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Where industry experts, business owners and hands-on entrepreneurs compare useful notes on conceptualizing, creating, managing, and growing their businesses. The signature show of BFM features the interviews that equip the enterprise to boldly go forth and prosper. Now that you're in business, you're in charge.
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Healthcare on the Hashtag

The intersection of healthcare and social media can be a tricky one for marketers, but if your audience is there, then that is where you must go. From Youtube to TikTok, we speak to Jason Lim from Stratgeist about the best practices for leveraging social media to reach and educate patients, the challenges that come with marketing in this highly regulated industry, as well as the fight against misinformation and disinformation online.Photo Credits: Freepik | Drazen Zigic
4/11/202328 minutes, 43 seconds
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This is Generation AI

It’s the buzzword of the week, the month, and possibly the year.Generative AI has taken the world by storm and Adobe’s latest offering, Adobe Firefly pledges to take its simplicity of use, and impact to the next level. At the Adobe Summit 2023, we explore the next phase of Gen AI, its ethical considerations, as well as concerns around the ownership of the content it produces.We also look at the challenges in developing and training generative AI systems, as well as the exciting possibilities for innovation and creativity that they offer, not just creatives but marketers as well.Photo Credits: Freepik | Racool_studio
4/4/202323 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Real Value of Real Time Data

Real time data plays a critical role in becoming a data-driven business. By collecting and analysing data in real time, organisations can make informed decisions quickly and adapt to changes in the market or customer behaviour. But is real time data essential to every business? And how do we build a culture that values data-driven decision making and empowers employees to use this data effectively? Deb Dutta from DataStax talks to us about the real value of real time data.Photo Credits: Freepik | our-team
3/28/202323 minutes, 25 seconds
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Ad Fraud in E-Commerce: Protecting Your Business from Bots

Bots have been polluting the internet for years now, causing digital ad fraud in the APAC region to cost an estimated $17 million per day. Patricia Freijo from TrafficGuard, a company that provides ad verification, measurement, and fraud protection services, joins us to discuss common types of ad fraud stealing e-commerce customers, the implications of ad fraud on the retail industry, and ways to detect and defend against ad fraud.Photo Credits: Freepik
3/21/202320 minutes, 6 seconds
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Small Business, Big Risk: Addressing Cybersecurity Threats

According to a report by MDEC, 84% of SMEs have been affected by cyber threat incidents while 76% have suffered from more than one attack. Why does this continue to happen - and happen repeatedly to businesses that have protections in place?Our friends from Tec D Malaysia talk to us about evolving cyber threats, and the best approach to manage security adequately, and cost effectively.Photo Credits: Shuttershock | 13_Phunkod
3/14/202322 minutes, 11 seconds
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IWD Special: Why Are We Challenged to Challenge?

‘Challenging’ is a critical part of the innovation process. But studies have shown that women today are challenged to challenge, as they are held back in a plethora of ways both externally and internally. In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2023, we speak with organisational psychologist and CEO of O-Psych Hetal Doshi about what continues to hold women back in the workplace, as well as what organisations and leaders can do to make it psychologically safer for women to challenge the status quo.Photo Credits: Shuttershock | fizkes
3/7/202321 minutes, 37 seconds
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The “Gig” Revolution

More than 25% of the Malaysian population are now gig-workers. And chances are - if you study your employment contract carefully - you could be one too. We discuss the rapid growth of the gig economy with General Manager of FastGig Joelle Pang, including how organisations, giggers, and non-giggers can prepare for the continued flourishing and growth of the freelance economy.Photo Credits: Shuttershock | Harbucks
2/28/202330 minutes, 25 seconds
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Could Your Building Be An Energy Hub?

Some have called it APAC’s burning challenge - the move to tackle climate change and transition to clean energy. Jimmy Yam from power management player Eaton talks to us about how businesses are in a unique position to deliver on the net-zero emissions agenda, including why EV charging is placed to be a key turning point in energy transition for commercial buildings, and why it’s important to rethink the way we look at buildings to accelerate a low-carbon future.Photo Credit: Shuttershock | Andrii Yalanskyi
2/21/202321 minutes, 31 seconds
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Responsible Floristry: Blooms Forever-More

Sustainability in the floriculture world doesn’t stop at the florist. In conjunction with Valentine’s Day, we speak to Brenda James, Principal Florista at Nook Flowers about “Responsible Floristry”, and some of the uncomfortable truths behind the cut flower industry, especially on the most important day of the floral calendar.Photo Credit: Facebook | Nook Flowers
2/14/202327 minutes, 24 seconds
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Workplace Injustice: Tackling the Perception Problem?

The problem with injustice is, it’s perceptual. While some cannot condone the slapping of two teenage volleyball players by their coach, others don’t see a problem with it. The same happens outside of the sporting world - whether it’s the “hairdryer treatment” from a supervisor, unsolicited sexual advancements from a colleague, or even bullying in the workplace. Organisational psychologist and CEO of O-Psych Hetal Doshi talks to us about setting safety standards on and off the court, so that offensive behaviour cannot continue to be normalised or condoned.Photo Credit : Shutterstock | l i g h t p o e t
2/7/202327 minutes
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WhatsApp Business Is Not Enough

Social & Conversational Commerce in Malaysia is booming, and this is down to the 16 million tech-savvy Malaysians driving its growth. But to leverage on this growth, local businesses and brands have to incorporate messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or WeChat into a single integrated platform. What does this involve, and how will this really change the game for you and your business? Gerardo Salandra & Iaroslav Kudritskiy from Malaysia-based social to conversational commerce platform talk to us about missed opportunities, and how to leverage on how your customers interact with you.Photo Credit : Shutterstock | Chaay_Tee
1/31/202329 minutes, 22 seconds
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Engineering Consumer Demand on TikTok

TikTok has become one of the most used apps in the world, and brands that know how to tap into its unique capabilities are leveraging on its viewership and the attention of its growing audience to market their products. Momentum Commerce CEO Hans-Peter Ressel talks to us about the key pillars for business success on TikTok, as well as how brands can create new demand instead of riding on saturated trends on the platform.Photo Credit : Shutterstock | Chaay_Tee
1/17/202327 minutes, 2 seconds
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Fundraising: What VCs Don’t Want You To Know

What does it take to find success in venture capital and startup funding? Do you have to hand over a pitch deck, your P&L, and your valuation up front? How can you tell if an investor is the right fit for your startup? Fong Wai Hong from Storehub, which recently raised more than RM60 million in a pre-Series B round, shares his perspective on fundraising to give us “the truth” vs. “what we were all taught to think by VCs”. Here’s the real story on what VCs don’t want you to know.Photo Credit : Shutterstock | Dilok Klaisataporn
1/10/202328 minutes, 43 seconds
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Are You A Cynic, or Is It Burnout?

