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Beyond the black letter law

English, Finance, 3 seasons, 77 episodes, 1 day, 22 hours, 7 minutes
By Prism Chambers
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All Things Yoga featuring Moshin Dowlut

00:00 - Intro01:06 - How did Moshin discover yoga01:57 - Why can yoga provide fulfilment03:18 - The purpose of an asana05:35 - The Iyengar method06:33 - Tackling apprehensions about yoga08:07 - Yoga and religion11:44 - The AUM sound14:32 - The power of intention16:02 - Quieting down the mind19:06 - Yoga as a complete practice21:07 - Should yoga be an everyday practice22:12 - Fasting and yoga23:35 - Benefits of yoga24:36 - Yoga and sparking curiosity25:47 - Where can we find Moshin?
4/10/202426 minutes, 59 seconds
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Rapid fire round with Dr Steciuk, General Practitioner

All Things Health (Episode 3) featuring Dr Damien Steciuk, General Practitioner🐛 Should I give my children worm medicine?❓ What is the link between the use of sanitisers and Type 1 diabetes?😷 Is wearing face masks in a post covid world harming my immune system?🍷 Will a glass of red wine a day keep my heart healthy?💔 Can someone die of a broken heart?If you have ever wondered about any of the above questions (actually... even if you haven't!) you will enjoy this week's episode.These are just a few of the many random questions we ask Dr Damien Steciuk during this "rapid fire round questions" episode.What started out as something that was meant to be a precursor to in-depth discussion on other topics ended up being a most enlightening episode on All Things Health.00:00 - Intro01:26 - Intermittent fasting04:15 - Cardio or resistance training06:55 - Creatine: yay or nay?08:12 - 10,000 steps a day09:49 - Vitamin D: Sunlight or food/supplementation12:40 - Supplementation and kidney overload13:59 - Coconut oil and heart health15:09 - Worm medicine for children16:48 - Health benefits of cold showers18:55 - Is fruit juice healthy?19:28 - Flight socks20:01 - Red wine and heart health21:19 - C-section & obesity22:35 - Face masks25:38 - Healing bacterial infections without antibiotics27:41 - Red meat and cancer28:46 - Benefits of coffee29:49 - Protein and old age30:48 - AI and doctors & surgeons36:13 - Another pandemic in our lifetime41:32 - Medicine and changing viewpoints42:21 - Weight loss drugs46:45 - Broken heart48:42 - Continuous glucose monitor51:29 - Do we think we are healthier than we are?52:15 - Five annual tests53:11 - HDL/LDL55:44 - Heart disease and gender
3/27/202457 minutes, 20 seconds
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Achieving high performance featuring Manish Bundhun, Chief People Executive, Rogers Group

00:00 - Intro01:33 - Personality profiling03:12 - The Enneagram profile04:55 - The 9 types of the Enneagram profile07:01 - Being surprised by profile types08:29 - Using personality profile for self-improvement09:52 - Can people change at their core?12:43 - Using other profiling tools16:35 - Favourite profiling method17:07 - What’s your animal spirit?18:11 - The future of work19:59 - Jobs on the rise and jobs on the decline21:31 - Technology and human capital24:48 - 4 elements of the workplace26:42 - AI and re-evaluating how we approach education29:19 - What core skills should remain in spite of AI32:59 - Can we look to the future with hope33:56 - The information age and spirituality36:38 - Architects of Opportunity
3/19/202437 minutes, 48 seconds
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All Things Women- Special Episode

3/12/202414 minutes, 54 seconds
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Portrait featuring Dominique Béchard, former Olympian

00:00 - Intro00:53 - Mauritian Association of Olympians03:09 - Tracking down former Olympians04:17 - 1984 Olympics08:41 - Athletics then and now11:05 - What did athletics mean to you?13:09 - How did athletics shape you?14:25 - The value of discipline17:20 - The role of sports in Dominique’s life now20:21 - Nutrition and exercise as we age26:38 - Sugar32:12 - Any regrets?33:25 - Words of wisdom for the young athlete
3/8/202438 minutes, 5 seconds
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Portrait featuring Lindsay Kassem, Founder of HealthUp with Lindsay

00:00 - Intro00:35 - What brings Lindsay to Mauritius?03:13 - From a corporate to a holistic lifestyle06:11 - Shifting mindsets11:00 - Self-confidence13:53 - Hierarchy of needs16:28 - Finding presence20:46 - Exercise as an outlet24:18 - Hormone Replacement Therapy32:23 - From unawareness to change35:46 - Making and breaking habits
2/28/202441 minutes, 41 seconds
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Portrait featuring Saira Easton, Personal Transformation Coach and Author

