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The three golden rules of property investment are also familiar to feng shui consultants: location, location and location. But things have moved on a bit since the subprime crisis in the US and bubble economy in Japan. And what of the geography-defying developments such as Dubai's The Palm? The Property Show takes you into the realms of real estate that matter, answering questions on taxes, ownership transfer and Tanah Rizab, to trends in new townships, architecture and ID.
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The Guide On Purchasing Australian Property

Properties in Australia have always been a top investment choice for Malaysians, no thanks to familiarity with this country. So is now a good time to invest in Australian real estate? And what does the process entail? For some answers, we speak to Ian Chen, Group CEO of Jalin Realty International, a real estate agency with presence in Singapore, Indonesia, China, Australia and Hong Kong.Image credit: Shutterstock
4/5/202322 minutes, 9 seconds
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How To Spruce Up Your Property For Rental And Sale?

The property market in Malaysia is still challenging especially with a slowing economy and the 100bps increase by Bank Negara Malaysia last year. Enter The Makeover Guys which pioneered smart interiors; a strategic, cost-effective method of furnishing that increases rental value and enables tenants to live in better homes. We discuss with Gavin Liew, Managing Partner and Founder of Makeover Guys.Image credit: The Makeover Guys
3/29/202320 minutes, 38 seconds
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Are There Too Many Retail Malls In Malaysia?

Generally retail malls have been a prime beneficiary of a pandemic recovery and also a slew of incentives and cash handouts for the B40 and M40 groups. However, footfall is still below pre-Covid levels while there is also a surge of incoming supply. Why are malls still being constructed when there is still a growing threat from e-commerce over the longer term and existing malls even in matured areas are not doing well?Image credit: Shutterstock
3/22/202321 minutes, 16 seconds
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How Big Data In The Property Sector Can Help Multiple Property Industry Stakeholders?

According to the KPMG Global Proptech Survey, only 25% of real estate organisations have a well-established data strategy. With an ever changing world, this is deemed more vital now to be able to understand consumer preferences, the right land to acquire and also for governments to have the right housing policy. But why aren't Malaysian companies or even the government embracing this change?Image credit: Shutterstock
3/15/202321 minutes, 51 seconds
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REHDA: New President, New Government, New Budget

The Real Estate & Housing Developers' Association Malaysia has a new president. Datuk NK Tong took over the reigns of REHDA in July 2021 during a period which saw Malaysia take her first tentative steps into a post-Covid world. He talks to us about navigating new realities that also brought with it a new government led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and a recently unveiled Budget 2023.Image credit: Shutterstock
3/8/202322 minutes, 33 seconds
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Was Budget 2023 A Disappointment For The Property Sector?

On the Budget 2023 surface, there appeared to be nothing too significant for property buyers and companies. This may be disappointing as property ownership has become more challenging. Additionally Rehda has also warned of increasing property prices. How are industry players reacting to the incentives for Budget 2023? We discuss this with Loong Kok Wen, Regional Head of Property at RHB Investment Bank.Brought to you by Mah Sing. Reinvent Spaces. Enhance LifeImage credit: Shutterstock
3/1/202321 minutes, 58 seconds
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Is Property Ownership In Malaysia Becoming More Difficult?

Property ownership in Malaysia has been a perennial issue especially with stagnating wages, higher interest rates and inflationary pressures. Some may even fantasise on owning multiple properties with a steady stream of rental income but concerns on securing the right property always arises. We discuss this with Faizul Ridzuan, the founder and CEO of Far Capital.
2/22/202320 minutes, 41 seconds
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Widening Property Inequality Is Not Just About The Money.

Khazanah released a report on Residential Settlements and Spatial Inequality: A Study of Greater Kuala Lumpur Neighbourhoods. The gist of the report is the widening inequality from not just a monetary standpoint but to other concepts of well-being associated with the various types of “freedom and function" that one might have access to. We speak to Dr Suraya Ismail, Director of Research at Khazanah Research Institute.Image credit: Shutterstock
2/15/202321 minutes, 45 seconds
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Are Foreign Based Architects Disadvantaged In Malaysia?

Foreign based architects are not new to Malaysia. Our majestic KLCC twin towers were designed by a renowned Argentinian architect - César Pelli while Sir Norman Foster's firm Fosters and Partners has designed many buildings in the KLCC vicinity. Are these foreign architecture firms competing on a level playing field with their Malaysian counterparts? We speak to Mun Inn Chan who is the founding partner for Design Collective Architects (DCA) and EDI Architects Sdn Bhd for insights.Image credit: Shutterstock
2/8/202321 minutes, 38 seconds
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Will Property Prosper In The Year Of The Water Rabbit?

