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In the end, all the best systems in the world depend on the people who make them work. Raise Your Game is about just that: putting you at the peak of your powers, by showing you how to grow mentally with new skills and insights in leadership, communication, negotiation, stress management and overall personal development. Experts present real-life practical solutions, and no issue is too small. Raise Your Game regularly tops the BFM podcast download chart.
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The Science Behind High Performers

Dr. Carla Fowler is an elite executive coach with an MD PhD who combines the latest research from performance science with timeless best practices to help top performers level up and achieve their goals. She explains the misconceptions when it comes to high performers as well as the science behind how to better your performance. Photo Credits: Freepik | jcomp
4/10/202325 minutes, 5 seconds
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How to Execute Effective Team Meetings

As we enter into the second quarter of the year, there’s so much to do for business owners and their teams to win at work! At the heart of a company’s performance is its team and at the heart of its team’s performance is regular and timely communication via team meetings. Goals, objectives, plans and execution are all discussed and worked on at team meetings. Hence executing effective meetings is a skill critical for entrepreneurs and managers to master. To help us do just that, we have Business Coaching expert Jeevan Sahadevan the founder of Leverage Lab to take us through powerful keys on How to Execute Effective Team Meetings!Photo Credits: Freepik | tirachardz
4/3/202318 minutes, 4 seconds
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How To Shift Your Skills & Future-Proof Yourself

Skillset requirements are different now compared to 5 years ago. There’s something called “shifting skills” now to future proof businesses and individuals. What does shifting skills entail, how does it relate to upskilling, and how can it help us to prepare for the future? We discuss this with Hui Ming Ang, the co-founder and Growth & Strategic Initiatives Leader at Leaderonomics. Photo Credits: Freepik | standret
3/27/202324 minutes, 52 seconds
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How To Get Your Business Started ASAP

The idea of starting a business can be daunting, and you may not know where to start. Sarah Stow, host of the Launch Your Biz NOW podcast, explains the first steps of kickstarting your entrepreneurial journey, and why it’s important to shape your business around you instead of the other way around.
3/20/202325 minutes, 23 seconds
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What’s Your Entrepreneurial OS?

Mike Paton has spent the last 15 years helping thousands of leaders around the globe run better businesses and live better lives. An Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS Implementer and speaker, Paton spent five years as EOS Worldwide’s Visionary, is the host of the top-rated podcast The EOS Leader, and co-authored two books in the Traction Library – Get A Grip and Process!He’ll be in Malaysia speaking at the EO Taipan Masterclass themed “Challenge The Storm” brought to you by EO Malaysia from March 15 to 17.Photo Credits: LinkedIn | Mike Paton
3/13/202319 minutes, 59 seconds
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A Powerful & Simple Time Management Technique for Incredible Success at Work

With all the social media activities and tools available today, Executives and entrepreneurs are finding themselves even more distracted than ever before and having their focus hijacked constantly. Managing themselves and their time to do deep work and to get the most important things done in a week has become a mountain of difficulty today. Jeevan Sahadevan, founder of Leverage Lab is here to help with an insanely simple and potent time management formula that guarantees not only an increase in your focus, efficiency and effectiveness, but will help you achieve your toughest goals this year.Photo Credits: Shuttershock | Elnur
3/6/202319 minutes, 39 seconds
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Post Pandemic Transformation of Talent Succession

A recent Forbes article states that ‘the tenure of top leadership positions is getting shorter and shorter.’ The repercussions of this instability not only affect the people in a firm, but also clients directly. Hence, why succession planning is critical to ensuring longevity of a company. We speak to Jeffrey Tan from Leaderonomics to find out how.Photo Credit: Shuttershock | metamorworks
2/27/202324 minutes, 5 seconds
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The Power of Effective Brand Positioning

What is brand positioning and how can you up your marketing game when you master it? Ulli Appelbaum is the founder of his boutique brand strategy shop First The Trousers Then The Shoes, Inc. in Minneapolis working with clients of big names. He released a book called “The Brand Positioning Workbook: A simple how-to guide to more compelling brand positionings, faster.” Ulli shares how powerful having the right brand positioning can have on your marketing strategies and your business identity.Photo Credit: Shuttershock | Dusit
2/20/202326 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Unwritten Rules of Women’s Leadership

Helen Appleby is a British New York-based Women’s Leadership Expert and host of “The Unwritten Rules of Women’s Leadership” podcast; she discusses the tools women can use to write their own rules, navigate their versions of success and achieve their potential.Photo Credit : Shutterstock | Monkey Business Images
2/13/202321 minutes, 10 seconds
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Quiet Quitting Might Not Be A Bad Thing

 It’s a whole new year. But you may still be at your old job and you’re not completely immersed in whatever you’re doing. You’re starting to draw boundaries for your time and energy. The magic and excitement are gone. Well, you’re not alone, this sweeping trend really took off last year and was quickly christened Quiet Quitting. Sashe Kanapathi, CTO of LeaderonomPhoto Credit : Shutterstock Sorapop Udomsri
1/30/202322 minutes, 7 seconds
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Coaching Executives Like Athletes