00:00 - Intro 01:45 - Saira’s turning point04:06 - Self-guided journey of discovery07:28 - Leaving the corporate life behind11:31 - You are me and I am you15:53 - Leading with fear18:51 - Scarcity v/s prosperity22:58 - What is a conscious leader25:46 - Feelings v/s intuition31:49 - Are we ready for conscious leadership?34:45 - Meditation and coaching37:31 - What do we need the most?39:57 - Self-worth42:21 - Finding joy in everything45:19 - Co-creating our life
2/21/202449 minutes, 49 seconds
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All Things Money featuring Nawaz Oozeer

00:00 - Intro01:11 - Nawaz’s professional values04:16 - The surprising thing about money07:41 - When should we start saving09:36 - Magic saving formula15:55 - Is cash trash?17:17 - The power of compounding19:40 - Know where your money is going23:13 - Money and generations26:06 - The taboo of money30:57 - First step towards being financially responsible34:05 - Reading time
2/14/202435 minutes, 44 seconds
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All Things Maroons featuring Raphael Audibert, Author of Leritaz Maronaz

00:00 - Intro01:05 - Inspiration behind writing about maroons04:12 - Transforming a calendar into a book04:54 - Researching maroon life07:39 - The turning point: the discovery of Amedée Nagapen09:56 - The deeper meaning behind Leritaz Maronaz12:44 - Grasping the elusive concept of “maronaz”13:38 - Shocking facts behind the life of maroons18:10 - Slavery and modern times22:01 - Women, maroons and slavery25:35  - Morality and slavery ancestry28:17 - Reparations through art32:02 - Message of Leritax Maronaz34:39 - Encouraging conversations about slavery38:46 - Being open to listening41:01 - Educating through family43:52 - Legacy for your children46:13 - Where to buy Leritaz Maronaz
2/8/202446 minutes, 50 seconds
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All Things Philosophy featuring Anouchka Sooriamoorthy Desvaux de Marigny, PhD

00:00 - Intro01:01 - Why Philosophy?02:48 - The concept of Identity05:11 - Do we think too much, or not enough?08:23 - Philosophy in the workplace11:43 - Measuring the impact of philosophy15:23 - Are people happy?20:09 - Finding meaning in the present moment21:40 - Practising empathy24:12 - AI and philosophy27:50 - Embracing philosophy in the future
1/31/202430 minutes, 57 seconds
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All Things Muay Thai featuring Berty d’Eau

00:00 - Intro00:43 - Discovering the Art of Muay Thai04:18 - Muay thai and other combat sports06:09 - Rituals in muay thai10:31 - Muay thai for women14:58 - Bringing peace into your life18:52 - Embracing pain22:13 - Am I too old to start muay thai?26:42 - Building strength and resilience30:51 - Finding bliss in muay thai36:06 - Where to train37:10 - Kids and muay thai
12/20/202345 minutes, 53 seconds
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Portrait featuring Kristèle Sun, Founder of O.Moi skincare

00:00 - Intro00:57 - Who is Kristèle02:35 - Return to Mauritius03:59 - Beginnings of O.Moi skincare06:28 - The why of O.Moi08:25 - The wonders of aromatheraphy12:11 - Practice of yoga13:54 - Benefits of a yoga practice17:44 - Challenges of being an entrepreneur in Mauritius20:52 - Using natural products and mindset24:14 - Advice for the youth27:46 - Where can we find O.Moi.
12/13/202329 minutes, 18 seconds
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All Things Regenerative Farming, featuring Nathalie Venis-Randabel

00:00 - Intro 00:50 - The start of Nathalie’s journey02:35 - The need for purpose03:44 - The big change05:05 - Regenerative agriculture06:24 - Knowing what’s on your plate09:29 - The foundations of regenerative agriculture12:08 - Living off-grid14:45 - Challenging times17:19 - Picking your own food21:55 - The sustainability problematic25:14 - Why are we eating food full of pesticides?27:32 - Making time for food29:19 - Being healthier32:11 - The corporate world38:15 - Where can we find Nathalie
12/7/202339 minutes, 36 seconds
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All Things Nutrition featuring Celina Maurel, Nutritionist

00:00 - Intro00:41 - Why nutrition as a career?02:08 - Misconceptions about nutrition04:28 - Exercise and nutrition05:48 - Is all sugar bad?10:04 - Should we avoid simple carbs?12:10 - Tackling diabetes with nutrition16:31 - The carbs portion18:44 - Fruit juices: yay or no?21:20 - Are we having enough protein in our diets?25:56 - Fat intake33:34 - Does everyone need a nutritionist41:41 - How to get hold of Celina
12/1/202342 minutes, 47 seconds
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International Men’s Day episode featuring Greg Lowden, Managing Director and CEO, HSBC Mauritius

00:00 - Intro 00:33 - First impressions of Mauritius01:38 - Banking sector challenges04:47 - Finding opportunities in difficult times06:54 - Finding purpose in banking10:27 - Trying the new and the uncomfortable13:30 - International Men’s Day15:16 - Zero Male Suicide19:14 - Mental Health and the workplace21:25 - Men’s role in society across continents25:38 - Diversity and decision-making27:42 - Balancing fatherhood and professional life
11/17/202333 minutes, 12 seconds
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Portrait featuring Noemi Alphonse and Jean Marie Bhugeerathee

