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Bek Lover and The Come Back Team

English, Biography/Notable personalities/Profile, 2 seasons, 105 episodes, 6 days 3 hours 46 minutes
Bek Lover hosts the most interesting people in the world. From celebrities, to former criminals, politicians, to people who absolutely captivate with their lives. If you love Joe Rogan, Valuetainment, Vladtv and Joey Diaz, add us to your rotation. You will not be disappointed!!!
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Celebrities Accused Of Abuse and Are Good Men At Risk?

The last few weeks, several high profile people, from Puff Daddy, aka Diddy, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Axl Rose of Guns and Roses have had law suits filed against them from women they are accused of harassing sexually to undesired groping and acts being performed on them.
30/11/202318 minutes 13 seconds
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Chanel Omari Explains People Are Wrong About Israel?

Chanel Omari, is a very talented writer, actor and Stand Up Comedian. She is of Jewish descent and joins Bek Lover in discussing the very difficult topic about the Israel and Gaza Conflict. Bek Lover, and Chanel discuss the creation of Israel, the Palestinian and Israeli dilemma, anti-Semitism, the role of comedy, Amy Schumer being attacked for being Pro- Israel and much....
14/11/20231 hour 44 minutes 50 seconds
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Ron Desantis Bootgate, Israel War Expands, Funniest Halloween Costume and More News...

On this Episode of , " The Bek Lover Podcast", Bek Lover ,discusses all the major headlines with his perspective and opinion. Israel's War expands with Yemen and Lebanon. Anti-Semitism is at an all time high around the world. One group of kids had the most viral Halloween Costume making fun of Joe Biden. Ron Desantis created a debate about whether he wears boots that make him look taller, when he went on to the Patrick Bet David Podcast of Valuetainment, and other interesting news. Check out all of Bek Lover's Content if you love the PDB Podcast, Valuetainment, Tim Pool, and other shows. All of Bek Lover's Content:
01/11/20231 hour 8 minutes 33 seconds
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The War In The Middle East Is Spreading...

Today, militant groups in Yemen declared war on Israel. The situation in Gaza has become catastrophic. The world watches what Israel is doing, and is Israel losing it's support? Is America in danger? Check out all my other content and links at
31/10/202338 minutes 15 seconds
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Jenna Ellis Cries, Israel and Iran, and much more…

Bek Lover, gives his opinion on headline news from around the world. Hostages have been released by Hamas back to Israel. Jenna Ellis, Trump&#39;s Attorney Takes a plea deal, turns on Trump, and cries like a baby for mercy. America warns Iran, War talk. Check out all our other content, amazing interviews, videos, content and much more... Subscribe to the channel. Also can go to for all social media links. Bek Lovers Instagram If you enjoy content from Valuetainment, The Patrick Bet David Podcast, Timpool, Timcast IRL, and others, subscribe to Bek Lover, where all podcasts are available. #timpool #timcast #valuetainment #podcast #livestream #live The Bek Lover Podcast: Donate and Support our work! </
25/10/202353 minutes 40 seconds
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Is The World On The Brink?

Up-to-date information on the current global situation happening in middle eastern conflict between Israel and Palestinian people in the Gaza region. Will this conflict spread across the world? Are we in a brink of another war? Will there be massive revolts and escalations? What are the responses from different nations across the globe think about the current situation? Find out on todays episode of &quot;The Bek Lover Podcast&quot; real-time breaking news coverage. #podcast #israel #palestine #beklover #valuetainment #timpool #news The Bek Lover Podcast
23/10/202335 minutes 21 seconds
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Cousins at War Israel & Palestine

There is no doubt that this is one of the most tragic, if Not the most tragic story of modern history. Two peoples put in to a no way out situation after World War 2. The State of Israel has been in conflict for most of its existence. The plight of the Palestinian people has been a long and sad one. There is no denying their suffering. In this episode, I talk about what is happening as of today in the Israeli war with Hamas and the Palestinians. I make comparisons to the Kosovo War, and I also offer what I think would be the only fair way to end this conflict once and for all. This war is a war between cousins. Both Israelis and Palestinians are Semetic God believing people. Please subscribe and check out all the other content. Daily shows, interviews and much more. The Bek Lover Podcast
17/10/202340 minutes 36 seconds
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Israel Palestine Conflict A Disaster Created by the United Nations