The term “Burnout” was coined in the 1970s to describe the consequences of severe stress and high ideals in “helping” professions like doctors and nurses, who often sacrifice themselves for others and would end up exhausted, listless, and unable to cope. Today though, almost everyone claims they’re burned-out. We discuss this dark side of self-sacrifice at work, its causes and consequences, as well as what we can all do to prevent burnout in 2023.Photo Credit : Shutterstock | vectorfusionart
1/3/202322 minutes, 59 seconds
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Digital Transformation Will Never End

In this Year in Review Special on Resource Centre, Jostein Aksnes from Bangkok-based Seven Peaks talks to us about navigating Asia’s booming digital economy, as well as digital trends we can expect to see in business in 2023.Photo Credit : Shutterstock | SFIO CRACHO
12/27/202225 minutes, 39 seconds
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Inside The Creator Economy

According to a global study by Adobe, more than 165 million new creators joined the Creator Economy in the last two years. In this Year in Review Special on Resource Centre, Simon Dale from Adobe Southeast Asia & Korea talks to us about who these new creators are, what they do, as well as the feasibility of content creation-related businesses in the years to come.Photo Credit : Shutterstock | Sutipond Somnam
12/20/202218 minutes, 19 seconds
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The Not-So-Normal, Normal

2022 has been a tumultuous year coming out from the height of the pandemic, with businesses and the workforce transitioning to a normal that was unlike the normal we remembered. In this Year-in-Review special on Resource Centre, Lee Yun Han from Deloitte shares some key 2022 highlights around human capital in Malaysia, including how we coped with FWA, cost of living and minimum wage - as well as what HR leaders need to focus on in 2023.Photo Credit : ShutterStock | Pressmaster
12/13/202226 minutes, 5 seconds
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First Came The Great Resignation, Then…

It all started with The Great Resignation. Then came Quiet-Quitting. And now, Moonlighting. In this Year-in-Review special on Resource Centre, Organisational Psychologist & CEO of O-Psych Hetal Doshi joins us to discuss the ebbs and flows the workforce experienced in 2022, and what to expect in 2023. Image Credit: Shutterstock | CeltStudio
12/6/202224 minutes, 13 seconds
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Marketing To Digital Natives

For more than a decade, marketers have fretted over winning the notoriously fickle Millennial Generation. And now the Gen Z have entered the fray, gaining buying power while they cement brand preferences. This coupled with very fragmented digital touchpoints today means marketers have their work cut out for them. Sean Valencia from Treasure Data sheds some light on the challenges marketers continue to face as they try to crack the code on digital natives, as well as how brands can play into the instant gratification culture, and balance privacy with hyper personalisation. Image Credit: Shutterstock | Ground Picture
11/29/202225 minutes, 1 second
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Stretching The Truth About Your Eco-Achievements? Tsk Tsk.

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly, All-Natural. These are some of the claims brands and businesses commonly make about their products, as they jump on the sustainability bandwagon. But are these claims for real, or are they just marketing ploys to frame themselves as ESG conscious? Well according to Isentia, there’s plenty at risk for industries and brands when it comes to Greenwashing. We discuss the repercussions, and if there’s hope for those who’ve incurred the wrath of Malaysian consumers.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Black Salmon
11/22/202221 minutes, 26 seconds
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Democratising Coaching

We all understand the positive impact professional coaching brings; it can not only help you meet organisational goals, but the ripple effects can be felt on leadership, performance and well-being as well. So why does it still feel like coaching is only for the C-Suites and high-paid executives? Why can’t we all enjoy this tool to adapt, navigate and reskill for the modern work life? And how can digital coaching help employers and employees during this “Big Quit” era? We discuss.Image Credit: Shutterstock | fizkes
11/15/202223 minutes, 56 seconds
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The Magic of Conversational AI

In the conversational economy we live in today, consumers want brands to consistently deliver richer, more intuitive, personalised experiences across channels, and they want this anytime, anywhere. This is where Conversational AI-enabled solutions like intelligent bots or digital assistants can make a huge difference. Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup, talks to us about the evolving role of conversational AI in customer engagement, and how it’s magically helping brands deliver a truly seamless, personalised, omnichannel experience for every consumer.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Thapana_Studio
11/8/202228 minutes, 33 seconds
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Taking The Leap Into Innovation

Shazurawati Abd Karim, Executive Vice President of TM One, shares the need for Malaysian organisations to innovate, and how they can move forward into the next phase of economic growth.
11/4/20229 minutes, 28 seconds
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Succession Planning: 7 Deadly Sins

On this, the finale of our five-part series on Succession Planning, organisational psychologist & CEO of O-Psych, Hetal Doshi, runs us through the seven things executives should never do if you want to be CEO, as well as some unexpected insights from a 10-year Genome study on CEOs. Image Credit: Shutterstock | GaudiLab
11/1/202228 minutes, 19 seconds
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Why Are We So Slow With Digital Agility?

