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Berserker Cast- A Falling Skies Podcast

English, TV & Video, 1 seasons, 27 episodes, 1 day 11 hours 20 minutes
Berserker Cast is a podcast about Falling Skies on TNT. We discuss each week's episode, theorize on what might happen next, and share listener feedback out each episode. Send your feedback about each episode of Falling Skies by calling 304-837-2278 or emailing [email protected]
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BC 25 – S5E10 – “Reborn” Review

Thank you joining us for the last, and lengthy, installment of Berserker Cast! Our feedback segment in this episode spanned nearly the amount of time as our episode discussion, and we were absolutely thrilled! We got to hear from many people with a wide range of opinions, so whether you loved or hated the Falling Skies finale, we think that you will find someone in the feedback section who resonates with your sentiments. This podcast covers the series finale of Falling Skies, season 5 episode 10 entitled "Reborn". It originally aired on August 30, 2015. The episode opened in the same manner as the series premiere did, with a monologue as the drawings of children were displayed on the screen. I'm not going to lie, Darrell and I were pretty hard on this episode. Though it bore many elements that we wanted out of this finale, many of the events were confusing and disjointed. <a href="" title="BC 25 - S5E10 - Reborn Revi
02/09/20152 hours 11 minutes 36 seconds
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BC 24 – S5E9 – Reunion Review

The penultimate episode of Falling Skies was chalk full of surprises! From the Dornia ship to Lexi's return to Anthony regaining his sanity, our favorite alien invasion drama television show really feels like it's coming to a close. It won't end before everything comes to a head, though, and we know things need to get a little worse before they can get better. In this installment of Berserker Cast, Darrell and Emilee (me), discuss season 5 episode 9 entitled: "Reunion." Read More... The post BC 24 &#8211; S5E9 &#8211; Reunion Review appeared first on Golden Spiral Media- Entertainment Podcasts, Technology Podcasts &amp; More.
26/08/20151 hour 40 minutes 30 seconds
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BC 23 – S5E8 – Stalag 14th Virginia Review

Welcome back, Berserkers! It's time for some discussion about Falling Skies season 5 episode 8 entitled "Stalag 14th Virginia". This episode originally aired on August 16, 2015. I remember reading this episode title several weeks ago and groaning because of the word stalag. It's a German term from the World Wars, used to describe a prisoner of war internment camp. To me, it sounded like stagnant... Like, literally. This episode would put a halt on the advancement to Washington D.C. Unfortunately, I wasn't wrong. I was wrong, however, about not believing I'd enjoy the episode. Putting aside the placement of this episode within the final season, I enjoyed the drama very much. All of the characters were in their finest form, Tom is letting go of his rage and embracing the hero within, and now the 2nd Massachusetts has more soldiers to fight with them. <a href="" title="BC 23 - S5E8 - Sta
19/08/20151 hour 34 minutes 51 seconds
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BC 22 – S5E7 – Everybody Has Their Reasons Review

If you are reading this, you are a faithful fan and we applaud your resilience! This is Berserker Cast Episode 22 covering Falling Skies season 5 episode 7 entitled "Everybody Has Their Reasons". This episode originally aired on August 9, 2015. Only three episodes remain in the final season of this post-apocalyptic alien drama and many fans are wondering why we are where we are. It is not our custom to bash Falling Skies. Both Darrell and I (Emilee) repeat very often that an episode of Falling Skies is better than no episode of Falling Skies, but even that mantra is challenged with this seemingly ill-timed episode. There's nothing wrong with the episode from a production or direction standpoint, it's extremely well produced and the drama is tight, but it's events within the larger story is puzzling. Read more... The pos
12/08/20151 hour 32 minutes 13 seconds
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BC 21 – S5E6 – Respite Review

Welcome back, Berserkers! In this episode of Berserker Cast, Darrell and I (Emilee) discuss the sixth episode of the final season of Falling Skies entitled "Respite". Pronounced reh-spit for all you Americans. Then again if you spell favorite like favourite you may as well prefer to pronounce it reh-spyt.Up to you! Either way, the word means the same thing: (n.) a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant. Perhaps that definition alone should have been enough to indicate this was not a dream sequence. Both Darrell and I were wondering for a lot of the episode whether Tom's experiences were a dream-state, like Strange Brew from season 3. There were indicators along the way that it was not, such as Hal finding Tom's jacket; but there were also moments where Tom seemed surprised that his caretakers knew something, like he seemed surprised that Grandpa Willie knew his name at the dinner table. <a href="
05/08/20151 hour 19 minutes 31 seconds
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BC 20 – S5E5 – Non-Essential Personnel Review

