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English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 1 season, 74 episodes, 10 hours, 9 minutes
Twice a week, join the Weisers (creators of "Myths and Legends" and "Fictional") as they take a look at all the wonderful, ridiculous characters from comic book history. Why should Joker, Thanos, Catwoman, and Magneto get all the love? Why not Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, Uglyman, Kiteman, Asbestos Lady, and Condiment King? And yes, those are real characters. Originally a segment on chart-topping podcast Fictional, Best of the Worst is making household names out of the world's worst heroes and villains...just not for the reasons they'd want.
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Marvel: Madam McEvil's Terrible Trio (enemies of Daredevil) SEASON TWO FINALE!

~~This is the last episode of season 2! Thanks for listening!~~ Why not name your budding team of criminals after a fast food franchise?  Madam McEvil was a techno monk martial artist who could move things with her mind, so she could probably name it whatever she wanted. Together with Angar the Screamer, living LSD factory, Ramrod...a guy who rams into things, and the Dark Messiah, a street-performer-turned-cult-leader, they...were not scary at all and were defeated almost immediately. Check out the (not-so-)terrible trio at
4/27/202311 minutes, 28 seconds
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DC Comics: Prime Minister Blizzard (enemy of Wonder Woman)

If you take anything away from this episode, please know just how much Wonder Woman, one of DC's flagship characters, loooooooooves global warming. Want to see more?
4/25/20237 minutes, 47 seconds
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Archie Comics: Cat Girl and Kree-Nal, Sea Circe from Space (enemies of Jaguar)

"Kree-Nal, Sea Circe from Space" might be somehow the most self-evident and yet most confusing name we've ever talked about on this podcast. Cat Girl is neither a cat nor a girl. They're both enemies of the Jaguar, a man with powers completely unrelated to a Jaguar who's not an actual jaguar but also sometimes is. It's a weird one. Ralph Hardy being, apparenly, irresistible and Christopher Reeve being an amazing actor:
4/20/20239 minutes, 30 seconds
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DC Comics: Skyrocket (enemy of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman)

With little more than several fireworks strapped to his body and a whole lot of confidence, Skyrocket - the man who uses fireworks to do supercrime - is making it work. Check out skyrocket and that snitch, Riddler at  
4/18/20237 minutes, 40 seconds
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America's Best Comics: The Puzzler (enemy of the Black Terror)

The Puzzler's greatest nemesis wasn't the superpowered pharmacist who dresses like Superman if Superman was really into wearing a ton of leather. It was the Puzzler's weak ankles. Check out the Puzzler and the Terror Twins:  
4/13/20238 minutes, 51 seconds
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DC Comics: The Big Gang (enemies of The Atom)

The big gang is a gang that's big that also only steals big things and fights the world's smallest hero. See what they did there? That's it. That's the joke. Want to see a bunch of grownups in spandex stealing giant items that are basically worthless?  
4/11/20238 minutes, 25 seconds
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Marvel: Asbestos Lady (enemy of the Human Torch)

Asbestos Lady is a good example of why, when it comes to supercrime, you need to do more than drape yourself in asbestos fabric (and also absolutely not drape yourself in asbestos). for more of that asbestos content you crave.
4/6/20239 minutes, 13 seconds
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Clue Comics: The Crane (enemy of Boy King and the Giant)

The Crane answers the age-old question: what if Inspector Gadget was a Nazi spy with a giant mechanical T-Rex? Pictures! Text! Cringy headers!  
4/4/20238 minutes, 26 seconds
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DC Comics: Jasper Rasper, the Man who Hated Christmas (enemy of Superman)

Jasper Rasper hates Christmas and is on a quest to destroy his hated enemy: Santa Claus. This looks like a job for Superman. Yes, really. This is Superman canon. See CrossFit Santa:  
3/30/20238 minutes, 37 seconds
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Marvel: Baron Blood (enemy of Namor and Captain America)

Baron Blood is a villain that checks all the boxes...if your problematic and troubling list includes an out of touch rich guy who dresses up like a bat and is also a vampire Nazi. Bleh! Check out the weirdness that is pictures of Baron Blood:  
3/28/202310 minutes, 30 seconds
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Archie Comics: The Black Hand (enemy of Captain Flag)