How time flies and we are in 2023 and the year of the Water Rabbit. What a year 2022 has been with Malaysia welcoming a new government and in 2023 China has finally re-opened its borders. What will this bring for the year ahead and will it be a thumping year for the property sector? We speak to Master Kenny Hoo of Good Feng Shui on this Lunar New Year edition of the Property Show.Image credit: Shutterstock
1/25/202321 minutes, 40 seconds
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Is There Money To Be Made From Auction Or Lelong Property?

More Malaysians are starting to look at buying properties at an auction. But auctions can be daunting as one is buying a property without inspection. Additionally many people do not understand the process. We discuss this with Chris Yap, Principal of Feliz Realty. He has 17 years of experience in auction property.Image credit: Shutterstock
1/18/202314 minutes, 57 seconds
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Australia's Property Market Resilient Despite A Series Of Rate Hikes?

On today's Property Show, Philip See speaks to Darien Bradshaw Executive Director of Private office, Residential Project Marketing from One Global Property Services on Australia’s property market. We ask him the challenges faced by the Australian property market following successive rate hikes by the RBA and how significant is China's reopening on the market in 2023.Image credit: Shutterstock
1/11/202321 minutes, 31 seconds
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Malaysia Property Market Outlook 2023

Today on The Property Show, Keith Ooi. Deputy Group Managing Director at Knight Frank Malaysia joins Philip See to discuss how the property market fared in 2022 and the outlook for the year ahead.Image credit: Shutterstock
1/4/202320 minutes, 5 seconds
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2023 : A Busy Year For Property Legislation?

Being the last Wednesday of the last month of the year, we have the legal property clinic and in this episode Philip speaks to Chris Tan from Chur Associates about what he expects to be on the property legislative agenda of this new government following the formation of the PH - BN unity government. Will the Residential Tenancy Act be finally passed? Will there be more schemes to create more affordable housing or perhaps will there be a repivot towards supporting rental programmes?Image credit:
12/28/202220 minutes, 53 seconds
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Did Proptech Disrupt The Property Industry?

In today's Property Show, Philip See speaks to Koh Cha Ly, CEO of Urbanmetry about the progress proptech has had on the real estate industry. We ask her where has been the progress and the missed opportunities as well as tap her thoughts on some of the problems that technology has helped solve and where it can further disrupt the industry.Image credit:
12/21/202221 minutes, 57 seconds
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Airbnb : Make Your Spare Living Space Work For You

A recent Airbnb survey has found that 43% of homeowners in Malaysia have considered hosting to take advantage of the new appetite for travel. Also, 85% of Malaysians polled said they were looking for ways to offset rising costs of living. Mich Goh, Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy for Southeast Asia, India, Hong Kong & Taiwan talks about tips on how one might become a host if you have that spare living space lying around somewhere.Image credit:
12/14/202223 minutes, 8 seconds
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Regenerating High Rises

With space becoming a precious commodity in our urban landscape, and the pressure to reduce our carbon footprint, Philip See will discuss with Shonn Mills, Global Divisions Director for Ramboll's high rise structures and Ng Pek Har, Director, Web Structures how high rises are being regenerated while balancing environment and economic considerations in today's Property Show.Image credit: Shutterstock
12/7/202232 minutes, 7 seconds
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Getting The Tenancy Agreement Right

In our monthly property legal clinic, Philip See speaks to Datuk Ringo Low from Ringo Low & Associates about the challenges in managing both the tenant and landlord as he builds the case that getting the tenancy agreement right in the first place will ease a lot of tensions in the future.Image credit: Shutterstock
11/30/202222 minutes, 32 seconds
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Interior Design - A Combo of Relationship & Skill

In today’s show, we take a peek into the world of interior design and get the perspective of Winston See from Paper Space on how the role of an interior designer has changed, and whether interior design is really all style and no substance. Philip See speaks to Winston on the challenges of managing not only the owner or client but the contractor as well.Image credit: Shutterstock
11/23/202222 minutes, 42 seconds
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Green Building Have A Sound Commercial Case

In this week's Property Show, Philip See speaks to Ashwin Thurairajan and Teo Chiu Ping from GreenRe, one of Malaysia's leading Green certification bodies to discuss the opportunities and challenges of greening buildings in Malaysia.Image credit: Shutterstock
11/16/202223 minutes, 14 seconds
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What To Look Out For When Buying Your First Home

How easy is it to buy your first home post pandemic? What are the typical mistakes and challenges first time home buyers make? Philip See speaks to Syazwan Jafri from Syazwan Syazani & Partners as we try to assist first time home buyers what to look out for.Image credit: Shutterstock
11/9/202221 minutes, 4 seconds
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101 On Japan Property Market

Philip speaks to Masahiro Kobayashi, Executive Director, Member of the Board, Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF) about Japan’s property market as we understand whether a weak yen and relatively low interest rates has kept the Japanese housing market buoyant as well as whether foreign investors are beginning to show interest in the market. Image credit: Shutterstock
11/2/202221 minutes, 6 seconds
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How Have Real Estate Agents Survived The Pandemic?