It’s safe to say that physical fitness and mental health go hand in hand, and in turn, that affects our overall performance in the workplace and in life. What can we learn from the world of sports coaching that we can also apply to the world of work? Riad Hechame, founder of Peak Human Performance, the strength and performance clinic, explains.Photo Credit : Shutterstock | UfaBizPhoto
1/16/202323 minutes, 9 seconds
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From Business Recovery to Growth

Many businesses have faced the pandemic head on and come out the other side. Now, the question is: what does it take for a brand to not just hang on by a thread, but to actively grow and thrive? Russell Pearson, an award winning business owner, founder of the Forge Business Program, and host of the Marketing Report Podcast - also known as the Brand Design Guy and the Business Blacksmith - has the answers.Photo Credit : Shutterstock | G-Stock Studio
1/9/202325 minutes, 51 seconds
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The CEO Conundrum

It’s tough being a leader, and sometimes it’s difficult from the employee point of view to remember that your managers and CEOs are people, too. Roshan Thiran, founder & CEO of Leaderonomics, helps break down that CEO conundrum. Image Credit : Shutterstock | Chaay_Tee
12/12/202221 minutes, 19 seconds
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22 Questions for an Incredible Review of Your 2022!

It’s that time of the year where we take stock of our year and our successes and failures as well as what worked and what didn’t work and invest all these reflective lessons into the year ahead, 2023. No one better than Jeevan Sahadevan, the founder of Leverage Lab to do this with us like he does every year! Take some time out and do these questions alone or with your partners or team and get an incredible review of your year done and finish strong!Image Credit: Shutterstock | oatawa
12/5/202233 minutes, 47 seconds
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Mental Fallacies in Leadership

Often, the working world and especially being in a leadership position demands a certain amount of mental fortitude. However, there are fallacies along the way that may test your mettle. Larraine Chang, founder & CEO of Ascension Associates, touches on issues like linear thinking and impostor syndrome that may be stopping leaders from achieving their goals and leading well. Image Credit: Shutterstock | Sunti
11/21/202225 minutes, 39 seconds
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Achieving Sustainable Leadership Success

Safe to say, leadership isn’t easy, and it’s entirely possible to put obstacles in your own path if you get overwhelmed or if you don’t know how to maintain effective leadership over a longer term. Mark J. Silverman, an executive coach, author, speaker and podcast host, tells all about achieving sustainable leadership success.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Kateryna Onyshchuk
11/14/202225 minutes, 24 seconds
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7 Necessary Endings In Order To Finish Strong In 2022

As we close the year, our focus is on finishing strong in 2022; the first and most important step is to decide what to end. What are those things that have held us back, continue to hold us back, or are preventing us from big successes? Jeevan Sahadevan, the founder of Leverage Lab, calls these “necessary endings” and shares 7 of them that business leaders should take a look at.Image Credit: Shutterstock | xalien
11/7/202222 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Young Leading The Young

Leadership is never easy, so how do you balance authenticity and authority or friendliness and firmness, especially if you’re not that much older than the people you’re leading? Andrea Chew, co-founder of MAD For Good, tackles the topic of young managers, young teams, and everything in between. Image Credit: MAD For Good Official Website
10/31/202222 minutes, 13 seconds
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Driving Productivity With Design Thinking

The attitude towards work has seen a fundamental shift as of late, what with the pandemic accelerating the phenomenon known as the Great Resignation, and it feels as though this is the moment to take a good, hard look at your work environment. How can it be improved, and what tools are at our disposal? Rosemary Phan, co-founder of Design Thinkers’ Academy Singapore, discusses using design thinking to redesign the workplace and rehumanise working.Image Credit: DesignThinkers Academy Singapore Facebook Page
10/17/202224 minutes, 59 seconds
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11 Strategies for Personal and Professional Relationship Mastery

Life is relationships, and now more than ever. In this post Covid economy, hit by impending inflation and recessions locally and globally, good personal and professional relationships are what will help us win at work and in life. Jeevan Sahadevan, the founder of LeverageLab, shares eleven powerful strategies to help us master our relationships as we move closer to 2023. Image Credit: Shutterstock | YummyBuum
10/3/202230 minutes, 1 second
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Integrating Sustainable CSR

Many organisations are becoming more aware of their social accountability, resulting in the creation of CSR initiatives and/or branches within the company. But is this actually making an impact? And how can CSR move from being an afterthought to a core tenet of your organisation? Aaron Dason, head of operations at M.A.D. Movement, explains the importance of CSR and how to ensure CSR sustainability. Image Credit: Shutterstock | vector
9/26/202226 minutes, 4 seconds
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Managing Polarity

Everyone is different, but because of that, sometimes in work and in life you have to learn how to navigate conflict. How do you balance and compromise for different points of view, and how can opposing values come together for a common purpose? Xiao Cheng Wong, fellowship manager of Acumen Academy Malaysia, explains the concept of polarity and how it pertains to improving communication and resolving conflict.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Iconic Bestiary
9/19/202223 minutes, 36 seconds
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You ARE In Control Of Your Destiny

We’ve all had moments where we felt like life was living us, and not the other way around. It can be difficult, especially in times of crisis and change, to feel like you really are holding the reins. Dr. Reza Abraham, co-founder of InControl Group, shares how you can take complete control of your life and career, and his systematic approach to that, based on his book “In Control”.Image Credit: InControl Group Facebook Page
9/12/202225 minutes, 1 second
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8 Keys for Entrepreneurs to Finish Strong in 2022