In this 20th episode of Berserker Cast, Darrell and I (Emilee) take a look at Falling Skies Season 5 Episode 5, entitled Non-Essential Personnel. This was quite an interesting discussion as Darrell and I found ourselves literally on opposite sides of the same coin. Interestingly, a feedbacker mentions they were wary about this episode due to the synopsis, which sounded a bit like the episode last year where Tom, Weaver and Matt encounter the brothers in the woods on the way back from rescuing Matt. It just so happens that episode was the fifth of season four, just as this is the fifth episode of season five. Both episodes felt like they stalled the overall progression of their respective seasons. They did little to advance the storyline, and instead provide an extended commentary on the state and nature of humanity. Read more...</a
29/07/20151 hour 25 minutes 12 seconds
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BC 19 – S5E4 – Pope Breaks Bad Review

Berserker Cast has a reason to celebrate with this next installment of the podcast! We got a real life reunion of the surviving members of the Berserkers, and though it was under less than ideal circumstances, Darrell and I feel validated in the namessake of this podcast! We discuss Season 5 Episode 4 "Pope Breaks Bad", which originally aired on July 19, 2015. For all the havoc Pope could have wreaked, I was surprised at the more methodical approach he took to raising hell. Since the arrival of Sarah's character almost a full season ago, the writers have been very intentional about making Pope a more willing participant in the 2nd Mass and I can't help but wonder if it was all for the very purpose of standing in opposition to Tom here at the end of the series, right before the final battle. Read More... The post <a rel="nofollow" href="
22/07/20151 hour 24 minutes 17 seconds
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BC 18 – S5E3 – Hatchlings Review

In this 18th episode of Berserker Cast, Darrell and I (Emilee) take a look at Falling Skies season 5 episode 3 entitled "Hatchlings". Aside from being a little disappointed by the misleading nature of the episode title, based on the word as it was used in season 4, both Darrell and I were very happy with this installment of the post-apocalyptic drama! Tension between the characters was excellent, we got some great information about the alien species communicating with Tom, and, as always, an exploration into family and making connections. Read more... The post BC 18 &#8211; S5E3 &#8211; Hatchlings Review appeared first on Golden Spiral Media- Entertainment Podcasts, Technology Podcasts &amp; More.
15/07/20151 hour 23 minutes 31 seconds
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BC 17 – S5E2 – Hunger Pains Review

Sometimes motivational speakers will ask their audience if they're hungry for victory or success. Metaphorically, this is a useful analogy, but there is a significant difference in being hungry versus being hungry. When dinner rolls around and I'm asked whether I'm "hungry", I usually say Yes because I haven't eaten a meal in five hours, not because my stomach is growling. I've never been truly hungry, not in the way that hunger pains seize a great percentage of this earth's population. And yet, there have been a few occasions in my life where I can relate to being hungry enough to eat something I wouldn't usually eat and can vouch, at least to a minor degree, that I'm not considering all the implications of my actions when I'm trying to satiate that hunger. It's more difficult to make clear headed choices when my body aches. Read more... The
08/07/20151 hour 28 minutes 15 seconds
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BC 16 – S5E1 – Find Your Warrior

Welcome back to Berserker Cast! In episode 16, Darrell and I (Emilee) discuss the season 5 premiere of Falling Skies entitled "Find Your Warrior". This episode originally aired on Sunday June 28, 2015 and drew in a mere 2 million viewers. This is down significantly from the previous season's premiere, but can hardly be unexpected due to season 4's rocky arc. If you've been listening to Berserker Cast regularly, you'll know that I'm the first to defend this series and the story lines, but based on the events of last season I'm not surprised even some of the committed fans fell off. Read more... The post BC 16 &#8211; S5E1 &#8211; Find Your Warrior appeared first on Golden Spiral Media- Entertainment Podcasts, Tec
01/07/20151 hour 24 minutes 54 seconds
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BC 15 – Season 4 Review, Season 5 Preview

And we're back! After an extremely long hiatus, Darrell and I (Emilee) are excited to jump back into our ongoing discussions of the wonderful TNT post-apocalyptic alien drama Falling Skies and all of its Berserkery goodness. In this episode of Berserker Cast, we take some time to talk about all the things season 4 did well, all of the things season 4 could have done without, and look ahead at the season to come. Read More... The post BC 15 &#8211; Season 4 Review, Season 5 Preview appeared first on Golden Spiral Media- Entertainment Podcasts, Technology Podcasts &amp; More.
24/06/20151 hour 24 minutes 43 seconds
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The Final Battle Begins

