worldview. CLICK HERE for BibleThinker shirts, mugs, and other stuff. The goal isn't to make money on these, they are just for you, for fun, since we set the profit margin as low as they'll allow us to go. 0:00 - Intro 0:07 {Spiritual but Not Religious?} How should we respond when someone says, &ldquo;I&rsquo;m not religious, I&rsquo;m spiritual&rdquo;? 23:14 {Who is our &ldquo;Neighbor&rdquo;?} &ldquo;Who, then, is my neighbor?&rdquo; In Luke 10:25-37, I know the Good Samaritan is me, but who does the "neighbor" he helped represent? I have never met a naked, beaten, and robbed Jew&hellip;I don't think. 26:35 {About Mid-Acts Dispensationalism} Can you give some more information on the Mid-Acts Dispensationalism movement? It sounds biblical. 31:11 {Should Ungodly Behavior Cause Doubt?} If I were to doubt Christianity (I don't), it would be because of a lack of holiness. Christians seem to be jerks at the same rate as the world, or more. Why is this, if we have the Holy Spirit? 36:40 {God in the Garden} Who was walking in the garden in Genesis 3:8? Was it Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit, or all three? 41:50 {About Anglo/British Israelism} What are your thoughts on Anglo-Israelism or British Israelism? It is the belief that America and the British commonwealth are physical descendants of Israel. 44:41 {Discerning True vs. False Prophecies} How do you test WOF prophecy when it sounds more like insights/encouragements, not foretelling future events? What SHOULD modern prophecy sound like? 48:49 {Is Fear of Hell a Valid Motivator?} Would a death bed conversion work if the main driving factor is the fear of Hell rather than choosing to trust God? 51:58 {Biblical Advice for Parents} What advice can you give to parents in these times to help them raise children who choose to trust and follow Jesus later in life? Can you do a biblical series on parenting? 55:33 {What Should I Do if I Question My Salvation?} If someone is thinking that they might not be saved, seeing their sinfulness, what should they do? &ldquo;Not sinning&rdquo; sort of seems like a Band-Aid on the problem. 1:00:07 {Singular vs. Plural Pronouns for God?} Why is it improper to refer to God as "they" instead of "He," since He is three persons? Example of the problem: "He spoke to Job out of the storm" tends to make us think the Father alone is speaking. 1:03:03 {Can Past Sins Disqualify a Man from Leadership?} If a man&rsquo;s pre-salvation life is especially disgraceful, could he ever t
7/16/20221 hour, 44 minutes, 44 seconds
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My MAIN challenge to Flat Earth Proponents

There are several links to additional stuff you might be interested in: 1) An article on "raqia" or the Hebrew word we often see translated as "firmament." The big debate on this word is whether it implies the sky has a hard, solid dome or if it's just talking about an expansive space. I didn't cover it in today's video because it isn't about the shape of the earth. But, people are interested, so CLICK HERE for an article that Cultish put together on the topic. 2) Cultish is a very interesting show which covers lots of fringe topics and a variety of groups from Charles Manson's group, to Masons, to the JW's strange Bible translation, to the "cult of right wing politics." CLICK HERE to visit their YouTube channel.And CLICK HERE for their website.You can also find them on whatever podcast app you use. Allow me to react to some of the kinds of comments I expect to get on this video, since they also came in on the Cultish version of this interview which released earlier, and to make a few requests for those inclined to consider them. 1) "Mike is biased and untrustworthy, disingenuous, and generally bad."My response: That's a lot of bad stuff about me, but you haven't touched my reasoning or handled the Bible in context in order to demonstrate your position. Please comment below with Bible verses that, when examined in full context, promote your view. And please don't just post a verse, post your interpretation of it, as well, so that we can all understand and learn. 2) "No flat earth proponents use those verses. Mike isn't dealing with the real Bible verses we use."My response: That's definitely not true. I got these verses from flat earthers, I didn't make them up. However, it's true that many of those who say the Bible supports a flat earth never really get around to offering specific verses that you can examine. They tend to just reference the Bible more vaguely or lean on what someone else says about the Ancient Near East. If you reject these as flat earth Bible verses, then you actually agree with me that those who use them (and plenty do) are misinterpreting the Bible for their purposes. However, if you have OTHER verses that support a flat earth, then please comment below with Bible verses that, when examined in full context, promote your view. And please don't just post a verse, post your interpretation of it, as well, so that we can all understand and learn. 3) "You should have a flat earth proponent on to talk about this stuff for themselves."My response: No thanks. I don't need to have every single person on my channel who I disagree with. Imagine the apostle Paul inviting Judaizers on tour with him or cowriting Galatians with someone who disagrees with him for, you know, objectivity. That's silly. I can handle views without turning my entire ministry into a debate and interview platform. I read plenty of flat earth literature and looked at plenty of videos from proponents in order to make sure I got Bible verses that were really being used to support that side. This complaint is merely a way of ignoring what I've said and saying I should have done something totally different. I'm not your puppet, and this response ignores careful Bible study instead of considering it. I've got books by Rob Skiba and Dean Odle, and have had a private and long conversation with Dean Od
7/13/20222 hours, 7 minutes, 34 seconds
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One UNbiblical belief that will kill your marriage.

I know it can feel oppressive to constantly hear that we have such a high calling to self-sacrifice and self-examination. But it's only oppressive to our flesh. And if you don't kill that sinful selfishness, it will kill everything else. My website:&nbsp;
7/11/202210 minutes, 3 seconds
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Yes, spouses should join their finances, unless…

You know, there's one benefit of sharing bank accounts that I never mentioned in this video. It's the reality that you can't hide things as easily when you both can see what the money is being spent on. This inability to hide expenses is a good thing since grievous sins are often nurtured in the dark. Thank you to Lisa Laizure, of &ldquo;Women&rsquo;s Bible Study&rdquo; for organizing and hosting this event. Her ministry website is HERE. My website
7/8/20221 minute, 48 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 77)

0:12 {People we Shouldn&rsquo;t Pray For?} My father believes that there are people we do not (or should not) pray for. He backs it up with John 17:9, saying that it may even be a sin to pray for people we shouldn&rsquo;t pray for. I would love to hear your thoughts! 8:22 {Truth in Love when Family is in Sin} My fianc&eacute;'s sibling is transgender. I'm scared our future children will think it is a good thing and that it&rsquo;s right. His family accepts this lifestyle unquestionably. I don't want to cut them out of our lives, but I don't know what else to do to protect our family. How can I be obedient to God and still be loving to his sibling and the rest of the family? 12:43 {Spiritual vs. Political Progressivism} Isn't Progressive Christianity simply the outcome of forcing progressive/leftist ideology onto Christianity? Should we even make the distinction between politically &amp; religiously progressive beliefs? 19:04 {Witnessing to a Dying Loved One} My grandpa is dying, and doesn't have long. He has dementia/Alzheimer&rsquo;s now and has never been a Christian. Is it too late to share the Gospel with him? If not, how do I do it effectively? 23:32 {About House Churches} What do you think of the house church movement (Francis Chan)? 29:04 {About Levirate Marriages} Why did God endorse levirate marriage? Isn&rsquo;t it wrong to pressure a man to marry someone he doesn&rsquo;t want to? And since marriage will supposedly end in Heaven, is love not a factor for God? 35:08 {Must Pastors be Married?} Does 1 Timothy 3:2 mean that I must have a wife to be a pastor? What about a man who doesn&rsquo;t have a wife? 40:56 {Are Illusionists&rsquo; Tricks Sinful?} Is there anything wrong with learning sleight of hand magic or using it in evangelism? 46:16 {About Marriage in Heaven} In Matthew 22:23-29, Jesus rebukes the Sadducees for trying to trap Him, saying they don&rsquo;t know the Scriptures. Where in the Scriptures is this topic of marriage in Heaven mentioned? 51:03 {About the Census: Luke 2} Is there any extrabiblical evidence for the census in Luke 2? I heard it would be a pretty dumb idea to send people to their place of birth if you later want them to pay taxes from their current home. 57:46 {About Jesus&rsquo; Divinity Upon His Death} Was Jesus still fully God when He died? What happened to His divinity between God "turning His face away" and the resurrection? 1:01:37 {Navigating Marital Struggles} What should a Christian wife do if her husband doesn't want to work on their marriage, expects her to do almost everything when it comes to responsibilities, and doesn't provide enough for her needs? 1:06:09 {Overcoming Self-Consciousness} Mike how can we be less self-aware or self-conscious? It stops me from preaching to anybody because my thoughts tell me I'm being disingenuous. 1:09:00 {Ideas for What to Pray About} I have issues praying every day because I feel like I don&rsquo;t have anything to pray about. What would you suggest, to help with this? 1:10:49 {Is Islam an &ldquo;Abrahamic Faith&rdquo; that Saves?} How do I defend the Christian faith with my family when they always bring up Genesis 22:18, arguing that Islam can also lead to salvation because it's an Abrahamic faith? 1:16:01 {Should I Correct my Christian Boss?} I work for a company that is owned by a professing Christian. He makes inappropriate jokes. I don't know if rebuking or correcting my boss is proper or not. How do I go about this? 1:20:08 {Catholic vs. SDA School for Children?} Would it be better to send my children to a Catholic School or a 7th Day Adventist school? We are looking to take our children out of public schools, and these are the two options available to us. 1:22:28 {Guiding a Wayward Teen} How do I respond to my 17 year old daughter who is persistent
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Lead Pastor Tries and Fails to Quote the Bible for Pro-choice Legislation

Reading the Bible in context is all it takes to solve most of these bad teaching issues. This is Senior Pastor Mike Thomas, from Radiant Church in Seattle, Washington. Original video can be found HERE. Thank you to Woke Preacher Clips for making these sorts of clips available for needful discussion. Here's me on Twitter. My website, with hundreds of hours of free content helping you learn to think biblically about everything:
7/1/202216 minutes, 12 seconds
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Who cares about the real Jesus? Give us "Meme Jesus!"

There's a popular, fairly progressive Christian meme that has made the rounds online. It pretends to refute a "colonizer Jesus" and to support a "historical Jesus." But it turns out to just be another piece of poorly thought out propaganda. Proving once again that lots of people care very little about understanding Jesus and care very much about claiming that Jesus is supportive of their agenda. You all said that I should walk through this popular progressive meme and unpack it. We aren't going to shoot for talking points or picking sides here, unless the "side" is Jesus' side. This will be a thoughtful analysis of each point in this popular meme.
6/27/20221 hour, 33 minutes, 24 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 76)

0:24 {The &ldquo;What is a Woman?&rdquo; Bandwagon} Do you think that the now famous question "What is a Woman?" is a relevant area of focus for biblical Christians? Doesn't the Gospel naturally address these issues we face today? 18:54 {Helping Friends be Biblical} Most of my friends claim to be Christians, but they support &ldquo;pride month.&rdquo; It depresses me that they encourage gay marriage which the Bible clearly says is a sin. How do I talk to them about this? 25:16 {Friends vs. Servants of Christ?} In John 15:15, Jesus tells the apostles, &ldquo;No longer do I call you servants, but friends.&rdquo; How do we properly approach our position as &ldquo;friends of Jesus&rdquo; while not neglecting to still serve Him? 29:01 {Is John 1 about the Bible?} What does John 1:1-4 say about the importance of the Bible? Should we worship the Bible? Some say they won't read the Bible, but at the same time say they are Christian. 34:37 {Are there Sins we Really Can&rsquo;t Help Doing?} How can I reconcile 1 Corinthians 10:13 after decades of struggling with sloth, bad work ethic, sin at work, etc.? I&rsquo;m praying for forgiveness, but was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I now see I can&rsquo;t help it without meds. 41:26 {Was the Bible Written w/Chapters &amp; Verses?} Since the Bible wasn't written with chapters and verses, how should that impact our reading of the current translations? 43:40 {Why Don&rsquo;t the Jews Believe?} What is your understanding as to why the Jews don&rsquo;t believe in Jesus and are waiting on someone else to come? 49:59 {About Receiving the Spirit} If we are to believe that you receive the Holy Spirit when you believe, why does there seem to be a separation from believing and receiving in Acts 19:1-2? 52:12 {Are Cards Inherently Sinful?} Are playing cards wrong? My parents think they are wrong even if I&rsquo;m not playing Poker or anything like that. They think that there is some kind of evil in the card itself. 56:40 {Will We Fall into Sin in Heaven?} If Satan was able to disobey and sin against God in Heaven (along with him persuading others to sin), how do we know we will not sin against God when we are home with Him? I&rsquo;m struggling with this question. 1:01:07 {Should Christians be Organ Donors?} I am wondering how Christians should think about organ donation? Is there a clear answer in Scripture? 1:03:43 {Loving God vs. Fearing Punishment} I find that I fear Hell rather than love God. Prayer and Bible reading feel like selfishly avoiding Hell more than devotedly pursuing God. How do I stop my fear from getting in the way of my relationship with God? 1:08:37 {Marriage in Heaven?} Since Jesus says that wives will be had in Heaven in Matthew 19: 29, why do most Christians say marriage won't exist in Heaven? 1:13:42 {Mental vs. Spiritual Health Struggles} When I talk to some people about my mental health struggles, they suggest that the cause is a spiritual issue. How do I explain that being a faithful Christian doesn't mean I can't struggle? 1:17:42 {What is an Apostate?} What is an apostate? Can they come back to God? 1:19:32 {About Elisha &amp; the Bears} How can we explain 2 Kings 2:23-24 in context? it involves Elisha and a group of young mockers who then get killed by 2 bears. 1:26:58 {Should Immoral Things Be Illegal?} Should biblically immoral mean illegal? Surely if sin harms the community, then all legal sin harms society and should be against the law. 1:29:28 {Fellowshipping as an Introvert} I am worried that being an introvert is keeping me from congregating in the church. Does this mean that I'm truly not saved? Where is the joy that I'm supposed to have in the Lord? Please help. 1:33:05 {Was Elihu in Job Correct?} In Job 32:7-9, the Lord tells Job&rsquo;s 3 friends to sacrifice burnt of
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Pt. 7: The Egalitarian "Silver Bullet" Bible Verse - Women in Ministry Series

Did you know that there is an egalitarian &ldquo;silver bullet&rdquo; Bible verse? Many egalitarians (who hold that women can rightly be elders, or any other position in the church) see Galatians 3:28 as such a powerful and wide-sweeping statement that it overrules any interpretation of any other passage in the Bible that would restrict roles of women in any fashion. In my own experience, every egalitarian knows about this but many complementarians do not. In this video, part 7 of my Women in Ministry series, I&rsquo;ll be doing a detailed analysis of egalitarian scholar, Cynthia Long Westfall&rsquo;s case for why Galatians 3:28 is such a pivotal passage for understanding women&rsquo;s roles and for proving that complementarian views are fundamentally wrong. &ldquo;There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.&rdquo; Galatians 3:28 After years of being a bit confused about the topic of women in ministry I set out to spend months researching the topic in great detail to produce this exhaustive teaching series on the topic. CLICK HERE for the playlist of ALL the videos in this series (more will be added as I make them). Resources you may be interested in: My notes from today Discovering Biblical Equality is the most updated work from a slew of egalitarian scholars. While I thoroughly disagree with it in a somewhat continual manner, it's a good resource for cutting edge egalitarian scholarship. The publisher, IVP, was kind enough to send me an advanced copy when I first started this research project. Ben Witherington's 1981 paper, "Rite and Rights for Women" CLICK HERE for my video on the Hebrew Roots Movement in regards to Acts (this relates to my claim that Jews and Gentiles did, indeed, have differences in the church in some ways) CLICK HERE for my video on what the Bible teaches about slavery I have other references and data in my notes from this series, which you can freely have through my website
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 75)

Today's Time Stamps: 0:14 {Can Christians ever Sue Christians?} Does 1 Corinthians 6 prohibit believers from ever taking other believers to court? Is there ever an appropriate time to take a brother &ldquo;before unbelievers&rdquo;? 20:43 {Working for God Without Selfishness} How can I do work for God to receive a reward but not be seeking to put myself first, such as in Luke 22:24-30? 25:50 {Are Secret Churches &ldquo;Denying God Before Men?&rdquo;} Do secret churches in countries where Christianity is illegal contradict Matthew 10:32-33? 28:50 {Is Rapture Theology Biblical?} Is it true that rapture theology didn't exist before the 19th century and that it&rsquo;s a relatively modern interpretation? 33:00 {Anxiety about Hell} I've become anxious about the thought of eternal torment in Hell. If that's the punishment for our sins, wouldn't it have been best for unbelievers never to be born? 39:30 {Understanding Philippians 4} Philippians 4:8 confuses me because so many true things are none of the other things on the list. A lot of truth is just the opposite. I read books about true things that are not the other things. 44:03 {Is Eternal Subordinationism Biblical?} I read recently that the idea that God the Son has been eternally submissive to God the Father is heresy (Arianism). Is that true? Was Jesus only temporarily submissive to God the Father while on Earth? 47:32 {Prayer for a Struggling Marriage} Would you please pray for my wife and I? I know it's a vague request without much detail, but we are struggling in our marriage and prayers are much needed. 48:53 {Balancing Duties as a Young Leader} I am a full time high school/youth pastor whose role involves a lot of leadership and administrative duties. As a young person, I find it challenging and catch myself trying to overcompensate. Advice? 51:28 {Breaking the Sin Cycle of Lust} I&rsquo;m a 15 year old that has struggled with lust for such a long time, and I honestly don&rsquo;t know what to do anymore. It feels like I will never get out of this constant sin cycle. Could you please help me? 54:37 {Dealing with Toxic People} What biblical counsel would you give for dealing with toxic people, especially Christian family members you live with, who are oftentimes mentally and emotionally unhealthy to be around? x 58:18 {Why Would God Give us our Heart&rsquo;s Desires?} Why would God give us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4) if the heart is deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9)? 1:04:56 {About OT Sacrifices} In the Old Testament sacrificial system, there seems to be a lot of required sacrifices. How often were those sacrifices required, and who was required to offer them? Was it just the heads of households? 1:07:24 {Volunteering vs. Getting a Paying Job?} I'm 31, living with my unbelieving parents. They're pushing me to get a real job, but I feel I should continue volunteering to keep a Foundation alive that's barely holding on. Any biblical advice? 1:11:05 {About the Joy of the Lord} What is the &ldquo;joy of the Lord,&rdquo; and how is it our strength? 1:13:48 {Can we be Refilled with the Spirit?} Is it unbiblical to ask for a "refilling of the Holy Spirit"? Don't we already have Him living inside us? I hear this a lot at my church, and I don't know what to think of it. 1:16:57 {The Descriptions of Jesus in Scripture} After reading Daniel 10 and Revelation 1, I was wondering what the connection is between the descriptions of the visions. The description of Jesus in Revelation is so similar to the description given in Daniel 10. 1:19:13 {When Israel is Mentioned in Scripture} In the Bible, when Israel is mentioned in the context, is it referring more to the people or to the land (country)? (Ex: Romans 11:26) 1:22:43 {When Science Cannot Answ
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Why I am NOT suing Joel Osteen - Final update on my copyright strike and a personal message to Joel.

I plan to post a very edited version of the Joel Osteen review video in about 3 months. It will only use a small portion of his original video and it will be uploaded after my copyright strike has faded off my record with YouTube. The edited down version will just consist of every time that Joel quoted the Bible. Unfortunately, he distorted the meaning of the Bible every time, except once, in the "Let it Go" sermon. My website:
6/10/202221 minutes, 40 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 74)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Intro1. 0:09 {Is it Helpful to Offer &ldquo;Thoughts &amp; Prayers&rdquo;?} Following a tragedy, people will often say, &ldquo;Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are affected,&rdquo; which is often followed by angry or mocking non-believer comments such as, &ldquo;Your prayers clearly aren&rsquo;t working. Do something that will actually help like changing the laws.&rdquo; What are some proper, biblical ways to respond to that sort of position?2. 10:02 {How Creative Can Worship Be in Church?} I would like your views on flag waving (as the Lord is my banner), dancing, and body painting as part of &ldquo;creative worship&rdquo; in church. When I questioned these things, Zechariah 1: 20-21 was quoted to me. Since creativity is inspired by God, am I being overly cautious and resisting change which is from God?3. 18:02 {Can Legalism be Spiritually Abusive?} Our pastor and denomination as a whole requires that any women serving (even volunteers) must only wear skirts, and that only the KJV is God's Word (every other version is a "perversion") and requires tithing. Are these things spiritual abuse?4. 25:25 {Does Scripture talk about Sex Slaves?} What&rsquo;s your advice on how to approach numbers 31:15-18 (the passage about sex slaves)?5. 32:58 {Discerning God&rsquo;s Will and Calling} How do I know if I&rsquo;m called to preach? My family depends on my income, and I don&rsquo;t want to unwisely step into anything against God&rsquo;s will, but I feel I must evangelize much more than I can now.6. 38:15 {Why is Deborah not Mentioned in Hebrews 11?} I&rsquo;ve appreciated your Women in Ministry series so much. Regarding Deborah, why do you suppose her name is not mentioned with the other 4 Judges in Hebrews 11: 32, but Barak is mentioned?7. 40:25 {How to Biblically Choose Who to Date?} How should mental health issues affect dating for Christians (both one's own issues and a spouse candidate's potential issues)? Overall, what things should be considered when choosing to start dating?8. 43:41 {What are the &ldquo;Best Spiritual Gifts&rdquo;?} What do you think Paul is referring to in 1 Corinthians 12: 31 when he says to desire "the best gifts"?9. 48:23 {Are Anti-Abortion Laws Biblical?} Is it biblical to make abortion unavailable to others by law? Or is it better to support organizations like Mom's House who help single moms with having a baby?10. 52:02 {Did Adam &amp; Eve&rsquo;s Offspring Commit Incest?} Does Genesis lead us to believe that if every person came from Adam, then there was incest between Adam and Eve's offspring to create mankind?11. 56:26 {Can we Only Have Belief through the Spirit?} &ldquo;Only by the Spirit can one believe&rdquo; &hellip; Can this be considered gaslighting unbelievers and a way of compensating for a lack of enough evidence? Please help my pain, I'm struggling.12. 1:00:58 {Tips for Ministering to Youth at Camp} Youth camp is in two weeks. Suggestions for ministering to teenagers?13. 1:04:01 {Why does Satan Tempt Believers?} Why does the devil bother to tempt people to sin if they are already saved? What's the gain for him?14. 1:05:48 {What do we Make &ldquo;Our Own&rdquo; In Phil. 3?} In Philippians 3: 12, what is Paul referring to when he says "...I press on to make it my own"? Make what his own? Help me. I am really confused.15. 1:10:04 {Rapture vs. Second Coming?} Do you think the rapture and the second coming could be different events? I have heard some Christians suggest this, explaining how the rapture will come before the tribulation.16. 1:14:44 {Should We Close Our Eyes &amp; Bow While Praying?} I was wondering, is it biblical to close your eyes and bow your head while you pray, or is that a tradition that has been made up over time?17. 1:18:27 {Does Infant Salvation Conflict w/Original Sin?} How can we believe in the doctr
6/3/20221 hour, 33 minutes, 3 seconds
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Pt. 6: Things I Didn't Know as a Complementarian - Women in Ministry Series

After years of being a bit confused about the topic of women in ministry, I set out to spend months researching the topic in great detail to produce this exhaustive teaching series on the topic. In today's teaching we will cover several topics that, to be honest, I didn't really think much about as a complementarian. These egalitarian arguments really do challenge some complementarians ideas in a good way. Though I can't agree with them all the way through. 1) Was Jesus training women to be rabbis/teachers?2) Does the fact that women were persecuted imply that they were in leadership?3) What about the egalitarian argument that men and women both can have the gifts of teaching or leadership? If women are gifted in those areas, can't they express those gifts in the biblical role of elder?4) The Bible clearly indicates that all believers are priests. Does this mean that women, who are also priests in Christ, can be elders? And does this challenge the idea that a man is the priest of his home?5) If women in the NT times freely prophesied at church gatherings, to mixed sex audiences, why can't they teach in that same context? Doesn't prophecy involve an element of teaching? CLICK HERE for the playlist of ALL the videos in this series (more will be added as I make them). CLICK HERE for John MacArthur's paper, which I referenced in today's video. You can also find more videos freely available on my website: Time Stamp Guide: 0:00 &ndash; Intro 7:12 Persecuted women = women leaders 17:50 Jesus trained women to be rabbis 28:23 If NT women are priests, they can be elders, too 59:35 Women prophets = women elders 1:33:38 Spiritual gifts in women means they can teach and lead2:08:53 Today&rsquo;s conclusion and summary
5/30/20222 hours, 13 minutes, 19 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 73)