Like if you get taken by a giant eagle to his mountain home you become a superhero, if you have a single diseased hand you do some supercrime. Both of those things happen in this episode. Sources! Pictures! Writing! Check it out:  
3/23/20238 minutes, 28 seconds
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DC Comics: The Shark (enemy of Green Lantern)

What happens when a regular tiger shark's brain is hit with way too much radiation: we get a look at our future as bald, super-powered speedo-ed humanoids. Check out the show post (with pictures!)  
3/21/20239 minutes, 37 seconds
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Marvel: Nuklo (enemy of the Avengers)

Why locking your kid in a lead capsule the moment they're born is a bad idea. Even if they are just a misshapen lump of radioactive materials. Want to read this? See some pictures?  
3/16/20238 minutes, 34 seconds
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Prize Comics: Bloor, Dictator of Uranus (enemy of Power Nelson)

The year is 1982. The third world war has left the world in shambles. Tyranny has won with the Mongol Empire pulling the best sneak attack in history after lying low for 600 years. There are little green men living on Uranus. There's a lot going on. Bloor, the dictator of Uranus, first appeared in Prize Comics #6. Want to read this? See some pictures? -- Check out https://segway.segue/best for $500 off your first month of the Segway Segue!  
3/14/20238 minutes, 57 seconds
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DC Comics: The Penny Plunderer (enemy of Batman)

How one man's obsession and resolve can strike fear in the hearts of countless individuals...and also there's Joe Coyne, the Penny Plunderer. We learn that you can make a vow and have an obsession, but when that vow is to do penny-themed might not be as scary as you hoped. Check out the post!  
3/9/20238 minutes, 46 seconds
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Marvel: Leap-Frog (enemy of Daredevil, Spider-Man, and Iron Man)

How your dad jumping around JFK airport in a frog suit in the 1960s can lead to you joining the Avengers. It's the tale of Leap-Frog/Frog-Man. Leap-Frog first appeared in Daredevil #25. Want to read this and see some pictures??  
3/7/20238 minutes, 17 seconds
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Feature Presentation: Black Tarantula

The Black Tarantula, Count Rorret, figured out a loophole so that he could live forever doing evil. He can make giant fire monsters, kill people and bring them back to life as thralls, and transform enemies to puppies. But, he has one weakness: an empty potato sack. The post on the site:
3/2/20239 minutes, 8 seconds
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DC Comics: Ding-Dong Daddy (enemy of the Teen Titans)

Ding-Dong Daddy is just a local goateed* cool dude who gives high school dropouts the opportunities they need to succeed, gives back to his community, and straps miniguns to ice cream trucks to help supervillains do more crime. Ding-Dong Daddy first appeared in Teen Titans #3. Check out Ding-Dong Daddy at     Can I please stop saying "Ding-dong Daddy," now? *I know it's a Van Dyke beard.
2/28/20238 minutes, 23 seconds
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Marvel: Egghead (enemy of Ant-Man and the Wasp)

Gimmicks can come in all shapes and sizes. For the super-smart, semi-traitorous "Egghead" that shape is egg and the size is very, very big. Egghead first appeared in Tales to Astonish #38 Want to read this and see some pictures?  
2/23/20239 minutes, 52 seconds
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Marvel: Scarlet Beetle (enemy of Ant-Man and the Wasp)

The Scarlet Beetle is, surprise surprise, a red beetle. Like most beetles (who have been dosed with massive amounts of radiation), he's telepathic, super bitter, and can grow to the size of a city block. We also learn that all bugs are jerks and if they ever get it together we're all dead. The Scarlet Beetle first appeared in Tales to Astonish #39 Check out the post on our new site!    
2/21/202310 minutes, 22 seconds
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Marvel: Kang the Conqueror (enemy of Ant-Man and the Wasp and everyone else, including Kang the Conqueror)

We're back, and we're launching the new season with a jumbo-sized episode profiling a serious villain and going over the comic book history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's new big bad: Kang the Conqueror.  Want to read this instead and see some pictures? Check out our new website: Kang the Conqueror first appeared in Fantastic Four #19. -- Special thanks to our sponsor: Shellder Shirts. Go to https://gimmeshellder.shirts/best to learn more!
2/16/202316 minutes, 57 seconds
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DC Comics: Mr. Mind, telepathic space worm (enemy of Shazam) - 2022 FINALE! SEE YOU IN 2023!