00:00 - Intro00:37 - How did it all start for Noemi03:09 - Meeting Jean Marie for the first time05:50 - The wheelchair07:38 - The reality of handisports in Mauritius10:47 - Setting goals12:50 - The test17:25 - Learning life lessons19:14 - Importance of a coach22:05 - Support system25:13 - Having financial support26:47 - Noemi’s weekly routine28:48 - The sacrifices31:27 - Advice for the youth33:17 - The paralympic games37:00 - World championships44:41 - Learning to look ahead49:20 - Taking a break53:10 - 2024 objectives
11/8/202354 minutes, 58 seconds
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All Things Indenture featuring Swetam Gungah, Author of The Altruist

00:00 - Intro00:46 - Inspiration for writing the book03:16 - Doing the research04:49 - The Mauritian dream08:08 - Birth of The Altruist11:16 - A pious man12:24 - Slavery v/s indentureship16:59 - An early millionaire20:05 - Champion of women22:20 - Building schools25:18 - What shocked you?27:58 - The search for meaning34:38 - The core message36:13 - Prayers for the non-Brahmin38:12 - The First Hindi book published in Mauritius
11/2/202346 minutes, 9 seconds
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Portrait featuring Angélique de la Hogue, Author and Co-Founder of NIVO (Next-Level for Impactful and Valuable Organisations)

00:00 - Intro00:42 - Who is Angélique today?01:47 - What moves Angélique?02:42 - Why NIVO06:37 - Challenges faced by NGOs08:50 - TIPA and teaching through Art10:19 - Using Art to create Beauty12:57 - Who knows you best18:49 - NGOs and entrepreneurship21:25 - The why behind “Avec l’orage qui m’accompagne”27:02 - The decision to publish27:43 - Art and writing29:15 - Building resilience31:21 - Taking Tifi Loraz on a journey31:49 - Why Les Mots?32:48 - Guidance of Shenaz Patel35:16 - The horrific statistics of sexual assaults38:50 - Is the subject still taboo?40:30 - Saying No41:24 - Sexual education and parental responsibility45:38 - Finding Light in Darkness47:58 - Writing as Therapy
10/25/202351 minutes, 8 seconds
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Portrait ft Jérémie Lararaudeuse and Noa Bibi, Mauritian National Champions (Athletics)

00:00 - Intro00:30 - How it all started for Noa02:08 - Why youth gives up so easily02:47 - Friendly rivalry03:37 - Jeremie’s beginnings05:57 - The support system07:38 - Attributes of a great athlete09:29 - The hard times10:52 - Getting serious13:38 -  Setting goals15:24 - Falling and getting back up20:52 - Breaking Stephane Buckland’s record28:58 - The Crash34:23 - Emotional and psychological support36:32 - Being abroad39:12 - Financial support40:07 - Advice for the youth of today41:26 - Sacrifices47:17 - The highlights so far49:49 - Olympic Games 202452:04 - Le Mot de la Fin
10/18/202353 minutes, 24 seconds
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Portrait featuring Shirin Aumeeruddy-Cziffra

00:00 - Intro00:41 - The influence of childhood experiences04:31 - Taking on the Government of Mauritius09:48 - Discriminatory immigration laws14:08 - On being the first (and only) woman Attorney General of Mauritius16:24 - Referendums17:52 - The Ministry for Women21:58 - Achieving emotional detachment25:18 - Women’s rights in 202329:14 - Are we doing enough34:09 - Changing our mindset 39:49 - It starts at the cradle40:50 - The international scene43:13 - On writing46:06 - Pearls of wisdom for young women
10/12/202349 minutes, 32 seconds
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All Things Health (Episode 2) featuring Dr Damien Steciuk, General Practitioner

00:00 - Intro00:35 - Why medicine?03:08 - The emotional toll of medicine06:46 - High blood pressure08:26 - High blood pressure in kids09:25 - High blood pressure and salt09:59 - High blood pressure and genes10:37 - Systolic BP and dystolic BP12:57 - Can high BP be reversed naturally?13:25 - Dangers of high BP14:44 - High BP: the silent killer15:45 - Treating high BP16:22 - Low BP18:05 - Causes of obesity20:45 - Dangers of visceral fat22:22 - Skinny fat25:41 - Hyperthyroidism28:08 - Medicine 3.030:06 - The C word31:26 - Cancer 10134:07 - Cancer treatments34:52 - What causes cancer37:22 - Are we losing the fight against cancer40:57 - Practising medicine differently45:37 - Cancer and sugar47:23 - Autoimmune diseases49:40 - Common autoimmune diseases54:41 - AI and the future of medicine59:41 - The power of educating oneself
10/3/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 6 seconds
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All Things Communication featuring Verna Pillay, Head of Communications, Business Mauritius