In today’s episode of The Property Show, Philip See speaks to Timothy Toh, Team Leader of real estate agents at KW Malaysia, on how this profession has changed over the past decade, and how the role has evolved with digitalization along with their compensation structure. Image credit: Shutterstock
10/26/202221 minutes, 38 seconds
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Trends Show Malaysian Homeowners More Concerned Over Natural Disasters

The latest PropertyGuru Malaysia biannual Consumer Sentiment Survey has shown that nearly all respondents now consider flood and landslide risks before deciding on a home purchase. There also seems to be more awareness on sustainability issues. Sheldon Fernandez, PropertyGuru Malaysia's country manager, talks to us about some of the findings, the company's financial performance and future plans, as well as an outlook of Malaysia's real estate market going forward. Image credit: Shutterstock
10/19/202222 minutes, 38 seconds
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Budget 2023 Unlikely To Catalyse Property Market

In today’s episode of the Property Show, Philip See speaks to Chan Ai Cheng, President of Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents, about how Budget 2023 and also the upcoming GE15 will impact the property market.Image credit: Shutterstock
10/12/202221 minutes, 32 seconds
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Affordable Housing Needs Affordable Financing

In today’s Property Show, we delve deeper into affordable housing, and this time we ask how private capital can support the massive demand of affordable housing all across the Asia Pacific. Philip See speaks to Satoru Yamadera from the Asian Development Bank about how governments can support the construction of affordable housing, and also what necessary affordable financing solutions can be taken to help all take their first steps onto the property ladder.Image credit: Shutterstock
10/5/202221 minutes, 51 seconds
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Legal Property Clinic - Mortgage And Flood Insurance

For this month's legal property clinic, we speak to Khairul Anuar Shaharudin from Khairul Suhaila and Hazlina, as we discuss all things related to insurance focusing specifically on mortgage insurance as we unpack what all the wonderful acronyms of 11. ‘MRTA’, ‘MLTA’, ‘MRTT’, and ‘MLTT’, mean as well as understand the specific things to watch out for when it comes to flood insurance as we head into flooding season. Image credit: Shutterstock
9/30/202222 minutes, 28 seconds
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Are Malaysians Buying Overseas Property Post-Pandemic?

Philip See speaks to Wan Rou from One Global Property about the spending habits of Malaysians when it comes to overseas properties, where are the hotpots and how challenging is it with the weaker ringgit?
9/23/202222 minutes, 40 seconds
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Malaysian-Inspired Architecture

Today's property show is a special one, straddling Merdeka and Malaysia Day, Philip speaks to Hud Bakar and Ahmad Farid Baharuddin from RSP architects on Malaysian inspired architecture and how Malaysian symbols and prolific figures such as our founding father Tunku Abdul Rahman are subtly (and not so subtly) incorporated into our cityscape
9/9/202222 minutes, 44 seconds
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Common Mistakes When Renovating Your Home

In todays property show we speak to Wong Hon Chong, a contractor based in Klang, on all the challenges faced when trying to renovate your property post pandemic. I am sure many of us have had our fair share of bad experiences with contractors and Wong helps us navigate the common mistakes we make when we begin renovating our homes
9/2/202222 minutes, 56 seconds
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New DBKL Rule Sets Time Limit On Home Renovations

Datuk Ringo Low answers your legal conundrum as part of the Legal Property Clinic. as we get his perspective as well on the latest DBKL ruling over the requirement to complete your renovations in 12 months
8/26/202222 minutes, 52 seconds
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Overseas Property Markets Post Pandemic

The Property Show where Philip See will be speaking to Eli McGeever, Director - Research & Tech Innovation (One Global Labs) of One Global Property Services as we have a broad ranging discussion on the overseas property market but we deep dive on the dynamics of the Hong Kong and Singapore property market 
8/19/202221 minutes, 31 seconds
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How Affordable Is Affordable Housing In Malaysia?

On today's property show, we try to answer the question on how truly affordable is housing Malaysia. Much has been talked about the fact that property is becoming increasingly out of reach of many Malaysians with questions on how effective the government has been in ensuring that more Malaysian can get onto the property ladder. We speak to Dr Suraya Ismail, Director of Research at Khazanah Research Institute (KRI) to try to get some answers to these questions
8/12/202223 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Where Is Malaysia's Residential Market Heading?