In this unfiltered, rant, I give you my honest opinion of what is going on in Israel and Palestine. I can&#39;t take this conflict between these two people anymore. It is so unacceptable and the world has failed both the Israelis and the Palestinians. If you love podcasts, like Valuetainment, The Patrick Bet David Pocast, then you might just love my content also. Check it out. Check out more content: #valuetainment #pbdpodcast #israel #palestine #podcast #podcasts #muslim #jewish #judaism #iran
11/10/202322 minutes 26 seconds
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Israel, Palestine, & Iran Could Start World War 3

It is troubling to know the world is in a lot of danger as things are spiraling out of control between Israel and the Palestinians. Already, the major news outlets are starting to blame Iran for the horrible attack carried about by Hamas. Israel has already made a declaration of war against the Palestinians. We are passed the point of a 1 state solution, can we ever get a two state solution and end this madness before all hell breaks loose for the whole world, and major religions? Links: Official Website of The Bek Lover Podcast #israel #palestine #israeli #iran #jewish #podcast #jews #muslims #islam #christianity #valuetainment #timpool
09/10/202335 minutes 33 seconds
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Response To Christian and Muslim Debate On Patrick Bet David Podcast

As someone who is trying to help promote love between this two massive groups of people ( Christians and Muslims), I did not find this first meeting to be as productive as I would have hoped on the Patrick Bet David Podcast. I am a huge supporter and love the work Patrick has done over the years, and I do not blame him for this poor discussion. I blame the people involved in the debate. I would hope that these important talks continue, and thank Patrick Bet David for taking the initiative. This is a very complicated subject matter, and I am very interested in these discussions. I hope I can also part take in them in the future. (Sorry for the audio my technician was out and I did my best) Muslims, Christians and Jews need to return to their core doctrine, which promotes love and unity of all Humankind under the judgement of God . For more of my work Check Out. #pbdpodcast #is
09/10/202351 minutes 59 seconds
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Aliens and UFOS have been in the news a lot lately. A lot of agencies are now releasing information that Aliens are real, UFOs are real. I give my opinion about what I think is really going on. I believe we are being deceived for a wicked plan. There are no Aliens, only Demons... I show how humanity may be deceived by Demons in a parallel dimension to accept them as superior alien beings. Check out all my other content: #alien #aliens #islam #christianity #antichrist #muslim <a href="" rel="nofollo
09/10/202351 minutes 35 seconds
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Many Weird Accidents Around The World, Crazy Headlines, and More

On this Episode of Bek Lover's 2 Cents, I cover interesting news headlines through out the world. A lot of sad and weird ways to pass away have happened in the last few days, including a Senator Passing in plane crashes. I cover some of the national and international headlines that I find interesting. Check out all my other content and more: Https://
02/10/202326 minutes 39 seconds
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Official Response To The Patrick Bet David Podcast About Islam and Muhammad

This is my 2nd follow up video, in response to Religious Roundtable | PBD Podcast | Ep. 306 . During this debate/discussion, the Brother Rachid character really helped fuel division between the world's 2 largest religions. He spewed things in a very deceitful way, and a very biased and unfair way. This video is to deep even deeper in to the subject of the Prophet Muhammad's Marriage to Aisha, the relationship between Muslims and Christians, and what is so bad about these types of discussions, if the wrong people are brought on to The Patrick Bet David Podcast of Valuetainment. The time for Muslims, Christians, and Jews to come together has never been more important than today. There is no excuse for this type of behavior.   Religious Roundtable | PBD Podcast | Ep. 306;t=371s   All my content and social media links:
28/09/202347 minutes 27 seconds
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Surviving Public Humiliation & Blackmail - Juliana Nura