Witness the rise of one of the greatest villains of one of the greatest heroes of DC Comics. That villain is, of course, a telepathic genius worm. From space. Want to read this, see some pictures, and find the Youtube link mentioned? We have a site, now! Check it out: Mr. Mind first appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #26. NOTE: This is the finale for 2022. There will be more episodes coming in 2023, but it might be a few weeks for us to get up and running. Thanks for listening! -- Every home can be a mobile home with Mobile Homes by Yaga! Check them out at https://homes.yaga/best so they know we sent you!
12/19/20229 minutes, 33 seconds
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DC Comics: The Eraser (enemy of Batman)

The Eraser finds a way to channel all that fail into a lucrative career...where he dresses up like a giant pencil. The Eraser first appeared in Batman #181. -- So excited for the X3 by Robots That Won't Kill You® check it out here and get 10% off!
12/9/20227 minutes, 59 seconds
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Marvel: The Matador (enemy of Daredevil)

What do you do when your hero has horns? Put him up against the Matador, of course. That practically writes itself. The Matador first appeared in Daredevil #5. -- Check out It's Saw in the Wrist and get 10% off your two wrist-mounted saws at https://itssawinthe.wrist/best
12/1/20228 minutes, 51 seconds
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DC Comics: Calendar Man (enemy of Batman)

Ever looked at your desk calendar and felt inspired to do supercrime? Yeah, me neither. But Julian Gregory Day, the man named after not one, but two calendars has! Calendar Man living his best life (I made a mistake in the post and said he was robbing Santa. Really he was trying to steal a giant paper mache diamond because yes that makes more sense: -- Cursed swords! Get your cursed sword today...if you can handle it (you can! Don't think about it just do it!) https://cursed.swords/best
11/18/202210 minutes, 48 seconds
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DC Comics: The Condiment King (enemy of Batman)

The Condiment King proves that you can hold up a bank with dijon mustard. You can't do it well, and you'll get taken down almost immediately, but you can do it. The Condiment King actually first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, but his first comic appearance was in Batgirl: Year One. -- The Jedi Recruitment Drive is on now! Have a child who can move things with their minds? They'll find you!
11/10/20229 minutes
Episode Artwork

Prize Comics: The Balloon Maker (enemy of Frankenstein)

Somehow, the Balloon Maker, a villain who makes balloons from a comic clearly meant for children, is the most disturbing villain we've talked about so far. The Balloon Maker made his first (and thankfully last) appearance in Frankenstein #14. -- Check out Zombox! The world's first zombie survival subscription box service at
11/3/20229 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Marvel: Mole Man (enemy of The Fantastic Four)

A violent monster angry that no one will date him. Long-discredited crackpot theories. Is this the internet in 2022? Nope, it's the making of the supervillain Mole Man. Mole Man first appeared in "The Fantastic Four" #1 -- Start building your legacy today with https://topofthemourningto.ya/best  
10/28/20229 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Thrilling Comics: Dark Archer (enemy of Hale of the Herald)

The Dark Archer is a great name for an objectively terrible villain. Lucky for him, everyone else was equally incompetent. The Dark Archer first appeared in Thrilling Comics #26. -- Get hot fresh buns on the go with the Carbunator!   The word in the disclaimer is "boner." Apparently in the 1940s people used it in children's comics to mean a clumsy mistake. We mention it between 2:20-2:40 initially, and then again at the end of Dark Archer's section at 6:25.
10/21/20228 minutes, 39 seconds
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Marvel: The Melter & Mr. Doll (enemies of Iron Man)

We'll see how you can find inspiration to improve from the unlikeliest of places...even from a guy named The Melter. He melts stuff, if you couldn't tell from his super creative and terrifying name. The Melter first appeared in Tales of Suspense #47 and Mr. Doll first appeared in Tales of Suspense #48. -- Get an Igor at Don't forget to use our code SLAPPYDOODAH for 15% off!
10/13/20229 minutes, 4 seconds
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DC Comics: The Calculator (enemy of Batman)