00:00 - Intro 00:44 - Verna’s why03:52: - From literature to Communications06:50 - Post-colonial writing10:07 - Communications and diplomacy11:56 - National development and inclusivity13:52 - Positive discrimination16:34 - Gender and hard conversations19:39 - Aligning public and private sectors’ interests23:24 - The brain drain30:24 - Message for the young professional33:11 - Verna’s favourite author 
9/25/202335 minutes, 41 seconds
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Portrait featuring Stéphan Buckland, former Olympic athlete

00:00 - Intro00:57 - Why run?02:26 - From Jeux Intercolleges to Jeux Olympiques03:20 - Recipe for success05:05 - Support system05:43 - The Olympic games 07:18 - New Mauritian athletes09:11 - Sports culture10:09 - Sports and schools 11:51 - How to value our athletes13:45 - The low point15:22 - The high point17:13 - Game face 18:45 - What it takes to succeed as an athlete20:53 - Stephan’s fitness regime23:57 - What drives Stephan today
9/18/202327 minutes, 58 seconds
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Portrait featuring Judex Lefou, former Hurdles national and regional champion

00:00 - Intro01:26 - Special outfit03:40 - Why hurdles?06:49 - Hurdles and competition08:24 - Why compete08:48 - The Olympic Games10:52 - Career lows13:01 - Holistic support of athletes16:13 - Competing abroad18:01 - Breaking Judex’s record19:17 - Regrets21:00 - Words of wisdom for young athletes
9/13/202324 minutes, 37 seconds
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All Things Basketball featuring Ghislain Fanny, former Basketball champion

00:00 - Intro01:08 - Childhood influences04:32 - Facing adversity05:48 - Michael Jordan06:54 - Once a competitor, always a competitor07:45 - 3 top qualities of a great basketball player11:54 - Being MVP12:23 - The lowest point14:37 - The revenge game17:52 - Playing the Seychelles20:03 - Basketball for the next generation23:16 - Life lessons24:06 - Regrets26:23 - Sports and hope for the future
9/6/202328 minutes, 28 seconds
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Portrait featuring Desiré Francois, singer-songwriter/ségatier

00:00 - Intro 00:59 - How it all began03:28 - Writing songs04:05 - Diego05:53 - Rev nou ancet07:12 - Favourite songs08:25 - Desire’s family09:48 - Nostalgia of the original Cassiya11:14 - Today’s séga12:57 - Growing up poor14:40 - Starting all over again16:41 - Working with your spouse18:14 - Success in La Réunion20:41 - So many songs!22:35 - Advice for the new generation27:29 - Fam
8/30/202329 minutes, 42 seconds
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Portrait featuring Aqiil Gopee, Writer, Poet and Scholar of Religion

00:00 - Intro00:30 - Where it all started02:01 - Studying Religion04:15 - From Religion to Archaeology05:54 - Why dig into the past07:35 - Archaeology in the oceans08:56 - What writing brings10:17 - Insectarium14:16 - Dealing with family reactions16:36 - Literary translation of the Qur’an22:28 - Archaeology in Mauritius24:38 - Why write in French26:17 - Favourite Mauritian authors28:09 - The Creative Writing Circle30:28 - Talent v/s hard work
8/25/202335 minutes, 4 seconds
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Portrait featuring Shama Aboobakar, Former Badminton Champion

00:00 - Intro01:04 - The passion for badminton03:29 - Going elite07:32 - International tournament08:19 - The drive to win09:34 - The highs and the lows15:54 - Skill v/s mindset17:50 - Support of athletes20:11 - Importance of recovery22:34 - Anti-climax23:45 - Lessons learnt from being an athlete27:05 - Being the spouse of an athlete28:32 - Impact of motherhood33:40 - Keep going (especially) when you’re losing
8/11/202338 minutes, 57 seconds
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All Things Superpower featuring Shrada Gang-Verbeeck

00:00 - Intro00:56 - Shrada’s why05:24 - My voice, my superpower06:44 - From styling to training07:51 - How coaching has evolved over the last 20 years10:10 - Making people feel awesome10:58 - Preparing to coach13:50 - Dancing and coaching15:57 - The need for external validation and finding self-validation19:44 - Mental wellbeing in the workplace23:14 - Little things matter27:59 - The power of pink32:01 - Improving presenting skills36:13 - The art of storytelling42:10 - Personal branding
8/3/202344 minutes, 23 seconds
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Portrait featuring Davina Ittoo, Author

