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Belize Talk Radio - Living and Working in Belize

English, Cultural, 1 season, 55 episodes, 1 day, 16 hours, 35 minutes
Have you ever wanted to learn more about Belize? Interested in vacationing or making Belize your retirement destination? Join Macarena Rose on Belize Talk Radio as she speaks with guest discussing all things Belize.
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How to Get a Mortgage Painlessly

Our host, Macarena Rose meets with the top expert on How to get a Mortgage painlessly. The days are gone, that getting a mortgage as easy- now literally- it is like sticking a form in your eye ! OUCH ! Listen to today's show and listen to Elysia Stobee share with Macarena the tactics on " How to Get Approved for the Best Mortgage Without Sticking a Fork in Your Eye". Ms. Stobee has written a book that is a comprehensive Guide for First Time Home Buyers and Home Buyers ... Since the Mortgage Crisis of 2008 - her hints and expertise advice are priceless ! As i am sure you can appreciate, there is an abundance of fear as to the mortgage sector as to lending people money- and yet, when you know how to help them help you- you are a winner ! Have you been over whelmed with the mountain of requirements, paperwork and hoops to jump thru as to getting a mortgage ? We all know this feeling- and yet, to then not get approved, well. that is very disappointing for sure! Listen in today to learn how you can WIN at the mortgage application and especially if you are looking for hints as to acquiring a mortgage, financing your move abroad or looking to help someone buy their first home!
9/24/201526 minutes, 40 seconds
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Leon Hooker from Manitoba Canada shares Belize

Join our host Macarena Rose as she takes us to meet Belize traveler Leon Hooker from Manitoba Canada.Listen in as he shares Belize from 30 years ago with us and his modern day advice if you are looking at traveling to Belize or Moving to Belize !
12/16/201443 minutes, 52 seconds
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Belize Fuego

Join our host Macarena Rose as she travels to downtown San Ignacio by the new Welcome center. We will join her as she interviews Ian Lizarraga, the Creator of this "NEW FUSION" restaurant in Belize !  From Mexican, Italian, Caribbean, Belizean and Spanish food- you will learn how this visionary man, has fused all these culinary delights in ONE restaurant.
11/25/201443 minutes, 52 seconds
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Expats in Belize share " Why Belize " for them !

Join our engaging Host, Macarena Rose as she travels to the Casa Caballo Blanco in San Ignacio to introduce us to a Couple of Expats in Belize who have thrown their hat over the wall and decided to Retire to Belize ! This engaging couple shares how they purchased a home several years ago to be prepared for the day they were able to retire and move to Belize. Interestingly, our Host Macarena Rose, was their Realtor and sold them their home that was featured on HGTV house Hunters International ! LISTEN IN TODAY TO HEAR " WHY BELIZE" and how their journey has been as they share their challenges frankly with you !
11/18/201444 minutes, 1 second
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Birding in Belize and Expat in Belize, Ronnie

Our Host Macarena Rose, takes us on a journey to meet the Caretaker, Ricky, of a Bird Sanctuary. Learn more about his life growing up in the Cayo Area of Belize, and how he has come to know so much of the local fauna and birds.Then meet Ronnie, an Expat in Belize, who shares his experiences with us, while on location at the Bird Sanctuary property. Listen in, you will hear some of the birds try and join into todays show to !
11/11/201444 minutes, 1 second
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Belize Wildlife with Mandy Cyphers

Our Host, of Belize Talk Radio, Macarena Rose, takes us to meet Amanda " Mandy" Cyphers at the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic in the Cayo District of Belize. Listen in as we get to learn about the animals, and more on Lionfish in Belize.Mandy shares the vision, works and needs of the Clinic as we then learn more also about the Cayo Animal Welfare Society.As you may remember, Mandy is the Delightful Mother from Henderson, Nevada who was featured on HGTV House Hunters International with her Husband, Mike and Son, Colin.Go to our Belize Talk Radio Facebook page for more photos- and video of this show.ENJOY !
11/4/201444 minutes
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Expat Mother and Son talk about Moving to Belize

Our Host Macarena Rose takes us to Hode's in San Ignacio Belize- to meet an American Mother named Annette and her 11 year old Son, James. Listen in today to see how they are fairing in their new Home in Belize !
10/28/201444 minutes, 1 second
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Ghost Busters Star and Belize Talk Radio

