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Bethel Redding Sermon of the Week

English, Christianity, 2023 seasons, 593 episodes, 4 days, 2 hours, 48 minutes
Bethel's mission is revival – the personal, regional, and global expansion of God's Kingdom through His manifest presence. We are a congregation of hope-filled believers, rooted in the love of God and dedicated to worldwide transformation through revival. It's our goal for God's love to be manifest in signs, wonders and miracles. It's our vision to see history become His-story as the kingdom of this world becomes the kingdom of our God. We welcome you to join us in this adventure! Thank you for listening with us and sharing this with your community. Bethel Redding Sermon of the Week is released on Wednesdays and is also available in seven other languages: Arabic: Podcast ( | YouTube ( French: Podcast ( | YouTube ( German: Podcast ( | YouTube ( Mandarin: Podcast ( | YouTube ( Portuguese: Podcast ( | YouTube ( Russian: Podcast ( | YouTube ( Spanish: Podcast ( | YouTube ( Find out more at Bethel.Com ( Watch more on Bethel.TV ( or Bethel's YouTube channel ( Find more revival resources on Shop.Bethel (
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Chaos and Order

Hear from Pastor Jason Vallotton as he shares a powerful message on confronting the fears that disrupt our lives. God crafted a divine order in our lives. Imprinting wholeness into our families, workplaces, friendships, and minds, calling us to partner with the Holy Spirit in addressing chaos through healthy confrontation. Embrace this process and find a life filled with peace, connection, and a stronger identity in God on the other side.
5/22/202451 minutes, 21 seconds
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Activating Miracles

Pastor Havilah Cunnington urges us to emulate the biblical examples of surrendering what little we have to God, highlighting how God can multiply even the smallest offerings into abundance. Learn the importance of faith over fear in letting go of what we perceive as insufficient and trusting in God's ability to provide more than enough.
5/15/202450 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Test for Promotion

God invites each of us to play a role in His story, showcasing His love and goodness to the world. Being faithful involves obeying His guidance, prioritizing His pleasure over worldly distractions like personal acclaim. He desires to entrust us with greater glory, assessing our hearts for humility, faithfulness, and trust. Learn the strength of remaining connected to God's heart in obedience with Pastor Bill Johnson's message on steward God's call.
5/8/202433 minutes, 57 seconds
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Thriving in Captivity

Discovering and heeding the voice of the Lord is paramount. In the midst of life's challenges, we must safeguard our sensitivity to His guidance. Hear from Pastor Bill Johnson as he inspires us to discern God's truth, reminding us that His perspective defines our journey, not our circumstances.
4/28/202443 minutes, 46 seconds
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How to Steward Favor

Embracing our complete dependency on the Holy Spirit is a profound privilege. Just as Matthew 5:3 teaches, being "poor in spirit" signifies recognizing that nothing earthly can satisfy like God. Thus, we're called to steward blessing with humility, following Christ's example of service. Hear from Pastor Bill Johnson as he shares wisdom on stewarding favor, guiding us towards a life of humble generosity.
4/24/202441 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Honor of Forgiveness

In Proverbs 19:11, we're reminded of the glory found in overlooking offenses, reflecting the redemptive power of God's love. As sons and daughters of God, it's our responsibility and privilege to extend the forgiveness we've received. Just as Jesus taught, loving God and others is paramount. Today Kris Vallotton charges us to emulate the Father's love through forgiveness-- understanding that both we and our neighbors are imperfect, yet worthy recipients of the love Jesus exemplified.
4/17/202442 minutes, 33 seconds
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The Honorable Walk of Authority

Discover how walking in submission to God commissions you in power and authority. When you surrender to the Holy Spirit, and to the lordship of Jesus, the authority to make a difference in the earth and reveal the Kingdom is entrusted to you. With this authority, you are empowered in every area, including addressing and remedying broken systems, and discipling people to follow God—areas positioned to yield the fruit of transformation in individual lives and throughout the world. Hear from Pastor Bill Johnson on using the power and authority that was given to us by God through Jesus to disciple those around us. By our words, we can show the way for divine encounters with the Living God.
4/7/202440 minutes, 2 seconds
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A Door to Heaven

