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Beyond the Passport with Jasper Iturriaga

English, Social, 1 season, 5 episodes, 4 hours, 8 minutes
Welcome to Beyond the Passport with Jasper Iturriaga! Listen to people's stories about calling, purpose and pure stoke from around the world.
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FGM(Female Genital Mutilation) and the Olmalaika Trust

Beyond the breathtaking safaris in Africa, there's a harsh reality that isn't known to a lot of people. What is FGM? How is the Olmalaika Trust helping young girls heal from it, and how can you help? To learn more about the Olmalaika Trust, visit: Jasper: VJ:
8/29/202252 minutes, 56 seconds
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Heroes bringing education to the remotest parts of the Philippines

Listen as we share stories of SULADS - heroes who sacrifice their time, resources, comfort, and ultimately their lives to bring education to the furthest parts of the Philippines.
8/22/202244 minutes, 26 seconds
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My experience going to Ukraine during the war

Jasper goes to Ukraine during the war to help bring refugees outside the country and find temporary homes for them in an effort called "Project Safe Passage". Listen to stories of how war can affect people but also how compassion is still abundant in times of suffering.
8/15/202249 minutes, 16 seconds
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From heartbreaks and denials to the Jungle School Project

Being denied entry to the US, broken relationships, struggling with mental health, and Jasper's adventure of building a school in the middle of the jungle - We're super excited for you to check out this episode! Jasper: VJ:
8/8/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 25 seconds
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From surviving a brain tumor to traveling across 50 countries

The beginning of Jasper's journey of traveling to over 50 countries around the world with one of the weakest passports. From surviving a brain tumor, leaving pastoral work, and following his love for photography, filmmaking and storytelling. Jasper: VJ:
8/5/202238 minutes, 27 seconds