Many of us are worried about the trajectory of Malaysia residential market. On today's property show, we speak to Sheldon Fernandez, Country Manager Malaysia for Property Guru to unpack the different surveys and indexes that Property Guru has in place to measure the sentiment and also market direction. With the concerns of government stimulus waning and bank negara increasing the OPR, are we going to see a down turn in the residential market across the nation?
8/5/202227 minutes, 51 seconds
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Pitfalls In Property Transactions

It's the last Friday of the month and as usual we have the property legal clinic.  This month Philip See extends his conversation with Chris Tan from Chur Associates on further pitfalls that could delay property transactions
7/29/202222 minutes, 22 seconds
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Has The Profession Of Architecture Evolved With The Times?

We speak to Ronald Lim, a Singapore-based architect who is co-chief Editor, the Singapore Architect magazine and Honorary Secretary, Royal Institute of British Architects - Singapore Chapter on how the architecture profession has evolved and whether 'Star-chitects' is an asset or liability to the profession
7/22/202226 minutes, 42 seconds
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Tenant And Owner Review Platforms Here To Stay?

On today’s property show, Philip See speaks to Rory Cramer, co-founder and CEO of HomeViews the first and only dedicated review platform where tenants and owners can provide feedback for residential developments based in the UK. We ask him how dedicated review platforms are an increasingly important trend to get transparent and unbiased views especially for property investors that live beyond the shores of the property
7/15/202223 minutes, 59 seconds
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Are Foreigners Inflating Property Prices?

House prices continue to soar all over the world and as borders of many countries have finally reopened, are foreigners inflating the prices of property. We ask Prakash Loungani, Macroeconomist of International Monetary Fund on whether foreigners inflate property prices globally.
7/8/202222 minutes, 24 seconds
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How Temporary is China's Property Market Dip?

Christine Li Head of Research, Asia Pacific at Knight Frank gives her insight on China's property market as to how the zero covid policy has impacted the property market and if any lessons will be learnt over the Evergrande debt crisis.
7/1/202223 minutes, 20 seconds
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What Could Deter Property Transaction From Taking Place?

It's the last Friday of the month and we have the legal property show. So Philip speaks to Chris Tan from Chur Associates on all of your legal conundrums and we talk about the potential pitfalls that could deter a property transaction from taking place.
6/24/202219 minutes, 50 seconds
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R2C Transitions from Houses to Homes and Communities

We get into conversation with Hamdan Majeed, Managing Director of Think City on the Right To City (R2C) Programme as we try to elevate the quality of life in the urban environment and expand the standards of living beyond just providing shelter.Image credit: shutterstock
6/10/202222 minutes, 47 seconds
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Will Global Property Prices Continue To Remain Frothy?

On today's property show, Philip See speaks to Prakash Loungani, a Macroeconomist from the International Monetary Fund on how the global housing market has been trending throughout the pandemic and how rising interest rates are expected to put pressure on a market that has been on the whole frothy. Image credit:
6/3/202219 minutes, 58 seconds
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Unpacking Maintenance Fees And Sinking Funds

In today's property legal clinic, Khairul Anuar Shaharudin, Property Lawyer helps us unpack all your questions and concerns over maintenance fees and sinking funds.Image credit:
5/27/202222 minutes, 5 seconds
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Sponge Cities Are Not The End All Solution To Flood Mitigation

We talk about Sponge Cities! A very interesting concept on how cities can be designed to improve their management of water and increasingly discussed as a solution to manage our increasing flash floods. We speak to James Lau from Dr Nik & Associates to get his perspective on this as well as his views on the recent flood mitigation activities announced by DBKL.
5/20/202222 minutes, 15 seconds
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How Does The MRT3 Project Affect Property Valuation?

The MRT3 project has been revived recently, with an estimated construction cost of RM31 billion, and will involve the construction of 31 stations over 50 km of rail lines. En. Sulaiman Saheh, Director of Research, Rahim & Co International discusses connectivity and the valuation of property. Image credit:
5/13/202222 minutes, 47 seconds
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Property Tax Filings For 2021

Leow Mui Lee, Senior Executive Director of Tricor Taxand gives her perspective on the different dimensions of property related taxes as she helps us navigate the changes and pitfalls when filing your taxes for 2021 with respect to properties. Image credit:
5/6/202222 minutes, 27 seconds
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Racism And Reality In The Rental Property Market

For the last Friday of the month, Philip See speaks to Datuk Ringo Low as part of the legal property clinic, diving deep into the topic of discrimination in the rental housing sector. Image credit:
4/29/202221 minutes, 31 seconds
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What Makes Or Breaks A Mall?