Rejoice in the profound truth that through Jesus' sacrifice, a door to Heaven swung open, offering us healing and solutions. His death wasn't just for us; it was as us—bearing our sins, transgressions, and sickness. Embrace His victory alongside Pastor Kris Vallotton in this Easter Sunday message and witness His love, purpose, and plans flood into your life, dispelling darkness. Bask in the assurance that His Presence shines through us, just as it did 2,000 years ago, offering hope and transformation to all.
4/3/202445 minutes, 1 second
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Testimonies 2.0

Testimonies, as seen in Matthew 11 with John the Baptist's encounter with Jesus, illuminate the true nature of God, offering hope and alignment with Heaven. Pastor Bill Johnson emphasized this power on Palm Sunday, highlighting how sharing testimonies can uplift, inspire, and lead others to profound encounters with God's transformative presence. Join us in listening to this impactful message and discover the power of testimonies in our lives.
3/27/202441 minutes, 58 seconds
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The Perfect Father

Experience the transformative power of becoming like the Father in this captivating sermon. Discover how God, the perfect Father, nurtures His children in His Kingdom—fostering dependence and filling His house with boundless joy. Join Pastor Dann Farrelly as he unveils the inheritance of intimacy, hope, and joy awaiting those who embrace their role as sons and daughters of the Almighty. Let's be faithful in the journey to live daily in the radiance of God's love and righteousness and be inspired to mirror His divine nature.
3/20/202442 minutes, 8 seconds
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Protecting Our Memories

Remembering the works of God in our lives is essential to a clear, aligned view of God and our lives. Psalm 78 highlights the battle forgetting the works of God brings. When we do recall and bring to the forefront of our hearts the testimony of His goodness throughout our lives and the lives of others, we are intentionally aligning our perspective with Heaven's. Hear from Pastor Bill Johnson on remembering and testifying to the works of God in the past, and find out what happens when we begin seeing our present from His lens.
3/10/202447 minutes, 10 seconds
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Building Courage and Grit

When we agree with fear, it can stop us from remembering who we are and that what we do matters to God. As citizens of Heaven, we partner with God to shape culture in the image of the Kingdom, though this often positions us against the grain of society. Hear from Pastor Kris Vallotton as he delivers an important message of building grit in our lives. By partnering with hope and courage we can become a people unafraid—who long to walk in obedience to God—knowing that He will be in the fire with us, sustaining and equipping us as we bring Heaven to earth, together.
3/6/202449 minutes, 45 seconds
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Prepare the Way for the Lord

We, as the Body of Christ, are called to prepare for the coming revival by remaining engaged with the Holy Spirit, being sensitive to His leading, and seeking God's desires for humanity. As we mature in our walk with God and yield to His will, we can partner with Him to reveal His presence to the world and bring about transformation. Hear from Pastor Hayley Braun as she emphasizes the importance of remaining yielded to God's presence as sons and daughters to see Him receive His full reward in the coming days.
2/25/202445 minutes, 54 seconds
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Embracing God's Standards

Through His sacrifice on the Cross, Jesus paved the way for humanity to reconcile with God and live lives that reflect His righteousness. This transformation requires us to make adjustments: embracing God's standards and shedding anything that hinders us. Within the Body of believers, we find support and accountability crucial for our journey. Pastor Kris Vallotton shares insightful wisdom on the significance of confrontation, fellowship, and accountability, reminding us of the importance of walking together in the fullness of our purpose.
2/21/202445 minutes, 24 seconds
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A New Era