Today our Host of Belize Talk Radio, Macarena Rose takes us on a journey two meet Pedro Cruz.Perdo Cruz is a Belize Historian, Acclaimed Artist and Stellar Tour Guide. Here the never shared events during filming of the revered Television show - Ghost Hunters featuring Pedro Cruz at the ancient archaeological site Cahal Pech in San Ignacio Belize.
9/30/201443 minutes, 57 seconds
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Meet the" REAL BELIZE" - ART and MUSIC in Belize

Our Host Macarena Rose takes us on a joinery to meet the Budrams in the Capital of Belize, Belmopan. Ruth has opened an Art School in Belmopan to help those pairing artists to have a place to learn the arts. Mervin, her Husband, is award Winner Belizean singer, rapper, songwriter & producer, known as MD. Listen in to the show today to meet this Belizean family, that embodies the WHY Macarena herself was drawn to move to Belize over 11 years ago.
9/9/201443 minutes, 57 seconds
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Canada to Belize - Challenges to Entrepreneur!

Join our host, Macarena Rose on her show Belize Talk Radio today as she brings into the studio a Canadian Woman who she helped fid her own piece of Belize- and listen into this fascinating Woman's journey in Belize !From challenges, to grey dvicd on how to move to Belize successfully - all is covered here today.The gem is- this entreprenurial Woman, has truly thrown her hat over the wall and masterminded her own exclusive line of makeup that is getting raving reviews- as to its magical quality of staying in place - naturally !!Listen in today and learn more about this move from Canada to Belize- !!
9/2/201447 minutes, 54 seconds
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Teachers in Belize

Our Host Macarena Rose interviews Jean, a Colorado Teacher who has found her passion in working together with teachers in Belize. Listen in today to get ideas of how you can make your vacation to Belize truly be EDUCATIONAL !Learn how you to can get involved !
8/26/201444 minutes, 49 seconds
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Animals in Belize- Zoo and Beyond !

Today Host Macarena Rose, takes us back to the Zoo to meet the Founder,Sharon Matola. If you missed the ABC Nightline Show featuring this magnificent Woman and her brain child, the Belize Zoo, no worries- We take you in to the real story as to how Sharon came to Belize as a natural history consultant on the movie ``Mosquito Coast,'' and how the ZOO was born from this, when it was time to leave the animals...
8/19/201445 minutes, 57 seconds
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Chess Grand Master Maurice Ashely

Join host Macarena interviews Maurice Ashely, a Chess Grand Master whois in Belize volunteering teaching children chess !Maurice Ashley made history as the first African-AmericanInternational Chess Grandmaster. He is a national championship coach,author, ESPN commentator, iPhone app designer, puzzle inventor, andmotivational speaker. Maurice has traveled the world as an ardentspokesperson of the character-building effects of chess. Ian Andersonjoins us today also- as he has been the conduit of bringing Chess toBelize for Children. This is a show not to miss !
7/24/20141 hour, 26 minutes, 34 seconds
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Medical Tourism in Belize

Host Macarena Rose introduces Dr Randy and Dr Susan, to the show today, who shall share about medical tourism in Belize. As Expats from the USA, these two Doctors share their story of why they chose Belize to move to and how medical tourism is being popular in Belize. As a family, who moved with a young child to Belize- there is a lot of hidden gems of information you shall hear in this personal and lively interview.In Belize, these 2 Chiropractor’s are teaching patients the way to keep healthy naturally and will explain why they took their gifts South of the USA Border!
7/22/201452 minutes, 20 seconds
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Belize Expat Eden tells how it is to move to Belize

Our Host, Macarena Rose is in the studio with Belize Expat, Eden, to share with you the trials and tribulations of moving to Belize. This engaging Woman, shows you how Belize truly is met for people who get it. Listen in to learn if Belize is for you !
6/24/201450 minutes, 6 seconds
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Archaeology in Belize- how you can be part of it

Today our host Macarena speaks with Antonio Beardall about Archaeology in Belize. Topics covered are how you can get involved, what is new, about the fire ceremony with mayan Shaman and learn more about Xunantunich ruins and Cahal Pech ruins.Hear from this spirited man, Antonio share how he is inspiring the youth to learn more about their culture and how you can also get involved with Archaeology in Belize. You will see why Jaime Awe was keenly aware of Antonio’s passion and reverence in all things to do with Archaeology, to bring this young man up thru the ranks of the department, becoming a leader in his field.
6/10/201454 minutes, 13 seconds
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Moving to Belize with Young Children

