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English, Religion, 4 seasons, 90 episodes, 3 days, 13 hours, 26 minutes
Reiki masters Kathleen Johnson and Andrea Kennedy invite you to come along with them beyond the Reiki gateway. Reiki is often called the "gateway to energy healing" because it offers countless opportunities for healing and spiritual growth. Journeying through and beyond this gateway reveal the possibilities and potential in each of us. In each episode, Kathleen and Andrea take listeners on an exploration of these paths -available to all - helping you to discover those that are just right for you. They delve into Crystal Healing, Past Lives and Reincarnation, Spiritual Awakening, Spirit Guides, Meditation, Empaths, Life Purpose, and, of course, Reiki! Special guests will be on hand to dive even deeper and provide a unique perspective on some of life's big existential questions. Kathleen and Andrea have been Reiki Masters and teachers for a combined total of almost 40 years. They bring their accumulated knowledge, experience, and insights to each episode as they journey with fellow seekers, like yourself, Beyond the Reiki Gateway.
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S4 Ep - 3 Spiritual Insights from Base-12 Numerology with Michael Smith

Andrea Kennedy welcomes pioneering numerologist and psychic medium Michael Smith, Beyond the Reiki Gateway, to discuss the science and spirituality of base-12 numerology and how it reflects the geometry of consciousness. Michael shares his journey of awakening as well as his research on the prime pattern of the base of 12 and how it expands what we can learn about ourselves through our birthday and name. Join them as they explore this fascinating topic and its implications for our understanding of numbers and spirituality.Timestamps00:00:00 Welcome00:01:15 Base-12 numerology.00:07:18 Numerology and base-12.00:09:36 Base-12 mathematics.00:12:00 Base-12 numerology discovery.00:17:02 The lower heart chakra.00:19:02 Reiki and Energy Multiplication.00:25:26 Base-12 Numerology.00:27:41 Base-12 and its versatility.00:31:12 Life path and calling.00:34:38 Exploring change through new beginnings.00:37:15 Physical/spiritual duality.00:43:22 Spiritual awakening and St. Francis.00:46:26 Life path and Reiki practice.00:49:19 Fours follow you all over.00:53:38 Meeting someone in a five energy.00:56:34 Energetic changes in 2016.01:00:11 A whole other door.✨ Learn more about Michael Smith📕 Michael's Book: Base-12 Numerology: Discover Your Life Path Through Nature's Most Powerful NumberBecome a BTRG Insider and receive exclusive content! Support the showSponsored by The New Mainstream Reiki CommunityBringing Reiki people together in a whole new way, we are the Destination for Reiki Practitioners to Learn, Share, Connect, and Evolve.Find out more:🌟 Become a BTRG Insider and receive never before seen content🔗 Link to all things BTRG!Want to know more about Andrea?💕 Connect with her: more resources from today's guest and more:🛍️ Andrea's Amazon Shop may earn money through Amazon for qualifying purchases.📲 Find us on Facebook and InstagramBeyond the Reiki Gateway produced by Twisted Spur MediaDisclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this program do not necessarily reflect those of the podcast or anyone affiliated with its production or advertising. This program is presented for entertainment purposes only. The utilization of the information provided is at ...
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