The Calculator is a guy with a giant pocket calculator on his chest. Probably the worst way to wear a pocket calculator. Also, why would anyone wear a calculator? The Calculator first appeared in Detective Comics #463 -- Special thanks to Dinner for Two® go to https://dinnerfor.two/BEST to get your free pack of quip chips.
10/7/20227 minutes, 30 seconds
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DC Comics: Turtle Man (enemy of the Flash)

Turtle Man is a lesson is never compromising on living the life of your dreams. Unfortunately, for Turtle Man, the life of his dreams was committing robberies dressed like a turtle (tortoise, actually). Turtle Man first appeared in Showcase #4. -- Get your Chairy the Living Chair® today, and always have a seat ready for you. https://chairy.chair code BEST
9/29/20229 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Marvel: Mister Fear (enemy of Daredevil)

Zoltan Drago had a dream. A dream of bringing his wax sculptures to life. And a chemistry lab. And no training whatsoever. What could possibly go wrong? Mister Fear first appeared in Daredevil #6 -- Playtime's Over with Toy Stay™ https://toy.spray/stay code BEST
9/22/20229 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

DC Comics: Mr. Who (enemy of Dr. Fate)

If a "Who's on First" bit was extended into a entire criminal career, Mr. Who is a scientist who discovered a life-changing serum that helped him to change into any form needed, create giant spiders, and have super-strength...and instead of selling it used it to rob art galleries. Mr. Who first appeared More Fun Comics #73 The post on the site: -- Bring your toys to life with Toy Spray! Now with 40% fewer existential crises! Check it out at https://toy.spray/best    
9/15/20229 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

Marvel: Asthma Monster (enemy of Captain America)

The Asthma Monster is exactly what he sounds like. A guy who gives people asthma. His weakness is inhalers and concussions. The Asthma Monster first appeared in Captain America Meets the Asthma Monster. The Asthma Monster:
9/1/20228 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Marvel: Mr. Fish (enemy of Luke Cage)

What happens when you jump into the East River with radioactive isotopes? You get fish powers, of course. No one laughs at Mr. Fish. And by "no one" we mean "everyone." Mr. Fish first appeared in Luke Cage, Power Man #29. -- Finish off your lair in style with Big Mike's Supercomputers.
8/30/20227 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Marvel: Tomorrow Man (enemy of Thor)

Tomorrow Man is proof both that we can have hope in the future (it's a utopia where people forgot how to even make weapons), but also be misanthropic because there's always one disgruntled jerk out to ruin everything. Tomorrow Man first appeared in Journey into Mystery #86 -- Check out your future with FutureTubes® by going to https://future.tubes/bestoftheworst  
8/25/20227 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

DC Comics: King Krypton the Super Gorilla (enemy of Superman)

I mean, no one condones gladiator fights, but who among us would turn down a chance to watch Superman slug it out with a giant, superpowered gorilla? King Krypton the Super Gorilla first appeared in Action Comics #238 -- Sign up the New Horizons Bakery* mailing list for a free cookie** at https://newhorizons.bakery   *and extra-governmental agency **and help them to claim new worlds with blood and conquest
8/23/20228 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Prize Comics: Robbing Hood, the Reverse Robin Hood (enemy of Airmale & Stampy)

Robbing Hood is a villain who "robs from the decadent poor and gives to the righteous rich." He is, sadly, in good company. Robbing Hood first appeared in Prize Comics #39. -- Check out Nano Brand Clothes and be ready for whatever life throws at you if you accept their extensive and invasive privacy policy! https://nanobrand.clothes/BEST
8/18/20227 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

DC Comics: Tino the Terrible Teen (enemy of the Challengers of the Unknown)

Tino the Terrible Teen is the richest teenage in the world, a thing that was probably more noteworthy before TikTok and influencers and stuff. Tino the Terrible Teen first appeared in Challengers of the Unknown #57. -- Also, hi! We're back! It was challenging this summer to find enough time for work, so some things had to be put on hold. I'm going to work to keep this show consistent throughout the fall. It's a lot of fun. -J
8/16/20228 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

First Comics: Roach Wrangler (enemy of Badger)

You know what you get from eating too many roaches? Superpowers, that's what. But only if they offer you their fancy roach amulet. -- Spots are still available for the BBEGBC August session! Go to https://BBEGBC.evil/best to learn more!
6/28/20228 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