Today Host, Macarena Rose, takes us to meet a young family from Ohio who have the pioneer spirit ! With their young Children and one on the way- they packed their bags, threw their hat over the wall and followed their heart to Belize !Listen in today, and hear their story and why they left for a different type of life in Belize, and what the challenges have been for them and the blessings-
6/3/201455 minutes, 20 seconds
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Garifuna Drummers in Belize share their story

Meet Emmeth Young and Boombay Andrewin from Gales Point, Belize. Gales Point is one of our Hosts most favorite places in all of Belize- and today Macarena shares two of her dearest friends with you - learn about Garifuna drumming- history and HEAR for yourself as they play in the studio today with their protege, Richard.
5/28/201450 minutes, 24 seconds
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Belize News On Location at Police Station

Belize Talk Radio goes to the San Ignacio Police station to speak with Pedro Cruz about the history of Belize that has been painted on the wall. On the eve of Belize’s Independence day the town is very busy !!Listen to the sounds of the town bustling on this on location show- hear Pedro Cruz speak about the history of Belize and how this Artist original mural has come to alive again on the wall of the police station. Host Macarena is honored to share her dear friend Pedro Cruz with us today- come along for some Belize History !!
4/29/201454 minutes, 32 seconds
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Yoga in Belize and Spindrift Hotel

Meet Tara and NoeLe from Zen Arcade – Yoga Extraordinaire’s ! San Pedro Town of Ambergris Caye Belize has a NEW Yoga and a Zen hangout you will want to hear more about ! Here how these Expats have brought a Whole Body experience to Belize and what they offer will amaze you !Then we travel to meet up with a charming couple, Yami and Arnie at the Spindrift, a hotel on the beach in the center of town- to share the new changes made and ones in store for you ! This is a go to hotel, and where the famous Chicken Drop is on Thursday nights !
4/22/201454 minutes, 50 seconds
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Rosita Arvigo shares Ancient Healing with Macarena today!

Our Belize Talk Radio Host, Macarena Rose, proudly shares with you Rosita Arvigo, an world renowned Ancient Maya Medicine Healer in Belize.
4/8/201448 minutes, 15 seconds
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Belize TV Hosts and Belize Talk Radio's Macarena, MEET up

In Belize we have a morning show that is named Open Your Eyes. Today meet the personable Marleni and handsome William, who are the hosts of the show. Hear how these two friends decided to join up together to bring Belize inspiring news that matters in Belize !! See why their morning show gives you a reason to wake up in the morning !
3/26/201456 minutes, 31 seconds
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San Pedro with BBQ, Minister of Tourism, Rebecca and Children !!

Our Host-Macarena Rose introduces you to the Minister of Tourism of Belize for a chat about the Qualified retired plan new changes in store.Meet Rebecca from New York who judges the BBQ contest at Estelles with Macarena and learn more about her scoop !!Meet Jim and hear why he is part of the BBQ fundraiser, and then there is the lovable Miss EVE from the Sunshine Children’s Foundation- the reason we are all here today for this BBQ Cookoff -This show covers retirement in Belize, Tourism in Belize- Expats in Belize- Volunteering in Belize and what it is like to live in San Pedro- Ambergris Caye Belize.
3/18/201452 minutes, 40 seconds
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Belize Expat Children from Spain share what it is like in Belize

Our Host Macarena shares with you today a family from Spain and their 2 young Children's experiences of what it is like to come and live in Belize. You will NOT want to miss young Alvaro sing to you a Belize song and Valentiina sharing her love of the iguanas. Young Alvaro shares what it is like to enter Belize schools from a young boys perspective- in fact, this young man takes over the show, what a hoot !! Listen to the parents describe the why and benefits of moving with their Children abroad.
3/11/201455 minutes, 1 second
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Belize Green School

Belize Talk Radio Host, Macarena Rose take you to the Belize Green School to meet Founder, MJ Luca ! Listen to the schools growth plans and meet some of the students !Learn what is a green school, and find out why this is such a valuable gift for Belize and Beyond !!
2/18/201449 minutes, 23 seconds
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History of Belize with Don Hector Silva