A recent study by Workday has found 79% of organisations in Malaysia are lagging in terms of digital agility. This, despite the opportunity to accelerate digital transformation and increased technology adoption during the pandemic. What is digital agility, and why is it pivotal for sustainable business growth? Sandeep Sharma, President of Workday Asia shares the various implications of digital agility across all functions of an organisation, as well as where Malaysia stands against the wider region. Image Credit: Workday Official Website
10/25/202224 minutes, 7 seconds
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Supporting Mental Health At Work

Mental health disorders have become a global health concern, with increasingly stressful work environments a key contributor. To help overcome the stigma associated with mental disorders, employers need to ensure that employees feel supported and are able to seek help, beyond traditional employee benefits. Tung Hsiao Ley, Chief Corporate Solutions Officer at AIA talks about their first-in-market mental health solution that aims to support businesses in prioritising mental wellbeing in the workplace.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Africa Studio
10/18/202213 minutes, 15 seconds
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Malaysians & Their E-Wallets

E-wallets are quickly becoming an all-purpose payment method in Malaysia, with significant growth seen for over-the-counter purchases, especially at physical F&B outlets and retail stores. Arun Menon from Ipsos Malaysia gives us more insights into our usage patterns, as well as other cashless payment options Malaysians are leaning toward.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Ronnie21
10/11/202222 minutes, 10 seconds
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Succession Planning: Fast-Track Your Future As CEO

On this, part four of our five-part special on Succession Planning, Organisational Psychologist & CEO of O-Psych, Hetal Doshi focuses on the things you can do to increase your readiness as CEO, as well as her six career catapults to fast track your future to the top.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Qualit Design
10/4/202229 minutes, 33 seconds
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Do You (Want To) Know How Much Your Teammates Are Paid?

While salary transparency is a big step towards pay equity, experts say Malaysia is quite a ways away from embracing open communication about compensation for various reasons. Derek Toh from Hiredly talks to us about first steps in Malaysia; if it’s OK to openly speak about your salary, and how this will impact employees and organisations here.Image Credit: Shutterstock | eamesBot
9/27/202224 minutes, 47 seconds
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CEOs in Unchartered Territory

Now that we’re transitioning into endemicity, CEOs around the region are shifting their focus from business preservation to business growth. Pok Tzai Ming from Ernst & Young joins to discuss how CEOs are using tools like mergers and acquisitions to boost capabilities in technology, talent and innovation, as well as ESG and sustainability strategies in their pursuit for growth. Image Credit: Shutterstock | ImageFlow
9/20/202231 minutes, 34 seconds
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MaaS To The Rescue

As marketing tends to be the first on the chopping block when an organisation’s cost-cutting measures begin, marketers need a solution to do more with less. This is where Marketing as a Service (MaaS) comes in - a transformative, data-driven approach that enables organisations to achieve greater impact at lower cost. Yong Siew Mee from B2B marketing as a service firm 2X talks to us about the future of MaaS in Malaysia.Image Credit: 2X Facebook Page
9/13/202224 minutes, 16 seconds
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Offline for Pleasure, Online For Convenience

According to Adyen’s 2022 Retail Report, Malaysian consumers are amongst the most discerning in the world. We have a taste for technology, and we want a big bang in our shopping experiences. So what does this mean for retailers? What kind of experiences do they have to create to engage and retain customers moving forward? Priyanka Gargav from Adyen gives us the deets.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Chaosamran_Studio
9/6/202223 minutes, 28 seconds
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Standing Tall As A Global Tech Innovation Hub

In conjunction with this year’s 65th Merdeka Day celebrations, we speak with Dzuleira Abu Bakar, who has just crossed her first year as CEO of MRANTI - the Malaysian Research Accelerator for Technology and Innovation. We discuss the entity’s KPIs, mobilising the machinery to heal a fragmented startup ecosystem, as well as positioning MRANTI Park as the next tech innovation hub to stand tall globally.Image Credit: MRANTI Facebook Page
8/30/202226 minutes, 58 seconds
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(Re)Imagine All The People, Sharing All The Work

Whether driven by a wave of restlessness or fresh opportunities, workers everywhere are continuing to leave their jobs - and according to our friends from Deloitte, all signs are pointing to a need to “reimagine work” to create the stability and sustainability the workforce once knew. Lee Yun-Han, Consulting Director of Deloitte Southeast Asia talks us through the steps to do this, and how businesses can get started.Image Credit: Shutterstock | GOLDMAN99
8/23/202233 minutes, 45 seconds
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Optimising The Hybrid Working Experience

While most of us have gotten used to the era of hybrid work, we’re still quite a ways from optimising the experience. Issues like burnout, the great resignation, a lack of autonomy - they continue to plague the workforce today, despite us having a couple of years of practice at hybrid working under our belts. Agnes Koh, Product Marketing Manager for ASEAN at Jabra joins us to discuss new data on hybrid ways of working, some solutions for managers, as well as how we can all better equip ourselves to optimise the experience moving forward.Image Credit: Shutterstock | eamesBot
8/16/202221 minutes, 15 seconds
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Delivering Unmatched CX Using Mobile Tech

As business leaders look at developing digital strategies to create better customer experiences, they are struggling with a shortage of talent with the right IT skills to implement and manage these technologies. Stuart Fisher, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan for Couchbase talks to us about investing in mobile technology to bridge the APAC talent gap, and deliver unmatched customer experiences.Image Credit: Shutterstock | LookerStudio
8/9/202219 minutes, 51 seconds
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Future Proofing your Organisation

Against the backdrop of about 650,000 unemployed Malaysians, MDEC’s MYWiT initiative aims to assist employers and assist alike to help with talent challenges.Apply before 31st August for MYWiT incentives. Find out more at Terms and conditions apply.Brought to you by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, MDEC.
8/2/20227 minutes, 37 seconds
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Succession Planning: Secrets To Great CEO Selection

On this, part three of our five-part special on Succession Planning, Organisational Psychologist & CEO of O-Psych Hetal Doshi shares her five secrets to great CEO selection - including tips on pivots, identifying the right fit, planning for the unexpected, as well as scrutiny over the CEO selection panel.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Jirsak
8/2/202227 minutes, 8 seconds
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The Marketing Time Machine