Embark on a transformative journey with Kris Vallotton as God extends an invitation to embrace a new era. Using the concept of a "halftime," discover the pivotal moment we're in: a moment to pause and evaluate the choices we are making, the beliefs we hold, and the actions that we take. Emerge from this pause with intention, refocusing on His plans with this insightful word. Find that once your gaze is fixed upon Him, the way forward becomes clear.
2/14/202439 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Purpose of Power and Authority

Join us as we delve into the heart of Christ's commission: to impact history with eternal decisions. From Matthew 28 to Acts 1:8, we're called to carry the authority and power of the Gospel, inviting transformation as carriers of God's presence to every nation, tribe, and tongue. Let's heed Pastor Bill's charge and step into our role in fulfilling the Great Commission—releasing Heaven wherever we go.
2/4/202448 minutes, 41 seconds
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Responding to the Great Commission

We have been invited by God, through the Great Commission, to go to the ends of the earth proclaiming the Gospel. This invitation wasn’t just for the disciples, but it is for us today. We are equipped and given full authority to go and make disciples of all nations, and to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons through Jesus’ mighty name. Hear from Pastor Bill as he reminds us of our charge to go out into the world to share the Gospel of Christ with all people.
1/28/202457 minutes, 32 seconds
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God Is Not Everyone’s Father

Scripture reveals that we are sons and daughters of God, by His design. It also tells us that not everyone will receive Him as Father. The path to Father is through Jesus, proclaiming our faith in the Word made flesh, His death, and His resurrection, while trusting our lives to God wholly. Building intimacy with God through time spent discovering Him fosters trust, leading to the abundant life Jesus paid for on the Cross. Pastor Dann Farrelly delivers a profound and powerful message on embracing our identity as God's children, walking us through what it means to be children of God. Receive His fatherhood over your life and understand our inheritance as His sons and daughters!
1/24/202447 minutes, 43 seconds
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Our Profitable Inheritance

The Father's given us an inheritance in the gift of the Holy Spirit. He is the one who empowers, dwells, instructs, and leads us on our journey with the Father. The ability to turn our affection to Him gives us entrance into discovering more of God Himself. When we draw near to Him, He draws close to us. Discover more about this precious inheritance with this inspiring word from Bill Johnson.
1/14/202449 minutes, 58 seconds
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Pruning With a Promise

As we begin a new year together, Kris Vallotton highlights the Father's purposes for a Holy reset; a time of reconnection and submission to God through fasting and prayer. Recognize that you are sustained by the hands of God as you start the process of shedding the old and embracing the new with fresh anticipation for the year ahead.
1/10/202440 minutes, 21 seconds
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Did You Learn to Love?

In this powerful sermon, Bill Johnson leads us into the profound concept of forgiveness, inspired by Jesus' work on the Cross. Learn to make forgiveness practical and tangible, echoing the essence of the Lord's Prayer. The challenge is clear: As we end one year and welcome a new one, let's commit to loving well, extending forgiveness, and bringing positive change to our lives. God is teaching us that forgiveness is a transformative force for good in the year ahead.
12/31/202347 minutes, 59 seconds
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God’s Divine Purpose

In this Christmas Eve service, Jenn Johnson walks us through the Christmas story, welcoming us to re-imagine the events leading up to the birth of Jesus. God’s favor and gifts may not look the way that we anticipate, or come in the way that we expect. But faith invites us to rest in the knowledge that what may seem like a lowly beginning may be the triumphant entry of God’s divine purposes being fulfilled in our lives, and for the world around us.
12/24/202338 minutes, 14 seconds
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Knowing the Incarnation

Dann Farrelly invite us to take the journey of asking why God chose to save humanity through a baby. Arriving in complete humility, Jesus' coming as a baby created both relationship and relatability with humanity. Discover how the incarnation shows us that extravagant love changes everything. Through the Word Made Flesh, we're given affirmation, freedom, resurrection, and reconciliation with God and with each other, as well as the opportunity to receive the invitation into the New Covenant.
12/17/202349 minutes, 43 seconds
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The Word Must Become Flesh Again