00:00 - Intro00:59 - Where did it all begin for Davina03:10 - From dreams to reality04:59 - Davina and her country06:04 - Love of literature07:36 - What inspired the first book09:50 - Winning the Prix Jean Fanchette11:00 - Background to Misère17:15 - Village superstitions19:07 - Alignment in all religions20:46 - Effect of writing21:52 - Writing v/s teaching24:11 - Community of Mauritian authors26:42 - Winning competitions28:05 - Process of writing29:48 - Lorsque les cerfs-volant se mettent à crier32:46 - Connecting with your land35:36 - Struggles of the land37:26 - Mastering language40:27 - Poetical prose41:41 - The Veena45:19 - What’s next for Davina
7/27/202348 minutes, 31 seconds
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All Things Survivor featuring Varsha Naran, Executive Coach

00:00 - Intro00:33 - Varsha’s unique journey04:56 - Using humour to conquer cancer05:36 - Why me?08:27 - Digging deep10:25 - Warrior’s strategy11:39 - Forging the future using the past13:07 - Light and shadow16:28 - The glass cliff20:40 - What can women do to empower themselves?23:27 - Conquer your emotions25:07 - Strategies for growth28:02 - Neuroscience29:58 - The magic of neuroplasticity32:00 - Cancer coaching36:05 - The pain of being a survivor38:00 - Coaching and the family42:46 - Hope
7/18/202344 minutes, 48 seconds
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All Things Payments featuring Sebastien Leblanc, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, MIPS

00:00 - Intro 00:57 - Sebastien’s why05:03 - Building a business with your spouse07:26 - Why MIPS09:34 - Dolphin in a sea of sharks11:09 - The future of MIPS13:05 - Making the impossible, possible14:34 - Objective v/s means to achieve the objective16:38 - Instant Integrated Payment System21:11 - Payplus27:17 - The value of a payment29:00 - The cost of handling cash31:25 - The untapped35:34 - The Paystation39:08 - MIPS beyond borders42:30 - Our children, our future
7/13/202343 minutes, 52 seconds
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All Things Health featuring Dr Damien Steciuk, General Practitioner

1 in 4 Mauritians have diabetes. Out of those, half are undiagnosed. If those statistics do not frighten you, consider this. The average yearly number of diabetes amputees in Mauritius is 500. This is huge for a small island nation with a population of only 1.3m. Not to mention the other devastating metabolic diseases afflicting our society and putting a huge burden on the health system: cardiovascular health, high blood pressure and obesity. The majority of these cases are preventable by implementing incredibly simple changes to one’s lifestyle and diet. We are thrilled to welcome Dr Damien Steciuk, General Practitioner, to share his knowledge and wisdom about: Diabetes, pre-diabetes and insulin resistance: what is it, how to identify if you are at risk, and what you can do about itHeart health: is it really about cholesterol?Stress: how to identify it, the damaging effects and possible solutionsMind/body medicine: myth or realityThe gut health debate: what is gut microbiome and how you can improve itIs exercise the magical cure of all ails: benefits and limitationsSleep: why we sleep so little and why we should all aspire to sleep more. Time stamps below:00:00:00 - Intro00:00:32 - Health concern no. 1 for Mauritians00:01:10 - Cause of diabetes00:02:00 - Insulin resistance and pre-diabetes00:04:52 - Can you reverse diabetes type 2?00:05:49 - Is diabetes a sentence?00:07:00 - Are medications enough for diabetes?00:09:31 - Low GI v/s High GI diet?00:12:31 - The sugar discussion00:14:56 - Protein and exercise00:16:17 - Why is bloodwork important?00:19:54 - The cholesterol debate00:22:45 - Endothelial Stress 00:24:03 - Good v/s bad cholesterol00:29:01 - Dr Steciuk’s ideal breakfast00:31:47 - All things stress00:40:43 - Mind-body medicine00:43:02 - Meditation is too hard!00:44:55 - Exercise instead of meditation 00:46:43 - Therapy with animals00:47:44 - Is exercise the magic cure for all ills?00:51:19 - Obesity 00:59:13 - Food intolerance 01:00:56 - Gut health and stress01:02:09 - Fecal transplant01:03:51 - Gut and the brain01:05:54 - Why do we sleep so little?01:07:14 - Why do we need sleep?01:09:15 - Sleep and alcohol01:11:48 - Sleep and recovery
7/5/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 15 seconds
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Sports Series: All Things Volleyball featuring Alison Labour, National Volleyball Champion

00:00 - Intro00:43 - Why the passion for sports03:21 - Thirst for competition03:49 - What does winning bring?05:33 - Setting goals when you’re winning08:03 - Hard work v/s talent09:15 - Finding time to train10:49 - Dealing with injuries12:25 - Nutrition13:52 - Men v/s women in sports16:40 - How young can we start playing team sports?18:40 - Benefits of group sports19:51 - Alison’s second passion: pastry24:21 - Incorporating volleyball into career choice26:31 - Sleep26:58 - Lessons learnt from volleyball30:00 - Alison’s favourite pastry30:38 - What the future holds for Alison
6/27/202333 minutes, 11 seconds
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Portrait featuring Nishi Kichenin, Founder, JurisTax Group