Founder and CEO of next-gen marketing services firm Entropia, Prashant Kumar joins us to discuss some ideas, concepts and theories from his new book/”Time Machine” - Made In Future, which is all about the principles and applications of marketing strategy in the new age.
7/26/202229 minutes, 24 seconds
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Leaping Ahead with P2P Financing

Our friends from Shariah compliant Peer-to-Peer (P2P) financing platform microLEAP talk to us about the new found demand for P2P lending, and how it's been playing an important role in MSME financing behind the scenes. We discuss tapping into this traditionally untapped pool of impact investors, how it pays off for all stakeholders, and what the next iteration of P2P financing will look like in the near future.
7/19/202225 minutes, 31 seconds
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How Purpose Leads to Profit

Ahead of this year’s BFM Brandfest, our panel of speakers gives us a sneak peek into the kind of hard, pressing and heated discussions expected on stage next week. Rumaizon Abdul Malik from Ideascape Consulting Group, Mohan Alagappar from GBA Corporation and Andreas Vogiatzakis from AMV Plus Advisory talk to us about the inextricable link between purpose and profit, and how finding the right balance can help brands make money, and a difference. Image Credit : Shutterstock | eamesBot
7/12/202238 minutes, 25 seconds
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VC & Startup Investing Misconceptions

Kevin Brockland from US-based seed stage venture fund Indelible Ventures joins us to discuss some of the common misconceptions regarding Venture Capital and startup investing in Malaysia, and the truths behind these myths and misconceptions.Image Credit : Photon photo | Shutterstock
7/5/202232 minutes, 33 seconds
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Are Virtual AGMs Here To Stay?

 Virtual and hybrid AGMs helped maintain healthy levels of shareholder participation amidst social distancing measures during the pandemic. However, as we move into endemicity, the question of whether virtual/hybrid AGMs are here to stay depends on a myriad of factors, including tech, transparency and shareholder democratisation. Kasturi Nathan, Head of Board Advisory Services at KPMG breaks down the challenges and solutions to keeping these virtual AGMs in place, moving forward.  Image Credit: Kasturi Nathan Linkedin 
6/28/202220 minutes, 4 seconds
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Sure DaaS Make Business Sense!

The need for constant upgrades for mobile phones has created a culture of waste: consumers are spending more money than they need to, for devices that end up in the bin before they know it. This is what the Device-As-A-Service (DaaS) model hopes to address, aiming for consumers to be able to experience the latest tech while also increasing the lifespan of devices through refurbishing. Teh Chai Peng, founder of enterprise Mobility-As-A-Service company, Complete Human Network, discusses offering this subscription service to enterprises nationwide, and how they’re determined to provide both a sustainable and cost-saving alternative to device purchasing. 
6/21/202225 minutes, 50 seconds
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ESG - The Next Big Development For Businesses

While ESG remains high on the agenda of APAC companies in a post-pandemic era, only a small percentage have actually developed ESG frameworks and procedures rigorous enough for the demands of today's economy. We speak to Michel Feijen, Managing Director, APAC of MetricStream, about incorporating ESG in boardroom discussions and delivering actionable insights for an effective ESG strategy.Image Credit: Michel Feijen LinkedIn
6/14/202229 minutes, 35 seconds
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Succession Planning: CEO Myths & Selection Bias

Every year, shareholders globally lose $112b because the wrong CEOs are picked to lead companies. So in this, the second episode of our five-part special on Succession Planning, organisational psychologist & CEO of O-Psych Hetal Doshi talks to us about CEO myths - who they are & who they’re not, the types of biases we often see in the CEO selection process, as well as what we can do to reduce the impact of these biases.Image Credit: shutterstock | Gajus
6/7/202232 minutes, 37 seconds
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Balancing The Needs Of The Business, The Future, & Your Legacy

As the next generation of business owners strengthen their position in the family business, how will their actions today on key business issues such as digital and ESG help them take their business to the next level? Is it enough to follow in the footsteps of the current generation, or redefine what being a leader means to them? Loke Shu Kew, NextGen Club Lead at PwC Malaysia, provides insights into the NextGens' outlook on the future, as well as key takeaways from PwC's Global NextGen 2022 Survey.Image Credit: shutterstock | Amorn Suriyan
5/31/202218 minutes, 15 seconds
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Data-Driven Crisis Management

When a crisis hits, the way an organisation acts and communicates often determines how the crisis plays out. We speak to Sabrina Azmi from Carma Asia about the challenges in dealing with crises in a digital world, the role of data in effective crisis management, as well as how businesses can use data, during and in preparation for a crisis.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Jirsak
5/24/202224 minutes, 37 seconds
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How To Start A Company in Malaysia

Our friends from corporate services firm WeCorporate go back to basics with us; breaking down the steps to incorporate a legal entity in Malaysia, the cost to start and maintain a business, tax registration, licensing, and more.Image Credit: Shutterstock | LightField Studios
5/17/202231 minutes, 55 seconds
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Moving Towards Smart & Sustainable Cities

At the heart of every Smart City lies data - data to improve our lives, financial health and security. How far are we from achieving a Smart City status? And how will 5G aid in the development of Smart Cities around the world? Mohamad Rejab Sulaiman from TM One answers these questions and more on moving towards Smart and Sustainable Cities.Image Credit: Shutterstock | jamesteohart
5/10/202213 minutes, 25 seconds
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Succession Planning: An Introduction

In this, the first of a five-part special on Succession Planning, organisational Psychologist & CEO of O-Psych Hetal Doshi talks to us about the high cost of poor succession planning and the barriers to effective execution, as well as how doing it right is imperative to business success.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Olivier Le Moal
5/10/202224 minutes, 41 seconds
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Grief In The Workplace

A difficult emotion like grief has the ability to severely impact an employee’s performance, and the work environment as a whole. We speak to NLP Coach and Founder of Human Equation Sheila Singam about creating a safe environment for those coping with loss, what managers and colleagues can do to support their grieving team mates, and how to manage performance and productivity issues that tag along on this emotional ride.Image Credit: Shutterstock | fizkes
4/26/202232 minutes, 49 seconds
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The Age of The Smart Workplace

