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English, Social, 6 seasons, 52 episodes, 1 day 11 hours 55 minutes
Hello! We’re Elizabeth Day and Emma Reed-Turrell. And for over 20 years, we’ve been best friends. Elizabeth is a broadcaster and author. Emma is a psychotherapist. Best Friend Therapy is where we chat about what’s on our minds to get deeper in our minds. Every week, we talk about how to tackle the challenges we face in daily life with honesty, compassion and practical wisdom. This is a podcast that holds your hand through the tough times and offers reassurance on the days you might need it. Feed your soul with nourishing conversations from two best friends, one therapist - and zero filter.
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Introducing: It Can't Just Be Me

Hey Listener... We have a podcast we think you'll like! Listen to 'It Can't Just Be Me' now wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes every Wednesday.
06/07/202331 seconds
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Best Friend Therapy: Trailer

Best Friend Therapy is a brand new podcast where we open the doors to our friendship to and throw a light on the therapy we all need in our everyday lives. Each week we'll be chatting about a different topic - from coping with anxiety, to setting healthy boundaries; from misplaced guilt to people-pleasing - and plenty more besides. If you fancy joining us, be sure to subscribe now so that you don't miss our first ever episode, coming soon!
17/03/20221 minute 57 seconds