0:00 - Intro 0:49 {Conviction vs. Condemnation} Can you help me process the difference between &ldquo;conviction&rdquo; and &ldquo;condemnation&rdquo;? I know it&rsquo;s right to feel sorry when I sin, but where&rsquo;s the fine line between that feeling and allowing my guilt to cripple me and make me feel like a failure who is unclean before God? 14:09 {Thoughts about IVF} What are your thoughts about IVF? I&rsquo;ve been battling infertility for a few years, but I&rsquo;m concerned about whether IVF is biblically acceptable, especially about discarding the extra embryos. Is it equal to abortion to discard the embryos even if we can't guarantee they will grow if planted in the womb? 18:32 {Did the Father Turn His Face Away?} Did the Father really turn His face away from Jesus on the cross? 24:27 {About the Witness in John 8} In John 8:13-19, Jesus testifies that the Father is His witness. Given the emphasis on 2 witnesses in the Law, why did He not mention the Holy Spirit in this point? The absence is conspicuous. 31:06 {Are Ministry Raffles &amp; Lotteries Biblical?} What does the Bible say about ministries that raise money using raffles, lotteries, or giveaways? Would you give money to them? They appeal to my (and presumably others&rsquo;) carnality. Is this sinful? 37:01 {The Trinity: Can We Ever be 100% Certain?} I've been fighting doubts and "what ifs" about the Trinity lately, and though I'm confident in the answers I've gotten, I fear I'll never be certain about it again. Any advice? 45:02 {Help Understanding Gossip} I&rsquo;ve been confused about what type of talk is considered &ldquo;gossip.&rdquo; I don&rsquo;t want to be doing it, but sometimes it&rsquo;s hard for me to tell if it&rsquo;s gossip or not. How do I tell what is and isn&rsquo;t gossip? 49:32 {Are there Differing Accounts of Who Saw Jesus?} How should we explain the differing accounts of people who saw Jesus after He rose? Some verses say women saw Him first, and others say men. 52:04 {Is it Biblical to Spank Children?} Is it biblical for parents to spank their children? Does it model Christian character? Any advice for parents on how to biblically discipline their children, especially young children (around 2 years old)? 57:47 {About the Treasure/Pearl in Matthew 13} Is Matthew 13:44-46 about us finding salvation in Jesus, OR is it about Jesus giving all for us? Is the treasure/pearl our salvation in Jesus? Or is it our value to Him? 1:02:38 {Wisdom in Applying for Ministry Jobs} I'm pursuing a degree in religion, and considering looking for ministry jobs. Is it right of me to apply for ministry jobs I might not be qualified for and trust the church to make a good decision? 1:04:13 {Clarifying a Confusing Verse} What&rsquo;s your opinion on Genesis 3:16? ESV says &ldquo;contrary to&rdquo; and other translations say &ldquo;for.&rdquo; It can&rsquo;t be both, can it? I&rsquo;m so confused by it. 1:09:39 {Did God Command Balaam &amp; then Become Upset?} Why does God get angry with Balaam in Numbers 22:20-22 for going when it seems He just told him to go in verse 20? 1:16:01 {About Repentance &amp; Rebuke} Can you talk about Luke 17:3? Should you rebuke someone after they repent? 1:19:23 {Does God Only Speak through Scripture?} Does God still speak to us? I have heard it said that if you want to hear God speak, read your Bible; and if you want to hear Him speak audibly, read the Bible out loud. I believe God does still speak, but I&rsquo;m conflicted. 1:25:43 {Why is Transgender Surgery Wrong?} If Christian work is restorative: healing the sick, clothing the naked, etc. to create "foretastes" of Heaven, then why is transgender surgery wrong? Isn't that also restorative/fixing disorder? 1:31:53 {About Prophecy in Matthew&rsquo;s Gospel} A Muslim asked: &ldquo;Why did the
5/20/20221 hour, 45 minutes, 31 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 72)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Intro1. 0:25 {Do we Need Religion to have Morals?} How would you respond to this statement?: &ldquo;You don&rsquo;t need religion to have morals. If you can&rsquo;t determine right from wrong, then you lack empathy, not religion.&rdquo; 2. 6:19 {Can we be Sure of the Resurrection?} In Acts 25: 20, if Festus and Agrippa can't be sure of the resurrection claim, how can we be sure now?3. 12:23 {Comments on Reincarnation/Simpsons&rsquo; Prophecies?} Do you have any suggestions to help a believer of reincarnation? Ex: Ryan Hammons has 55 verified statements about having a past life. Also, Bible prophecies mean nothing since The Simpsons have predicted the future many times.4. 16:38 {Was I Really Saved in the Past?} Was I ever really saved and had a relationship with Christ if I left heterosexuality and embraced my same sex attraction and married my wife?5. 20:46 {Resolving a &ldquo;Contradiction&rdquo;} Does Ezekiel 18: 20 contradict the stoning of Achan and his family in Joshua 7: 24-26 (the idea of original sin passed down through Adam) and 2 Samuel 12: 13-15?6. 29:59 {Do we &ldquo;Just Believe&rdquo; to be Saved?} To be saved, all we need to do is believe? Like how I believed that Santa was real when I was younger? Or is there more to this belief?7. 33:19 {How are Miracles Proof if Satan Can Also Do Them?} One of the proofs you've put forward that the Bible is from God is miracles and prophecy. If we see that Satan is also able to do miracles, like Pharaoh's magicians, then why are those things proof it&rsquo;s from God?8. 36:53 {Can an Infinite God relate to Finite Creation?} How can an infinite God relate to a finite creation? Compared to infinity, our world's age is nothing, be it 10,000 years or billions. Same with the size of universe.9. 39:44 {Could God Exist but Not be Perfectly Good?} Atheist here. What stops a supernatural but not perfectly good being from being the author of the miracles in the Bible, especially when you already accept the existence of supernatural beings?10. 43:57 {Does Creating Time Require Time?} An atheist posited this question: If God created time, doesn't that require time, to create time?11. 46:09 {Is a Belief in God an Attempt to Personalize the Impersonal?} An atheist claims: &ldquo;Belief in God is what happens when social brains try to explain an impersonal universe. Personal explanations for impersonal events fail to deal with logic of uncertainty.&rdquo; Any help?12. 51:38 {How can Jesus be Sinless if &ldquo;Unclean&rdquo; at Times?} My professor brought up this question and I need to know your opinion. According to Hebrew Scripture, anything not of God&rsquo;s perfect eschatological view is sin (human excretion, etc.). So how can we say Jesus is sinless?13. 54:46 {Should Mormons Celebrate Christmas and Easter?} As a Mormon, since you'd consider us non-Christian, should we be allowed to celebrate Christmas or Easter?14. 57:29 {Why Christianity vs. Other Religions?} Why should a person be Christian over another monotheistic religion which claims to be the truth, such as Islam?15. 1:01:55 {Why does God Allow Children to have Cancer?} Why does God allow children to get cancer and other terminal illnesses?16. 1:08:07 {Why Didn&rsquo;t God Show Sodom Miracles?} In Matthew 11: 23-24, Jesus says that Sodom would have been saved if they had seen His miracles. Why, then, didn&rsquo;t God perform miracles so that they would believe? Doesn&rsquo;t He want everyone to be saved?17. 1:14:43 {If God Doesn&rsquo;t Change, Why do His Rules?} From a non-Christian friend: If God doesn&rsquo;t change over time, how come He commands Jews not to eat certain foods in the Old Testament, but deems them OK in the New Testament?18. 1:17:46 {Can God Give Commands when He Forced us to Exist?} Is it fair for God to demand our everything when we are f
5/14/20221 hour, 32 minutes, 45 seconds
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Pt. 5: Were Women Apostles in the New Testament? - Women in Ministry Series

I spent months researching the topic of women in ministry so that I could present you with this exhaustive analysis of everything the Bible says about it. Was Mary Magdalene "an apostle to the apostles" as NT Wright claims?Was Junia an apostle, as a consensus of NT scholars believe?If so, what kind of apostle was she and does that mean that women can be elders, too? The basic view of the egalitarians (who see no role differences for men and women regarding leadership in the church) is that women were in the highest possible realm of leadership in the NT since some of them were apostles. They conclude that this means women can be in any leadership role, including pastor or elder. The basic view of the complementarians (who say that the role of elder is preserved for men) is that women were either not apostles at all or that they only were in the sense of being missionaries. Some say this means that in a period of church planting a woman can have a transitory role of authority and teaching over men but that the permanent role of elder is reserved for men. Others say that even though they were missionaries it is reasonable to think that they had different roles than male missionaries in their work. As always, we will be going deep. Here are my notes from this study. If you&rsquo;re looking to check my references, here&rsquo;s where you will find them: CLICK HERE for Burer and Wallace's paper from 2001 on why Junia is not an apostle. Richard Bauckham's response is on pages 192-200 (Kindle edition) of Gospel Women: Studies of Named Women in the Gospels. CLICK HERE for Burer's response to critics. He gives a ton more evidence for his position that Junia was well known to the apostles but not one of them. I really hope more scholars will interact with this paper. CLICK HERE for the playlist of ALL the videos in this series (more will be added as I make them). You can also find more videos freely available on my
5/10/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 15 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 71)

1. 1:33 {How to Respectfully Correct our Husbands} As a Christian wife, what are some principles I can apply in order to respectfully and lovingly offer my husband correction when needed? 2. 10:27 {Can we Trust what Moses Wrote?} Besides simply &ldquo;the Bible says so&rdquo; and biblical figures certifying them, how do we trust revelations that what Moses wrote of others&rsquo; lives and/or words (all of Genesis) are things those people actually said/happened?3. 17:23 {Should I Get Re-Baptized?} If I was baptized as a teen and "messed up" a bunch, even not going to church as I should, should I get re-baptized after "coming to my senses" and trying to live for God again?4. 21:41 {Responding to Others about Divorce} How do you handle Christians who don&rsquo;t believe that your divorce was biblical? He was a narcissist/sociopath who convinced them before he died that I was the problem, and my children won&rsquo;t speak to me.5. 24:33 {Wisdom for Young Marrieds} Do you have any advice or mistakes to avoid for a young marriage?6. 31:14 {Struggling with Repeated Sin} There are sins listed in 1 Corinthians 6 that seem to send people to Hell. I struggle often with gluttony and anger. I repent, but I fall back into it often. What&rsquo;s the difference?7. 38:41 {How to Interpret Proverbs} Verses in Proverbs often seem like unrelated thoughts. Their vague quality makes it hard to know how to interpret them correctly. How do you determine the context of these verses?8. 46:10 {Can Christians Work for Secular Businesses?} Should Christians work for businesses that include agendas promoting sin (like Disney)? It has a diverse product but sinful ideas are included. How do we make sure we&rsquo;re not being unequally yoked in non-marital situations?9. 50:57 {Should we Command People to be Healed?} Should we command for someone to be healed, or ask God for someone to be healed (Acts 3:6)? Do we have the very same authority of the Apostles to perform miracles (Mark 16: 17-18)?10. 59:04 {Are the Beatitudes Eschatological?} Can it be said that the Beatitudes are eschatological? I've heard that the word &ldquo;blessed&rdquo; can be better translated as &ldquo;blissful&rdquo; in them.11. 1:03:05 {Speaking the Truth in Love &ndash; Abortion} How do we discuss abortion in a way that doesn't push people away from the Gospel? Despite being very careful to speak up with gentleness, I'm still getting accused of being hateful, and blocked.12. 1:05:41 {Bearing with One Another's Conscience} The Bible says to bear with brethren of weaker faith. If instrumental music is a liberty, shouldn&rsquo;t we bear with those who believe a cappella is the right way and not use instruments?13. 1:08:13 {About Pastors Purchasing Sermons} What are your thoughts about pastors purchasing sermons and not acknowledging the original author, basically plagiarizing another pastor? It has been a huge problem at our former church.14. 1:12:46 {Who Were the Spirits in Prison?} Who are the spirits in prison Jesus preached to in 1 Peter 3: 19?15. 1:17:26 {Is it Sometimes Biblical to Pray for Death?} Is there ever a biblical case to pray for someone to die? Didn't Paul pray for the destruction of some peoples&rsquo; flesh for the spirit to be saved in the day of judgment?16. 1:22:32 {About Medical Marijuana Use} I have an incurable sleep disorder that my Doctor has authorized the use of Marijuana for as it is one of the few things that helps. Should I pray for healing or keep taking this drug that I hate?17. 1:26:13 {God&rsquo;s Voice or My Own Thoughts?} How do I differentiate between God's voice and my own intrusive thoughts?18. 1:32:35 {True Believer but No Life Change?} Is it possible to believe in Jesus yet never have a change of life? My father has cheated and lived with his mistress. he said he believed in Jesus, yet he never came back home to live with his family.19.
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 70)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:1. 0:34 {Why Did Jesus&rsquo; Body Still Have Marks?} Why did Jesus' resurrected body still bear the scars and injuries which brought about His death? It is my understanding that our own resurrected bodies will be perfect in every way, not merely those we had just prior to death. I, for one, want all my absent teeth and hair back! Why wasn't Jesus' body also perfect, as ours will be?2. 10:28 {Typology in Noah&rsquo;s Story?} Do you think Noah could be a &ldquo;type&rdquo; of Christ? Why or why not?3. 13:18 {Learning to Desire our Study Time} How do I develop a craving for solid biblical teaching? I really enjoy your content, but I become bored easily. It&rsquo;s easy for me to get distracted in my free time.4. 16:25 {Is Evolution Contrary to Belief in God?} I've noticed many people don't believe in God because of evolution. Is evolution contrary to God? Could God really have created the earth in 6 literal days? Can God &ldquo;speed up&rdquo; the creation process?5. 25:26 {Was Adam the First Man?} It seems in Genesis 1, that God creates humanity and blesses them, but then later in Genesis 2, God creates Adam as a representative in Eden. Doesn&rsquo;t Scripture teach Adam was the first man?6. 31:09 {Are Angels Made in the Image of God?} In a previous episode, you stated that angels are not made in the image of God. Is that really something that we can state definitively?7. 34:32 {God/Satan in our Dreams?} Does God and/or Satan visit us in dreams?8. 39:12 {Was Simon Magus Repentant?} In Acts 8:9, Do you think Simon Magus was aware that he wasn&rsquo;t right with God before Peter rebuked him? Some commentaries assume that he was never truly repentant, but some say he was genuine.9. 43:56 {Can We &ldquo;Over-Study&rdquo; the Bible?} Is it possible to over-study Scripture &amp; theology? I feel like I constantly burn myself out on God's Word, but I also feel terrible if I go too long (like a day or two) without studying it.10. 46:33 {Where Did Satan&rsquo;s Rebellion Come From?} Since God is not the author of evil and didn't create a kingdom with temptation or evil beings, how did Lucifer's pride and rebellion come about?11. 50:27 {How Intimate Before Marriage is Appropriate?} I think sexual intimacy prior to marriage (i.e., clothed sexual touching/rubbing) is sinful, but my fianc&eacute;e disagrees. What do I do, as a soon to be husband, when we disagree on what is sinful?12. 58:15 {Resolving a &ldquo;Contradiction&rdquo;} About generational sin: Exodus 34:7 vs Ezekiel 18:20&hellip;can you please explain how we should understand this apparent contradiction?13. 1:03:51 {Is a Continuous Drunkard Saved?} Are you still saved if you can't stop drinking?14. 1:07:48 {Does God Control our Free Will?} In Proverbs 21:1 it says, "The king&rsquo;s heart is in the hand of the Lord. Like the rivers of water He turns it wherever He wishes." Does that mean God controls the king's free will?15. 1:09:53 {How was Solomon Wise since he Turned Away?} How was Solomon considered to be the wisest man on Earth and yet he, too, turns away from God in his old age? He also doesn't seem to recognize his sinful ways. He doesn't even ask God to relent.16. 1:12:01 {Witnessing Opportunity vs. Spiritual Trap!} I met some Muslims who were evangelizing, and I went up to them to challenge their beliefs. They invited me to a Ramadan dinner at a mosque. Should I go, or would that be a spiritual trap?17. 1:13:28 {Are Court Weddings Recognized by God?} I watched the whole marriage series and didn&rsquo;t find anything about this: my wife and I have been married for 8 years (through the court) and she claims God doesn&rsquo;t acknowledge it. Thoughts?18. 1:16:13 {About Jesus&rsquo; 40 Days in the Desert} I saw a video where you said &ldquo;3 days and nights&rdquo; was a Jewish idiom. Is 40 days in the desert the same
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Pt. 4: Women Leaders in the New Testament - Women in Ministry Series

I spent months researching the topic of women in ministry so that I could present you with this exhaustive analysis of everything the Bible says about it. Today we are surveying the New Testament to look for examples of women in positions of leadership. We will examine claims that there were women apostles, women elders, women deacons, and various other hints that some say offer us evidence of women in very significant leadership positions in the New Testament. We will also get into 1 Timothy and Titus and the requirements that Paul gives for elders and deacons.CLICK HERE (;list=PLZ3iRMLYFlHuBtpJlwi7F5JYw3N5pKyLC&amp;t=0s) for the playlist of ALL the videos in this series (more will be added as I make them). Marriage Conference -&nbsp; You can also find more videos freely available on my website: VIDEO MAP: 0:00 - Intro &amp; Overview1. 3:00 What egalitarians claims about women leaders2. 7:18 Was Nympha an overseer?3. 13:47 Were homeowners overseers?4. 26:22 Were Euodia and Syntyche leaders?5. 33:20 What about Priscilla?6. 59:03 What is an overseer, elder, bishop or pastor?7. 1:00:58 Were women &ldquo;elders&rdquo;?8. 1:15:16 Were letter carriers approved teachers?9. 1:23:36 Col. 3:16 and women teaching10. 1:26:24 Paranoid masculinity11. 1:29:24 What exactly is a deacon?12. 1:36:04 Was Phoebe a deacon?13. 1:41:04 Egalitarian overreach on deacons.14. 1:53:16 1 Tim. 3, deacons&rsquo; wives or deaconesses?
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Biblical (or not) exceptions to the "don't separate” “don’t divorce" rules.

Allow me to say three things to those who would want to push back against my views here:1) This is a somewhat rushed summary of my teaching on the topic which can be found here with great detail. These videos represent a long, careful case for each point I have made:&nbsp; 2) If you disagree, then please consider responding not only with your own arguments but with a fair handling of my arguments. Very often I see responses which simply ignore all I've said, and the evidence, and Scripture which I have used to establish my case. 3) Let's remember what it means to be part of the body of Christ. We will one day be worshiping God, in glory, with full joy and fellowship together. Juli Slattery's content and podcast can be found here: My website:
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 69)

What's the point of the prodigal son's brother? Why is he in the story, upset about the celebration and getting no celebration of his own? Today's Time Stamps: 1. 0:47 {About the Parable of the Prodigal Son} Can you please teach us about the Parable of the Prodigal Son, specifically focusing on the obedient son who stays in his father's house and ends up resenting his prodigal brother? It seems like there's no real benefit to being the obedient son in that situation. Am I missing cultural context that would enhance my understanding of this parable?2. 13:44 {Did David Not Understand Heaven?} In Psalm 6:5 David asks God to spare his life because "For in death there is no remembrance of you; in Sheol who will give you praise?" Does David not have a belief or understanding of Heaven at this point in his life?3. 17:32 {About &ldquo;The Last Reformation&rdquo;} Have you heard of a movement called The Last Reformation, started by Torben Sondergaard in Denmark? Now he&rsquo;s based in the U.S., but it has grown worldwide. Would you consider it a cult?4. 19:09 {About the Devil&rsquo;s Disguise} The devil, according to 2 Corinthians 11:14, disguises as angel of light, but can't fight against himself (Mark 3:24) or his kingdom won't stand. What if in disguising himself, he condemns himself?5. 22:41 {Raising Children with an Unbelieving Spouse} My husband doesn't believe in God and our 6 year old has started to notice and is asking why daddy doesn't believe. How should I approach this in a way that's helpful and honors my husband and God?6. 26:16 {Biblical or Unbiblical Use of a Verse?} Many Christians use "The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away" from Job (1:21) to explain difficult things such as the death of a loved one. Is this biblical, or is it a misinterpretation of Job?7. 32:19 {Drawing Near to God on Spiritual Holidays} First Easter being saved! Do you have any suggestions for some God honoring ways to spend Good Friday and Holy Saturday? I&rsquo;m so excited and want to do whatever is in my power to feel especially close to Christ.8. 36:40 {Strengthening our Faith When Others are Doubting} I have been doubting lately because I know of so many people deconverting even after finding apologetics. It makes me question my reasoning at times. What are your thoughts on this?9. 41:53 {Why Don&rsquo;t We Have To Obey the Sabbath?} It seems the only commandment of the 10 that we don't still HAVE to follow is the Sabbath. If it was as important as the other 10, why are they all still upheld without exception and not that one?10. 44:33 {Handling Local Church Concerns} I&rsquo;m afraid our church is being unknowingly influenced by progressivism. Ex: People love the podcast &ldquo;the bible for normal people&rdquo; with Pete Enns. Should we be worried? How do I share my concerns?11. 48:31 {When a Spouse Refuses to Follow Scripture} Can you help a brotha out on what to do if your wife says she will never be a biblical wife for her husband? She is a believer.12. 51:33 {Should We Bring Back Crusades?} Do you think that churches should bring back Gospel crusades? As I was saved at one in the 70s. These days, no one wants to preach the Gospel, but rather, do community works.13. 56:03 {Was Marriage Different in Biblical Times / Premarital Sex} Some say the biblical prohibition against premarital sex no longer applies since marriage then was so different. How was marriage different then, and how should that impact our view of sex now?14. 1:02:09 {Does Scripture Teach Familial Marriage?} 1 Corinthians 7:36-38 seems like Paul is saying someone can marry their own daughter. The translations usually say fianc&eacute;e but when I looked at the Greek the word used means virgin daughter.15. 1:05:08 {Does John 6 Teach Faith as a Work?} I recently watched your Calvinism series and you didn't address John 6:28-29 where Jesus calls belief "work.&rdquo; I don
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 68)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Intro 1:05 {Advice for a Difficult Marital Situation} My husband has joined a &ldquo;Christian&rdquo; cult where women are taught they'll go to Hell if they wear makeup, trousers, jewelry, etc., and I refuse to follow that teaching. He will not listen to the counsel of our pastor. Should I submit to his decision to leave our biblical church and be a part of the cult? He now thinks of me as "not saved" and I'm considering leaving the house. 11:50 {Does Moses Refer to himself as YHWH?} Why does Moses refer to himself as YHWH in Deuteronomy 29:6? 16:34 {The Beatitudes in Luke vs. Matthew} The beatitudes in Luke 6:20-21 seem to have a different emphasis than those in Matthew 5 (physical poverty/hunger in Luke vs. spiritual poverty/hunger in Matthew). Much of the discourse in Luke 6 seems to cover similar teaching points as the Sermon on the Mount, so should the beatitudes in Luke be understood as the same as those in Matthew? If they are different, what is the takeaway from Luke's beatitudes? 22:08 {Were Adam &amp; Eve Cursed?} When reading Genesis 3:16 (especially in the KJV), I&rsquo;m under the impression that Adam and Eve were not cursed, but only the Earth. Could you please weigh in on this? 26:28 {Advice for Entering College &amp; Adulthood} I&rsquo;m turning 18 this year, and have been a Christian for 2 years now. I&rsquo;m looking at colleges now because I&rsquo;m a junior in high school. Any advice for looking at colleges and going into adulthood? 31:47 {About 1 Cor. 5 &amp; Banning Abortion} Does 1 Corinthians 5:12-13 mean we shouldn't pass laws to ban abortion for "outsiders"? 38:26 {Can Pagan Traditions be Redeemed?} Are things with proven or supposed Pagan origins (such as wedding rings or birthday candles) to be avoided, according to Scripture? Or are they able to be redeemed? 43:20 {How Much to Confess Past Sins} I have some past sins that are pretty bad and very shameful. Do I need to confess these sins to my family and friends? I've confessed them to God and a personal pastor. 46:53 {Encouragement for a Progressive Friend} My friend has always been a strong Christian and is now struggling with same-sex attraction. He has adopted progressive thoughts on the Bible. How can I encourage him otherwise? 49:35 {Can We Do God&rsquo;s Will Without Realizing It?} As a kid, my mom taught me to treat others as you would want them to treat you. I remember living by this, but I didn't know it came from Jesus. Does this show us that we can do God's will without realizing it? 53:26 {Can We Hear the &ldquo;Still Small Voice&rdquo; Today?} Pastors have preached about this &ldquo;still small voice&rdquo; that approached Elijah when he was distressed in the caves. Is this something we are supposed to be waiting and staying still to listen to today? 57:50 {How to Be Content While Suffering} God has blessed my life and I know it could be worse, but I'm severely disabled and sometimes I feel so trapped in my body that I want to die, but know that I can't. How do I learn to be content? 1:04:40 {Understanding Jesus&rsquo; Atonement} Is it more accurate to say that Jesus' death was sufficient for all rather than that He paid for all? Otherwise, wouldn't there be people in Hell right now for sins that Jesus already paid for? 1:10:35 {About YEC &amp; &ldquo;Mockers&rdquo;} How do you interpret 2 Peter 3:4 (in context)?I&rsquo;ve heard Young Earth Creationists compare the mockers to people who say rates like erosion or radioactive decay are unchanging and deny the biblical creation account. 1:16:58 {How Important is a Church&rsquo;s Statement of Faith?} How important is a church's statement of faith? If a church has a basic, correct statement but adds and emphasizes serious errors in their services, wh
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Pt. 3: How Women Could and Couldn’t Lead in the Old Testament - Women in Ministry Series

I spent months researching the topic of women in ministry so that I could present you with this exhaustive analysis of everything the Bible says about it. Today we are surveying the Old Testament to look for examples of women in positions like leadership. We'll see Deborah, an actual "judge" of Israel who definitely exercised real authority in ancient Israel with God's approval. How does that impact our view of women's roles? Was Deborah limited in her role in any way? We'll look at Miriam and ask if she was a leader like Moses during the time of Exodus. Many egalitarians claim that there are quite a few women in leadership roles in the Old Testament. Women as civic authorities, royal authorities, prophetesses (and there's no denying that one!). While there are more women in roles that carry some degree of authority than many of us have realized, we still need to answer the question of why they were forbidden from being priests in the service of God even though pagan religions had female priests. I'll tackle both sides and try real hard not to go beyond the text of Scripture. I want to make sure that whatever my understanding of the New Testament teaching on women in ministry is, it's consistent with God's overall revelation and example of how He used women in the Old Testament. CLICK HERE for the playlist of ALL the videos in this series (more will be added as I make them). You can also find the videos and my notes freely available on my website: Video Map for Quick Reference:0:00 Introduction &amp; Part 1&amp;2 Recap 13:49 Miriam as a Leader of Israel 34:54 Huldah the Prophetess 42:42 Isaiah&rsquo;s Wife 43:54 Noadiah 47:24 Deborah the Judge 1:11:28 Jezebel 1:14:15 Athaliah 1:16:57 Esther 1:35:09 Why Weren&rsquo;t Women Priests? 1:49:57 Conclusions 1:50:58 Coming Up Next in Part 4
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The Hidden Unchristian Belief of TOP Progressive Christian Influencers

I spent over a week reading and listening to progressive Christian influencers, trying to find some sort of central belief that connects them all together in a way that makes sense. I think I finally understand it. It's actually pretty simple. And it's not about Jesus. The teaching you are watching was given at the Battle for the Next Generation Conference in Palm Springs, put on by in February of 2022, sponsored by World Gospel Mission. Check their website for info on other events they do. My website:
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She asked me to talk about politics.