00:00 - Intro00:38- What drives Nishi02:25 - Building a business from scratch05:00 - Setting goals07:09 - Challenge No. 1: Balancing motherhood and being CEO09:56 - Challenge No. 2: Being a woman in business14:18 - Building and empowering a leadership team16:34 - What inspires Nishi19:05 - From gut feeling to implementation19:53 - Being told no21:58 - JurisTax Group in 10 years25:28 - Geographical diversification27:25 - Competing IFCs29:09 - Budget wishlist
6/22/202333 minutes, 20 seconds
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All Things Strategy featuring Ervin Erriah, Strategy Partner, MCB Group

00:00- Intro00:54 - Ervin’s WHY03:54 - Is strategy a forever career?04:48 - What is strategy?06:02 - Strategy in action08:23 - Strategy v/s goal10:11 - Vision without strategy and strategy without vision12:36 - Having a strategy to meet goals14:13 - Having a strategy in personal life16:03 - Ervin’s personal strategy19:49 - Facing your finitude21:30 - Should everyone have a personal strategic plan?23:59 - Strategy and law firms30:43 - Strategy for entrepreneurs
6/14/202332 minutes, 49 seconds
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All Things Football featuring Afsar Ebrahim, Co-founder Kick Advisory

00:00 - Intro01:01 - Being a Man Utd Fan02:47 - Football is more than just a sport03:47 -- Afsar’s GOAT05:22 - Eric Cantona08:04 - Where can it go wrong?10:03 - Eric Ten Hag11:53 - Sir Alex Ferguson14;41 - What it takes to achieve greatness17:49  - Having great processes22:56 - Evolve or die24:06 - The magic recipe for a winning football team24:30 -- How does a football team generate revenue?28:11 - The attraction in buying a football team29:38 - Can the free market ruin the love of the game?31:16 - Boycott of the World Cup33:16 - The FA Cup Final
6/7/202334 minutes, 57 seconds
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All Things Human Capital featuring Eddy Jolicoeur, Human Resources Consultant

5/31/202331 minutes, 35 seconds
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All Things Meta Coaching featuring Diane Nuteau, The Creative Brainstorming

Today’s episode is with Diane Nuteau, founder of the Creative Brainstorming as she talks to us about All Things Meta Coaching.Diane is passionate in her mission to empower others so they can achieve their goals and dreams.We talk about:What is meta coachingThe Creative Brainstorming MethodWhy everyone should have a coachThe difference between coach, counsellor and therapistWhether anyone is coachableCoaching and dealing with traumaCoaching for start-ups and SMEsCoaching and Fire Twirling
5/24/202329 minutes, 35 seconds
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All Things Image featuring Danila Lacoste, Image Consultant and Professional Coach

Join us for today’s episode of Beyond the black letter law by Prism Chambers featuring Danila Lacoste, Image Consultant and Professional Coach.Danila talks to us about All Things Image, including:• Image coaching in Mauritius• First impressions• The importance of conveying the right image in 2023• Main qualities for a professional image• The science behind image• How important is eye contact• Do handshakes matter• The power of visualisation
5/16/202326 minutes, 29 seconds
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Portrait featuring Priya Hein, author of prize-winning Riambel

Today we sit down with Priya Hein, author of prize-winning novel Riambel.She talks to us about:• What inspires her creativity• Books for children• Reading and technology• The why, how and what of Riambel• Winning the Jean-Franchette prize• What Mauritians thought of her novel• Publishing worldwide• Advice for aspiring Mauritian authors• The beauty of writing in Mauritius• Her favourite Mauritian author Enjoy!
5/9/202328 minutes, 39 seconds
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All Things Gender featuring Myriam Blin, Head – Charles Telfair Centre

Enjoy today’s episode of Beyond the black letter law by Prism Chambers where we discuss All Things Gender.Dr Myriam Blin is (one of the rare) gender economist and is currently the Head of Charles Telfair Centre as well as Head of Faculty of Accounting, Finance and Law at Curtin Mauritius.She shares wonderful insights on:Her journey into Gender EconomicsExperiencing gender across 3 geographiesMauritius and patriarchal valuesPositive discriminationGenuine willingness to change or GenderwashingDemystifying unconscious biasHow to go about setting a gender strategyGender and legislation
5/3/202337 minutes, 37 seconds
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All Things Fitness featuring Masha’el Peerbux

Our guest for today’s episode, Masha’ael Peerbux is a fitness guru, a CrossFit champion and a nutrition coach. She candidly talks to us about her journey from having sub-optimal health to going on a “revenge body” binge to finally achieving happiness by being holistically healthy. She illustrates that taking steps towards optimal health through strength training is attainable for (almost) anyone.She talks to us about:Her fitness journeyThe Crossfit’s modelWomen and liftingLifting and weight lossMeasuring progress in strength trainingShould I invest in a coachStrength training vs body buildingCrossfit and kidsRecovery and sleepMauritius and fitness awarenessCrossfit and injuryStrength training and confidence
4/26/202342 minutes, 47 seconds
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Portrait: Kabir Ruhee, CEO, Rogers Capital