It’s just under 4 months till end of the year and it is time for Entrepreneurs to slam on the accelerator and to finish strong! Jeevan Sahadevan, the founder of Leverage Lab takes us through 8 powerful keys to finish the year, 2022, on a very high note and enter the new year with hope and excitement! Grab your devices or pen and paper and take some notes and get with your teams and execute everything and Finish Strong in 2022!Image Credit: Shutterstock | LanKogal
9/5/202222 minutes, 3 seconds
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Confidence At Your First Job

Maybe you’ve just graduated, or maybe you’ve been working for decades, or maybe you’re entirely self employed - but all of us know of the nerves and jitters that come with starting a new job, especially if it’s your very first one. How do you enter a new situation like this with confidence? I’m joined today by Matthew Raj Adam, content creator & special projects partner at Leaderonomics, to discuss that.Image Credit: Shutterstock | woocat
8/29/202225 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Art of Delegation

One of the struggles of being an entrepreneur is the pressure to feel like you have to do it all yourself. A huge lesson for all leaders to learn, though, is how to delegate effectively and utilise your team to the fullest; and often this comes with a ton of support from administrative personnel. Amanda Hamilton, founder of remote administrative support service Hamilton Raye, divulges the trick to the art of delegation.Image Credit: Shutterstock | SurfsUp
8/22/202224 minutes, 51 seconds
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WorkQuake: Making The Seismic Shift To A “Knowledge Economy”

The past few years have truly shaken up the workplace. We’ve been jostled into a different way of thinking about work and working, especially when it comes to what we think of leadership and how we want to conduct ourselves as leaders. Paul Glover, C-Suite Performance Coach and author of WorkQuake: Making The Seismic Shift To A “Knowledge Economy”, styles himself the “no BS” coach, and guides us through navigating the “workquake” with the power of persuasive storytelling. Image Credit: Paul Glover | Executive Business Coach Official Website
8/15/202227 minutes, 39 seconds
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Helping You Focus On The Work That Matters

Getting a company organised - especially if you’re newer to entrepreneurship - can often seem daunting, with a hundred tasks all seemingly of equal urgency and importance. How do you sort through the mess and focus on the work that really matters? Owen McGab Enaohwo, CEO and co-founder of SweetProcess, explains exactly how entrepreneurs can simplify their organisation’s operations. Image Credit: Shutterstock | ProStockStudio
8/8/202223 minutes, 33 seconds
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Sales Mastery for Salespeople in a Down Economy

As the twin forces of a recessionary and inflationary economy hit businesses everywhere, the first area to feel the impact is sales and especially sales people. Jeevan Sahadevan, founder of Leverage Lab, outlines several specific and powerful keys for salespeople to work on to pick up their sales very quickly and hit targets.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Digital Storm
8/1/202227 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Power Of Contextual Trust

Trust is absolutely key in the workplace, but some say trust is earned while others claim trust is given. How do you build trust in the workplace? What happens if that trust is broken? And how can organisations better show trust in their employees? Vivian Po, senior partner at necole & learning and engagement consultant for Leaderonomics shares her thoughts.Image Credit: Vivian Po Linkedin page
7/25/202225 minutes, 18 seconds
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How To Become The Best Version Of A Leader

Oftentimes, leaders may feel enormous amounts of pressure; whether it’s in how to position themselves as leaders, how well they’re doing in leading their team, or feeling like they have to do it all alone. That’s where leadership coaching firm Brandheart comes in; founder & CEO Glen Campbell explains how to discover what he calls your “Best Self Identity”, and how taking care of yourself first makes you a better leader for everyone.Image Credit : Shutterstock | Yuganov Konstantin
7/18/202230 minutes, 20 seconds
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6 Things Entrepreneurs Can Do To Profit Massively From A Recession

 As the recession and inflation plays out locally and globally, the one thing on every entrepreneur’s mind, especially SME owners, is “how do I profit from this?” To help business owners do exactly that, Jeevan Sahadevan, founder of LeverageLab shares 6 very specific things that entrepreneurs can implement in order to prosper in businesses during times like thisImage Credit : Creativa Images | Shutterstock
7/4/202227 minutes, 32 seconds
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Teach Your Kids Critical Thinking, Right Now!

Critical thinking is a crucial skill, but how can we integrate that developmental process to a point where it becomes second nature as an adult? Kiran Tuljaram, editor at Leaderonomics, discusses why she started teaching her children critical thinking skills at an early age, and how vital these structures are for navigating the adult world. 
6/27/202224 minutes, 56 seconds
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Epic Starts With The First Step

Everyone’s got a dream, but it can feel scary or intimidating to know where to start in achieving it, especially if you’ve got a really big dream. How do you take the first step? Zander Sprague, public speaker, author, and licensed professional clinical counsellor takes us through the motions of achieving your dream, no matter how epic the journey seems.Image Credit: Zander Sprague Website
6/20/202226 minutes, 6 seconds
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Disrupt Your Thinking Before It’s Too Late!

