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Bible Adventure Stories

English, Children Stories, 1 seasons, 9 episodes, 2 hours 5 minutes
Listen as we discover adventures all throughout the Bible and beyond as they bring it to life through audio stories. In each episode, we will help you create thoughtful discussion around the breakfast table, in the car or getting ready for bed. Look for our discussion questions in the show notes of each episode. Are you ready for a Bible Adventure? Me too, let's go!
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The Conclusion Of Season 1

Hey parents this is a special message for you :)
16/06/20211 minute 45 seconds
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Chase Learns An Important Lesson About Friendship With Quincy

Chase and Quincy are climbing up a huge mountain, when Quincy accidentally overhears Chase saying some very mean things. Is this going to ruin their friendship? What are they going to do? Break It Down Discussion: Have you ever  said  something to someone that wasn't kind and hurt their feelings before? What did  you do? God's word says  in Ephesians 4:29 “ Don’t say harmful things. Say what people need- words that will help others become stronger.'' What are some of those kind things we can say to  each other? When do you need encouraging words in your life? Like in the story, Chase needed Quincy  to speak encouragement to him to help him overcome the obstacles.
16/06/202114 minutes 47 seconds
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A Small Tree With Big Dreams

Have you ever felt like you weren't good enough? That is exactly how Tree-Tree felt, but God was able to use him in an amazing way! Break It Down Discussion: What is something you're really good at? What is something that is hard to do? How does it feel when you're trying to do that hard thing? God is always teaching us something. What do you think God believes about me with that?
14/06/202114 minutes 13 seconds
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The Terrible, No Good Day That Daniel Had

Did you hear about the day that Daniel disobeyed the King and was thrown into a pit of lions? What on Earth did he do to deserve such a terrible punishment? You'll be surprised to learn its something that you and I do every day! Break It Down Discussion: What animal do you dream about having as a pet? What made Daniel so different from everyone else? Why did Daniel not get eaten by the lions in this story?
11/06/202116 minutes 36 seconds
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Wally The Uber Driving Whale Picks Up A New Passenger

Wally, is a 5 Star Uber-driving Whale who has to go pick up a new passenger. This passenger is named Jonah and in for an unexpected trip across the Sea. Break It Down Discussion: How do we talk with God? Why does God want us to talk to Him? What is something we can do today that God has told us to do?
09/06/202114 minutes 47 seconds
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Two People Dropped Their Friend Through A Roof!

There was a man named Jack who couldn't walk. He heard that Jesus was going to be coming to town and he asked his two friends to carry him all the way to Jesus. They come up with a really sneaky way to skip their way through the crowd to get to Jesus! Break It Down Discussion: Who are your most important friends? Let's write down their names and thank God for who he has given you. Think of something to tell your friends what makes them so great.
07/06/202115 minutes 38 seconds
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Charlie Discovers A Secret Talent That Saves The Day

Charlie was having a hard time thinking of a talent she had that she could use in the upcoming school talent show. Something amazing happens when her friend discover something that she is very good at! Break It Down Discussion: What is a talent that you wished you had? Why do you think God gave us talents? Let’s make a list of the talents we have Read through Philippians 1:6 together
04/06/202113 minutes 36 seconds
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Eric, The Lost Elephant, Needs To Be Saved By A Pelican

Eric the Elephant takes on an adventure all on his own after years and years of practicing. This solo trip of twists and turns doesn't quite go as planned but thankfully his Pelican friend Poppy always has his back. Break It Down Discussion: Have you ever gotten lost before? What is the farthest you have traveled with your family? Have you ever gotten lost before? Who Is someone you can go to for help?
02/06/202116 minutes 45 seconds
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A Young Boy's Fishing Adventure, Feeds Thousands

One morning, a young boy was fishing with his friends, when all of a sudden his mom said it was time to go. His disappointment quickly turns to amazement when he witnesses the amazing thing that Jesus does that day. Break It Down Discussion: What is your favorite food? If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? What is something that you have always wanted to do, but feel like you’re not big enough yet? What do you have that God can use to make a big impact?
15/05/202116 minutes 55 seconds