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English, Old Time Radio, 2 seasons, 26 episodes, 12 hours, 57 minutes
Welcome to Beyond Evil where we discuss and dissect the most mysterious, terrifying, and mind-bending true crime cases from all around the world.
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The Man on the Run: The Raoul Moat Case

Thursday, 1st July, 2010. The blue doors of His Majesty’s prison Durham open widely to reveal the outline of a large imposing figure. At six feet, three inches tall, and weighing about 240 lbs, thirty-seven-years-old Raoul Moat was an intimidating figure who was prone to random aggressive outbursts.Support the show
7/24/202329 minutes, 50 seconds
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S2: Episode 2 - The Crossbow Cannibal

24th May 2010. Bradford, England. A building caretaker sits reviewing CCTV footage as part of his regular duties. But this would not be any ordinary shift. A shadow appears just meters from the camera lens on what would normally be a deserted corridor.Approaching the camera with ill-deserved confidence and a sick grin, was a man of medium build with dark hair. He walks brazenly up to the camera, stares down the lens, raises his left hand's middle finger, and tightly grips a crossbow in his right. But this wasn’t the man’s first encounter with serious crime. In fact, his reign of terror had begun almost twelve months earlier. This is the chilling story of the man who dubbed himself; The Crossbow Cannibal, who would leave an unknown number of bodies in his wake.Support the show
7/6/202323 minutes, 29 seconds
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S2: Episode 1- A Killer in Plain Sight

Soham, Cambridgeshire, England. A sleepy little town in the country with a tight-knit community. But those community bonds would be stretched to the limit when in August 2002, two ten-year-old girls would go missing somewhere in the area. The two girls were at a barbecue hosted by the parents of Holly Wells but left the home without telling any of the other guests. At 18:10, the girls went inside the house to play in Holly’s bedroom, this was to be the last time any of their friends or family would see them alive.Support the show
7/3/202335 minutes, 28 seconds