Summer is finally here! It is time for barbeque, suntans and alien invasions. In season 4 the 2nd Mass faced the greatest challenge yet. The Espheni Overlords have corralled the remaining adults into ghetto camps. The children are sent to school to be reprogrammed. They will be used as tools to catch their rebellious parents. The survivors are losing hope when The Ghost arises. Once again Tom Mason negotiates with the enemy and leads the remaining humans against the Espheni. Read more... The post The Final Battle Begins appeared first on Golden Spiral Media- Entertainment Podcasts, Technology Podcasts &amp; More.
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BC 14-Berserker Cast Episode 14-Shoot The Moon Review

In episode 14 of Berserker Cast we take a long hard look at the finale episode of season 4 of Falling Skies before speculating on just what the writers have in store for us next season! So much happens in this finale, we see the skitterization machine put into effect against the 2nd Mass, we see Tom take down Scorch, and we see Lexi take one for humanity (or...does she?). The mysterious fog substance that flowed out of the skitterization machine (we need a better name for this... Flower Pod? Fog Egg?) reinforced this idea that the humans have reached a point of helplessness on earth. They need to stretch beyond their limits in order to bring the Espheni reign of terror to an end. Emilee compares the creatures coming out of the pod to a 500 million year old, Cambrian-era creature we know of only through the fossils they've left behind, Burgess Shale (see picture to right; source). The show she references that
05/09/201454 minutes 35 seconds
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BC 13-Berserker Cast Episode 13-Space Oddity Review

In episode 13 of Berserker Cast we talk about the penultimate season 4 episode "Space Oddity" which consists of Lexi's plea to take Ben's place on the mission to the moon with Tom. We discuss our perceptions of Lexi, whether we believe her or not, and how that ebbed and flowed as the episode went on. Did you find it easy or difficult to trust Lexi? Despite being rather relaxed on the action front, this episode helped to really draw out the human in Lexi and reveal the scared little girl inside of her that was finally yearning for her father. As she begins to understand what it means to be human, she begins to change and behave differently and even become a daughter to her father. Watching that relationship develop was certainly one of our favorite parts of the episode. Read more... The post <a rel="nofollow" href="htt
03/09/201457 minutes 56 seconds
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BC 12-Berserker Cast Episode 12-Drawing Straws Review

In episode 12 of Berserker Cast, we discuss Falling Skies Season 4 Episode 10 entitled "Drawing Straws" where names are chosen from a hollowed out piece of wood to determine which (un)lucky two will ride in the alien space craft to the moon. While no one is surprised by the end result, it was an interesting road getting them to where they need to be. The discussion we have circles around Epictetus (or Epic-Tardis if you're Darrell) and we look at how lessons in stoicism have been shaping each of the characters in the last few episodes for this penultimate episode of season 4. While Tom seems to be conflicted over his own commitment to the philosophy of Epictetus, his boys form the spectrum he is wavering on. We get some major, much-needed character development that makes ongoing events frustrating and fascinating, and will undoubtedly lead to exciting events in the finale two episodes!<a href="
27/08/20141 hour 34 minutes 32 seconds
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BC 11-Berserker Cast Episode 11-Doug Jones Interview

In this very special edition of Berserker Cast we had the honor and the pleasure of speaking with Doug Jones, whom we all know best right now as Cochise on Falling Skies! His resume is expansive and colorful, embodying quite well the man himself. But we had a chance to lift up the foam mask and talk with the man who brings other-worldly creatures to life. We spend a great deal of time discussing Cochise and his role on Falling Skies, how Doug got involved in the project, and what he perceives the Volm's role to be in the current season of the show. And, speaking of Volm, Doug tells us that he is the only one on set who can pronounce every Volm name that has so far been proffered up! And then he does it! Several times! Read more... The post <a rel="nofollow" href="
25/08/201453 minutes 41 seconds
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BC 10-Berserker Cast Episode 10-Till Death Do Us Part Review