Neil Sahota is an IBM Master Inventor, United Nations A.I. Advisor, Chief Innovation Officer in University of California at Irvine, and globally-recognized speaker and author. Through his work with Global Fortune 500 companies as a change maker, he created a disruptive thinking framework called TUCBO; he joins us to explain the framework, as well as why organisations need to disrupt themselves before someone else disrupts them.Image Credit: shutterstock | Lightspring
6/13/202226 minutes, 26 seconds
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Is Digital Learning A Passing Fad Or Crucial Future?

Digitalisation has become all the rage nowadays, with companies left, right, and centre jumping on the bandwagon in the wake of the pandemic. But when it comes to digital learning, is this something truly sustainable, or will we be reverting back to what worked before? Nigesh Armon, COO of Leaderonomics’ digital learning experience platform, Necole, sheds some light on the pros and cons as well as the future of digital learning. Image Credit: shutterstock | Black Jack
5/30/202227 minutes, 33 seconds
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Moral Leadership & Accountability

Sadly, over the years we have seen far too many examples of leaders who allow toxicity and rampant corruption in their leadership styles and organisations. How do we as individuals and leaders hold ourselves accountable, and is it ever too late to redeem ourselves? Oga Chan, head of Acumen Academy Malaysia, discusses the ideas of moral leadership & accountability; how, exactly, can we work towards implementing these in our organisations and as an extension, our society at large?Image Credit:
5/23/202229 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Secret Successes Of Self-Publishing

One of the best tools for business success is being able to control your narrative, and what better way to do that than writing a book? Chandler Bolt, author and CEO of Self-Publishing School and, shares how instrumental writing books can be in sharing your message and even growing and scaling your business.Image Credit: Chandler Bolt on Amazon
5/9/202224 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Benefits Of Starting Late

Oftentimes in life we feel like we have to catch up to other people’s milestones; that there are arbitrary points in time we have to have accomplished something by, but that simply isn’t true. So what do you do when you hit the points of your life that make you feel like you’re being left behind? Shashi Kesavan, Head of Strategic Projects at Leaderonomics, discusses the benefits of starting late and the importance of self-awareness at these crossroad moments.Image Credit: Shutterstock | eamesBot
4/25/202224 minutes, 4 seconds
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Unmuting The Workplace

The past few years have truly shone a spotlight on the importance of communication in the workplace. What are the new standards for defining good workplace communication? How can improving communication in the workplace impact inclusion, diversity, and level up your work culture? Heather Hansen, trainer, author, and global communication consultant at the Global Speech Academy, discusses that and more. Image Credit: Communication Styles
4/18/202227 minutes, 21 seconds
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Market Research, Emotions, And More

When it comes to advertising and marketing, one of the most important points to hit a customer is their heart. Utilising and understanding emotions in advertising could be the make-or-break moment to push that campaign and product into greater success. So how do you use emotions to go beyond market research? Dr. Duane Varan, CEO and founder of neurometric lab-based research company MediaScience, explains that and more.
4/11/202224 minutes, 6 seconds
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12 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople

As Malaysia opens up to the world post pandemic, the number one priority for businesses everywhere is Sales. And a key asset to getting huge sales is a company’s highly performing and successful Salespeople. Having coached and trained salespeople and sales teams for over 2 decades, Jeevan Sahadevan, founder of LeverageLab, has put together a framework of key habits that successful salespeople embrace on autopilot. Today we will look at the 12 habits of highly successful salespeople and how to install these habits and win big this year!Image Credit: Shutterstock | Dmitry Demidovich
4/4/202229 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Impact of Digitalising Youth Development Programmes

It is naturally important for us to guide and develop our youth in order to shape a better future. Darren Timothy, special projects partner at Leaderonomics Youth, discusses whether digital youth development programmes are less impactful than physical programmes; and what your own upskilling journey could look like in digitising your engagement with youth.Image Credit: Leaderonomics Youth Official Facebook Page
3/28/202225 minutes, 40 seconds
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Battling “Coronastress” With OKRs

The conversation surrounding mental health, the workplace, and how the pandemic has affected all of us has taken root and only continues to gain steam. And one of the best tools in this conversation is a sense of structure and communication. Founder of OKRs Coaches, Catherine Chen, discusses the concept of the “Objectives and Key Results” framework (OKR) and how OKRs can provide some much-needed assistance with what we’re referring to as “coronastress”.Image Credit: Shutterstock | Tribute Media
3/21/202225 minutes, 10 seconds
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Executive Loneliness & Workplace Isolation

One of the many issues that the pandemic has encouraged over the past few years is isolation and loneliness. With many of us working from home or in bare-bones, empty offices, it has been a hard issue to combat indeed. Nick Jonsson, co-founder and MD at EGN Singapore, the largest confidential peer network for the C-suite & entrepreneurs in Asia, discusses how we can identify these issues and fight them.  (Content warning: This show contains material that may be harmful or traumatising for some listeners, including mentions of suicide.)Image Credit: Shutterstock | Master1305
3/14/202226 minutes, 5 seconds
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The 7 Sentence Marketing Strategy

For many businesses, the last two years of this pandemic was all about surviving. Now it is time to thrive as markets and borders open up globally. The key to thriving in business is marketing; however, many entrepreneurs and managers don’t have a proper marketing strategy for their businesses and don’t even know where to begin to build an effective marketing strategy. Founder of LeverageLab, Jeevan Sahadevan, takes us through the 7 sentence marketing strategy that’ll get your business thriving. Just 7 sentences!Image Credit: Shutterstock | Song_about_summer
3/7/202225 minutes, 23 seconds
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ESG & Your Business