Timestamps to help you find what you want:0:00 Intro1:46 Don&rsquo;t expect the wrong thing5:47 How to navigate when people are angry about politics11:02 Who can I trust on political topics?12:03 Is it biblical to get involved in protests and political debates?19:59 Are people naturally prone to embrace bondage and create tyranny?23:31 What are some things God requires of all governments?24:47 What the NT said to people in governmental roles26:22 Is it a lost cause for Christians to influence culture?34:50 For those struggling to &ldquo;respect&rdquo; horrible people in government41:21 Was Jesus a socialist? Nah.49:35 The hijacking of Jesus52:41 Some hope54:12 Progressives and their error56:35 Are things only going to get worse? Kira Davis&rsquo; podcast &ldquo;Just Listen to Yourself&rdquo;: Spotify Apple Google or search for her on whatever you use. My website
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 67)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Intro1. 0:35 {How to have More Self Control} You mentioned in a past session the issue of &ldquo;becoming slaves to our desires&rdquo; instead of "just doing the right things we don't feel like doing." Whether it&rsquo;s reading Scripture, doing the housework, eating the right things, etc., I struggle with this daily, and my whole house is a disaster. Please, can you offer some advice on how to target this issue?2. 12:27 {Is Marriage Required after Kissing or Sex?} Some say that because my ex-boyfriend and I French kissed, we must marry. We broke up 2 years ago and he didn't answer when I asked to talk. I want to be free to marry someone else, but I'm scared to sin against God. Help. How can I know I am free?3. 16:34 {Why Isn&rsquo;t the Greek OT More Authoritative?} Why isn&rsquo;t the Greek Old Testament more authoritative? Its manuscripts are older and are referenced in the New Testament. E.g., Jesus mentions Greek version of Isaiah 61 with &ldquo;blind&rdquo; in Luke 4:18.4. 20:54 {Is it Unfair that Certain People Receive God&rsquo;s Forgiveness?} People in my life push against "saved by faith alone" asking &ldquo;How can people like Hitler accept Jesus right before death and then go and sit in Heaven next to Mother Teresa? How do I address that?5. 26:47 {About the Elect &amp; The Tribulation} Can you be saved but not elect? I&rsquo;m confused by Mark 13:20. Will the elect be taken by the rapture, or will they suffer during the Tribulation?6. 30:35 {Is Self-Forgiveness Biblical?} Any thoughts on self-forgiveness? Do you think it&rsquo;s biblical?7. 34:33 {Is Contraception Sinful?} Why do people say there is no biblical basis against contraception when God kills Onan for it (Genesis 38:8-10)? And the punishment for that is not death according to Deuteronomy 25:7-10.8. 41:07 {About Parachurch Ministries / CRU} What do you think of parachurch organizations like Cru? They don't seem biblical to me because they assume the duties of a local church. I would love to know what you think.9. 43:35 {About Conviction of Sin} How can someone know if they are truly feeling convicted about something? I am trying to get right with God, and I sometimes feel everything I do is damning. I don&rsquo;t want to sugarcoat things &ndash; I want to be realistic.10. 48:41 {Will we See the Father &amp; Jesus in Heaven?} Jesus said that no one has seen the Father except Himself. Do you think when we get to Heaven, that we will be able to see the Father, as well as Jesus?11. 50:48 {Did Moses Write in Hebrew or Hieroglyphics?} I am curious about the theory that Moses wrote in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, not Hebrew. Arguing for an oral tradition, not a written text. I had never heard this before, and I'm a little baffled.12. 52:47 {Scriptural Support for Continuationism} Is there Scripture that supports being a Continuationist? I am a "soft-charismatic," but personal experience is not convincing to a Cessasionist claiming I'm being unbiblical, or even heretical.13. 56:30 {Could a Gentile Become a Jew in the OT?} In the Old Testament, God worked with the Israelites. Could a Gentile become a Jew in the Old Testament and be saved?14. 59:52 {Can Christians Marry Non-Christians?} Would you recommend marrying someone of a different religion? Say, Seventh Day Adventist, for example?15. 1:02:51 {About the Fall of Satan} How could the devil fall, being perfect (moral excellence), knowing the full comprehension of God? How could he even think evil thoughts?16. 1:05:14 {About the &ldquo;Lying Spirit&rdquo; in 1 Kings} How do you interpret the lying spirit in 1 kings 22?17. 1:12:26 {Theism vs. Biblical Christianity} I&rsquo;m a theist, but I am not a Christian. What are some attributes of God? And how does Jesus exhibit them in specific situations in the Bible? Could you please pray that God gives me confirmat
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Pt. 2: Was Women's Submission Just a Curse to Be Overturned? - Women in Ministry Series

There are some REALLY important debates about Genesis 1-3 and what they say about God's ideal for men and women and their relationships. Today I'm going DEEP on those issues. Here's a small sample of what we'll get into: Does Genesis 1 giving dominion over the Earth to women as well as men mean that egalitarians are right in their contention that no authority differences based on gender should exist? Does Genesis 2 have indications that before the fall, Adam had a leadership role in his relationship with Eve? Lots of debate on this issue! Does Genesis 3:16, which says the husband will rule over his wife, actually mean that he will have control of her sexual desires? Dr. Linda Belleville argues for this. Can we say that male leadership in a marriage is only the result of the fall, and we should therefore try to overturn it as much as possible just like we try to overturn other elements of the curse? Was Adam a sexless being until after Eve was made? Dr. Phyllis Trible thinks so. Does Adam show leadership of Eve by giving her a name? Why is Adam made before Eve? Why does Satan tempt Eve first? Why does Adam seem to bear greater responsibility and consequences for the fall? Was Eve meant to be Adam's "savior" and not his "helper"? Today's video will be longer than usual, but I'm going to plow through a ton of content and I think it will give you simple clarity at the end, so don't feel overwhelmed by all the issues and debates. I'm going to do my best to make it as clear as I can and help you walk away with solid understanding of the nature of men and women in the image of God and their relationship to each other, both before and after the fall. Here are some resource links you might be looking for: CLICK HERE for the first video in this series discussing how many people bypass the Bible completely on this topic. CLICK HERE for Dr. David Freedman's paper saying "ezer kenegdo" (helper fit for him) actually means "power equal to him." CLICK HERE for Dr. Mark Steven Francois' video which gives the closest thing to a skilled breakdown of that paper that laymen can mostly follow. CLICK HERE for Dr. Ramsay's paper on &ldquo;Is Name-Giving an Act of Domination in Genesis 2:23 and Elsewhere?&rdquo; The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, vol. 50, no. 1, Catholic Biblical Association, 1988, pp. 24&ndash;35. CLICK HERE for the playlist of ALL the videos in this series (more will be added as I make them). You can also find the videos and my notes freely available on my website:
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 66)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Intro1. 0:24 {Should we Follow our Hearts?} "Follow your heart" is a popular mantra, but is not encouraged in some Christian circles. I understand that Jeremiah 17.9 says "the heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick," but Proverbs 4.23 says "the springs of life" flow from our hearts. Also, since God's word is written on our hearts (Jeremiah 31.33), shouldn't we follow our hearts?2. 15:36 {Will We Have Memories in Heaven?} I recently heard people at my church say that when we get to Heaven our memories will essentially be wiped, and we won&rsquo;t have any knowledge of our friends/family who are in Hell. Thoughts?3. 23:25 {Are Job and Jonah Historical?} My pastor says Job and Jonah are probably not historical events, but more poetic lessons. How do I decide true stories from parables in the Old Testament without questioning everything?4. 28:04 {Does Regeneration Precede Faith?} Is it first that you are born again and by that you confess Jesus as Lord and get Salvation, or you confess Jesus as your Lord first, and by that you get born again and will be granted Salvation?5. 32:45 {Comparing Paul &amp; Joseph Smith} Compared with Paul, is Joseph Smith such a novelty? E.g., they both had a vision of Jesus only they reported on, introduced new teachings, weren&rsquo;t prophesied of by Jesus, and were martyred as result of ministry.6. 42:53 {About Aggressive Countries/Leaders} Can you please explain what the Bible says we should do about an aggressor like Putin, and should other countries intervene to help Ukraine?7. 46:19 {Pastor Mike&rsquo;s Favorite Attributes of God} What is your personal favorite aspect/quality of each member of the Trinity?8. 47:45 {Deconstruction vs. Deconversion} Is deconstruction just another term for deconversion? Why can't we deconstruct deconstructionism?9. 52:25 {Does God Sometimes Not Know Things?} Why does God ask, &ldquo;Who told you that you were naked?&rdquo; in Genesis 3:11? Does He not know?10. 53:37 {Help for a Tough Marital Situation} What do you do when your spouse, who claims to be a Christian, has separated/said they want a divorce when they don&rsquo;t have biblical grounds, and the church that married you won&rsquo;t confront them?11. 57:47 {Why did Paul Preach to the Jews?} Why did Paul go to Jerusalem to preach to the Jews in the temple when it seems he knew very clearly he was called to be an apostle to the Gentiles? He chose Jerusalem before he went to Rome.12. 1:01:18 {Does God Forgive &ldquo;Extreme&rdquo; Sins?} A loved one is struggling with the idea that God would forgive an abuser or a murderer if they started following God after their evil actions. What can I say to help them through this doubt?13. 1:04:57 {About Harry Potter &amp; Lord of the Rings} Biblically thinking, are The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter different regarding sorcery? Lots of Christians disapprove of Harry Potter, yet admire LOTR. Is this distinction biblically justified?14. 1:09:55 {Should we Desire to Read Scripture Daily?} Shouldn't a truly born-again believer desire to read the Scriptures regularly (even daily)? How should I approach and encourage a "Christian" who doesn't?15. 1:12:21 {Reformed Theology vs. Calvinism} What&rsquo;s the difference between &ldquo;Reformed theology&rdquo; and Calvinism? It seems like the two are different, but also the same. Just curious to know all the different groups within this body of believers.16. 1:14:07 {How to &ldquo;Carry our Cross&rdquo;} How should we carry our cross in a practical sense?17. 1:17:28 {Reconciling the Accounts of Jesus&rsquo; Birth} How can the accounts of Jesus' birth in Matthew and Luke be reconciled when Josephus says that Quirinius didn't become governor until after the banishment of Archelaus?18. 1:21:44 {About Gog &amp; Magog} I thought Gog &amp; Ma
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It is biblical to leave a truly abusive spouse. But be careful.

This is merely a snippet from 2 years ago when I did my 3 hour teaching on "Divorce and Remarriage: Everything the Bible says about It" back in May of 2020. This video may raise more questions than it answers for some people, but I promise I've got the answers to those questions and more in the big video. Here's a link to the FULL VIDEO with time stamps to help you find just what you need: I'm Mike Winger and my goal is to help you learn to think biblically about everything. I've got a free, searchable database of over 600 videos on my website here:
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Pt. 1: Why We Can't Think Biblically About It - Women In Ministry Series

For years, I&rsquo;ve refused to answer the question about women in ministry. Because I worried I might be wrong, and was fearful of how big of an impact my teaching can have in the life of another. I take that issue very seriously. I spent the last few months doing an in-depth research project on women in ministry. My goal was to read the best egalitarian scholars on the topic and see if I might change my position. To be totally open with you, I actually WANTED to become egalitarian. That may sound strange to some, but I&rsquo;m just being honest about my own motivations. Now that my research is close to done, I&rsquo;m going to present you with the &ldquo;Women in Ministry&rdquo; series; a thorough and systematic study of the topic, looking at all relevant biblical passages, historical research, linguistic studies, and philosophical concerns, interacting with the most recent scholarship on the issue (and there is a lot of it). This will be a somewhat exhaustive series to go over everything the Bible teaches on the topic and engage in all the important debates you will want to know about. Each video will cover different issues/passages of Scripture, and I&rsquo;ll try to present the content in a way that helps you make informed decisions for yourself, and not just to parrot me. But I&rsquo;m not interested being one of those people who pretends they don&rsquo;t have their own opinions on the topic. So, after months of focused research, here are my general conclusions, which I will go on to support with great detail over the next 10 videos. I think egalitarian views (which hold there are simply no role differences related to authority between men and women in the government of the church) are obviously false. I mean that I went into this study hoping I&rsquo;d see really strong and thoughtful cases for egalitarian views from top scholars and I saw, over and over again, insufficient evidence, poor reasoning, inconsistent positions, and bad Bible study practices. I don&rsquo;t say ANY of that as a way of slapping at the sincerity or good will of those scholars. I think many of these scholars are strongly committed to Jesus and are my genuine brothers and sisters in Christ. But, as a result of studying this topic in detail, hoping to change my own mind and focusing on the work of egalitarian scholars, I am actually far more confidently complementarian than I was before. However, I have changed my mind on some important issues, and would consider my self a &ldquo;soft complementarian&rdquo; who holds that the biblical role of &ldquo;elder&rdquo; is reserved for men but that women have been FAR too restricted in other ways because of clumsy and incomplete views of complementarians, and sometimes simply because Christians aren&rsquo;t quite sure where to draw the lines so they are overly cautious and unnecessarily limiting to women (and often to themselves). What I&rsquo;m saying here is that I agree with many egalitarian complaints about abuses, restrictions, and general disrespect toward women that has been too common in complementarian circles. I&rsquo;ve seen it firsthand many times, and I think Scripture offers us needed correction. So, I am rather firm in saying egalitarian interpretations are generally flawed, but that complementarians have much to refine and even remove from their own views, though the biblical core remains quite sound. I offer the above explanation as I introduce this series simply because I respect your intelligence and want to be as open as possible with you all. In today&rsquo;s video, I&rsquo;ll walk through the biggest reason why I&rsquo;m not egalitarian as I discuss philosophical beliefs that egalitarians often bring into the debate which make it impossible for them to be open to following the Bible if it leads toward complementarian views. I&rsquo;ll try to apply this standard fairly on both sides and set a tone for the debate that refuses to use polemics,
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This is what spiritual abuse looks like.

Ed's 4 hour long church service which this clip came from. The clip I used starts at 30 minutes in: You may think I've picked the worst example of Ed's behavior, but I really haven't. Ed can be seen doing all manner of far stranger and more extreme things in other videos. I chose this example to offer an analysis of how to identify this kind of spiritual abuse in an effort to help people caught up in it to do two things: First, to get out from under the control of dangerous leaders. Second, to realize that those bad leaders do not represent true Christianity so that people who've been burned by them won't turn away from Christ, the perfectly humble leader, as a result. I've got over 600 videos helping you learn to think biblically about everything, and I promise not to make up stuff about your family tree. My website:
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 65)

I answer questions every Friday live on YT at 1 p.m. Pacific time. Wait till the live stream actually starts, post your question with a "Q" at the beginning, and try to check your wording for clarity. I apologize ahead of time if I don't get to your question. I know that can be dissapointing, but we try to prioritize questions I haven't answered before so you might check my website to see if your question has already been addressed in a previous stream. You can do so with the link below, using the "clip search" feature that takes you to specific moments in specific videos. Here's my website with a new clip search feature for finding exactly where in a video a particular issue is addressed. 1. 0:00 {Only One Way to Evangelize?} Before Jesus left, He gave us the Great Commission: "Go spread the Gospel and make Disciples." Sounds good, I can do that. But since Jesus didn't tell us exactly how to share the Gospel (He just tells us to do it), can we share the Gospel however we want, or do we have to do it a certain way?2. 13:05 {Is Modalism Heresy?} Why is modalism considered such heresy? I think it&rsquo;s incorrect, but many people question the very salvation of those who hold to this doctrine. How vital to salvation is the correct understanding of the Trinity?3. 16:58 {When You&rsquo;re Far from God} My heart is hardened, I&rsquo;m backslidden, a carnal Christian&hellip;whatever you want to call it. I am so far from God right now. I want to love Him, but I don&rsquo;t. I&rsquo;m afraid of Hell. What can I do to heal?4. 21:23 {Why Didn&rsquo;t Jesus Inherit Adam&rsquo;s Sin?} Since Jesus was fully man, as well as fully God, according to the hypostatic union, how did He not inherit Adam's sin that all men inherit according to Psalm 51:5?5. 25:27 {Is the Resurrection Proof of Jesus&rsquo; Deity?} What should I say to someone who isn&rsquo;t impressed with the resurrection of Jesus proving that He is God? I don&rsquo;t think there is a better miracle explaining who God is and what He does.6. 28:17 {Advising Others on Theologically Bad Content} What do you say to Christians who say they have been blessed by the movie &ldquo;The Shack&rdquo; and other Progressive content, even though it is filled with New Age themes and Progressive Christianity?7. 31:37 {Explaining a Confusing Passage of Scripture} Is the man in Matthew 22: 11-13 thrown out for not doing good works, considering Revelation 19:8?8. 36:17 {Transubstantiation, Consubstantiation, &amp; Symbolism} What are your thoughts on the Lutheran view of communion (consubstantiation in contrast to the Catholic transubstantiation)? What would be a good case for an entirely symbolic view?9. 44:36 {Exceptions to Marital Submission?} Your 1 Peter 3:1-6 teaching said Abigail's story was the only valid exception for wives not submitting to husbands. Why was &ldquo;life threatening situations&rdquo; the lens in which you interpreted her example?10. 47:17 {Is a Fear of Sin Biblical?} I find myself feeling paranoid and anxious because I'm scared to fall into sin. I'm no longer in bondage to sin, but I feel like the fear of sin can hold me captive. Is the fear of sin biblical?11. 48:59 {Help for Overcoming Pride} I struggle with pride. I hate that. Even with a past as filthy as mine that I&rsquo;ve been forgiven for, I still catch myself looking at other people sideways. How can I be more loving?12. 54:12 {About &ldquo;Not Boasting of Tomorrow&rdquo;} In James 4: 13-17, The conclusion (v. 17) seems unrelated to vv. 13-16. I don&rsquo;t see how it relates specifically to not boasting of tomorrow. Is it just a general statement that could be said after any command?13. 57:52 {Tongues: Heavenly or Earthly Language?} When we pray in tongues in private prayer time, is this a heavenly language, or an earthly language?14. 1:01:21 {About the La
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 64)

Your questions can get answered live during my next stream by doing the following:1- Wait until after the stream begins. 2- Post a clear, concise question in the live chat with a "Q" at the beginning. How to understand the Old Testament law (Part 1): How to understand the Old Testament law (Part 2): "How correct is Kenneth Copeland?" (This is the teaching on prayer in faith that is answered with a &ldquo;no&rdquo; and how to reconcile that with Jesus saying that if we believed we would have what we asked.) This is the &ldquo;Battle for the Next Generation&rdquo; apologetics conference I&rsquo;m speaking at in Palm Springs, CA on February 25-26 of 2022. You can watch the livestream with half off with this promo code: "WINGER10" (only $10) Here's my website with a new clip search feature for finding exactly where in a video a particular issue is addressed. 1. 0:33 {About &ldquo;Binding and Loosing&rdquo;} In Matthew 16: 19, what does the Bible mean in terms of "binding" and "loosing," and how do we rightly understand and apply that concept today?2. 25:28 {Giving to Different Ministries} If I don't feel edified by the watered-down milk preaching at my local church, it is wrong to give less money to the local church and more money to online ministries that I spend hours listening to? 3. 28:50 {Should we &ldquo;Cut Someone Off&rdquo; in Life?} How do I know if I am doing the right thing by cutting off a very toxic family member? I still pray for him, but I think he is dangerous and unbalanced and he refuses to get help.4. 31:32 {Defending the Trinity} What are your thoughts on the argument against the Trinity that points out the lack of a Trinitarian controversy (like that of Nicaea) in the time of Acts and the writing of the New Testament?5. 33:36 {About False Prophets} How should we interpret Deuteronomy 13:6-9? Part of chapter is often used on Mormons for Joseph Smith being a false prophet...but if rejecting a false prophet is required, would it follow that this is required, too? This chapter - all or nothing?6. 38:38 {&ldquo;Being the Light&rdquo; in Difficult Situations} As a new believer, I feel I won&rsquo;t be able to go to my sister-in-law&rsquo;s house again because they smoke weed at every gathering. How do I find balance between being the light &amp; not being in certain situations?7. 41:19 {Leading with Confidence, Not Cockiness} I just came into a lead role in a local ministry where many of the other adults are older than I. I want to be confident, but not cocky; Firm, but able to learn. Any tips?8. 44:52 {About Cult Shunning/Shaming} How can we differentiate the instructions given by Paul in 1 Corinthians 5: 11 &amp; by Jesus in Matthew 18: 15-17 with the shunning/shaming practices of certain cults like Jehovah&rsquo;s Witnesses, Mormons, etc.?9. 49:01 {About Jesus&rsquo; Suffering} Did Jesus need to have suffered the most pain ever for Him to be worthy to save us? How should we answer the objection that some people have supposedly suffered worse pain, i.e. from torture or the Holocaust?10. 52:29 {Praying for and Trusting in God&rsquo;s Will} How should I pray? I prayed for my husband's health, and shortly thereafter, he died suddenly &amp; unexpectedly. Oftentimes, I feel that my will is out of sync with Yahweh's. It hurts.11. 55:36 {Do Modern Translations Hide Mythology?} Why do modern translations hide so much mythology? Leviathan and Behemoth are animals. Isaiah 34: 14, Lillith is an owl. Psalm 96: 5, Gods are idols and not demons. I fear this leads to materialism.12. 59:46 {Witnessing Well at Work} I've had some really good conversations with friends at work about being a Christian. Wha
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 63)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Intro1. 0:19 {About the &ldquo;Serpent Seed&rdquo; Doctrine} What are your thoughts about the &ldquo;Serpent Seed Doctrine&rdquo; which states that the serpent mated with Eve in the Garden of Eden as the first sin, and that the offspring of their union was Cain?2. 15:00 {Difficult Passages &ndash; Trusting in God&rsquo;s Goodness} How do you respond to 1 Samuel 15:3 that includes in the command "child &amp; infant"? It doesn't ruin my trust in God's goodness, but it is hard to understand/explain. Any insight you have is appreciated!3. 21:56 {About Mars Hill / Pr. Mark Driscoll} What are the lessons we all can learn from Mark Driscoll and the &ldquo;Rise and Fall of Mars Hill&rdquo;?4. 24:49 {Are Dating Apps OK?} Should a Christian use Christian dating apps? I don&rsquo;t see anything wrong with meeting people through these apps, but when I try to use them, I feel guilty. Does the Bible guide us somehow on this?5. 28:34 {Intellectual Agreement vs. Faith in Christ} I believe I'm trusting in Jesus' death and resurrection for salvation, but I have OCD and can't control my thoughts. So how do I know if I'm really trusting, or just agreeing with facts intellectually?6. 31:06 {Reaching Difficult Students for Christ} I'm a high school teacher at a school that&rsquo;s heavily influenced by culture and broken homes. The students lack respect, and hate following rules. How can I reach these students that appear far from God?7. 33:38 {About Seraphim, Snakes &amp; Satan} If the word &ldquo;seraphim&rdquo; is derived from the same Hebrew root word for snake, it is really a stretch to say that Lucifer (who is a seraphim) in the Garden of Eden could have appeared reptilian?8. 37:34 {Staying in Fellowship While Working} I just moved to a new city, and I work every Sunday. How do I find a church family if I work every Sunday?9. 38:33 {Encouragement for New Bible Teachers} I'm a recent MDiv graduate who gets questions from friends and family about the Bible. I do a study and answer them, and they respond with "that's what I thought." Any encouragement to keep trying?10. 41:57 {Watching Inappropriate Content} Do you think it&rsquo;s a sin to watch movies or shows that make inappropriate jokes and have some language? Or is it only a sin when we personally make crude jokes and use that language?11. 45:30 {Refuting a Calvinist Interpretation} I am not a Calvinist, but I am having a very hard time finding a non-Calvinist interpretation of Acts 13:48.12. 49:45 {Which OT Teachings are for Us Today?} How are some biblical teachings like hair length considered cultural and specific only to ancient times, when other things apply even today, like homosexuality?13. 52:49 {Theological Disagreements in Marriage} Should a husband refuse to go to a hyper-Charismatic church that his wife wants to attend, and rather attend his own church that emphasizes the Bible?14. 54:50 {About being &ldquo;Unequally Yoked&rdquo;} What does being &ldquo;unequally yoked&rdquo; look like?15. 57:45 {About the &ldquo;7 Mountain Mandate&rdquo;} Could you explain why the &ldquo;7 Mountain Mandate&rdquo; is wrong theology? It is so popular and, on the surface, seems like such a good idea.16. 1:01:25 {Do Salvation Numbers = Biblical Practices?} Should we always see new souls coming to Christ as a sign/indicator that the Lord was with us in a particular event, service, or mission field?17. 1:04:40 {Attending No Church vs. an Unbiblical Church?} Is it better to attend a church you disagree with in theology, rather than not attending church at all?18. 1:06:41 {Do Sources of Inspiration Matter?} I want my music to glorify God. When I make music with computer though, I worry a lot about the sources of my inspiration. Any tips or principles to ensure that I&rsquo;m not being influenced by ungodly sources?19. 1:09:33
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 62)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 Intro1. 0:04 {My Fault if Someone&rsquo;s Not Saved?} I know God is in control, but since prayer and fasting makes a difference, is it my fault if someone is not saved because I didn&rsquo;t pray or fast enough for them? I feel responsible when I eat or forget to pray.2. 9:31 {About the 2 Witnesses / Rapture?} It seems like the 2 witnesses in Zechariah 4 and Revelation 11 are like two peoples instead of individuals, as Romans 11: 17-21 speaks of olive trees/branches being Jews/Gentiles. If so, would the rapture be the "calling up" of them?3. 17:01 {Does Romans Teach Works for Salvation?} Does Romans 6: 22 preach salvation by works? John Piper claims that this verse suggests that at final salvation, our works coming from sanctification result in eternal life.4. 24:30 {Does God Grant People Faith? / Calvinism} How would you interpret the end of Matthew 11 in a non-Calvinist way, since it seems at a quick read to me that God grants people faith?5. 29:55 {Thinking Biblically about Trends} There is a trend in many young male Christians where they are wearing earrings, painting nails, fixing eyebrows, and putting on makeup. Help me think biblically about this, as it's a bit shocking.6. 35:04 {Advice for being a Godly Man} I just turned 18 today, and for the past few months, I've been struggling with the transition into adulthood. Got any advice for someone trying to become the man God wants them to be?7. 39:22 {Does Blindness Cover Sin?} In John 9: 41, Jesus says, "If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin..." What does it mean to be "blind" in this context? Does this blindness also cover sin?8. 45:43 {Discerning Extrabiblical Prophecies} When should extrabiblical prophecy be accepted or rejected? I don&rsquo;t know how to discern or &ldquo;test the spirits,&rdquo; and I don&rsquo;t want to be overly dismissive, even if the claims seem astonishing.9. 51:34 {About Submission in Marriage} If a husband's rule over his wife was a curse of the fall, why is it taught as God-ordained in the New Testament? Aren't husbands and wives called to submit to each other under the New Covenant?10. 54:18 {Right and Wrong Public Worship/Prayer} In Matthew 6:5, Jesus says not to pray like people in public who try to get attention. Would that include praying and worshiping in church?11. 58:18 {Interpreting the Psalms} In Psalm 2: 12, What does the psalmist mean by this verse in its non-messianic context?12. 1:02:23 {Judging &amp; Correcting Non-Believers} Are we supposed to judge those outside of the Church, and do we have any right to control/direct what they do (Romans 1: 32; 1 Corinthians 5: 12)?13. 1:06:30 {Theological Differences while Dating} I've just discovered my long-term girlfriend does not believe homosexuality is a sin, and I'm really struggling with anxiety regarding this. Is it wrong to break up over this, and how should I approach this?14. 1:09:04 {How Does the HS Guide Us?} I'm a new born-again Christian and I'd like to know, how does the Holy Spirit guide us?15. 1:12:34 {Resources for Seniors} Are there any good sources for ministering to seniors you can recommend?16. 1:13:07 {Is Sheol/Hades the Same as Hell?} Are the biblical references to Sheol/Hades necessarily Hell? Some Christian traditions have it as the underworld, with Hell only being something after the resurrection.17. 1:15:45 {Abortion OK - Babies will Go to Heaven?} What would you say to a vicar who says that abortion isn't the biggest issue or problem for God as the babies will end up in Heaven anyway?18. 1:20:58 {Did Jesus Come to Abolish the Law?} Why does Paul say in Ephesians 2: 15 &ldquo;&hellip;by abolishing the law of commandments expressed in ordinances&hellip;&rdquo; when Jesus said that He did not come to abolish the law in Matthew 5: 17?19. 1:27:14 {Book of Ecclesiastes &ndash; Enjoyi
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 61)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction1. 0:34 {What does it mean that God IS Love?} What does it mean that God IS love, rather than just saying that He is loving or that He loves us?2. 9:37 {Is it Wrong to have Vaxxed &amp; Non-Vaxxed Services?} My church has decided to have 2 different services: one for those who have gotten the vaccine, and one for those who have not. I love my pastors, but I disagree with this approach, and I see it as divisive. Is this something I should leave the church over? I wouldn&rsquo;t think Jesus would ever be for this option.3. 14:38 {Should we Worship the Holy Spirit?} Why isn't the Holy Spirit mentioned in any of the instances in Revelation when praise is being given to the Father and the lamb if He is to be worshiped as separate? For example: Revelation 5: 13.4. 19:48 {About Jannes &amp; Jambres} Why does Paul mention Jannes and Jambres in 2 Timothy as being part of the Exodus story when they weren&rsquo;t? Did he have a different exodus? Is he referring to an extra-biblical book so authoritatively?5. 26:55 {Is Being Poor a Godly Virtue?} In Luke 16: 19-31 we read the story of Lazarus and the rich man and it seems that the only thing Lazarus did to deserve Paradise was being a sick beggar. Does this story teach virtue in being poor?6. 35:36 {How to Respond to Friends&rsquo; Ungodly Behavior} How should I respond when hanging out with friends who cuss / curse or play foul music celebrating sinful behavior, some of them being believers?7. 39:12 {About &ldquo;Twilight&rdquo; relating to Passover} What does &ldquo;twilight&rdquo; mean when the Passover lamb is sacrificed? Is it the start of the 14th, or the end leading into the 15th (first day of unleavened bread)?8. 40:28 {How to Forgive the Abuse of a Loved One} My disabled daughter w/ MS was abused by her ex (hit, pushed her head through a wall, broke her jaw twice requiring three surgeries, told her he&rsquo;s going to have her killed, &amp; more). I know I should forgive him, but how?9. 45:10 {When to Lovingly tell Someone they&rsquo;re Deceived} If you spend years lovingly bringing scripture to someone in a religion that corrupts it, hoping to open their eyes but fail, is it wrong to finally say directly they've been deceived, and that the religion is a lie?10. 47:46 {About &ldquo;Dynamic Omniscience} Could you please explain and give your take on the Open Theist position called " dynamic omniscience" and how biblical or unbiblical the position is?11. 50:18 {Called to be Single? How to Know} How do you know if God has called you to be single?12. 1:01:39 {Did Jesus Not Know Who Touched Him?} In Luke 8: 45, Jesus asks who touched His garment while in a crowd. Did Jesus really not know who had touched Him, nor that this miracle would take place?13. 1:06:23 {About Jews &amp; the Great Tribulation} I heard a pastor claim that 2/3 of Jews will die during the Great Tribulation, and the ones who survive will become Christians. Is this what Paul was referring to with &ldquo;all Israel will be saved&rdquo;?14. 1:13:26 {Can Mental Issues Sometimes be Demonic?} Could my Generalized Anxiety Disorder and OCD be a demonic issue rather than a mental health issue? I'm a believer, but I suffer from both of these issues and I feel trapped.15. 1:17:02 {Was Creation an Incarnation of God?} What do you think of Richard Rohr's claim that "creation was the first incarnation of God"?16. 1:19:51 {About &ldquo;Boot Camp&rdquo; Churches} What is your opinion on "Boot Camp" Churches such as Elevation and Newspring that say that their church is for unbelievers and is not a permanent space for believers to remain?17. 1:22:26 {About the Virgin Birth} Is the virgin birth an invention by Matthew to buff up the Gospel narrative? The "double-fulfillment" of Isaiah's prophecy sounds like a convenience interpretation. Does the virgin birth m
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 60)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Introduction1. 0:37 {Tips for Consistent Bible Reading} I&rsquo;ve been pretty terrible with reading my Bible in past years, and I really want to stay in God&rsquo;s Word this year (and always). Can you please give me some advice on how to read my Bible consistently? I always start reading plans, fall behind, then just stop reading altogether.2. 7:48 {Were OT Sacrifices Purely Symbolic?} Did Levitical sacrifices really do anything beyond point people to Jesus? Hebrews 10:4 and Romans 3: 25 tell us that Jesus' atonement was applied retroactively to Old Testament saints, so were their sacrifices only symbolic?3. 12:36 {Do Pastors Have Authority over Believers?} A lot of people in my circle talk about being under the "covering" and authority of their pastor and elders. Is this a thing?4. 16:31 {Tips for Reading Scripture w/Children} It seems like the more I try and teach my kids the Word (ages 8,12 yrs.) the more they say the Bible is boring and groan every time I want to read with them. I&rsquo;m getting discouraged. Suggestions?5. 19:22 {When to be Re-Baptized} If I lacked repentance at the time of my baptism years ago as a teen, should I be rebaptized now as an adult? This past year I've experienced true, heart-felt repentance and now I just want to obey.6. 23:32 {Does the P. of Talents demand Physical Work?} My preacher uses the Parable of Talents to say we must go out to do work for the Lord. I have chronic illness and I don't have energy for stuff outside of my family. Does this mean I waste my talents?7. 30:47 {Why Didn&rsquo;t Adam Stop Eve?} Since Adam was sinless before the fall, why didn't he fulfill his role as a husband when Eve was tempted by the serpent (it seems like he was nearby)?8. 37:40 {Legal, but Is It Moral / Biblical?} In bodybuilding, the usage of performance enhancing drugs are not illegal and are used by higher level competitors. As a Christian, would those drugs be considered sinful to utilize as a tool to be competitive in the pro league?9. 42:32 {How is the Bible Perfect, Written by Humans?} According to Scripture, all humans are flawed. There are no examples of humans being perfect, apart from Christ. Therefore, how can anyone deem the Bible 100% perfect when its authors were imperfect?10. 44:27 {A Prayer Request from Pastor Mike} Today I want to know how we can all pray for YOU and your ministry.11. 46:03 {Who are the Watchers in Daniel 4?} Who are the &ldquo;watchers&rdquo; of Daniel 4: 17? Do they play an end times role?12. 51:23 {Advice for a Transgender Situation} My baby&rsquo;s kindergarten has hired a transgender person who advocates. If kids ask, they will say that he is a trans. My baby is just 1 yr. old. Is it even safe for her to be with this confused person? Any advice?13. 55:52 {Comfort from Scripture after a Breakup} My girlfriend (devout Catholic) and I (devout "protestant") broke up recently after dating for a year. We wanted to get married, but we broke up due to our faiths. Where can I read for comfort?14. 57:27 {Will we be Judged for our Words or Intentions?} Will God judge us for what we said, or for what we meant by those words?15. 59:43 {Understanding the Trinity} How should we understand the "power dynamic" within the Trinity specifically as it applies to "sending" (filioque clause in mind)? Does the Father have a sort of "sending" authority over the Son &amp; the Spirit?16. 1:02:33 {About the &ldquo;Little gods&rdquo; Theory} Can you explain a biblical view of the "little gods" theory (Psalm 82:6 and John 10: 34)?17. 1:12:34 {About Jacob&rsquo;s &ldquo;Wrestle&rdquo; with God} Did Jacob really "wrestle" with God? Why does Genesis make it sound as though he "won" this fight?18. 1:15:04 {About the &ldquo;Tongues of Angels&rdquo;} 1Corinthians 13:1 refers to "speaking in the tongues of men and of angels." The to
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How did we miss this?