In episode 10 of Berserker Cast, which is technically episode 9 of season 4 of Falling Skies, we spend a lot of time talking about the state of the relationships of a lot of the main characters. With an increase in action in the last few episodes, this episode felt like a way to calm things down right before another big fight. But while tensions are easing between Tom and Anne, culminating in their punctual nuptials, the same cannot be said for Hal and Maggie, nor Pope and Sara. Tom and Anne give us the seasoned, adult version of talking through arguments while Hal demonstrates the emotional hurt more reflective of his age in how he informs his brother that he witnessed the kiss. We talk about what implications the spikes have on Ben and Maggie's relationship with each other, with Hal, and with the Espheni on a larger scale. How intimately are they connected? <a href="" title=
20/08/20141 hour 7 minutes 31 seconds
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BC 09-Berserker Cast Episode 09-A Thing With Feathers Review

In episode 9 of Berserker Cast, Emilee has a difficult task. She must convince Darrell that this episode didn't totally suck. And, indeed, by the end of their conversation Darrell raised his rating from a 6 to a 7.5 (which, Emilee reminds us, is a pretty normal rating for her). From Emily Dickinson to Dante, Emilee draws in some literary parallels that were significant to her, while still joining in with some of Darrell's nitpicks about things that seemed a bit forced. The least favorite part of this episode was definitely the Pope/Sara scenes, and yet through those scenes we get to see a very different side of Pope that really seems to be changing him. Almost as though he's caring about the 2nd Mass because he wants Sara to. Read more... The post <a rel="nofollow" href="
13/08/20141 hour 15 minutes 25 seconds
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BC 08-Berserker Cast Episode 08-Saturday Night Massacre Review

In episode 8 of Berserker Cast we waste no time jumping into the escalating events of Lexi's haven-no-more. Now out of her cocoon, Lexi denounces the human race and leaves, killing a fan favorite in the process, and the 2nd Mass lays vulnerable to approaching Espheni forces. While Tom and Anne try to juggle the changes occurring in their daughter against the reality that is her total and inevitable betrayal, Hal takes a journey of his own--again--and comes around to seeing things his father's way. Throughout the discussion we continually come back to Lexi's evolving biology and mental state. When, if ever, do Tom and Anne draw the line? When does Lexi stop being a Mason? We also talk about the forever rotating family paradigm that the 2nd Mass has undergone over the last four seasons and how we are to apply that to characters like Lexi or Pope or Sara. Read more
06/08/20141 hour 21 minutes 35 seconds
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BC 07-Berserker Cast Episode 07-Door Number Three Review

In episode 7 of Berserker Cast, we discuss the midpoint of season 4 of Falling Skies entitled "Door Number Three". Is Lexi human (door number one)? Is Lexi an Espheni (door number two)? Or... what is behind door number three? The common feeling from us and other listeners is that Lexi is attempting to be both human and Espheni, not to destroy one or the other, but to unite the races. This is the front that the re-education camps are promoting, but based off of sinister conversations held by Scorch and Monk, we don't think Lexi has been quite given all the details. After expressing how relieved we are that the Masons are reunited with one another at long last--and Anne, if you don't count her as a Mason yet--we dive right into the very intense, and tense, happenings in the episode. Read more... The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.goldenspiralmedia.c
30/07/20141 hour 16 minutes 50 seconds
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BC 06-Berserker Cast Episode 06-Mind Games Review

In episode 6 of Berserker Cast we talk a lot about how we perceived this episode to fit into the whole of the season. Season four will have a total of 12 episodes, which is 2 more than the previous three seasons, and yet this episode seemed very much like a "filler" episode. It is difficult for both of us to find much fault in the writing itself, because even with slower paced episodes there is a lot of good writing within, but we can't help to feel like there is something big coming and they're drawing it out in order for each character to get into a perfect spot before uniting them all again. When the episode opens, Tom, Weaver and Matt have traveled three days without food. Matt seems off, and in light of his recent imprisonment it isn't all that strange. Questions arise again from feedbackers and from our discussion about whether there is some foreshadowing going on for Ben's fate and the possibility of Matt being involved in his fate. We also see another aspect to the sh
23/07/20141 hour 31 minutes 55 seconds
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BC-05-Berserker Cast Episode 05-Evolve or Die Review

In episode 5 of Berserker Cast we found it a little difficult to keep our discussions of all the groups separate! Finally we're seeing some reunions across the board that are bringing our big family back together and we love it! Even though Tom and Weaver have split from Hal, they've reunited with Matt and, in exchange, Hal is on his way to be reunited with Ben, Maggie, Anne and the Loyal Followers of Lexi Glass-Mason. We know better than to hope for a long-term reunion, but we at least know things will be coming to a head. Even gauging the reaction Anne had to the news Lexi is meeting privately with the Espheni, what will Tom's reaction be like? One of the most interesting developments was the addition of Mira Sorvina as Sara, the Female Pope. Without the other Berserkers, Pope seems to be an island. Sara's entrance quite possibly means a romance, but we can only hope it'll be for the best. If they get too friendly, they might have to be careful that their own child will mee
16/07/20141 hour 30 minutes 29 seconds
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BC-04-Berserker Cast Episode 04-Exodus Review