It’s the dawn of a new age. Soon, we’ll all be working in a Smart Workplace, where technology enables people to work better, faster and smarter. How can you create a smart workplace at your organisation, and what are the basics needed to pave the path forward? And what role does leadership play in making this happen? CEO and co-founder of ProSpace, Steve Ong gives us all the hacks to a smart workplace.Image Credit: Shutterstock | 4 PM production
4/12/202223 minutes, 55 seconds
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Shutting Down Bullying World Leaders (And The Ones In The Office Too)

Why do some leaders intimidate, manipulate, and use fear to get what they want? Are certain personality types more susceptible to becoming bullies after they become leaders compared to others? And how do we address organisations that continue to glorify and promote high-performing leaders who bully? Organisational psychologist and CEO of O-Psych Hetal Joshi joins us to discuss bullying leaders and their effect on organisational performance.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Littleaom
4/5/202229 minutes, 50 seconds
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Digital Investments: The Past 25 Years, and the Next 25

For 25 years, the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has been driving Digital Investments into Malaysia, primarily through the MSC Malaysia initiative. This has led to the catalysation and growth of Malaysia's technology and ICT industry through the presence of global technology companies in Malaysia, many which are still thriving here, including Dell. MDEC's CEO Mahadhir Aziz together with TS Koay, Senior Director, Dell Digital and General Manager, Dell Cyberjaya join us as they reflect on their success and unfold their plans for the future.
3/29/202218 minutes, 12 seconds
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Bringing the Human Touch Back To Work

Zoom. Slack. WhatsApp. While technology has helped us stay connected and productive over the course of this pandemic, it has also led to unique stressors that contribute to burnout. So how can organisations reform their workplace communication policies and methods to limit the undesirable effects digital communications has had on the workforce and their work output? Victor Phang, CEO of end-to-end HR solutions provider WorkSmartly, talks to us about the tools and strategies to bring the human touch back to work.Image Credit: Shutterstock | fizkes
3/22/202222 minutes, 51 seconds
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Branding Is Indispensable

Branding. Many regard it as a buzzword rather than a bedrock. Alleena Abdullah, Brand Advisor & Coach and  Founder of Yellow Tree Malaysia, joins us to discuss why branding is foundational to effective goal and market setting, PR efforts and ongoing success - not just for international and established entities, but for microbusinesses and underserved communities such as the orang kampung and home-based businesses.
3/15/202224 minutes, 59 seconds
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Designing A Safer Work Ecosystem

Covid-19 has forever changed how organisations manage their workspace and human capital. We speak to Scalable Malaysia, which specialises in workplace solutions, about how decentralised employment has influenced office space management, finding the balance between productivity and wellbeing at the office, as well as how to design an effective work ecosystem, as the nation enters the endemic phase of Covid-19Image Credit: Scalable Malaysia Website
3/8/202224 minutes, 52 seconds
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Do You Feel Safe At Work?

Do you feel safe at work? Seems like a simple question right? But while you may feel safe speaking up about what you know at work, do you feel the same revealing what you don’t know? Do you feel comfortable openly admitting mistakes, or sharing a differing view from your boss? Organisational psychologist and CEO of O-Psych Hetal Joshi joins us to discuss psychological safety in the workplace, how to measure it, and how to create, build and strengthen it in your organisation.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Nadia Snopek
3/1/202226 minutes, 39 seconds
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What Malaysians Want At Work

There’s a glut in unemployed graduates. Employees are leaving their jobs without a safety net in place. People are rejecting gainful employment. You can’t help but wonder, what’s going on here? We speak to Ikhram Merican, Regional Director of professional employee organisation (PEO) Hexa Business, about pressing talent issues in the Malaysian workforce; how to create meaningful employment, how to engage and up employee happiness at the workplace, and most importantly - Why you shouldn’t allow your employees to decide if they should WFH. Image Credit: Shutterstock | djile
2/22/202232 minutes, 11 seconds
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You Can’t Handle The Truth!

Group CEO of Panpages Trinity, Christopher Ng, gives us some hard truths about digital media and digital marketing as we transition into the endemic phase of covid-19. Question is, can you handle the truth?Image Credit: Shutterstock | everything possible
2/15/202226 minutes, 44 seconds
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Why Mental Health Strategies Fail in the Workplace

Mental Health is finally at the forefront of Corporate Malaysia. But two years into this pandemic, organizations are still struggling to identify and implement mental health strategies that truly address, protect and empower their workforce. Organisational psychologist and CEO of O-Psych Hetal Doshi joins us to discuss the 9 reasons why these strategies aren’t working, and how to fix them.Image Credit: Shutterstock | stockfour
2/8/202227 minutes, 55 seconds
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SMARTer Performance Planning for 2022

With a new year, comes new KPIs. And in the next few weeks, many organisations will be focusing their efforts on just that - designing KPIs to drive greater impact and achievement in the workplace. Claudia Cadena from Thread Advisory talks to us about how to contextualise the performance planning process, and some best practises to drive an effective framework for success in your organisation in 2022Image Credits: Shutterstock | Becris
1/25/202229 minutes, 3 seconds
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Resolutions 2022: Hold ‘em or Fold ‘em?