I don't think I have ever heard someone say it quite like this. J. Warner Wallace's new book, Person of Interest, can be found here: Here's my website with a new clip search feature for finding exactly where in a video a particular issue is addressed.
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 59)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction1. 0:46 {How to &ldquo;Take Every Thought Captive&rdquo;} What does it mean to "take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ" in 2 Corinthians 10:5? What are some examples of how we can live this out?2. 9:04 {Advice for a Difficult Church Situation} My daughter and her father-in-law visited the church I attend. They brought my 3 month old Grandson who was making loud sounds. One of the attendants asked them to leave. Now I have mixed feelings about this church. Should I continue to attend?3. 11:08 {Can Remarried People Serve in Church?} A divorced lady in my church recently got remarried to someone else. The church is not allowing remarried couples to serve in any area of the church. Is this biblical?4. 14:03 {Why are there Sacrifices if Jesus is our Sacrifice?} Why are there sacrifices (more specifically, sin offerings) in the millennial temple on Earth (ex. Ezekiel 42: 13)? I don't get it since Jesus was the final and perfect sacrifice.5. 20:07 {Surrendering to God when it&rsquo;s Difficult} I'm double-minded and depressed. I want real salvation but have a hard time fully surrendering. Good works and prayer feel like pushing a boulder up a hill. Any advice?6. 24:14 {What is Love, According to the Bible?} Define love according to the Bible. Is it a feeling? Act? Choice? This is very important to me because it will inform how I view if I was loving or not in situations.7. J. 30:42 {Does Sanctification Continue in Eternity?} Do you think sanctification is complete upon our death and resurrection, or do we continue to &ldquo;improve&rdquo; throughout eternity?8. 32:57 {How to be Calm &amp; Kind on Social Media} I often find myself being rude on social media. I don&rsquo;t mean to be, but it just gets the better of me. How do you approach people, consistently, in such a loving manner?9. 36:12 Angels, Free Will, &amp; Did God Command Satan to Rebel?} How would you react to someone who claims that angels don't have free will, and that by extension, God commanded Satan to rebel? Hoping to address the issue and the heart here, thanks!10. 39:41 {Biblical Help when Struggling with Infertility} I recently have had intense disappointment and grief in my life re: fertility and am struggling with not knowing God's path for my life. Do you have any biblical help to heal and move forward?11. 42:26 {Is Luke a &ldquo;Social Justice Gospel&rdquo;?} The book of Luke is being described as the "social justice gospel&rdquo; in Progressive circles. What do you think about Luke being described as the social justice gospel?12. 46:00 {About the Vows in Numbers 30} What specific examples of vows or oaths do you think Numbers 30 was referring to?13. 50:16 {Refuting WMSCOG Theology} I was approached by the Mother God cult in a department store, and they used Galatians 4: 26. How could I bring clarity to this verse for them next time?14. 56:22 {Should we Choose a Denomination Right Away?} I'm a new convert. I love God. However, since I'm a new convert I haven't "chosen" a denomination yet. Must I hurry and choose one? Right now, I'm just happy reading the Bible, believing, and praying.15. 58:44 {About &ldquo;Seal&rdquo; &amp; &ldquo;Deposit&rdquo; in 2 Cor.} What is the meaning of the words "seal" and "deposit" in 2 Corinthians 1: 22?16. 1:02:18 {Lovingly Calling Out Sin} How do I love and exhort a close family member who knows &amp; believes the Gospel but doesn't seem bothered by some sinful choices (e.g., going to rowdy parties, getting drunk)?17. 1:06:41 {About Leviathan} What are your thoughts on Leviathan? Do you believe he is an actual creature, or more symbolic? Where is he now?18. 1:14:48 {What if I Don&rsquo;t Live near a Bible-based Church?} What do you do when there are only Jehovah&rsquo;s whiteness, Catholic, and extremely Progressive churches within a
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Dealing with Skeptics and Progressive Christians on The Bob Dutko Show

If you'd like to see more of the Bob Dutko Show it can be found here: I'm Mike Winger and I have tons of FREE content, helping you learn to think biblically, on my YouTube channel or on my website (which includes a search feature helping you find exactly what you are looking for):
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 58)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction1. 0:45 {Theology Books for Teens/College Age} My 17 yr. old son is into theology. Do you have any theology books you&rsquo;d recommend for teens/college students that aren&rsquo;t weighty reads, but offer good, biblical answers to Christian questions? Something that will interest a teenager without getting lost into a huge textbook. 2. 4:24 {Does God Bless in Material Ways?} Does God still bless us in material ways, or was that just for the old covenant and now He solely blesses us in spiritual ways?3. 9:05 {How Does God Speak to Us?} How does God communicate to us outside of the Bible? Does He speak through mediums like words, numbers, coincidences, etc.?4. 12:38 {About Separation from Bishops} How is separation from all bishops okay when all &ldquo;early church fathers&rdquo; (especially Cyprian &amp; Ignatius) taught that separation from your bishop can call into question your salvation (Cyprian Epistle 26, Ignatius Phil.)?5. 18:39 {About Revelation/Great Tribulation} Do you have any idea why Revelation 7:14 in the NLT says these are the ones who died, but other translations say they came out of the Great Tribulation?6. 21:40 {How to Initiate Gospel Conversations} How do I start conversations about Jesus with strangers/acquaintances?7. 23:25 {About the Extent of the Atonement} Do the two different stances on the extent of the atonement (unlimited and definite) ultimately represent two different gospels? This is a fear of mine.8. 27:09 {Does Prayer Have a Required Formula?} I talk to God in my head and pray during the day, but my thoughts drift and sometimes I realize I never said &ldquo;amen.&rdquo; I know that He&rsquo;s listening, but if it&rsquo;s not formatted like a prayer, does it still count?9. 29:00 {How to Find Counsel in Scripture} How do I go about searching the Scriptures to help me find a solution or to come to a decision in an area of my life?10. 32:16 {About being Born of God/of the Spirit} Prior to Pentecost, was anyone &ldquo;born of God/Spirit&rdquo; as the Spirit hadn&rsquo;t been given yet (John 1:13; 3:1-7; 7:39)? Can this discredit regeneration preceding faith/total inability?11. 34:22 {Was Historical Proof of Biblical Events Just Made Up?} I heard that the historians&rsquo; consensus for the Patriarchs, the Exodus, and the Conquest of Canaan was that they didn&rsquo;t happen but were made up later. Any input on this?12. 36:42 {If we Confess our Doubts, Are We Still Saved?} I was having doubts about the atonement, and I was questioning if I really believed it. I had thoughts about me not believing. Am I still saved if confessed those and do believe now?13. 43:08 {Was Jesus Rich? &amp; How to Challenge False Claims} Someone told me &ldquo;Jesus was rich and that was how He was able to feed the 5,000 and their families.&rdquo; I know that&rsquo;s wrong, but where do they find these theories and how do I help them see that&rsquo;s not true?14. 46:33 {How to Share a Summary of the Gospel} Do you have a simple way to share the Gospel? How can we know what to say to be obedient and share the Gospel effectively without missing any of the essentials?15. 48:42 {Thinking Biblically about Covid Restrictions} My province has new Covid mandates that my pastor is implementing. Reduced attendance, vaccine passport checks, and masks even while singing. I think this is unbiblical. What can I do?16. 52:53 {Advice for Finding a Godly Spouse / Our Desires} I&rsquo;m 23 yrs. old. 6 yrs. ago, my attraction to women just disappeared. This messed with my head a lot, and also, because of physical problems, I can&rsquo;t approach girls in order to find a wife. Please, can you advise me?17. 54:29 {Was David&rsquo;s Son Punished for David&rsquo;s Sin?} In a past video, it sounded like Mike said David's child dying was "collateral damage.&rdquo; How is th
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 57)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction1. 0:10 {Is Hypnosis OK for Christians?} What does the Bible say about hypnosis as a form of medical treatment? I struggle with food addiction and have heard that it can help by reaching the subconscious. However, I want to be super careful not to dip into the supernatural demonic realm that can sometimes happen during yoga sessions when "channeling your inner-self" and "connecting with the universe."2. 9:26 {Was the Temple Ever Cleaned?} Blood was sprinkled around the altar in the Tabernacle and Temple. Did the priests ever clean up all the blood splatter? Or just let it accumulate? I cannot find the answer in Scripture.3. 11:51 {About the Evidence of the Spirit} In Acts 8, how did they know when the Samaritans had and had not received the Holy Spirit? Pentecostals teach that it must have been tongues. Is there another explanation?4. 18:36 {What is the Light in Gen. 1?} What is the light in Genesis 1:3? Some say the light is a spiritual force, Jesus, stars, the Big Bang, etc. I know it&rsquo;s not Jesus, but I&rsquo;m getting a lot of feedback in a group without any real solid answers.5. 24:46 {Should We Apologize for Every Past Sin?} Should Christians apologize to everyone from their past? I had so much anxiety, messaging people from high school about every lie or mean comment I could think of, even some things people didn't remember.6. 30:11 {About Pastors Preaching on Certain Sins} How would you respond to a pastor who says &ldquo;I don't need to teach that a particular practice is a sin&rdquo;? What dangers do you think are there if someone doesn't recognize certain sins?7. 33:46 {Are Works Required? (Sheep &amp; Goats)} Does John 5: 29 or the Parable of Sheep and Goats mean that Jesus taught we need works to be saved? It seems to align with the mid-acts dispensational view.8. 37:46 {What is a Relationship with God?} What does a relationship with God look like practically?9. 42:10 {About Limited Atonement} If the extent of Jesus&rsquo; death was for all, but the application of His death was only for His sheep, why does Jesus say that He lays down His life for His sheep in John 10: 15 (v. 16 clarifies extent, right?)?10. 45:56 {About Demons Confessing Jesus&rsquo; Identity} Why did demons always announce Jesus' true identity when they were in His presence? Wouldn't they rather lie and claim He was a false prophet or something to deceive others? (Ex: Luke 4: 33-34)11. 48:04 {Should We Pray Once or Repeatedly?} I&rsquo;ve heard several teachings about prayer and I&rsquo;m a bit confused. Are we to pray once, believe we have it, and walk in faith? Or should we pray repeatedly until God gives us an answer?12. 52:16 {About Boundaries w/Unsaved Friends} I turned away from God 14 yrs. ago, but got saved this summer. My "best friend" has since made many bad remarks about me AND God. I only hear from him if HE needs something. Do I cut him off, or show him love?13. 54:55 {Should we Use the Word &ldquo;Christian&rdquo;?} The original definers of the word &ldquo;Christian&rdquo; were the enemies of Jesus&rsquo; followers. What authorizes us today to define who is/isn&rsquo;t a Christian? Especially if we don&rsquo;t know what their OG criteria was?14. 58:08 {About Ephraim / Israel} Often when I see Ephraim mentioned, it looks to me like God is referring to all of Israel. Have I misunderstood something? Why does He use this tribe? My reading today: Jeremiah 31:6 (?), 18, &amp; 20.15. 1:01:01 {About YT Ads} As a fellow YouTuber, do you get concerned about the ads your viewers see on your videos?16. 1:03:37 {About Lifting Hands in Worship &amp; Others Watching Us} I have trouble lifting my hands during worship songs, though commanded in Psalms. I can&rsquo;t get over the mental block that I&rsquo;m trying to look good to people around me. Do I have a weak conscience,
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Are You a Pop-Christian or a Real Christian?

This concerns me deeply. All my content is free and it's meant to help you go DEEP into the word of God and strengthen your relationship with Christ. This is the last clip from my video collaboration with Allen Parr and I hope that you've benefitted from it. My website. Tons of free, searchable content helping you learn to think biblically about everything:
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Allen Parr's Concerns about Seventh Day Adventists

This is one of several clips I will be uploading from a big video I did with Allen Parr evaluating a few different religious groups in light of biblical Christianity. Subscribe to my channel to get notified when the other videos in this series go up. Here is Allen Parr's channel. I recommend you check it out: Allen's videos on SDA...Allen's deep dive on the SDA: video on responding to SDA teaching on the sabbath: My website. Tons of free, searchable content helping you learn to think biblically about everything:
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My Response to Roman Catholic Apologist Trent Horn's Rebuttal of Me

Trent Horn has over 8 hours of video content "refuting" me. Today, I'm going to respond to some of that content. Because there is FAR too much to do a thorough response to, I will be reacting to one of his recent videos point by point. Here's Trent's video: This can be a bit awkward for me, to be honest, because I don't want to spend time "defending myself" but I don't intend for this to be that. The issues we are discussing here are really important and I think that Trent Horn's videos are doing more to sow confusion than they are to offer any kind of proper refutation to the things I have said (and still hold) regarding Roman Catholic claims. I hope you will consider this response thoughtfully and, if you are a Roman Catholic, know that I do not do this with any personal animus toward you at all! What I think we should all agree on is that if the pope is who the Roman Catholic church says he is, then we all need to submit to him - but if he is not, then an open opposition to such claims is only an expression of loyalty to God. If Roman Catholicism is true in its claims to have authority over all believers, then we need to all submit. If it is false, and if it is propagating various doctrines of man, then it is only a kindness to tell others about it. This issue is worth discussing, for love of God and love of man. My teaching on James 2 and a Catholic vs. a Protestant view: My long debate on baptism and whether it saves (with time stamps): Depending on the response to this video, I may make another dealing with the rest of Trent Horn's "rebuttal" because there are some very serious problems with what he has said. But because this video is already going to be really long, I have chosen to focus on the first half of his video which deals primarily with justification. I'm Mike Winger and my website, with all free content, is:
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Catholicism Isn't a Cult... But I Have Serious Concerns

ANNOUNCEMENT! The podcast you're listening to was offered a refutation by Roman Catholic apologist Trent Horn. I'm going to be giving a response to that refutation on this coming Monday, November 22 at 1 p.m. Pacific time. Here's the link to that response: This is one of several clips I will be uploading from a big video I did with Allen Parr evaluating a few different religious groups in light of biblical Christianity. Subscribe to my channel to get notified when the other videos in this series go up. Here is Allen Parr's channel. I recommend you check it out: More videos of mine related to Catholicism below... Why I can't be a Roman Catholic (2 hour, detailed video): The "justified by works" passage in James 2 explained from a Protestant perspective: In this video, I deal with Roman Catholic apologists and Scripture they use to try to say that purgatory is in the Bible: Explaining and defending Sola Scriptura: My website. Tons of free, searchable content helping you learn to think biblically about everything:
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What's up with the "Black Hebrew Israelites"? Allen Parr explains.