Join us today as we chat with Kabir Ruhee, CEO of Rogers CapitalIn this portrait, we talk about:Kabir’s leadership styleHis favourite story about his “guru”The attributes and qualities he looks up to in Sir Winston ChurchillHow he embeds a unified culture in a diversified companyHis thoughts on the Great EmigrationThe next great opportunity for MauritiusHis Budget wishlist
4/19/202333 minutes, 20 seconds
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All Things Gen Z featuring Angelo Mars

Don’t miss today’s special episode featuring Angelo Mars, one of the bright recipients of the Mauritius state scholarship in this year’s cuvée as he talks to us about : What drives Gen ZHow does one identify one’s purposeNature v/s nurtureThe General Population conundrumThe value of giving backShould the diaspora come backWhat success means to him. Thanks
4/5/202340 minutes, 53 seconds
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All Things Tax featuring Joe Chan, Partner, Andersen in Mauritius

In this last episode of our Tax series, we sit down with Joe Chan from Andersen in Mauritius to talk about:His journey from the Mauritius Revenue Authority to private practiceHis core values in practising his professionHis love of Tax casesThe toilet paper case (!)His most satisfying tax controversy casesJoe’s legacy Enjoy!
3/29/202329 minutes, 25 seconds
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All Things Tax ft Ryaad Owodally, Director, International Tax & Transaction Services, EY Mauritius

3/23/202328 minutes, 50 seconds
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All Things Banking featuring Daniel Essoo, CEO, Mauritius Bankers Association Ltd

Today we are in conversation with Daniel Essoo, Chief Executive Officer at the Mauritius Bankers Association Limited to talk about All Things Banking Industry.We talk about: The objectives of the Mauritius Bankers Association Aligning the various interests of all members of the MBA -                 His personal thoughts on rising interest rates -                 Taxes and post-pandemic recovery -                 The future of the banking industry -                 Effect of the brain drain on the banking industry Enjoy!
3/15/202328 minutes, 42 seconds
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All Things Tax featuring Ryan Allas, Managing Director, Rogers Capital

Join us today for our second instalment of All Things Tax featuring Ryan Allas, Managing Director, Rogers Capital as he talks to us about:Taking over his new role as Managing Director of the Tax arm of Rogers CapitalWhy he founded the Tax Africa NetworkThe challenge of bringing Africa together in the Tax worldThe tricky issue of the solidarity levyThe Global Minimum TaxMauritius and transfer pricingThe Supreme Court Innodis judgment
3/8/202324 minutes, 12 seconds
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All Things Disruptor featuring Manish Bundhun, Chief People Executive, Rogers Group

Join us today in conversation with Manish Bundhun, Chief People Executive of the Rogers Group as he talks to us about his latest book, Disruptor: 9 Abilities of Agile Leaders.Manish candidly talks to us about:Why he loves writing?The experience of writing during the pandemicOn being a disruptorThe art of straight talkingHow to be uncomfortable with the comfortableHow to turn adversity into opportunityHow to find one’s why (including a free mini-coaching session!)How to use the toolkit in the book There is so much to unpack in that conversation and we are hugely grateful to Manish for sharing his time and wisdom with us.
3/1/202322 minutes, 23 seconds
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All Things Gender Based Violence featuring Mokshda Pertaub, Barrister at law and Director Lex Aquila

Our guest for this week’s episode is Mokshda Pertaub, barrister at law and director of training institution Lex Aquila. She is fiercely passionate about educating, training and advocating in the areas of gender-based violence, violence against children, violence at work, sexual harassment, to name a few.In this podcast, we delve into:Empowering women to use the lawThe rise in violence against womenRegional training in AfricaUnderstanding the psychology of violenceViolence against women and the policeViolence and the courtsThe effect of the pandemic on marital lifeEmbracing family well being holistically.
2/22/202332 minutes, 29 seconds
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All things Tax featuring Feroz Hematally, Head of Tax IQEQ and Director, Taxand Mauritius

2/15/202330 minutes, 11 seconds
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All things AML/CFT featuring Pascale Leonide, Director, PL Consulting Ltd

Join us for today’s episode as Pascale Leonide, Founder and Director of PL Consulting Ltd talks to us about all things AML/CFT.Tune in if you want to hear more about:Her journey to AML/CFT specialisationThe regulatory landscape post “white list”How to create a robust risk cultureResidual high-risk areas in terms of AML/CFT complianceChallenges faced by women entrepreneurs in MauritiusThe value of coaching when starting one’s own business
2/8/202326 minutes, 37 seconds
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Special episode featuring William de Robillard, barrister at De Speville Desvaux Chambers