It’s that time of the year again when we start to give up on our New Year resolutions… but not if Hetal Doshi has anything to do with it! The organisational psychologist and CEO of O-Psych gives us the 411 on the true purpose of resolutions, why we continue to fail and recycle these goals, and most importantly - how to increase the success rate of your self-change goals in 2022, at work and on the home-front. Image Credits: Shutterstock | ina9
1/11/202224 minutes, 7 seconds
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What VCs Are Looking For In 2022

Entrepreneurship is on the rise. Despite the pandemic or because of it, we’re seeing more Malaysians venture into new business and with this - the need for funding. We open 2022 on Resource Centre with a look at what VCs are looking for here in Malaysia, a deep dive into their due diligence framework in this endemic, and tips on what you can do to increase your chances of success in the venture capital investment process.Image credits: Shutterstock | ImageFlow
1/4/202226 minutes
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Pillars of Support for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises

As local MSMEs continue to grapple with a post-pandemic landscape, solutions providers like TM have developed initiatives to help businesses thrive again. Through a number of key pillars and focus areas, Unifi Business aims to provide the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises community with a much-needed boost in terms of technology and connectivity. We speak to Sharliza Mohd Haris, Head of SME Business Solution, Unifi Business, about catering to the needs of the local MSME community as well as providing access to more robust business solutions.
12/21/20218 minutes, 22 seconds
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MYHackathon - Digitalising Government Services

The Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) are constantly looking at new and innovative ideas, solutions, platforms and scientific discoveries that will benefit Malaysians.One of the key pillars it focuses on is the use of technology and digitalization as a means of delivery of key public services to the rakyat. Last year, MOSTI took the bold step of calling on all innovators, software engineers, subject matter experts – as well as concerned Malaysians, to come together to help co-create solutions that will help improve how these services are delivered, and thereby improve the wellbeing of the rakyat. MOSTI has organised a nationwide series of hackathons called MYHackathon. We catch up with Rafizah Ghazali, group CEO of Cradle Fund to learn more.
12/14/202118 minutes, 6 seconds
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Using Data Science To Boost eCommerce Growth

If you want to target your customers better, understand their needs and behaviours, know where to find them and what makes them tick - then you need data. We speak with Mritunjay Kumar, CEO of data exchange platform InsightzClub, about using data science to help retailers make data-driven decisions to stay ahead of consumer demand, and deliver promising ecommerce growth. Image Credit: Zapp2Photo | Shutterstock
11/30/202127 minutes, 29 seconds
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PR Can Be Seen And Heard, But How Can It Be Measured?

Bill Gates once said, "If I were down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on PR." Yet, despite all its achievements, there is still a poor perception of Public Relations - many view it as the next best thing AFTER Marketing & Advertising. We speak to Jeremiah Rodrigues from global media intelligence company CARMA Asia about the importance of earned media, the art of measuring its ROI, as well as how to leverage on your campaign results for valuable insights on public perception. Image Credit: wellphoto | Shutterstock
11/23/202121 minutes, 7 seconds
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Adopting Industry 4.0, the Right Way

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is well on its way, and companies that want to thrive will have to get with the times whether they like it or not. While making significant changes is never easy, adopting new tech and driving IR4.0 standards are crucial when it comes to staying on the global supply chain. We spoke to Malachy Martin, Global Director - Center of Excellence, Digital Supply Chain, SAP, about the do's and don'ts when transitioning to an Industry 4.0 workflow, the digitalization of old machines, as well as SAP's plans for Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) 2021. Brought to you by Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific. Image Credit: Ant Rozetsky | Unsplash
11/18/202116 minutes, 12 seconds
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Malaysia's Machinery on a Global Stage

As the National Trade Promotion Agency, MATRADE wants to position Malaysia as a globally competitive trading nation by offering specialized services to Malaysian exporters. MATRADE is also often the first reference point for foreign importers, making it the perfect platform for business matching opportunities for Malaysian companies and foreign importers. In conjunction with Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) 2021, we spoke to Naim Abdul Rahman, Director, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) about Malaysia's potential as a global powerhouse within this ecosystem, as well as MATRADE's plans to engage with other global players through the Malaysian Pavilion at ITAP 2021. Brought to you by Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific. Image Credit: Christopher Burns | Unsplash
11/17/202112 minutes, 40 seconds
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Introducing the Dronetech Roadmap

Drones are often seen as tools of the future, but these machines are already being used across various industries to increase precision, productivity, and efficiency. As a nation with some of the world's leading drone companies, Malaysia is a prime example of how to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution and IR4.0 technologies. We spoke to Dzuleira Abu Bakar, CEO, Technology Park Malaysia (TPM) about the unveiling of the Dronetech Roadmap, engaging with global players in this space, as well as TPM's plans to launch this initiative at Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) 2021. Brought to you by Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific. Image Credit: Orange Deer studio | Shutterstock
11/16/202116 minutes, 37 seconds
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A Shining Light in Malaysian Manufacturing

The global manufacturing community is lagging behind in its adoption of IR4.0 tech. More than 70% of companies are stuck in pilot purgatory, while only a select group of leading manufacturers are able to deploy advanced manufacturing at scale. So to close this gap and accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies in manufacturing, the World Economic Forum set up the Global Lighthouse Network. And just last month, Western Digital’s factory in Batu Kawan was announced as the first and only Malaysian member of the WEF Global Lighthouse Network. Our friends from Western Digital talk to us about the program, and what this means for the manufacturing sector here in Malaysia.
11/16/202122 minutes, 19 seconds
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Of Microsoft and IR4.0 Manufacturing

When we think of Microsoft, we often picture operating systems, computers, and XBox consoles. But the industry giant is also a prominent driver of IR4.0 adoption in the manufacturing space. In conjunction with Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) 2021, we spoke to Saj Kumar, Regional Business Lead, Manufacturing, Microsoft Asia, about the region's potential as a global manufacturing hub, enhancing adoption of new technologies, and how supply chains worldwide are adapting to a post-pandemic workflow thanks to IR4.0 solutions. Brought to you by Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific. Image Credit: JeanLucIchard | Shutterstock
11/15/202113 minutes, 32 seconds
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Using the 360-Feedback System For Good, Not Evil.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - Appraisal Season. And in preparation for year-end evaluations, we speak to Claudia Cadena from Thread Advisory about the good, the great, and the perils of using the 360-Feedback assessment tool to measure employee performance, especially during a pandemic year. Image Credit: Eviart | Shutterstock
11/9/202127 minutes, 38 seconds
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Why Millions of Workers Are Quitting And What You Can Do About It

The Great Resignation just keeps getting greater. As the world moves into the recovery phase from Covid-19, many companies have started insisting that we come back to the office full-time. And in response, people are quitting their jobs in droves. Organisational psychologist and CEO of O-Psych Hetal Doshi talks to us about this “march toward freedom”, the root causes, and how organisations can retain their talent during this phenomenon. Image Credit: Piscine26 | Shutterstock
11/2/202131 minutes, 2 seconds
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How To Be "The Best Place To Work" Today

British tech giant Sage has gone to great lengths to ensure employee wellbeing and happiness against the backdrop of this raging pandemic. We speak with veteran tech MD Arlene Wherett about their much deserved nomination by Glassdoor as one of the Best Places To Work in 2021, the company’s “flexible human work” model, and how organisations can emulate their success in consciously putting their employees first. Image Credit: 4 PM production | Shutterstock
10/26/202127 minutes, 53 seconds
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WTH Is Zero-Party Data?