Belize is a 33 year old English speaking Country. Today, Belize Talk Radio Host Macarena Rose, sits with the esteemed Don Hector Silva of San Ignacio, Belize.Don Hector, who has held every position in politics in Belize, except for Prime Minister, so far, shares Belize history from before Independence, on September 21, 1981.His knowledge and expertise is first hand, and for the 11 years as a dear friend of our Host, Macarena, he never ceases to inspire, amaze, educate, invigorate her. She is sharing him with you all today !Check in on our Facebook page for the video of the show !
2/11/201451 minutes, 55 seconds
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Macarena shares with Vet about Moving "Fido" To Belize

Moving to Belize was possible for Macarena, as she had 5 cats and 5 dogs to carry with her, not to mention the 2 teenagers..that is another story !! So todays show will cover how to bring your pet to Belize, and what type of medical there is available for them.Veterinarian, Dr Lopez joins us in the studio today- to share his expertise with you.
1/21/201455 minutes, 30 seconds
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Meet SPAIN Expats- Food and Music in Belize !

Host Macarena Rose shares Expats with you from Spain. The famous Female recording artist, Angela Suarez and her Chef Husband, Julio.Here how it is to start a business in Belize, move with Children ( Triplet boys and an elder Son all under age of 7) and... well, we get to hear Angela sing live to her guests in their restaurant- and.... there is a HUGE surprise, that has to do with a live marriage proposal- that,, well, Macarena had NO idea about....
1/14/201452 minutes, 48 seconds
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Oil in Belize-Get to KNOW Belize Natural Energy by its PEOPLE

They say you can tell a Companies core by how they treat their employees. Listen today to Daniel Gutierrez, Marketing and Communications Manager of Belize Natural Energy share about oil in Belize, plans for new product and what they are doing to have earned the highly esteemed "Get Energy Award". Learn how this Belize Company is walking the walk !
12/3/201355 minutes, 32 seconds
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Music in Belize with Emmanuel

Emmanuel Mangar is an upcoming musical sensation in Belize ! Hailing from the Cayo District, Host Macarena Rose's home also, she is honored to share him with the world today ! This young man spirit shines thru the songs he writes, the music he plays and the songs he sings !!Do not miss this show- and Listen in for a surprise guest joining us in the studio ...
11/26/201356 minutes, 29 seconds
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Meet the Talented Cayetanos!-Mali, Ibo and Ingrid artists of life !

Listen to Belize local artists who are keeping their Garifuna culture alive! Meet the Cayetanos, who get personal on todays show. Mali Cayetano is a breath of fresh air who shares the background of the Children's books she and her Brother Ibo, along with their Mother, Ingrid have brought to life to educate us all about the Garifuna culture. Then, the family plays music for us to enjoy ! This show promises to educate, entertain and have you fall in love with this TALENTED LOVING family !!
11/19/201357 minutes, 30 seconds
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Belize Mayor of San Ignacio shares the vision of our town

San Ignacio Belize has a rich and diverse history. To have the opportunity to hear our Mayors vision and to see all he has provided our town, is a honor to share with you today -Listen into hear the personal message from our Mayor and to hear the breaking news of the new trail !
11/12/201352 minutes, 19 seconds
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Expat Chefs in Belize- Meet Chef Rob and Chef Tony in Belize

Listen in today and meet two Expat Chefs in Belize with their own restaurants side by side, in Hopkins Village Belize !As host Macarena Rose was in Hopkins filming HGTV House Hunters Television show as the Realtor, she wanted to stop in and speak to these two PHENOMENAL MEN and STELLAR CHEFS !You WILL Want to hear their stories of moving to Belize, Living in Belize and about eating in Belize !
10/22/201349 minutes, 49 seconds
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Vet in Belize -Moving with your animals and House Calls ?

Listen in today to hear Dr Lopez share how to bring your pets to Belize, what treatments are available in Belize for animals and how house calls are common- This charming informative Doctor entertains and educates us on todays show.
10/8/201350 minutes, 50 seconds
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Zoo and Photography in Belize

SEE the real Belize with Sharon Matola and her animals at the Belize Zoo .Then SEE more of the real Belize thru eyes of the brilliantly talented photographer,Tony Rath.Two extraordinary people in Belize, who came here as Expats and became locals !!
9/24/201352 minutes, 45 seconds
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Families are on the move abroad - Hear today WHY ,Where and WHO ?