What is ESG? How does it differ from and tie into the SDGs and CSRs? And how does a strong ESG proposition in a company contribute to value creation in an organisation? Rashmi Menon, country managing director of Leaderonomics Malaysia, explains the powerful role ESG can play in your business.Image Credit: Shutterstock | HTWE
2/28/202225 minutes, 22 seconds
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Coaching The Brain

Joseph O’Connor is the author of nineteen books, including the most recent book, Coaching the Brain, co-founder of the International Coaching Community, and founder of the Neuroscience Coaching Centre. He talks about all things coaching, as well as the role of neuroscience in coaching and how the pandemic has affected our brains.Image Credit: Shutterstock | McLittle Stock
2/21/202228 minutes, 55 seconds
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Built To Innovate

Professor Ben Bensaou, professor of technology management at INSEAD Description: The pandemic has shown companies that innovation can’t just be a once-in-a-while fluke or exercise; in order to survive, you have to build it into the DNA of your organisation. Professor Ben Bensaou, professor of technology management at INSEAD and author of the book Built To Innovate, discusses that and more.Image Credit: Ivey Business Journal
2/14/202223 minutes, 26 seconds
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Double Your Sales

The two years of this pandemic have hit businesses hard, with many collapsing. And for those that have survived, the time is now to build big. And one thing that’s definitely on every entrepreneur and manager’s mind is doubling sales! To help everyone do just that, we have our favourite business coach Jeevan Sahadevan, founder of Leverage Lab to show us how!Image Credit: Shutterstock | oatawa
2/7/202222 minutes, 16 seconds
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Autonomy & Leadership

Andrea Chew, marketing strategist of Leaderonomics, deep dives into the relationship between freedom, autonomy, and leadership.Image Credit: Shutterstock | metamorworks
1/31/202228 minutes, 32 seconds
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The Common Creative

What is crucial for running a successful business? Financial acumen - definitely. Marketing savvy - yes! But often people forget about another extremely important element that can boost every area of your business: creativity. Paul Fairweather, co-host of a podcast called ‘The Common Creative’ , shares his insights from his experiences in how to incorporate creativity into business practices. 
1/24/202224 minutes, 25 seconds
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Utilising Feedback For Success

When it comes to the world of feedback, the avenues for collecting and analysing feedback have expanded to a truly staggering degree. But it’s not only customer feedback that can make or break a company; how do you use feedback within your organisation to spur your employees forward? Rajiv Lamba, founder & CEO of customer experience management software SurveySensum discusses that and more.Image Credit: Shutterstock | 13_Phunkod
1/17/202223 minutes, 16 seconds
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Subtle Words That Sell

Sales are everything for the everyday entrepreneur, but we may have been doing it all wrong this whole time. Paul Ross, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and author of the book, Subtle Words That Sell, discusses the concept of subtle selling and why it’s important for everyone.
1/10/202223 minutes, 24 seconds
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7 Step Goal Setting For Creating Your Best Year Ever In 2022!

Happy New Year! It’s a brand new year and a brand new shot at winning big at work and in life. Many people make new year resolutions but they don’t last and many just don’t come to pass. A better way ahead would be to let our famous business coach Jeevan Sahadevan guide you through his 7 Steps that not only focuses on setting compelling goals but achieving them in record time too!Image credit: Shutterstock | patpitchaya
1/3/202228 minutes, 22 seconds
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Leadership Volunteerism

For our final Leaderonomics show of the year, PichaEats co-founder and head of M.A.D. For Good at Leaderonomics discusses the importance of volunteering, how it can give you leadership skills, and why it’s good for business. Image credit: Song_about_summer | Shutterstock
12/6/202126 minutes, 35 seconds
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Remaining Congruent & Walking The Talk

We all have heard the phrase “walk the talk”, but how many of us actually do? And why is it important to follow through? Human Equation founder Sheila Singam shares how you can actually live by the values and philosophies you espouse, and how it looks when people and organisations say one thing and do another. Image Credit: Horst Widlewski | Shutterstock
11/29/202121 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Power of Image Branding

They say perception is reality, so how do you manage peoples’ perceptions of you and how does that help you in both your personal and professional lives? Image brand strategist, Elizabeth Hor, shares some insights into the power of image branding, how it’s different from personal branding, and the true impact of a first impression. Image Credit: aurielaki | Shutterstock
11/22/202124 minutes, 26 seconds
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Keeping Employee Minds & Bodies Fit For Work

Paresh Subramaniyam, founder and head of corporate health & wellness at Fitxcapes, a corporate wellness solutions firm, shares his thoughts about keeping employee minds and bodies fit for work. Image Credit: Tartila | Shutterstock
11/15/202123 minutes, 24 seconds
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Coping With A Lifetime’s Worth of Change

How has consumer behaviour shifted? What does a hybridised future look like? And how has learning during a pandemic been useful not only to upskill, but as a coping mechanism? Melanie Cook, managing director for Asia Pacific region of global learning provider Hyper Island, discusses how people and companies have adapted in these changing times. Image Credit: kenary820 | Shutterstock
11/8/202127 minutes, 31 seconds
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When Should You Change?