Kuala Lumpur has close to 200 shopping malls and there are new ones being built and launched. However, not all malls are created equal. Some malls struggle and some are abandoned. What factors make and break a mall and what can we do with these struggling malls? Murli Menon, Director of Retail Services at Savills Malaysia share his thoughts with us. Image credit:
4/22/202221 minutes, 48 seconds
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Women's Safety In Downtown KL

On today’s episode of The Property Show, Philip See is in conversation with Ahila Ganesan, Director of Strategy and Development at Think City as we get her perspective on the recently published report Understanding Women’s Perception and Experience of Safety in Downtown Kuala Lumpur. Image credit:
4/15/202224 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Fundamentals Of Property Investment In Times Of Extreme Volatility

Philip See speaks to Tyson Yuk, Group Director at Propnex Realty Singapore, currently the Largest Public Listed Real Estate Agency in Singapore, for his take on property investments in these times of uncertainty. Subsequently, Tyson helps us get back to the fundamentals on how we should look at property as a form of investment. Image credit:
4/8/202220 minutes, 34 seconds
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Aussie Property Investment Post Pandemic

As property prices in Australia continue to skyrocket, Darien Bradshaw, Executive Director of One Global Australia explains how the different segments and locations have performed, and how Malaysian investors can pursue these opportunities beyond supporting their children's educational needs. Image credit:
4/1/202223 minutes, 27 seconds
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Residential Tenancy Act: Rebalancing Tenant-Landlord Relationship

For the last Friday of the month, we have the property legal clinic and this time we do a deeper examination over the proposed Residential Tenancy Act. While this act attempts to address the imbalance of the tenant and landlord relationship, it's also drawn a lot of flak from certain quarters. So we speak to Jesy Ooi, a partner at the real estate practice, Skrine, to get her perspective on this legislation. Image credit:
3/25/202218 minutes, 46 seconds
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Not in My Backyard

In conversation with Gregory Ho Wai Son and Lim Han Hsuen from Khazanah Research Institute over their latest research, Living Next to Poor Housing, we explore the much debated topic of 'Not In My Backyard', or NIMBY. We ask, what actually is the NIMBY phenomenon, and what are the implications of low cost housing projects for certain communities that give rise to it?
3/18/202222 minutes, 55 seconds
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Opportunities in Johor's Property Market

As we head into the Johor state elections, Philip See is in conversation with Tan Lih Ru, associate director, and Keith Ooi, deputy managing director, of Knight Frank Malaysia for insight into the latest developments within the Johor property market. Image credit:
3/11/202223 minutes, 17 seconds
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Investment Opportunities in the Metaverse

Co-founder of boutique block chain consultancy firm, Celebrus Advisory, Edmund Yong talks to us about the hype surrounding the metaverse and whether there really are investment opportunities in virtual real estate. Image Credit:
3/4/202220 minutes, 53 seconds
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What's All The Fuss About JMBs?

Property Legal clinic on JMBs and MCs with Chris Tan from Chur Associates. Image credit: Shutterstock
2/25/202222 minutes, 45 seconds
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Post-Pandemic Urban Regeneration

Matt Benson, Programme Director of Think City speaks to us on how urban regeneration has or has not evolved with the pandemic as we unpack how cities in Malaysia need to adapt with these fast changing trends. Image credit:
2/18/202223 minutes, 32 seconds
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Reverse Mortgage Schemes To Support Asset Rich Cash Poor Malaysians

Philip See speaks to Datuk Chung Chee Leong, CEO of Cagamas, the National Mortgage Corporation of Malaysia on its role and its recent product, the reverse mortgage scheme or Skim Saraan Bercagar, a new product to help us unlock value from our properties in these challenging times. Image credit:
2/11/202222 minutes, 19 seconds
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Property Tips For The Year Of The Water Tiger

We have now moved into the Year of the Tiger from one that we had expected to be Ox-picious. What will it be like this time around? Will it paws-perous for the property sector? Will we see business come roaring back from the ravages of the pandemic the past two years? Image credit:
2/4/202222 minutes, 38 seconds
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Property Legal Clinic: Pets In Properties

Being the last Friday of the month,  Philip See will be speaking to Khairul Anuar Shaharudin for the Monthly Property Legal Clinic to answer all legal conundrums over pets, including questions on social media about the problems that arise when pets and property intersect. Image credit:
1/28/202225 minutes, 40 seconds
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Singapore's HDB And Public Housing Market

Alan Cheong from Savills Singapore shares his perspective on Singapore's public housing market and the Housing Development Board. Image credit:
1/21/202222 minutes, 32 seconds
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London's Property Market Outlook Post Pandemic

Stuart Leslie, International Sales and Marketing Director at Barratt Developments gets his perspective on the latest real estate developments taking place in London as well as how the pandemic and Brexit has impacted it.
1/14/202220 minutes, 49 seconds
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Root Cause Of The Flash Floods

James Lau, Associate Director from Dr Nik and Associates shares his perspectives on the root cause behind the recent flash floods in the Klang Valley and whether we can prevent it. Image credit:
1/7/202223 minutes, 18 seconds
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Can Legal Action Be Taken On Flash Floods?