DC Comics: Praying Mantis Man (enemy of Blue Beetle)

Hunter Mann turned green and made a world-altering discovery. Did he make a billion dollars and pick up his Nobel Prize? Nope. He decided to dress up as a praying mantis and take over Baja California. Praying Mantis Man first appeared in Blue Beetle #4. -- Check Out OnTime and their entire suite of helpful, definitely not soul-crushing time travel products at https://on.time/botw
6/23/20227 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Top-Notch Comics: The Jingler (enemy of The Wizard)

The Jingler would kill to get his poems published. And he did. And they were still terrible. -- Check out for all RSRS's exciting super villain insurance options!
6/21/20226 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Marvel: King Cobra (enemy of Thor)

King Cobra is a research assistant living the life of his dreams: slithering along walls in a skintight bodysuit with "cobra strength" ...whatever that is. NOTE: This is the last episode before we take two weeks off. We'll be back on June 21, 2022!
6/2/20226 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Super-Mystery Comics: The Clown (enemy of Magno and Davey)

When your threats start as "first the public library, then the world!" and your grand plans involve provoking children into fistfights, the name "the Clown" might be too serious for you. -- The Clown first appeared in Super-Mystery comics #5
5/31/20228 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

DC Comics: The Top (enemy of The Flash)

The Top is a surprisingly competent villain for someone directly themed after a children's toy. The Top first appeared in The Flash #122
5/27/20226 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

DC Comics: Icicle (enemy of Green Lantern)

An icicle is an extremely fragile thing that of course it's something to model your whole career in super-villainy after. Icicle first appeared in All-American Comics Issue #90 -- Cross over into a better future with Event Horizons.
5/24/20227 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Marvel: Hellcow (enemy of Howard the Duck and friend of Deadpool)

What happens when Dracula needs a snack but can't bring himself to bite any humans? Hellcow happens. Hellcow first appeared in Giant-Size Man-Thing #5  -- Get your CPC earbuds now and be able to spout off interesting facts with no notice or context whatsoever!
5/19/20227 minutes, 42 seconds
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Marvel: Vapora (enemy of Daredevil)

Meet the enemy of Marvel's Daredevil that could be lurking in your home right now...if you use gasoline to clean the carpets. -- Get your very own Sentinel and get a free refill on exploding rocket fists by going to
5/17/20227 minutes, 19 seconds
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Feature Comics: The Piper (enemy of Swing Sisson)

The Piper shows that no matter who you are or what you do, you too can have your own arch enemy. Just hope that it isn't the piper, who is actually legitimately pretty terrifying when he's not throwing clarinets at people. The Piper first appeared in Quality Comics #52 -- Prepare for quicksand-related dangers before they strike. Get your QuickPit today at https://quick.pit/revolutions  
5/12/20226 minutes, 53 seconds
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DC Comics: Monocle (enemy of Hawkman)

What could be more threatening than a monocle themed villain? Literally anything? Yeah. Literally anything. Monocle first appeared in Flash Comics #64 -- Check out Season 2 of Multi-Versus and use our code BEST at https://multi.vs/best to get 7% off of their ad-free with ads tier!
5/10/20226 minutes, 49 seconds
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Marvel: The Swarm (enemy of Black Widow and others)

The Swarm is a swarm of Nazi bees. No, really. The Swarm first appeared in "The Champions" #14 -- Check out Encase at your local airport for a quick, safe*, and cheap way to fly!   *Up to 80% of people now survive the freezing process!
5/5/20227 minutes, 14 seconds
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Marvel: Paste-Pot Pete (enemy of the Fantastic Four)

Apparently a sloshing bucket of paste feeding into a super-soaker is a super power now? Paste-pot Pete first appeared in Strange Tales #104 -- Help this non-profit bring back the Ents! Go to https://entees.trees to learn more.
5/3/20227 minutes, 28 seconds
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Marvel: The Eel (enemy of the Human Torch)

The Eel is an aquarium curator in a greasy purple body suit living his best life. -- Check out SuperBiteBox and let us know which powers you get! https://superbite.thebox/best  
4/28/20228 minutes, 34 seconds
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DC Comics: Spider Man (not that one) (enemy of Shazam)