Change is inevitable, but it’s important to step back and take a look at the kinds of changes you’re making and the rate you’re making them at. Eva Lim, Marketing Lead at Leaderonomics Digital for NECOLE, shares her thoughts on the importance of place, urgency, and gravity when you ask yourself, “When should you change?”. Image Credit: Alberto Andrei Rosu | Shutterstock
11/1/202122 minutes, 35 seconds
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Workplace Bullying

We often associate the term ‘bullying’ with the playground machinations of children, but unfortunately bullying can and does continue to take place within the workplace amongst fully grown adults as well. What forms does this take, and how can we address these issues? Human Equation founder Sheila Singam sheds some light. Image Credit: pathdoc | Shutterstock
10/25/202119 minutes, 18 seconds
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Save The Silver Bullet

It’s safe to say that many businesses around the world have found the past few years tough, having to change, adapt, and problem solve at a much more accelerated pace than ever before. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that there’s no immediate cure or magic solution to save and improve your business; but what kind of questions can we ask and what work can we do to get the ball rolling? Author of Save The Silver Bullet, Ben De Haldevang, discusses that and more. Image Credit: JoeZ | Shutterstock
10/18/202126 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Power of Positive Education

It’s safe to say that everyone is experiencing a level of heightened adversity at the moment, but what are our leaders, academic institutions, and policymakers doing to provide the current generations and incoming workforce with the right knowledge and skills? Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi, Provost and CEO of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia, discusses the power of positive education. Image Credit: tomertu | Shutterstock
10/11/202125 minutes, 29 seconds
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Cracking the Code Of Motivation

With the pandemic turning our lives upside down, many people have been finding it difficult to regain their motivation. Adeline Yii, Customer Success Partner at Leaderonomics, breaks down what motivation is, how to identify demotivation in people, and how to take the first steps towards being motivated. Image Credit: KieferPix | Shutterstock
10/4/202122 minutes, 22 seconds
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Psychological Safety

The phrase “don’t shoot the messenger” is unfortunately a far too familiar issue in the modern world. Instead of giving people a framework of safety for doing what’s right towards preserving the integrity of the company, many institutions opt to transfer them, put them in cold storage, make work untenable for them or even turn the tables on them and make them the scapegoats. Human Equation founder Sheila Singam to discuss the concept of a safety framework, what psychological safety is, and why it is important for institutions to have and implement. Image Credit: Adriana Sulugiuc | Shutterstock
9/27/202121 minutes, 26 seconds
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Empowering Students With Leadership Skills

It’s clear that leadership skills and other so-called “soft” skills are integral to professional success and personal development, but not everyone is able to access resources to help them learn these skills. In an effort to bridge those gaps, co-founder and CEO Kelvin Tan started Project ID, an education social enterprise that runs high-impact programmes empowering underserved students. He shares how Project ID is working tirelessly to empower students with leadership skills, and how those skills will carry the next generation into a brighter future. Image Credit: Pla2na | Shutterstock
9/20/202124 minutes, 35 seconds
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Lifelong Learning

It’s undeniable that the world and the skills needed to succeed in it have shifted, with this transition accelerated heavily by the pandemic. How do you keep up and continue to upskill and reskill? Juan Perellon, chief academic officer of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, or EHL for short, discusses how the hospitality education institution prepares their students at any age or career stage, the importance of lifelong learning, and how hospitality and service skills are essential for professional development. Image Credit: Vitalii Vodolazskyi | Shutterstock
9/13/202122 minutes, 7 seconds
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Taking Career Risks

What does it mean to take risks in your career journey? How do you come to this fork in the road and what do you decide when you do? Arun Nagarajah from Leaderonomics discusses the variety of risks, how to judge when to take them, and what happens if things don’t work out. Image Credit: lassedesignen | Shutterstock
9/6/202122 minutes, 25 seconds
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Authentic Leadership

Most human beings wear masks; in addition to the physical masks we wear because of the pandemic, we also wear metaphorical masks for different situations and the different people we meet. Some people put on so many masks, they lose a true sense of who they are and become totally inauthentic. Why is authenticity important in the first place, especially in the people we look up to? Human Equation founder Sheila Singam shares her take on authentic leadership: what it is, how we can achieve it, and why it’s the way forward. Image Credit: Evdokimov Maxim | Shutterstock
8/30/202121 minutes, 16 seconds
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Healthy Habits In Work & Life

Life in the pandemic feels like it’s following the same old routine looking at the same four walls over and over again, but how do we break out of the bore and cultivate good habits? Angela Eimer, habit strategist & coach, shares a general discussion about health and habits, and how they help us in the workplace and in our general lives. Image Credit: fizkes | Shutterstock
8/23/202123 minutes, 19 seconds
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The SMARTER Goal-Setting Blueprint

When it comes to setting goals big or small, it’s important to do so with a sense of structure and accountability. Most have heard of setting SMART goals, but what if you could set SMARTER ones? Soo Hoo Yoon Hunn, chief impact maker at Abundant Impact, gives us the SMARTER goal-setting blueprint. Image Credit: MIND AND I | Shutterstock
8/16/202125 minutes, 7 seconds
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Activate Brand Purpose

