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English, Personal health, 2 seasons, 22 episodes, 15 hours, 12 minutes
Wellness can feel intimidating, unattainable, and honestly, a bit much. We’re here to change all that. Better by the Day brings you life-changing stories from real people who’ve made wellness a keystone in their lives. One step at a time. From transformative weight loss, to making space for mindfulness in everyday actions, our guests are relatable, inspiring, and most importantly, real. Some of them are well known names. All of them have extraordinary stories to tell. We’re sharing their stories to remind the world that there’s room for everyone in the wellness community. Along the way we'll uncover takeaways and advice to guide you on your journey to better health. Because with the right tools and support, we can all reach our goals.
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Overwhelmed? Here's How to Own Your Fitness Journey, with Sara Pereira

Certified personal trainer Sara Pereira’s (@itssarapr) Instagram is flooded with glamorous shots from the gym and tactical fitness tips for her 384,000 fans. You might think she’s always had it all figured out. But Sara, like so many of us, started out as a complete beginner in her fitness journey.Sara’s journey really began when she was uprooted 6 years ago from her home country of Venezuela and moved to the U.S. Feeling alone in a new country and coping through emotional eating, Sara eventually had to confront the discomfort she felt in her own body. So she turned to the internet for help.Over time, Sara taught herself to transition from working out alone in her garage, to eventually mastering the gym and getting her NASM personal training certification. And she did it all by staying focused on her ‘why.’In this episode, Sara shares her 6 years of knowledge. She explains how she conquered her fear of the gym, the easy nutrition tips she shares with her clients for weight loss, and how you can take your fitness into your own hands without getting overwhelmed.Better by the Day is produced by WayBetter, the app that makes health and fitness fun with new group challenges starting weekly.To join a challenge, download WayBetter in the App store.
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