God, in His mercy, offers words and promises to us that shape our lives. Stewarding these words is crucial for their fulfillment, and continually offering our "yes" to the Lord is key. Bill Johnson shares a timely message on aligning with faith and embracing God's word.
12/10/202336 minutes, 18 seconds
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The Power of True Love Pt. 2

Love is a transformative lens through which we can see others as God does. When we ask for God’s perspective with pure hearts, we gain His heart and sight for His children, which then changes the world. Join Kris Vallotton in learning to love others when it makes sense and even when it doesn’t, and continue to see life from Heaven’s view—through the lens of love.
12/3/202344 minutes, 47 seconds
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Sunday AM | Kris Vallotton

11/29/202350 minutes, 44 seconds
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A Life of Triumph

It takes greater faith to rejoice before you’ve gotten your breakthrough than it does after victory. When we partner with hope, celebration, and beauty, we begin to evaluate and live our lives in unity with Heaven. In this powerful word from Bill Johnson, engage with the trio of God’s hope, celebration, and beauty, and reawaken yourself to the omnipresence and goodness of God.
11/22/202342 minutes, 12 seconds
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The Thankful Heart

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of thankfulness with this inspiring word from Gabe Valenzuela. Discover how thankfulness becomes the key to wholeness, unifying our lives with God's will. In every season, gratitude emerges as a powerful weapon, shifting the very atmosphere around us. Let Pastor Gabe's wisdom guide you on a journey of living a life marked by profound appreciation and continual thanks to God—a compelling reminder that thankfulness turns our hearts toward the Father, making us whole in the process.
11/12/202341 minutes, 58 seconds
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The Value of Memories

In a powerful message, Bill Johnson reminds us of the importance of continuously remembering God's faithfulness in our lives. While it's easy to recall His greatness when the miraculous is present, it's the moments in between in which we tend to forget. Be encouraged to gratitude and reflection, recognizing that God's story is meant to be shared through generations, ultimately revealing His glory to the world. Let's commit to being a people who remember God's works and triumphs, shaping our perspective and history in Him, and proclaiming His name for all to know. Amen.
11/5/202342 minutes, 25 seconds
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Nothing Is Wasted

We all have a deep longing to understand our purpose and find our foundation in God through Jesus. As we journey with the Father discovering who we are and our divine calling, it's important to examine life's challenges to avoid self-imposed limitations. Pastor Eric Johnson of STUDIO Greenville shared insights on pursuing a harmonious future with God, using essential tools to move from dissonance to resonance.
11/1/202338 minutes, 35 seconds
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Surrender and Revelation

Is God calling you to step out into the unknown with Him? The Lord is seeking people willing to step into faith and surrender to Him, inviting them to experience His nature and display His desire for humanity. This often means leaving comfort for the unknown, where fears and doubts are confronted, but it is also where God's faithfulness is revealed. The message from Pastor Hayley Braun encourages us to say "yes" to God's leading for fresh revelations of His unchanging and unfailing nature.
10/25/202341 minutes, 36 seconds
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Choose Fear or a Promise

Our lives are pictures of the Kingdom of Heaven. As we partner with God, praying according to His heart and walking according to His decrees, we experience an increase that is designed, not just for ourselves but to change the world. Discover what it means to be a steward with this expansive word from Bill Johnson.
10/15/202339 minutes, 54 seconds
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How to Respond to God

Intimacy with God is the most important thing we can have. Experiencing God in His fullness begins allowing our relationship with Him to take precedence over all else in our lives. Be led into a deeper knowledge of God by Gabe Valenzuela with an impactful word on recognizing the present works of the Father. Learn to discern the response God desires from you.
10/8/202340 minutes, 39 seconds
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God Sustains the Fire