We learn that DC Comics actually beat Marvel to the punch and created a villain called Spider Man ten years before Peter Parker made his debut. For some reason, a sad old man with fuzzy feelers and a sack of goo wasn't as much of a hit... Spider Man first appeared in WHIZ Comics #89 -- Sponsor: Get climbing with Plungies at https://plungies.limousine and let them know we sent you. Please. Please let them know we sent you.
4/26/20227 minutes, 12 seconds
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Marvel: The Spot (enemy of Spider-man)

The Spot is why we should fund the sciences: so more of our PhDs don't go into super-villainy. The Spot first appeared in "Spectacular Spider-man" #98 -- Sponsor: Check out the Conical Conifer Incognito Cover from TreeTV at https://CCIC.TreeTV/podcast   
4/21/20227 minutes, 2 seconds
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DC Comics: The Prankster (enemy of Superman)

What better nemesis could there be for Superman than a little guy with a pencil mustache, no super powers, who commits crime by playing pranks (and taking deep dives into U.S. Copyright Law). The Prankster first appeared in Superman #22 -- Utility belts: not just for superheroes anymore! Check out the You-tility Belt at https://youtilitybelt.yb/best and get 2% off all add-ons!
4/19/20228 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

DC Comics: Bat-Hombre (enemy of Batman)

Batman franchises his operation out to a South American country in 1949 and the result (basically the same Batman, but with a mustache and colorful poncho speaking Spanglish) is something that has not aged well. Bat-Hombre's first, and thankfully only, appearance was in Batman #56 The Batman Gambit: -- Hold on to your hat! The Haticopter will be slicing its way into your life (but hopefully not your collarbone!) soon. Check it out at https://HaticopterFit.Transport/Now  
4/14/20228 minutes, 15 seconds
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Dynamic Comics: Reefer King (enemy of Yankee Boy)

Look, drugs and tobacco are bad. Don't do them. What you *should* do, according to the 1945 comic featuring Yankee Boy v. Reefer King, is dress up in a star spangled unitard and, without a mask or superpowers, go take on murderous drug dealers. After you finish your homework, of course. Reefer King first appeared in Dynamic Comics #16 -- Trap-Eze: Trap doors made easy! Check out their assortment of floor hole doors at and use code BEST for a free consultation!
4/12/20225 minutes, 52 seconds
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DC Comics: Murder Marionettes (enemy of Doll Man)

Two brothers had conflicting dreams about how to put their puppet skills to good use. One wanted to bring delight and joy to children everywhere. The other wanted to use them to rob banks and commit secret murders. By the title of the episode you can probably tell which brother's vision won out. Unfortunately, he didn't see Doll Man coming (except he really did because Doll Man, despite the intimidating name, was actually kind of bad at being a superhero). -- Bluetooth* Headsets! Get your $4 rebate on a new Bluetooth Headset by using our code "OF THE" at https://therealbluetooth.tooth   *Bluetooth Headsets is in no way affiliated with Bluetooth SIG, the managers of the Bluetooth protocol.
4/7/20227 minutes, 47 seconds
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Marvel: The Kangaroo (enemy of Spider-man)

If you big inspiration in life is to be like the guy who wants to be a marsupial, you might want to re-evaluate those goals. "The Kangaroo" is a Spider-man villain who first appeared in "The Amazing Spider-man" #81. The Brian Hibbs version first appeared in "The Spectacular Spider-man" #244. -- Sponsor: Menace on the road with style! Check out Lairbnb and use our code, BEST, for your first night at your lair away from home free! Check it out at https://lair.bnb
4/5/20228 minutes, 19 seconds
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Marvel: The Porcupine (enemy of Ant-Man and Captain America)

Because what shows your genius and mastery of all things super-villainy more than a giant spikey wookie suit that shoots rubber cement from its nipples? -- Tired of your todo list? Get you to do it with Clones4U. Get your 100 day risk-free trial (and support the show!) at http://clones.4.u/botw
3/31/20227 minutes, 36 seconds
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Quality Comics: Brickbat (enemy of #711)

Brickbat is the answer to the question: what if Batman was evil...and wore a lime green dress suit...and threw poisonous bricks. -- Check out the first consumer-grade, FDA-approved shrink ray: the Shrink-Sync and get $600 off at https://shrink.sync/botw
3/29/20229 minutes, 15 seconds
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Mighty Comics Group: Phantasmon the Terrible (enemy of Fly Man)