This is one of several clips I will be uploading from a collaboration I did with Allen Parr evaluating a few different religious groups in light of biblical Christianity. Subscribe to my channel to get notified when the other videos in this series go up. If you enjoyed this, you will probably enjoy a lot of the content that Allen Parr has. Here is his channel, I recommend you check it out: This is Allen Parr's much longer video on this topic, if you want to get a lot more info: My website. Tons of free, searchable content helping you learn to think biblically about everything:
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 56)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Introduction1. 0:16 {Was the Flood Overkill?} In Genesis, God destroys the world saying that the world has become unholy, but He saves Noah. Why couldn't He just do something bad to the people instead of doing all of the work to start over after the flood?2. 5:46 {Will Unbelievers Bow?} Does &ldquo;every knee shall bow&rdquo; refer to each person when they die and stand before God, or mankind collectively at the return of Jesus? If it's the latter, does this mean unbelievers will be forced to do this?3. 10:35 {Is it Sin, or Am I Legalistic?} A pastor told me it was a sin to watch Star Wars &amp; Dragon Ball Z &amp; listen to rock music because they're Pagan. I'm willing to give these up if they are, but how do I know if it's a sin or legalism?4. 16:35 {About Pastor Nathan Finochio} What do you know about Nathan Finochio? My daughter was invited to a youth event where he is the main preacher, but I'm not sure if I should let her attend.5. 17:44 {About Judgment, Sinners, &amp; New Jerusalem} After the Great White Throne judgment and the Second Death (Revelation 21: 10), where do the sinners come from that are kept outside the New Jerusalem (Revelation 22: 15)?6. 21:53 {Taking Communion Unworthily} In 1 Corinthians 11: 30 when Paul says you can get weak, sick, or die if taking the last supper in an unworthy manner, what specific sins are punishable by death?7. 28:42 {About Tongues &amp; God&rsquo;s Will} If the Holy Spirit gives tongues, how is it that anyone uses it against the will of God, if the Spirit only does what the Father wills? (For example, misusing it in church services.)8. 30:50 {Anxiety about Repenting of Every Sin} How can I deal with the urge to ask for forgiveness for nearly every intrusive thought, feeling, and temptation? If I'm asking out of anxiety, am I asking in vain? I don't want to treat sin lightly.9. 33:33 {When a Spouse is Unrepentant} How should we approach a situation where one spouse is doing something potentially harmful to the health of the family, yet won't quit? Ex: vaping inside of the home.10. 37:17 {Do Paul &amp; God Keep Secrets?} Regarding Paul's vision of Heaven in 2 Corinthians 12, Why can't Paul tell us what he saw? Did he see something bad? Why do Paul and God have to be secretive and hide things?11. 43:09 {Does Scripture Value Children?} In the book of Job, his children were killed as part of his trials. At the end, he was blessed with more children. This has always bothered me. Why does it appear that children are disposable like that?12. 45:57 {Is &ldquo;Accepting Jesus&rdquo; Man-Centered Soteriology?} Is it man-centered thinking to say that &ldquo;Jesus died for everyone but it is only applied to you if/when you accept it&rdquo;? Are we the ones who give the cross its power? I&rsquo;d Like to hear your thoughts on this.13. 48:23 {Coming Back to the Lord after Doubting} I wanted to ask if you have any biblical guidance on coming back to your Christ-like identity when you've fallen into doubt.14. 53:25 {Can People be Tricked into Hell?} Can people be tricked into Hell, such as people born into false religions or North Korea? If so, how is that fair?15. 56:33 {About Praying for the Sick} How should James 5: 13-16 be interpreted in the light of praying for the sick to be healed, especially in church? I&rsquo;ve seen people praying for others expecting them to be healed immediately.16. 1:00:25 {About the Trinity / Divine Simplicity} Isn't it problematic to affirm the Trinity while rejecting the metaphysical hermeneutic that was used to articulate/defend the doctrine (e.g., divine simplicity) in the early centuries?17. 1:02:40 {Should We Correct Non-Believers&rsquo; Sins?} What is the Christian&rsquo;s role in bringing up non-believers&rsquo; specific sins? Should we, at all? I hear people reference John 16:8. How should we bes
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Analyzing a typical Joel Osteen sermon

This is not a hit piece. I just think that it can be really helpful to evaluate Joel Osteen's extremely popular teaching through the eyes of a teacher who cares an awful lot about representing the Bible properly. We often hear of problems with teachers when someone gathers just the most offensive, problematic, or otherwise inflammatory parts of their teachings and evaluates them. I am not doing that today. I'm grabbing a recent, random Joel Osteen sermon to have a "typical" example of his teaching. We will look at how he uses the Bible, what his general teaching style is, and how a Christian can evaluate and discern what to accept and reject. In the video, I will be referencing my series, How to Find Jesus in the Old Testament, and I highly recommend you check it out. It's been the most spiritually rewarding Bible series I've ever done: I'm Mike Winger and my website, with all free content, is:
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 55)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction1. 0:45 {About Church Discipline} Can you please explain what the Bible says about local churches having a process of &ldquo;church discipline&rdquo; and how that should be carried out? Should it be rare, or a regular part of church life? Where should leaders draw the line when deciding if someone made a minor mistake vs. someone needing discipline?2. 13:02 {Is Baptism Required?} Why does the Bible sound like baptism is required for salvation in some places (eg. Mark 16: 16)? Does Acts 1:5 answer what KIND of baptism IS required (Holy Spirit baptism)? And what did Jesus mean by &ldquo;to fulfill righteousness&rdquo;?3. 18:31 {About Tithing &amp; &ldquo;Prosperity&rdquo; Teachings} My church says a declaration before tithing. Part of it is: "I am believing Him for advancements, God-ideas, blessings &amp; increases, financial freedom, &amp; breakthroughs." Is this a prosperity church red flag?4. 22:00 {Are Murder Mysteries Appropriate for Believers?} I watched your video on Halloween, and I&rsquo;m wondering what your thoughts are on murder mystery dinner parties (and for that matter, murder mysteries in general). Is it wrong to be entertained by them?5. 25:17 {Why does Pastor Mike Love Jesus?} I would love to know, why do you love Jesus?6. 26:52 {About Doubt, Truth, &amp; Bias} My friend is doubting his faith and reality because he claims there's no way to discern truth objectively without some sort of bias. How would you answer him?7. 31:06 {Can Sons be Punished for Parents&rsquo; Sins?} Don't questions like 2 Kings 5: 27, 2 Kings 9:8, and Exodus 12: 29 contradict Ezekiel 18: 20 which says that sons cannot be punished for the sins of their fathers?8. 34:44 {Should We Ever Hate People?} Should we hate the evil doer (e.g., those who promote or perform abortion) or should we just keep their salvation in mind? Or can we do both at the same time?9. 38:19 {Can the Deceased Send us Signs?} How do you explain to someone that their dead loved one is not sending signs to them, no matter how convincing those signs are?10. 40:43 {About Questionable Worship Lyrics} I play guitar at my church. I don&rsquo;t always agree with the theology couched in some songs. I don&rsquo;t sing lines I don&rsquo;t agree with, but I am still on stage. Would love to hear your general thoughts on this!11. 43:02 {How to Repent When We&rsquo;re Not &ldquo;Feeling&rdquo; It} How do I repent unto salvation (repent and be saved) when I do not want to? I am asking from the current place of being unsaved.12. 45:04 {About the Fear of Eternity} A student recently shared a fear of hers: the idea of eternity, even if in Heaven. I have to admit I struggle with this, as well. Any advice for me, for how I can comfort her from the Bible?13. 49:45 {About our Music Choices} Is it OK to listen to old music from former Christians, like Kevin Max or Ray Boltz? Is their music prior to them leaving Christ OK to listen to?14. 52:36 {About Adam &amp; Eve / Sin Nature} Were Adam and Eve created WITH a sin nature at their creation? If not, why then did they choose to sin in the first place, all the while God having called His creation good?15. 54:44 {About God being our Loving Father} I've been a believer for a very long time, but still struggle with the concept of God as loving Father. Mainly due to my upbringing. How do I overcome this? The doubt is overwhelming.16. 57:50 {Clashing Translations?} In 1 Corinthians 7, whom do verses 36-38 address? Some versions add "daughter," implying fathers, but ESV, in using "his betrothed" and "his passions" seem to indicate a groom.17. 1:01:44 {How to Witness to an Angry Person} My friend has left Christianity. His family is a bit extreme and aggressive with their faith, and he says they are what pushed him away from his. If I try to talk with him, he gets angry. What ca
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The Jehovah's Witnesses Religion Quickly Explained and Refuted

This is one of several clips I will be uploading from a collab I did with Allen Parr, evaluating a few different religious groups in light of biblical Christianity. Subscribe to my channel to get notified when the other videos in this series go up. If you enjoyed this, you will probably enjoy a lot of the content that Allen Parr has. Here is his channel. I recommend you check it out: Tips on how to practically reach JWs with the gospel of Christ: Why Jehovah's Witnesses are wrong about blood transfusions: JWs teaching on the resurrection of Christ as well as the second coming is examined and refuted in this video: My interview with former JWs: JWs are taught that Jesus died on a stake, not a cross. This video gives tons of evidence supporting the cross: My longer video on JW beliefs, practices, and errors: My website. Tons of free, searchable content helping you learn to think biblically about everything:
11/1/202118 minutes, 55 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 54)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction1. 0:36 {Should we &ldquo;Apply&rdquo; the Blood of Jesus?} Someone recently told me to always "apply the blood of Jesus" over my family, my home, myself, and everything that belongs to me before I pray, since there is spiritual warfare going on. Have you heard of this, and what are your thoughts?2. 5:44 {About the Curse in 2 Kings} How should we explain 2 Kings 2: 23-25? I had somebody bring it up to me and was unsure of how to answer them. On the surface, it seems problematic. What can I say to them?3. 11:10 {A Godly Attitude for Workplace Struggles} My parents think Christians shouldn&rsquo;t unionize or strike, and should just do what they&rsquo;re told or go elsewhere, citing the Parable of the Vineyard. But that sounds crazy to me. What should a Christian attitude be to workplace struggles?4. 15:46 {About &ldquo;Leaven,&rdquo; Destruction, &amp; Revelation} Any thoughts on using Matthew 13: 33 to prove that people inside the faithful church will try to destroy it (saying that yeast is bad and the woman Jesus referred to is the same as in Revelation)?5. 18:52 {About Being Alive in Christ/Future Resurrection} Please explain John 11: 25-26, how the first person became dead but believed and the second person being a believer never dies.6. 23:05 {Thoughts about Steven Crowder} What is your opinion on Christian YouTuber Steven Crowder? A lot of his content (while in the name of comedy and free speech) is quite vulgar and feels insensitive. Is his method biblical?7. {Accidentally skipped - sorry about that!}8. 24:42 {Why did People Fall Over in John 18?} My question is about John 18:6. It&rsquo;s a really powerful moment, but did the other disciples not see it?9. 30:36 {Repentance of the Heart &amp; Mind} I am a former crossdresser (not transgender), but I don't feel any guilt or remorse for when I used to cross-dress. Any advice on how to not just repent with my actions, but also repent with my mind/heart?10. 35:08 {Is Marriage Different Now?} My friend says the definition of marriage evolved over time, and that now it&rsquo;s a legal contract, but in biblical times she claims it was a social transfer of care. Thus, she believes living with her boyfriend unmarried is biblical. Thoughts?11. 39:29 {About Sin and our Flesh} Does Romans 7: 24 suggest that sin is in our flesh? Is this the reason why some people may be predisposed to certain sinful behaviors?12. 43:29 {Is Jesus Finite or Infinite?} Jesus said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end" (Revelation 22: 13 ESV). Does this mean God the Son is finite? Is He saying Jesus, fully man, is finite?13. 46:19 {Why does God Allow More Wicked Generations?} Why does God allow wicked people to persist and bring forth more generations that will mostly go to Hell, instead of bringing judgment on them and erasing their culture as soon as they go astray?14. 51:00 {Help with Doubts &amp; Unbelief} How do you stop doubting that God exists or that Christianity is the true religion out of many, especially Islam? Sometimes my faith wanders from belief to unbelief. Any tips?15. 54:44 {Why was Jesus Given Sedatives?} Why would the Roman soldiers try to give Jesus the wine and myrrh (which I understand to be a sedative)? Wouldn&rsquo;t they want the crucifixion to be as painful as possible?16. 55:32 {Are Prayers from Books Spells?} Could prayers from prayer books be considered spells?17. 57:04 {Should a Protestant Marry a Catholic?} What do I do if I'm thinking about marrying a Catholic girl, myself being Protestant? She has no problems with my faith but wants our sons baptized, since she and her whole family is Catholic.18. 59:43 {About Theophanies &amp; Christophanies} Would you say that every theophany is a Christophany? (John 1: 17-18, Jude 1:5, John 8: 58, Matthew 11: 2
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A Brief Comparison of Mormonism and Christianity (with Allen Parr)

This is one of several clips I will be uploading from a colab I did with Allen Parr evaluating a few different religious groups in light of biblical Christianity. Subscribe to my channel on YouTube to get notified when the other videos in this series go up. We are using the word &ldquo;cult&rdquo; here in the popular negative sense that Christian theology uses; to indicate a religion which imitates Christianity but is not genuinely Christian. The term also has another technical meaning: referring to any religion that has rituals associated with it. That&rsquo;s not the definition we intend in this video. If you enjoyed this, you will probably enjoy a lot of the content that Allen Parr has. Here is his channel. I recommend you check it out: Allen's interview with a former Mormon named Micah Wilder: My website. Tons of free, searchable content helping you learn to think biblically about everything:
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 53)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction 1. 0:30 {Should We Ask God to Change Us?} You taught once in a past video that when we pray, we should NOT ask God to change us, as that would be like asking or expecting God to do all of the work. Can you please elaborate on that, and how to rightly pray instead?2. 7:49 {About Forgiveness of Unconfessed Sin} Are you forgiven or held accountable for the sins you&rsquo;re not aware of and don&rsquo;t repent of? For example: gluttony, laziness, or even getting mad at someone and later forgetting about it.3. 10:37 {Why is Suicide a Sin?} Why do Christians see suicide as a sin if it&rsquo;s never condemned in the Bible? Why should I be forced to live a pathetic life I never asked for?4. 15:55 {About &ldquo;Feeling&rdquo; God&rsquo;s Presence} I always hear Christians say they &ldquo;felt the presence of God.&rdquo; How can I feel His presence? I read His Word as much as I can and pray often, but have never &ldquo;felt&rdquo; His presence.5. 20:11 {About Astronomical Alignment} Do you think the astronomical alignment on Sept 23rd, 2017 is a fulfillment of Revelation 12:1-3? It feels like astrology to me.6. 24:55 {Was Martin Luther Saved?} Do you think Martin Luther went to Heaven, despite the fact that he had a hatred toward Jews and was unrepentant?7. 29:04 {About Worship Principles} What is difference between the normative and regulative principle of worship? Any useful thoughts to this discussion, what to avoid, what to strive for?8. 35:03 {How to Keep Marriage God-Centered} Is your wife a part of your ministry? How do you keep your marriage God-centered?9. 38:17 {Do Numbers &amp; Leviticus Contradict?} In Numbers 5, there is a test for an unfaithful wife. In verses 27-28 however, the punishment called for appears to differ from that in Leviticus 20: 10 which calls for death. Am I missing something?10. 44:30 {Can a Muslim be Saved?} Is it possible for a Muslim to be saved through faith since they also believe in to getting into Heaven by God's grace (although through works) and through repentance of sins?11. 49:53 {About the &ldquo;Wages of Sin&rdquo;} If &ldquo;the wages of sin is death,&rdquo; why is there a Hell? When a non-believer dies, why wasn't that debt paid by their death?12. 53:03 {Did Pharaoh in Exodus have Free Will?} I was just wondering what your thoughts were on Exodus 9: 12. Did Pharaoh have free will?13. 59:25 {How Important is Inerrancy?} I found out that several big teachers and content writers at my church don't believe that the Bible is inerrant? Should I be concerned?14. 1:02:39 {About Adoption/Homosexual Couples} How should Christians who are unwilling/uncalled to adopt respond to gay couples who adopt without looking like hypocrites or inhospitable (since they&rsquo;re not taking in these kids themselves)?15. 1:06:43 {Should we Read Non-Canonical Books?} Would you recommend that current Christians develop an awareness of Scripture that is no longer canon?16. 1:09:46 {About the Galilean Wedding/The Rapture} Have you studied the Galilean wedding being justification for a pre-trib rapture? I&rsquo;m having a hard time finding trusted sources to teach on this.17. 1:12:28 {About the &ldquo;2 or 3 Witnesses&rdquo; Principle} What is the significance of the Bible saying "2 or 3 witnesses" to establish an accusation, as opposed to saying "2 witnesses" or "3 witnesses"?18. 1:14:13 {Should a Head Pastor be Close to His Staff?} What are your thoughts on a head pastor who does not interact with his staff? I teach at a church and have no real relationship (to the point of pain) with my pastor as he is never present.19. 1:17:53 {Do Ghosts / Demons Exist?} I have a feeling that something is living in my house that shouldn't be there, and it is taking all the energy out of me! Do ghosts/demons really exist, and how can I get rid of
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The longest interview I've ever done.

Info and timestamps below!0:00 Intro1- 0:24 Who are these guys from Reddit?2- 3:36 Mike's thoughts on Dr. Michael Heiser3- 9:41 Can you lose your salvation?4- 16:23 Handling doctrinal disagreement on secondary stuff5- 24:09 How important is baptism?6- 27:17 Define &ldquo;Baptism in the Spirit&rdquo;7- 36:23 Which Bible version and where to read when you are&hellip;8- 43:59 Mike&rsquo;s response to King James Onlyists9- 47:27 David&rsquo;s census and why the numbers don&rsquo;t match10- 1:06:49 Did God tempt David?11- 1:10:36 Is the Bible&rsquo;s history out of order?12- 1:12:33 Does Mike find contradictions in the Bible?13- 1:14:36 Why doesn&rsquo;t Mike play that guitar more?14- 1:16:14 Why must women be silent? (This is only an answer to one passage, not every related passage)15- 1:28:56 Why does Leviticus say homosexual behavior is an abomination?16- 1:43:18 What about meditation and mantras?17- 1:46:33 If I have the Holy Spirit why do I need the Bible?18- 1:49:19 Is &ldquo;Omnism&rdquo; ok?19- 1:55:30 About people who NEVER hear the Gospel20- 2:02:40 What&rsquo;s the right view of biblical causality?21- 2:11:24 Catholicism and the Lord&rsquo;s supper22- 2:17:10 Jesus as the &ldquo;firstborn of all creation&rdquo;23- 2:22:06 The Witch of Endor (not a Star Wars reference)24- 2:27:44 Are animals resurrected?25- 2:35:38 Mike&rsquo;s thoughts on Bart Ehrman26- 2:40:19 It&rsquo;s over, we just blabbin This interview was filmed several months ago when I was asked by the moderators of the subreddit r/bible, to respond to a bunch of questions from their subreddit. So I fielded a number of extremely challenging questions (and a couple easy ones) in an interview that took over three hours to film, once you factor in how much time was spent sound and video testing before we could begin. Anyhow, we may seem a bit tired by the end but I hope you find the content helpful, thoughtful, and useful in learning to think biblically about everything. Specific videos I mentioned in the interview:1- A biblical evaluation of the topic of suicide: What about people who die but NEVER hear the gospel? Divorce and remarriage (the LONG video) website:
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 52)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction1. 0:48 {Does Scripture Promote Evil Things?} I&rsquo;ve been challenged with the accusation that the Bible &ldquo;promotes killing, rape, and slavery,&rdquo; quoting Numbers 31: 15-18. I don&rsquo;t want to simply prove them wrong; that doesn&rsquo;t address this person&rsquo;s heart. Would you please help?2. 18:36 {About the Death Penalty} As a follow up to your teaching on the death penalty, this question is from my skeptic brother: "Isn't it better to rehabilitate offenders in hopes that they may come to repentance and give their lives to God?"3. 22:32 {About the Apostles &amp; Judas&rsquo; Position} I&rsquo;ve heard it taught that the Apostles were being presumptuous when filling Judas&rsquo; empty position. Why did they choose to apply Psalm 69: 25 and Psalm 109:8 to the situation?4. 30:38 {Can we See God&rsquo;s Face &amp; Still Live?} Exodus 33: 20 says "no one can see my face and live.&rdquo; How do we reconcile this with Exodus 33: 11 which says, "the Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as to a friend"?5. 36:02 {About the 70th Week &amp; Seven Seals} Is there any biblical evidence that the beginning of Daniel's 70th week and Jesus opening the first of the seven seals in Revelation will occur roughly at the same time?6. 37:44 {Why Didn&rsquo;t God Rewrite Difficult Passages?} Can you explain the Holy Spirit Inspiration Doctrine? I struggle with understanding why God did not rewrite controversial Bible passages. I know I am only a man, and I seek to understand.7. 41:35 {Advice for an Unequally Yoked Marriage} My wife is an unbeliever. The more I attend church, the more strain it puts on our marriage. Is it right to continue going to church, or should I stop? (1 Corinthians 7: 14) I pray for her every day.8. 44:40 {About the Book of Numbers} What is the best way to read the book of Numbers? What&rsquo;s some really cool stuff about it and how it ties to JESUS?9. 47:36 {Is &ldquo;Deliverance&rdquo; / Demon Casting Biblical?} I'm wondering about your thoughts on deliverance. Would you consider calling and identifying demons biblical, or is it not?10. 50:43 {Reconciling 2 Important Verses/Worldly Christians?} Can you explain Matthew 7: 21 vs. Romans 10: 13? Also, how do you spot worldly Christians (1 Corinthians 3:1) from those who are unsaved but have good works (Matthew 7: 22-23)? Shouldn't we have grace for sanctification?11. 55:15 {Advice for Christian College Students} What advice do you have for Christians in college?12. 59:12 {Is there Hope After Death for the Unsaved?} Can the Gospel be preached to the dead? According to 1 Peter 4:6, is there any hope for people after they die? Also, in 1 Peter 3:19-20, what does &ldquo;preached unto the spirits in prison&rdquo; mean?13. 1:03:43 {About Assurance of Salvation} How can I be sure that I am going to Heaven when I die?14. 1:06:35 {How is Satan the World&rsquo;s Ruler?} Can you explain how Satan became the ruler of this world?15. 1:09:48 {About Salvation by Grace vs. Our Efforts} If we don't have to do works to get saved, why does Jesus tell us to "make every effort to enter through the narrow door" in Luke 13: 24?16. 1:13:07 {Help for Anxiety over Unsaved Loved Ones} How do I combat anxiety about my newborn daughter&rsquo;s salvation? It&rsquo;s a difficult topic for me due to my younger brother walking away from the faith as a teenager.17. 1:16:10 {About God&rsquo;s Omnipotence &amp; Non-Contradiction} Since God can&rsquo;t contradict Himself, does that mean that His power is limited in a way? I know God is all powerful, but what is the logical reason behind Him being powerful and non-contradictory?18. 1:20:06 {About Vaccines &amp; Aborted Fetal Tissue} What are your thought on vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines for development? I&rsquo;m about to lose my job at big MN clinic if
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How a "Progressive Christian" Pastor BUTCHERS John 3:16

If Pastor Salvatore represents "Progressive Christianity" then we need to start realizing that this isn't just another stream of Christian thought, it is a false gospel trying to replace the true one. Jesus is merely being highjacked by some who want to utilize His fame for their unchristian cause. The full video I'm responding to can be found here: This is my video explaining the real symbolism of the bronze serpent (hint: it's not about elevating your awareness): I create free content meant to help you learn to think biblically about everything. My website: has hundreds of free, searchable videos for you.
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 51)

Time Stamps:1. 0:17 {Can Megachurches be Effective?} From a biblical and practical standpoint, is there a maximum number of people that can or should make up a local church? Assuming their doctrine is biblical, can a megachurch with multiple satellite sites or campuses be an effective church?2. 13:52 {Was Mary Surprised about Jesus&rsquo; Deity?} If Mary was aware of the immaculate conception (visited by an angel, etc.), why in Mark 3: 21 does it seem she&rsquo;s surprised about Jesus being the Messiah? Scripture says His "family" that goes to "take charge of Him" for being out of His mind are His mother &amp; brothers. Why would Mary think He is out of His mind if she had been visited by an angel?3. 19:40 {About the Apostles&rsquo; Martyrdom} A big defense for Christianity is that the Apostles died &amp; were tortured, never recanting Jesus. How are the Heavens Gate &amp; Jonestown 1978 incidents any different? They all willingly died for a lie, too.4. 24:33 {Who are the Called &amp; Chosen in Matt.?} Who are the called &amp; chosen ones in Matthew 22: 14? Is it God who does both the calling &amp; the choosing?5. 30:32 {Does Jesus Mean &ldquo;Hail Zeus&rdquo;?} What do you say to people who claim that the name Jesus really means &ldquo;hail Zeus&rdquo;? They say one is unknowingly doing witchcraft by using the name Jesus. Why didn&rsquo;t His name just continue as Yeshua?6. 35:17 {Is John 15 Works-Based?} Is John 15 works-based? v.10 says, &ldquo;IF you keep my commandments, THEN you will abide in my love.&rdquo; That sounds like obedience earns God's love, contrary to the Gospel. What does a life of "abiding" look like daily?7. 42:25 {Ways to Grow in Christ} I've recently found a renewed desire to get closer with God and was just wondering if you have any advice about how to do so.8. 44:05 {Did God Ordain Animal Sacrifices?} Does Jeremiah 7: 22 &amp; Matthew 9: 13 indicate God never ordained animal sacrifices? To me it seems God has gradually moved mankind away from sacrifices &amp; idol worship and into His ideal form of religion.9. 54:05 {About Angels} I know that we are made in the image and likeness of God and are called God&rsquo;s children, but what are angels to God? Are they made in the image and likeness of God? Are they God&rsquo;s children?10. 57:22 {Is there a Contradiction?} In Matthew 2: 19-22, was Joseph&rsquo;s second dream (vs. 22) from God? God says all who mean to kill you are dead, but God warns him again. Some translations of vs. 22 leave out &ldquo;God.&rdquo; Is this a contradiction?11. 1:00:40 {How Many People are in Heaven?} It's estimated that 60% of natural conceptions fail to implant in the uterus and that at least 50 billion people lived until now. Does that mean there are around 75 billion people in Heaven?12. 1:05:32 {How to Recognize the Spirit vs. Enemy} How do we know when we feel the Holy Spirit that it isn't a trick from Satan making us think that it&rsquo;s God? And how do you know Jesus&rsquo;s resurrection wasn&rsquo;t a false miracle/wonder by Satan?13. 1:09:26 {How to Glorify God as an Artist} I like to draw and write fiction in my spare time, and I want to glorify God as best I can doing this. Is there anything I should do or avoid doing as a Christian artist?14. 1:11:19 {Does Forgiveness Challenge Responsibility?} My grandma rejects Christianity because she claims relying on the forgiveness of a savior teaches us that we don&rsquo;t have to be responsible for our own actions. How can I help her untangle that belief?15. 1:14:35 {About the &ldquo;Day of the Lord&rdquo;} What must come first, per 2 Thessalonians 2:3? Does &ldquo;apostasia&rdquo; mean a spiritual falling away/rebellion, or a physical departure, as in the rapture?16. 1:19:03 {What does &ldquo;Cowardly&rdquo; Mean in Revelation?} Can you shed some light on what Revelation 21:8 really means by the cowardly or the fearful hav
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 50)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction1. 0:28 {How the Jewish Bible is Different} Why aren't there Bibles with the Hebrew order of the Old Testament? Some say the Hebrew order helps to show additional context and beauty of the Prophets and writings within Israel&rsquo;s history. Any reason to stick to the English order? If either is fine, why aren&rsquo;t there options?2. 14:15 {Advice - Tough Marriage/Divorce Situation} Regarding divorce, you mentioned that verbal/emotional abuse is only a valid justification when it is extreme. How do we think biblically about what God would consider to be extreme? I'm finding it hard not to doubt my own perceptions, but my husband is in complete denial. Also, where the husband has essentially separated from the wife within the marriage, is it still not permissible to remarry?3. 19:43 {About the &ldquo;Faithful &amp; Discreet Slave&rdquo;} Can you explain how we should properly interpret Matthew 24: 45-47? I know Jehovah&rsquo;s Witnesses think it&rsquo;s referring to their governing body, but I&rsquo;d like your opinion.4. 25:46 {Can Sin be Subjective At Times?} Sin is objective, but isn't it sometimes subjective? For example, you may be convicted of a certain activity and won't do it, but I do, or vice versa&hellip;and how modesty is different around the world.5. 30:21 {Are there Really &ldquo;Accidents&rdquo;?} Are there really accidents? For example, a freak car accident? How do we square God&rsquo;s will with what might seem like a totally random event or &ldquo;accident&rdquo;?6. 33:26 {How to Quickly Defend Christianity} Please teach us to talk about why Christianity is true (3-5 points in 2-3 minutes).7. 41:44 {Can we Write Jesus into Games or Stories?} I'm a hobbyist/game developer and have started making Bible themed games. I want to include Jesus in one of my projects, but I feel uncomfortable writing words for Him. Any advice? Can I even do this?8. 45:10 {About the Natural Condition of Man} I've heard you say that you don't agree with any of the points in TULIP. What do you believe about the natural condition of man?9. 49:18 {Can There Be Differing Interpretations of Scripture?} If the word &ldquo;clear&rdquo; is used to describe a teaching in the Bible by two Christians with opposing views on the same teaching, wouldn&rsquo;t that void the effectiveness of using the word in that way?10. 50:58 {Trusting God in Very Difficult Times} Do you have any advice for dealing with a miscarriage? It&rsquo;s the first time in my life where I&rsquo;ve been angry at God. I know He&rsquo;s sovereign, but it&rsquo;s difficult to accept right now.11. 54:56 {Does James Teach Guaranteed Healing?} Does James 5: 14-15 say that a sick person should ask elders to pray for him and he will be always healed? The text seems to be quite straight forward on this.12. 1:01:48 {Can we Give to Non-Christian Causes?} Thoughts on charitable giving to organizations that I'm passionate about but aren't overtly Christian? Even if it's above my normal tithe, is this "taking money away" from Kingdom advancement?13. 1:03:37 {Is There a Contradiction?} The Synoptics seem to indicate that the Feeding of 5,000 took place on the Sea of Galilee's West side (Mark 6:30-56), but it seems to take place on the East side in John 6. How do we resolve this?14. 1:04:58 {Is Worrying a Sin?} Is worrying (stress/anxiety) a sin? If so, could you provide some thoughts on the reasons you think it is?15. 1:10:51 {Is it Wrong to Visit an Unbiblical Church?} Is it wrong to attend a &ldquo;prosperity gospel&rdquo; church with our in-laws when we visit them?16. 1:11:59 {Protecting Children from Bad Teaching} My Hubby was raised Mormon. He still believes it all but isn't active. His family takes my son to church if he stays with them &amp; they've started teaching him LDS doctrine. I want to not let him go anymore
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4 Complex Bible "Contradictions" in David’s Census of Israel