We’re called to bring our lives, desires, and callings to the altar, yielding to the fire of God and His work within us. Claudio Friedzon ushers in the invitation to a new depth of surrender to the Father and His purposes with impartation and declaration— establishing the Lord’s call to seek Him continually, no matter the cost. Discover the fire that never goes out as you partner in prayer to see God’s Kingdom come and His will done on earth as it is in Heaven.
10/5/202352 minutes, 43 seconds
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Understanding Wrath

Grace and wrath are often misunderstood when seen through the lens of human experience, but when discovered from God's perspective, they bring us closer to His heart. Without God’s grace through the work of the Cross, humanity stands judged and without rescue. Without God’s wrath, there will be no end to evil, and the Cross was powerless and pointless. Honor the life-giving work of the Cross in your life with this edifying and transformative word from Dann Farrelly.
9/27/202331 minutes, 51 seconds
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There's Food in the Fight

This Vision Sunday, reflect on the faithfulness of the Lord as we give our “yes” to His call and look toward the partnership He's inviting us into. Bill Johnson gives a timely word on co-laboring with God. As we submit to His calling on our lives, He will equip, nourish, and strengthen us, and above all, the supernatural grace to see it to completion will be present.
9/17/202344 minutes, 37 seconds
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Embracing the Season of Vision

There's an invitation from the Lord to step into a season of fresh vision in this hour. In this timely message, Kris Vallotton exhorts us to allow God's words to define our lives. We must choose to see from His perspective. It’s time to dream again with God and to believe for Him to be revealed in the earth. God is raising us up like Joseph to change the course of nations and bring a greater expression of Heaven to earth.
9/13/202346 minutes, 19 seconds
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It's Time to Dream

Grab ahold of the time and season with this prophetic release from Kris Vallotton to dream with God. There are great things that He has in store for us, and we are to be a people filled with joy! (Psalm 126) The invitation is to understand the inexplicable stirring within us as God releases heavenly downloads to earthly problems in the spirit, beyond our intellectual understanding. Come awake and be revived to God's relentless love, embracing the transformation that Christ brings within us as He ushers in reformation and renaissance to take place around us.
9/3/202346 minutes, 54 seconds
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Don't Forget About Grace

As the Body of Christ, we must not forget about grace. Sometimes, in our understanding of the magnitude of mercy, we lose sight of what grace has done and continues to do in us. Using the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Havilah Cunnington delivers a powerful message on the grace of God and the manifestation of its unmerited favor in our lives. Be transformed and mentally renewed by this reminder of undeserved blessing.
8/27/202347 minutes, 47 seconds
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Breaking the Fear of Man

True wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord (See Proverbs 9:10), and the fear of the Lord is the antidote to the fear of man. Bill Johnson reminds us that “the fear of God doesn’t drive us from Him; it endears us to Him.” Discover how to cultivate meeting with God as our first response instead of seeking the comfort, insight, or opinions of others. Access the healing, wholeness, freedom, and faith that God intended for us.
8/20/202340 minutes, 16 seconds
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Thanksgiving: The Weapon

Thankfulness is a key biblical practice outlined throughout both the Old and New Testament and modeled clearly in the life of Jesus. In this sermon, Bill Johnson reminds us how our posture of thankfulness is an expression of trust and surrender, keeping God’s presence as the highest reality in our lives and circumstances (See Romans 8:28).
8/13/202341 minutes, 54 seconds
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Prophecy's Purpose

Dan McCollam, co-founder of Bethel School of the Prophets. Through 4 distinct points, learn practical methods to operate in the prophetic while stewarding specific keys for the season. Receive this refreshing reframe of mindset and be rejuvenated to live out who God created you to be.
8/6/202346 minutes, 37 seconds
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A Hope-Filled Future

Renew your sense of awe at the goodness of the Father with a timely and impactful word for the hour by Ryan Collins, Bethel Senior Leader and President of Bethel Tech and Bethel College. Receive with new vigor that you are God’s masterpiece and a part of His solution that the world is hungering for.
7/30/202342 minutes, 40 seconds
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Life in the New Covenant