In episode 4 of Berserker Cast, we once again break down our discussion by talking about each different group separated by the events of the premiere. Tom and his group have come up with a plan to not just escape, but to break down the enemy's fence trapping them all inside the ghetto. The plan itself seems too well conceived and planned out for it to go smoothly, however, and we talk about the various obstacles the characters encounter as they try to follow through on the elaborate plan. Plus, where do they go next? And what did Weaver see in the woods? Anne's group, while once again given very little screen time, fulfilled their goal of finding Lexi. The last leg of that journey is mysterious, though. What about that dream Anne had? Was it a memory, or a symbolic nightmare? Both of us thought it was weird that Anne seemed so out of it when she passed out, and when she awoke she seemed perfectly fine. What does that mean? <a href="
09/07/20141 hour 33 minutes 47 seconds
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BC 03-Berserker Cast Episode 03-The Eye Review

In episode 3 of Berserker Cast, we zero in on what is going on with each group divided by the events of the season 4 premiere. Some very interesting and important information came to light from the Overlord overseeing the gulag where Tom, Weaver, Hal and Tector are being kept. What does this mean for the resistance? What do the Espheni have planned for the humans? The groups have begun to overlap in subtle ways, too, and we discuss what implications these overlaps have for those affected. Now that Anne knows her daughter is being called a hybrid, how will that influence her decisions? We also talk about how Lexi is handling her rapid aging and what that might mean from a physical and psychological standpoint. Read more... The post BC 03-Berserk
02/07/20141 hour 20 minutes 36 seconds
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BC 02-Berserker Cast Episode 02-Ghost in the Machine Review

In episode 02 of Berserker Cast we break down the Falling Skies season 4 premiere episode entitled, “Ghost in the Machine.” Like most of the other Falling Skies season premiere’s, “Ghost in the Machine” took the show in a whole new direction. We talk about all of the changes that occurred including the new groups that the main characters are now with, how they might be able to overcome their situation, and when some of them will reunite. We also talk about the new information we were given about the Volm, Tom’s plan to outwit the Eshpeni, and the risk Tom is gambling with each time he leaves his cell. We talk about Lexi’s rapid growth, the mysterious necklace that she’s wearing, whether or not they should feel safe, and whether or not Ben will put his guns down. Read More... The post <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.goldenspir
25/06/20141 hour 21 minutes 52 seconds
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Berserker Cast Episode 01-Falling Skies Series Recap

In episode 01 of Berserker Cast we get you ready for Falling Skies season 4 by reviewing the first 3 seasons of Falling Skies. We give a general overview of seasons 1 and 2, enough to give you an understanding of the topics we discuss in our season 3 recap. We give an overview of each of the main characters of Falling Skies and important developments that have occurred between the characters. In our season 3 review section we talk about all of the major plot developments involving the Volm, Eshpheni, and humans, as well as the important developments involving the Volm and Lexi at the end of the season. By the time you've finished this episode you should be all ready to go for Falling Skies season 4 on TNT. Catch the season premiere Sunday, June 22, at 10/9c. Read More... The post <a rel="nofollow" h
18/06/20141 hour 18 minutes 54 seconds
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BC Episode 00 – Introduction To Berserker Cast Our Falling Skies Podcast

Welcome to Beserker Cast! If you’ve landed on this page, we assume you are a fan of the TNT show Falling Skies, or perhaps curious as to what exactly this new podcast is that Golden Spiral Media is producing. For the first time in GSM’s existence, a podcast will jump into a show after its pilot episode. There is a really good reason for this.  Honestly. Last summer, Darrell and Emilee co-hosted the TV Talk show for Falling Skies, but as the podcast network chose not to pick up the show in its fourth season, the hosts needed an outlet to carry on the work they had begun. It seemed like a no-brainer that they should continue, and luckily Darrell’s ownership of GSM gave them full reign to do whatever they want! In all seriousness, the two hosts are enthusiastic about the show and are eager to be part of the discussion. In episode 00, Darrell and Emilee introduce themselves, give a brief rundown of the premise of Falling Skies, share a lot of thoughts over what make
11/06/201431 minutes 8 seconds