Juliana Nura, is an Albanian Celebrity who started her career as a model, and competitor in beauty pageants, as Miss Finland and Miss Kosovo. She transitioned her life after experiencing everyone's worst nightmare. She was the targeted and her personal life and intimate moments were exposed on the internet for the whole world to see. Since that horrible event, she has transformed her life, and regained her position in the entertainment world. She has appeared on many shows, and was just on the Albanian Big Brother VIP show, where she has cemented her come back. She knows is mentoring and coaching people to become more confident, and continues to climb the mountain of success. Check out more content on this channel. Subscribe. All links to content and media:
19/09/20231 hour 1 minute 4 seconds
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The Most Interesting Man In Brooklyn - Vadim The Machine

Vadim The Machine, is a man whose life starts in the most harshest environment to live on Earth, colder than Siberia in the Former Soviet Union. Vadim makes his way to America, where he becomes a member of the inner workings of New York Nightlife, hosting parties in his magical residence, that he is now about to be evicted from. For more amazing interviews, subscribe to this channel or check out all podcast platforms. All Links: Https://
05/09/20231 hour 47 minutes 8 seconds
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The Interesting Life Of Being A Beautiful Model - Leah Postol

Leah Postol, is a model who has been in some of the biggest magazines and runway shows in fashion. She has appeared on the Fresh and Fit podcast, and many other big podcasts. She speaks about life and what it is like to be a beautiful model. She has had many men make her crazy propositions. For more content and links: Https:// 
16/08/20231 hour 47 minutes 43 seconds
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Bek Lover Live: Tuesday August 08th, 2023 Headlines

Bek Lover talks about local, national, and international headlines. Shark attacks in New York City, Banks in Trouble, Trump in Trouble, and much more. Make sure to subscribe. Amazing weekly episode, and daily live shows. All Links Bek Lover's Homepage and follow him on Instagram, Bek Lover's Instagram   #news #podcast #liveshow
08/08/202327 minutes 26 seconds
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Never Surrender- Motivation

Bek Lover, viral motivational speaker shares his morning thoughts as he drives through Hoboken, New Jersey, the birthplace of Frank Sinatra. Bek Lover shares his advice to people about waking up with purpose.
01/08/202320 minutes 55 seconds
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The Real Hollywood With Lorenzo Antonucci Rising Hollywood Star

Lorenzo Antonucci, was born in Brooklyn, New York and was raised on the streets of Queens. For over a decade, Antonucci toured internationally with well-known band, "Sworn Enemy". Always one to be in the spotlight, Lorenzo moved to Los Angeles. He achieved skills as a professional wrestler but found his true passion in acting and filmmaking. Life was not easy for Lorenzo, growing up in a dangerous part of New York City, and the real life struggles to make it in Hollywood. Check out all other content and links at   The Bek Lover Podcast, learn a thing or two about life!
31/07/20231 hour 21 minutes 55 seconds
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Real 1, Formerly Enzo Amore of the WWE Tells All

Eric Arndt (born December 8, 1986) is an American professional wrestler. In WWE, he came to prominence for his partnership with Big Cass, whom he teamed with from 2013 to 2017. He had some big ups and downs, but he is unbreakable and here to stay. Listen to his amazing story and perspective on life. Check out the video version on Youtube.  Bek Lover's Channel  All Content and Links Https://    The Bek Lover Podcast, where you might learn a thing or two about life!
24/07/20231 hour 30 minutes 31 seconds
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Coronavirus Front Line Report In NYC Hospitals - Real Information from ICU Technician

Bek Lover, spoke with Shkendija, a Respiratory Technician. A medical profesional, who puts people on Life Support in the Hospital, also known as the angels of death. The information she shares in this exclusive report is from the front line. The real conditions that are going on in New York hospitals. Her life is in danger, and so is yours. Please share this information, click like and subscribe to help us push this out as far as possible. Links to other platforms: YouTube Video Highlights YouTube Full Video Episodes Apple Podcast iHeart Radio  <a href='
02/04/202032 minutes 41 seconds