In this special in-between-series episode of Beyond the black letter law by Prism Chambers, William talks to us about what it means to be a young litigator at the Mauritian bar. He talks about what inspired him to choose this profession, his favourite case, challenges and opportunities for young barristers in Mauritius.
12/7/202230 minutes, 29 seconds
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Special episode featuring Olaleye Adebiyi, Co Regional Managing Partner – Africa - Andersen

11/3/202227 minutes, 27 seconds
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Mauritius: What’s Next? featuring Gordon Stuart, Managing Director, Accuro Fiduciary (Part 2)

In the second part of this episode, Gordon shares his views on how to attract AND retain investment and talent to the country, why tax is a non-negligible factor in the decision making matrix and what opportunities remains for the wealth and asset management sector in Mauritius.
9/27/202229 minutes, 47 seconds
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What’s Next? featuring Gordon Stuart, Managing Director, Accuro Fiduciary (Part 1)

As we kick off this new series of “Beyond the black letter law” on the theme of “Mauritius: What’s Next?” we have the pleasure of sitting down with the Managing Director of Accuro Fiduciary, Gordon Stuart.In the first part of this episode (we had a LOT to talk about), Gordon shares his experiences and talks to us about his own personal journey to Mauritius and how he has embraced working in and contributing to the financial services sector in Mauritius.
9/21/202222 minutes, 49 seconds
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Leadership in turbulent times featuring Renand Pretorius, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland Mauritius

In Episode 3 of our Leadership series, we sit down with Renand Pretorius, a newly promoted partner at Eversheds Sutherland in Mauritius.We talk about:The shift from associate to partner;What attributes a good leader should possess;What leadership looks like in a law firm;His Gen Z view of the world;The need (or not) for a mentor;The brain drain Mauritius is currently experiencing; andChallenging the traditional law firm model.Enjoy!
7/19/202224 minutes, 35 seconds
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Special episode – Spotlight on the British High Commissioner in Mauritius, Her Excellency Ms Charlotte Pierre

In this special in-between-series episode of “Beyond the black letter law” by Prism Chambers, we sit down with Her Excellency Ms Charlotte Pierre, British High Commissioner in Mauritius. She talks to us about her journey in diplomacy, thoughts on her Mauritian heritage, the role of gender and race in diplomacy, balancing family life as a diplomat and much more!
6/28/202235 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 8: The evolving role of the General Counsel featuring Sayyad Boodhun

In today’s series finale, Sayyad Boodhun, Director of Legal Service of Accenture Mauritius talks to us about his 10 year journey as an inhouse corporate lawyer.This episode is for you if you want to hear more about:Leaving the criminal bar to become a corporate lawyer;Having a multi-jurisdictional role;Demystifying the role of an inhouse lawyer with the business;Managing external counsel;The value of an inhouse counsel in the board room;Giving back meaningfully to the community,And much moreEnjoy!
6/15/202238 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 7: The evolving role of the General Counsel featuring Anushka Radhakissoon

In this new episode of our GC series, we meet Anushka Radhakissoon, Head of Legal of the Medine Group. She talks to us about recalibrating from a regulator’s mindset, the breadth of her new role, how she went about building her team, her strategic objectives for the next year and how technology can be a catalyst for great change in her field.She unpacks:The shift from regulator to businessThe many facets of being a lawyerDealing with pressureBuilding a team of inhouse lawyersDealing with the businessUsing external counsel judiciouslyLegal risk managementSetting strategic goals looking aheadThe role of technology,And much more. Enjoy!
5/31/202241 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 6: The evolving role of the General Counsel featuring Sebastian Lahausse de la Louvière

Our GC series continues with the General Counsel and Chief People Officer of the Beachcomber Hotels & Resorts group in Mauritius, Sebastian Lahausse de la Louvière. He shares his insights and perspective on leading the legal function (and more recently, the people function) amid a period of crisis.He talks to us about:The importance of commercial awarenessThe aspects of being a generalistBuilding relationships and managing conflictThe attributes of a good inhouse lawyerWhat he looks for in external counselThe role of a Chief People OfficerThe strategic importance of a GCNavigating through the pandemic and the value of loyaltyBeing able to leverage on data and technologyWhat it means to have a mentorLeadership skills and his favourite leadership books
5/18/202240 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 5: The evolving role of the General Counsel featuring Hasseena Arzamkhan

In this new episode of “Beyond the black letter law” by Prism Chambers, Hasseena Arzamkhan dives deep into her new role as GC of Ocorian Mauritius. She talks to us about the value of being in private practice prior to moving in-house, the qualities she seeks in an external counsel, the importance of building trust with the business, what being a good legal risk manager entails, what she misses most (and least!) about the bar and much more!
5/3/202226 minutes, 40 seconds