We don’t live in an old covenant, we live in a new one. Jesus’ perfect sacrifice moved us from a covenant of judgment into a covenant of reconciliation. Kris Vallotton leads us in a new series on the prophetic that equips us to live fully into our purpose as believers. Shake off the fear of what’s to come and step into the power of meeting God in His present work with this word.
7/23/202349 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Power of Priorities

God giving us personal fulfillment invites us into a relational journey that reveals His nature. Yet, sometimes it can feel like our desires rule over us instead of expressing the Father’s Heart. Be equipped to prioritize your desires in alignment with biblical wisdom through this message of preparation from Bill Johnson. Rest in your repositioning.
7/19/202340 minutes, 42 seconds
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The River of Life

Scripture states that as the side of Jesus was pierced, blood and water began to pour out like a river. Right now, we’re being called to step into the river of life with this powerful word and moment of ministry from Hayley Braun. When God’s river flows through your life, all lack washes to shore and you become filled with His fullness.
7/12/202337 minutes, 33 seconds
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Our Royal Responsibility

We're here to build. By purifying our motives and regaining confidence in God's call on our lives, we will continue to establish the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Through the life of Nehemiah, Kris Vallotton highlights how the healing power of the Lord begins as a personal revelation and then extends far beyond our expectations, sometimes resulting in a city-wide restoration. Come and rebuild today.
7/2/202351 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Mystery of Restored Strength

The way God builds strength in us is a direct product of our intimacy with Him. It’s out of how He sees us and knows us that we are restored, with more than we hoped for or ever imagined. Regain your confidence in your Father as Pastor Bill declares Heaven’s wisdom over us.
6/25/202339 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Things That Fathers Do

Recognize the unique value and impact of fatherhood in our lives through Kris Vallotton’s heartwarming Father's Day message. Going back to the story of Creation, we see how God's divine design of men is vital in the world we live in today.
6/18/202349 minutes
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Fully Convinced

What you believe is more important than what you do. Steve Backlund shares keys to attaching great faith to who we are and what we're doing instead of living from doubt and obligation. Learn to be refreshed and sustained through full belief in God's word. Come under His anointing, Beloved.
6/11/202336 minutes, 28 seconds
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Hope Reignited

Have you been living with deferred hope? Come and revitalize your heart as Dr. Michael Maiden realigns us with God's truth: You have a purpose and a future in the Kingdom.
6/4/202349 minutes, 36 seconds
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The Lens of Hope

If faith is what we see, then hope is the way we see. Gabe Valenzuela brings a pastoral invitation for us to engage in the joyful anticipation of God's goodness. Through Scripture and stories, you'll find clean lenses to see and be reminded to joyfully trust in God's fulfillment of our promises.
5/28/202339 minutes, 46 seconds
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For a Time Like This

You were not born in the wrong time—you're here on purpose, for a purpose. Embrace God's strategic placement of your life in the timeline of eternity. Find godly confidence and renewed strength in this charge from Kris Vallotton.
5/21/202342 minutes, 21 seconds
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A Mother's Role

In this Mother’s Day message, explore the expansive role of a mother as designed by God. Pastor Dann Farrelly highlights the Scripture's exemplification of motherhood. Embrace the depth and necessity of this uniquely beautiful form of nurturing, and gain a new perspective of a mother’s role in your life.
5/14/202343 minutes, 4 seconds
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The Generational Echo of the Spirit

Our lives are positioned for generational impact. Come under the wisdom of Hayley Braun as she leads us into living fully yielded to the Spirit of God. The word on Pastor Hayley's heart reminds us that while the world may not boast the sacrifice of a life submitted to God, Heaven sees all.
5/7/202336 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Devil's Strategy

From the book of Nehemiah, Bill Johnson exhorts us to stay focused on building our history with God. Every bit of progress you make with the Lord disheartens the enemy. Learn to recognize the three things the devil attempts to keep us from advancing with the power of the Holy Spirit.
4/30/202336 minutes, 49 seconds
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What Does It Mean To Be Noble?