In December's legal property clinic, Datuk Ringo Low answers your questions on all your legal conundrums and the legal ramifications around the recent flash floods. Image credit:
12/31/202122 minutes, 17 seconds
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Playful Learning Landscapes

Playful learning landscapes aims to create fun and enjoyable learning environments in dreary public spaces like the bus stop, supermarket, library and public parks as Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Helen Hadani from the Brookings Institution helps us shed light on this innovative concept. Image credit:
12/24/202122 minutes, 32 seconds
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Post Pandemic PropTech

Eli McGeever, Director of Research & Technology Innovation at One Global Labs, shares his perspective about the evolution of property technology as a result of the pandemic. and whether property technology will one day be able to replace real estate agents. Image credit:
12/17/202120 minutes, 52 seconds
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From WFH To WFO?

Savills Malaysia deputy managing director Nabeel Hussain speaks to us about the much talked about "What Workers Want – Malaysia" survey which said eighty-one per cent Malaysian office workers said they would prefer to return to the office. Image credit:
12/10/202123 minutes, 9 seconds
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Property Legal Clinic November 2021: Bankruptcy

On the last Friday of the month we have the Property Legal Clinic and to answer your legal conundrums we speak to Chris Tan from Chur Associates. Image credit:
11/26/202122 minutes, 1 second
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1H Residential Rental Property Outlook

Premendran Pathmanathan, General Manager for Customer Data Solutions & Quality, helps us dissect their latest 1H 2021 Portal Demand Analytics publication which analyses the residential rental property demand using’s user visits and property listings data in across major urban centres. Image credit: shutterstock
11/19/202122 minutes, 42 seconds
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Managing Property Loans Post Moratorium And Loan Compressions

Philip See speaks to Nirmala M.Supramaniam, she is the Head of Household Financial Education at the Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit (AKPK) on managing housing loans during this time. Image credit:
11/12/202121 minutes, 40 seconds
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Budget 2022: Laying The Groundwork For Real Estate Recovery?

In this edition of the Property Show we take a look at Budget 2022’s proposals’ impact on where Malaysia’s real estate sector is heading, with the new year less than 2 months away. Image credit:
11/5/202121 minutes, 58 seconds
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October 2021 Legal Property Clinic

In this month's Property Legal Clinic we speak to Khairul Anuar Shaharudin from Khairul Suhaila and Hazlina about the strata management act, contractual obligations, and what happens when the government acquires housing development land. Image credit:
10/29/202122 minutes, 10 seconds
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Property Of The Eternal Kind

In this edition of the Property Show, we speak to Melvyn Laang, General Manager for Business Development at Nirvana Asia Group & Kenny Hoo, Founder & Chief Researcher of Good Feng Shui Geomantic Research on the property of the eternal kind - where you want your final resting place to be and how to go about making that decision. Image credit:
10/22/202120 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

12MP And Budget 2022 - Net Positive Or Net Negative For Property Market?

We speak to Chan Ai Cheng, President of the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents on the 12th Malaysia Plan and her hopes for Budget 2022. Image credit:
10/15/202124 minutes, 25 seconds
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Sunway iLabs Tries To Innovate The Property Sector

We speak to Sunway Group Chief Innovation Officer and Sunway iLabs Director Matt van Leeuwen about how Sunway Group tries to kick start innovation and disruption in the property sector. Image credit: Sunway Group
10/8/202119 minutes, 55 seconds
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House Buyers Beware, There Is No Free Lunch

Datuk Chang Kim Loong unpacks the various issues and challenges that house buyers are facing in this pandemic, as he warns us that if a deal is too good to be true - it probably is. Image credit:
10/1/202122 minutes, 51 seconds
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September 2021 Legal Property Clinic: Vaccine Mandate Between Tenant And Landlord

Today, we speak to Datuk Ringo Low from Ringo Low Associates about vaccine mandates across multiple property formats and the relationship between tenant and landlord, shopping malls and their tenants and visitors, as well as powers of the JMB in condominiums. Image credit:
9/24/202123 minutes, 34 seconds
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REITs Post-Pandemic

Dato' Stewart LaBrooy shares his take on the development of the REIT industry, how the industry has fared during the pandemic, and what the future holds for the different portfolios. Image credit:
9/17/202123 minutes, 39 seconds
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MM2H Impact On The Property Sector

