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The Best of Sales Skills. Sales Tactics for Today's Sellers. If you want the latest tactics and strategies that you can use to be more effective in your sales and outreach? Then this is for you. Sales Development and Prospecting is hard whether you prospect via social, video, phone or carrier pigeon. We bring you a broad range of strategies all salespeople can employ to start more conversations with their ideal clients. Designed to help Business Development teams, Sales Development Reps, Account Executives, Sales Enablement Professionals, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Sales Leaders. Hosted by, Mark McInnes - Author, B2B Sales Trainer.
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👍 🎙️ UPDATED: How to check your network strength on LinkedIn

When I initially posted this a couple of weeks ago it had an error that meant it would not play any audio.I have now fixed that error. Apologies for the delay in getting this to you.Posting on LinkedIn with only a low level of interaction?Maybe your LinkedIn network is not very strong.How could you tell?Grab the visual on YouTube: Check your LinkedIn's network strength.I'll argue that quality is far more important than quantity for 95% of people on LinkedIn. Having a strong network is much, much better than a big network.But how do you test the strength?Give this test a try, it'll take you only 3mins to conduct, and it just might change your approach to LinkedInCatch all versions of me here.Catch all versions of me here. LinkedIn profileVIP sale
20/11/20238 minutes 6 seconds
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🎙️ 🥼 A social selling prescription: Dr Yekemi Otaru

Dr Yekemi Otaru is the Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder of Sales Enablement Consultancy, Doqaru.In this show, Dr Yekemi Otaru joins us from Scotland. Yekemi is an Author, a DR, A Top LinkedIn marketing voice, the 2022 Social Entrepreneur of the Year and the Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year.We talk about.What’s changed in social selling from 2016 to 2023.How to get started in social, whether you're brand new or a bit more experienced. Yekemi's 6 P’s of SocialMark's 5 x 5 x 5 strategy& the 4:1:1 posting strategy.So, regardless of whether you’re a social selling newbie or a more experienced practitioner - you're going to love this chat with Dr Yekemi Otaru. Yemei's book The Smart Sceptic's Guide to Social M
06/11/202338 minutes 16 seconds
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🎙️ 🏠 SDR/BDRs should sell like Real Estate Agents.

We will need to change several things about our approach to outbound in 2024 and beyond.One of the things I think we will see is a shift away from some SDR roles, and those morph into MDR-type roles.That is more marketing-focused roles (Market Development Rep) and less about getting the meeting at all costs, which is the current SDR (Sales Development Rep) type role.My local Real Estate companies are experts at this MDR approach. Two companies in particular in my local area make an effort to call me every couple of months, and we have a 2 - 5 minute conversation.Join our live stream on Nov 14 to learn what outbound will look like in 2024.Catch all versions of me here. LinkedIn profileVIP sales mailerTactical Pipeline GrowthBOSS Podcast1 on 1 Consulting
11/10/202311 minutes 27 seconds
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🎙️ 🧍‍♂️ Hold your Prospects Accountable with Kristie Jones.

Catch all versions of me here. LinkedIn profileVIP sales mailerTactical Pipeline GrowthBOSS Podcast1 on 1 Consulting
10/07/202337 minutes 29 seconds
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🎙️ 😳 Are you too scared to sell?

Let me give you permission to sell.There's a new tactic being used in outreach. It's where part of your message begs not to be marked as spam or not to reply if you don't like the outreach.I think it's weak.I predict it'll become very popular in the next 6 months.What should you do instead?Lower the volume of your outreach and increase your relevance.Use the "Because of the fact that...""It just made sense that.."Get the full run down over at...Catch all versions of me here. LinkedIn profileVIP sales mailerTactical Pipeline GrowthBOSS Podcast1 on 1 Consulting
12/06/20238 minutes 32 seconds
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🎙️ 🇺🇸 Earn at the TOP 1% of your industry. Doug C Brown.

FREE EBOOK. See the link below.Doug C. Brown is the CEO of 'CEO Sales Strategies'. As well as a Sales Revenue and Profit Growth Expert. He is the creator of the Top 1% Academy, where he trains CEOs, business owners and salespeople or entrepreneurs, how to be in the top 1% of earners.FREE Ebook: Email Doug at [email protected] and tell him you heard him on the BOSS Podcast.Doug: all versions of me here. LinkedIn profileVIP sales mailerTactical Pipeline GrowthBOSS Podcast1 on 1 Consulting
05/05/202329 minutes 55 seconds
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📅 📈 Your very own DIY Sales Kick Off with Dean Mannix.