Chip Walker, head of strategy and partner at StrawberryFrog, as well as co-author of the book Activate Brand Purpose: How to Harness the Power of Movements to Transform Your Company, talks about the ideas of activating purpose, movement thinking, and how to be a galvaniser in your organization. Image Credit: Pond Saksit | Shutterstock
8/9/202124 minutes, 18 seconds
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Unlocking Human Potential

Waheeda Hasbullah, youth partner at Leaderonomics, shares her thoughts on how we can unlock our true potential; she takes a look at the extrinsic factors like social media consumption and basic human interaction that shape who we are, as well as the existential and more intrinsic questions we have to continually ask ourselves to figure out our core values. Image Credit: Ariya J | Shutterstock
8/2/202121 minutes, 57 seconds
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Words Matter

Words matter. They can shape perception, which in turn affects the image or brand of an individual or organization. Especially on social media, how do we say what we want to say, but not cross the line to the detriment of our image and the brand we represent? Human Equation founder Sheila Singam discusses why words matter and how we can navigate balancing brand preservation and authenticity. Image Credit: Thomas Stockhausen | Shutterstock
7/26/202122 minutes, 26 seconds
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A Creative Approach To Life

The pandemic has taught the world that being able to go with the flow is crucial. Sometimes, life throws the unexpected in your path - and creativity is the key to handling the unexpected. Alper Almelek, motivational speaker, discusses his creative approach to life, and how creativity benefits the workplace. Image Credit: S Migaj | Pexels
7/19/202116 minutes, 56 seconds
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The Game-Changer’s Guide to Radical Success

Tevis Trower is the founder & CEO of Balance Integration as well as a leadership futurist, greatness advocate, and culture strategist. As the author of the book The Game-Changer’s Guide to Radical Success, she discusses the power of empathy, communication, and introspection in becoming a radically successful individual. Image Credit: Dmitry Demidovich | Shutterstock
7/12/202125 minutes, 1 second
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The Monkey Mind

Aaron Lee, solutions partner at Leaderonomics speaks to us about the concept of the monkey mind - the part of the mind that’s restless and overactive; he explains how it works, how to train it as a “focus muscle”, and how that benefits people in both the workplace and in life. Image Credit: Yuganov Konstantin | Shutterstock
7/5/202122 minutes, 17 seconds
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Working In The Future

Once, the thought of working from home was not just rejected outright, it was even laughed at as an impossibility. How things have changed; employees resistant to technology embraced it because their career survival depended on it; companies pivoted; new apps, platforms and portals became the primary way of communicating… will we ever go back to working the same way as before or will employers have to meet employee expectations, and what could those expectations be? Human Equation founder Sheila Singam discusses the future of work trends and what we can expect. Image Credit: senadamie | Shutterstock
6/28/202123 minutes, 20 seconds
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The Phoenix Encounter Method

The pandemic has forced the whole world to get comfortable with change - be it positive or negative - and as a result, many companies have had to entirely pivot or reinvent themselves. Professor Ian Woodward, co-author of the book, The Phoenix Encounter Method, helps us understand what that journey of rebirth would look like - and what the right mindset is to facilitate such a metamorphosis.
6/21/202124 minutes, 55 seconds
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9 Entrepreneurisms

Anwar Jumabhoy, business coach and co-author of the book, ‘9 Entrepreneurisms: Management Practice for a VUCA World’, discusses what entrepreneurisms are, how each entrepreneurism can help enterprises get through the toughest of times, and how they can be learned and improved upon throughout one’s career.
6/14/202124 minutes, 30 seconds
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Overcoming Ennui In The Pandemic

Much of life in the pandemic has felt like a rollercoaster ride, with huge ups and downs to deal with. However, as the world has had a year to contend with the ever-changing situation, a new issue has emerged; many are now suffering from a sense of ennui, otherwise known as listlessness or dissatisfaction. How can one combat ennui not just at the workplace, but in the new normal life in general? Sheila Singam, founder of Human Equation, discusses how she’s handled ennui over the past year and how you can identify and overcome it yourself.
5/31/202123 minutes, 1 second
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Emotionally Effective Leaders

What is the difference between cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence? How can emotional intelligence be measured? How does gender factor into the equation? And how can leaders become emotionally effective? Elif Malmqvist, director at Talentum EQ Consulting, answers these questions and more.
5/24/202118 minutes, 28 seconds
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Leadership, Mental Health, and The 12 Steps

In today’s working world, transferable skills are everything; but what about transferable philosophies? How can we look at leadership and mental health in new or reframed ways? And how do we maintain a healthy relationship with leadership? President and founder of Shallowhorn Consulting, Karl Shallowhorn, discusses how he applied Narcotics’ Anonymous 12-step programme with over 19 years of working in the behavioral health field to his book, “Leadership Through the Lens of the 12 Steps”, as well as the relationships between mental health, leadership, and social justice.
5/17/202124 minutes, 37 seconds
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Leaders Of The Future

Su-Yen Wong, founder of organisational reinvention solutions company, Bronze Phoenix, is dedicated to navigating leadership and organisational challenges from Western and Asian viewpoints seamlessly. She discusses the jobs of the future, how Asian leaders are seen on a global scale, and what Southeast Asian leaders’ approaches have been to the hot topic of company diversity.
5/10/202124 minutes, 12 seconds
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Staying Engaged In The Workplace