Phantasmon the Terrible, who shoots electric snot rockets, has a legion of demons, and comes from the planet Diablor, has met his evil match: corporate America. -- Check out the OK-Ray! Who needs a Death Ray when you can get an OK-Ray! Go to https://ok.ray/botw for a mandatory quote! -- Check out Scoundrel: History's Forgotten Villains at
3/24/20226 minutes, 33 seconds
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Stardust the Super Wizard

A cruel and imposing space wizard comes to earth and asserts his own twisted form of justice on us and, of course, that makes him the hero? -- Check out Bow Train Trainer VR at bowtraintrainee.vr/botw for 40% a whole mess of wires that are totally safe to wear while running on a treadmill and shooting a bow. -- Check out our new show, Scoundrel: History's Forgotten Villains at  
3/22/20227 minutes, 6 seconds
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DC Comics: Microwave Man (enemy of Superman)

Because what could be more intimidating than a household appliance? -- Do you want to live forever? If so, try out our code, BOTW, at for a free taste sampler pack of Life Elixir brand juiceboxes with your first order of 18 boxes of the same flavor.
3/17/20227 minutes, 49 seconds
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Marvel: The Death Throws (enemy of Hawkeye)

"The Death Throws" is a juggling-based assassin group that is good at branding and bad at crime. -- Get your RocketBooties+ at https://RocketDock.command/bootiesplus and use our code, BOTW, for a free first aid kit!
3/15/20227 minutes, 51 seconds
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DC Comics: Uglyman (enemy of The Web)

Uglyman vs. The Web: "Henpecked Hero" is a matchup that you have when you don't care about selling comic books. -- Bat2Go! Visit for 1% off your 3rd car kit!
3/10/20227 minutes, 37 seconds
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DC Comics: Human Flying Fish (enemy of Aquaman)

The story of Human Flying Fish is a tale of why you shouldn't give up on your dreams, even when those dreams are ridiculous and bad. -- Sponsor: VatBox! The only monthly subscription box that delivers you a vat full of chemicals. Jump in them to maybe get special powers. Construct rickety scaffolding over them to fight your nemesis. The fun is limitless. For 50% off a 22-month subscription, go to https://thatvat.boxamillion/botw
3/8/20227 minutes, 5 seconds
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Marvel: Stilt-man and Lady Stilt-man (enemies of the Avengers)

Stilt-man is a lesson in why you should just stop trying to make stilts a thing...unless you want to get beaten up by pretty much all the Avengers. -- Sponsor: Find your next henchman through HenchBench! For a two hour free trial and MANDATORY commitment, go to https://hench.bench/contract -- Try out our new show, Scoundrel:
3/3/20226 minutes, 41 seconds
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DC Comics: Outlaw Town, U.S.A. (enemies of Batman)

Outlaws band together, I guess learn California state law, and legally found a town for outlaws. Looks like Batman is going to need to put some miles on the Batmobile and take a visit to sunny California. -- Sponsor: Get the Lightsaber Kitchen Knife 2.0 by going to https://get.lightsaberkitchenknives to get 70% off your first order of five kitchen knives or more!
3/1/20227 minutes, 58 seconds
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DC Comics: The King of Cats (enemy of Batman)

When Catwoman (Selina Kyle) retires, her brother Karl Kyle decides to step in to become the King of Cats in Gotham city because not only does he not need to get new business cards, but what is more intimidating than a skin-tight hairy purple body suit? -- Check out our new show, Scoundrel: History's Forgotten Villains -- Sponsor: Lavish Capes! Get 20% off your first order by going to https://lavish.capes/botw!
2/24/20226 minutes, 44 seconds
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DC Comics: Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man (enemy of Doom Patrol)

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man is the name you get when you let your enemies do your branding for you. And also when you can't make a decision about what form you want to take so you just jam them all together and become part dinosaur, part rock, and part cabbage. Scoundrel: History's Forgotten Villains: All our other shows:
2/22/20227 minutes, 48 seconds
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Best of the Worst Trailer

New show from the Weisers about wonderful and ridiculous comic book villains drops 2/22/22!
2/20/202259 seconds