You may be familiar with first-party data strategies that are set to take the spotlight when all the major browsers go cookieless next year. But have you heard of zero-party data? Daniel Henriksen, Head of Programmatic Strategy, joins us to talk about both first-party and zero-party data, as well as how brands can create trust among consumers to facilitate the sharing of ZPD. Image Credit: faithie | Shutterstock
10/12/202121 minutes, 12 seconds
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Creating Tomorrow’s Sustainable Startups

The Expo 2020 Dubai kicks off this month, connecting people from all corners of the globe as they experience the best in art, culture, innovation, and invention. And as the lead agency for Week 2 of the Expo, Cradle Fund will be showcasing the Malaysian funding landscape and some of our best start-ups, in the hopes of putting Malaysian innovators, researchers and startups on the global map. We speak to Pn. Rafiza Ghazali, Group CEO of Cradle Fund, on leading week 2 of the Expo, creating tomorrow’s sustainable startups, and more.
10/5/202112 minutes, 33 seconds
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How to Fight Well In The Workplace

DAP vs. UMNO. Liverpool vs. Manchester United. We’ve all seen how conflicts and rivalries can divide the world, so it’s no surprise to see it do the same in the workplace. But conflicts can come at a significant cost to organizations - environments where conflict is poorly managed are associated with high rates of employee turnover and absenteeism. So how do we best respond to conflict? Organisational psychologist and CEO of O-Psych Hetal Doshi talks to us about learning to fight well - how to take a punch well, and how to deliver ones that make a difference in the workplace. Image Credit: Lightspring | Shutterstock
10/5/202126 minutes, 39 seconds
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How To Build A Cross-Border DTC Malaysian Brand

It sounds like a dream, but many out there are living it. It’s not impossible, too hard or too expensive to build a global direct-to-consumer Malaysian brand. Co-Founder and CEO of Meecko.Asia, Ching Kah Hing gives us the framework to scale your ecommerce business across borders quickly and successfully, without putting your product on a marketplace. Image Credit: everything possible | Shutterstock
9/28/202128 minutes, 29 seconds
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Improving HR Health In Malaysia

Earlier this June, KPMG in Malaysia launched its HR Health Check exercise - a survey that gathered information on what various organisations are concentrating on, and assessed how healthy the HR function is within organizations. We dissect the key findings from this year’s survey, identify areas for improvement, and discuss possible remedies to get your HR Department back on track for a clean bill of health. Image Credit: GoodStudio | Shutterstock
9/21/202133 minutes, 9 seconds
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Virtual Events: The New Frontier

While some parts of the world have started to open up to concerts, exhibitions, and all the in-person live events we’ve missed over the course of this pandemic - analysts say Virtual Events are set to grow bigger and badder over the next decade. Veemal Gungadin, CEO of event tech provider Global SignIn and virtual events platform Gevme talks to us about the opportunities in the global Virtual Events industry, how to build a community of virtual event creators, experts and learners, as well as how event organisers can maximise value from these virtual events. Image Credit: Andrey_Popov | Shutterstock
9/14/202132 minutes, 11 seconds
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Cross-Border Trade - The Next Big Thing.

We are buying everything online these days - from mattresses to detergent and electronics to barbeque pits - and these goods are being shipped to us from around the world. So what’s stopping Malaysian SMEs from generating higher revenue and better opportunities via cross-border trade as well? We speak to eBay Southeast Asia’s Head of Cross Border Business Development, Tam Yong Sheng, about gaining access to a whole new world of customers, the potential segments for immediate growth, and the opportunities and challenges that await those who adopt the model. Image Credit: kentoh | Shutterstock
9/7/202122 minutes, 4 seconds
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Back To The Office? No, Thanks.

With all this talk about easing restrictions for the fully vaccinated, it’s made the prospect of returning to the office more real. But according to Ernst & Young Consulting Sdn Bhd, only one out of five Malaysian employees want to go back to the joys of full time office work. While this is understandable, it does pose a whole bunch of problems for organizations nationwide. We discuss the implications, and how to make things work with Anil Shivadas from EY. Image Credit: G-Stock Studio | Shutterstock
8/24/202128 minutes, 25 seconds
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CTRL + W(ork)

You know how frustrating or impossible tasks feel when the CTRL key on your keyboard is busted? Well, apparently it’s the same at Work. On this episode of Psychology@Work, organisational psychologist and CEO of O-Psych Hetal Doshi double-clicks on some of the main issues all working Malaysians are facing during this “full lockdown”, and how it always comes back down to Control. Image Credit: | Shutterstock
8/3/202131 minutes
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Sustainable Talent Development for IR 4.0

The Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC) is an industry-driven training and talent development centre that’s focused on accelerating the job-readiness of local talent to support the growth of Industry 4.0. We speak to Executive Director Teh Sook Ling about their high impact talent development strategies, and Dr. Chua Wen-Shyan, the Head of SHRDC’s Smart Factory 4.0 program, that’s meant to put Malaysia on the map. Image Credit: PopTika | Shutterstock
7/27/202127 minutes, 51 seconds
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Clicking Refresh On Production

Covid-19 came out of nowhere and killed travel everywhere. For the production industry, this meant a pause on remote shoots, access to foreign talent, live shootings and so much more. Marketing and advertising players basically had to find a workaround to creating content, do more with less, and challenge the traditional approach to production. And this has effectively changed the way they do business. As a global leader in content creation optimization consultancy, APR APAC Managing Director Jonathan Parker joins us to discuss how brands can elevate their creative production approaches, how they can capitalize on the growing demand for digital content, and how they can thrive amid the continuous rise in digital consumption and ecommerce. Image Credit: gnepphoto | Shutterstock
7/13/202126 minutes, 9 seconds
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Layoffs. How To, If You Have To.