Being engaged in the workplace is about employees being committed and connected to their organisation. What does it take to achieve this? What is the role of the employer and the employee in all this? More importantly, what can we do as individuals to ensure that we remain engaged, for our own sake more than anything else? Eva Christodoulou, Head of Solutions and Services at Leaderonomics, explains.
5/3/202123 minutes, 25 seconds
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Developing Leaders For Healthy Organisations

Are leaders born or made? While some people do appear to have come into this world with a natural capacity to lead, they are not the norm.  However, does this make the ones who learn to lead mediocre leaders? Not at all. Human Equation founder Sheila Singam discusses the role of leadership development in building robust, healthy organisations with satisfied employees.
4/26/202120 minutes, 53 seconds
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Humanising The Workplace

One major thing we are learning about the office is that empathy goes a long way towards productivity, team work, and long term leadership. It’s about time to humanise the workplace. Mark Bilton, a leadership advisor and the managing director of Thought Patrol, sheds some light on the expectations of leadership, how important empathy is in the workplace, and the main challenges for leaders moving forward.
4/19/202119 minutes, 57 seconds
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Unleash Your Rockstar

A huge part of growing, learning, and improving is taking obstacles in your life and using them as stepping stones to achieve success.  Jonathan George, CEO of JG Entertainment, is also known as the “human hitmaker” for his achievements in consulting and brand development for musical talent; he speaks on his experience in supporting talents in the entertainment industry, his worldview of how your flaws can be your strengths, and how people can build confidence.  
4/12/202121 minutes, 42 seconds
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Rashmi Menon, head of client engagement at Leaderonomics, discusses self control, its roots in childhood development, and how that affects us as adults both in and out of the workplace.
4/5/202122 minutes, 32 seconds
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Enabling Women For Leadership

Women are still fighting the battle for equal treatment, equal wages, and a place at the top. Has Covid-19 made any difference in terms of improving opportunities for women to achieve leadership positions? What, in the first place, has prevented more women from achieving leadership positions all this while? And why the push for women to play a bigger role in leadership – is it just to satisfy a need to be competitive, or is there a more profound reason? Human Equation founder Sheila Singam discusses these questions and more.  
3/29/202121 minutes, 19 seconds
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Spearheading Customer Experience And Company Culture

Innovation is the name of the game for entrepreneurs as they want to take their businesses from good to great to global recognition. Beth Davies has been at the forefront of many company success stories, namely Tesla, Apple, and Microsoft; she shares her thoughts on company culture, scaling the workforce, and leadership development.
3/22/202124 minutes, 17 seconds
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Brian Dumaine, author of the book “Bezonomics”, discusses why he decided to analyse the success of the first centi-billionaire on the Forbes wealth index, Jeff Bezos. How did Bezos grow a trillion dollar company? What makes him different from other Silicon Valley moguls like Elon Musk? And how can the average layman or aspiring entrepreneur learn from him?  
3/15/202124 minutes, 6 seconds
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The Makings Of A Teenage Entrepreneur

Harsha Ravindran began her entrepreneurial journey at eleven years old through the guidance and exposure to the working world from the social business incubator, ET Ideas. At eighteen years old, she started And more recently, she launched her book “The Makings Of A Teenage Entrepreneur.” She joins us on the show to discuss her success, if entrepreneurship is the way forward for her still, and how she navigates the working world.  
3/8/202125 minutes, 12 seconds
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Understanding Your Own Leadership Perspective

It’s always good to take a step back and reflect on what leadership means to you; Nigesh Armon, head of solutions & services at Leaderonomics, reiterates how you can take a look at understanding your own leadership perspective.
3/1/202124 minutes, 49 seconds
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Virtual Communication

Sheila Singam takes us through the dos and don’ts of virtual communication, sharing her thoughts on online etiquette and captivating your digital audience.
2/22/202123 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Power of Power Skills

It’s not just book smarts or resumé entries that make you a good employee, employer, and even person. But the idea of “soft skills” seems like merely a “want”, not a “need” - so how do we rebrand and cultivate these skills? Andreas Vogiatzakis, founder of AMV+ Advisory, tells us about why he calls them “power skills” and why they are a business essential.
2/15/202124 minutes, 38 seconds
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All Things Agility

In the business world, buzzwords get thrown around often, some more seasonal or contextual than others. But one concept that has been picking up steam is the idea of agility and how businesses must cultivate agility. Emmanuel Coucke, partner at Bain & Company, clarifies the concept of agility; what companies get wrong, how it benefits businesses, and how to improve at it.
2/8/202121 minutes, 42 seconds
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Meeting Changing Business Expectations

Sheila Singam joins us for the last Monday of the month to discuss how business expectations in 2021 have changed dramatically, and how you can adapt and pivot accordingly to find success in the new year.
1/25/202124 minutes, 15 seconds
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Listening To Your Passion

Judd Armstrong shares his story about going from being an Australian immigrant arriving penniless in America, to founding Jaybird (which became the third top premium headphone brand in the US alongside Beats and Bose in 2006), to knowing to quit while you’re ahead, and finally his endeavours into the world of fintech and cryptocurrency.
1/18/202125 minutes, 59 seconds