Was it God or Satan who incited David to take the census?How many troops were counted? 2 Sam. and 1 Chron. have different numbers.The book of James says God doesn't tempt anyone, so how can that be reconciled with him inciting David?Why are Israel and Judah talked about as different groups before the kingdom split into those groups? This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos, so keep an eye out for the rest in the set. Here's a playlist where I will add them as they come out:&nbsp; My website
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 49)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:1. 0:10 {How to Support a Recovering Spouse} My husband is a recovering alcoholic, now beginning to attend AA meetings. As a wife, what are the most practical ways I can support him while encouraging him to begin leading our home in a biblical way without overwhelming him?2. 7:00 {Where did Lazarus Temporarily Go?} Where were people who died and later got resurrected located in that period? Do they go to Heaven or Hell and get snatched back to Earth after they&rsquo;re resurrected (e.g., Lazarus, Dorcas, Eutychus etc.)?3. 10:50 {Our Own Thoughts vs. the Holy Spirit} In something like pursuing a relationship, or even in general, how do you tell the difference between the Holy Spirit and your own anxiety telling you not to do something?4. 18:42 {How to Biblically Grieve Painful Loss} My only son died from an overdose last year. I was angry at God and walked away from Him for a bit. I told Him &ldquo;If I am to serve you, I want the real God.&rdquo; Isaiah 43: 18-19 says to get over it. How do I get over it?5. 23:28 {Can Horror Movies &amp; Secular Music Invite Demons?} What are your thoughts about Christians having to be careful so that they don&rsquo;t invite demons into their lives through watching horror movies or listening to secular music? Is this biblical?6. 27:50 {About Evidence &amp; Belief} Imagine if someone asked you, &ldquo;Would you be willing to disbelieve in God if the evidence led there?&rdquo; What would your response be? Are we obligated to say yes? Does that dishonor God?7. 34:07 {About the &ldquo;Golden Rule&rdquo;} Is the Golden Rule objective or subjective? For example, I tease my friend and he teases me back because we think it's funny, but I won't do it to others because they don't think it's funny.8. 35:58 {Are All of God&rsquo;s Actions Infallible?} How do I approach a conversation with someone who doesn't believe God is infallible? He believes in the God of the Bible, but he doesn't think all of God's actions are "good," like in the book of Job.9. 43:44 {Identifying &amp; Rejecting False Teaching} What's up with all the bad hermeneutics out there? How can those of us without formal training avoid bad interpretation/application of Scripture by ourselves and be able to spot them in sermons, etc.?10. 46:21 {Does God Hate Satan?} Does God hate Satan and the demons?11. 48:01 {What Did Jesus Mean by &ldquo;Be Perfect&rdquo;?} What did Jesus mean when He said, "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect" in Matthew 5: 48? Wouldn't that mean we're all condemned since we sin every day/week?12. 54:39 {About Jacob &amp; Esau} Why didn't God punish Jacob and his mother for stealing Esau's birthright and blessing (Genesis 27)? In fact, why does He love Jacob and hate Esau (Malachi 1)?13. 57:53 {About &ldquo;Unknown&rdquo;/ Tongues in 1 Cor.} What do you make of the added word &ldquo;unknown&rdquo; in 1 Corinthians 14:2-3, which is not in the original Greek? Could it mean that it is not a different sort of tongues, rather, that no one understands them?14. 1:00:27 {A Difficult Passage &ndash; Ezekiel 45} Is Jesus offering sin sacrifices in Ezekiel 45?15. 1:03:23 {Should we Worship Using Instruments?} Should we use instruments in congregational church worship? Why or why not? The early church did not use instruments.16. 1:07:54 {What to Do When a Church Member is Out of Line} What should I do if a member of my fellowship with some mental issues has been making several false prophecies every day, saying literally "hear me for the lord speaks&rdquo;?17. 1:09:27 {Book Recommendations?} What are some good books for important topics like systematic theology, hermeneutics, complementarianism, etc.?18. 1:11:50 {About the Subordination of the Son} How do you explain the subordination of Jesus (1 Corinthians 11:3; 15: 28) to the Father within Trinitarian t
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This note on my car showed me just how HORRIFYING pro-choice logic is.

I have a bumper sticker on my car that occasionally causes pro-choice people to want to interact with me. In this case, someone left a note on my windshield explaining why she thinks I wasn't aborted and thinks it's not only allowable to kill babies in the womb but that it is morally required! I'm going to walk through the logic of this note and try to show why I think it demonstrates the same thinking in pro-choice people that was present in almost every genocide in history. Yes, it's that bad. And until we all see it as being that bad, we will be likely to fall into the continual moral compromise of our worldly culture. Make your own bumper sticker here (I haven't used this service and am not sponsored by them but their reviews look good): Samaritan's Purse effort to help the Democratic Republic of Congo: Thank you to for giving me permission to use their invaluable videos. My website:
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First And More - Worship Song

9/17/20214 minutes, 10 seconds
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Day Of The Dawn - Worship Song

9/17/20214 minutes, 12 seconds
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Bow To You - Worship Song

9/17/20215 minutes, 21 seconds
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You Are My Joy - Worship Song

9/17/20217 minutes, 34 seconds
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All My Cares - Worship Song

"And He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me... For when I am weak, then I am strong."2 Corinthians 12:9, 10b (NKJV)Lyrics:Verse:I DO NOT HAVE THE WORDS TO SAYBUT IT&rsquo;S ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU&rsquo;RE LISTENINGI CAN NOT SEE BEYOND TODAYBUT IT&rsquo;S ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU&rsquo;RE GUIDING MEI DO NOT HAVE THE STRENGTH IT TAKESBUT IT&rsquo;S ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU&rsquo;LL CARRY MEFOR WHEN I AM HUMBLED AND ABASEDTHAT IS WHEN YOU&rsquo;RE FREE TO USE ME, USE ME Chorus:I CAST ALL MY CARES DOWN BEFORE YOUI LOSE ALL MY FEARS HERE BEFORE YOULIVING EACH DAY BY YOUR GRACEWALKING EVERMORE BY FAITH
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You Created The Heavens - Worship Song

I'd like to take a moment to explain one of the lyrics on this song. "Who am I to gain such worth, that my Lord would share my birth, when you created the heavens"God shared our birth in that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. This increased our worth in that He bought us not with silver or gold (which perishes) but with the precious blood of the Christ. The amazing honor He has bestowed upon us by coming in the flesh, as a man.... wow. The maker of the heavens and the earth, the Eternal God humbled Himself so that He could lift us up."When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained, what is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him?"Psalm 8:3-4Lyrics:Verse:YOUR KINDNESS OH LORD IS ALL THAT I NEEDYOU FILL ME WITH LOVE YOUR GRACE AND YOUR PEACEYOU&rsquo;VE RECONCILED MY LIFE TO YOUR OWNTHROUGH JESUS THE SON OF GODYOU MADE YOURSELF KNOWN Chorus:YOU CREATED THE HEAVENSYOU LAID THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE EARTHYOU DWELL IN GLORYWHO AM I TO GAIN SUCH WORTHTHAT MY LORD WOULD SHARE MY BIRTHWHEN YOU CREATED THE HEAVENS
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I Believe - Worship Song

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I've Fallen In Love (Amazing Grace) - Worship Song

9/17/20213 minutes, 44 seconds
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We Will Praise - Worship Song

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Your Holy Name - Worship Song

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The Kind of Meditation That Christians Should Avoid

Meditation is good and meditation is bad. It really depends on what you mean by "meditation." Here's a biblical perspective on it. This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos, so keep an eye out for the rest in the set. Here's a playlist where I will add them as they come out: My website:
9/13/20213 minutes, 7 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 48)

Our first question today is about the 7 tenets of Satanism. I think most people don't really understand what they are about. Let's get into it a bit. Here's that video giving a biblical evaluation of suicide: To get your own questions answered, please show up at the start of the stream and type a question beginning with "Q" (or ANQ to ask anonymously), but don't send it before you see me on screen. I can only get to 20 each week, so please forgive me for not being able to answer all that come in. BibleThinker is a ministry committed to helping you learn to think biblically about everything. My website: Time Stamps: 0:00 - Introduction1. 0:29 {About the Satanic Temple&rsquo;s 7 Tenets} The Satanic Temple has been gaining popularity online due to their &ldquo;7 tenets&rdquo; they believe people should live by. Many people see these tenets as positive and morally good, and are being drawn into their organization as a result. What are your thoughts about this?2. 13:31 {Does Isaiah Disprove the Trinity?} Does Isaiah 9:6 disprove the Trinity since it calls Jesus the Father? many Oneness/Unitarians use this verse to support Oneness/modalism.3. 18:19 {About our Souls/Spirits} What exactly is a soul or a spirit?4. 20:14 {Biblical Dating Advice} What things should a high school student consider while deciding if or how to date a godly woman?5. 23:17 {Should we Always Say &ldquo;God Willing&rdquo;?} What does James 4: 13 mean? Should we always say &ldquo;God willing&rdquo; when making or talking about our plans?6. 27:03 {About the &ldquo;Doctrines of Demons&rdquo;} Can you give more examples about the &ldquo;doctrines of demons&rdquo; mentioned in 1 Timothy 4:1?7. 32:27 {About Becoming a Disciple} How do you become a disciple in light of Matthew 28: 19? Can you be unsaved yet still a disciple? I haven&rsquo;t found the Greek word (&mu;&alpha;&theta;&eta;&tau;&epsilon;&upsilon;&omega;) elsewhere. Seems to normally be &mu;&alpha;&theta;&eta;&tau;&eta;&sigmaf; (ex. Acts 11: 29; 19: 30; 21:4, 16).8. 35:12 {When we Should and Shouldn&rsquo;t Witness} How do we know when to speak up about the truth of Christ vs. when not to? I am grieved by what I see being claimed as &ldquo;truth&rdquo; today, but I don&rsquo;t want to just sit back and say &ldquo;I&rsquo;m not supposed to judge.&rdquo;9. 40:11 {About the Fear of God and Dinosaurs} Does the "fear" of the Lord mean "scared"? If not, why is "fear&rdquo; still used in today&rsquo;s Bibles? Translation problem? Confused here! And were dinosaur bones/fossils created by the devil to cast doubt?10. 44:42 {About Denominations} Do you think denominations are a &ldquo;concession&rdquo; from God in that He knew we would disagree on doctrine, or is it more like differing members of the body reaching different people in different ways?11. 48:58 {Responding to Mormon Arguments} What is your best answer to a Mormon responding to "There is only ONE God" by saying "Yes, only one God for US. Only one God we are to worship &amp; that&rsquo;s OUR Heavenly Father but there are others elsewhere"?12. 55:29 {What is the Mark of the Beast?} What is the mark of the beast as described in Revelation 13? I&rsquo;ve heard and read so many things, and I&rsquo;m not sure how to make sense of it.13. 1:03:47 {Is it Biblical? Jesus in our Hearts} Do we have "Jesus in our hearts" as believers? What about worship songs about Jesus in the room? John 16:5-10, Acts 1:9-11 and basically all of Revelation seems to say Jesus is in Heaven for now.14. 1:08:43 {Why did God Allow our Sin Nature?} Frank Turek said (paraphrasing) that in Heaven we will have free will, but we won't sin because we won't have a sin nature. If that's the case, why didn't God just make us like that on Earth?15. 1:13:49 {How to Comf
9/10/20211 hour, 37 minutes, 15 seconds
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Can I Really Justify Seeing Pictures of Jesus In The Old Testament?

"Typology" is a fancy word for how God put intricate details about Jesus throughout the stories of the Old Testament. I'm not talking about prophecy here, although there is a relationship between typology and prophecy. I'm saying that Jesus is the main topic of the Bible so much that God shaped history and people's lives so that the Bible would become a beautiful literary tapestry that shows Jesus throughout its pages. From the story of Joseph going from slavery and presumed death to the right hand of Pharaoh as a savior of many, to the feasts of Israel demonstrating the very nature and mission of Jesus to die for our sins. In today's interview I will explain what "typology" is, give a number of examples of it, and answer objections to it. Thanks to Micah Gunn for having me on his podcast, Truth Be Told, to do this interview. Micah&rsquo;s YT Channel &ndash; Truth Be Told;s Podcast on Spotify &ndash; Truth Be Told;nd=1 THIS is my 27 part series on Jesus In The Old Testament, the most rewarding and exciting topic I have ever had the pleasure of teaching!&nbsp;;list=PLZ3iRMLYFlHsHyvMtfgOgSPU6zEnCvxUO&amp;t=0s My website:
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The Super-Cute and Super-Wrong Religion of Omnism

Omnism, in the sense that we just pretend all religions are true, is a really nice (in the old sense of the word) religion. It has high hopes and seems to help everyone to "get along," but it depends entirely on utter irrationality and dishonest evaluations of the really important issues that religions are disagreeing on. If you have fallen for Omnism, then I hope you'll consider this a kindness and a wake-up call to consider the evidence for Jesus and the importance of the truth about God and us. This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions, and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos, so keep an eye out for the rest in the set. Here's a playlist where I will add them as they come out:
9/6/20216 minutes, 6 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 47)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction1. 0:23 {Will Psychopaths be Judged the Same?} It has recently been scientifically proven that many psychopaths have a physical brain alteration that doesn't allow their synapses to receive the neuron chemicals for emotions such as sympathy. Oftentimes, they become violent criminals or even murderers. Will they be judged by God the same as any other person, even though they have something physiologically wrong with them?2. 8:03 {What do Miracles/Healing Depend On?} If one were to pray over someone for a miracle or for healing, what would the chances of it working depend on? Jesus said that it depends on faith. Does it also depend on being a relatively righteous person?3. 15:07 {About Glorified Bodies/Resurrection} If our bodies are glorified at the rapture, what happens to those people who are saved post-rapture? Is there a second resurrection?4. 17:19 {About the Moral Argument} My brother has a very biblical worldview despite being an agnostic (in terms of homosexuality and celibacy, etc.) based on science. How do I prove that morality comes from God?5. 26:41 {Is Everyone Claiming to be Saved Really Saved?} Paul Washer said that Matthew 7: 13-14 is not about Christians and non-Christians, but rather, real Christians and Christians who think they&rsquo;re saved. He says many who think they are saved aren&rsquo;t really saved. Thoughts?6. 32:26 {About Giving Everything for the Lord} If salvation is a free gift and not by works, then why does Jesus say those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples? How do we know when we have given up everything?7. 38:53 {Honesty vs. Kindness?} Where do you draw the line between honest communication about things that bother you about something someone does, and &ldquo;dying to self&rdquo; if the person is a very close friend/loved one/spouse?8. 44:09 {About Demons and The Nephilim} Are demons the spirits of dead Nephilim? Genesis 6 explains that the Nephilim are the offspring of women and angels. Demons never materialize, but we know angels can. Luke 22:3 is not convincing to me.9. 48:04 {Can We Love Truth More than God?} Can I be a truth-seeker and a good Christian? Is it possible to love the truth more than God, considering that Jesus is the truth?10. 55:35 {About the Sun Standing Still &ndash; Josh. 10} What do you think really happened during "the long day" in Joshua 10 during the battle between Israel and the armies of the 5 kings when "the sun stood still, and the moon stopped"?11. 58:20 {About the OT Law &amp; Sacrifices vs. Faith} Why was the old covenant law set up to require animal sacrifice, since we see Abraham was atoned for by his faith in the promise to come of what was Jesus (dimly perceived)?12. 1:03:22 {Bethel Worship Music?} Can I keep listening to Bethel&rsquo;s music, given the intent (as far as I understand) to invoke emotional responses? I want to avoid the idol of &ldquo;emotional highs,&rdquo; but I still see value in their music.13. 1:07:03 {About the 153 Fish in John} In John 21, it is written that Peter caught 153 "large fish" and that "although there were so many, the net was not torn." Is there a message or theme John was conveying here?14. 1:12:01 {Leaving a Church the Biblical Way} How do I go about leaving my church? Do I talk to my leaders? Do I have to explain why? What do I need to do to make sure that I do it the right way?15. 1:16:28 {About the Dead Jesus Raised} Where did all the people that Jesus and the disciples raised from the dead go while they were dead? I would hate to think they were in Paradise somewhere, then had to come back.16. 1:19:05 {About Asking for Forgiveness/Mark of the Beast} A popular internet ministry says Jesus never said we need to ask for forgiveness and the Bible doesn&rsquo;t mention it. Is that true? They also say it&rsquo;s impossi
9/3/20211 hour, 44 minutes, 15 seconds
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Why Mark's Gospel Has Such a Strange Ending: The Mark Series pt 70 (16:8)

I'm not exaggerating when I say that some skeptics, and even some Christians, and some scholars in both categories, will teach that if Mark ends his Gospel at 16:8 then it destroys Christianity as we know it. I think this is silly. But I also think it needs a response. After going through those over the top claims we will deal with the more subtle and thoughtful claims of those who say that there are internal and external reasons for thinking that Mark could not have meant for 16:8 to be the ending of his Gospel originally. All told I will walk through 7 specific claims against the shorter ending of Mark and give a case for how this seemingly strange ending is actually quite powerful and meant to cause us to sit with the massive implications of the death and resurrection of the Messiah, until we are stirred to action. This is the last video in the Mark Series. I have SO enjoyed doing this with you and appreciate your prayers for me to have wisdom as I seek to launch into future series and videos. Next up is a thorough study of women in ministry (that will probably take months to prep, sorry for the wait) and then I'll do a verse-by-verse teaching through the book of Hebrews, with the same sort of methods you've seen in the study of Mark. This is part 70 of the Mark Series - a thorough verse-by-verse study through the Gospel of Mark paying special attention to theology, apologetics, and historical context. See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here: Here's Kelley Iverson's article, "A Further Word on Final Gar": The notes for many of my studies are also available for free on my website (as is all the content on my website).
8/30/20211 hour, 38 minutes, 30 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 46)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Introduction1. 0:29 {Why Didn&rsquo;t Jesus Mention Paul?} Hello, I am a Christian, and it's been important to me to understand why the Lord Jesus didn't mention to the apostles or anyone that Paul would be coming to enlighten the Way for His Church. This question hasn't been addressed in any of the studies I've researched, nor by any of the pastors I listen to. But isn't this question a most serious matter, since Paul wrote the majority of our New Testament?2. 6:45 {Is God Male?} Is God a male?3. 10:08 {About the Woman of Tekoa &amp; Banishing} How can someone be banished, and yet not cast out from God? I&rsquo;m referring to what the woman of Tekoa said in 2 Samuel 14: 14. Is it only within that context, or can it be applied transcendently?4. 17:34 {About OCD, Vows, &amp; Fear} I&rsquo;ve been struggling with OCD vows recently (such as, if I don&rsquo;t say this in prayer, I&rsquo;m not saved). Many places online say to let it go, and that you can&rsquo;t make a vow out of fear. How can I look at this biblically?5. 22:39 {Are Souls Eternal?} Is the soul as an eternal entity more of a Greek philosophical idea, or confirmed in Scripture? Do you have any biblical references for an eternal soul?6. 25:20 {Did Anyone in &ldquo;The Flood&rdquo; Go to Heaven?} Do you think any of the people that died in the flood (above the age of accountability) may have been saved or will not go to Hell?7. 29:01 {About Natural Revelation &amp; Salvation} You've said people who've never heard of Jesus need to respond to natural revelation to be saved. Can you give an example of how a woman growing up in Saudi Arabia would respond to natural revelation?8. 33:55 {About the &ldquo;Mysteries of God&rdquo; in Ephesians} Please explain what is meant by the mysteries of God in Ephesians 3:5.9. 38:09 {About the Beginning of the New Covenant} Did the New Covenant start when the Temple, which housed the Ark of the Covenant, was destroyed?10. 44:07 {About Miracles &amp; False Religions} You've said miracles in other religions are false signs from Satan. Why would other religions have reason to think these signs are from Satan? Couldn't a Muslim say the same thing to a Christian?11. 48:47 {Do We Have to Attend Church?} Is it OK to not attend church at all? I live in Russia and Christianity here is very unbiblical. I&rsquo;ve tried a lot of churches and I don&rsquo;t feel comfortable there.12. 50:53 {Is it a Sin to Depict God?} I&rsquo;m a new believer. I watched a Christian cartoon with my son, and it depicted God as a Santa-looking man. My son asked if we were breaking the 2nd commandment. Is it a sin to depict God in any way? (Exodus 20:4)13. 56:07 {Do those who Seek God Really Find Him?} The Bible says that those who diligently seek God will find Him. What about the Muslims, Hindus, and all the people who are diligently seeking God but never find Jesus and stay in their religion?14. 1:02:31 {Does God Forgive Repeated Sin?} If you struggle with sin and there is true contrition but you still keep repeating the same sin and asking for forgiveness, will God still forgive you?15. 1:05:59 {Advice for the Timing of Baptism} I recently converted to Christianity. Our church does baptisms once a year, but my husband has Covid and can't attend. I want him to be there, but I also want to get baptized ASAP. What should I do?16. 1:07:12 {About a &ldquo;Gap&rdquo; in Scripture} Can you explain the gap between the early churches in the New Testament and the first Protestants like Martin Luther?17. 1:11:32 {Men of Valor Living in Sin?} Why does the Lord call Gideon a mighty man of Valor when he had many wives? Was this always a sin? I'm confused about this, honestly.18. 1:16:59 {Where Does Sin Nature Come From?} If God knits us in our mothers&rsquo; wombs, where do we get our sin nature?19. 1:19:
8/27/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 7 seconds
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100+ hours of research. Is the longer ending of Mark authentic?: The Mark Series pt 69 (16:9-20)

Today's the day. I've spent weeks trying to dig deep on the debate of whether the last 12 verses of the Gospel of Mark are actually part of the Gospel of Mark. We will look at manuscript evidence, translations, church fathers, lectionaries, internal evidence from vocabulary and style, and consider the question of how all this weighs in on the fact that most Christians throughout time have had these 12 verses as their ending to Mark. I want to warn you of one issue that I slowly noticed in my research. Proponents of the vs. 8 ending (the short ending) have a habit of overstating their case and making some mistakes in accuracy while proponents of the longer ending have the same tendency, perhaps worse than the former. Yeah, this was hard to muddle through but I'll share with you my own confusion and eventual clarity on the issue. I hope that you find it clear, thorough, and edifying. I'm hoping today's video will not only answer your questions but serve as a good launching point for those who want to do more research on the topic. For that reason, I'm including several links here for you to consider looking into: This is a book where 4 scholars each build a case for their different views on the ending of Mark. It&rsquo;s a good introduction into the issues of the debate even if no one scholar has the space to fully flesh out their case. &ldquo;Perspectives on the Ending of Mark: Four Views&rdquo;: Nicholas Lunn recently wrote a book offering a very detailed case that the longer ending was always part of Mark&rsquo;s Gospel. At first, I found Lunn&rsquo;s book to be really helpful in challenging the scholarly majority. But after spending a lot of time with it, I&rsquo;ve come to think that his work causes more confusion than clarity on the topic. Uneven standards in how evidence is handled make his work difficult to read without leading to important misimpressions. &ldquo;The Original Ending of Mark: A New Case for the Authenticity of Mark 16:9-20&rdquo; Larry Hurtado offered three short reviews of Lunn&rsquo;s book, all three at this link: James Snapp&rsquo;s theory is that Mark wrote the longer ending but it was originally not part of the Gospel of Mark. It was taken from some other work from Mark and then added on to the end of the Gospel of Mark. He offers 5 different theories for why it is missing from some manuscripts. I respect Snapp&rsquo;s tenacity, but I think his logic has regular logical problems. I mean no insult by this, I just want you to be prepared to think very carefully about what he says. His book, &ldquo;Authentic: The Case for Mark 16:9-20,&rdquo; is free here: The most helpful resource I found for dealing with the internal evidence in the longer ending of Mark is this article from Travis Williams: For those wanting to hear my verse-by-verse study of the longer ending of Mark, it&rsquo;s here. It&rsquo;s long, methodical, and shows that the passage doesn&rsquo;t pose theological problems, even if it wasn&rsquo;t written by Mark: For the 12th century Greek Codex 304, which is Byzantine in nature and ends Mark at 16:8, see the two links following; and you&rsquo;ll need them because Snapp and Lunn have bad info on this and this is a really interesting piece of evidence showing not only a lack of the LE, but apparent debate on it from different owners of the codex! The text is viewable here:<a href=""
8/23/20212 hours, 9 minutes, 44 seconds
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 45)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction 1. 0:37 {Conscience before the New Covenant?} Based on Jeremiah 31: 33-34, did people before the New Covenant not have a conscience (innate knowledge of God and the ability to know right from wrong as we do now)? Based on the radical changes that Jesus and the Church brought to the world, and God seemingly needing to give people constant special revelation in the OT, could there be a case for this? Could the need for the cycle of sin-judgement-repentance/cry for help-deliverance be connected to this?2. 8:16 {Help for Maintaining a Godly Attitude} The Lord has blessed me tremendously in life. I love Him &amp; want to please Him! But for some reason (&amp; I have no excuse) I find it really hard to have a calm, grateful, God-honoring attitude. I'm easily irritated &amp; find myself complaining about little things constantly, especially when I don't get my way or experience a minor inconvenience. I'm ashamed of this &amp; don't want my attitude to be this way but I can't seem to change.3. 12:31 {Covenant vs. Dispensational Theology} What's your thought on the reformed perspective of Covenant Theology vs. the dispensational view?4. 15:46 {Jesus &ndash; &ldquo;Forgive them, for they know not&hellip;&rdquo;} Why did Jesus say &ldquo;Forgive them, for they know not what they do&rdquo; if Jesus knew they had to do it to save us at the cross?5. 17:59 {About the Vanishing &amp; Glass Seas &ndash; Revelation} In Revelation 21:1, it describes the "sea vanishing." Is this sea the same as the "sea of glass" in Revelation 4:6 where some have suggested it symbolizes the barrier that separated God from man?6. 20:51 {Discussing Theology Without Focusing on Death} My 14 y.o. does not like the subject of death (her father/my husband died suddenly 4 years ago). How can I talk about salvation and other biblical things in a way that doesn&rsquo;t make her anxious?7. 23:37 {About the Paraclete} John 16:7 says Paraclete is the Holy Spirit, and 1 John 2:1 says it is Jesus Christ. I cannot believe this is a mistranslation, so what is 1 John 2:1 talking about?8. 28:16 {Did Moses Write the Pentateuch?} Do we have evidence that Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible? My atheist friend is questioning this.9. 31:14 {Does the Man Sin when an Abortion is Done?} Is it a sin for the man if a woman decides to get an abortion? With or without his consent (does that make a difference?) 10. 34:00 {Are We Obligated to Obey God&rsquo;s Standards?} My friend asked me: If we didn't choose to exist or come into existence, why do we have to follow what God says or His "standards"? Why does He have standards anyways? How do I respond?11. 37:45 {About the Covid Vaccine} How should Christians respond to the push to get the Covid vaccine (especially here in LA)? Is it our Christian duty to put others above ourselves, even if it betrays our own conscience?12. 40:41 {About the Doctrine of Preservation} Does Matthew 5: 18 teach the doctrine of preservation? What are your thoughts on this doctrine?13. 46:37 {About the Trinity &amp; God&rsquo;s Attributes} How can the three persons of the Trinity be distinct if they all have the same attributes (Omni-s) and their wills are the same?14. 50:22 {Is Depression Ever a Sin Issue?} Is there ever a point where depression can be a sin issue? How should I view it in light of what Scripture says about worrying, while being charitable toward those who are struggling?15. 54:23 {How to Evangelize at Work} What&rsquo;s the best way to share the Gospel in the workplace? Is there a guide to sharing the Gospel that you keep to?16. 56:56 {About Exodus 4 &amp; Zipporah} Please explain Exodus 4: 20-26, especially Zipporah's part in it.17. 1:02:46 {When Married Couples Disagree on Theology} What is your view of a husband and wife having differing opinions on eschatology or
8/20/20211 hour, 18 minutes, 17 seconds
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Clarity on Homosexuality and the Biblical Term "Abomination"