Families are throwing their hats over their wall.I did it 10 years ago, with 10 animals and 2 teenagers. I now am seeing this as a world wide trend. Families are looking for a sabbatical and or permanent lifestyle location change.Listen to one such family today, share their story-
9/10/201353 minutes, 32 seconds
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Meet in Maryland to learn about Belize

Moving to Belize ? Vacationing in Belize ? Learn from an expat from Philadelphia, a Tax Guru and a Horse Woman what to expect and think about. Want to learn more in person before you travel to Belize - click here to learn more
8/27/201348 minutes, 31 seconds
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Belize Consulate and Author of Belize Book

Belize Honorary Consular Dr. Ed Paul OF joins us to talk about Belize travel, living, retirement and more ! He shares his story with us and how the Consulate helps Belizean's living in the U.S. and Americans needing help in Belize.Then we have S. Tyson Gardner join us sharing the breaking news of his Belize Book that is being released on October 18, 2013 !! HEAR OF HIS TALES OF HOW PHILADELPHIA REFINEMENT WENT TO RUSTIC LIVING IN BELIZE !
8/20/201355 minutes, 23 seconds
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Meet Patrick Jones Belize News Media extraordinaire Reporter

Belize News Media extraordinaire Reporter, Mr Patrick Jones joins the show today !Listen in today to hear about this brilliant man's vision and LEARN who the real Patrick Jones IS!!Bringing news to you at the speed of live - keeping us all updated with Belize News as it happens !Now we can find Patrick in Cayo at West Vision- this show was recorded as when he was at Love in Belize City.
8/17/20131 hour, 40 minutes, 48 seconds
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Former Texas State Rep. Alvin Granoff Talks about HIS Belize

Meet Texas Lawyer and Former Texas House Of Representative ,Mr. Alvin Granoff joins the show today, to talk about how he found HIS ROOTS in BELIZE.
8/13/201348 minutes, 8 seconds
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BELIZE TV/Radio Love Fm and Cisco -History and Construction with Heart

Meet the Curator of the Old Belize cultural and historical center in Belize, Francis Wood and Director of CISCO Construction.Learn how they are helping Belize at risk youth ! From Belize Construction to Belize History this man is the REAL DEAL !The meet Belize Love FM- CEO Rene Villanueva Sr. and listen as he shares with Macarena the powerful story of how he became a leader of both television and radio in Belize. His very personal story will enlighten, entertain and empower worldwide listeners learn the true history of LOVE in BELIZE !!
8/10/20131 hour, 43 minutes, 50 seconds
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Belize Ambassador Nestor Mendez speaks with Macarena

Today's show we are in Washington DC, the birthplace of our International Host Macarena Rose speaking with the gracious Ambassador of Belize, Nestor Mendez. Hear about Belize's inside information direct from this illustrious Man. This show will be very informative for you !
8/6/201352 minutes, 11 seconds
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Meet Julian Sherrard -Local Hero

Meet Julian Sherrard- Julian Sherrard, Vice President of the People’s Coalition of Cayo and Owner of Orange Gifts and Guesthouse joins us today to speak about growing up in Belize for over 30 years and how community mindfulness works here-Meet a HERO of Belize in the eyes of many- as a Father, Husband, Friend and community leader!!!
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Meet Rev.Mary Martin US Expat in Belize- Sassy, Witty and Charming to hear

Do not miss this show where I have the esteemed honor and privilege to get to share with you my dear friend Reverend Mary Martin who expatriated to Belize from Canada, via the US. The journey is worthy of your time to learn more about this powerful Woman who lives by her faith, and hear what she is doing in Belize ! She is very involved in our Belize communities and is an engaging guest ! She will have you crying in laughter, and then enthralled learning about the life's highways that brought her here, home to Belize !
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Meet Belizean ,Angela Gegg -FULLY empowered Artist-Poet and OH !

Meet the ONE and ONLY full throttled, fully engaged, powerhouse of Woman-Angela Gegg !I love what the THE BELIZE TIMES says:"...Angela Gegg, Art Impresario, Publishing Magnate and Juggernaut Extraordinaire is a first for Belize. As a sociological-cultural phenomena Ms. Gegg is a force to reckon with. In Art Historical terms Ms. Gegg is the Reincarnation of Andy Warhol..."You will be blown away by the art forms that embody this Magnificent Woman, as to her visual art, spoken word, poetry, books, impressive entertainment talent and in fact, the way she lives her life, is ART in itself !Do not miss this provocative show today and you to will sayOh MISS GEGG !!
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Living OFF grid in Belize with Kimo

Todays show is ALL about living off grid. Listen to the man who is ever so engaging as a teacher and a resource as to off grid living- sustainability and more in Belize !
7/9/201352 minutes
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Ruins! Artifacts! and Janet on Ambergris Caye island- Oh MY !