God calls us a holy nation, separating us from the culture of the world. Embrace the nobility of holiness as a believer ushering in the Kingdom here on earth with Kris Vallotton as he uses refreshing honest to break down Heaven's values.
4/23/202335 minutes, 11 seconds
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Becoming a People of Presence

Paul tells us that Old Testament Scripture serves as a warning. Heeding Paul's word, Dann Farrelly leads us through the contrasts in the lives of David and Solomon to uncover powerful truths about living as people after God's own heart. 
4/16/202342 minutes, 48 seconds
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The Great Communion Revival

Join in corporate communion as we celebrate Resurrection Sunday. Bill Johnson outlines the intricate work of salvation and shares revelation on the power of the sacrament. Be prepared for God's current move, and get equipped to walk revived wherever you are.
4/9/202343 minutes, 53 seconds
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A Fathered Generation

What if the next generation is known for how well they were cared for instead of what they lacked? As the Body of Christ, we get the privilege of distributing Heaven wherever we go, and it begins in our homes. Come against the war on family alongside Kris Vallotton as God leads us into a cultural revolution—exchanging fallible values of the world for the eternal values of God.
4/2/202352 minutes, 57 seconds
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Witchcraft in the Church

Have you ever said things you wish you’d never let leave your mouth? God chooses to give us power over our tongue, but sometimes it feels like our tongues have power over us. Bill Johnson reminds us of the authority we have over what we speak, the power of words, and the standard we get to uphold as Heaven’s royalty.
3/26/202338 minutes, 20 seconds
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The Invitation to Inheritance

As people of God, we’re gifted with an inheritance not based on our works but on His faithfulness. Hayley Braun guides us with profound prophetic insight into a revelation of our spiritual inheritance. It’s here where true authority is received, limiting thought patterns are broken, and keys to victory in this season are released. Take hold of His promises today.
3/19/202339 minutes, 8 seconds
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Recovering the Beauty of Passion

There is a call to increase our faith in this season. We are being guided with prophetic insight and wisdom toward refreshed passion. In this message, Kris Vallotton welcomes this new space with renewed belief for God to move in the impossible.
3/12/202348 minutes, 14 seconds
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How the Devil Hides in Thoughts

A renewed mind brings the transformation we yearn for. Learn how to operate in alignment with the heart of God daily, regardless of the circumstances around you with this powerful word from Pastor Bill Johnson.
3/8/202347 minutes, 47 seconds
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Radical Faith

Kris Vallotton delivers a timely word explaining three key aspects of radical faith that stoke the fires of revival in our lives and lead to reformation of the culture around us. God placed us in this moment in time to be transformative, but uncommon faith and obedience are required. Recommit yourself to walking fully devoted to the Lord today.
2/26/202346 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Power of the Mind

Your thought life is a reflection of the identity you're carrying, often determining your current circumstances. Renew your mind with practical strategies from Havilah Cunnington as she reminds us that we have access to the mind of Christ. 
2/19/202354 minutes, 24 seconds
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It Takes Courage to Dream

What if you could imagine the future without the fear of disappointment? God placed an innate desire to dream in each of us, but we’re afraid of being refined in the process. Stir your hunger for a future only God could bring with this message from Bill Johnson.
2/15/202342 minutes, 4 seconds
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Living Faith

Faith without works is like a body without spirit, yet Jesus graciously welcomes us into the very opposite—faith that lives and breathes. Explore the living faith that threw mountains into the sea with this catalyzing word from Kris Vallotton. Be reminded that we belong to the God of the impossible.
2/5/202352 minutes, 28 seconds
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2023: The Year of Victory

Come alongside the Bethel family as Gabe Valenzuela ushers in the new year with reminders of the future God has planned for us. Experience renewed hope as we walk through the life of David and his legacy of being a conqueror. Let's run after our Goliaths this year!
1/1/202343 minutes, 27 seconds