Is Leviticus just offering advice about medical health? Is it identifying homosexual acts as sinful, or just potentially unhealthy? Can we calmly and carefully try to understand the passage in context? I hope so. I think that the overall context of the passage makes its application pretty clear, and even though our current culture tends to misunderstand this as condemning certain kinds of people instead of certain kinds of behavior, we simply cannot be biblically faithful without standing our ground on this topic. This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos so keep an eye out for the rest in the set. Here's a playlist where I will add them as they come out: My website:
8/18/202112 minutes, 39 seconds
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How I Would Interpret The Longer Ending of Mark: The Mark Series pt 68 (16:9-20)

This passage is probably most well known because of its abuse by snake handling preachers in the United States. I will address that issue but it's far from the only important thing to talk about in these verses! Though the snake comments in the passage get a lot of attention from normal people, scholars are mostly interested in the question of whether the passage belongs in the Gospel of Mark at all. But, today I'm not answering the question of whether the last 12 verses of Mark are authentic or not. I'm just answering the question of how I would interpret the passage as it stands. Next week I'll deal with the complex issues related to whether the passage belongs in Mark in the first place. This is part 68 of the Mark Series, going verse-by-verse through the Gospel of Mark. Today we are in Mark 16:9-20. See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here: I have live videos Mondays and Fridays at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Monday is a Bible study and Friday is a Q&amp;A. Feel free to use my videos in your own gatherings as an aid to studying Scripture. My website:
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 44)

Here&rsquo;s the video on dealing with depression, which I mentioned during the stream: Taking live questions from the YT live chat! Every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific time. While I don't pretend to know all the answers, I hope to offer some thoughts that will help you in the direction of thinking biblically about things. The BibleThinker mugs can be found here. I don't make any profit from these -&nbsp; they are made by a third party and $5 per mug will go to support different ministries I choose. My website: 1. 0:31 {Were Jesus&rsquo; Disciples Married?} Were Christ&rsquo;s disciples married / did they have families? I believe there is a reference to Peter&rsquo;s in-law, but I find it to be an interesting question. What would it be like for them? How would that fit with what the Lord tells us about the role of a husband/father? The love for God trumps all, so did that override their responsibilities as a husband/father?2. 9:55 {Should We Give to Beggars?} I've had multiple encounters where people directly approach me and my wife on the street or at a gas station asking for money, food, or a ride. I know most people would say don't give anything because you're feeding their bad habit, and I know there is also the risk that if you do help/give, they may try to push for even more favors. But it's obvious that Jesus was compassionate toward beggars. What are some biblical principles for this in today's age?3. 15:37 {What is a Miracle?} What is a miracle? If it can be explained, is it still a miracle?4. 20:54 {Should we be Worried about Gov&rsquo;t Control?} Should Christians be worried about government control? I have friends not getting the Covid vaccine because "it's a way to be controlled by the government.&rdquo; I want to think biblically about this.5. 26:09 {About Walking by the Spirit} Does living in the Spirit mean fighting the flesh? How do you fight something that is already dead?6. 32:04 {About &ldquo;Perfect Love Casting Out Fear&rdquo;} What did John mean in 1 John by &ldquo;perfect love casts out fear, and that whoever fears has not been made perfect&hellip;&rdquo;?7. 34:43 {About Paul and a Time Gap in Scripture} Why didn&rsquo;t Luke mention the time gap that took place during Acts 9: 20-26, that Paul mentioned in Galatians 1: 17-18?8. 40:20 {Prayer to Help with Deep Depression} Can you pray for me? I&rsquo;ve battled depression my whole life, and the past 2 weeks I&rsquo;ve gotten so low I need some prayer if you have the time.9. 43:13 {Why did Jesus need to be Led by the Spirit?} Why did Jesus (God) need to be filled, led, or anointed by the Spirit? Troubled by some saying that Jesus did everything as a man through the Spirit, so we should be able to do everything Jesus did.10. 48:10 {Forming a Healthy Work/Rest Balance} Since life is finite and Heaven is infinite, how do we justify spending any time not working to influence eternity? Where is the balance between relaxation &amp; work? (Ephesians 5: 15-16 vs. 1 Thessalonians 4: 11)11. 53:10 {Refuting Catholic &ldquo;Queenship&rdquo; of Mary} How would you answer a Catholic who uses Revelation 12 to argue Mary's queenship?12. 59:06 {Can we be Confident in God&rsquo;s Existence?} How can one ever be sure that the arguments for God&rsquo;s existence are truly sound? Is it because all current objections fail? Maybe there is an Achilles heel that has not come up yet.13. 1:02:44 {What is Prevenient Grace?} I just heard about prevenient grace. I have looked it up and it just don't understand it. Can you explain it?14. 1:05:48 {Finding Hope in Difficult Situations} How do you interpret the hopelessness of Psalm 88? How can you comfort someone who feels what Psalm 88:18b (NIV) implies?15.
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 43)

Taking live questions from the YT live chat! Every Friday at 1 p.m. Pacific time. While I don't pretend to know all the answers, I hope to offer some thoughts that will help you in the direction of thinking biblically about things. The BibleThinker mugs can be found here. $5 per mug will go toward supporting different ministries I choose. For the time being, it's supporting refugees driven from their homes by ISIS. Here is Restoring Faith, the ministry helping refugees in the name of Christ: My website: https://BibleThinker.org1. 0:17 {Did Jesus Consider the OT to be Scripture?} You said in a past Q&amp;A session that Jude references Enoch, and your best explanation is that it's just to make a point, not to say that Enoch is canon or inerrant. But that's also my conclusion about when Jesus refers to the Old Testament. Isn&rsquo;t it the same for when Jesus refers to the Old Testament?2. 5:18 {If I Don&rsquo;t Read Scripture, am I Still Accountable?} Romans 1:8-2: 16&hellip;Responsibility? I'm afraid to read/not read the Scriptures. So I read/don't read, sometimes feeling physically ill/deeply anxious/even empty. Is it normal to feel like this?3. 10:16 {Discussing a Confusing Verse} What are your thoughts about Matthew 26: 13? You taught earlier that this specific action is not even recorded in all the Gospels, so what does Jesus mean?4. 13:42 {How did OT Punishments Display God&rsquo;s Love?} What was the point of capital punishment in OT, which was way too harsh to the point that it was not strictly followed back then? How does it display God's love when people are killed for not obeying?5. 22:19 {Reconciling Two Verses} How does Ecclesiastes 9:4-6 reconcile with Paul&rsquo;s statement that &ldquo;to live is Christ and to die is gain&rdquo;? Am I misreading it?6. 27:01 {Overcoming Condemnation/Embracing God&rsquo;s Grace} I have a good understanding of God&rsquo;s Love and forgiveness in my head, but I have trouble living as though I believe it in my heart, and I still feel condemned at times (1 John 4: 16-18). Any advice?7. 32:36 {About Paul&rsquo;s Thorn in the Flesh} What is your opinion on Paul's thorn in the flesh? I heard it was his eyes, maybe from his encounter on the road to Damascus? 1) He had Luke, a doctor, with him during his travels 2) He had others write his letters.8. 40:00 {How to &ldquo;Walk in the Spirit&rdquo;} From Galatians 5, what is does it mean to &ldquo;walk in the Spirit&rdquo;? And do you have any pastoral advice for a new disciple on this subject?9. 47:46 {Difference: Doubt vs. Unbelief} What is the difference biblically between doubt &amp; unbelief? Are either of them a sin?10. 52:48 {How is the Holy Spirit Received?} How does receiving the Holy Spirit work? In Acts, there are two times the HS is poured out: Jews (Ch. 2) and then Gentiles (Ch. 10), but every other time is passed by laying on of hands (Acts 8: 14-18, 19:6, etc.).11. 56:27 {Advice for a Difficult College Situation} I have to read &ldquo;The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks&rdquo; for school, but Oprah did a movie on it. Since she denied that Jesus is the only way, I don&rsquo;t know if I should drop the class. Thoughts?12. 58:24 {About the Timing of our Death} Are our deaths appointed to us in both time and manner? If a person dies being hit by a car on the corner of Times Square, was it always going to end that way?13. 1:02:20 {How to Handle Online-Only Congregants} How should churches handle their local online only congregants? This is a big dilemma in my church's leadership right now. (Let's assume that it is safe to return to in-person church.)14. 1:04:13 {About the &ldquo;Day of the Lord&rdquo;} What is the day of the Lord?15. 1:06:16 {Was Jesus Created? Answerin
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If You Die Without Hearing About Jesus... What Happens Next?

I know you have questions about this. I hope this helps answer them.But if my short answer isn't enough (and it's probably not) THIS is the link to my FULL teaching on the issue, where I go through many specific verses of the Bible which give us help working out the answer to this very concerning issue. I hope you will give some thought to it. This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos, so keep an eye out for the rest in the set. Here's a playlist where I will add them as they come out.&nbsp; My website:
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Why Skeptics Don't Think Jesus Was Buried But I Do: The Mark Series pt 67 (15:42-46)

They tell me that the internet is where religion goes to die, but they also tell me the internet is full of poor research and unreasonable arguments. We are going to get pretty technical today. Lots of different threads of evidence will be explained and drawn together to support the factuality of the burial of Jesus by Joseph of Arimathea. This may seem like it's not a big deal if you haven't recognized the evidential value of the burial and empty tomb for the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. I'll be drawing from the work of a number of different scholars (Craig Evans is particularly helpful) and responding to the work of Dr. Bart Ehrman, who has influenced countless people to reject the resurrection of Christ. This is part 67 of the Mark Series, going verse-by-verse through the Gospel of Mark. Today we are in Mark 15:42-46. See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here: Here are resources I'll mention in the video: How Jesus Became God, by Bart Ehrman - How God Became Jesus, a response to Ehrman by 5 scholars: Article on chemical analysis of nails from Caiaphas' ossuary - "Petrochemistry of Sediment and Organic Materials Sampled from Ossuaries and Two Nails from the Tomb of the Family of the High Priest Caiaphas, Jerusalem": Jody Magness' article on why the archaeological data supports the historicity of the burial of Jesus by Joseph of Arimathea. "Ossuaries and the Burials of Jesus and James": I have live videos Mondays and Fridays at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Monday is a Bible study and Friday is a Q&amp;A. Feel free to use my videos in your own gatherings as an aid to studying Scripture. My website:
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 42)

1. 0:19 {Church Leader Living in Sin? Letter vs. Spirit} I am a young adult, still living in my parents' home. My father is the pastor of our small church. One of my siblings has leadership roles, but is living in sin (cohabitation). My father has talked with him, but hasn't taken any biblical action to remove him from leadership or from church. The elders don't see a need to do anything either. What should I do? (I'm the youngest and a daughter.) I was told I was taking the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law.2. 10:33 {About John the Baptist being Jesus&rsquo; Cousin} Is it a big deal that John the Baptist was Jesus' cousin? I haven't heard this talked about much; wouldn't that mean that they knew each other when they were kids/before their ministries?3. 16:30 {About the Early Church &amp; Socialism} Should Christians be living like the early Church in a sort of voluntary Socialism as found in Acts 2: 42-47 and Acts 4: 32-37?4. 27:03 {MW&rsquo;s Personal Experience Witnessing} Could you share your most memorable experience in leading someone to the Lord?5. 30:08 {About Recent &ldquo;Deconstruction&rdquo; Stories} I find myself sympathizing with some who have deconstructed and walked away from the faith (though I don't agree with their decision). How can I keep from deconstructing myself?6. 41:08 {Is Yahweh Only the Father&rsquo;s Name?} Some people I know say Yahweh is the name of the whole Trinity combined. I thought Yahweh was only the name of the Father (like how Jesus is the name of the Son). What are your thoughts?7. 47:13 {About Artaxerxes in Ezra} Are there two Artaxerxes in Ezra, or could it be that there is an interlude in Ezra 4:5-23? Artaxerxes stopped the building, but later seems to endorse it.8. 48:10 {Are the Church and Israel the Same?} Are the church and Israel the same or different? Is the church the continuation of Israel and heirs of the promises of God to OT Israel?9. 50:53 {Can Christians Attend JW Weddings?} Is it ok to attend a wedding of a Jehovah&rsquo;s Witness? My colleague is a JW and she is getting married in 3 weeks. I was wondering if it&rsquo;s ok for me to attend because of the belief system.10. 52:35 {How to Have Godly Sorrow Over Sin} How do you have a godly sorrow over sin (2 Corinthians 7: 10)? When I sin, I repent, feel really bad, and ask for forgiveness, but eventually fall for the same sin again. Do you just pray for God to give godly sorrow?11. 59:44 {About Approving of/Watching Inappropriate Shows} How do you respond to another Christian who thinks that watching movies or shows with nudity/sexual content is a liberty they have in Christ because they do not struggle with lust?12. 1:06:35 {Interpreting a Difficult Verse} I&rsquo;ve read two different views on 1 John 3: 20. 1: If our heart condemns us, how much more will God since He is greater than our heart? 2: Even though we feel guilty, God knows our heart. Thoughts?13. 1:11:04 {What does Ecumenical Mean?} I'd rather not identify myself with any particular denomination. What does it mean to be an ecumenical Christian?14. 1:13:46 {Some Great Wisdom for Us} What&rsquo;s the greatest lesson of wisdom you&rsquo;ve learned as you&rsquo;ve matured in your faith?15. 1:16:06 {About Believer/Non-Believer Relationships} What should a new Christian do if he or she has been in a relationship for 7+ years with a non-Christian (not married), and the non-Christian doesn't slow down the spiritual growth of the Christian?16. 1:19:36 {Is it Fair that Some People are Born in Unbelieving Areas?} How is it just that because a person is born in a specific region in the world, that they are more likely to follow the traditions and religion they are raised in and end up going to hell?17. 1:24:17 {Is the Fire Mentioned in 2 Peter Literal?} In 2 Peter 3: 10 it says that on the "Day of the Lord" God will destroy the world and "its elements" with
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7 Lies Your Kids Will Believe Unless You Do Something - with Elizabeth Urbanowicz

This matters. These lies are being absorbed by youth in our culture and they are breaking their ability to think rationally and biblically faithfully. I HIGHLY recommend that parents check out Elizabeth's foundation worldview curriculum. It's a really good tool to train your kids (and yourself while you are at it) in how to think biblically about things. Since your kids are being exposed to worldly and unbiblical thinking all the time they are very likely to simply absorb it and assimilate it if they aren't given the tools to reason through the issues well. This is where Elizabeth's project comes in. You can have your kids do these classes once a week from home whenever it's convenient for you. I'm not making ANYTHING for telling you this. I think this is just a really needful program for Christian families in modern times. I know life is crazy busy for parents but I think this is one of those things that's worth your time and is really underpriced for the benefit it brings. Here is where you can learn more and sign up: My website, with the NEW search features that help you find exactly what you're looking for:
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20 Questions episode 41 (part 2 after internet issues)

This is the second part of today's stream. My internet dropped and then came back and I had to make a second video to finish things. Link to my 3 videos explaining textual variants and stuff related to why I don't think the story of the woman caught in adultery is originally part of John: Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Re-Introduction3. 0:50 {If our Sins are Forgiven, Why Ask for Forgiveness?} If Jesus paid for all of our sins once and for all, why are we still called throughout Scripture to continually ask for forgiveness (ex: The Lord's Prayer)?4. 2:59 {About the Enneagram} What is your view on the Enneagram? I recently had a lot of problems within my church about this.5. 5:24 {About "Sin Leading/Not Leading to Death&rdquo;} Can you shed some light on 1 John 5: 16-17?6. 8:36 {About Freedom from the Law} When Paul says we're saved by grace apart from the works of the law, is he referring only to the Law of Moses, or the moral law, as well?7. 13:44 {About Gematria &amp; Numerology} In light of today&rsquo;s first question, how do you account for more subtle/compelling examples of Gematria such as JESUS (IESOUS in Greek) calculating to "888"? Contrast with "666.&rdquo; 8=new life, etc.8. 15:28 {About &ldquo;The Passion of the Christ&rdquo;} As a Christian, is The Passion of The Christ film OK to watch, and is it biblical?9. 19:27 {About Ezekiel &amp; OT Prophecies} What does Ezekiel 40-48 mean for us? What about OT prophecies about future sacrifices?10. 22:28 {About the Doxology in Scripture} How should we make sense of the Doxology at the end of The Lord's Prayer in some English Bibles when it doesn't occur in earlier manuscripts? Should we not use it?11. 25:01 {What does it Mean that God has a Plan?} I always hear "God has a plan for your life." What does this mean? Is this about salvation, gifting/calling, or about God's overall will for believers? Is this specific or general?12. 29:55 {About Graven Images &amp; Biblical Actors} Could you explain Exodus 20:4? Is God stating we shouldn&rsquo;t have any images at all, like the images we see of Jesus in churches? And what about the people who portray Jesus in biblical movies?13. 34:25 {How to Respond to Unbiblical Statements} I was wondering of a kind way to correct people who just say "God just wants me to be happy.&rdquo;14. 37:00 {Can Disobedience Thwart God&rsquo;s Promises?} If God gives us a promise, could His promise be dependent on our obedience, and could we veto a promise either by our actions or by our unwillingness to receive? Please elaborate on Romans 4:13-15.15. 40:00 {About the Perpetual Virginity of Mary} What are your thoughts on the Protoevangelium of James? Does it support the perpetual virginity of Mary?16. 43:39 {About the phrase &ldquo;Son of Perdition&rdquo;} What is the Greek meaning of &ldquo;Son of Perdition&rdquo;? Is it a specific person, or a general statement?17. 47:04 {Should Atheist Arguments Concern Us?} Should we be concerned about counterarguments that atheists and skeptics present to our faith? 18. 49:30 {Is &ldquo;Praying the Gay Away&rdquo; Biblical?} Is &ldquo;praying the gay away&rdquo; wrong? It seems biblical to me.19. 53:45 {Am I Rightly or Wrongly Judging?} How do I know if I have a judgmental attitude toward someone or an honest concern about their sin?20. 54:56 {About the Woman Caught in Adultery Passage} It's said that the story from John 7: 53 to 8: 11 isn't found in the earlier manuscripts. It's one of my favorite pictures of God's grace. What do you think about how we should deal with this? My website
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20 Questions Episode 41 (part 1) see description for part two.

The rest of today's stream can be found here. Sorry, I had internet issues: Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Introduction1. 0:40 {Is Biblical Numerology Really Biblical?} What are your thoughts about &ldquo;biblical numerology&rdquo;? Are certain numbers in Scripture intended by God to carry hidden theological significance for us to find, or is this a man-made and potentially dangerous thing to look for while studying?2. 14:48 {About our Future Glorified Bodies} Will we still have scars and such in our new bodies? Like when Jesus was resurrected, He still had His crucifixion marks. Was that just for God&rsquo;s purposes (Thomas) or is it a sneak-peek of what our new bodies will be like? If you want a question answered live it must be submitted in the live chat after the stream starts (not before) and know that we always receive many more than I can answer so please give me grace if your question is not selected. You may try your question on the search feature on as well, since it's possible I have already answered it in another Q&amp;A video. The NEW BibleThinker mugs can be found here. Made by a third party, I'm not making any money here, BUT $5 per mug will go toward to support different ministries I choose. This July it's supporting refugees driven from their homes by ISIS.&nbsp; Here is Restoring Faith, the ministry helping refugees in the name of Christ. My website:
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I Hear The Holy Spirit, So Why Do I Need The Bible?

If someone says this, you can know for sure that they are not hearing from the Holy Spirit. This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos so keep an eye out for the rest in the set. My website:&nbsp;
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Rethinking The Women at The Empty Tomb: The Mark Series pt 66 (15:40-16:8)

It will be helpful for us to look at the account of the women finding the tomb of Jesus empty with fresh eyes. When we consider how embarrassing it was in 1st century culture to rely upon female witnesses, how important the idea of Jesus being physically raised was, and how impactful the claim of the empty tomb was, we find that what we have here is remarkable evidence for the trustworthiness of the Gospel accounts of women finding the tomb of Jesus empty after He was buried there. Add this to the rest of the evidence for the resurrection of Christ, and the case is quite powerful. What was considered and embarrassing fact of history back then is a wonderful piece of evidence from a modern historiographical perspective. In other words, it's true. This is part 66 of the Mark Series, going verse-by-verse through the Gospel of Mark. Today we are in Mark 15:40-16:8. I have live videos Mondays and Fridays at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Monday is a Bible study and Friday is a Q&amp;A. Feel free to use my videos in your own gatherings as an aid to studying Scripture. My website
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 40)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Introduction 1. 0:36 {Should Repetitive Bible Passages Concern Us?} I'm very confused about why Psalms 14 &amp; 53 are almost identical. Is this an error in Scripture? Are any other pairs of psalms also duplicate? This is causing me to worry about the reliability of Scripture. Please help me understand this! 2. 11:07 {How to Connect Deeply with God} I struggle deeply with feeling the presence of a relationship with God. I believe I am saved, but I had wandered far and often during my youth. To this day, I try to "imagine" my relationship with God, but I still feel estranged (mostly I think because of sinfulness). I am desperate for that deep, living connection to the Father. What can I do to get connected in relationship with Him? 3. 15:34 {More Miracles than Jesus?} Often, John 14:12-14 is used by &ldquo;word of faith&rdquo; preachers that I used to listen to. Their claim is that we are to do the same and more of the miracles that Jesus did. How should I see these verses? 4. 22:28 {Is Common Sense an Argument for God?} Some weeks ago you said you believed common sense is the best argument for God. Can you elaborate? 5. 26:27 {About Jupiter in the Bible} In Acts 19:35 where it says &ldquo;the great goddess Diana, and of the image which fell down from Jupiter,&rdquo; is this referring to the planet Jupiter, and did they know of other planets in that period of time? 6. 29:15 {Are the Son &amp; Spirit Extensions of the Father?} What would you say to people who say that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are mere extensions of the one God, the Father? 7. 33:29 {What is a Biblical Perspective on Anointing
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Will my pet be in heaven?

