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The podcast for Manifestors who realize that we are the creators of our reality. Who understand that life just doesn't happen to us. Instead, we make sh*t happen! Through every thought, every action, every intention - You Better Work, B*tch!
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Better Work B*tch: S9 Ep8 - How I Have Activated an Aligned Manifesting Relationship with Universe

It's been a few episodes since we've talked about conspiring with the universe and manifesting techniques. Truth is, there are various ways to manifest. There are multiple streams of consciousness. You're manifesting every second of your life. Every act of manifestation is always in alignment with your frequency. There's never a notion of "unalignment" when it comes to your co-creation process here on Earth. Everything is always aligned with either fear (pain/triggers) or love (worthiness/interconnectedness).  I have learned a plethora of ways to manifest, and today as of recording this episode in 2024, I have become so deeply trusting in the ability of the Universe and I's participation response to co-crate. I don't worry about my manifestations because I know they are simply a live intentional act of acceptance and self-love.  How I began manifesting when I started th
17/02/202416 minutes 21 seconds
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Better Work B*tch: S9 Ep7 - Mexican Superstitions: Duendes, Elves, La Llorona and Ghost Stories with Special Guest My Dad

The veil is thin! Our favorite season of October and November is here as Brujx and witches. In Mexican culture there are many superstitions and mythologies to explore, but in this episode we condensed it to discussing real life experiences of my father who grew in Mexico witnessing elves (duendes), and we talk about what La Llorona meant to his generation, plus he shares two ghost stories from his time here in America.  This is a fun and spooky episode so kick back and enjoy with us!  #latinapodcast #supernatural #superstitions 
13/10/202340 minutes 38 seconds
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Better Work B*tch: S9 Ep 6 - The Stock Market Crash of 2023 Astrology Prediction: Venus, Recession, Nodal Return + MORE

*This episode is an astrology analysis based on research* Let's talk about the potentially scary. Recession + an economic crash.... We have two major eclipses in October of 2023 that are back-to-back, and so much more important astrology this year that is eluding to, or blatantly indicating to an economic crash. Solar Libra eclipse on Oct. 14th and Taurus Lunar eclipse on Oct. 28th. Didn't the stock market crash back on Oct. 28 in 1929? Interesting...  I share insight on my intuitive msgs, dream visions and the astrology of my prediction of the stock market/economic crash of 2023. If it crashes, Octber 2023 and November 2023 are pivotal months. Especially Nov. 17th, seems to be an astrologically significant day for our economy.  I could be wrong, and I am not attached to the outcome. Honestly, it would maybe be best on the surface level, if I am incorrecct. Nonetheless, I share this info from a place of respect and withou
01/09/20231 hour 1 minute 8 seconds
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Aliens, Astrology, Oh My!

Aliens! Freaked out now that their existence has been confirmed? Don't be! I talk about my 2017 encounter with a UFO and why we're astrologically seeing a rise in Alien confirmation and more. I discuss specific astrological components like Saturn in Pisces, Pluto in Aquarius and past Aquarius solar eclipses.  Join me in Vegas on 9/3 for Venus direct ritual and healing:  Tell me about your Alien encounters and don't forget to enroll in my astrology courses at or  Let's connect on IG:  Read my
21/08/202334 minutes 41 seconds
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Better Work B*tch: S9 Ep 4 - Aries Solar Eclipse of 2023 Will Effect 6 Months of Your Life

I share insight on the 4/19-4/20 Aries Solar Eclipse and why it's a critical one. It will help you be more decisive and focused. I share tips on how to ground the astrology through specific exercises and examples. We talk what it means to work with this eclipse in particular.   Discover my services at  Find me on social media! @esoteric_esa 
20/04/202310 minutes 32 seconds
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How to Make Your Affirmations Work

In this episode I explore the idea of tapping into present moment embodiment for those who find affirmations challenging to utilize. A discussion on removing the future proposition in the belief of an affirmation should be considered when propelling your word spells like the "I Am" and other affirmation slogans.  Learn more about my upcoming offerings at  Let's connect on Instagram: Join my Patreon for exclusive support and tools:  Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad aka: Esoteric Esa® (she/her), is an Astrologer, Bruja, Certified Reiki Practicioner, Podcaster and Psychic Tarot Reader. She is the Entrepreneur of creative brands Esoteric Esa, Souliminati® LLC and creator of The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle®. Her podcast, Better Work Bitch!®,
02/03/20239 minutes 24 seconds
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Better Work B*tch: S9 Ep2 - The Astrology of 2023

You know I had to start the season off with some astro tea. Listen in for the important major cosmic transits of 2023. I share the themes of the year, the numerology and key dates to keep tract of. Discussed:  Eclipses of 2023 Star of Spica Saturn in Pisces Pluto in Aquarius  Jupiter in Aries  Mercury Retrograde ...and the digital revolution will be centered on democratizing online wealth as we question the tech billionaire oligarchy.  Read my latest for Cosmopolitan, the numerology of 2023. Here: 2023 Universal Year Number Check out my upcoming courses for 2023. Let's learn together:  <
23/12/202222 minutes 1 second
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Season 9 Trailer: The Big Bang Theory - Metric Expansion of Better Work Bitch!

"The universe does not expand "into" anything and does not require space to exist "outside" it." And, neither do you. You are absolute, infinite and abundant.  After the Universe expanded it cooled in order to allow the formation of matter. After going eight seasons strong, I need to cool after a fast expansion since the formation of this podcast in 2018. I spent all of 2022 in my own universal "cooling down" period. Hence why season 8 is a short-lived four-episode long season. Thank you for the opportunity to hold space for me as I've evolved. As Better Work Bitch! evolved. Here on out, it's metric expansion...  May you manifest wisely. Esoteric Esa 
23/12/202231 seconds