While some employers argue that employees shouldn’t be too surprised if they are “let go” during this pandemic, others recognise the need to be more empathetic than ever when dealing with retrenchments and layoffs during this time. We discuss the best practices when designing and executing job cuts, as well as what organisations can do to support exiting employees, as well as the ones who survive the cut. Image Credit: zimmytws| Shutterstock
7/6/202138 minutes, 20 seconds
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When HR Automation Is Cool, And When It’s Not

With the exponential growth of remote working over the course of this pandemic, a robust digital employee management system is no longer an option, but a necessity for most organisations. And while gamifying HR and automating tedious manual tasks may sound cool, there are times when it’s not. We speak with Victor Phang from WorkSmartly about finding the right balance in digitising people management, simplifying HR for engagement, and recognising when the human touch in Human Resources should prevail. Image Credit: metamorworks | Shutterstock
6/29/202125 minutes, 32 seconds
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Lockdown (Ad)ventures

Just when ad spend was beginning to show signs of picking up, COVID-19 cases shot up and we found ourselves in another lockdown. And this has (once again) thrown advertising plans, campaigns and budgets into disarray. But where there’s a will to advertise, there is a way. We speak to Therine Goh from AdEasy about some of the interesting advertising strategies at play this FMCO, how brands can tackle cash flow issues and still engage with consumers frequently, and what’s shifting plates to make waves in the advertising world.
6/22/202119 minutes, 42 seconds
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White-Collar CSI

Fraud. Embezzlement. Financial manipulation. It may not be a gruesome crime scene, but a crime scene it still is, and expertise we will need. This is where forensic accountants come in. We discuss their role in the business world, in unearthing, investigating and preventing white-collar crimes, and how they enhance an organisation’s internal controls.
6/15/202122 minutes, 20 seconds
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Hybrid, Hi-Touch & Higher Education For Tomorrow

Covid-19 has impacted the higher education sector more than any other event in the history of education. It’s forced institutions to finally reckon with the fundamental values of higher education, and deep dive into a student’s perspective and other stakeholder needs and expectations. Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Vinesh Thiruchelvam, Deputy Vice Chancellor & Chief Innovation Officer at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation joins us to discuss how institutions are adapting and innovating, the rise of hybrid learning, hi-touch services & microcredentials, as well as what education will look like for the next generation.
6/8/202125 minutes, 40 seconds
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Feel Like A Fraud? You're Not Alone.

Are you for real? What are you even doing here? Still waiting for the other shoe to drop? You’re not alone. On this episode of psychology@work, we discuss the intellectual phoniness that will affect some 70% of us at some point in our lives - The Impostor Syndrome. How is it hampering your potential for success, and how do you break out of the cycle? We discuss.
6/1/202131 minutes, 17 seconds
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Why Your Business Needs An Insurance Broker

In conjunction with the Malaysian Insurance and Takaful Brokers Association’s 45th anniversary, we speak with MITBA Chairman Vicky Rajaratnam about the evolving role of brokers during this pandemic, and how they’re slowly emerging from behind the shadows of their industry counterparts - the insurance agents. We also discuss how brokers are helping SMEs expand business protection, via financial insurance and policies that cover business interruptions.
5/25/202116 minutes, 54 seconds
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Will Your Business Thrive or Survive under MCO3.0?

After spending more than 12 months in various stages of lockdown, the nation finds itself under another Movement Control Order. What can SMEs do to better manage their business this time ‘round? We speak to Dennis Martin, Group CEO of CTOS Digital about what SMEs should be prioritising under MCO3.0, and the three main factors that will determine if businesses thrive or survive in the coming year.
5/18/202117 minutes, 49 seconds
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All The Office Is A Stage

Theatre is powerful. It breaks barriers, helps us see different perspectives, and engenders change. Even in the workplace. Marie Tseng, Facilitator & Founding Director at Cultural Impact and Lim Soon Heng, Executive Director of KL Shakespeare Players talk about their recent collaboration - Exchange Theatre - which is helping the big boys in the corporate scene implement behavioural change in the workplace. From gender tensions at work and managing people, to safety or work-life balance, listen to how Exchange Theatre is being used as a tool to ignite change within an organisation.
5/11/202132 minutes, 1 second
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Stress is Data. So Make That Data Work For You.

Sure, we live in stressful times today. But does stress have to affect us negatively? On this episode of Psychology@Work, we discuss the “Magic of Stress”; why stress doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it’s potential for personal and career growth, and how to make workplace stress work for you.
5/4/202123 minutes, 40 seconds
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You Need A Covid-19 Response Team in Your Company

The unthinkable has happened. Someone in your organisation has tested positive for Covid-19. What do you do? Who do you call? How should you communicate the news to everyone? SHOULD you communicate the news to everyone?    In conjunction with World Day for Safety & Health at Work 2021, we speak with Certified Occupational Health Doctor from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Malaysia, Dr Rokeshwar Hari Dass about responding, managing and mitigating the risks to your organisation in the event of a Covid-19 case in the workplace.  
4/27/202125 minutes, 50 seconds
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Laying The Foundation for MyDigital’s Success

A plan is just a plan until it’s executed. We speak with our friends from PwC about putting the MyDigital plan into motion, what's in it for the private sector in working with the public sector to help bring the strategies from the Blueprint to fruition, and what success might look like when the plan starts to pay off.
4/20/202130 minutes, 54 seconds