Listen in to today’s show and learn about a ruin on the island of Ambergris Caye ? A ruin with artifacts ? Hear how Corry and Janet McDermott, ( Long time developers and citizens of Belize)were part of this discovery and what the plans are for it now.Hear how Janet and Corry, made it thru Mexico to get to Belize, or did they ?
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Listen to DRUMMING with Pen Cayetano and BUILDING in BELIZE with Alex Laasner

Belize Talk Radio Listen to DRUMMING with Pen Cayetano and BUILDING in BELIZE with Alex LaasnerListen in to todays who with Pen Cayetano- the Global Ambassador of Belize. Pen is the innovator of Punta Rock music who has recently returned home to Belize from Germany with his Wife, Ingrid.Pen is working with the local Children in his hometown village of Dangriga, to teach them the arts and drumming, diligently keeping his Garifuna culture represented and ALIVE !! Pen Cayetano received the highly recognized and prestigious Most Excellent Order ( M.B.E) of the British Empire for his wonderful and numerous contributions to music and art. The Governor General of Belize, Sir Collville Young, conferred the prestigious honors to Pen on behalf of the Queen.
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Helping the Children of Belize

Tune in to hear the latest project of the First Lady of Belize, Kim Simplis Barrow. She is getting ready to launch the Inspiration Center for disabled children of Belize. Be part of the telethon on June 1st, 2013 to help support this amazing cause. The first of its kind in the country of Belize. A very important project and life changing opportunity for these children who will benefit. With Gratitude, you can call into the Telethon number here to make your own footprint on these young lives of the children of Belize: 011.501.227.9474 Also – Dionne Chamberlain Miranda General Manager, Customer Services of BTL discussing their partnership with the Ministry of Education to encourage children, the future Entrepreneur’s of Belize
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Listen to Ambergris Caye ( San Pedro) island pioneer developer

Ooops,, you do not want to miss this show. It will entertain you, shock you and enlighten you about Belize. Listen to Corry talk about coming to Belize with nothing- other than his brilliant Wife, Learn how Belize is a land of opportunity to this day…
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Belize’s First Lady, Kim Simplis Barrow – “My Body Is Precious”

Listen in today to hear Mrs.Kim Simplis Barrow share about her passion for Children and the release of the book she Co-Authored “My Body is Precious” , which educates about “Good Touch, Bad Touch”.Kim Simplis Barrow is the:Wife of the Prime MinisterSpecial Envoy for Children and WomenGlobal Ambassador for Special Olympicsand now…. author ! Todays show we hear from The First Lady-Kim Simplis Barrow, Special Envoy Coordinator-Mackeva Westby and Assistant Coordinator,Delanie Dean share about the book release, upcoming telethon, and HOW we can all raise our bar !!
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Belize Macarena gets WILD with CORRY McDermott

Listen in today and hear one of the first pioneers of Ambergris Caye, Belize- Mr Corry McDermott. Between the "BLEEPS" you will learn more about this entertaining Irish man in Belize and "hear" him make Host, Macarena blush ! Listen to Belize Real Estate current day information and some wild west stories about the past !!
4/23/201350 minutes, 10 seconds
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Meet Kevin and Domini from Pennsylvania

From Pennsylvania to BELIZE... listen in to this family of six all speak about their experience of living in Belize for the past 5 months..the Children ages 2 to 11 all share their favorite things about living in Belize and have advice for you ! Hear from Kevin and Domini as to why the chose this journey to Belize for their family....
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Live from the Live and Invest Overseas Conference

Ricardo Pelayo, CEO of Atlantic International Bank in Belize will talk about and answer all your banking in Belize questions.
3/14/201348 minutes, 32 seconds
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Listen into San Pedro Belize Expat and Property Owner...

Today we are live with Corey, an Expat from Texas who lives on the Belize island of Ambergris Caye-Listen to his advice of what to do, look at and KNOW about expatiating to Belize---
3/12/201349 minutes, 32 seconds