DIY Sales Kickoff with Dean Mannix’s Sales Growth Blueprint. Get your 2023 started right. Systemising sales success is Dean’s speciality. In this episode, Dean walks us through his tried and tested Sales Growth Blueprint model to help you map out your new business sales plan for the coming year. First things first.Go and download the FREE workbook from  and then come back and follow us, step by step,  as we walk through the 7 Drivers of Sales Growth. The 7 drivers areCompelling StorySmarter TargetingPersuasive EngagementPersuasive ProposingRetention and AdvocacyConfidence and MotivationAccountability 📣 Lis
16/01/202333 minutes 2 seconds
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💣 🧨 Brilliant Outreach Tactics (ABM for Enterprise & Mid-Market) with Shahin Hoda

Shahin says, “Your buyers have become numb to your emails, numb to the LinkedIn messages, numb to the calls”. How do we break through to get noticed without being spammy?Shahin Hodda is the CEO of Xgrowth.Xgrowth helps businesses like Citrix, ZOOM &amp; Docusign to land interactions with their target enterprise clients.Jump into this chat where Shahin shares exactly what Xgrowth does to get in front of those key decision-makers on behalf of his clients.The stories and examples are absolutely incredible.What can you replicate to help you get more valuable meetings?After hearing these strategies I hope you’re inspired to go out and build a truly powerful outbound campaign of your own. Shahin Hoda<a href='
07/11/202235 minutes 47 seconds
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🎓 📣 3 Critical Sales Skills (and how to coach them). Andrew Vidler

Andrew has some great frameworks to help you nail your value prop, improve your questioning skills and nail your credibility.3️⃣ Things most of us could be better at.Andrew came to my attention through his posts on LinkedIn. They&apos;re no-fuss, tactical and very usable. It just made sense I got him on the podcast to share some of those ideas with you. Today we are going to walk through these 3 key areas.Value Prop CreationDeveloping Curiosity in your QuestioningDemonstrating credibility. Because Andrew is leading a team, he spends a lot of time helping his team improve their selling skills. The frameworks he shares here are how he is coaching and challenging his team right now.This chat is great for those leaders who want some ideas around how to improve your team&apos;s skills in this area OR if you&apos;re a frontline seller yours
15/08/202225 minutes 41 seconds
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The 6️⃣ Fundamentals of Sales Know-How 📈 Ian Cartwright

Author Ian Cartwright, is a sales coach from New Zealand who specialises in coaching sales to business leaders. Ian has a new book out called the 6 Fundamental of Sales Know-How and it&apos;s a practical book to help people learn the ropes of selling - and to sell in the right way. 📚 It&apos;s well worth checking out, especially if you have a fresh sales team or perhaps you&apos;re new to sales yourself.  📣  We talk about how to best position yourself as a trusted adviser to your clients and how you can avoid being bogged down by the weight of carrying a sales number.We share what sort of questions you should be asking and why? We cover what to do if you or your sales team are perhaps in a bit of a form slump concerning new business creation.We also give out a little bit of sales career advice towards the end as a BONUS.Ian Cartwright https://www.linkedi
12/06/202229 minutes 19 seconds
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📫 👩‍💻How to follow up via email. 10/10 response rate. (Micro episode)

🎙The Go, Slow or No follow up email… I have a super short but powerful tactic you might use to help you determine whether your prospect is able and ready to move ahead with you or if they’re going to bow out.Now, if you’re like me, you’ll be in this situation a few times a month. How do you say to your prospect – “Hey are we on or not” -clearly that sort of language isn’t going to work. I mean that’s what we are thinking – but you can’t say that. So what could you say that might be more likely to get a response?Why not try the Go, Slow or No approach?We are 10 for 10 from this email. 10 emails 10 responses.Give it a GO and let me KNOW... 🤣 Mark McInnes and VIP Mailer Development As A Service all versions of me here.
06/06/20223 minutes 31 seconds