We speak to Jaime Chew, Property Consultant and MM2H Agent on how the recent changes in the MM2H programme will affect the property market. Image credit: Max Ku /
9/10/202124 minutes, 20 seconds
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Future Of Urban Planning Post Pandemic

In conjunction with our country’s independence, Datin Mazrina, Vice President of the Malaysian Institute of Planners and Imran Clyde, Director of City Expo Malaysia help us understand the challenges and opportunities the pandemic presents in designing the cities of the future. Image credit:
9/3/202124 minutes, 9 seconds
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August 2021 Property Legal Clinic: Liquidated Ascertained Damage

On today's property show, with the last Friday of the month we have the Property Legal Clinic. Philip See speaks to lawyer, Chris Tan of Chur Associates on some of your property problems, like Liquidated Ascertained Damages. Image credit:
8/27/202118 minutes, 58 seconds
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Making Your Home More Work-Friendly

The COVID‐19 pandemic has pretty much changed the way we work and live for the past year and a half. We’ve had to change our work schedules, living arrangements, and how we go about our daily lives. Work from home is now seen as more of the norm and it might remain even after we get out of the pandemic. So how will this influence the way homes and offices are designed? Image credit:
8/20/202123 minutes, 29 seconds
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How The Housing And Strata Tribunal Helps You

What do you do when there’s a dispute in your apartment and you’ve exhausted all your options? Well you go to the Housing and Strata Management Tribunal. But just what is this tribunal and how does it operate? Sim Wie Boon speaks to Mohammad Khalid Abdul Karim of the tribunal to understand its responsibilities and the type of claims that can be made with them. Image credit:
8/13/202118 minutes, 42 seconds
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Cashing Out Your Home In Tough Times

Keith Kam takes a look at property trends in an economy that's been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns now into its 16th month. He speaks to PropertyGuru's country manager Sheldon Fernandez about their latest Malaysia Property Market Index covering Q3 2021 and why more people are selling their homes in these tough times. Image credit: Aisyaqilumaranas / Shutterstock
8/6/202120 minutes, 19 seconds
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July 2021 Property Legal Clinic: Deals, Defaulters And Death?

For this month’s Property Legal Clinic Sim Wie Boon speaks to Ainal Marlinda, Partner, at Zul Rafique & Partners who answers listeners’ questions, from buying auction property, and dealing with defaulters and having a “bilik mayat” in your residence. Image credit: Aisyaqilumaranas / Shutterstock
7/30/202123 minutes, 10 seconds
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Time For Real Estate Negotiators To Adapt And Change

Covid-19 has changed the way many people work and one of the fields it has touched is that of a real estate negotiator. How have real estate negotiators and agents adapted to the pandemic and utilized digital means to showcase homes for potential buyers? Aaron Siow, Group Vice President of IQI Global, a real estate agency talks about being a real estate negotiator in these times and his thoughts on how the market has been doing. Image Credit:
7/23/202123 minutes, 47 seconds
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How Corruption Affects Property Prices

How does corruption work in the construction sector? And how does it trickle down to affect the price you pay for your house or office building? IDEAS and CBI looked into this issue with their study “Corruption in the Supply Chain: Forms and Impacts on Consumers”. The study looked at corruption in construction, healthcare, and education that took place here and its impact on the price of goods, including property. Tricia Yeoh and Mark Chay take to Sim about the issue. For more on the study, you can check it out here. Image credit:
7/16/202122 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Importance Of Ventilation

In light of the pandemic, the issue of indoor ventilation has become more important to everyone. Especially since WHO has said that the odds of catching Covid-19 indoors are much higher and better ventilation is important to help curb the spread of the virus. Sim speaks to Datin Seri Ar Dr Norwina Nawawi, a senior academic fellow from IIUM on the Property Show to discuss the importance of ventilation, how to get it right and what kind of guidelines the government can set. Image credit: Shutterstock
7/9/202121 minutes, 46 seconds
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How Has 1H21 Been For The Property Sector

Despite an optimistic outlook in January, the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia seems to have taken a turn with positive infections high and a nationwide lockdown imposed. How has the past six months been for the property sector and what needs to be done to help the sector? Siva Shanker of Rahim & Co’s Real Estate Agency gives his take. Image credit: BananaHub / Shutterstock
7/2/202123 minutes, 23 seconds
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June 2021 Property Legal Clinic: Stratas, Sounds And Service Fees

The Monthly Property Legal Clinic is back again for another round of questions and answers tackling your property legal conundrums. In today’s episode, Khairul and Sim talk about strata titles and how to get them, noise disruptions and not paying your fees. Image credit: Aisyaqilumaranas / Shutterstock
6/25/202122 minutes, 27 seconds
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Is Land Reclamation Necessary For Penang To Thrive?