I am by no means certain about my answer here but it does seem to be right based on my understanding of the passage in question. Initially when I was challenged to look at this passage more carefully I started to doubt that I had properly understood it in the past. But when I really examined it carefully I came to feel even more firmly about this interpretation. If any of you disagree then I hope you are right! Please feel free to share your reasons in the comments. This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos so keep an eye out for the rest in the set. Here's a playlist where I will add them as they come out.
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How An Atheist Scholar Misleads Millions Of People: The Mark Series pt 65 (15:34)

Bart Ehrman has convinced more people to reject the Christian faith than almost anyone alive today. But he has done so largely through being very misleading. I'm going to provide some solid examples of this as it relates to the crucifixion of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark because I think there is a lot of benefit in dealing with misleading claims about the Bible. I'm doing a lot of apologetics related stuff here at the end of this series on the Gospel of Mark and I hope you find it faith building and inspiring! Here's my teaching on Psalm 22 as an amazing passage that gives us good evidence that Jesus was prophesied ahead of time. This is part 65 of the Mark Series, going verse by verse through the Gospel of Mark. Today we are in chapter 14:53-72. See the WHOLE Gospel of Mark playlist here. The video clip I used from Bart Ehrman is from this debate he had with Craig Evans I have live videos every Monday and Friday at 1pm Pacific Time. Monday is a Bible study and Friday is a Q&amp;A. Feel free to use my videos in your own gatherings as an aid to studying Scripture.
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How I CURRENTLY Understand The Bible Saying "Women Be Silent In The Church"

I am totally open to changing my mind on this passage but I do currently think this is the right way to understand it and I didn't come to this opinion rashly. My research project on the topic of women in ministry and related issues is going to start once I'm done teaching through the Gospel of Mark (probably less than two months from now) and I hope I can offer real clarity on all this stuff. I know how important the issue is and how important it is that we strip away confusion and truly follow what God is telling us.
7/9/202112 minutes, 32 seconds
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Necromancy in the Bible: The Witch of Endor

There's a passage in the Bible that, according to some, shows necromancy working in the real world. Here are my thoughts on what we can learn about the legitimacy of necromancy from this text. Anti-supernaturalists would deny it and sensationalists might want to use it to say too much. But I will offer my own theory as to what was going on when the witch at Endor was used to try to access Samuel after he died and Samuel actually showed up! This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos so keep an eye out for the rest in the set.
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 39)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction1. 0:39 {Do you Know of any Biblical Marriage Songs?} I write lyrics for songs and I'm wondering if there are any marriage songs based on biblical theology. I spent years writing one to my wife and it still doesn't work. Looking for examples to follow.2. 6:00 {About Jude Quoting Enoch} How do you explain Jude&rsquo;s apparent quote of the book of Enoch in verses 14-15?3. 9:14 {Was Jesus Dead for Three Days?} According to Matthew 12: 40, Jesus predicted He would be dead for 3 days. But according to Mathew 28:1 and Mark 16:9, it seems this wasn&rsquo;t the case. Thoughts?4. 14:50 {About Confession of Sins to Others} Is apologizing to people we&rsquo;ve sinned against (e.g. lust) always necessary, and if so, to what extent? We must if they know about it, but what if they don't (or are indifferent/hard to contact)?5. 17:28 {How to Combat Intrusive Thoughts} As a new Christian, I&rsquo;m constantly bombarded with intrusive thoughts, including blasphemous ones. I feel guilty sometimes and I wonder if it's me thinking these things. How can I combat this?6. 20:59 {About Apologetics being Used in Fiction} How effective do you believe apologetics can be done in works of fiction (like Narnia) rather than just straight arguments? Should there be more of it?7. 23:27 {About the 24 Elders} Who are the 24 elders? They are not mentioned in the creation account. Are they a collection of people such as Enoch, Moses, etc.?8. 28:54 {Understanding a Difficult Verse} Can you please explain Matthew 10:34-39 where Jesus says a man&rsquo;s household will be his enemy?9. 34:10 {Can we Only Attend Smaller Groups?} I&rsquo;m an introvert and have never felt comfortable at large Bible studies with people I don&rsquo;t know. Do I have to enjoy large group studies? Is it OK to stick to small studies with one or two others?10. 36:34 {About Evangelism &amp; Guilt/Responsibility} If we don&rsquo;t share the Gospel with our friends and family, is their blood on our hands?11. 40:18 {About Imputed Righteousness} Is imputed righteousness synonymous with forgiveness of sins? Or does God require more than just sinlessness (that is to say: a positive ascribed righteousness)?12. 44:00 {About Jesus Making Himself Eq. w/God} The Pharisees were wrong in much of what they did, so wouldn&rsquo;t that mean they were also incorrect in thinking Jesus was trying to make Himself equal with God?13. 48:36 {About Jesus Descending to Hell&rdquo; If someone believes Jesus had to suffer in Hell for three days after the crucifixion, could they truly be saved? Don't we need to believe it was all accomplished on the cross?14. 50:23 {Biblical Wisdom for a Tough Family Situation} My mother-in-law is in a gay marriage. My wife has shared the Gospel with her, but she rejects it. Lord willing, we'd like to have kids. Should there be boundaries between the kid/grandma relationship?15. 52:46 {About Aquinas&rsquo; Summa Theologica} Have you ever read or studied the work by St. Thomas Aquinas called "Summa Theologica," and if so, what are your thoughts?16. 53:44 {About being &ldquo;In Christ&rdquo; in Paul&rsquo;s Letters} In Paul&rsquo;s prison letters, he uses the phrases &ldquo;in him, in Christ, and in whom.&rdquo; He seems to use these a lot in Ephesians 1, but also uses them in Philippians and Colossians. What does it mean?17. 58:13 {About Jesus being Truly Man} If Jesus was fully man and subject to time and space, how is John 21: 25 possible? Or is it hyperbole?18. 1:01:30 {How Can We Pray Constantly?} What are some practical ways to practice 1 Thessalonians 5:7? Trying to pray constantly can be draining &amp; discouraging because it feels like there are only so many things I can pray over.19. 1:07:25 {About the Year of Jesus&rsquo; Birth} What year do you believe Jesus was born, and how do you reconcile it w
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Why Does the Bible Call Jesus "Firstborn"? Does It Mean He's Not God?

If you encounter a cult that denies the deity of Christ, they WILL quote this verse. Here's a quick analysis of why Jesus is called "firstborn" in Colossians 1:15. This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos so keep an eye out for the rest in the set.
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Controversies and Biblical Clarity on Baptism

Time Stamp Map0:00 - Introduction1. 1:11 About BibleThinker2. 2:46 What is baptism, what does it do, and what does it declare?3. 5:23 Is baptism purely a symbol, or is there something spiritual that happens when a person is baptized? Does baptism affect salvation?4. 6:35 When a person makes a profession of faith, should they be baptized right away, or should there be a waiting period for their leaders to observe their conduct before allowing them to be baptized?5. 8:02 Is pedo-baptism (infant baptism) biblical? And is it biblical to draw a parallel between circumcision and baptism?6. 13:51 When studying Scripture, what is the difference between a descriptive text and a prescriptive text?7. 14:55 Time stamp #5 continued (circumcision vs. baptism)8. 16:09 What does the New Testament say is the parallel we should draw from the Old Testament practice of circumcision?9. 18:14 What passages of Scripture do pedo-baptists refer to in support of their belief?10. 24:22 What is the difference between infant baptism and infant dedication?11. 26:00 Even though baptism isn't salvific, is there any harm in baptizing infants just as a blessing? And do some people believe infants can, in fact, have saving faith already? How can we respond to that claim?12. 30:53 What happens to infants when they die? Are baptized infants more likely to go to Heaven?13. 32:11 Refuting the most powerful argument commonly used to defend infant baptism14. 44:59 Should believers now who were baptized as an infant be re-baptized after truly coming to saving faith in Christ?15. 49:10 Is it correct to baptize "in the name of Jesus," or "in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit"? And should a person be re-baptized if a different formula was used during their baptism?16. 53:56 Who can baptize people?17. 59:00 Closing thoughts I did this interview 3 years ago on The Remnant Radio program. Here's a link to their channel.&nbsp;
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 38)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 - Introduction1. 0:43 {Why does John and Other Passages Not Mention Repentance?} If repentance is required to be saved, why is it not mentioned in the Gospel of John and other evangelical texts like Acts 16: 31 and Romans 10? Can repentance be somewhat synonymous with belief?2. 10:41 {About Orthodox Beliefs} What do Orthodox Christians believe vs. Protestants? Is their doctrine as problematic as Catholic doctrine? (I heard Hank Hanegraaf converted to it.)3. 15:43 {About the Greek in Bible Translations} Pastors often say, "what the Greek REALLY says is&hellip;" Why don't translators use the Greek that pastors cite in sermons then? (Like how Peter is akin to pebble but is translated as rock.)4. 19:41 {Explanation of Ezekiel 14 &ndash; Prophets} In Ezekiel 14:9 it says if a prophet is deceived, it&rsquo;s the Lord who deceived him. Could you offer some explanation to this verse, as it seems out of character for God?5. 25:38 {About Saving Faith in the OT} Romans 4 tells us that Abraham was saved because of his faith. He believed in God. How can we say that just because he was saved that way, everyone else in the OT was saved that way? Also, if they were saved that way, why did they have to sacrifice lambs? And if people were always saved by just believing in God, why was it necessary for Christ to come?6. 31:15 {Fruit of the Spirit &ndash; Longsuffering} Could you please explain what longsuffering means, in regard to the fruit of the Spirit?7. 32:40 {Is All of Scripture Inspired?} When Paul says, "I say, not the Lord but I..." in 1 Corinthians 7: 12, does that mean that portion of Scripture was not inspired? 8. 36:12 {Assurance of God&rsquo;s Love &amp;amp; Salvation} Does God really love me, and am I really saved? I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, but I am still sinful and I struggle with sin. However, it seems that God answers my prayers. Am I really saved?9. 39:47 {Has Mankind always only had One Spirit?} What are your views that God only created one spirit and gave it to Adam which was then passed through generations? This explains how God doesn&rsquo;t create an impure spirit at birth, or generational curse.10. 42:44 {About Witnessing and Exemplifying Christ} My husband isn&rsquo;t open to hearing me speak truth, so I have stopped correcting him. Is this a sin?? If he dies, he will go to hell.11. 45:00 {Promises vs. Prophecies} Is there a difference between a promise and a prophecy? Are all God's promises prophecies? Am I responsible if a prophecy told about me doesn't come to pass? A church leader told me these things.12. 47:54 {How to Be Kind when it&rsquo;s Difficult} What specific actions can one who has no empathy do to be kind? (Thinking 1 Corinthians 13 "kind.")13. 50:27 {Help with Marital Conflict} I feel led by God to homeschool my teens. My husband disagrees. He doesn't want them to be sheltered. I want to submit, but I&rsquo;m conflicted. Thoughts?14. 53:13 {&ldquo;Free Grace&rdquo; Theology, Faith, &amp;amp; Works} Free grace theology says that "save" in James 2: 14 means from physical death or harm. All uses of the word &ldquo;save&rdquo; in James 2: 14 are in the context of physical harm, so why is this different for you in 2: 14?15. 57:31 {When is Kissing Sinful?} Is all kinds of romantic kissing outside of marriage a sin? Could a Christian actor/actress do a kissing scene?16. 1:00:28 {Do Jew. &amp;amp; Gent. Christians Worship Together?} I&rsquo;m an ethnically Jewish Christian and have seen that some believe that Jewish &amp;amp; Gentile Christians worship together, but with different lifestyle callings. This has been stressful. Input?17. 1:03:25 {Did God Promote Adultery in Genesis?} In Genesis 38:7-10, Someone was commanded to lay with his brother&rsquo;s wife and impregnate her. He didn&rsquo;t impregnate her, and the Lord struck him down. Is G
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The Jewishness of Passover Refutes Transubstantiation

After this interview I was thinking about the possibility of other examples where Jesus uses a present physical object in a purely symbolic sense and I think we do have some. When Jesus spoke to the woman at the well He told her that she should ask Him for water, and while there was physical water present the real point Jesus is making is that she needs non-physical water which is representative of new life in the Holy Spirit. Jesus also manifested bread for the crowd but told them that this was food that perishes and they need food that gives everlasting life. He goes on to show that this food is belief in Jesus. Even in the favorite passage for those who promote transubstantiation (John 6) Jesus adds the clarity/commentary that the flesh profits nothing and the Spirit gives life. This is not merely saying the word "spirit" means "symbolism"; rather it is saying that "spirit" is not "flesh" and cannot be interpreted to mean "my physical body being eaten by you". A whole lot more can and should be said about all this but I hope that the above answer will be seen as offering strong support simply for the fact that the Jewish context of the Last Supper is such that we should conclude symbolic meaning in the act and not transubstantiation. This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos so keep an eye out for the rest in the set. I'm Mike Winger and my goal is to help you learn to think biblically about everything! &nbsp;
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 37)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:0:00 - Introduction1. 0:11 {About the &ldquo;5-Fold Ministry&rdquo;} Have you heard of the "5-Fold Ministry" way of thinking about apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers exercising those gifts today? And if so, what are your thoughts about it?2. 12:40 {When does Competition become Unbiblical?} The Bible stresses the importance of unity within the body of Christ. When does competition among believers (even seemingly friendly competition - games, sports, etc.) become unhealthy?3. 16:21 {What is &ldquo;Fundamental Christianity&rdquo;?} Can you define "Fundamental Christianity" for me? Recently I've been seeing it referred to as a negative thing. Is it?4. 20:48 {Why do Animals Die or Become Extinct?} If &ldquo;the wages of sin is death,&rdquo; why do animals die? (My question also involves the extinction of the dinosaurs - why would God create them to be exterminated?)5. 26:51 {Using the Morality Argument} If using the morality argument, how would you respond to an unbeliever that uses the objection that morality is subjective and there is no real objective right or wrong?6. 32:30 {About Feeling Angry toward God} When someone is angry at God, are they able to bring that to God, or do they wait until they are not angry and then go to God? Do we have to be 100% before talking with God, as to not disrespect Him?7. 38:55 {About John 15 &ndash; Bearing Fruit} What do you think of the view that states that in John 15, Jesus actually said in Greek that those who don't bear fruit are lifted up instead of cut off? Is this us practicing bad Greek?8. 42:45 {About Gratitude in the Midst of Hardship} When I was an atheist, I got depressed and actually planned to end my life to escape all its struggles. I now know God exists, but I can&rsquo;t be grateful for being created. How do I repent from that?9. 47:23 {Should Prayer be a Dialogue or Monologue?} About prayer, I&rsquo;ve heard many people say that praying to God should be more of a dialogue than a monologue. Isn&rsquo;t the Lord&rsquo;s Prayer spoken by Jesus a monologue? How should we pray then?10. 50:19 {About Leaving a Church} Is it necessary to ask your church to remove your name from its records if you are leaving due to false teaching/beliefs? I wonder if that&rsquo;s what God means when He says &ldquo;come out of her.&rdquo;11. 53:24 {About 1 Kings 13} In 1 Kings 13, what are we supposed to learn from this passage? It seems as though the prophet lied to the man of God, tricking him so that he wouldn&rsquo;t stay the course. Why lead him into this trap?12. 1:02:44 {About the 1st Resurrection &ndash; Revelation} Will all believers partake of the first resurrection, or only those who have been beheaded in the name of Christ? Revelation 20:413. 1:04:59 {About Matthew 27 &ndash; Holy People Raised} Can you please explain Matthew 27: 51-53? Hoping to get some clarity about the holy people raised to life. Where did they go? Did they die again?14. 1:09:19 {About &ldquo;Divine Simplicity&rdquo;} Do you believe in divine simplicity? If so, how do you reconcile it with the Trinity?15. 1:11:40 {Did the Covid Mandates Involve a Spiritual Battle?} A lot of believers seemed to believe the Church was being persecuted by being required to wear masks, meet in smaller groups, etc. Was a spiritual battle being waged in the Covid mandates?16. 1:13:51 {About being Used by God in our Lives} I see others being used by God, and I want to be used too. Because of this, I often struggle with envy, jealousy, &amp;amp; comparison. How would you encourage &amp;amp; help me grow past this sin?17. 1:18:27 {About the Death of our Pets} My cat died this week. Where did he go?18. 1:22:03 {How Should we Study Other Religions?} Do you have any recommendations for studying other religions and how to approach others with the intention to evangelize?
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I Had to Vote on a Medical Ethics Committee on Whether to Pull the Plug

For anyone who finds this video too short... here's my much longer video on the topic of suicide. Please share your thoughts (hopefully in a gracious manner) in the comments below. These are tough topics. Do you think I'm right about seeing suicide and euthanasia as fundamentally different situations from having a DNR or pulling the plug on life support under certain dire conditions?
6/17/20213 minutes, 33 seconds
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Should you be baptized in a church you don’t agree with?

This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos so keep an eye out for the rest in the set. &nbsp;
6/16/20212 minutes, 52 seconds
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Jesus' Cross Defended Historically and Theologically: The Mark Series pt 64 (15:15-39)

On one side we have skeptics who want to easily dismiss much of the biblical account of Jesus' crucifixion. On the other side we have "progressive Christian" teachers who want to take away essential theological truths about the meaning of the cross of Christ. I'm tackling all of that today. I find it genuinely intimidating to be speaking on the topic of the death of our Lord, since I don't know how any man could do true justice to the glory and horror of the cross, but I pray that God uses this to bless you and draw you closer to Him. This is part 64 of the Mark Series, going verse by verse through the Gospel of Mark. Today we are in chapter 14:53-72.
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 36)

0:00 - Introduction1. 0:10 {Regrets about Not Sharing the Gospel} My father recently died, and I don&rsquo;t think he was a true Christian. I&rsquo;ve been a Christian for 7 months and I didn&rsquo;t share the Gospel with him. Would things have gone differently if I did?2. 7:03 {Witnessing to Mormon Family Members} I'm a Christian who is married to a non-practicing Mormon who still bases his beliefs on LDS doctrine. I think I want to go into apologetics (largely inspired by you), but I don't think my husband will approve. I also feel called to evangelize my Mormon in-laws, but I struggle to get past their feelings-based testimony and their beliefs about who Jesus is and salvation. Any advice on my apologetic aspirations in my specific circumstances, and on the best way to surmount these LDS hurdles?3. 12:45 {How do we Meditate on Scripture?} I was wondering: how do you remember Scripture? I will read in the morning, and by the time night/the next day comes, I forget what I read. I know we&rsquo;re to meditate on it, but how do we do this?4. 15:26 {How to Pray for our Leaders} I find it very difficult to pray for the current administration. I know they need it desperately. How do I overcome this struggle?5. 19:06 {Is &ldquo;Deliverance&rdquo; for Today?} Is deliverance for today? Should we be praying for each other to be set free from demonic bondage in our lives, along with seeking medical assistance and counseling where needed?6. 25:51 {About Pastor/Elder Qualifications} How literally should we follow the "qualifications" for pastors/elders in 1 Timothy and Titus?7. 31:10 {Can a Christian Marry a Non-Christian?} Is it OK for a Christian to marry a non-Christian like a Buddhist, atheist, or Muslim? And what if they already have children? How would you counsel the Christian?8. 35:07 {About Married Couples in Heaven} Does Luke 20: 27-36 teach that people who are married on Earth won't be married anymore in Heaven? I feel sad that my husband and I might not be together still in Heaven.9. 39:20 {About the Lord&rsquo;s Supper during Covid} In my church, holy communion is postponed because of the measures surrounding Covid. Drinking from one cup is not possible. To justify this, they use Joshua 5:1-8. Is this biblical reasoning?10. 45:06 {Will God Understand if I Hide my Faith?} I&rsquo;m an ex-Muslim who became a Christian in 2020 and I have secretly been Christian but I still have to do Muslim practices. Will God understand that I have to keep it a secret?11. 50:49 {Can we Truly Feel God&rsquo;s Presence?} Todd Friel (Wretched Radio) said &ldquo;The Bible doesn&rsquo;t teach that we can feel God&rsquo;s presence&rdquo; and the &ldquo;warm fuzzies&rdquo; are only an emotional response when our minds receive biblical truth. Is this true?12. 57:28 {Can we Compare Jesus &amp;amp; the Tree of Life?} What's your view on the comparison between Jesus and the Tree of Life? It came to me in a dream, and I googled it and found that it was exclusively an Orthodox belief.13. 59:50 {What did Paul Do before his Missionary Work?} 11 years went by from the time Paul was saved &lsquo;til his first missionary journey - I always thought it was only a few months. What did Paul do during those 11 years other than fasting and praying?14. 1:00:34 {Are a Person&rsquo;s Days Determined?} Job 14:5 says a person's days are determined, yet in Isaiah 38, God extends Hezekiah&rsquo;s life. It almost seems that with enough prayer &amp;amp; faith, we can persuade God to change His mind. Thoughts?15. 1:04:32 {Will we receive Glorified Bodies AND Minds?} We know that we will eventually gain glorified bodies, but what about glorified minds? Will someone who suffers from a mental disorder (like Down&rsquo;s Syndrome) be &ldquo;healed&rdquo;?16. 1:07:00 {Encouragement when we feel Empty} I struggle with emotional emptiness, abandonment issues, &amp;amp; having low self-
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Is it too late for me?

This clip is taken from my weekly Q&amp;A video, which happens live at 1pm pacific time on Fridays. Several people reached out to tell me this particular answer was helpful to them so I decided to cut it out and make it into it's own video in the hopes that it would bless you.
6/10/20214 minutes, 13 seconds
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How I Respond to King James Only Christians

You may be interested in my 3 part video series on what the original manuscripts of the Bible really say and how reliable our modern translations are. You can watch it here for only $29.99! Just kidding, all my stuff is free. Here it is!;list=PLZ3iRMLYFlHuzJhPtmrgqpVoXhjvqiIjWThis is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos so keep an eye out for the rest in the set.
6/9/20213 minutes, 26 seconds
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6 MAJOR Religious Groups Compared to Biblical Christianity with Mike Winger

Can you believe in Christ and NOT Be a Christian? Join Mike Winger and I as we break down 6 MAJOR religious groups that ALL claim to believe in Jesus and compare them to Biblical Christianity. These six major groups, if not careful, can make you think that what they believe is the same as what you believe. Mike Winger and I will break down some of the similarities and differences of these six groups as we compare them against Biblical Christianity. TIME STAMPS 00:00 - Opening remarks06:34 - Opening prayer07:40 - Group #1 - The Mormon Church22:18 - Group #2 - Jehovah's Witnesses41:03 - Group #3 - Hebrew Israelites1:01:38 - Group #4 - Roman Catholicism1:26:43 - Group #5 - Seventh-Day Adventism1:49:32 - Group #6 - "Pop" Christianity2:07:54 - Final Remarks
6/8/20212 hours, 11 minutes, 57 seconds
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Skeptics Say "No" to Barabbas and Pilate: The Mark Series pt 63 (15:1-15)

Skeptics claim that Barabbas was invented by the Gospels for symbolic purposes. Skeptics say that Pilate would never have given in to the requests of the Jewish leaders to crucify Jesus. Skeptics say that Pilate would not have released prisoners, like Barabbas or Jesus, for the Passover feast. I'll be answering all that today!But I have two other really important things to cover as well. One of them is the sad fact that the trial of Jesus before Pilate has been historically used to justify persecution of Jewish communities by those who name the name of Christ; the Jewish Messiah, ironically enough! The second issue is simply the point of the passage as it relates to the theology we are learning from the trial of Jesus. Whether you are joining me for the live stream or watching afterward I hope and pray that this will be a blessing to you and increase your confidence in the truth of Scripture and the love of God for all people. This is part 63 of the Mark Series, going verse by verse through the Gospel of Mark. Today we are in chapter 14:53-72. Feel free to use my videos in your own gatherings as an aid to studying Scripture.
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20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 35)

0:00 - Introduction1. 1:13 {Adam Buried Beneath where Jesus Crucified?} I heard on a program by the National Geographic that there&rsquo;s a belief out there that Adam was buried beneath where Jesus was crucified. They say when Jesus died, His blood flowed down into the ground and through some cracks inside a tomb where Adam was buried, and Adam was resurrected from that. I am trying to find out where this belief even started, why it was started, and if there is any Biblical or Historical evidence to suggest that this ever happened. Have you ever heard of this, and do you know of any resources on this subject that might help me?2. 6:04 {About Bribery in the book of Proverbs} Can you please help me and my friend understand Proverbs 21: 14 about bribery? We read the references below the verse but still find it hard to understand. 3. 10:15 {Should I Attend a Calvinist Church?} The church that I currently attend is in search of a new pastor, and the one that will be voted in is a Calvinist. I don't agree with Calvinism and question if I can submit to his authority/teaching. What do I do? Stay? Go? I don't want to be divisive but want to stand on God's truth in love.4. 14:09 {Faith vs. Works Contradiction?} I&rsquo;m confused on two verses, Romans 4:3 and James 2: 21. I don&rsquo;t believe the Bible has any contradictions, can you please clear up my confusion on this?5. 22:51 {Is God Faithful when We&rsquo;re Faithless?} Is 2 Timothy 2: 13 saying God is faithful to us, or to Himself? I hear people thanking God that when we are faithless, He is faithful to us, but it seems to read the opposite.6. 25:26 {About God&rsquo;s Will in our Lives} How do I know if I am living in the will of God for my life? Do wrong choices mean we have messed up Gods plan and we&rsquo;re now living plan B?7. 29:32 {About the Age of Accountability} Does Numbers 14: 29 give us any biblical reason to believe the age of accountability to be 20? In Numbers 14: 18-19 Moses pleads with God, and God pardons the sins of the children 19 and younger.8. 34:40 {About the Wedding Feast/Garments} The man who was at the wedding feast without a wedding garment in Matthew 22: 11, is he like what would called a nominal Christian?9. 41:48 {About Cohabitation Before Marriage} What Scripture shows that 2 heterosexual Christians who love each other and intend to marry can&rsquo;t cohabitate if they are celibate?10. 46:18 {How to Honor an Abusive Parent} My father was physically and mentally abusive when I was a child. Can I stop talking to him and still be honoring him?11. 49:19 {About Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia} What are your thoughts about assisted suicide and euthanasia?12. 52:55 {Is the Holy Spirit Jesus&rsquo; Father?} Might be a dumb question but if the Holy Spirit came upon Mary so that Jesus could be born, wouldn't that make the Holy Spirit Jesus' father?13. 54:59 {About &ldquo;Pascal&rsquo;s Wager&rdquo;} What is Pascal&rsquo;s Wager, and do you believe that it has been refuted?14. 59:10 {About Revelation &ndash; New Names/White Stones} What is the "new name" in Revelation 2: 17? Is it the individual's new name that receives the white stone, or is it Jesus' new name?15. 1:01:28 {Should Pro-Life = Immigration Support?} Do you think that being pro-life means that I should also support immigration/refugee resettlement due to the pro-life belief that children should be taken care of regardless of circumstances?16. 1:04:40 {Can a False Teacher Cast Out Demons?} What is the deeper meaning of Matthew 12:22-28? I&rsquo;m a little confused. Can a false teacher cast out demons? If so, wouldn't that be a kingdom that is divided against itself?17. 1:09:20 {Defense of the Trinity} Hi Mike! I fully believe in the Trinity due to ALL of Scripture. But 1 Corinthians 8:6 is a bit problematic and seems Unitarian. What do you make of it?18. 1:13:20 {Should our Shortcomings Disco
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The Best Bible Version May Depend on Your Education Level

These are my tips on Bible versions as well as where to read depending on what's going on in your life. Please share your recommendations in the comments as well! This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing so that I would be able to offer the best answers I could. I'll be posting these answers as individual videos so keep an eye out for the rest in the set. I'm Mike Winger and my goal is to help you learn to think biblically about everything!
6/2/20217 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Theology of the Holy Spirit Explained and Defended

Can we prove the Holy Spirit is a person and not just an "active force" as the Jehovah's Witnesses claim?Can we prove that the Holy Spirit is actually God and not just Gabriel the angel as the Muslims claim?Today we'll do that and more as we look at a ton of verses that teach us about the nature and work of the Holy Spirit. I think you'll find that the most often ignored person of the Trinity is not only clearly taught about in the Bible, He is a blessing to know about. Here's my study on what the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is. I have live videos every Monday and Friday at 1pm Pacific Time. Monday is a Bible study and Friday is a Q&amp;amp;A. Feel free to use my videos in your own gatherings as an aid to studying Scripture.