Land reclamation is not something new, from Denmark to Singapore, urban planners have reclaimed land from the sea for decades for offices, apartments, and tourism. But is this necessary for an island to thrive? On today’s show, our expert guests discuss issues related to land reclamation, how it fits into city planning, and the comparison between Penang, Hong Kong as well as Singapore. Image Credit:
6/18/202122 minutes, 8 seconds
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Buying Solar Made Easy

Solar energy has come a long way in the past decade. It has become much cheaper than it was years ago and much more available for residents who are looking to save costs while helping the environment. Luke Sebastian, COO, OpenSys Technologies, the owner and operator of buySolar, an online marketplace for residential, commercial, and industrial solar panels comes on the Property Show to talk about how Malaysians are adopting solar panels for their homes. Image Credit:
6/11/202120 minutes, 52 seconds
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Balancing Conservation, Restoration And Development

Malaysia’s land surface was once almost entirely covered with forest but today, forests only cover about 54% of the total land area. And as our towns and cities continue to expand and concerns regarding the conservation and restoration of our forests intersect with each other, how do we balance between developing more urban spaces and restoring the forests we’ve lost? For a World Environment Day special, we’ll be exploring these issues with Dzaeman Dzulkifli of the Tropical Rainforest Conservation Research Centre. This World Environment Day special was brought to you by Volvo Cars; Redefining freedom to move in a personal, sustainable, and safe way. Image credit:
6/4/202122 minutes, 49 seconds
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May 2021 Property Legal Clinic: Rent, Renovations, Rules

The Monthly Property Legal Clinic is back again for another round of questions and answers tackling your property legal conundrums. In today’s episode, Chris and Sim talk about renovations, strata house rules, what to know when preparing your will, and getting rent that’s owed to you. Image credit: Aisyaqilumaranas / Shutterstock
5/28/202121 minutes, 44 seconds
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Cities Need To Evolve

How has Covid-19 changed the way we view cities and what kind of issues has it brought to light? How do we tackle the issue of affordability from a planning angle and how will cities in Malaysia evolve? All this and more with Datin Noraida Saludin, President, Malaysian Institute of Planners on the Property Show. Image credit: Shutterstock
5/21/202122 minutes, 22 seconds
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The Post-Covid Working Space

Over the past year, many of us have had a taste of what working from home feels like in order to curb the current pandemic. But as the vaccination progress continues, the return to work in offices seems inevitable. So the question that lies within this foreseeable future is – how is our new world gonna look like post-pandemic? What would going back to work be like, what would offices look like, and where does coworking space fit in? Derrick Tan of Common Ground talks to Sim Wie Boon about this. Image credit: Common Ground
5/7/202118 minutes, 59 seconds
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Monthly Property Legal Clinic - April 2021

The Monthly Property Legal Clinic is back again for another round of questions and answers tackling your property legal conundrums. In today’s episode, Datuk Ringo Low of Ringo Low and Associates takes in listeners' questions about management committees, defect liabilities, and the recent Convent Bukit Nanas issue. Image credit: Kah Loong Lee / Shutterstock
4/30/202121 minutes, 49 seconds
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Can Our Buildings Withstand Climate Change?

As concerns continue to rise over the state of our buildings and their ability to withstand climate change, Sim Wie Boon speaks to Lillian Tay of Veritas Design Group and the immediate past-president of Malaysian Institute of Architects to get her take on the issue. She explains how most buildings here are structurally sound and should be able to withstand rising temperatures and strong wind conditions but the real threat is unplanned development and the need to more green about building our cities. Image Credit: Mohammad Faisal - Shutterstock
4/23/202122 minutes, 39 seconds
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Renters Market Here To Stay For Now

Premendran Pathmanathan, General Manager, REA Group Asia Descriptor: Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the residential property market in Malaysia had been in the downward trend for several years with overbuilding and oversupply of properties causing a glut in the rental market. Premendran Pathmanathan of REA Group, the owner and operators of talks to Sim about the rental market in 2020 and his outlook for 2021. Image credit: TK Kurikawa / Shutterstock
4/16/202124 minutes, 6 seconds
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Property Overhang: Not Just About The Prices

In its recent BNM’s Financial Stability Review for Second Half 2020 report, Bank Negara has warned that unsold properties in the country have remained at an elevated level as at end-2020. Sim Wie Boon talks to Cha-Ly Koh of Urbanmetry on the issue of overhang, pricing and just what is needed to be done to address the situation we’re in. Image credit:
4/9/202122 minutes, 1 second